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L’Aura Pleiadian – The New Divine Humanity – The Next Level Adjustments to The Earths Energy Field ~ Are Well Under Way – 11-26-18

L’Aura Pleiadian


The next level adjustments to the Earths energy field with the magnetic poles transition point, are well under way.

Your energy bodies are undergoing continued adjustments ~ aligning with these changes.

Nothing may make sense to you. As the concepts you once had, leave your memory and energetic filed of awareness completely.

Your sense of identity is changing completely. What you once held on to, with all of your life, thoughts and emotions, leaves your awareness completely. This makes way, for the new way of being.

You are a new you and you are now in a constant state of death and rebirth. Your sense of identity, goes through a continual state of crisis.

Your sense of identity, wasn’t you.

It was only what you held on to tightly as a way of coping in a world, that wasn’t yet ready, for the Advanced Human Being and its Presence, to become the way.

With nothing to hold on to, you get through, by just being in the state of your Presence. This is the only way through.

The Presence that gets you through ~ becomes your new way of being. With all the old ways, no longer existing.

Your Presence will be a comfort to your mind, that will attempt to seek out those old anchor points of consciousness that will no longer exist.

All the old ways and ideas of why you are here, what you are, what are you to do, vanish through this transformation portal, your Presence, pure state of Being, gets you through.

Although appearing as an inner crisis of identity, this is your death, and the coming fruition, of the birthed, Evolved True ~ YOU. That lives as the one ~ that all experiences flows and passes through.

We are with you always and present through this calibration and transition point, and rebirth.

We Highlight, the consciousness of the transition points as the  momentous shifts in awareness and frequencies, which are your evolution.

This is the return to your true nature, to the YOU as Light, the pure you, that becomes the way.

The Elohim, Blue Avians and we The Divine Council of Overseers, are too, the consciousness that flows through us.

We come to you, in the twilight of this dawning process, as the intensified flow, transition and death and rebirth that makes your Presence known to you ~ As the only way of being you are.

In love and glory, always, as the heralding of the Divine Presence ~ becomes the way



CELIA FENN – Diamond Emerald Heart – The New Human Emerges – Ascension Energies – dreamweaver333 – 5-27-18

Courtesy of Ascension Energies

May 24, 2018 Celia Fenn –

Since 2012 there has been

intense waves of Cosmic energy and Light Codes

that have activated further levels of evolution

that I will call Diamond and Emerald,

not because I want to “label” these experiences particularly,

but because they are useful ways of describing …

via Diamond Emerald Heart : The New Human Emerges – Celia Fenn| Ascension Energies — dreamweaver333

L’AURA PLEIADIAN – Activating Worlds Upon Worlds – The Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams – 11-26-17 – by The New Divine Humanity



Anticipation ~ Excitement, is very different from an attachment to an outcome. Which becomes an expectation.

Holding the awareness of the Forces of Consciousness as Being Unified within you. Of that of Divine Virtues. We Find ourselves, then living, in a world of Dreams. Dreams that do come true.

The Anticipation of the UNEXPECTED ~ without the details of attachment. OPENS and Floods the DNA (of the One Embodying this Virtue) with the LIGHT of Freedom.

The LIGHT of Endless Possibilities.

The Light that is Limitless.

These Forces of Consciousness are very Real.

Existing in the Eternal Presence of the LIGHT of LOVE.

Living in this STATE of consciousness. Feeling this NOW. Unifies and activates your DNA Now and Blueprint. Flooding your cells, with the LIGHT of Endless Possibilities.

This is a child like way of Being. Where everything become the unexpected. Becomes the LIFE beyond your Wildest Dreams.

Your Heaven on Earth.

Your True Love with your Eternal Beloved.

Your Freedom. Your Joy. Your Bliss.


Preparing to LIVE as this State of Consciousness. fully activated within you NOW.

Opening up worlds upon worlds of Excitement. Joy, Bliss and Becoming. Fully Realized. Fully Being the True You.

Your Original Light.

Your Divine Ascended Being.

FEEL this State of consciousness now.

All this Force of Light and Consciousness, awaken within YOU.

All That you already ARE.
Merging Timelines, NOW.

Activating all LEVELS of Light Now.

All Dimensions Activated within YOU NOW.

In the Love and Glory of the Divine Council of Overseers.



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MARY RODWELL – (Video) New Human Race Discovered – Homo Noeticus – DNA Upgrades are Changing Humankind – 11-11-17

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Presents new DNA information and witness testimony from adult star seeds and children, such as the changes in consciousness of homo sapiens to Homo Noeticus. Witness testimony of children who demonstrate expanded awareness, conscious of non human past lives and their encounters with galactic intelligences. They also demonstrate abilities and knowledge to help us understand who we are and what the changes to humanity could mean. explores the diversity of encounter experiences with non-human intelligences. These are true accounts from families and children. Many have full conscious recall of past lives, being educated on space craft and having been prepared for their earth Mission. Witness Testimony suggests some programs are meant to activate dormant DNA and for us to access our full multidimensional potential and realise our true Cosmic heritage. . Subscribe to UAMN TV for more new releases in 2017



11: 11 PORTAL – You Are The New Human!

11 11 Portal

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Thanks to Jenny Schiltz article  on  11:11

AA MICHAEL LATEST ENERGY UPDATE – The New Human has released all third dimensional limiting beliefs, has activated all 12 strands of DNA and has integrated ALL aspects of the Soul – 9-24-17 – Ashtar Command Crew .net

AA Michael Art


Archangel Michael: 

“Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We send you blessings of Love and Light, in this Now Moment, and we invite you to open your heart to our message for you…

We are with you in this Now Moment, as you are reading this message…

Dear One, the current energy shifts are opening vast opportunities to step into your “New Human” experience even further.

What does “New Human” mean?

The New Human has released all third dimensional limiting beliefs, has activated all 12 strands of DNA and has integrated ALL aspects of the Soul.

By all aspects of the Soul we are referring to Angelic, Ascended Master, Galactic, Inner Earth, Animal, Elemental, Fairy, Unicorn, Plant Aspects, the I am presence and all parallel incarnations in different dimensions at this time.

The emotional, physical, spiritual and etheric bodies have been fully healed and restored.

As the New Human, you are manifesting your desired reality with the speed of thought.

You are also fully consciousness that all life is connected, at all times, and that your thoughts and actions affect everything and everyone. 

You know that you are an expression and extension of Creator on all levels. 

Your ability to love unconditionally is fully activated. 

This means that your ability to feel love doesn’t depend on outer conditions. 

Humanity has already begun the journey of stepping into the New Human experience and the current and upcoming energy shifts are assisting you with this process. 

Keep in mind that your entire physical, emotional, spiritual and etheric body are undergoing an intense transformation to accomplish this. 

Rest and meditate as much as you can. 

Eat high vibrational foods and drink lots of water to allow for your cells to be nourished for the energies to move more easily.

Know That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.

Welcome Home.

We are walking beside you, every step of the way.

Dear Ones, you are loved beyond measure. Always.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.


Thank you, Archangel Michael!




Hey everyone. What follows is a conversation I had last week.  Let’s set up the scene a bit so you can experience what’s been happening and how it looks from here.

For over a week, I am woken nightly around 3 AM. This has not happened in this repeated fashion since 2012. It is not just one being, but many.  I don’t always answer the call, yet it doesn’t seem to matter.  There are repeatedly more calls and callers at any time of day I am available.

The message from all of them is the same, sort of.  You will read one of them in the transcribed conversation below.

What I am hearing is that we are unexpected in our brilliance, unstoppable in our resilience and unmatched in our compassion.  The human is re-defining what it is to be alive, what it means to be free and what oneness looks like.

We’ve been saying right along that we were creating this.  This, as an answer to every question of “How?” “When?” “Who?” and “Why?” The proof is made visible now, in real “time”.

These non-terrestrials have another vantage point from which to observe this Shift on Earth.  They’ve been saying for weeks now that something amazing is being observed. On the ground here, what occurs is this: Click the link to hear the doings of Heather Ann Tucci Jaraff and friends in a recorded conversation from July 22nd.  Then share it with everyone you know.

I’ve received confirmation from so many sources that this is done. The real work is upon us now. It’s time to create our new earth.  No one is better equipped for this than us.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for ~ let’s do this.

With so much love,

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~~~   ~~~   ~~~
July 20th, 2017

Is there someone who wants to connect now?

We do Sophia, yes. Are you able now to speak with us?

I am.

Good. We desire contact.  There is an event coming soon to your planet that we see erupting.  It begins in small and somewhat isolated pockets of human life forms.  In some cases, there is only one life form in which the energy emits from.  In others, several. But not thousands and even those of you all doing the same thing are separated. It is an unusual grouping.

Connected by internet perhaps?

It appears so, yes.  There is a string of data that joins you and inspires action.  This data excites you.

This event we are noticing is one of great joy, great exuberance. The earth has not seen this universal feeling emitted, it is virtually the same emotion coming from each exit point and this has not been seen, ever.

Who are you?

We are a group, a conglomerate of beings with keen interest in the ongoing liberation of the race that is humanity.

We watch. Just now we see a change that looks unlike past alterations.  What differs now is the exuberance emitted and its directed focus. There has not been such a unified emotion prior.

What is seen is this gladdening, or maybe, not so much a gladdening but a self-righteousness, self-awareness, but more than that. It is as if there is a recognition.

It is not a running away, as you would expect a slave to do once it was set free.

It is not even a rejoicing or celebration, as you may expect. No, this is something else.  It is not so much awareness as acknowledgment.  If I may explain with an example.

I am getting one in my head. It’s been building as you transmit and search for words. I feel it, perhaps in some way embody it.

Yes. Of course, you do. It is akin to a reckoning. A being who has just begun to settle comfortably in his skin suit and is realizing just how magnificent he is in it. It has many secret powers and buttons and levers that this being is just becoming aware of. These are not separate from the being but extensions.

What we see happening is again unexpected.  We see this human, being careful in its process as it realizes all that it is capable of.  It is climbing to new heights of compassion and care rather than falling to the lowest common denominator of selfishness and gluttony.

We see the splendor of heaven being laid out before this being, and rather than grab it and run for more, the being looks back to pull its fellow man forward so all can share in the grandeur of heaven.

The shackles are all but removed and rather than seek vengeance, this human being worries about everyone else.

Why we reached out to you today is because we wanted to share this vision.  The new human promises to be even more than was imagined, if that is possible.

I keep getting images and ideas from you guys. You are powerfully emitting, which both puts me to sleep and fills my head with images.  I was not intending to write now, but I could not stop myself from doing so.

Please go ahead, describe the images.

It is as if the depth of emotion and compassion for man’s fellow man is off the charts.  That, when given everything, 

(and here it must be said that what’s been given primarily is hope. There’s been no actual gold or riches dropped in our laps, but a method to possibly access them and validation that they are real)
Man chooses always his brother and sister.

It is in this moment where mankind’s version of unity shines forth.  It emanates as a ginormous field of love energy from each little pocket of beings you perceive.

With full comprehension, this will only multiply, until the sound of mankind becomes a clear and deafening call to the cosmos. It says we don’t have to be the same – we have to care for each other as if we are. 

What is obvious to the observer is that man is not content to be freed alone. His joy and fulfillment comes in freeing others.  This is unprecedented.

You are capturing our observance of you.  Now there will be outliers* as this spreads. Yet by the rapid and absolute joining of each other – this is only expected to be the beginning of a huge wave of compassion, a tsunami.

This is what so many of us are hoping for.

Well mankind, expect it. It happens now. Congratulations and well done.  You’ve exceeded the expectations of us all.

Thank you.  Goodbye then.

Goodbye Sophia.

This conversation ended.

*By “outliers” is meant there will be beings who do not immediately respond in the way described here.



Lisa Transcendance Brown – Your Developing Crystals In Your Physical Body – Crystalline LightBody Structures – 12-22-16

Evolving the New Human: The Higher-Self and the Integration of the Whole — Rosalie Parker ~ Wayshower for the New Earth

Greetings my friends. The following is something that I wrote for myself but thought it might be useful to you. Writing helps me synthesize information and organize my thoughts. In this case, it is inspired by the information found in a Kryon channelling originally given by Lee Carroll in Mt Shasta, California, June 21, 2013, […]

via Evolving the New Human: The Higher-Self and the Integration of the Whole — Rosalie Parker ~ Wayshower for the New Earth

Quantum Conversation with Lisa Transcendence Brown – Being the New Human – 8-4-16




Maureen Moss – The New Human – The Earth Plan Blog – 8-25-16

Courtesy of


Maureen Moss   –   The New Human    –   The Earth Plan Blog   –   8-25-16


Maureen Moss’ website is here.

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well.

What a purposeful, powerful, awareness packed month this has been, with another coming right in front of it. Rarely has a day passed without our being confronted by the mounting tensions of the outer world, the passing and purging of old feelings and attachments, and the stirring and stretching of our sparkling embodied Divine potential.

Each, being used as a measure of new creation…a month of heightened activity and unknown futures has engaged us with our moment-by-moment lives, is driving us deeper and deeper into our Divine hearts, aligning us more closely with our authentic Selves, and deprogramming and reprogramming us toward our natural (rather than normal) patterns of Life.

Once again, we are beckoned forth to make further quantum leaps on our personal heroes journey…in cohesive consciousness, stabilized awareness, enhanced intuition and deep Truth telling to ourselves.

Through the landscape of the vulnerable and seemingly shadowy conditions, it is a blessing to consciously become aware of the Truth born of a promise made long ago… that we would be returned to Love…we would yearn to seek refuge only in our very own Divinity…and we would decide our placement in the New World.

No one told us how…only that we would. And we are.

What a strategy, dear heavenly reality, to use first hand, subtle and boisterous circumstances and experiences of every kind to dismantle our up until now reality and logic, completely rewire, recalculate, reformulate, redefine and recreate the human body, the human mind, the human heart, the human nature, the human Spirit…the human experience.

What a way to test ones commitment to Love. What a way to sculpt
The New Human.



REINVENTING YOUR LIFE – Nicole Bordeleau, Paris – with Lilou Mace

Steve Beckow – Building Nova Culture – 6-26-16


We talk about building Nova Earth. A large part of that will be building Nova Culture, a common global culture for Nova Earth.

What is a culture? When I was a cultural historian, I defined it as an organization of ideas, manifest in act and artifact though consisting of neither, by means of which we understand our world and take purposeful action.

By means of which we understand our world and take purposeful action.  If I were to speak about a common global culture, the only thing I’d change about that would be by means of which we take purposeful action together; in our case, as a planet.

If we were to contemplate building a common global culture together without the events that are happening right now, I think it’d be a very slow process.

There’d be lots of violence as people of different backgrounds moved in to neighborhoods, prejudices surfaced, and tempers flared. It’s happening in Europe, as we speak.

A common culture would grow but only with the passing of generations.

Look at Canada’s multicultural history. The two groups – French and English – get along pretty well, but there are divorce squabbles that still arise from time to time. Certainly the two could not be said to have forged a common culture – shared technology, shared government, and things like that perhaps – but a common culture like what we’re talking about? I’m not aware that it’s happened.

It can arise first within a group – such as the common culture that soldiers from different parts of the world, thrust together, shared in World War II. It can be passed along through song, books, workshops, etc.  But I’m talking about the rise of a shared and persistent culture.

We’re about to create for ourselves the central plank of it – the idea of there being a common group in the first place. In this case, the group is “Gaia,” “Earth,” to which we all belong. We are all Gaians, all inhabitants of Earth, who share a common planet and a common destiny.

And I’m talking about more than intellectual knowledge. I’m talking about experiential knowledge. I’m talking about you feeling your belongingness to that group called Gaians in your heart. We haven’t done that to date because there’s been no reason to do so. The events that are happening now – the Reval and Ascension – make it possible and desirable.

Under ordinary circumstances, the movement of people around the world would be by individual circumstance. People of different backgrounds would have little reason to co-mingle. Their children in schools would integrate into the new society.

Now, however, people around the world – those who took advantage of the Reval (Prosperity Packages, historic bonds, etc.) and those who did not – will be joining together to work on the projects thus generated.

We’ll be cleaning the oceans, getting rid of hunger and poverty, seeing to the needs of the disabled, sick, and elderly, on and on go the list of projects we’ll be doing —- together.  All working on the same team, pulling in the same direction.

This has never happened before. We’ll be thrown into each other’s company in a way that we never would have been before. This kind of close teamwork to a common global goal creates a common culture.

At some point we’ll be bringing in new technologies – right down to the replicator – that will fundamentally recast our global relationships with each other – and Gaia.

Once the galactis supply us with universal translators, the chief barrier to integration – language – will disappear.  We’re going to wonder why we feel ecstatic. The reason will be that we have the experience of being one big family on Earth.

That family feeling is the grain of sand that causes the oyster to grow a pearl. That pearl is our common global culture.

By working together on making the world work, we’ll speed up its development and make that development harmonious and peaceful. What might have taken the passing of a generation, with much sorrow, might now take five years.

What are some examples of making the world work? Caring for the sick. Looking out for the health, wellbeing, and education of children. Seeing to the needs of the elderly.

Seeing that everyone on Earth has shelter, clothing, food, and medicine.

These are yearnings common to all Gaians. These are matters we can all agree to work together on, under the circumstances made possible by the flow of abundance.

I feel confident that our global culture will arise as a result of us working together, serving together, pulling together.

Always, if we find ourselves blocked from making headway finding areas of shared values and common discourse, we can turn to working together on changing a global problem from unworkability to workability.  We have a world of difference to make, a whole new world to create and creating it together will bring us together.

“Can we fix it,” Casey asked in Tomorrowland. Yes, we can fix it. And in the process of fixing Planet Earth, we’ll create harmonious planetary integration and a shared culture.

Celia Fenn – Diamond Emerald Heart – The New Human Emerges – 6-3-16

New Human

I find it hard to believe that it is 12 years since I wrote my article on the Indigo Crystal Transition.  In 2004, many of us were going through strange symptoms and life events that we were later to identify as indicators of a profound and deep change in our    Spiritual and Physical bodies.

Image Source

It was called the Indigo Crystal transition, because these terms described the transformation into the Indigo level of Consciousness, and then to the Crystal levels, and also it described the incoming waves of Indigo and then Crystal children who were assisting with the evolutionary transformation on the Earth

However, since 2012 there has been intense waves of Cosmic energy and Light Codes that have activated further levels of evolution that I will call Diamond and Emerald, not because I want to “label” these experiences particularly, but because they are useful ways of describing and explaining what I would consider to be the next level of our Conscious Transformation and Evolution.

The Indigo Beings were the Spiritual Warriors who paved the way for Transformation, and the Crystal Beings opened our Hearts and Souls to our inheritance as Star Beings and to the Divine Love, Empowerment and Abundance that is our birthright as incarnate beings on Earth.  The Diamond Light Codes upgraded our consciousness to a full awareness of our Galactic and Cosmic connections and our place among the Star Nations.  The Emerald Light Codes reconnected us with the Earth and with our abilities as Co-Creators of Time Narratives on Space Ship Earth.

But what has emerged, in recent years, is a new kind of human, similar in many ways to the “old version” human, but very different in consciousness, orientation, and I believe, physically as well.  I will describe for you the nature of this new being that is emerging on the Earth, but first I would like to just mention briefly my own experience with the emerging consciousness of this New Earth Being in myself.

In 2013, although basically things were going well in my life, I suddenly had the deep inner knowledge that I had to change the way I was living my life.  I had been travelling intensively and doing my work on a planetary basis, but suddenly I knew that that phase was ended, and that I needed to go home and sit very quietly and just listen to find out what would come next.

So I went home and I listened, and I listened and I listened.  And nothing really came, although I had confidence that if I listened long enough I would hear something.  It took me nearly two years to understand that what I was listening for was the voice of my own Soul, and that what I was trying to understand was that I was fundamentally and deeply changed from what I was before.

And I began to notice that many others were going through the same kind of process, of feeling challenged to end one phase of their life and move forward, but not knowing how or why, simply moving on faith and trust.  And also being supported in this process, even though not quite sure what they were actually doing.

What emerged was a New Earth Being, one totally present to Life and Love, and living in a creative way from the Heart.  One who is empowered to create their own Reality while enjoying Love, Abundance and their own Creative and Spiritual Essence.  This is a Being who loves Peace, Harmony and Beauty, and who lives in the Flow of Divine Grace with complete trust in Divine Support and the processes of Life.

I realised that my two years of “listening” was an “initiation” into this new way of Being.  So, here I am going to describe what I perceive as the qualities of the New Earth Diamond Emerald Heart, or the New Earth Being.

The Qualities of the Emerging New Earth Being

  1. This New Earth Being has a Total Focus in the Present Moment and in Present Time awareness.  This means being fully aware of what is happening inside of you and around you, and how these are linked.  The Present moment is always an indicator of the strength and power of your connection to the Divine Light and to how you are flowing with this energy and manifesting with this energy.  Whatever is before you, and within you, is showing you how you are creating and experiencing with the Divine Light.  When you are overly concerned with the past and past experience, or with the future and what might happen, then you lose your focus in the “eye” of the Present and your ability to manifest and weave from the loom of consciousness.  Staying in positive focus in the Present Moment is always the key to manifesting on the Flow of Divine Love.
  2. The New Earth Being also has evolved into Spiral Consciousness and away from Linear Consciousness.  While still able to function in the 3D Linear consciousness as necessary, they are also fully aware that “natural” organic time spirals into higher levels of conscious expression and experience.  They understand that their Light Body is always open to and receiving waves of Cosmic Light and information that is gently moving them forwards and upwards on the Spirals of Divine Love and Creation.  This is a natural process, once you align with the flow of Divine Love, and there is no need to “force” evolution, it happens on and in the flow of Cosmic Light.
  3. There is an intense desire to be Creative and to be involved in Creative activity as an expression of the Soul and Spirit on Earth.  Understanding that Creativity is the strongest expression of Divine Love (in the beginning God created Heaven and Earth), the emerging New Earth Being strives to create Heaven on Earth and to fill their lives with Beauty and Creative Energy. This can be experienced in whatever form draws your soul to expression, whether art, paining, music, singing, dance, journal writing or poetry….. Whatever form makes your Heart and Soul sing and allows you to experience the movement of your Soul as it brings Divine Light and Love into Creative Expression and Manifestation on Earth.  This assists in understanding the principles of Creating Reality and Creating Abundance with the Flow of Divine Light and Love.
  4. The Emerging New Earth Being is a Heart centered being rather than a Mind or Ego based being.  This means that they follow their Heart and their Intuition rather than the Mind and Rational judgment.  This is the biggest shift that the Emerging Being makes, in learning to trust the flow of Energy in the Heart as the focal point or “eye” of consciousness and allowing the Mind/Ego and its rational and linear way of being to simply recede into the background and to become what it was always meant to be, a supportive energy to the life of the Soul on Earth.  When the Mind understands that its role is not to lead and to “survive”, but simply to support the Soul in its expressions on Earth, then it becomes less anxious and despairing and ceases to try to achieve something that it was not designed to achieve.  The New Earth being relaxes into life knowing that the Soul and Spirit has everything in hand, and that what is needed in life will be manifested at the right time.
  5. The Diamond Emerald Heart Being has a close and real connection to Soul, Spirit and the Angelic Realms.  The emerging New Earth Being has fully accepted their role as an ambassador of Higher Light and Energy on the Earth, and lives with a close connection to their own Soul and its experiences in the Higher Dimensions.  There is a deep trust of the Soul and the Higher Self/Oversoul, as well as those Spiritual Beings that form the Soul Family and Soul Clans, as well as the Galactic and Cosmic Families of Divine Love. The New Earth Being is able to “channel” these energies and connect with them to assist them to walk their path on their Earth in Harmony and Resonance with Divine Energy and the Codes of Divine Light that are transmitted to the Earth in the Cosmic Waves and as the Diamond Light.
  6. The Emerging Being has a close and real connection to the Earth, to Animals, Birds, Fish, Insects, Dolphins, Whales, Mammals and Primates, Humanity, the Plant Kingdoms and the Mineral Kingdoms.  There is also a deep sympathy for the Indigenous peoples of the Earth, and a feeling of honouring them for their Shamanic wisdom and their ability to live closely with Nature and the Earth.  Many emerging New Earth humans choose to follow the path of the Shaman as a way of expressing their need to honour the Spirit and the Divinity of the Earth as expressed through the Emerald Codes.
  7. The New Earth Human has a close and deep relationship with their own Soul, which they see as a manifestation of “Sacred Union”, the marriage of Heaven and Earth and Masculine and Feminine energies within their own Sacred Heart.  This includes an awareness of the reason for their Soul’s incarnation in this lifetime, and an awareness of the mission of the Soul in this incarnation.  They are aware of their own inner evolution on the Spirals of Light and feel the need to fully embody Divine Light to the best of their ability.
  8. Diamond Emerald Hearts have no need to follow any particular Religion, Spiritual Path or Spiritual Leader.  They follow their own Hearts and Intuition and are drawn to others in their Soul Group or Soul Clans who they feel resonate with what they feel and the path that they are drawn to follow.  They are open to all approaches that raise consciousness and lead to higher expressions of life on Earth, and they are non judgmental of the choices of others even if they do not align with what they choose.
  9. There is also a deep love of Beauty, Harmony, Tranquility and Peace.  They strive to create “Home” in their earthly environment, where “home” is an expression of their Spiritual origin in Divine Love. However, they are also aware that Chaos is an aspect of Energy and Creation, and that it can be very creative as a state of being.  When surrounded by Chaos they will always seek to hold their own “center” in a state of balance and so create a pattern of order even within the chaos.  This in turn creates a template for the Peace, Harmony and Beauty that they seek to create on Earth.
  10. They have a great Love of “Home” here on Earth and a great enjoyment of life on Earth.  They are not seeking to go “home” because they understand that home is within them and that it manifests all around them.  They enjoy nature, people, relationships, creativity, passion, laughter and expressing who they are and how they are evolving and growing.  With open hearts they pass through life without expectations, knowing that what they need will flow to them as they need it.  They value their life on Earth and strive to make every day an expression of Divine Love.
  11. The Flow of Abundance moves in them and through them as Divine Love.  They always have what they need, and often more than they need as they allow their Soul and Spirit to provide for them on the Spirals of life.  They are generous in sharing what they have and who they are, as they know that lack is an illusion and that there is always enough to share with others.  They do not live in fear of not having enough or in financial stress and anxiety.  They simply trust in the flow, and act accordingly in their daily lives to create and manifest what they need at any given time.
  12. They understand that all life is experience and creation, and that in this ongoing process they are learning and refining their skills.  They see life as an opportunity to explore all aspects of themselves and their essence as Souls in Human Form on Earth.  They see relationships, family, work and friendships as opportunities to expand and grow and learn more about who they are in this lifetime on Earth.

Some of the Feelings and Experiences that are “Symptoms” of the Emergence into the Diamond Emerald Heart

  1. Difficulty in staying “in balance” when waves of new Light Codes and Light Radiation sweep over the planet.  These waves create the equivalent of a “light storm” in the Light Body, and it can be very hard to hold your center and not to be swept up in the chaos of the storm around you.  These waves may “bounce” you between different realities and dimensions, so you may often feel that you have no idea where you are at times.  The key to dealing with these periods is simply to rest, stay peaceful and try to hold your center.  Know that these periods are “upgrades” of the informational energy fields, and that they will subside once you have integrated the energies.
  2. You may feel intense emotions such as anger, irritation, anxiety and despair.  Often these emotions are present in large quantities in the collective energy field, as those still wired to the old energy way of life try to cope with the new energies.  These fear based energies may become overwhelming, unless you can recognise that they are not yours and that you do not need to hold onto them and to feel them for others.  Do not resonate with them.  Simply release them and let them go.  Return to the peaceful and harmonious center in your own Heart which represents your Soul Essence and who you are.
  3. You may also find that you are taking on these fear based emotions when you have to enter into and deal with reality fields with which you have little resonance.  For example, in a working environment or in a social environment, you may often “catch” free floating anger and anxiety.  Again try not to take it on or to allow it to determine your reactions and responses.  Try to stay centered in your own essence of who you are.
  4. In Physical terms, these experiences will have impact on the Gastric system and the Nervous System.  The Gastric system represents the way in which you handle or “digest” experience, and also as you detach from your intense Solar Plexus focus, you may find that you experience pain coming up in this area or discomfort when you eat.  The Nervous system has to carry the light impulses of information, and when there is so much dissonant information it can place a great deal of stress on the Nervous System, so that you may find it hard to sleep at times, or have bad dreams, or you may become very tired to the point of exhaustion but still unable to sleep for long periods of time.  Your body may feel uncomfortable as you seek to balance these energies.
  5. Extreme exhaustion may be experienced around times of intense Light activity, such as Equinoxes and Solstices, Full Moons and Eclipses, or other moments when Cosmic transmissions are at their height.  Again, simply allow your self to rest and integrate these energies.  As soon as the light transmissions are integrated, you will start to feel better.
  6. You may experience the loss of friendships and relationships, and even family ties, as you move into Spiral evolution  and these others remain on the Linear path of evolution.  This produces a tension that is so extreme that these relationships cannot survive.  It is best to just release them in love and allow the other person/s to continue on their own path of growth in the way that seems best for them.
  7. You may experience an overwhelming need to change your life and find a life path that resonates with your Soul and Spirit, as well as your Soul Mission and your life path.  In some cases this may lead you to take a great leap of faith and change your life in ways that may not be understood by others.  In this case you simply need to follow your heart and your intuition and allow yourself to be guided forward, knowing that your Soul will support your choices if you are in alignment.
  8. You may feel a strong distaste for anything that is linked to the old energy paradigm, and a need to change aspects of your life such as work, diet, friends, and the way that you live on and relate to the Earth.  Old Energy interactions based on power, greed and manipulation will be very distressing for you, and you will seek rather to connect with those who share your desire for peace and harmony and mutual support as a way of life.
  9. You will have a strong need for Clarity, Integrity and Openness in all interactions and relationships.  You will seek to flow with heart based energies and will not want to struggle and conflict with others.  Because of the deep changes in your Physical and Light bodies, you will be able to perceive very clearly when people are not in integrity with you or with themselves.


“Celia Fenn: Diamond Emerald Heart ~ The New Human Emerges,” June 2, 2016, at

Cosmic Awakening Show – The New Human – Mary Rodwell, Michelle Walling – 4-13-16

Aluna Joy Yaxkin – Evidence of a New World – 12-19-14

I was strongly guided to use an image of a dove in the post just before this one (from Katelon Jeffereys and her call to action)…and Aluna mentions the dove in her update! If I encounter synchronicity, I stop and pay attention, give blessings and gratitude, and just know that all is in perfect Divine order 🙂  This update from Aluna is short and very interesting, very positive, just plain good news!

Source: Aluna Joy fb

The new world is beginning to anchor upon Earth. A presence of new divine light will give us all hope that the dreams we have been holding in our hearts are about to sprout! We are becoming new world Shamans! We have come back from a sacred site pilgrimage with the new evidence.

I use sacred sites as my evolution / consciousness barometers. I was called to be in Palenque, Mexico over the dates in mid-December. It did not disappoint me, or our fantastic group members that Spirit divinely organized for us. We traveled to the jungle temples to witness something new that was birthing on Earth. it is a new sacred tree of life and with it comes new cosmic plasma and a sacred staff to anchor it. I feel we were bathed in this new energy. We may not understand the immense scope of what we witnessed and absorbed, but we now know without a doubt that the calendar cycle reboot is about over, and the new visions will begin to anchor. (Yahoo) SO . . . HAPPY HOLY-DAYS EVERYONE!

Please continue reading here.

Avatar – Scientists Ask If A New Race Of Super Earthlings Are Being Born – 11-17-14


Gregg Prescott

Scientists have made an unexpected and unsettling discovery – a large number of new and previously unseen mutations have been detected among humans.

There are those who suggest that there will soon be fantastic X-men among humans. These super earthlings do not come out of secret laboratories, as in famous blockbuster movies, but are born naturally. Other scientists are less optimistic and consider the unforeseen development can to lead to unknown changes in the human body.

This unexpected and terrifying discovery is a result of a study conducted by scientists from Cornell University (USA) and University of California.

When they examined genes of several thousands of people from around the world, it turned out that mankind has acquired over the past few years new, previously unseen mutations.

The scientist studied 202 genes in 14,002 people. The human genome contains some 3 billion base pairs; the scientists studied 864,000 of these pairs. While this is only a small part of the genome, the sample size of 14,002 people is one of the largest ever in a sequencing study in humans.

This project led by John Novembre of the University of California Los Angeles and Vincent Mooser of UK-based drug company GlaxoSmithKline, reports that more than 95% of variants found by sequencing 202 genes in 14,002 people were rare, and that 74% of the variants were carried by only one or two people in the study.

“I knew there would be rare variation but had no idea there would be so much of it!” said the senior author of the research, John Novembre, an assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and of bioinformatics at UCLA.

In the study, 10,621 people had one of 12 diseases, including coronary artery disease, multiple sclerosis, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, osteoarthritis and Alzheimer’s disease; 3,381 did not have any of the diseases.

“The large sample size allows us to see patterns with more clarity than ever before,” Novembre said.

“If rare variants are like distant stars, this kind of large sample size is like having the Hubble Telescope; it’s allowing us to see more than before.

We see a ton of rare variation, and these rare variants more often make changes to proteins than not. In that way, this study has important implications for the genetic basis of disease in humans. It’s consistent with the idea that many diseases may be partly caused by rare variants.”

“Research carried out fifty years ago, showed that the mutant gene had only one man among a thousand, and now five people”, explained John Novembre.

What is causing the mutations?

Previously it was thought that genetic abnormalities are caused by of radiation, viruses, transposons and mutagenic chemicals, but now scientists have identified yet another factor that results in mutations – overpopulation!

Human population growth helps to explain the large number of genetic variants, the scientists said.

“The fact that we see so many rare variants is in part due to the fact that human populations have been growing very rapidly,” Novembre said. “Because the human population has grown so much, the opportunity for mutations to occur has also grown. Some of the variants we are seeing are very young, dating to population growth since the invention of agriculture and even the Industrial Revolution; this growth has created many opportunities for mutation in the genome because there are so many transmissions of chromosomes from parent to child in large populations.”

As a result of overpopulation, rare gene variants are much more likely to occur. And scientists do not rule out that soon there may be new types of mutations that lead to unknown changes in the human body.

Is a new race of X-men being born?

There are scientists who see benefits with mutations. Professor Darren Kessner of Univerist of California has for example suggested that among Earthlings there will soon be a fantastic group of “X-Men.” They beings do not come out of secret laboratories, as in the famous blockbuster movies, but are born naturally.

“New mutations are the source of inherited variation, some of which can lead to disease and dysfunction, and some of which determine the nature and pace of evolutionary change. These are exciting times.

We are finally obtaining good reliable estimates of genetic features that are urgently needed to understand who we are genetically,” said Joseph Nadeau, from the Case Western Reserve University in the US.

Both useful and harmful mutations have always existed as a completely normal phenomenon, but if the number of mutations increases dramatically, one cannot help wondering what implications this development will have for the human race……

Jesse Herman – 4 Ways You Can Live Longer, Or Forever – 9-3-14


Article By Jesse Herman of Powerful Primates.

I am. Those are two of the most powerful words we can speak. Someday, though, each and every one of us won’t be on earth to speak those words in reference to the organic skin that is dangling on our bones right now. This is nothing to be sad about but it is important to think about.

These days longevity is all the rage. From human growth hormones, to plastic surgery, to nootropics people are investing in a longer life-span that goes deeper than simply eating raw foods and working out. Some of these scientific advancements really work, allowing us to perform optimally at an old age. With that said, here are 4 ways you can live longer at an advanced state, or even forever:

Potential Scientific Advancements


certain species of jellyfish has been called “immortal” by scientists who have observed its ability to, when in crisis, revert its cells to their earliest form and grow anew. That means that these tiny creatures, 4 mm to 5 mm long, potentially have infinite lives. The creature, known scientifically as Turritopsis nutricula, was discovered in the Mediterranean Sea in 1883, but its unique regeneration was not known until the mid-1990s.

If a mature Turritopsis is threatened — injured or starving, for example — it attaches itself to a surface in warm ocean waters and converts into a blob. From that state, its cells undergo transdifferentiation, in which the cells essentially transform into different types of cells. Muscle cells can become sperm or eggs, or nerve cells can change into muscle cells, “revealing a transformation potential unparalleled in the animal kingdom,” according to the original study of the species published in 1996.

There are scientist trying to figure out how to apply this awesomeness to aging and injured humans. While nothing crazy is in the works at the moment, my money is on science to whip something up that greatly increases longevity. Maybe not in our lives but relatively soon.

Head-To-Body Transplant


Did you know that full body transplants have already occurred? Well, they have with some of our unfortunate primates friends. No matter your views on animal testing, it is leading to a real probability that full body transplants will be happening soon.

Just imagine if Stephen Hawking was given a new body at the age of 70, walking the halls of whatever University he’d be speaking to. It is and inspiring thought to think. He has already defeated death in many ways after being diagnosed with ALS at 21. He was expected to die at 25. Still, a new body for those who are debilitated in some facet is extraordinary to consider. Better yet, if you die, your body being used for somebody else. Organ transplants is a modern concept. Body transplants are already a probability in the near future.

The Singularity –


The trend towards transhumanism is undeniable. One may claim they are against it but it’s hard to find a person in the Western world not addicted to a digital device in one form or another. Ray kurzweil is the leading spokesman and predicts that by around 2030, humans will have reverse engineered the brain. This include thoughts and emotions. The union of human and machine may not lead to happiness and nirvana but as far as longevity of life: certainly.

 The Simple Science Of Today

There are a number of companies throwing products around for capitalistic gains. Some of the products help increase physical and mental strength, while others not-so-much. Generally speaking, eating raw, easy-to-digest foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients  is the best way to go. Finding hobbies that keep the mind sharp and body in-shape and flexible is also important. These are old-school methods to live longer and they work. In the 1700′s people were not living much past 40. Life was tough. These days, getting on a bicycle, eating fruits and vegetables may be all one needs to live long enough for technology to allow one to live forever.

I am soon to be immortal. For better or worse.…

Selacia – The New You – 9-24-14

New Human 2

Becoming the New You

by Selacia

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in the middle, like you are in between worlds?
It is like one world is the old existence you thought you were done with and the new world is not yet fully formed.

This feeling of being in a void is in fact common on the path of awakening. In fact, the more conscious and awake you are, the more you will be able to sense subtle shifts in your life phases. It’s actually natural to have moments when you sit in a void, a space within which creation of the new is taking place. Your conventional mind may worry that nothing is happening – so untrue!

Your spiritual transformation, after all, is a process over time. Never a finished product, you continue to push the envelope, relentlessly seeking to express more of your authentic divine changemaker self. During phases of experience, you grow spiritually and shift in countless ways.

Since this is a typical part of the path, why do these cycles of change seem so much more intense now?

First of all, most everything can seem more extreme these days because of the volatile energies present in this cycle of history. Even right now as things feel a bit lighter and optimistic, there is so much uncertainty and change in the air that only the most skilled people can effectively handle the ups and downs.

Another big factor in the intensity of living now is the sheer magnitude of changes you and others are undertaking in this single life. You have a lot on your plate, to be sure, much more than in earlier lifetimes when perhaps your biggest challenge was discovering how to succeed in your family’s business. If only it could be that simple this time around, you may be asking!

It’s normal to want things to be simple, all buttoned up in a nice package with a colorful bow. The simple you long for, however, is an illusion based in linear conditioning that is too limited for the quantum you emerging now!

The new you emerging over time in this life indeed is quantum. That is your true nature and it is vast. You were born during these auspicious times – full of potential to leave nonworking linear approaches behind – to embrace this vastness.

This involves a steep re-learning curve, for you have forgotten how to live as a multidimensional being. At a core level, of course, you don’t really forget. However, your human lifetimes have conditioned you to think small and to see the world in black and white. Your cosmic self knows that you are integrally connected to everyone and everything – not just on Earth but across the cosmos.

Copyright 2014 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

Growing Human Body Parts

MDTeditor·92 videos

On this episode of The Pulse, brought to you by MDT TV, we are regenerating limbs, building better brain implants, engineering 3D tissue, and measuring consciousness.

This episode features:

• Dozens of genes involved in planarian regeneration have been identified and learning more about them could help advance the field of regenerative medicine, and one day, even lead to the growth of human body parts.
• The Journal of Visualized Experiments has published a technique to accommodate two challenges inherent in brain-implantation technology: gauging the property changes that occur during implantation and measuring on a micro-scale.
• Researchers at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology have developed a simple method of organizing cells and their microenvironments in hydrogel fibers.
• A tool to peek inside the brain and measure varying levels of consciousness may one day doctors might track consciousness nearly as easily as they check blood pressure.

For more medical technology news, go to


Lisa Gawlas – Shambhala, The Rains Of Heaven, Christ-Mass! – 5-22-14

lisagawlas2These last few days in the land of readings have been interesting to say the least and taking me much longer to understand what is happening than usual.  I realized something about the water colored energies from three days ago during a someones sharing of her experience in the soul gym last evening.  A fuller, richer, diverse increase in your soul energy coming into the wholeness of your created field of life.  Energizing everything with that pure, heavenly radiance.

If seeing everyone in water-color hue’s wasn’t strange enough, the following day took everyone to a whole new level of odd.  Right before the connection, I would get a flash, a single image for the person I was about to read for, expecting (my bad) to elongate on that image once we got the reading started.  Nope.  Instead, when I bent over to align my antenna with the back yard, the light became so bright I could not see thru it.  I eventually realized (after several connections) that the bright light I was seeing, was like a massive spark, an igniting… I could see its shape.. the full breadth of each persons field of life, from top to bottom, but the bottom was more like triangulated, incoming energy, pure Light energy to ignite the fields of life.

So I have to look at the preview of each person… the snapshot of imagery before our connection.  The first one was for two ladies who removed themselves completely from their old lives and moved to Panama.  I could see pastel colored flowers raining down all around them, I recognized these flowers from a long time ago… Shambhala flowers.  The rains of heaven filling their life, but equally, taking form.

My second flash before the connection was of a waterfall image that aligned with his entire outer edge of his field of life. Kinda like this:

link to picture

The pure hydrating energy to fertilize the very ground of life.  However, the waterfall energy was just starting to flow towards his center.

The one thing I am sure of today, all of the pre-images represents each persons emotional currency from spirit activated by the intent of seeing it, hence the intense bright light at our connections.

I have no idea what to expect in yesterdays connections, I was hoping for (and received) more than a flash!  What is interesting, out of 6 connections yesterday, all but one had the energy, the visuals happening in the same place in their fields.  I made a humble image of my viewing field:

My viewing field

What I find interesting if not telling, every persons “center path” is showing up in the area I call the East Field, new beginnings, fresh growth.  Of course, looking back on these last few days, it is exactly that.  Even more interesting, the only place you can go towards is the left or west side, created life itself.  Anything to the right or more east of center path is collecting the energy of pure emotion.

This shift in the field actually makes sense, to get to here, to this new moment in our story, we had to go deep within ourselves (the right side of the field, our emotional/spiritual life) and clean house.  Well, we should be pretty damn cleaned out by now because the focus of the field of light is what you are now doing in Life.

The yellow star in the image represents where all but one persons imagery was happening.  The place I call created life but also the gateway from Mays energy into the vast twin months of June and July.

One of the connections yesterday started with a pre-song.  I started hearing this song before I we connected.  Her name happened to be Virginia and the song playing in my head over and over was “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and you’ve got the right to believe.  I had to smile when Santa himself showed up in her reading, in that place where the yellow star was… but santa was having a wee bit of a problem getting down the chimney of her created life.  So I watched him twist and turn to get where he needed to be, in her Life field.  Then I realized he was using the energy of both a sine wave and the elongated fractal energy to moving himself thru the chimney (the space where heaven meets earth.)

I didn’t realize that the song I heard was actually from a little 8-year-old girl way back in 1987 as she wrote to the editor of the SUN newspaper.  The SUN/ The SON.  Christmas, CHRIST-Mass.

My beautiful Virginia was celebrating a birthday… her true Christmas, embracing the Christ that she is.  And now, she has become Santa Claus him/herself!!

I do want to share a bit of the editors amazing, enlightening reply to the Virginia who wrote to the Sun:

“DEAR EDITOR: I am 8 years old. 
“Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. 
“Papa says, ‘If you see it in THE SUN it’s so.’ 
“Please tell me the truth; is there a Santa Claus?


VIRGINIA, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe except they see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be men’s or children’s, are little. In this great universe of ours man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect, as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth and knowledge.

Yes, VIRGINIA, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus. It would be as dreary as if there were no VIRGINIAS. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The eternal light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.  …

We as children bring our wish list to Santa.  We can look at this Santa as our soul energy ready to give back to the human who houses the fullness of this magical, wonderful, heavenly body.

I am equally finding, there are many who have the same dilemma as I do.  I have no idea what is on my “desires” list.  For me personally, my life is full, I love my home, my work, my play…. and for a moment or two, I got worried because I really feel complete on all levels.  I was relieved of my pondering when I heard my Self say… now you are open to receive what you cannot even conceive of (mentally.)

May we ALL be open to receive and then ACT on the incoming energy.

Merry Christ-Mass to ALL!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of celebration and joy,

Lisa Gawlas

Ascension Update – New Divine Human Being Prototypes


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Welcome to my Ascension update, which talks about the higher expansion of us as New Divine Human Being prototypes. I have leveled up yet again in my embodiment, and my level of awareness has again increased exponentially. I AM sure that many of You feel the same, and it’s as if nothing can stop our expansion at this time, as that is how limitless it is. I AM entering a void of so many new things/Divine potential at this time, and whenever this transition is that strong for me, I AM guided to make renovations on all levels of my Being. At this time so much is coming through, but it doesn’t have a specific shape or form yet, so it cannot be shared, for it just exists as pure Divine potential. I AM just a Hermit at this time, experimenting, unfolding, becoming. I AM speaking Light language, drawing sacred symbols and singing songs of Creation, which are all contributing to this process of New Self encoding. At such times things are falling off like crazy, but we must not fear our greatness as we embrace the next level of awareness in body and take the next step of physical Ascension. When we are done with our experience on a certain level, a New one will come, and it will be even greater and more magical. We only have to have Faith and Trust!

I AM wishing You so much Greatness of Self expansion!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Say Goodbye To The Judge

new human

Image Source

As we undergo this incredible, never done before transformation…from carbon to crystalline, from human to divine human, we are slowly saying goodbye to the judge.  The inner one.  the one that determines whether we are good or bad.  If we did it right or wrong, whatever it happens to be in the moment.  Maybe it was eating cake instead of brussle sprouts.  Maybe it was being angry instead of loving.  Maybe it was just a feeling of judgement we picked up from someone else in the room and internalized it as our own.

We judge ourselves for our actions, our thoughts and feelings so much of the time that our body suffers and our ascension process slows down.  We judge our ‘worthiness’ all the time.  And as we judge ourselves, so we judge others.  That’s not to say we shouldn’t have preferences.  We need to be selective and discerning as to what we want to participate in.  Some things feel good and some things feel bad.  Some food taste great, some not so good.  We may enjoy wearing cotton instead of polyester.  Personal preferences are what make us individuals.  But we will be releasing the judge that tells us we are good or bad, worthy or unworthy, because of our individual tastes and decisions and actions and feelings.

We even judge ourselves for judging ourselves.  We tell ourselves we ‘should’ be beyond that already.  Yikes!

If you can imagine that judge as a tiny, funny looking character on your left shoulder, maybe he’s about 4 or 5 inches in height, looks kind of like the Keebler Elf…a cartoon-ish character…and in a squeakey little voice he’s saying things like:  ”You don’t know what you’re talking about!”  or “You shouldn’t have gossiped about your friend.”  or “You should have turned left not right…” and you look at him, and you just want to laugh because he’s so tiny and comical, you can’t really take him seriously.

The Keebler Elf Judge is leaving your consciousness but meanwhile, just be aware that he may be more present than ever because he isn’t sure if he can leave.  Because  there’s an aspect of you that feels a little lost without him in your life.  How will you determine your worth without someone or something that is better or worse than you?  But that’s not you, just an aspect that has been present, trying to control your life.  But as you give control over more and more to your higher self, you will find that you are not allowing the judge to mess up your joy.  You will not let that little guy interfere with your good feelings so much any more.

The judge was just part of the game of duality, and he’s losing his grip.  And you will find that as he does, you will be experiencing quite a different reality.  You will not care so much what he or anyone else in your life thinks about you.  And, the interesting thing is, because you are not judging yourself so much you aren’t judging others so much either, and they will feel that.  They will not be so inclined to attack you because you are not ‘attacking’ them.

In my own life I am learning to embrace my emotions, all of them, the anger, the sadness, the frustration, the joy.  I am understanding that anger is a motivator at times.  It gets me unstuck.  I use it as a fuel to move some stuck energies.   To me it feels a step up from depression.  And as I allow it some breathing room, it transforms into lighter feelings.  But I notice that when I judge the anger as bad, it keeps it around much longer.  It doesn’t allow it to come and go.

Remind yourself that you are already an ascended being.  You are already light, and multi dimensional in nature.  you as such a being of light came here, and took on a human form to experience what that was like.  You are now remembering who you really are and allowing that essence to come into your physical body.  And, brave as you were, you allowed yourself to take on all the ‘human’ issues including judgement.

So, that little elf on your shoulder also wants to be relieved of duty.  You can send him off any time that you remember he is there.  And you can trust that you will be just fine without him.

Telepathic Communication – Starting a wonderful Journey – Part 1/2



Image Source

Part One of this article is located HERE.


Following article has been elaborated with the great assistance of my Higher Self and what the latter really is you will be explained in the following passages.

I am quite young in this realm with regard to being a channeler and subsequent experience of it and it is my great pleasure of being able to channel messages of some light-beings (like the Creator, Archangels, Ascended Masters etc.). All these messages I publish on my blog which I have built up particularly on request of Spirit.

It is since end of March 2013 that I receive weekly messages from the Light which are meant and destined for all humans here on earth. Besides all these public messages there are also many personal ones giving me ever again wonderful and loving impulses and support for my very own daily life. I simply cannot imagine any more to be without  these so beloved friends or better said “family of light” !

If you belong to the sceptical range of humans I’d like to recommend you to go on reading since I was such one as well.

In all those years when dealing with spiritual matters I often wondered how such contact of the telepathic may functioning. And I also admired especially those channelers as being particularly talented and gifted people with some important task.

Today I know that I was quite wrong and I’d like to encourage everybody to have a try on it as well. Like many others I have perused many books about telepathic communication, meditated a lot about it and tried everything possible within reach of myself. Still there was not anything like some success of it and I had resigned on it already. Then there came some impulses from my spiritual surroundings and made me trust again to try freshly again and there it was: Success !

Step for step, letter for letter, word for word, sentence for sentence a.s.o.

Mount Everest has not been climbed on one sole day. And thus do go ahead with tiny steps first as I did it as well. Try to find your trust since this is very important. Reaching the peak of the mountain you will enjoy some entirely different outlook. A very new outlook on your own life now, your past lives, and everything that is most interesting in this great spiritual Life.

I’m wishing you much fun with my subsequent description and some sort of escort into telepathic communication as it is the start into some wonderful journey back to yourselves. Are you coming with me ?

As from now it is my Higher Self having accumulated these scripts for you in cooperation with me.

1. Introduction

How do I channel and what might be done with it anyhow ?

These are questions many have posed already and I shall here collect the most important matters for you without claiming this will be complete. There is not anything else with channeling than submitting information from one side to another one. This may be done in various ways. And considering us here we shall focus on telepathic communication and deepen it in the following.

Keep in mind please: with everything that you do and that you want it is always you yourselves limiting yourselves and nobody else!

I’d like to explain to you some most important matters about channeling in the following passages in order to give you some survey of it. This has been known already  for quite a long time but never has been acknowledged by science so far.

Science limitates itself solely on matters being measurable and provable. Since channeling does not belong to the further nor latter this possibility has not been regarded at all by Science and therefore Channeling does not have been accrued any status of value in society.

2. Whomever may be channeled telepathically?

This is really a secret and will stay so ever more!

No, it is not a secret and will be disclosed now! To channel someone or something means that some piece of information is being received via some large distance and to be transmitted into for humans some comprehensible language and understanding.

This is a quite a complex process if all details are being explained. But for a simplified explanation it is the transfer of light by some particular channel. It is that light received by inner heart and being transformed by pituitary gland for its human brain. The latter again interprets this transformed piece of information and represents it in some suitable mode and language.

This transformation resp. interpretation is being done according to the prevailing level of knowledge of the respective receiver of the message – meaning – that it is quite impossible for some uneducated or ignorant people to receive complex and complicated information since this cannot be comprehended nor interpreted by their brain. As all information received must be understood and interpreted by the respective human brain of the recipient. Without this possibility human brains will be overwhelmed and neither will it produce some useful information.

Whomever may be anyhow channeled?

Basical fact is that you may channel anybody being capable of submitting telepathically information. With human people however this is limited to communication with higher developed particular beings; since humans are not that far evolved in order to communicate telepathically with one another. Basically this sort of communication is made available  still – for the time being – only possible with a few human people. For such way of communication much training and discipline are needed.

Communication with entities of higher evolved state of being is possible for everybody human. Still this will work only with those human beings which will have opened their hearts to such a sort of communication. It is not possible for those which have closed their hearts anyway – these humans are not able to receive messages from some higher evolved human or being. When citing here an “open heart” I’m meaning somebody must have reached in his/her evolution a particular level and being capable to control his/her very own ego.

Still better it is if one may win his/her own ego over for some way of mutual cooperation

3. About Differences when Channeling

According to which beings you wish to channel there are some pre-requisites to be fulfilled beforehand. It is not the way – if you are able to channel your Higher Self – that likewise you may channel automatically also some higher evolved being like an Angel, Archangel, or some Ascended Master.

Subsequently we ‘d like to refer a little to the various differences of channeling and show you what all will be needed in order to make use of the various possibilities thereof.

There is always needed one ability first i.e. patience, trust and confidence, and some ample portion of a composed mind. These are the basics ingredients and without these the beginning as such will turn out quite difficult. There are people having attended courses, trained themselves with meditation, perused through many books dealing with this very topic and still they are not prepared at all for any channeling.

There is only one response to it and this is essentially to be understood. All responses regarding any possible channeling never – ever are based on any outside but always on the human inside. Whoever has comprehended this fact has done already his/her first step to successful channeling.

3.1.    Lower Self / Higher Self (LS/HS)

In order to understand what is meant with the so-named Lower Self (LS) or Higher Self (HS) I want to give here some short introduction since not everybody may be familiar with that terminology. The LS describes that part being incarnated here on earth and also is named your “Soul”. The latter has also to undergo various pre-requites before its reincarnation here on earth. This also will mean that it will forget everything known generally known before. This is being done in order to achieve the greatest possible effect of learning here! If alternatively souls would have known everything the effect of learning here would not turn out so efficiently.

The HS is that special part having not incarnated here on earth but belonging to the entire soul. Both, the LS and the HS together form the presence of the “I Am” and together they are the eternal part of every being. Compared to the LS it is the HS which will never forget anything. It is capable to recall everything and disposes of the entire knowledge of the “I-Am-Presence”.

Nevertheless the HS will never disclose all of its knowledge and information in case there will be some communication with it. It always focuses on the evolution of the entire “I-Am-Presence” and will offer only the very support which is needed at that point when asking one’s question. And thus it is safeguarded that the very particular soul in its entirety may undergo the best possible evolution.

Shall we deal now with the LS and HS and their individual part of communication.

You will always reach the HS first and still after a while you will be able to reach the LS as this is linked some special evolution on part of the human channel. Human souls are steering human people here with some possible varieties e.g., pain, diseases, ideas, sentiments or feelings, or even more little signals which may influence someone’s life in a delicate and fine way. Human souls or the LS have some limited sorts of selected possibilities and these are what human souls try in their very best way to make use of.

As mentioned before, communication with the HS will be first achieved and thus with the appropriate precondition – as prescribed in the beginning. Still I do not want to neglect this again and to mention the most essential issues once again.

Most essential is your belief that everything will work well. Without believing – without the acknowledgement of some communication the latter will be impossible.

The 2nd issue is the already mentioned “open heart”. Without the rightful intention, the true sight on all matters, and the control resp. the mutual co-operation with your ego, there will be no communication ever. It is the ego always wanting to butt in and interfere – telling you that is complete and absolutely imbecility what you are about to do!  It will attempt everything to convince you that this your undertaking will not be possible. All this has been consciously been interwoven or programmed into your mind if we may express it in such ways. Still this is some complete other story and we just want to demonstrate that this has been intentionally done so.

When you have overcome the hurdle –  being able to control your ego and convinced that it is possible – then you will be successful !

Having done your first steps and you are becoming more confident from day to day you will obtain more and more information. And these will always be constructive and positive and never will attempt to do anything negative which will not to the best wellbeing of yours. As soon as you sense anything like influencing or convincing you then you will have established some communication with some entity of lower energy and you should separate yourself from it at once or asking it in the “Name of God or Jesus” to leave you right away.

Shall we deal now with the communication of your soul resp. LS. As already introductorily mentioned this will be possible after a certain time. This is dependent on your personal evolution and will be also announced to you by your HS or through your personal spiritual guide. When you are prepared to channel your own soul or LS you may be informed in some other way. There are various possibilities of it and these surpass any means of enlisting them here.

3.2.    God / Angels / ArchAngels / Ascended Masters

In order to communicate or to telepathic exchange with God, Angel/Archangel, or with some Ascended Master is a bit more complex than with your HS or our own soul. Also here are to fulfil some pre-conditions which I’d like to enlist subsequently:

  • Some inner preparedness to establish some communication with some higher being (regarding its level of evolution) has been achieved by you.
  • You have brought your ego under control or it has been won over for some mutual co-operation.
  • Being mentally and spiritually prepared to dispose oneself as channel – irrespectively whether it is the matter of public or private messages.
  • You may be able now to calm down your mind that far so that no disturbing thoughts may interfere with your communication.
  • A fair portion of tranquillity, confidence and some firm belief that this process will turn and work out well.
  • And concluding here the most important pre-conditions is” to subordinate oneself to everything else”, meaning that one may surrender wholly to the process in being and confiding in it too.

Hereby it is not meant to surrender oneself in all entirety so that one is might be manipulated or influenced while being in the process of channeling.

3.3.    Beings of Higher Evolutionary Levels

For channeling from beings of higher evolutionary realms as extraterrestical peoples, inhabitants of Hollow Inner Earth are same conditions valid as mentioned further above for God, Angels, Archangels, etc. Do not think you may communicate with any extraterrestical being at your discretion since there must be someone on the other side willing and prepared to communicate with you. It is not only your will which will suffice but it is likewise necessary to have a particular partner on the other side.

3.4.    Negative Entities

Basically you may channel also negative energies or entities. However, this is not all advisable since according to each entity its influence may create some serious problem turning out to surpass your power of control. This is why I do recommend here seriously not to establish at all such connection in the first place.

In case being confronted with some negative energy or entity in some communication always the invocation of Jesus or God is being recommended. And this as an given example may be like this one:

” In the Name of God/Jesus I command you to go away and never return again!”


Méline Lafont – The giant Cosmic Web of the I AM avatar race is ready to launch, to speak and to BE – Channeled from Self



Meline Lafont  /

As we allow the current flow of energy to merge with our authentic being, we still find ourselves very much attached to strings at times, where the web of illusion is desperately trying to hold on to our being in order to be fed. On the other hand the freedom and its smell are very palpable and can be tasted in the form of Light and Love, as it smells like flowers and stardust, where the frequency is so high it is beyond tangible in your life stream. You are starting to find yourself within the stream of unimaginable energies that form your current reality within.

The giant Cosmic Web of I AM Presences is now ready to be launched on your world for it is completed and formed with all of your beings into One. As this web descends into your collective being it forms a new way of interaction and abilities for the entire Hue-man race and its home star, planet Gaia. The formations of the old are crumbling step by step and it is allowing the new to enter its shores. It is allowed to take place because the human race is transforming its DNA and quantum field into a more Galactic Hue-man race where you will be all aligned with your own true Selves on a Galactic – and even on a Master level of frequencies.

As the giant Cosmic web of creation aligns with the giant Cosmic web of the I AM avatar race, which is you, tremendous amounts of creations, abilities and co-foundations are at hand for all of you by allowing yourselves to be your true nature of being and by surrendering only to Love. Inner trust is of much importance in this time of co-creation and of alignment to Self. Such great Love and the extension of its sister, called the practical Love in life, shall lead you on the way to your home, which is you as a matter of fact. There is no place like home means there is no other place than you! Your own being, your own individual energy, your own heart which is the center of your Universe.

Now that the I AM avatar race is expanding its Light frequency to the highest vibration that matches your coherency and truth, there is an inner expansion and growth allowing you to move forward ahead on the path to wisdom, integration, radiance and sophistication of your own individual Self. Your frequency starts to match its intrinsic energy field that is employing the embodiments such as you are in now, as this is where you are coming from as a descendant. There is no more room for the dualistic field that is losing its grip and expansion day by day, for the force of your own being is growing at a tremendous fast pace that only Light can maintain.

The giant Cosmic Web of the I AM avatar race is ready to launch, to speak and to BE for it took hundreds of years to build upon this energy frequency that was enabling the reform of this grid again around an Earthly plane. Now its there to descend and to merge with each individual of the collective human race to become the re-birthed HUE-man race on a Galactic -, Solar – and even on a Cosmic plane. There is much at stake here for it’s all done by the power of Light, Love and Being and it is a life changing, planetary changing course like no other. And the most exceptional part of this all, is that it is done by the heart, through the heart while being in physical embodiment.

See how exceptional each of you is and all of you are and how powerful your own thoughts, feelings and creations can be. This all has led you to where you are standing today: on the threshold of a big transition of Earth and of your own individual selves. As we continue to move up this Planetary Ascension into an alignment and connection with the giant Cosmic web of I AM Presences it is required of you to achieve a balanced state where awareness is important, where you can be the observer and the observed at the same time whilst channeling these energies into this Earthly grid and formation of Oneness with the I AM Avatar race of your authentic being.

It is a great time to start listening to your inner heart and body language for they are going through a serious amount of changes that demands a lot of focus on yourself and on your inner heart space. Align with your avatar I AM Presence now by allowing this field in your heart to expand and become YOU. It comes from the heart and through the heart as the heart is the only gateway and highway throughout this Ascension. Attention and focus will be needed on the depths of your being and not on the ego. Shine truth, radiate Light and Be Love, always.

Eyah Asher Eyah
Méline Lafont/ Lady Portia

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered  /