NEW EARTH PLANES – TERMS OF ENGAGEMENT – 5th Dimensional Girl – The Golden Light Channel – 3-16-16

white lion

*By Nicola Bosdet

Here is now the nature beings see the way forward between us and them and the relationship with our earth mother, Gaia. Do you resonate with all these Terms of Engagement? They are an essential part of our transition or ascension to the new earth planes. You can read each of these conversations in full via the direct links.

White Lions Live as equals with nature beings.
“In the evolution of the planet it has been difficult if not impossible for animals to live together with humans in oneness. Survival and fear factors intertwined us in a dance through the ages. It was believed that there was no other way. However, the new earth flow configuration is erasing the imprint that was hardwired into your DNA,” says Nyanga the White Lioness. She reminds us that the old contract has been torn up and that it is time to sign up to the New Terms of Engagement between humans and nature beings as they are key to living in oneness on the New Earth.

White Bison


white bison

heart knowingness or wisdom

The inner confidence of the knowingness is one of the Terms of Engagement for the New Earth where humans and nature beings can live together in oneness, explains the White Bison. “Through the Gaia connection knowingness on earth is found. Through the roots of the trees and via the roots of your feet grounded and firm – knowingness is sucked upwards and drawn up and into the body. It is an acceptance of all that is. It is an acceptance that as humans you are one with the universe and the universal patterning of this planet as expressed through the diversity of the nature beings,” the bison adds.