Emotional Freedom – MOKSHA Guided, Healing Meditation – Music by Davidji & SacredFire



Published on Jun 19, 2015

This track is from the album JOURNEY TO INFINITY: http://sacredfiremusic.com/journey-to…
Credits: Spoken word by davidji (http://davidji.com)
Music & Song Lyrics by MJ Vermette & Dean Richards (http://sacredfiremusic.com)
Get comfortable. Relax. This transformational journey blends guided meditation with cathartic & deep soulful vocals and soothing instrumentation to navigate your heart – helping you to open, release and heal some emotional pain. It’s the perfect meditation to end your yoga class.
Laying in savasana – listening to MOKSHA – will allow your asana practice to integrate within you as you experience true body, mind, heart, soul liberation. MOKSHA (pronounced Moke-Sha, Sanskrit for “Liberation”), is featured on the album “Journey to Infinity”, a collaborative spiritual opera by davidi & SacredFire.
Please support our work by downloading this track here: http://sacredfiremusic.com/journey-to… Peace, MJ & Dean and davidji Emotional Freedom – MOKSHA Guided, Healing Meditation and Music by Davidji & SacredFire

Ambient Mix – Astral Travel – Beyond Deep Space – by NAKpsy

SUGGESTION:  These frequencies vibrate your entire body in a harmonic continuum. Try reading the longer articles in today’s postings.  Read…Pause…Reflect.



Ambient and Space Ambient music mix.

01. Steve Roach – Dream Body (0:00)
02. Andrew Forrest – Liquid Light (11:00)
03. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – Beyond Words (28:25)
04. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – No More Than Ever (31:25)
05. _Algol_ – Last Minutes of Dying Star (40:52)
06. Andrew Forrest – Alchemy of the Heart (49:10)
07. Rudy Adrian – Three Views Of A Japanese Garden, Part 2 (Live) (01:04:30)

Art by Charles Frizzell.
URL: http://www.frizzellstudios.com/galler…

Download mix:
https://mega.co.nz/#!cp4AWTKa!aV3jPlP… (320 kbps,170.4 MB)

Robert Haig Coxon – The Silent Path

Diego Boggiano·8 videos


01. Towards the Light
02. The Silent Path: Sections 1-4
03. The Silent Path: Section 5
04. Angelic Love: Section 1
05. Angelic Love: Sections 2-4
06. Finding Peace
07. Gabriel: Ssection 1
08. Gabriel: Sections 2-5
09. Infinity
10. The Light

Todos los derechos de Robert Haig Coxon / All Rights to Robert Haig Coxon.

DrVirtual7 – Subliminal Healing Thy Inner Self

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Subliminal.Inner Healing Childhood /Adult Trauma,Guilt,Self Sabotage,Shock
Post War Traumatic Syndrome.Tragedy,Physical Emotional Mental And Spiritual Suffering And Abuse.Use With Or Without Headphones.This Audio Recording Produces A Profound Change By Healing And Releasing The Past.This Video Is A Just Listen No Need To Sit And Watch The Visuals.

The Healing Light Of Love
Flows Through Every Fabric Of My Being.
I Am Forgiven.
I Forgive All Things,People,Events,
Circumstances,Lessons,Myself ,The Past
Consciously And Unconsciously.
I Am At Peace Now.
I Am Free To Be Myself.
Every Facet Of My Life Heals
Easily And Effortlessly.
I Am Worthy
I Feel Good About My Life.
From This Moment Forward
I Will Enjoy My Life.
I Am Worthy Of Dignity And Respect.
Every Day In Every Way My Life
Is Getting Better And Better.
I Am A Blessing.
I Accept Myself.
I Accept Change.
I Am Calm.
I Love Life.
Unpleasant Memories Are Released.
The Past Is Over.
I Live In The Now.
I live In Balance And Harmony.
I Let Go.
I Make Good Decisions.
Free Of Fear.
Free Of Anger.
I Am Attractive.
I Am Enough.
I Accept Love In My Life.
I Am Free Of Negative Dreams
And Experiences.
I Make Wise Choices.
Each Day Is A Miracle.
I Am In Control.
I laugh More.
I Smile Easily.
I Am Understanding.
I Now Have A New Lease On Life.

Across the Universe – Jonn Serrie, Composer – Ambient Mix – RaverJedi

RaverJedi·28 videos

This is space ambient mix i decided to compile. It will take you to the trip across the universe. Enjoy…


Following links allow you to jump around this video at will.

1. 00:0015:48 – Jonn Serrie – Starmoods
2. 15:4923:40 – Jonn Serrie – Lumahai
3. 23:4134:10 – Jonn Serrie – Stratos
4. 34:1144:28 – Carbon Based Lifeforms – Interia
5. 44:2954:10 – Jonn Serrie – The Far River
6. 54:1159:45 – Jonn Serrie – The Auran Vector
7. 59:461:06:02 – Carbon Based Lifeforms – Kensington Gardens
8. 1:06:031:13:25 – Jonn Serrie – The Tachyon Directive
9. 1:13:251:23:14 – Jonn Serrie – Glyder
10. 1:23:151:28:20 – Jonn Serrie – Continuum
11. 1:28:21 – Jonn Serrie – The Ancient of Days(EDIT)

Jonn Serrie – Thousand Star

Protean Soundwaves·531 videos

1 Thousand Star 0:00
2 Flow Of Time’s Arrow 8:16
3 Belle Époque 3012 15:38
4 The Visionary 23:55
5 Course Projection On Tactical 33:00
6 Enroute To Delta Pavonis 40:08
7 Nostalgia For Infinity 52:28

Robert Haig Coxon – Following the Light Path

Ouroborus·5 videos

inspired by “Deep Level Music” (from “Mental Clarity”), Robert Haig Coxon.

…like the path of our lives…

Tom Kenyon – Journey Of The Ka Sound

flicaro·121 videos

You Are Love ☼

Draccun·102 videos

Lifescapes: Music for Stress Relief / Meditation 2

Aeoliah – Celestial Sanctity

TheAztecLastTwo·2 videos

Año: 1985
Album: Angel Love
Autor: Aeoliah
Genero: New Age

The Great Bell Chant – The End Of Suffering

KeNalu1·6 videos

A dear friend introduced me to this video..I was transported to a place of serenity and hope. I hope you feel the same. The change we wish to see in the world is within our own hearts.

Solfeggio – Master Frequency – 1122 Hz

mountainmystic9·62 videos

1122Hz is a synthesis or “meta” frequency derived from calculating the output function of the first 12 direct solfeggio tones. As an output function, the essence of each of its tributaries are brought together in the summation of its collective center point, sonically suggesting the integration and synthesis of complete solfeggio spectrum. Great care and attention to detail have gone in to the construction of this track, infusing the Golden Proportion in to virtually every aspect of it; including tempo, duration, carrier tone to entrainment program ratios, the entrainment deceleration process, as well as the peaks and troughs of the music itself. The entrainment program in this track decelerates to an alpha level at 7.91Hz on a 93.5Hz carrier tone, making this track ideal for active morning meditation, study, and creative visualization. This track can be used for further actualizing the benefits of the previous solfeggio frequencies, or as an
entry level tool for solfeggio meditation. This track is great for both beginning and advanced meditators, as either a neuro-acoustic or bio-acoustic healing tool. Please use stereo headphones.

Full length – 48 min – audio version is available now! http://sourcevibrations.com/download_…

Phil Thornton – Tibetan Meditation

BuddhaNexus·6 videos

Phil Thornton masterfully mixed traditional Tibetan chants with the wonders of modern sound in this breathtaking CD. You can find more of Mr. Phil’s work here: http://www.philthornton.com/

Love Signal 528 Hz

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Love signal 528 Hz is a healing audio meditation with music tuned to 528 Hz. The Solfeggio frequency 528 Hz is the frequency for transformation and DNA repair. There is a special sound and color of love according to Dr. Horowitz, a Harvard-trained award-winning investigator. Broadcasting the right frequency can help open your heart, prompt peace, and hasten healing. “We now know the love signal, 528 Hertz, is among the six core creative frequencies of the universe because math doesn’t lie, the geometry of physical reality universally reflects this music; these findings have been independently derived, peer reviewed, and empirically validated,” Dr. Horowitz says.

Music by Jandy the Decibel

Visuals by http://Artainment.com

Inner Journey – Music Meditation

TheDazbar2·202 videos

The Monroe Institute – Inner Journey.