Harnessing the New Energies and Universal Knowledge to Accelerate Ascension – Master Kuthumi – Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters – 8-1-16




Greetings. I Am Master Kuthumi and I wish to inform you of exciting happenings in terms of ascension and the raising of vibrations around the planet.

Although it may seem that all on Earth is in turmoil in so many ways, the energies that are now being emanated are iridescent, calming, healing and of pure essence. They emerge from Mother Earth herself as she comes into alignment with planets outside her solar system and merges her energies with theirs. The vibrations are of pure oneness and the colours are many, such as deep purples, blues, pinks, yellows, greens and white. The magnanimity of these energies cannot be over-stated as they have the power to assist humanity to rise above the fear mongering of those who have encompassed lower and darker energies. The reason many of you reincarnated was to save Mother Earth and to help her ascend. Now is the time to answer the calling of your soul, harness the new energies emerging from the Earth in harmony with the Universe and send them out from your being with loving intention.

Love is the only vibration and emotion that is real and the only one that can save your planet. Disconnection from the drama that surrounds you and reconnection with your Higher Self, which knows your true purpose and your soul journey is essential now. It will help you to connect with your ethereal self, your guides and the Creator himself, whose energy is that of oneness and unconditional love and is the only energy that will allow the world to be viewed with no judgement. Those of you who are awakened will be aware of these emerging energies and will know how to harness them and to spread them to the world. It is essential that you teach others and help those around you to become aware and awake also.


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Jamye Price – The Energies of October

Light Language Activation with Jamye Price – October 2013

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September Review

Interesting energy, September. It hasn’t been the easiest of months lately. However, we had a break-through energetically in September – after the full moon and just before the equinox. This release point facilitated a new level of Humanity’s Ascension. The energy reached a crescendo and released a lot of negative/destructive emotional blockages in people. It may have manifested in an outburst (from you, at you or around you) that usually results in long-lasting grudges and ‘poof’ it was over MUCH sooner than normal. Physical Ascension symptoms were high in September, especially with dizziness, hot spots on the body, neck and back soreness, digestive issues and mental/physical fatigue. Lately there has been so much stirring up in the individual energy fields that it hasn’t been as easy to maintain a vibration of ease and flow. September provided the release valve that is allowing us to hold even more of our Light. As you know, this often means a sampling of the new energy, then more clearing. Such is the beginning of October…

October Energies
The Symptoms
I’m noticing more ear ringing. The high pitches are indicating a sensitivity developing. I’m noticing this mostly in the upper chakras and brain, especially the corpus callosum and temporal areas. It also accompanies an emotional release that you may or may not be aware of (yay!), but you are releasing a lot of dross. I’m also hearing the deep tones that come with a big shift in the earth energy grids. You may notice fevers that come and go, sinus issues, joint pain or more (or nothing!) as each of us are experiencing unique variations. Remember to nurture yourself through any symptoms, as you may need more sleep, more quiet or more support. These adjustments should be short lived in general, so prolonged or acute symptoms may not be related to Ascension.

The Clearing
I feel more clearing happening in the beginning of October, but with a slightly lighter setpoint than we’ve experienced these last few months. Of course the world stage is playing out extremes of this, but as we focus on our individual journey, the world stage changes, albeit more slowly than is typically visible at first. This is the ‘work’ of focus in your life, that you must look beyond what-is and Know that life is improving. When your energy field is not hindered with worry, frustration or fear; a grander Truth is magnetized into your awareness, one that perhaps has not coagulated into physical form yet. This was the benefit of the collective release that occurred in September, we released a lot of built up residue that was affecting the energy field’s magnetic efficacy. So for the first half of October, appreciate the release as the space-maker that it is! :o ) You will be called to observe the world around you and hold the space of Loving resolution in your heart. That is the work of a Lightworker, Love where Love wasn’t present before. Love when Love isn’t your first reaction. Love until it becomes your natural state to expect miracles, synchronicities and win-win solutions. Just Love!

What does that look like in a challenge? Love looks like forgiveness. It looks like self-nurturance. It looks like holding a healthy boundary. It looks like caring for another. Love looks like standing up for yourself. It looks like saying no, saying yes or saying nothing, depending on your unique moment. It looks like a new reaction to an old problem. It looks like you. And them. Even politicians, thieves, reptilians and such. Did you feel that in your heart? Is there anything more powerful than your Love? Perhaps in a moment, as the intensity of the last months exemplified, but how exciting is the work of learning to Love more?! When that ‘work’ is the focus, all of life becomes a journey of Love.

Strength Realized
The benefit of the recent challenging energies is it calls us to new desire for peace. As Lightworkers we are in a refining stage as we anchor leading with Love to create win-win solutions. That means letting your light shine! We had a big stir up and release in September. As October begins, we will be feeling the germination of new ideas, new desires and a new path forming – though more toward the second half. Though the path may not be visible yet, there is the excitement of knowing that good change is ahead. There is generally a feeling of more strength to be who we know we really are. We are accepting our talents, opening our hearts and stepping into a new level of being. The sensitives are becoming more empowered, though sensitivity is running high right now (the Monthly Energies tele-class is Empathic Armor of Light). We are in a rapid state of energetic upgrade throughout all of 2013, releasing deep wounds that humanity has housed for eons. As we release, let go and focus on Love, we are shfiting our vibration to empowerment and programming the collective database with the wisdom of sovereign Love.

We Are The Less-Than-1%!
I was shown long ago that our DNA is actually .0000000000000000001% (that’s 18 zeros) different when you factor in the ‘junk’ and interdimensional DNA that science can’t quantify. That difference provides us with our unique identity, story and choice. Isn’t it amazing to realize that someone of opposite gender in a country you’ll never step foot on is living similar themes with merely a difference in details?! All those zeros in between represent the connection, the unformed, the unseen, the space. The “space” is the key. It is where the magic is; the yet unformed, the potential. That is the magic of Life, the potential. Have you ever wondered why many of the great channels from our current First Wave, like Abraham-Hicks and Kryon through Lee Carroll say that it takes less than 1% of us to change for the whole world to change (over time)? Look at the basic atomic structure. It is a form that is too small for us to see with our eyes, yet it is a building block of all that we can see. It is 99.9999999999999% ‘space’ (that’s 13 nines). Way less than 1% of it is actual form. This same model applies to all that we create. It is 99.9999999999999% subtle energy and (less than) 1% action. This is tough to quantify in life because there is no accurate, agreed-upon measurement for creation in this form. It is why creating with your thoughts, and unseen Love being powerful, resonates as Truth. The work we are doing is clearing out our vibration so that change can begin to manifest more rapidly. Most of your work is done on the inner, invisible plane. That’s where your flight begins! ;o)

In Summary
Our month is set to be more rapid change, but you’ll feel some breathing room in the latter half. Don’t let the clamor of the world distract you from your work of Love. Remember the many facets of Love that look like boundaries, focusing away from something negative and onto something positive or the facet of saying NO! Remember the facet of Love that is renewal, redemption, laughter and connection. Remind yourself of the sovereignty that is bestowed upon all beings as the cycle of Life continues its electro-magnetic, magnificent parade. You are more powerful in your graceful, connective Love than 99.9999999999999% of those disconnected. We are going through exciting changes that are mostly unseen at the moment, but building to such a different life! Spend some time in October Imagineering that into your DNA. It’s waiting on instructions from you. How powerful is that! That is YOU! :o )

Happy October!

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October Light Language Healing
Light Language is channeled Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light that adjusts to the resonance of each listener’s vibrational needs in the moment; initiating clearing, activation, balancing and alignment with a new vibration of Wellbeing. Each time you listen, you initiate a new layer of healing based on your current vibration, your intention to heal and your willingness to participate in your Personal Path of living your Higher Vibrational state.

As you watch and listen to the channeling, note what my hands are channeling through. They are writing Light Language, as well as directing energies in certain ways or working with certain chakras. You may prefer to close your eyes and just feel the energy as it is not just limited to the specific chakras or movements I am channeling in the moment.

October’s Light Language is an embrace of LOVE, to support you in this rapidly changing time. You are so loved and supported. Enjoy!

Light Language Activation with Jamye Price – October 2013

Bill Ballard – Surf’s Up – 10-1-13 – Major Solar Filament Eruption – CME Will Hit Tomorrow – Commentary On Our Dimensional Shifts

pearls2u·213 videos

Hey Hey Beautiful People! WE have a massive CME coming in tomorrow from a Solar Filament that erupted the evening of September 29. This one is HUGE! The data that is incoming is shifting as it gets changed. It does not look like this will affect our satellites or power grid system as the speed of the eruption is so slow… BUT, it is a Photon Event designed especially for us! Along with the planetary alignments currently happening, as well as the drama that is unfolding within humanity, this should get quite interesting!

For those of us who have been doing our clearing, rewiring, and the basics of ascension, this will be another Spiritual Rock Crusher event, or a time where we have an ability to incorporate more LIGHT into our field, expanding our LIGHT BODY into the 5D…. For those who are still in 4D brain/ego, this will be a time where that will be getting crushed up and more chaotic, again…. Ha! We will see what unfolds! It is certainly Divinely orchestrated!

As you guys know my LIGHT BODY is quite visible in these digital videos. In this one, if you set the vid to full screen and tilt your monitor back, you can clearly see the LIGHT levels of intensity my field is emitting. It is like LIGHT being emitted from a star…. Hence my Native American name “Walking Star”. Also you can see where those electrical lines of force emanating from my electromagnetic toroidal field from my “activated heart chakra” cause the fence wire to disappear behind me or reshape the wooden boards in the fence behind. I always find that interesting.

Wishing everyone the most wonderful experience as this CME hits these next days! What an opportunity to initiate changes within ourselves!

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