Aloha BE-LOVED Soul-Star-Light Family,

By now, there is every experience occurring, on every Quantum/Multi-Dimensional (Cosmic/Earthly plane) level, as a very important integral part of a much bigger picture that was set forth prior to all of our incarnation/birthing into form/merging into ONE for that which we refer to as “the human/beyond human experience” …

Just as 3D Consciousness Illusions/Dreams/Realities were a deeply intricate webbing and inner-twined programs, deeply buried/hidden, deeply twisted, deeply maneuvered gridding system to HOLD ALL IN PLACE… therefore is 5D-12D, with the ability to “see all” through immense geometrics, intricate codes/encodements and vibrationally/energetically, is just as deeply intricate, deeply relative to moving pieces and parts, deeply relative to QUANTUM ENERGETICS, Dynamics and a different kind of “logic”, where all is vibrationally and energetically ALIGNED with all new parameters, geometric equations and gridding/nodal points visible holographically and through varying “levels” of continually Expanding Pure Heart-Soul/Higher-Mind Consciousness…

Every “experience” necessary to shift all to a whole new place. Every scenario, every possibility, every perception…… relative to everything….

These are REALities that each creates, brings forth, consciously transmits out and holds the foundation/blueprints/schematics for from deep within. These are Soul Aligned, much higher vibrationally aligned than everyone’s “before”, these are “for all”, as it’s not a “verses” like “before”….

These are ACTual REALities that each creates, holds the codes for an applies to every aspect of their own lives….. for it’s in the HOLDING that all is SOLIDIFIED through the EMBODIMENT of PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT.

To the human aspect, this all sounds “froo-frooey”… which is totally fine. It does not make logical sense to be able to ACTUALLY LIVE A MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE/LIFE….

It does not make “logical sense”… that ALL NEW REALITIES can completely replace the old….

It does not make “logical sense” to LEAVE THE OLD REALITIES COMPLETELY, when you’ve spent your whole life chasing, working, trying, building “those”…..

Yet…. this is how all works…. whether the ego aspect “likes it or not”…..

What each is MOVING ON FROM is the old way, the fixed, rigid, linear/dense ones that conformed to “old parameters” that were created to inhibit rather than uplift, expand and inspire HEART CONNECTED LIVING, through sharing, unity, generosity, kindness and LOVE.

What each is MOVING ON FROM are the old ways… the ones where you were told/learned according to limited, conditioned and fixed/rigid/constraining ways…. that didn’t support your SOUL, your own inner-Light, your own INNER-BEAUTY, DIVINE ESSENCE, PURITY and ACTual ABUNDANCE for all….

What each is MOVING ON FROM is a limited reality, an illusion of “more” and a belief that you must be “told” how to think, act or show up in the world…. and instead, you going deeper inward to hear/see/feel what’s highest aligned for you/all, most appropriate for you/all in ANY GIVEN MOMENT….

What each is MOVING ON FROM is an entire belief system, created to conform to a 3D LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS….

What each is transitioning over to, MOVING OVER TO, is a UNITY – LOVE BASED REALity relative to the foundation, codes, constructs and energies of Cosmic/Quantum/Soul/OverSoul/Avatar Consciousness which once activated on various different levels, all become one in the same (Source Energy/Consciousness). Just as all realities have many pieces and parts, so do these…. with the biggest difference being nothing is linear, nothing is fixed and all is ENERGETIC and relative to each’s current level of consciousness held….

Each’s programming will become more visible, the deep states of conditioning held, the realization that all must change, which requires that each go deeper inward to connect/find their own answers, learning to listen/honor/see that which was not yet visible before…. and then working through any separation left within, any duality/struggle/challenges to ARRIVE at a NEW PLACE…. and all new REALizations…. that will either instantly (or eventually) completely replace “the old”.

While the human ego aspect (the separated off version/aspect of each) plays in a game of control, fear, manipulation, deceit and self-only focus… the rest of the “world” is creating, living and exploring the magic and beauty of infinite possibilities, infinite creation, infinite JOY, pure bliss and that which the human aspect “calls abundance”, which is just “things” that support the fulfillment of higher consciousness humanitarian roles here…..



MAGENTA PIXIE – Multidimensionality, the Trine, Creation/Destruction Cycle and the Catalyst – 10-22-18

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Published on Oct 22, 2018

Are we living in a sophisticated ‘quantum computer game’? Is reality multidimensional? How many subtle light bodies are there on top of this physical avatar? Why does nature permit bowel movement, rot, pain and disease? These questions are responded to by the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine, through Magenta Pixie. — Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick. Magenta Pixie Website: Magenta Pixie Products: Books by Magenta Pixie: “The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame”… “Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template”… “Masters of the Matrix”…





Image shows the New Earth is here.



Aligning With Earth

A New Earth

We have a New Earth. If you are reading to this article, then you are standing on it. It is a planet vastly different than the one you are used to. Your mind has not yet adjusted to the new residence you are in. It is of a greatly higher frequency of light with an entirely new grid system fully activated in crystalline light and contains most of the elements, with more occurring all the time, to bring about a rapid and complete change in human consciousness.


The planet is infinitely different. Billions of facets of its existence have completely changed. Many are experiencing that. If you are not, put aside any mind set you may have that says because you see something solid in front of you, then it is still the same as before.


Go beyond, go to your Self. Feel the new frequency; understand the molecular structure has completely altered and everything on Earth is registering a new harmonic. It is singing a new song and that song is being raised in crescendo every moment from now on until all is singing to the total vibration of the 5th dimension


Aligning into the New Earth


The Priests of Mu and Ur from TaraInner Earth Eieyani, Elohei-Elohim from Gaia, the Ra Confederacy, Azurite and other Emerald Covenant Races, along with the Maharaji from Sirius B have been working on this Cosmic Plan of Ascension for hundreds of thousands of years.


We are at a time in history where we will once again begin to raise consciousness into light—enough light to create new Cities of Light, a greater New Earth and Tara than ever before.


This is how we have been guided to bring the fifth and sixth dimensional Earth into our Consciousness so that we may live continuously in this beautiful realm on the New Earth, the Earth that will transform into a Star and return to the Aquari Matrix.


Earth’s angular rotation of particle spin shifts 45 degrees and aligns into oneness with Inner Earth and Tara. Earth’s fastest particles begin to transfer to hyperspace and the Halls of Records begin transmitting data through the Earth’s grids. Universal memory will begin transmission through planetary grids. That shift will move us through time about 4,000 years. The shift will then balance out to about 23 degrees and then we will begin balancing into the new reality of a new time of about 2,000 years.


Earth’s elemental particle base will rise to 5 and the Earth’s atmospheric particle base will rise to 6. This accretion level will allow the atmosphere and elementals from Inner Earthto appear on Earth. This will be our first vision of our New Earth. We will begin to see the atmosphere of Inner Earth forming around us and then we will notice more and more new species and Inner Earth  gardens will appear. All of the animals and plants in Inner Earth sing continuously. We will notice this difference in Earth immediately.


We will unfold into a New Earth that contains a multidimensional spectrum of invisible and visible realities.


The Aquari Matrix


We are in a new reality. We are in a new time and space. We are in a place that will allow us to absorb the cosmic star dust that is filling our skies with the help of the Coronal Mass Ejections and the meteor showers.


We are also being held within a Consciousness field of protection with 48 Plasma bodies or Crystal Ships holding us in alignment with the Aurora Field that prepares a stairway to Heaven as this blue cosmic stardust begins to fill our atmosphere.


As of December 2012, we have been placed in a new time and space reality that allows us to align with the divine matrix of Aquari. Before that, our Earth was in an angular rotation that placed us in alignment with the Phantom Matrix. It was the Guardian Alliance who moved us into a new space and time reality where our race line would not be completely obliterated.


Those working for the Dark Force tried very hard to pull us into the reverse spin which would have pulled Earth into a reality that would have been horrific and would have ended in the destruction of the human race line.


Our Guardians did everything they possibly could do to make sure we were removed from that future reality. They made sure we were realigned into a new space and time reality. The original path of Earth was in the Outer Domains that made Earth very vulnerable to invader race lines that wanted to take our stargate portals for their own usage.


The Inner Domains


The new path of Earth is in the Inner Domains. The inner path is a safe path. It is a path of alignment within where all 12 stargates merge their frequencies back together into a new attunement that allows us to begin our multidimensional journey.

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Part 2 (Bottom of Page)

The experience that we are having now is not what it seems to be. Our old cellular memory is telling us that we are being bombarded by meteorites. Our new reality is telling us we are moving into a blue stardust that holds the frequency signatures of all of our multidimensional reality. Even at the scientific level, science says that the Comet’s tail will bring pieces of stars from thousands of other planets. Once those frequencies enter our atmosphere, our mind shifts more and more into the Consciousness of multidimensional realities.


The Guardian Alliance and the Aquafereions knew that this time would come in our history that we would need help in our transformation into the second Harmonic Universe. They knew that we had fallen out of the Andromeda M31 and that only the Aquari Matrix held the divine blueprint that was needed to bring us back into alignment. They created an imprint of their sphere of reality around the Earth. So, we have been held within the womb of a star all of this time waiting for the time of our rebirth.


The more we align with the frequencies (the Source frequencies, the cosmic frequencies, the stardust frequencies), the more we get to enjoy each wave as it passes through our bodies and Earth’s body. The more we get in tune, the more we get to see this entire incredible event that is taking place right now in our Universe.


It is the beginning of multidimensionality.


Please click here for The New Earth – Part 2


Aligning With Earth


JOANNA – Multidimensionality – 8-25-18 – via Heart Star .org

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Dear All,

Firstly, warm thanks to those of you who’ve sent in email messages and photos in the last few weeks/months. I reply as much as possible, but if you haven’t heard back yet, please know that I do appreciate people reaching out and connecting, and send love to you all.  ❤ For this post, we’ll focus on recent questions from readers, then reflect on multidimensionality through a series of photos that express something of what it is to be multidimensional beings, and how this state of being is constantly fluidly interconnecting across multiple dimensions.

For questions about the Earth’s Ascension (this planet’s shift to a higher vibrational state) into a 5D rather than 4D ‘landing place’, we’d like to address this in relation to multidimensional convergence. At a primary level, Gaia (planetary soul of Earth) has chosen a 5D vibrational platform for her ‘ascension’. She hasn’t made this determination in isolation though; it comes with the counsel, guidance and support of the Galactic Council through to completion and ‘New Earth’ rebirth, riding on the broader momentum of a galaxy-wide rise in vibration. Every soul with an embodied form on Earth at this time is in full awareness of this shift before incarnating, and has chosen to focus an aspect of their energy and light through 3D physicality here to experience and assist this process.

For the soul, it’s well understood that once embodied under a dense grid/veil of forgetfulness, a few will retain full awareness and remembrance, some will regain it along the way, while some might not remember throughout their lifetime, and identify with the programming of lower vibrational grids based in fear and lack. From the soul’s viewpoint, there’s no judgement, only compassion for self and others. The soul has no doubt at all, only love and the wish to flow love in optimal ways for the highest well-being of All. It could seem logical that a 3D planet ascending its frequency would shift to 4D, rather than from 3 to 5. However, the Earth is already in predominantly 3 and 4D vibrational properties, and sits in its own localized 4D spacetime field, through which a collective 3D experience is projecting and expressing (see this post for Einstein’s recently proven 4D local spacetime hypothesis).

3D and 4D are close counterparts, the first vibrating a more ‘physical-seeming’ density, the second a more etheric-astral-plasmatic density. 1D and 2D are also complimentary counterparts, expressing as line and plane, whereas 3D and 4D express mathematically as cube and hypercube (also called the 4D tesseract). 4D is characterized by the attribute of vortex energy; the zero point within wormholes, black holes (which require space and time to exist), the ‘still point in the storm’, and is based on spiral motion dynamics, which can be seen in the counter-rotation effect of the ‘cube within a cube’ (within a cube, within a cube, into infinity).


OPEN HAND – Living in the DreamTime – Joyful Multidimensionality – 9-11-13

Open Hand

People are waking up and getting to know that we are multidimensional beings. But in the beginning at least, the higher dimensional experiences tend to come and go. Why is that? And how might we become multidimensional the whole time? For me, it’s about realising that the bodymind tends to interpret higher dimensional experiences in an earthly way. And since the vibration of the bodymind is quite dense – very loud – then the experiences get mixed together and the higher senses get drowned out. Since reality is created by what you’re able to bring your attention to, then the expanded sense is contracted down. How might we expand back out again? It’s all about moving into the “DreamTime”…


Being the Observer of Yourself

Firstly, the energetic matrix in which we live seems perfectly configured exactly to contract us down. Or else to push the higher self out of the body so we can’t sense it. Engrossment in the physical, mental distraction and emotional over-stimulation generate lower dimensional frequencies which people all too easily attune to, even without knowing it.

The key is to begin to test these experiences in every moment.
To ask if they serve? Who are you really? What is your expanded capability?
What hidden gifts do you have that are worth so much more?

So the real key is observation, to become the observer of yourself as much as humanly possible. In this way, you get to first realise yourself beyond these lower based reactions and then begin to entrain to your natural higher self frequencies (we use the spiritual compass Openway to facilitate this).

The Consciousness Landscape

It helps to let yourself be open to higher possibility. It’s all about beginning to read the interplay of events in your life, not just at face value, but to look for the deeper meaning. Because every moment has one. And this is what I mean by entering the “DreamTime”. It’s living within the deeper interplay of life, picking up the hidden messages and synchronicities that help you access the underlying flow of reality – how it’s really formed and constructed.

Life is trying to teach us something. It’s working tirelessly to evolve the soul through the weave of life itself. So whilst it may look like there are things to do and achieve in the material world, these are really just templates in order that we can discover something deeper about ourselves.

So if you start watching for the deeper meaning – the deeper feeling – and asking “what am I being shown now?”, then responding to the inner pull – the inner knowing – you’ll start expanding outwards and coming into the “DreamTime”.

You begin to appreciate life more as a multidimensional, consciousness landscape.
The miraculous meaning of the universe starts to come gloriously into view.

Oodles of patience

When people are ready to experience this, it’s not really that hard to expand into these feelings. It just takes some stillness, practice and inner exploration, making sure you’re always interrelated to what’s going on outside – in the mirror. The next challenge (and therefore opportunity) is to experience that the whole time.

When you expand out into the higher dimensions – when you connect up to your higher self – then you become a creative channel for source energy. You start to feel this incredible catalytic consciousness within. But then expectation can close you quickly down again if you’re not careful.

Yes the physical world can be pretty slow to respond to your higher consciousness. A bit like light flowing into treacle! It’s because not everyone is connecting to the higher flow, not reading from the same page. Nevertheless, if we can master oodles of patience, then slowly but surely, higher dimensional consciousness will feed into your life and the outer world.

Stimulate your imagination

I find it helps to stimulate my imagination, to let it run wild at times. To watch and feel the dream, as if I’m living in one the whole time. But this dream is a waking dream. By watching the synchronicities, I get to observe the energetic feedback loops I create, which link me into reality and continue to prove to me that what I’m creating is actually real and aligned.

In this way, I keep moving beyond doubt. Then my multidimensional creations take hold, they gain traction. Life becomes utterly magical. Miracles happen everywhere. I was musing on this the other day and then felt a pull to go onto the web. And I came across this amazing video by a favoured old band “Travis”. Now if these guys aren’t already experiencing the 5th Density, who is! Go on, play, imagine, enjoy yourself…

If you resonate with the content of this article, and would like support in moving into the joyful, multidimensional “DreamTime”, then check out…Openhand’s Worldwide Events and Courses

In loving support


(on behalf of Openhand)
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About Openhand
Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution: integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of tapping into the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe and aligning with it in your life. It helps you unveil your True Self, remove karmic blockages and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic, resilient and truly successful living.
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Tiara Kumara – Transitioning into Multidimensional Living 1-18-16

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For those of you who are serious about transitioning into multidimensional living, meaning, that you are not bound by the construct of linear reality, you will be really inspired about the Morphogenesis program. This is the point that we truly become like evolving “Jedis” as we learn how to bend reality through metaphysical principles.



Morphogenesis Enrollment


People everywhere are feeling the transforming effects of a super amplified energy field that has entered. From physical body changes to altering lifestyles and developing new abilities, the intensity of upgrade is undeniable… not to mention the sheer speed at which things are manifesting now, almost as soon as the “thought” appears!

Is it possible that the cosmic rays rippling through our sun are recoding everything atomic, quickening our vibratory spin? Certainly with less density, it seems plausible that we can translate greater spectrums of light frequency, thereby moving us into an entirely different life matrix. It would seem that the beneficial effect from these high-energy particles is proportionate to the rate at which we are vibrating and how much of this light that we can absorb.

This module continues with biological energy system upgrade. It focuses us on expanding energetic circuitry in order to receive and convert the higher energy voltage. If we do not open wider channels for these greater flows of energy, it is likely that new encodement cannot fully activate. It is similar to electrical power grids and the need for bigger transformers as they convert greater voltage currents from one level to another.

As we know, evolution is a natural, organic process. We gradually receive the upgraded circuitry when we are vibrating at a level of integrated purity and with stabilized heart-mind coherence. Again, this idea of being in ‘coherence’ is the foundational overlay to our biological morphogenesis… and THIS is directly related to the ‘field of resonance’ from which we are abiding and receiving data transference.

The presentation is packed with juicy information and its overall purpose is to give you very practical ways to put yourself through a genuine dimensional consciousness shift, on all levels. This is not just in your awareness, but also in your entire energetic bio-field and physical reality.


This is an excerpt from the MORPHOGENESIS: Opening the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness.
Complimentary enrollment with more than 60 podcast episodes.



presented by Tiara Kumara
Creatress of Morphogenesis
Founding Producer, I AM Avatar &
Founder, Children of the Sun Foundation

James Tyberonn – Earth-Shift – Multidimensionality – The Living Universe

James Tyberonn

 The Following Interview with James Tyberonn discusses Sacred Sites, Places of Power, The Grid System, The Anti-Matter Realm, The Crystalline Shift, Planetary Ascension , Humanities Coming Ascension, Multi-dimensionality & the Polarity Realm of Duality- The

‘University of Earth’. James Tyberonn is an engineer, geologist, author and channel who has studies ‘Sacred Sites’ for over 35 years, having circumnavigated the earth many times and visited ‘Places of Power’ in over 85 countries. He is the founder of Earth-Keeper with the goals of combining the sacred with the scientific. Website :

James Tyberonn has written 6 books and will have 3 new books released in 2014 on ‘Healing Crystals & gems’, The Story of Atlantis & the Law of One’, and ‘New Messages from Metatron’. This live interview was hosted by Nancy Hummingbird and Lynn McCallum of Living Universe

Peter Borys Jr. – The Shifting Frequency of the Dimensional Hologram – 9-20-14

Life in the dimensional realms of the universe is the experience of the Divine as consciousness through energy and matter.  The Divine intelligence is organizing at varying frequencies and sequences along an infinite continuum.  All energy and matter is emanating at specific frequencies of density that are manifestations of consciousness.  We are now experiencing the process of a shift in the hologram to a higher dimensional frequency.

Humanity has been experiencing on Earth a particular frequency organization of the hologram.  The level of frequency organization has been stable at 3D, along with an infiltrating distortion for thousands of years. Existence in the dimensional universe is like a hologram in that each unique part contains the whole.  The understanding of the cosmos as an infinite series of fractals which contain the whole is another way of viewing the holographic nature of the more dense levels of consciousness as physical matter.  The Divine infinite is beyond frequency and therefore, beyond the holographic dimensions of the universe while also emanating as frequencies of the hologram.  The ultimate truth is unity, freedom, love, and creativity—a harmonic synchronous flow of one as unique aspects.

The Distortion within the Third and Fourth Dimensional Frequencies

The frequency range of the collective human consciousness on Earth has been operating in a frequency domain that allows for an infiltration of distortion energies.  This is the restriction of a fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation.  Distortion energies are only operative in the third and fourth dimensional frequency organizations.

Within the higher dimensional frequency organization, the distortion does not function.  It is possible to be in the current frequency organization of the hologram for human experience on Earth without the limiting and restrictive energies that veil our true nature as Divine beings.  However, the fear-based duality consciousness of conflict, control, and separation infiltrated into humanity within the current 3D organization.  Once it infiltrated at the present level of Earth density of consciousness, it remains in place and will not shift from within the current 3D frequencies.  At this level, humanity has a narrow vision with some awareness of the problem, but an inability to change the collective organization.  This has engendered a certain sense of frustration over thousands of years where all systems and institutions maintain the fear-based control system—religion, nation states, monetary systems, education, media, etc.

Thus, we have numerous philosophies, esoteric thought, metaphysics, and spirituality that describe the infinite inner harmony of humanity, but the overall fear-based distortion remains the same.  We see the same underlying structure of religion, politics, and debt-based monetary systems of accelerating cyclical consumption and scarcity economics.  All of this is the system of the distortion that has conditioned a damaged neurological system of the dominant linear thinking mind and its biochemical effects throughout the physical body.  This shows that the whole Earth experience for humanity is not changing from within the current holographic frequency, especially with the institutions of the damaging distortion.

Shifting to a Higher Dimensional Frequency of the Earth Hologram

Information from the subtle energetic dimensions, as well as what we understand as galaxies and solar system has been affecting human consciousness as part of a shift in dimensional frequency.  The hologram for Earth experience is changing its frequency orientation.  Therefore, humanity is both awakening from the distortion, and also shifting to a higher dimensional frequency of the hologram.

All of the information as consciousness is received and transmitted at frequency levels that are interior to being.  The slower frequencies that are mediated by the physical senses and interpreted by the mind and brain impact human consciousness only at the dense frequency level.  Our sensory system is primarily geared toward interpretation of what we understand as external holographic experience—the 3D holographic projection of current Earth experience.  While it is clear that the electromagnetic light spectrum and sound frequency is part of the Earth hologram experience, the higher frequencies from the subtle energetic dimensions are not received by the current physical transmission mediums.

The Sun is the main transducer and transmitter of information as consciousness for Earth and human experience.  In addition to the lower frequency organizations of physical light spectrum, the Sun also resonates information at higher dimensional frequencies.  It is this higher dimensional information that the Sun is currently transforming and transmitting from information received from the galactic center.

As the human experience on Earth is transitioning to a higher frequency organization of the hologram, humanity is being assisted to awaken to our Divine infinite consciousness of Divine awareness.  Within this different energetic configuration, humanity can let go of all the distorting systems, and move beyond them to the true unity consciousness of freedom, love, and creativity.  In the shifting frequencies of the holographic organization, there is an overall holographic experience where heart consciousness is humanity.  Human Divine awareness is not a consciousness where humans are veiled in restriction of only learning to access heart consciousness from within the fear-based distortion.  It is a continual state of heart consciousness where the infinite good choices of creativity and love is known, experienced, and expressed.

The existing frequency of the hologram on Earth in conjunction with the distortion that has restricted human consciousness to a narrow frequency bandwidth of perception, light, and sound, has enabled a duality state of consciousness.  This level of experiencing is struggle, enslavement, entropy, conflict, and separation.  Within the enormous friction of disharmony, the freedom of creativity and love is severely limited.  This results in the desire for freedom, truth, and love of the true Divine human in a condition that searches by mainly learning and not living.

It has been so restrictive that humanity experiences most of its time inefficiently learning what does not work in repeating cycles.  This is where the idea of school, evolution of consciousness, and learning developed. However, as good as evolving may be, at this level of the distortion, the idea of ever learning to evolve is actually a distraction.  As long as the seeker of transformation remains in learning mode, the human consciousness cannot ever be fully extricated from the fear-based distortion.  It keeps us from awakening to our true infinite consciousness of Divine unity.

In a shifting hologram with no more distortion energies, humanity is free to fully love and create.  The awakening process is moving to a lot more living and less learning.  Living is infinite. Creation is never exhausted.  The infinite knowing and feeling of love and the frequencies of creativity forever deepen.  Nowhere is the requirement that living necessitates learning.  Humanity on Earth has lived for so long in the distortion of our true reality, that soul evolution is understood as the current perception of learning.  The evolving soul is not about learning knowledge that is unknown or forgotten, but about experiencing an infinity of unique aspects of the one Divine love through various frequency dimensions of incarnate organization of consciousness.  Can learning be a positive as we now find ourselves in 3D with an accompanying distortion?  Yes, we have been experiencing an awakening from within the density of the learning environment among conflict, control, and separation.  However, all time now spent on learning, struggling, resistance, etc., is less attention on the flowing creativity and love.

Divine Awareness in Heart Consciousness

We are moving to an awareness of heart consciousness where the higher knowing mind and feeling body express our Divine infinite consciousness.  As we awaken Divine awareness and emerge in a higher frequency dimension of the hologram, we will create and love without the overlay of thinking and emotional encoding that is the resistance that the current human cultural systems have immersed us in.  Instead of fighting against, we will be in the flow of harmonic freedom where we can just be so as to fully love and create.

In the harmony of being, there is a release of an infinite amount of energy, abundance, and creativity.  The freedom of creativity energizes its own infinite growth and ever deepening heights of experience without resistance.  From this being flows infinite peaceful action of love and creativity.  The dense energies of resistance can in a limited way forcefully push growth, but only within a structure of continuing restriction.  The shifting frequency organization of the hologram will manifest an awakening to the illusion of evolution through resistance that has appeared so fundamental to a 3D organization of the frequencies of consciousness.

The shift to a fifth dimensional and above frequency will provide humanity on Earth the experience of creativity from infinite freedom and love.  May we continue to open awareness to heart consciousness, and our transformation to our Divine awareness of love and creativity.

Earth Shift – Multidimensionality – The Living Universe – James Tyberonn

James Tyberonn

The Following Interview with James Tyberonn discusses Sacred Sites, Places of Power, The Grid System, The Anti-Matter Realm, The Crystalline Shift, Planetary Ascension , Humanities Coming Ascension, Multi-dimensionality & the Polarity Realm of Duality- The
‘University of Earth’. James Tyberonn is an engineer, geologist, author and channel who has studies ‘Sacred Sites’ for over 35 years, having circumnavigated the earth many times and visited ‘Places of Power’ in over 85 countries. He is the founder of Earth-Keeper with the goals of combining the sacred with the scientific. Website :

James Tyberonn has written 6 books and will have 3 new books released in 2014 on ‘Healing Crystals & gems’, The Story of Atlantis & the Law of One’, and ‘New Messages from Metatron’. This live interview was hosted by Nancy Hummingbird and Lynn McCallum of Living Universe

Lee Harris – Bringing Multidimensionality to the Conscious Self – August 2013

LeeHarrisEnergy·60 videos

Lee and The Z’s answer a member’s question, as presented by Portal Moderator Patty Sherry, during the August 2013 Live Q&A broadcast in the Lee Harris Energy Portal.

These live broadcasts are held monthly in The Portal and also archived there for viewing at any time. Members are invited to ask their questions via live chat with moderator Patty Sherry.

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