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There are many places in this world where violence rules over Peace and suffering is more prevalent than Joy. The year 2008 will be pivotal for many. I BELIEVE Peace Will Prevail.  When we invoke the phrase I BELIEVE, we do more than just make a statement. We send our Intention out into the Universe.

I BELIEVE that each individual has the power to change the world
I BELIEVE that every Action we take can ripple out farther than we realize
I BELIEVE that ordinary people can do extraordinary things
I BELIEVE that Compassion is stronger than hatred
I BELIEVE that Knowledge is stronger than ignorance
I BELIEVE that Understanding is stronger than fear
I BELIEVE that it is possible to see through another’s eyes if you try
I BELIEVE that each of us is connected by our shared Humanity
I BELIEVE that our similarities are more important than our differences
I BELIEVE that all individuals have a right to dignity and respect
I BELIEVE that you should do unto others as you would like others to do unto you
I BELIEVE that Hope is stronger than despair
I BELIEVE that every Random Act of Kindness makes this world a better place
I BELIEVE that while governments make treaties, individuals make Peace
I BELIEVE that it is possible to change the Path you are traveling
I BELIEVE that each individual must make a conscious decision to choose Peace
I BELIEVE that you have to lead by example
I BELIEVE that Peace Will Prevail
I BELIEVE that together, we can Heal the Heart of Humanity
Copyright Christopher B. Buck 27 December 2007

Pineal Gland is a Gateway

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