Suzanne Lie – Arcturian Gretting – 10-25-14



Suzanne Lie – Arcturian Greeting – Welcome Home – 20 October 2014

Beloved Ones,

We can come into the NOW of your awareness to speak about your third-dimensional, sequential time.

Sequential time is constructed from the collective physical requirements of a third dimensional reality

so that the members of that reality can create a timeline on which they can fulfill their divine plane,

also known as their “Mission.”

Within this time-bound reality the collective consciousness of that world has thoughts, emotions and behaviors

which impinge upon the 3D matrix to program and re-program the ever-changing experience of time.

“Time” is quite novel to us higher dimensionals, as we often call ourselves.

When we take a form in the third/fourth dimensional hologram,

we think of “going into time” like you make think of “going into an amusement park.”

An amusement park has many exciting experiences, which are usually based on some form of fear.

Will this upside down cart drop me on the ground far below?

Will I win the huge bear to impress my girlfriend or will I make a fool of my self?

When you are at an amusement park you eat many foods that you know are of a very low frequency

and are likely very bad for your body.

However, you are “having fun,” so it is OK to indulge your lower urges.

You can scream in the roller coaster and act like a child and no one will notice.

Since we of the higher frequencies have not “been on the 3D” for many eras of what you would call “time,”

we think that a bit of fear and self-indulgence will be just fine.

We only think that because we have forgotten how addictive fear and self-indulgence can be.

You see, we even forgot about how it feels to be a “third dimensional.”

Hence, we forgot how fear, separation, loneliness, hunger, work and

many other earth-bound experiences impact on our state of consciousness.

When we higher dimensionals so “bravely” volunteered to take on a physical earth vessel,

we have usually forgotten the density and extremely fragility of the third dimension.

We have also forgotten the sensation of illness, pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression, as well.

Unfortunately, by the time we remember how very difficult it is on the third dimension,

we are already merged with our new life and duty bound to fulfill our very idealistic mission statement

that we created while wearing our fifth dimensional, and beyond, lightbody.

The problem is that by the time many of us are old enough in human age to fulfill the mission

we designed while living in the higher worlds, we have forgotten that there ever was a mission.

By that “time” we have likely even forgotten that we are higher dimensional beings

who volunteered to merge our consciousness with a third dimensional who

volunteered to accept our energy field.

What started, literally, as a match created in heaven,

soon began to feel to both parties as a bad idea or a big mistake.

“How can I possibly fulfill that mission?” asks the human.

Meanwhile the inner galactic and/or celestial counterpart says, “How could I have forgotten

it was so difficult on this frequency of reality?”

Eventually, the human often forgets the mission and the galactic forgets their true, multidimensional nature.

Also, both of them forget they are actually different dimensional expressions of the SAME person.

Are you beginning to understand our/your plight now?

This process is much like making Italian dressing.

If both of you don’t continually “shake the bottle” the oil and vinegar separate.

Of course, no one is actually shaking our human vessel,

but we realize that sometimes it does feel like that.

Sometime the human cannot remember anything about their true nature,

and the galactic can’t remember why they would volunteer for such an impossible assignment.

Even though Earth is a hologram, it is a VERY convincing hologram

that all the inhabitants think of as a “real world.”

This is where “time” comes into the picture.

The third-dimensional human, who is really a fifth-dimensional galactic being,

and the-fifth dimensional galactic being, who thinks he/she is a third-dimensional human,

get lost in each other.

Then, they too often forget that they are both expressions of their shared Multidimensional SELF.

This leaves us, the members of the Galactic Command Center,

in a very difficult position of how do we wake these people up

without breaking Gaia’s laws of a “free will planet?”

What we try to do is we find humans, somewhere, who are close to awakening

to their Multidimensional SELF and continuously over light them.

We go into their dreams, their meditations and influence their creativity as much as possible.

Please remember that these people are our dear friends and family member

who volunteered for a VERY difficult mission.

We cannot abandon them, but we also cannot break the laws of free will.

We tell you our story because we can see how difficult it is for you to try

to be a higher consciousness being while living in a reality filled with fear and lies.

We, also, ask you to think about this situation from our perspective.

How would you feel if one of your children, best friends and/or family members “went on a journey”

and did not contact you to tell you they were safe?

In fact, what if you knew that they were not safe, maybe their life was in danger,

and there was nothing you could do to help them?

Meanwhile, you knew there were very dark beings who were damaging your loved one’s life,

threatening their health by destroying their environment,

putting poisonous “medicine” into their food and bodies,

AND there was nothing you could do because of an old law of free will!

However, we have a great advantage that you on the third dimension do not experience.

We live in the NOW and have no passage of time.

Because of our intimate relationship with our friends and family “On Mission” to 3D Earth,

we can now remember how very difficult it is to live in a time-bound world.

We see that many of you, our volunteers, have found a way to expand your consciousness

beyond the frequency of the 3D drama and live in the relative peace of comfort

of your fifth dimensional perceptions.

Yes, there are many fifth dimensional perceptions on Gaia.

In fact, there are more and more each day.

YOU, our so beloved Away Team, are finally beginning to really make a change.

You see, as soon as your multidimensional memory begins to return,

you remember the joys of unity with us, you higher expressions of SELF.

Then, you begin to remember that you volunteered to spread that unity consciousness

through out your third-dimensional world.

Yes, thanks to the Zetas and their Draconian friends, you have Internet.

Through your Internet you can communicate with fellow volunteers all over the face of Gaia.

Every time you communicate with another of your beloved crew members and family members,

you find deep joy, unconditional love and immense courage to unite with those who still slumber in illusion.

We know that many of you remember the story of Sleeping Beauty

in which the handsome prince had to fight the wicked witch and hack his way

through the torn bushes to rescue his beloved who would remained asleep

until he awakened her with his loving kiss.

That is exactly what we are doing.

We are confronting the wicked witch of greed and power over others,

hacking through the dark illusions that have trapped our loved ones

and awakening them with the power of our love and the tenderness of our kiss.

We speak with you today to let you ALL know that you WILL be awakened.

Your kingdom of peace and love WILL be returned to you, and much, much more.

You ARE deeply loved, and we will never give up on you.

We all resonate to unity consciousness.

Hence, you are us, and we are you.

We will NEVER give up on you!

How could we, as we ARE YOU resonating to a higher frequency of reality?

We are all ONE being in the NOW.

Hence, as soon as you awaken, we ask for your assistance.

We ask that as soon as you awaken to your Multidimensional SELF

that you go out and awaken as many others as you can to their Multidimensional SELF.

Just one of you can awaken hundreds or thousands of others. I

n fact, you may not need to awaken them,

as many are already fully awake to the fact that “it is the NOW to change.”

They do not know what “the NOW” means, or what changes they need to make,

but they are ready and willing to learn.

You are our beloved friends are our family.

You do not need to tell the ones whom you awaken about themselves,

as that is for them to discover. But, you can tell them about yourself.

Tell them the truth what they unconsciously hunger to hear and, most of all,

send them unconditional love.

Unconditional love is a new concept for far too may humans.

Therefore, be sure to also send them unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance.

All unconditional gifts resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Therefore, these emotional gifts resonate beyond the time

and limitations of the third-dimensional world.

As the newly awakened ones begin to release the 3D concepts of time and limitation,

our beloved volunteers to Earth will begin to awaken to the truth of their Multidimensional SELF.

Then, the first thing they will do is to awaken other volunteers of their away mission.

Just as fear can, and definitely does, spread through the 3D hologram,

unconditional love can also spread throughout your world.

Most important, the fifth dimensional quality of unconditional love,

unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance will sink deep into the core of Gaia

and float up into the atmosphere to heal the harm and attract the love.

Oh, what a glorious sight we will see as this love and light

brings our volunteers back to their true SELF and awakens to the HERE and NOW of the higher worlds.

Within the NOW there is no time, and within the HERE we,

the Arcturians as well as your higher dimensional SELF,

will welcome you Home! Blessing from we the Arcturians




Lisa Gawlas – Multidimensional Selfs – Interplanetary Beings – Big Balls of Creation – 1-15-14


Written by Lisa Gawlas | Thanks to Lucas2012infos.

I should have known by the way I woke up yesterday, it was gonna be a super intense day.  I woke up the first time about 3 am with this strange pressure in my head, like my brain was expanding.  Looking out my window, the full moon was streaming into my window and then I found my way back to sleep, only to wake up a 4:45 with that same pressure, but with additives.  Ya know that place where you are no longer asleep, but not all the way awake yet, that where this happened.

I could see this funnel of white light coming into my third eye, with that light, the pressure in my cranium intensified.  Then, I was looking at this thing, maybe a thin holographic version of an iPad or tablet viewing something that looked like facebook, but wasn’t facebook.  It was showing me one of my appointments for the day “Bill Willard.”  I knew it was not a mistake or typo, but I also knew it meant Bill Ballard.  Especially since he was literally on my agenda for the day.

As I got up and the pressure in my head subsided, I realized that an aspect of him that lives on a very different dimension than ours, really wanted to get my attention, and it did.  But I will get to that in a moment.  (smile)

My first lady on the field, Holy Flipping Cow batman!!  I barely stuck my antenna out into the field and picked up the loudest crack of thunder i had ever heard, on earth or in a reading.  What the hell is that??  After I pulled myself back together again, shock from the loud loud loud noise knocked me off my rocker a bit… I seen where it came from.  Two massive balls of energy at the very top center of her magnetosphere, from here on out, we are gonna call this the “cathedral of creation” (per spirits request.)

Altho they did resemble really dark storm clouds, perfectly spherical and did I mention HUGE, they had nothing to do with storms, even tho, right directly between my ladies big balls (and yes, all I could hear from that moment on was AC/DC singing “We got big balls, even that had meaning, but I will get to that in a moment too) was this really large single bolt of lightning.

My field of vision right now must be capped at about 10 feet above the “cathedral of creation.”  Her lightening bolt came from as far up as I could see and was starting to petrude into the center opening of her cathedral of creation, but it was her flipping big balls that had my attention!!  Talk about some incoming masculine/creator energy (giggle.)

Since there was no feeling of what I was seeing having anything to do with an incoming storm in her life, I had to understand those massive balls that were situated right and left (north and south.)  I realized this was her mastery thru every incarnation she has ever had, all rolled up into two cloud like balls of energy.  But it got even more interesting as I peered deeper.

The ball on the left was every past life she ever had on earth, every ounce of mastery, every iota of wisdom and experience thru it all was rolled up in that HUGE looking round cloud of energy.  I eventually was able to see what looked like our circulatory system in our body’s.  There were main arteries that represents very profound lifetimes that connected together.  Then off the main artery were tons of little veins that I understood represented those lifetimes that were learning lessons designed purposely to clear or maybe better stated, bring light to area’s that still housed darkness.  We can call those rough lifetimes.  If we do not live as darkness, we will never fully understand our Lightness.

As I switched my vision to her right ball, I could still see the arteries and veins, but with a very different layout.  A lot of them were coming down from way above her cathedral of creation.  I realized this is where all of her off planet lifetimes are coming in as well as all of her future lifetimes.  All meeting directly over her center field of creation, with a really really loud bang I might add!!!

The lightening itself was the electrical current needed and it was a constant lightening bolt, it never went away.  But this morning I am realizing that it intensifies as these two balls bang together to release its contents into her field of life, which equally intensifies the current of energy/lightning coming into her as well.   Hence hearing the band known for its diverse electrical current AC/DC (plus I really love that song too and it fit!! lol)   How this all plays out is going to be sooooo exciting to witness!!

I do not mean to undervalue my second connection of the day, but I have so much to share about my last two and I only have so much time to do this sharing in, I am going to skip to my third man who woke me up with a brain bulge, our beloved Bill Ballard (also known as Bill Willard in other dimension… smile)

I have decided, there is something so out of time about this man.  The first connection I ever had with him was on February 2nd, and everything about time just stopped existing.  Let me tell you, for a gal who has appointments back to back, I have no choice to be very aware of time so I do not show up late for anyone.  Unless Billy boy is scheduled.  I don’t know what the hell happened, I check and double-check my appointment times and somehow, I lodged him in my mind as 10:30 am.

I knew it was going to be a mind expanding journey again, especially given how I woke up.  I decided to eat something before our connection and mistakenly thinking he was at 10:30 gave me an hour to prepare some food and eat it.  About 10 minutes before our connection time, that crazy brain pressure started happening again.  I knew it was his fault!! (smile)  It wasn’t until we were once again (happened on the 2nd as well) an hour into our 30 minute session together that I realized I went wayyyy over time and missed completely my 11 am appointment (I missed my 9 am appointment on the 2nd.)  Let me tell you, I am usually anal about my appointment times, except with this man.  Time simply does not exist!!

As I cranked my antenna out into the field, directly on top of his cathedral of creation is what I thought was a massive pin ball (like the silver balls in a pin ball machine.)  Keeping in mind, my field of vision only goes so high, so I really only seen the bottom part and assumed (shame on me) that what I was seeing (given my big balls lady) was completely spherical as it went up.  Not even close!!

The only thing I initially understood was the intense inter-dimensional frequency that was contained in his massive pin ball like thingie on his cathedral.  He started talking about 3D printers and a desire to create a spaceship.  That’s when that shiny silver thing started to present itself beyond my idea of a pinball.  What I didn’t even realize yesterday, but do now, is that a part of that silver thing came into my kitchen for a closer look at what I was seeing.  Now anything showing up in a reading, in my kitchen represents its biological creation in our lives.  Meaning for him, he truly can help to bring this full on concept into our reality Here.  I watched as this piece of silver went from solid to pliable enough to fold up into many sections.

Then I realized why my brain hurt, science started coming thru a brain that just does not house that technical energy!!  I have watched many shows that were about prodigies and how they see mathematical equations in their field of vision.  Well, this poor girl started to have all these things, what I came to understand were parts of the periodic table.  It was as if this large holographic screen just opened up above my computer (he was on skype, so I was looking at him as i was sharing what was coming thru) and these elements started floating all around.  The only one I could capture was a K with a small 2 at the bottom of the K.  Many were blurred out and I could not see them clearly, probably cuz I was in brain boggle and bitching that I am bringing thru science, it makes my brain hurt!!

As our conversation danced around many subjects, the one thing he got a good talking to from spirit was that he was still clearing stuff.  I have got to share this with all of you as strongly as it was shared with him, and I am going to use the same analogy as was used with him too. (smile)

Let’s say we scrubbed our bathroom from top to bottom, and we go back in and find a smudge, clean it, go back in, find another smudge, clean it, eventually we start creating smudges to clean because that is what we are focused on.  STOP IT!!  We are so endowed with creator energy now that what we seek, we create.  Stick a band-aide over your smudges, stop looking at it, and start working the new energies.  Please.

We will never bring in the multidimensional new abilities if we keep picking at our past.

Remember, we ALL got an A to start with.  We all arrived here in Eden, Shambhala, the new earth (pick a noun) our job is to remain Here.  We do that by assimilating the new frequencies, understandings, wisdom’s and ACTION.  If you keep your focus on your past, you will eventually go back to where your focus is.  DOES NOT NEED TO HAPPEN THAT WAY!!  Just sayin…..!!!

Let me tell you, I know nothing about the periodic table except there is one and it has something to do with the elements.  I don’t even know what the elements are, like I said, science is not my gig in this lifetime.  What is funny, as I was watching all these letters and some with numbers, there was good ol’ Einstein reaffirming that I know this stuff.  Einstein has shown up a few times over the years, as Archangel Michael was trying to shove quantum physics into my brain… blah!!  I don’t wanna have to wake up my left brain, thank you very much!! lol

So, as I hurriedly ended my time with Bill, since I realized I was wayyyy late for my next appointment, my brains must have come out my rear.  Holy spiritual release batman.  As I was sitting on that crazy holy toilet, doncha know one more element was placed in my field of vision.  Geez louise, I cannot get away from this!!  Mn.  I googled the periodic table and sure enough, Mn is an element.  Bill already knew K was potassium (and I thought potassium was a fruit) so I popped him an email to get that science out of me and where it belongs… with him!!!

Thank God my precious man in the Netherlands understood my boggle and even was gracious enough to give me an extra 20 minutes to pull myself together.

Well!!  I had forgotten this precious man was my multidimensional elephant feet, kangaroo/rabbit body man.  Holy flipping cow batman.  No wonder my shades were pulled down the day prior, I needed that extra juice to hang in this day!!

There he was, this funny looking creature out in his future.  I was shocked to see him out to the right, no one has yet to present any aspect of future thru our connections, well, until now.  He must have been at least 15 feet (5 meters) forward in time.  I could not get a handle on “what time” he was in, March? April?  I had no idea.  But man, I could see him and his friends clear as day.

He was in what looked like a thin, absolutely clear bubble as he was out there in his future in his ET body.  His team did tell me I am seeing him that way to emphasis his multidimensional presence on earth.  Just on the outside of his clear bubble were more ET’s… what the hell, he brought friends!!

Ohhh but his story got really really really interesting, not to mention so synchronistic with spaceship bill just before him.  His team called him an “Interplanetary Diplomat.”  Those other funny looking creatures (to my eyes) are “Dignitaries” from other planes of existence.  Most of them looked like him, several didn’t at all.  Again, I am going to voice my frustration of not ever working on my ability to draw!!

The closer I looked at his friends from the stars, I realized there was a pattern to their alignment.  What I came to understand as a mathematical frequency.  4 that looked like him all in a row directly in front of his clear bubble, which has got to represent his extended field of creation, and then 3 that didn’t look like him at all directly behind the four, then another 4 directly behind the three and then one straggler.  He was not bumped up against these others, but a few feet behind them and he actually blinked in and out of my field of vision.  Just one. 434+1

His job right now is to really learn the telepathic communication that they emit.  Because this will become a real reality for him.  He will be first contact for these Dignitaries when they are here on earth.  They will not speak in english or even his native tongue, but in energy packages.

His practice thru meditation or day dreaming will start to bring back inter-dimensional understandings, fragments at a time until he is fluid in not only holding the conversation but equally understanding what is coming thru.  His team likened it to what I do right now.  I bring in fragments of your soul wisdom, bit by bit and then string it together for a larger understanding.  He will be doing the a similar thing with his Dignitaries.

What really really got me excited was they ARE coming to earth, once his host is ready.  I couldn’t help but think of the many times I had seen my beautiful Franklyn from the Pleiades walking up the back yard to the door, his wife and daughter with him.  I am praying this is the year it becomes Real!!

Let’s get back to those pesky numbers, alignment of his dignitaries.  It wasn’t enough I had the periodic table floating about in my kitchen, now I am starting to SEE the frequency of each number, of each group of his ET friends.  We realized their formation was important and purposeful.  As I stopped looking at them so much and started paying attention to their number pattern, OMG it was like watching a  sound pattern machine thingie:

sound patterns

There was a literal visual and audible pattern coming thru.  It was extraordinary, but like the science coming thru, this is NOT my gig.  It’s his and his to figure out.  My job is hard enough!! lol

But I do want to mention something that was really prominent on one of my facebook threads the other day.  Many people hearing frequencies in their ears.  Ringing sounds.  I have a feeling, this is connected.

By the time we finished our connection, I was on frequency overload and still had one more appointment left.  My god, I feel like fried potatoes, really crispy ones.  I did try to read for her, and god bless her understanding heart.  I felt like a record that kept skipping.  I could see, but not harness the understanding at all.

On that note, celebrate and expand YOUR multidimensional Self.  Stay out of the past, it no longer exists.  Let’s play and build Eden, Together with our friends from beyond the stars!


((((((HUGZ))))) of expanded realities to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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