Nancy B. Detweiler with Uriel – We Are Beginning to see the Value of all Corruption on the Planet Being Revealed – 6-7-14


Even as late as 2012, we lived in blissful ignorance of the hidden corruption in high places. We accepted the status quo as “that’s life” and continued with our life-long worldview: “We simply have to learn to deal with life as it happens in the best way we can.”

Still not understood by many, the cycle of duality ended for Earth on 12/21/12. Mother Earth managed to pull away from the heavy darkness that had engulfed her and to anchor her roots in the 5th dimension of Love & Light. Surrounded with these higher energies, Earth humans began to realize that life could truly be much better for everyone!

As the truth—revealed thru the stories of corruption—flooded into the Light, humanity experienced a new sense of freedom. A perfect example has been the truth relating to wars. Heretofore, Earth humans had believed that having “enemies” was a natural part of life. Our young men and women volunteered to join the military and “fight for my country.” Just within the last 1 ½ years, the truth emerged about the continual use of deliberately created false flag events all over the world having been the modus operandi for starting wars. The term “false flag” soared in the consciousness of many. No longer are the people at the mercy of those who profited greatly by wars. No longer have we fallen for the old explanation: “a terrorist attack.” A newfound freedom exists on Earth. There will be no more wars because the truth has been revealed!

I encourage all to take note that our newfound freedom regarding wars began with what appeared to be a negative, conspiratorial story revealing the presence of corruption in high places. We naturally grow tired of negative, heartbreaking stories; we yearn, instead, for positive, uplifting stories.

However, think about it……… Looking back, would you truly have wanted to continue believing in “enemies” that require us to send our beloved family members to war in order to protect our country?

Although we have not enjoyed the negative stories, we are extremely grateful the truth has been revealed and, as a result, there will be no more wars.  And within that fact is our longer-for positive story!

All that is hidden must be revealed in order for Earth humans to cease living as if the corrupt ways are the only alternative.

I encourage all to view the negative stories of the present as the means to our freedom, knowing that once truth is revealed, the positive stories will flourish! Our hearts will sing because Earth humans will create a new and much better way to experience life!

We are joyfully awakening to the truth: WE ARE ONE!


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Nancy B. Detweiler – The Seven Rays – As They Relate to Your Sun Sign





Nancy B. Detweiler


Taken from Alan Oken’s
Soul-Centered Astrology: A Key To Your Expanding Self

With Comments by Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

COMMENT: We function on a combination of Rays. The two major Rays upon which you are functioning will be connected to your Sun Sign and to the Ascendant within your Astrological Natal Chart. The only way to determine the Ascendant is to have a computer print-out of your natal chart. Since the Sun represents your Soul in esoteric astrology, you can learn the overall intent of your Soul by knowing its Ray. However, it is important to remember that the natal chart is an extremely detailed map of your Soul’s purposes for incarnating into a physical body. Learning about one or two Rays on which you are functioning is simply a beginning. There is always much more to learn!

I offer this brief information to assist you in “Know Thyself” – a major task in preparing for ascension into higher consciousness. Understanding your family members as unique human beings with specific soul intentions is also helpful.


Description of the Rays – Quoting Alan Oken


If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Aries, Leo, or Capricorn, you are functioning on the FIRST RAY OF WILL/POWER. “The energy of the First Ray acts as a catalyst, breaking up old existing conditions so that new ones may eventuate.

Soul Level: The use of spiritual will for the benefit of the collective; power utilized for the purpose of enhancing unity and beauty; the expression of will for the purposes and well-being of the group.

Personality Level: Ray of soldier, statesman, ruler, explorer, leader, government, politics, and administration.

General positive Traits: Courage, diligence, quick discernment, leadership abilities , inspires others, adventurous, not dismayed by initial failures, but remains persistent until goal is achieved.

General Character Difficulties: Limitless ambition, uses will for selfish purposes, manipulative of others through personal power, easy to anger, cannot take criticism, strong sense of personal pride.

To Be Cultivated: Compassion, humility, tolerance, caring, sympathy.”


If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces, you are functioning on the SECOND RAY OF LOVE/WISDOM. “The Second Ray is called the Master Builder…. It represents the cohesive force in the universe…. The Second Ray is the energy behind what we call “universal love” … connected to the powers of intuition…. The Second Ray instills cooperation between people, philanthropy, and the urge to serve.

Soul Level: The urge to bring about a sustaining, loving wholeness to any group or life situation; the ability—through magnetic attraction—to bring about healing; the focus for the stimulation of consciousness, and hence for greater love/wisdom; the ability to see beyond differences into unifying principles.

Personality Level: Ray of teachers, people in the healing and service professions.

General Positive Traits: Naturally sympathetic and compassionate; eager to be of assistance; generous and philanthropic; calm, strong, and patient when dealing with the daily situations of life; faithful and reliable; lovers of truth who are very intuitive by nature.

General Character Difficulties: Coldness, if Wisdom aspect is overemphasized; indifference to others; misplaced affection—always feeling sorry for things; a negative, ‘Why is it always happening to me’ outlook to life; rarely satisfied with personal accomplishments.

To Be Cultivated: Faith in love as the healing force in life.”


If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you are functioning on the THIRD RAY OF ACTIVE INTELLIGENCE. “The energy of the Third Ray … permeates into every form of life. The Third is the Active Intelligence of Divinity, and represents the inherent intelligence within all matter…. All of humanity is strongly governed by the Third Ray…. The Ray of activity. People who are closely connected to the Third Ray are very much on the go.

Soul Level: The birthing of ideas to benefit humanity; the structuring of time and activities to allow for group energies to flourish; inherent, objective intelligence ready to be used in service to humanity in all ways.

Personality Level: Ray of the astrologer, scholar, judge, banker, economist, chess master, abstract thinker.

General Positive Traits: Adaptability, clear intellect, articulate speech, and ease in communicating ideas; business skills; ability to plan in advance in logical ways; a fine capacity not to worry oneself or others about insignificant matters.

General Character Difficulties: The tendency to be overly active and nervous; too much pride in one’s intellectual capabilities; selfishness through a sense of isolation; the manipulation of others, especially in terms of the use of other people’s resources; mind games; overly strong attachment to materialism.

To Be Cultivated: Tolerance, sympathy, devotion, accuracy in detail, open-mindedness to other people’s ideas.”

If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Taurus, Scorpio, or Sagittarius, you are functioning on the FOURTH RAY OF HARMONY THROUGH CONFLICT. “The purpose of the Fourth Ray [is to be] an agent of balance. The Fourth Ray leads to that type of discrimination required for the life of the Soul and the way of service. It is thus the Ray of trial and error, so that we may move from the unreal to the real. The Fourth Ray is the energy behind what we may call ‘Divine Discontent’…. As the Ray of beauty and art, the Fourth Ray is also essentially the refiner—the urge for an ever-more-perfect representation of the Will of God in the many forms of Its expression…. The Fourth is the Ray of struggle, and those people who are especially connected to it will find a very special duality appearing in their lives…. As the Ray of the artist, the Fourth is especially connected to color. People who are closely associated with this Ray may find themselves with tremendous gifts.

Soul Level: The ‘Divine Artist’—one who seeks to raise humanity’s consciousness through the realization of the beauty and harmony existing in nature and in the world of forms; the mediator between heaven and earth, God and man; the Priest.

Personality Level: Ray of the mediator, interpreter, artist, and those healers whose treatments involve the harmonizing and balancing of the body’s energies and polarities—acupuncture, certain techniques of massage, color therapy.

General Positive Traits: Strong sense of equilibrium and symmetry; a poetic sensibility, especially about nature; imaginative and creative in the formation of one’s life-style; can sustain struggle and conflict until desired aims are achieved.

General Character Difficulties: Indolence, self-indulgence; may be overly passionate; may initiate conflicts unnecessarily; restlessness and a tendency to depression when goals cannot be accomplished. (Since the Fourth is very much a blend of Rays One & Two, when the energy of the First Ray of Will/Power is not in balance with the Second Ray, the resulting lack of direction for the expression of Will is clearly marked. This demonstrates as a poorly focused sense of personal orientation to life and a resultant lack of willpower.)

To Be Cultivated: Serenity, emotional balance, confidence, self-control, truth, clarity of purpose.


If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Leo, Sagittarius, or Aquarius, you are functioning on the FIFTH RAY OF CONCRETE KNOWLEDGE. “The Fifth Ray is the expression of Love/Wisdom through the intellect. This occurs through scientific research and experimentation in order that the Plan of Divinity may be revealed through the mind of man…. It is the purpose of the Higher Mind to penetrate and purify the lower so that humanity may perceive, identify, and know the Mind of God behind all the forms of manifestation. This is the great work of the Fifth Ray.

As the sign of Aquarius is on the Fifth Ray and on no other, the scientist and researcher will lead the way into the esoteric realities in our time, and reveal through their work those metaphysical Laws and Principles which underlie the Ancient Wisdom Teachings.

[We are moving into the New Aquarian Age, thus the importance of this 5th Ray. LISTEN UP, ALL 5TH RAY PERSONS ] The more evolved of FIFTH RAY-influenced people will, through the scientific method, seek to prove the validity of metaphysical inquiry. The contributions they make to the well-being of society are limitless.

Soul Level: Those who work to be connecting links of intelligence between the abstract world of pure ideation and the concrete world of practical application; precision and exactitude in creating those forms and inventions which allow for the outpouring of Higher-Mind Intelligence.

Personality Level: Ray of the scientist, technician, lawyer, engineer, researcher, computer expert, and logician.

General Character Traits: Power to master a chosen field on expertise; detached observer in quest for truth; accuracy in speech; precise mental perceptions and vision for the application of knowledge; love of scientific inquiry.

General Character Difficulties: Lacking in compassion and sympathy; an overly narrow perspective; constant analysis and the splitting of hairs; pedantic; overemphasis on the form aspect of life; materialism; harsh criticism, mental pride, prejudice.

To Be Cultivated: Intellectual tolerance; devotion; active love, nurturing, reverence, and sympathy.”


If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, you are functioning on the SIXTH RAY OF DEVOTION & IDEALISM. “The Sixth has been the primary Ray of the Piscean Age—[the Age now ending]…. The religious creeds and ideals connected to martyrdom are still influential wherever the Sixth Ray energy predominates…. Terrorism, suicide, and all other urges for self-annihilation based on religious and/or philosophical idealism are very much under the influence of the Sixth Ray…. One finds in its expression those devotional qualities that keep families together, instill great and small philanthropic gestures, and denote such saintly people as Mother Teresa and St. Francis of Assisi…. The Sixth Ray is also the inspiring force of people for whom the principles of Love, Goodness, Purity of Heart, and Selflessness are living energies and form their way of life.

Soul Level: The urge to transform selfish and personal motivation into selfless, impersonal devotion for the good of all; the bringing about of circumstances which reorient the exclusive to the inclusive for the greater expression of Love/Wisdom.

Personality Level: Ray of the saint, martyr, evangelist/preacher, religious workers of all kinds, psychics, mediums, many kinds of healers, theologians, poets, etc.

General Positive Traits: Reverence and devotion; single-mindedness when attached to a cause; courage to fight for beliefs; love, tenderness, loyalty, sincerity, self-sacrifice.

General Character Difficulties: Fanaticism; blind devotion; bigotry and prejudice; exclusive attitudes; hero worship; overly dependent on others for emotional support.

To Be Cultivated: Tolerance; truth; common sense and practicality; flexibility to be supportive of other people’s views; balance of one’s feelings.”


[During the present transitional period, Earth is passing from the Piscean 6TH RAY Age


The New Aquarian 7TH RAY Age]


If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Aries, Cancer, or Capricorn, you are functioning on the SEVENTH RAY OF CEREMONIAL ORDER & MAGIC. “The Seventh Ray’s main function is to work for the infusion of the energies of spirit with the substance of matter…. It is the working of the Seventh Ray which aids in the fusion of the Soul and the personality, and the resulting reorientation of an individual’s life purpose and direction. It is this process of Soul infusion that can be symbolically rendered by the Seventh Ray alchemist as the process of changing lead into gold. The hope for the Aquarian Age, the Age of the Seventh Ray, is for such a ‘golden’ collective transformation and reorientation to take place for humanity…. The recognition of the esoteric value of crystals in terms of their healing properties has been reawakened from its origin in ancient, magical traditions. One should take note of the fact that the color particularly associated with the Seventh Ray is violet. Of all the many kinds of crystals available at the present time, the amethyst variety seems to be especially popular.

The function of the Seventh Ray is to change those forms, both physical and mental, which are no longer of service to the Plan of unfolding evolution of creativity…. The energy behind the New Age is Jupiter, esoteric ruler of Aquarius, and the planet most closely associated with the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom. It is this factor that is the great hope for the future of humanity.

Soul Level: The urge to gather, formulate, and harmonize various aspects of a given set of life circumstances into an ordered expression for the Will of God; the urge to make ‘heaven on earth.

Personality Level: Ray of the master of ceremonies of any event; film or stage producer; ritualist and shaman; organizational bureaucrat.

General Positive Traits: Care in detail, perseverance, strength, and self-reliance; the ability to bring forth order out of chaos; often able to merge the powers of will (Ray One) with cohesiveness (Ray Two) to produce material results (Ray Three).

General Character Difficulties: Too rigidly adheres to rules and regulations; may sacrifice self-determination to follow orders set down by superiors; may be very interested in omens and superstitions (especially if the Sixth Ray is also strong); pretentious, formal, follows ceremony mechanically.

To Be Cultivated: Humility, gentleness, tolerance, open-mindedness, greater realization of world unity.”


COMMENT: You may combine a study of your Ray/Rays with a study of your Sun Sign by going to my website: and scrolling down the left hand column of my Home Page to “Your Sun Signs,” then compare these with “Your Destiny Number” based on your name and also listed in the left hand column.

We live in an orderly cosmos that knows YOU in great detail. YOU are an integral part of the Whole and your place within the Divine Plan can be filled by no other.

The more you get to “KNOW THYSELF” as the cosmos knows you, the more exciting life becomes.


COMMENT: The biblical symbolism of 3 Crosses on Golgotha depicts our spiritual journey. Below is a brief description of each of the 3 crosses, taken from Alan Oken’s Soul-Centered Astrology: A Key To Your Expanding Self.


Mutable Cross: represents “the totally personality-centered individual…. The focus of awareness and the underlying life motivation are underscored by ‘desire’—desire for the material life…. The passage of many lifetimes is related to the Mutable Cross, and serves to give the Soul the necessary ‘knowledge of earthly experiences.’

COMMENT: The Mutable Cross is represented by the criminal who derided Jesus in Luke23:39.


Fixed Cross: “At this stage of human evolution, desire mutates to ‘aspiration.’ Once again, one may spend many lifetimes at this level, for the refinement of the lower vehicles (the physical, emotional, and mental bodies) is a long process. The increasing tension of duality ‘between heaven and earth’ becomes strongly felt, and a choice is eventually made as to the nature of one’s path in life. One is now conscious of the personality-Soul relationship. At this point, one is said to be moving onto the Fixed Cross. The purpose of lifetimes spent here is the revelation of ‘the true nature of Love.’

COMMENT: The Fixed Cross is represented by the criminal who recognized that Jesus had done nothing wrong. Luke 23:40-42


Cardinal Cross: “Once a person has become fully anchored in his/her Soul’s orientation, and Love has merged with knowledge to become Love’s Wisdom, evolution takes on a very distinct focus—total Soul-centeredness. The individual is then said to mount the Cardinal Cross…. [It is on the Cardinal Cross] that a person (finally!) gets his ‘job’—his planetary purpose in terms of service to the collective humanity. It is at this point that the personality has become the total vehicle for the Soul, and the orientation of the life has transformed itself from a personal to an impersonal one. This is called the Path of Sacrifice…. In this case, ‘sacrifice’ means the will to manifest, the ‘leaving of the Father’s House’ and the descent into matter.”

COMMENT: In other words, at this point in our spiritual evolution, we have the privilege of making a freewill choice to ‘sacrifice’ the glorious realms of spirit and incarnate into a physical body for the purpose of serving humanity.

COMMENT: The Cardinal Cross is represented by Jesus, who willingly incarnated to serve humanity by showing us the Path of Initiation into Higher Consciousness. Read my article entitled “Ascension” by scrolling down the center of my Home Page at


COMMENT: Each of have lived many lifetimes and are presently living in accordance with one of the three crosses. We can greatly speed up our inner spiritual journey by consciously intending to ascend with planet Earth by 2012. Jesus incarnated to show all of humanity the Way. He did not start a religion nor did he adhere to one. Even though he spoke in the synagogues of his day, there is not one recorded word that he spoke in favor of the religious authorities. Instead, he repeatedly rebuked them. I say this to say that all of humanity ascends in the same way—by mounting the Cardinal Cross—regardless of the religion to which one adheres or does not follow.

All presently incarnated on Earth have been granted the opportunity to ascend with Earth IF WE SO CHOOSE. Soon the Ascended Masters and our galactic brothers and sisters will openly appear on Earth to be sure all know the process of Ascension and have the chance to achieve it. Then, our soul’s “job” will be to assist in creating “a new heaven and a new earth.”


Nancy B Detweiler


Nancy Detweiler


Nancy B. Detweiler – Humanity’s Crossroads – Stay In My Box? – Explore The World?

Posted on June 7, 2013 by Nancy B. Detweiler


Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.


 Humanity has eternity in which to climb out of our box and explore the world … even, the multiverse. We were created as freewill beings and given unending time to return to the One Source.

2013 is simply a year in which many on our planet are choosing to leave the comfy, safe box and expand horizons. For example, what is that light orb in front of the planter? As we can tell from the position of the planter’s shadow, the Sun was behind the camera, not reflecting off the lens.

 Climbing out of the box is a shock … things are not as we are taught. The more we explore, the more disillusioned we become with all of our societal structures. We soon comprehend at a deep level the meaning of paranoid—the tendency to mistrust everything we hear … to seek for motives behind tenets of belief and events that are reported. We have been lied to in all facets of our society—religion, education, politics, pharmaceutical/medical, and military.

 The planetary society is organized around three city-states that place themselves above the law and report to no one. These city-states are: Vatican City – religion, London – financies, and the District of Columbia – military. Our planet is ruled by these three city-states. Their influence is strongly felt in every nation on this planet.i They form the corporate umbrella under which all that we are taught is formulated. Their goal is total control of the world.

 Exploring each City-state is a mind-blowing task, for unbeknownst to us, we have been taught to base our worldview … our concept of God … the foundation of our lives upon falsehoods created to enable these city-states to enslave us. We will explore each one briefly; but first, we must accept our own responsibility in this plan—we allowed the city-states to seize the power they have acquired by using our freewill to choose to remain comfortable in our box … to stick our heads in the sand and refuse to do our own research … to follow through on our own intuitive nudges. We made the choice to take the easy road … to remain in the comfort and safety of our boxes … to not get involved.

 We have also been our own best slave masters by “following the crowd” … by assuming a “tribal consciousness” and refusing to extend ourselves in any way that places us outside the folkways and traditions of our tribe or group of associates. How often do we hear the affirmation, “The family is everything!” “I am very family oriented.” “People would think me crazy if I let them know what I really think.” We habitually give our power away as a means of protecting our jobs, our relationships, our interactions with the world at large.

 I do not mean to denigrate the family as a source of love and support for all of us. But … the family dynamics determine how large a role they can positively play in our lives. Very often, the family exhibits conformity to the lowest common denominator. Thus, a stress on family values can manifest as enslaving family members to conformity to the group worldview, rather than the members being free to seek truth and formulate a worldview that is most meaningful to each individual.

 Now that we know to accept responsibility for our own role in our enslavement, let’s look at each city-state’s part in formulating planetary enslavement. In doing so, I list some—but not all—of the lies of which I have become aware. It is the reader’s responsibility to seek further verification and comprehensive understanding.


 1. A major travesty relating to humanity’s concept of self was the declaring of a recognition of reincarnation as heresy.ii Why do I consider recognizing reincarnation so vital? Just a few examples:

A. Believing in one life to live destroys any opportunity for holistic self-understanding because who we are is a combination of all our prior lifetimes. We are an eternal being of spirit influenced by all of our life experiences wherever in the multiverse we lived them.

B. Our experiences in past lives may be the originating source of dis-ease in our present incarnation.iii Without knowledge of past lives, we may suffer needlessly.

C. A belief in one life to live is the perfect setting for creating fear of death. Humanity is easily manipulated via fear of death.

D. With only one life to live, humanity can easily be encouraged to fear God and the possibility of being punished in an eternal hellfire; thus, manipulated into all sorts of distorted forms of obedience.

 2. Teaching a God who required a violent means of human salvation and who will punish us for our sins. Our concept of God becomes the baseline for our own behavior. Violence becomes engrained in our psyche. We play violent video games and excuse our actions by saying, “it’s just pretend.” We watch violent movies and call them “action” movies. Some get highs by watching violent competition in which people can be seriously injured—boxing, wrestling, ice hockey, football. We ignore the fact that those who are killed in wars are called “collateral damage” in order to camouflage the violence that is taking place.

3. Christians are taught that Jesus is the ONLY SON of God … humanity is simply adopted as sons and daughters. Humanity is unworthy, sinful, and dependent upon Jesus to save us from being punished for eternity in hellfire.

 In truth, all individuals are child gods—Sons & Daughters of Mother/Father God. All will eventually merge back into Oneness with Creator Source via our own ascension into higher consciousness.

 In truth, Jesus is the 16th crucified savior about which the same narrative is related.

 During the eons of our residing on the plane of duality, many Avatars (Great Teachers) have incarnated throughout the world to assist humanity in finding the Way back to Oneness with Creator God.  Even though the fact has been hidden from Christians, many of these Avatars/Saviors have been described with identical terminology.  We have ancient sculptures, paintings, writings, and archaeological artifacts that offer proof of this fact.  Ancient sacred texts have been translated into English.  Some researchers are trained in ancient languages and can read the originals.  Their findings reveal at least sixteen Saviors whose life narratives share the same events as Jesus would later experience:   Krishna of India, 1200 B.C.; Sakia Budha, 600 B.C.; Thammuz of Syria, 1160 B.C.; Wittoba of the Telingonese – 552 B.C.; Ioa of Nepal – 622 B.C.; Hesus of the Celtic Druids – 834 B.C.; Quexalcote of Mexico – 587 B.C.; Quirinus of Rome – 506 B.C.; Prometheus of  Caucasus – 547 B.C.; Thulis of Egypt – 1700 B.C.; Indra of Tibet – 725 B.C.; Alcestos of Euripides – 600 B.C.; Atys of Phrygia – 1170 B.C.; Crite of Chaldea – 1200 B.C.; Bali of Orissa – 725 B.C.; and Mithra of Persia – 600 B.C.[vii]  (Dates are approximate, according to Kersey Graves.)iv


 1. Americans are taught that we won the Revolutionary War and are a free country. Instead, there exists strong evidence that America continues to be a British colony.v This statement also serves as a reminder that we need to follow our intuitive urgings.

 Several years ago, as I watched the Olympics, I felt the urge to verify what I, with my lack of musical knowledge, imagined—that the British national anthem, “God Save the Queen” was the same tune as one of America’s patriotic songs, “My Country Tis of Thee.” I wondered why? After perusing James Montgomery’s article, I wonder, “Is the tune the same because unbeknownst to Americans, we are singing allegiance to the Queen of England?” I think so. Subliminal messages are a very popular tool for manipulating our minds.

2. Americans believe that they own their land and home. If you find someone who thinks he had paid off his home mortgage and owns his property, ask to see the deed. You will find that the supposed owner is actually listed as a tenant. We continue to pay real estate taxes as rent for living in our home. Only those who have traced ownership of their land back to the original grantor and grantee legally possess an allodial videed to their property.vii

3. Whose property are you and I?

4. Our Strawman Account –

5. IRS Fraud: There is no law requiring us to file a #1040 form.



 1. The United States military either operates or controls between 700-800 bases worldwide.viii Americans are manipulated into supporting the military and going to war by false flag events.ix We are taught to fear our enemies, that its okay to defend our interests even though those interests are the natural resources found outside the USA.

2. Citizen Hearing for Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Presence revealed numerous cover-ups from the American people:

 Examples: Secret Space Program

Over 5000 patents for technology that could transform life on this planet for all people are being withheld from the people. This includes the technology for Free Energy.

The U.S. Military is actively working with extraterrestrials, yet denies any knowledge or evidence of their presence with us.


 The list of lies and cover-ups seems endless. But all is not hopeless! In fact, Earth is engaged in a magnificent transition—we and Earth are ascending to higher realms of consciousness. “Full consciousness” will be ours. I Corinthians 13:12 describes full consciousness: “For now we see through a mirror, darkly; but then face to face. Now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”

 At present, we can be manipulated, lied to, and subject to cover-ups. Especially if we give little credence to our intuitive insights, we are left with only our beliefs—what we think is true because an authority figure has said it is true or we have read it in a book, including what we presently call a sacred text. Once we know fully, we will have to rewrite all books, making corrections. There will be ONE TRUTH & ALL WILL KNOW IT!

 So why do I write this article?


 Because those who are choosing to remain in their box and not begin to learn about some of the above cover-ups now will suddenly have the rug (the foundation on which they have built their entire lives) pulled out from under them if they procrastinate. It takes time to adjust to being told that everything you believe is a lie … that all that you have fought for and supported is a lie … to adjust to knowing who you truly are—a child god … and to learn to function in that capacity in a positive, non-egoic manner.

 Earth humans have a lot to learn … and a lot to do because building our NEW EARTH is up to us. Thus, our need to cross the bridge from believing >>> to knowing TRUTH.

 Thankfully, the Ascended Masters and our Galactic brothers and sisters are here to assist us!

 You can choose to stay in your box … but why miss all the fun!