Steve Beckow – A Renaissance Awaits Us – 2-1-16

New Golden Age

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Steve Beckow

First the news of the dark and then the news of the light.  Skip to the * * * if you want just to read the news of the light.

The secret state is like a creeper. Pull out one root and with it comes everything else.

Start anywhere – sex slavery, snuff flicks, mind control, weather warfare, the secret space fleet, the drug trade, money laundering, and every other area of criminality, unconstitutionality, and inhumanity comes up with it.

In recent years, the Illuminati, cabal, or secret state has seemed, to me in any case, to have become sloppy, over-confident.

Added to that, the white hats, supported by allies under as deep cover as the cabal’s allies, have done their homework, crossed their “T’s” and dotted their “I’s,” in terms of gathering evidence on the wrongdoers.

In the blink of an eye, I think, the cabal members will be rounded up and removed.

In my personal opinion, it’ll be sooner than most people expect. If people even expect to come out from under the thumb of the elite.

I don’t think most people expect to. Many people in the wider society, I believe, have become lethargic and apathetic. The cabal is doing its best to dumb us down and focus us on  sports, sex, and violence. And I think in many cases it worked.

Our society offers few chances for advancement any more. Not like it did in the Sixties, for instance. No one’s wage has gone very far upwards and some people’s wages have gone downward. If their jobs or careers have survived. Everyone is maxed out on debt.

Everything like pension plans and other benefits went extinct decades ago. In this society, the only ones who will get ahead are … the secret state and its supporters.

* * *

But for so many reasons and in so many ways, I think we’re about to experience a renaissance. Let me count the ways, with apologies to Shakespeare.

Higher-dimensional societies are channeling energy to Earth that’s raising our vibrations. This influx of energy will eventually lift us out of the sphere of influence of the cabal. Ultimately, just as many people cannot see the flying saucers that other people can, the cabal won’t be able to see us. Our frequency will be higher than theirs.

Disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence will end the reign of the cabal or Illuminati. It’ll spark a global renaissance. Pollution will be cleaned up. Species will be restocked and rejuvenated. We’ll have replicators that dispense with the need to cook our food or kill animals for it.

Though few people know it, abundance is being slowly rolled out to the planet.  The tremendous gulf in income between haves and have-nots that the secret state created will disappear.  The galactics play a very large role in this, as do our own ascended masters.

The leading lights … or should I say darks? … of the secret state will be taken into custody and given the fair trial they denied their prisoners.  Others will be removed to the planets they’re associated with. Still others who cannot survive in the heightened vibrations will choose to leave through the door of death. They’ll go to places their karma has created for them.

For all of these reasons, we’re gonna be happier than Luke Skywalker or Princess Leah. Happier than Roy Neary of Close Encounters. Soooon. We all dread that word.

We’ll have almost no time to enjoy the peace before we’re back at work rebuilding. Joyfully, for my part, with advanced technology and all the funds we need. These times can bring release, relief, regrowth. And they can test our resourcefulness.

A renaissance is about to sweep over Planet Earth. All aboard for the celebration of our lives.

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