Planetary Ascension – The Renewal of the Earth – Light Omega

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A profound message for today about Ascension, a spiritual process of planetary renewal and rebirth that has already begun. Though there are changes on many levels that are part of this time, it is love that will guide the way through.

Part II – Planetary Ascension – The Renewal of the Earth –…


Music – “Song From a Secret Garden” by Secret Garden. From the album “Songs From a Secret Garden.”

Dream Walker – Music Consciousness

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Awakening Bliss Kundalini Rising Meditation Dream Peace Love

Music of Silence – Sound of Light

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Music of Silence from the album ‘Agua-Fogo-Ar-Terra’ by Sound of Light


Music of silence
Music beyond words
Children of the Ocean that’s what we are

Love is the most shining star
In the inner sky of your being
Love is the most shining star inside you

from Agua​-​Fogo​-​Ar​-​Terra, released 21 June 2012
SOL Girls: Vocals Amrit Vismay , sound engineer and musician who has produced and compiled this album over 10 years , was once a dj at parties and when called by the Medicine received soundscapes from other galaxies that retuned his being to his ancestral roots. This album has manifested through his devotion and love to the Circle and the Eternal Fountain of Divine Inspiration


released 21 June 2012
Amrit Vismay, Neta-ya Nicole, Emaya Shahaf , Avshalom Tubali, Asi Rose, Noa Chandra, Mynah, Manju, Veeren, Dave, Oran, Sheer Sofer and many more from within the Circle…thank you All
special thanks for astral teachers…BabaJi ,Osho ,Carioca,Chandra,Maurillio and Juan
may all Beings be free, peace for all the Earth

Song of the Pharaohs

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Artist: Omar Faruk Tekbilek
Track: Song of the Pharaohs
Album: Dance Into Eternity

Sonicaid – Music To Inspire Positive Thinking

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These songs use Alpha/Beta/Theta waves along with music to create the desired mental state. I take zero claim or responsibility for anything – positive or negative, direct or indirect, accidental or purposeful – that may come to you or occur within your life and health as a result of these tracks.

Llewellyn – The Dreamweavers

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The Dreamweavers Llewellyn, from the albumThe Healing Pool
by Juliana
All media used in this video belong to their rightful owners.PIAS
No copyright infringement intended.

Brahma Murari Tripurantkari Bhanuh Shashih Bhumi Suto Budhasch-Navgraha Stotra-Kargon (M.P.)

In Indian Astrology only nine planets have been accredited-Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, Prescribing gems in accordance with the said nine planets has been proved to be very effective and infallible. We will make here a study of Navaratra Bracelet on the basis of these very planets.
A rosary of genuine Navaratra has many qualities. Wearing the bracelet, a person may succeed in different walks of life. It has some divine quality. The different stones of this bracelet absorb the rays of the planets concerned and provide benefit to the person.
Use: Gems of all the planets are included in this bracelet. A person, who wears it, can have name and fame, respect, prosperity, material amenities and he will be free from diseases related to cough, cold and fever etc.…

“Mantra: Brahma Murari Tripurantkari Bhanuh Shashih Bhumi Suto Budhasch
Gurushch Shukrah Shani Rahu Ketuveh Sarve Graha Shanti Karabhavantu.”

Brahma Murari Tripuran-takari
(Oh, Brahma, Krishna, and Shiva)

Bhanu, Shashi, Bhumi-suto Budhascha
(Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury)

Guruscha, Sukra, Shani, Rahu, Ketava
(Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, North and South Nodes)

Kuru vantu sarve mama suprabhatam
(Do, all you planets, help me to go forth well today)
Composer – Shree Aadi Shankaraachary……
History of Navgraha Mandir:

Navgraha Mandir,(The Temple of Nine Planets) which is known to be more than 600 years old is situated in Kargon Town. The foundation of this temple is laid down approximately 600 years back by the ascendants (Shree Sheshappa Sukhawadhani Weragkar) of the present temple incharge and his family members. Khargon Town is one of the fast growing Districts of Madhya Pradesh ( India ).

Khargon is a historical religious place which is also known as “Navgraha Ki Nagri” — Town of Nine Planets. In the whole of India, this temple, Navgraha Mandir, is one of its own kind. This temple is situated very close to Kunda River.

First Floor of the temple has got the Idols of Goddess Saraswati, Paanchmukhi Mahadev and Shri Ram Panchayatan, in which Hanuman,Laxman, Bharat, Shaturghana are present along with Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.

Garbhagriha Sthali which means the interior of the sanctum sanctorum, the innermost sanctum of a Hindu Temple where the primary idol/murti of the temple resides, consists of Suryanarayana and Surya Yantra. Parikrama Sthali of the temple consists of all the planets named Moon (Chandra), Mangal, Budh, Guru, Shukra , Shani, Rahu and Ketu along with their Vahans, Madals and Yantras.

Goddess Baglamukhi and Brahmastra resides in Pitambara Graha Shanti Peeth. On the festival of Makar Sankranti, the special Surya Darshan pooja, Aaradhana and rituals are done for the pacification of all the nine planets which is also known as Navgraha Shanti.

In the Months of January and February, the very famous Navgraha Mela ( Fair of Nine Planets ) is organized in a big scale and the believers from across the country visits the place for the appeasement of nine planets (Vavgraha Shanti ) and Shani Dosha Nivaran ( appeasement of Shani ).

Khargon is a town in West Nimar district in the southwest of Madhya Pradesh, central India, just east of the Kundi River. It attained considerable importance under the Mughals and now contains an old fort with several tombs and palaces. Khargon contains a historical temple “Navgraha Mandir” which is famous across the country for Navgraha Shanti Pooja and Aaradhana.

As the Goddess Baglamukhi resides here, this place is also known as “Peetambara Graha Shanti Peeth” because at this temple for the appeasement of planets, the pooja and Aaradhana of Goddess Baglamukhi is done.

Pandit Lokesk Jagirdar says that this temple’s existence is based on the following mantras:

Brahma Murari Tripurantkari, Bhanu Shashi Bhumisuto Budhasch !!
Gurusch Shukra Shani Rahu Ketuvah Sarve Graha Shanti Kara Bhavantu !!
He further emphasized that the temple consists of Lord Braham in the form of Goddess Sarswati , Lord Murari in the form of Shree Ram and Tripurantkari in the form of Shree Panchmukhi Mahadev.
On this day of Makar Sankranti, the believers from all across the country in large numbers gather for Grahashanti and appeasement of Nine Planets. There is a belief that the people who visit and participate in this pooja (vedic rituals) on this occasion of MakarSankranti achieve the success of various kinds in their lives. The believers can visit the Gods associated with the particular planets:

Planet Associated Lord
Sun Lord Rama
Moon Panchamukhi Mahadev
Mangal Purvamukhi Hanuman
Budh Lord Ganesha
Guru Lord Dattatreya
Shukra Goddess Laxmi
Shani Balabhairav
Rahu Saraswati
Ketu Nagdevta

Keys to Ascension

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What is Ascension? This is a word used by many metaphysicists & religions to describe the process of enlightenment. Though it has been associated with the Christian idea of ‘the rapture’, it is not something that just happens at a given time, but rather a process of spiritual evolution. Enlightenment can happen in a moment, but is actually the purpose for reincarnation and the result of mastery over the ego.
Dr. Joshua Stone’s book “The Complete Ascension Manual” is a great compilation of various teachings on this subject. Mostly quoting the channeled works of Alice Bailey and drawing upon my own Eastern tradition philosophies,(Hinduism & Buddhism) I have presented to you a summary of ascension understandings.

Ennio Morricone – Secret of the Sahara

NOTE:  Hearing these voices sing ,  I see Ancient Spirits rising from the Sahara.

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Echoes of Creation – Most Sacred Art – David Arkenstone

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As seen on Public Television and available on DVD and Blu-ray at, an excerpt from “Echoes of Creation” movie by Emmy Award winning director Jan Nickman. Featuring Grammy nominated composer David Arkenstone and spoken word by Karen Hutton.

Etna – Voices of Space

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Relaxation music with binaural beats. For more visit

ETNA MUSIC is an independent musical project for creation and distribution of positive music. Voices of Space is one of the 4 albums created by Etna. This music can increase effects if played during meditation, studying, fast reading or while performing relaxation techniques. Binaural beats are sounds that stimulate the brain in subtle ways helping us to achieve different states of mind. They can be used to induce relaxation, focus and creativity or to reduce anxiety and stress.

Etna is an independent composer, pianist, a conductor and a music professor. He creates ambient music, often combining his compositions with binaural sounds to form unique musical experiences.

Deuter – Wind & Mountain

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The Great Bell Chant – The End Of Suffering

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A dear friend introduced me to this video..I was transported to a place of serenity and hope. I hope you feel the same. The change we wish to see in the world is within our own hearts.

Jonn Serrie – Starmoods

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A calming ambient song from The Genius.

The LOVE Zone- 528 Music and Healing is Introduced by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane

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This excellent introduction to the “528LOVERevolution” for musicians, healers, and you (if you seek enjoyable, uplifting, and the most freeing solutions to the problems than plague our planet, geopolitically, economically, and spiritually).

Tell every musician and vocalist you know to tune up to A=444Hz rather than A=440Hz “standard tuning.”

The “standard” was set for spiritual suppression of your heart’s “LOVE Vibration.”

By “tuning up” to A=444(C=528)Hz your music becomes MEDICINAL and your and others listening HEAL MIRACULOUSLY, AUTOMATICALLY by Holy Spiritual entrainment (“phase-locking” in physics) or “Atonement” in religious theologies).

A-TONE-MEANT or AT-ONE-MEANT is the happening of fulfilling humanity’s destiny to be in Divine righteousness that radiates LOVE as the UNIVERSAL HEALER and sustainer.

The HEART of the musical-mathematical matrix of universal construction is 528Hz frequency of sound, generating 528nm of light, that vibrates grass, chlorophyll, and the Breath of Life you breathe, and creates healing and sustaining through your crystalline Water matrix–your Living Temple’s liquid crystal super-conductor of Holy Spirit Power is the “salt water” within you.

Replenish it with LOVE/528, your heart opens, your ego fear resolves, and your fulfill your Divine destiny to reunite with the Creator’s heart in LOVE, thus celebrating optimal “Communion,” involving heart-felt communication and community development to end the impositions of wars, famine, dehydration, disease and pollution. Welcome to the “528LOVERevolution(” and “Healthy World Organization(,org), ” created to serve and prosper “The Great Hollywood Ending.”

The Musician

I’m a 16 year old musician simply sharing with the world and learning from it

How do we know there is a Cosmic Musician? Well, the piece is there, isn’t it?

Thank you for watching

It took the history of the whole universe to lead to the life of one person; if there is life in that person, there is life in the universe they came from, just like if there is life in the tree, there is life in the leaf. Therefore the deepest part of everyone is the life of the whole universe that they are an extension of. Find this cosmic life in yourself and let your freedom be as wide as the universe. The universal story that leads to all life shares the same point of origin, the same beginning of the story. Therefore, we are all different versions of the same cosmic life, the same ancient story, and the more we see this cosmic beauty in others, the more we realize it in ourselves because it is the same****

Music Credit: 1st song: Gary’s Theme, Bill Evans Piano Clip: Keith Jarrett Improvisation 3rd Song: Gabriela Rose, Yellowjackets

Disclaimer: All content including photos and music belongs to the respective artists and creators

Ethereal Gateway

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Music by Jonn Serrie – Deep Mystery

Angels Symphony

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Your spiritual Heart
and helps you, to receive the healing Spirit!
Hear and feel all other goes from quite alone!
Angels Symphonie of Love and Light.
By Merlins Magic Windpferd
Producer and Interpret Andreas Mock.