Crickets by the Creek – via Lisa Renee

Lisa Renee –

Sit beside a creek, listen to the water flow, with some toning bowls and low key strings to help de-stress. Loop it and leave it playing in the background. My plants love it. It’s also great to help with sleep. The music is designed to create inner peace, release tension and residual emotions. Music, pictures and video by Tomás F Calvo

Walking in the Woods – 4K UHD Relaxation Video – Bird Singing, Forest Sounds – Beautiful Scenery – 7-23-19

4K Relaxation Channel

Published on Dec 7, 2016

Take a walk in the woods together with a new 4K relaxation video from and Listen to the peaceful bird songs and enjoy the sounds of water streams that run nearby. Let this walk to release stress and tension, let your mind feel freedom and peace

Take in the sense of serenity and harmony. This forest is very inviting, just let your mind to take you there. Our 4K nature relaxation video with soothing nature sounds is perfect for using as a background during your studies, before going to bed, during work, etc. Download our 4K relaxation videos and make your lifeless 4K TV a window to the healing nature! This video is available for FREE download from…

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