Karen Dover – New Earth frequencies – Dissolving of Human Containment Fields – Human Race Is Beautiful – 7-10-15

Karen DoverKaren Dover


For those of you who are aligning with the New Earth frequencies at this moment the outer waking reality may appear to feel very painful.  I have blogged the last few days in relation to the containment fields that are dissolving around our human vehicles at a person level. As these are dissolved the WORLD containment fields will also begin to release.  At this time we are asked to be in TRUTH and to simply allow the dissolving, to have love and compassion for a world that has been taught that pain, grief, heartache and death and destruction is a “normal” part of the human life experience. For those who are at this time aligning with particular containment fields this may be painful, we are not “just” releasing this lifetime in this our human form, we are releasing ALL dimensional timelines in which we exist. ALL is in the NOW moment, it is simply our human logical mind which presents a “past life” as being something outwith our reality.

At the moment I am asked to travel across the USA to reach a certain destination.  Despite having a google plan of the route I have been travelling to places that I am guided to. With certain miracles along the way, taking a “wrong” turn off an interstate which saw me manage to take an hour off the journey was interesting.  Along the way I am shown clearly the influence of the UK and Europe on the USA.  The houses, the accents, the place names even, all is very, very familiar and illuminating clearly.  So far on my journey I have met some just simply amazing people in the most “normal” of places, they are hidden in plain view.  I am being shown an America that the average UK person does not get to see and understanding the distortion that is TAUGHT to the UK.  Not having grown up here I have found out first hand the ancestry of this country and not what is taught through history books. Indeed there is much that I can state clearly is simply lies in relation to what our children in the UK are taught about this simply beautiful country.

It has shown me very, very clearly that we are taught to create a defined version of what we BELIEVE something is. Had I not had the journey that I have had since arriving in the USA I would not have been shown what I have been shown, I would have simply deferred to my taught definition of what the USA is.  Indeed I have had to challenge it at various points in order to fully dissolve it.

We are one race that happens to be spread out across what we are taught are different countries with different sets of “rules” that said country must adhere to. The containment, suppression and downright lies that we are taught are mind-blowing.  The veils are now being ripped off the old earth illusion and many of you at this time may be having similar experiences to myself in relation to PEOPLE, PLACES and SCENARIOS that are presented by said old earth.

The old earth IS dissolving and what it is revealing underneath the thin veneer of pain that we are asked to dissolve is beautiful. The human race are beautiful, we have simply been taught that we are not and taught to hide ourselves, this will begin to expand rapidly as the denser frequencies now begin to dissolve and we step fully into our ascension to evolution process. A world that has been taught it is other than it is will now begin to reveal TRUTH to ALL levels of this our human life experience.

The filter we have been taught to use is that of PAIN and SEPARATION, when we allow the pain to dissolve both at a personal, ancestral and world level we begin to see that which was always “behind” the illusion.  We are in the “end of times” but please do not let the old earth illusion paint a picture of out right destruction for the destruction is to the lies, the deceit, the pain, the grief and the manipulation of the old earth. As it dissolves it will try to manipulate any emotional residue that is within our human vehicle, this is like a last gasp try at remaining in place for the old earth NEEDS an energy source, it is  a construct and is against the natural laws of the universe.  The energy source for eternity is the manipulation of the emotions of the human race. To prevent any manipulation it is vital that we release that which we have been taught to store deep within our heart space. The initial pain is the ripping off if you will of the plaster that we have been taught to keep on the “wound” to prevent full healing. Just as taking a plaster off a wound will speed up the healing so too will the release of the emotional residue that we deep within us.

At this time we are asked to allow this emotional residue to arise within us, so that we can first of all acknowledge it then release it both fully and PERMANENTLY.  We are asked to understand that as we release said emotional residue then our outer waking perception and reality will begin to CLEANSE and CLEAR and the beauty that we are taught does not exist will be shown to us clearly.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen x

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

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Karen Doonan – NEED and WANT in the New Earth frequencies


Karen Doonan


Within a karmic dimensional distorted frequency the teachings work to try to persuade you that you “want” something whilst hiding your NEED for something.

For the way that the frequencies work is to re-trigger over and over the lower dimensional frequency manifestations which then feed the CREATED old 3d earth reality.

For ALL is a construct of a frequency, indeed without a frequency nothing could manifest. This may sound very complicated but moving into the HEART space will show you TRUTH.

ALL that is manifest in the outer waking reality is a representation of a frequency.

So what does this have to do with “need” and “want”? well plenty for the old 3d earth reality will try to hide TRUTH at all times from you.

Many state that they “want” a new life and that they “want” to manifest all the while running a lower dimensional distorted frequency which seeks to satisfy ITS NEED.

Which at all times is the re-triggering of the frequency in order to keep the manifestation in place.

So whilst someone who say smokes tobacco states clearly to themselves and those around them “I WANT to stop smoking”, they are ignoring that the need to smoke tobacco is based on a distorted frequency that is running deep within them and to which they are in effect blind.

Tobacco is not “addictive” as alcohol is not “addictive”, what is ADDICTIVE is the manifestation of the frequency.

So the more the frequency is allowed to run unchallenged within the human vehicle the longer the manifestation of NEED continues.

This may seem illogical and may seem to contradict all that is “known” about these substances but remember within the old 3d earth CREATED reality the frequencies work to keep triggering the lower dimensional frequencies.

Without being aware that your need for example to smoke tobacco is the result of a manifestation of a frequency you will try to alter the outer waking reality.

For those of you who have tried to give up and “failed” you can see how this will re-trigger the lower dimensional frequencies that manifest at a human emotional level as feelings of failure, worthlessness etc, all of which work to lower your frequency and contain your energy signature.

Tobacco works to LOWER the human energy signature, anything that seeks to trigger the lower dimensional frequencies that were created within the old 3d earth reality works to LOWER the human energy system.

If you dissolve the lower dimensional frequency that is running unchecked within your human vehicle then your NEED to smoke will dissolve, it will no longer be held in place by the frequency so can no longer manifest.

This is the same with alcohol. From a personal point of view I do not drink alcohol at all, I havent in many years.

This was not a conscious choice, I did not wake up one day and make the decision to never drink and it is not for health reasons, the health “industry” works to further the old 3d earth created reality with the “puzzle” of how to reach optimum health, the human vehicle is DESIGNED to be self clearing, self healing etc and will TELL YOU how to keep it in tip top condition but how many of you listen to the NEEDS of your human vehicle over the “want” of your human logical mind? angel

I reached a frequency level that saw my energy signature no longer be able to tolerate any alcohol, this has also happened with coffee which i have not drunk in years.

So I no longer resonate with the frequency that creates the manifestation of drinking alcohol or coffee. It is not TRUTH to assume that any “plant” that is grown upon the earth is indigenous to this planet.

This is a TRUTH that is blinding many at the moment and is further working to keep the “puzzle” operating.

I do not have a need for coffee nor for alcohol, it is not in my frame of reference, it never occurs to me to actually drink at all and this is due to not having the required frequency running within me that seeks to manifest as a NEED to create and hold in place the manifestation.

It is to be remembered that the outside world looks very real, the food, the clothes, the buildings etc but ALL is a manifestation of a frequency, that which you RESONATE with you can interact with, that which you are out with or too far away from in relation to frequency cannot be interacted with.

This is why it is vital to release the lower dimensional frequencies when working to manifest, it is all very well trying to cosmically order something but unless you can match your frequency to that which you are trying to manifest it CANNOT manifest.

Frequencies that are close in proximity will RESONATE, those that are too far apart will REPEL. This is a galactic law and a law of the universe, there is no way around this.

The old 3d earth reality will try to hide this TRUTH from you at all times, after all the emotions that arise within you when you FEEL you have somehow “failed” are the whole point of these lower dimensional frequencies.

There are 7 billion people on this planet, if you can keep the majority of them in a contained energetic frequency then you can keep the old 3d earth created reality manifest.

It IS this simple and it is precisely because it is this simple that your human logical mind will seek to filter this out.

After all the old 3d earth reality from the moment you took your first breath on this planet has TAUGHT you that life is a puzzle you are here to solve. In TRUTH there is NO puzzle, there JUST IS.

Whilst you begin to work at deepening levels with the New Earth frequencies it is helpful to look at need vs want. What is it that your human mind seeks to teach you that you want? how does this differ from what you need?

to find out look to the frequency and allow yourself to FEEL, for you cannot SEE these frequencies but you can FEEL them.

This is why the old 3d earth created reality goes all out to make these APPEAR to be something they are not, for the human eye is easily fooled, the human HEART KNOWS and there is no way to hide an energy signature, albeit energy signatures can only be FELT.

For in TRUTH you can experience ANYTHING in this universe, but the ability to experience is related to frequency.

You would not try to listen to your favourite radio station by trying to tune to a completely different wavelength and yet this is what the old 3d earth created reality is continually trying to teach you to do.

ALL is within, the outer waking world a manifestation of the frequency that you are anchoring and running. In order to experience something different you must first of all dissolve that which is holding you in place as a frequency.

For it may manifest as people around you blocking your progress or holding you back, the old 3d earth reality will try to place this in front of you to hide TRUTH at all times.

ALL that prevents you from experiencing a different reality is your ENERGY SIGNATURE and the frequencies that you are running deep within your human vehicle.

The New Earth asks you to allow for expansion of your energy signature. This is a NATURAL process that has been deliberately interrupted by the old 3d earth created reality and all that you are TAUGHT within this reality.

Do not look OUT WITH at this time, look within for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.




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