Mushaba Platinum Light via Nancy Tate – Update from Galctic Federation – 1-18-16

Mushaba Platinum Light  via Nancy Tate   –   Update from Galctic Federation   –   1-18-16

This is Porda. I come to you today because of your call to the universe for clarity and understanding. There is so, so much that is going on in the world. There are so many various and different kinds of operations to remove all that has been enslaving humanity, and all that has been holding up the time of prosperity.

This has turned out for awhile, to be a thorn in the Galactic Federation’s side so to speak. However, this is no longer the case. So much progress has been made. There were those that had the Iraq President under duress and threats of death if he went ahead and made the RV announcement back when he wanted to. That threat has now been removed as well.

There were those so-called Cabal that had well laid plans to divert the monies as they came into people’s bank accounts and all would have been lost. Again, that has been removed and it no longer poses a threat.

There is much misunderstanding out there from many sources and channels about what truly is going on. Some of it is correct, some is, and some is not complete information. All of these things do not give a clear picture of what is truly taking place.

We have a regiment of people from the Galactic Federation that is primed and ready to move at a moment’s notice to bring a conclusion to this issue. They have recently been put on standby to move, unless what is being worked on,  right now, comes into agreement and fruition. If not they will act!

Creator has been very involved in this and we spent a lot of time together talking about many things. One of my deepest concerns has been my family of Earth. I know that Creator has issued certain directives to the Federation to get this thing done, finished — so all can move forward to the next step in the Plan. He told me that humanity’s or the Universal Ascension cannot be stalled or held captive because of a few dark souls that do not wish to let go and surrender to the Truth. Creator assured me that it would come to an end very, very soon. In fact, it is in the final countdown to its end!

We have a timeline that we are operating by and that timeline must be fulfilled by order of Creator.

Look to see this RV thing and all that is to follow bring a sudden end to it. It will be unexpected in so many ways. Don’t fall into all the misinformation that is being released to throw you off the trail. Most time, when it seems negative, it is the opposite.

I, Porda, love you all so much and our time to reunite is near!

Thank you, Nancy Tate, for the re-post