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L’Aura Pleiadian – The New Divine Humanity – The Next Level Adjustments to The Earths Energy Field ~ Are Well Under Way – 11-26-18

L’Aura Pleiadian


The next level adjustments to the Earths energy field with the magnetic poles transition point, are well under way.

Your energy bodies are undergoing continued adjustments ~ aligning with these changes.

Nothing may make sense to you. As the concepts you once had, leave your memory and energetic filed of awareness completely.

Your sense of identity is changing completely. What you once held on to, with all of your life, thoughts and emotions, leaves your awareness completely. This makes way, for the new way of being.

You are a new you and you are now in a constant state of death and rebirth. Your sense of identity, goes through a continual state of crisis.

Your sense of identity, wasn’t you.

It was only what you held on to tightly as a way of coping in a world, that wasn’t yet ready, for the Advanced Human Being and its Presence, to become the way.

With nothing to hold on to, you get through, by just being in the state of your Presence. This is the only way through.

The Presence that gets you through ~ becomes your new way of being. With all the old ways, no longer existing.

Your Presence will be a comfort to your mind, that will attempt to seek out those old anchor points of consciousness that will no longer exist.

All the old ways and ideas of why you are here, what you are, what are you to do, vanish through this transformation portal, your Presence, pure state of Being, gets you through.

Although appearing as an inner crisis of identity, this is your death, and the coming fruition, of the birthed, Evolved True ~ YOU. That lives as the one ~ that all experiences flows and passes through.

We are with you always and present through this calibration and transition point, and rebirth.

We Highlight, the consciousness of the transition points as the  momentous shifts in awareness and frequencies, which are your evolution.

This is the return to your true nature, to the YOU as Light, the pure you, that becomes the way.

The Elohim, Blue Avians and we The Divine Council of Overseers, are too, the consciousness that flows through us.

We come to you, in the twilight of this dawning process, as the intensified flow, transition and death and rebirth that makes your Presence known to you ~ As the only way of being you are.

In love and glory, always, as the heralding of the Divine Presence ~ becomes the way



CELIA FENN – Diamond Emerald Heart – The New Human Emerges – Ascension Energies – dreamweaver333 – 5-27-18

Courtesy of Ascension Energies

May 24, 2018 Celia Fenn –

Since 2012 there has been

intense waves of Cosmic energy and Light Codes

that have activated further levels of evolution

that I will call Diamond and Emerald,

not because I want to “label” these experiences particularly,

but because they are useful ways of describing …

via Diamond Emerald Heart : The New Human Emerges – Celia Fenn| Ascension Energies — dreamweaver333

L’AURA PLEIADIAN – Activating Worlds Upon Worlds – The Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams – 11-26-17 – by The New Divine Humanity



Anticipation ~ Excitement, is very different from an attachment to an outcome. Which becomes an expectation.

Holding the awareness of the Forces of Consciousness as Being Unified within you. Of that of Divine Virtues. We Find ourselves, then living, in a world of Dreams. Dreams that do come true.

The Anticipation of the UNEXPECTED ~ without the details of attachment. OPENS and Floods the DNA (of the One Embodying this Virtue) with the LIGHT of Freedom.

The LIGHT of Endless Possibilities.

The Light that is Limitless.

These Forces of Consciousness are very Real.

Existing in the Eternal Presence of the LIGHT of LOVE.

Living in this STATE of consciousness. Feeling this NOW. Unifies and activates your DNA Now and Blueprint. Flooding your cells, with the LIGHT of Endless Possibilities.

This is a child like way of Being. Where everything become the unexpected. Becomes the LIFE beyond your Wildest Dreams.

Your Heaven on Earth.

Your True Love with your Eternal Beloved.

Your Freedom. Your Joy. Your Bliss.


Preparing to LIVE as this State of Consciousness. fully activated within you NOW.

Opening up worlds upon worlds of Excitement. Joy, Bliss and Becoming. Fully Realized. Fully Being the True You.

Your Original Light.

Your Divine Ascended Being.

FEEL this State of consciousness now.

All this Force of Light and Consciousness, awaken within YOU.

All That you already ARE.
Merging Timelines, NOW.

Activating all LEVELS of Light Now.

All Dimensions Activated within YOU NOW.

In the Love and Glory of the Divine Council of Overseers.



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MARY RODWELL – (Video) New Human Race Discovered – Homo Noeticus – DNA Upgrades are Changing Humankind – 11-11-17

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Presents new DNA information and witness testimony from adult star seeds and children, such as the changes in consciousness of homo sapiens to Homo Noeticus. Witness testimony of children who demonstrate expanded awareness, conscious of non human past lives and their encounters with galactic intelligences. They also demonstrate abilities and knowledge to help us understand who we are and what the changes to humanity could mean. explores the diversity of encounter experiences with non-human intelligences. These are true accounts from families and children. Many have full conscious recall of past lives, being educated on space craft and having been prepared for their earth Mission. Witness Testimony suggests some programs are meant to activate dormant DNA and for us to access our full multidimensional potential and realise our true Cosmic heritage. . Subscribe to UAMN TV for more new releases in 2017



11: 11 PORTAL – You Are The New Human!

11 11 Portal

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Thanks to Jenny Schiltz article  on  11:11

AA MICHAEL LATEST ENERGY UPDATE – The New Human has released all third dimensional limiting beliefs, has activated all 12 strands of DNA and has integrated ALL aspects of the Soul – 9-24-17 – Ashtar Command Crew .net

AA Michael Art


Archangel Michael: 

“Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We send you blessings of Love and Light, in this Now Moment, and we invite you to open your heart to our message for you…

We are with you in this Now Moment, as you are reading this message…

Dear One, the current energy shifts are opening vast opportunities to step into your “New Human” experience even further.

What does “New Human” mean?

The New Human has released all third dimensional limiting beliefs, has activated all 12 strands of DNA and has integrated ALL aspects of the Soul.

By all aspects of the Soul we are referring to Angelic, Ascended Master, Galactic, Inner Earth, Animal, Elemental, Fairy, Unicorn, Plant Aspects, the I am presence and all parallel incarnations in different dimensions at this time.

The emotional, physical, spiritual and etheric bodies have been fully healed and restored.

As the New Human, you are manifesting your desired reality with the speed of thought.

You are also fully consciousness that all life is connected, at all times, and that your thoughts and actions affect everything and everyone. 

You know that you are an expression and extension of Creator on all levels. 

Your ability to love unconditionally is fully activated. 

This means that your ability to feel love doesn’t depend on outer conditions. 

Humanity has already begun the journey of stepping into the New Human experience and the current and upcoming energy shifts are assisting you with this process. 

Keep in mind that your entire physical, emotional, spiritual and etheric body are undergoing an intense transformation to accomplish this. 

Rest and meditate as much as you can. 

Eat high vibrational foods and drink lots of water to allow for your cells to be nourished for the energies to move more easily.

Know That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.

Welcome Home.

We are walking beside you, every step of the way.

Dear Ones, you are loved beyond measure. Always.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.


Thank you, Archangel Michael!