Miraculous New Realities in the 5D Shift

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SANDRA WALTER – Consciousness-Shifting Influx – Overwriting Realities – 9-21-17


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Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Our Equinox and Cosmic Trigger Gateway is upon us. Gatekeepers opened on the New Moon for this passage, and the ever-increasing Now moment energies are palpable.

This is the second-to-last major Gateway of this transformative year. This alignment of cosmic factors, combined with our co-creative intent of Ascension is a timeline choice-point which requires focus and a calm, centered beingness as the influxes are delivered. Similar to last September’s timeline shift, only on a hyperdimensional scale.


Feeling the Primary Timelines

Cosmic factors affecting our Ascension were covered in last week’s extensive list. With that awareness and integration in heart, Wayshowers are moving into a consistent experience of the Primary Timelines of Ascension.

Primary Christed Timelines, which became available with the eclipse, will continue to raise willing, prepared consciousness into a clearer and direct experience of Zero Point and New Earth dynamics.

The key aspect of Primary timelines is that they don’t feel like timelines. It is an unshakeable Now experience, unifying the multidimensional Self and Source as a simultaneous awareness. With conscious heart-based direction, Primary timelines release entanglement with the lower realities. They are encoded with the pure Christed dynamics, and overwrite the denser experiences of past, present, and future.

The boost from cosmic factors triggers our DNA to open to the new experience. DNA creates personal, collective and multidimensional experiences in form. It becomes a photonic light receiver-generator. This is individually guided by consistent heart-based thought patterns, consistent realignment with the now moment, and surrender to the personal revelations of the True Self.

We have had practice for what is unfolding right now. Many are prepared to allow unity consciousness to become the primary experience. As we move into the Divine Flow of Co-creation, the sensation of unity consciousness grows stronger. When we combine the cosmic factors with our unified intent and active co-creation of Ascension, the pathways to the New Earth experience open up.

Consciousness-Shifting, Dimensional-Shifting Influx

The upcoming Solar activity, and Gaia’s adjustments to the increased photonic influx, are expected to be strong. We are still crossing the outer bands of this Galactic hot-spot. Galactic Teams won’t be stepping down the Light as before. Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, and Lightworkers are now skilled enough to receive and distribute the influxes. Let us demonstrate this with integrity and Mastery-level dedication.

These new levels are consciousness-shifting, dimensional-shifting photonic waves. The acceleration of zero-point experiences between September 23 – December 23 will be powerful for many.  It is a Divine opportunity for Wayshowers to embody the Christed merge of Higher and lower expressions. Cosmic factors are allowing the (much) higher vibration of the multidimensional Self to be experienced right here, right now. It will demonstrate what is occurring with planetary evolution, time dynamics, and the Divine Christed HUman activation before physical timeline bifurcation occurs.

This influx is a function of Divine Cosmic Mother energies; the Divine Feminine dynamic. Pure Unconditional Love is intense for most. Embrace the mystery of it. Stay open as the background energy for our realities is altered to accommodate Source intent. As always, keep your heart focused on creating Love and the New, and it will be so. Let the Light shed the veils (and shed a few tears of gratitude.)

Photonic re-ordering shakes the old magnetics loose; physical effects on the kingdoms, elementals and Humans are just the external representation of the alchemical process of transformation. Parent your reactions if triggered by the trigger; may all receive this with as much ease and grace as possible.

Divine Co-creation; You are invited to Service

Enough of us are capable of maintaining a calm, centered, willing consciousness. We comprehend what is occurring, and consistently beam the new experience through the HUman Heart Grid. We call forth the New, decree our intentions and live them with a joyful heart.

Unity Consciousness is gaining momentum, and the photonic sorting out of resonances is felt. I notice this in the Unity Meditations; the Light Tribe is undergoing vibrational coagulation, like a resonance attractor pulling similar frequencies together at the Higher Level.

We are representing thousands in our Soul groups as this happens. The quantum effect grows stronger as we enter this Galactic hot-zone. We may use this to our advantage in co-creating global peace and Ascension. Join us on SUNday for the Unity Meditations, which are becoming a massive code and upgrade-share. You can tap in any time to this field for support; we created it to be of Pure Service to the Ascension.

Divine Reflections, Here We Glow

The current experience is not containable in words. Metaphors attempt to ground this brilliant Now transformation, and reminders to participate can still be expressed. Beloveds, take these messages to heart and choose your path wisely.

Cosmic influxes are influential; what we do with them is our co-creation. Remember this type of Ascension is designed for Divine Christed HUmans; the ability to serve as creative conduit of Source intelligence, regardless of the density or holographic reality.

Assist your DNA and focus: Meditate, fast, get offline, create beauty, be outside in nature, amplify the Grids  … demonstrate heart intelligence with your personal journey. What would a resident of New Earth create in this moment?

Zero-point is teaching us 5D Divine-Flow manifestation, which enables pure heart-magnetics to demonstrate the New. Let your thoughts, emotions, words, and activities reflect the ideal New Earth realm, and the Gates will open within your heart. Vibration = Vibration.

Global Unifications
Friday September 22:
 Equinox at 1:02pmPT
Saturday, September 23: Cosmic Trigger, Timeline Shifts
SUNday, September 24: Unity Meditations at 8:11am, 11:11am & 5:11pmPT

Enjoy this Sacred passage, Beloveds. Stay Present to receive the Gifts.

In Love, Light and Service,

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New Realities – Life in Higher Dimensions – Part 2, Contact with Extraterrestrials, Angels


Crystalai – Cosmic Times – New Frequencies – New Realities – 11-11-14


This  is  the  first   time   in  18 million   years   when  there  has been  a  strong enough
flow  of  light   streaming   through   to   complete  the  project   of   Ascending   Mother
Earth’s Matrix.This Ascension involves every Entity in every Universe in this Cosmos.
This   is  more than   the   Earth’s  ascension. This   is the ascension into an entirely new
Matrix of Reality. There will be universes who will be able to ascend completely
out of this Cosmos into a place that is not known.



There will  be  our Galaxy rising  into  the  Golden Galaxy when Mother Earth is realigned
into Oneness with the Frequencies of Aquarius and her Sun Alcyone. She will be the entity
who   pulls the entire  Milky Way back  into  perfect alginment  with Source Consciousness.
Our pituitary gland holds our immortal body template. That immortal template will align in
Oneness with Source through the Christ Template of the Universal Sphere and the Angelic
Consciousness   of   the  Cosmic  Sphere.   This   perfect    Christ   Template   created   from
Cosmic   Consciousness   through   the   breath  of  Source   has always been available for us
to   reconnect   our   Consciousness   into. Our Aquafarian Family has always  been living  in
the  Etheric Inner Earth   and  they are living in the etheric inner harpsicords of our minds.
They have always been   awaiting our   return into immortality in  our  pituitary  gland and
awaiting   our   Divine  Vision    that  allows us to see them in our pineal gland. The spark of
Source   has also always been awaiting our return   in   the   deepest  etheric levels  of  each
of our crystal cells.   The   spark  of  Source  can   be  reactivated by aligning Consciousness
through   this   deepest  most  etheric   point  in  the  pituitary gland and aligning it through
the crytsal light energy stream   into   Oneness  with   Source   to   re-open  our   Immortal,
Omnipresent Divine Mind on Earth.


Some   of    us   will   return  to   Aquafaria   to   live   in  our most   perfect home. The place where   there   has  never   been anything besides perfect  love known.   This   is   a  group that   has    never  experienced    any of    the wars    and chaos   of  this density. This is the place   of    Aqualene   Light   that     is   Raising    us   out    of  the   muck    and mire    that   we   have  been living in. Some of us will live in Aquafaria, but return to teach on the Islands of Light for those who have not raised their consciousness yet.


There    was the original city of light in the Star Ajaho in the Aquarius Galaxy, 18 million years ago. A similar version of this Atlantis has risen on this Earth three times and had a deluge three times. The next Atlantis will be much greater than all of the previous Atlantis creations. As our frequencies rise and we transmute our consciousness, we align harmonically with Inner Earth Cities of Light and we will re-unite with our families from within.


The    Cities  of  Light   will   grow into Union with the Cloud Cities in the Van Allen Belt and eventually  enough   frequencies  of  consciousness will allow some to  be able to travel back and forth on the stairway to the cloud cities. Eventually we will have our pituitary  gland of immortality completely aligned into the Frequency of  Source Consciousness which  will lift us completely  into our Divine Template which allows us to be as gods who create the cities of light.


Atlantians creations of architecture  and   technology  were always done through weaving frequencies of liquid light energy into form through their  breath of consciousness. We are now being pulled into   these magnetic fields of light where  we  can once again  remember how to create with the frequencies of light,   sound   and love.  Love   is  the speed  of  light energy that all consciousness must be woven from. The light is the material that is used to create from and the sound is the frequency that raises or lowers into the needed density of creation.


In this course we are learning to master the principles of light and sound by absorbing the frequencies of the breaths in the music and the meditations into our physical form or atmic form in order to begin de-manifesting this form and manifesting a new more etheric form. Along with this etheric form comes the memory or the Immortal Temple that was original ours.   This Immortal Temple that we h ave lived in for thousands of years prior to coming into this 3D hologram will be returned to once our frequencies  of  consciousness are raised into the New Reality.


After the third deluge, there  was only a  small island remaining from Atlantis– Poseidon. Sirius came to strengthen this civilization. All masters of wisdom had left earth for a time. Then, about 25,000 years ago  a new  wave of  star children came to earth and brought in genetic codes for transition from duality into oneness.


16,000 years ago the Jupiter Command received orders  for  establishing  the order of the star   on   Earth   to  establish Love  and   Freewill.   The order of the  star began removing implants in Egypt and the disciples of the Mystery School could receive these first spiritual initiations. Below the Sphinx, there was a crystal data bank with knowledge  of  Atlantis. In 9,564 B.C.  Atlantis completely sank. Atlantian   Wisdom sank   into forgetfulness,   and   all wisdom was gone by 3000 B.C.

Yeshua ben Joseph brought   the wisdom   back to Earth 2000 years   ago. Again, the Dark Forces  destroyed it. During the last 200   years   there have  been starry   beings   coming through  consciousness  to    restore those   teachings   again   including  many teachings of Theosophy, White Magic,   and Christian   Science was brought to Earth   by   Mary  Baker Eddy,   who    once   again   brought the teachings that were taken from Mary Magdalene’s Church. However, Mary has told us that those teachings were only for those times.


This is a new time. There is much more light now and much more truth now available. The prior    teachings   were   only  to  be used   as guidelines   for the   reality  that was soon  to come. Now,   those philosophies   and   sciences   can  be   put into   practicality.Now, a New Atlantis is emerging – a world of Ascended Masters on Earth.


We are now joining once again with our old friends who have created Atlantis and who have created the   Mystery Schools to create an Island of Light that will merge together all of the great Islands of Light into one.   Those   who   will  become a part of this creation will be the students from the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse. The reason that some of you are awakening to this call is because all of us have been here on Earth several times before creating  the Mystery   Schools, building  the   Pyramids,   hiding  the  Holy Grail,  assisting Yeshua Ben Joseph and creating the Atlantis, the perfect structure of truth and  love  over and over again.


The crystal data  bank of all that was held in Atlantis was placed  in   the center  of  Mother Earth  by the Divine Logos–meaning the Guardians creating the Morphogenetic Field of Consciousness of the entire Angelic Race line.   This   memory   bank is available to   us  now as we  awaken the crystal cells in our body to re-unite with our Golden Crystal bodies of the Liquid Light Core of Mother Earth. When this state is obtained all will be remembered and the perfect Divine Plan will be restored.


A  Dolphino and Crystalai   have worked   on  every Mystery School attached  to each of the three Atlantian creations. We created a Mystery School in Aquafaria where the great world teacher, Kuthumi is now   using for   his headquarters   of  the   brand new teachings  of the Omniverse.   a  Dolphino’s higher self,  Marcu is already teaching there, along with his great old friend, Lacodemus.


Crystalai’s   family  lives  in  Aquafaria. Her mother, Cinderella, her sister Shajinka and her brother Zeigfried live in Aquafaria. We have a beautiful mansion right next to the Mystery School. Zaurak is Crystalai’s older   starry   brother   who    went  far outside of our original Aquarian Galaxy to create many star systems of his own. Crystalai’s higher self   is  Zeena, who also went as far  beyond this universe as can be risen   to   before   leaving into   a new matrix. Zeena’s sister is Mary- our Mother Mary. So, Mary  is also Crystalai’s older sister. This entire family are key   players   in   the  transformation of Mother Earth into the New Earth, the Islands of Light and the return to Aquafaria.   We   are   a   family  of  frequency weavers. We stream and weave all of the  frequencies together. We guide   the  streams of light from the Suns, the rivers of light, the braiding through love that  is  required  to build new structures of truth in the Divine Plan.


aDolphino and Crystalai have been to Earth many times before.  We  came  as Dolphonoids and   were    captured   by the Dark Ones. These new times call for a complete new structure,  new terminology, complete   removal of all old beliefs,   because they   were 99% incorrect. We must let go of the ideas of editing others thoughts. We must begin to live in a reality where each is entitled to Individual freedom. But that must be earned with the respect of never saying anything that intrudes on another’s individual freedom.


Please come to my site to watch the youtube video explaining the story of the Violet Orbs, the Ascension Portal Alignment created with the Dolphinoids, and the complete story of the Cosmic Twings.




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