Questions and Answers from Sirius – Channeller Multidimensional Ocean – 5-7-16

Multidimensional Ocean

Laura and her Higher Self: I made contact with GlaXo, the pilot of the Sirian ship that I am connected with. Glaxo has indicated to me that he is not at the liberty of commenting on SaLuSa’s present mission and whereabouts. He just says that SaLuSa is still overlooking the changes on Earth, and is currently doing work between Earth and Sirius B. The nature of this work has not been specified at this time. GlaXo is aware of the fact that our messages are being read and decoded by people not very well intentioned to quote him directly. So he is using caution in his answers, and prefers to remain on the side of elusiveness and no specifics for now.

Question: what is First contact time frame? This life time for us or the next one?

GlaXo: First contact will take place when civilisations of the Earth will no longer consider their space family to be a threat and that we will no longer be shot at. This is in your government’s hands, not ours. The possibility and threat of faking a violent first contact by the cabal lords has been on the table for many years. That is a very real threat as Earth’s military has been investing huge amounts of funds into weaponizing space and focuses on weapons of mass destructions. This constitutes a gigantic threat for humans and for Galactics alike. Don’t forget that the top of the pyramid is lead by  soulless beings, with no conscience. Those beings did not originate from your planet and they do not have any feelings or remorse for what happens to neither humanity, nor to Mother Earth.

Question: I am concerned for the future of humanity…

GlaXo: this is a good thing that you have those feelings. More people like you are needed at this time. You can ask for help in your prayers to the ascended beings. Genuine heartfelt need for help can be very helpful at this time. Everything that is sincere will be answered to in time.

Please do bear in mind that the harder life conditions become on Earth, the quicker humans will be forced to awake from their slumber. This accelerates the need for a global wake up call, although it is getting to a high level of general distress. What is needed is a general call for help from ordinary humans.

Question: What is SaLuSa doing right now ?

GlaXo: I am not at liberty of discussing his current mission I am afraid. His state would correspond to one of a traveller between dimensions, timelines, Earth’s orbit and Sirius B. You are all very much in his thoughts and loved, of that I can assure you all. He has not forgotten you. This break from messages is freeing his hands up to behind the scenes type of work in a way. And doing work from Sirius B.

Questions: please describe your ships and your homeworld.

GlaXo: This is difficult to explain to a 3D mind, but I will try my best.

Our home planet: Sirius A is a huge star, much brighter than your own Sol star. So on the planets surrounding it, the light is much more powerful.  Sirius B was once a similar type of star, but is now a white dwarf, as it is much older than your own Sol. We are therefore a much older civilisation, one that has mostly ascended in fact. Some of us have accepted to take corporal form in order to carry out several missions where a body is necessary and the ability to deal with the lower density matter. However, unlike humans we are not cut off from our higher self and from the other dimensions. So when we are in a place, we can sense its past, present and future. As well as any other beings that lived, live or will live in those dimensions. However, in order not to be too much distracted, we can switch off those abilities for some time in order to carry out our work. A little like you do on Earth when you are at work. Our planet has ascended billions of years ago, however, we have entirely mapped out the stages of ascension and it is a process that we can control and reverse at will depending on our individual needs.

Many races live on our planets confederation and our main home, for ascended Sirians is indeed the star Sirius B itself. We live inside the star as our frequencies match perfectly that of our star. The ray of our star are wave lengths for communication and for distribution of love and light energies. Those beams of light can transport messages practically instantly with the enhancement of our technology. This means is best described as interdimentional drifting. Many beings use a shielding technology not to be too distracted by what they experience while travelling interdimensionally. Those shields are one way of protecting ourselves, there are also other technologies available to facilitate this type of travel. Souls also travel into bodies via this technology, except at birth, we use a technology that temporally erases the soul’s memory at birth. Birth is a passage from one dimension to another.

This is done in order to give the new born soul a brand new start so to speak into a new family and planet without any previous baggage. However more and more souls are being born at the present moment without having their memory wiped clean at birth. This is due to the fact that higher and higher souls chose to take existence on Earth, and they can deal with interdimentional memories.

Our planet is this wonderful sun that it used to be in its glory days, and that it still is on the higher levels of dimensions. There is no past, no future for us, only the present exists. From our star, we can see many other suns or stars as you would call them. With our naked eyes we can see their light from huge distances. There are 5 stars that are easily visible to our naked eye from Sirius B.

Many beings and civilisations live on our Sun. Dolphin like beings, cat like beings, humanoids, and reptoids. Note that the reptoids on Sirius do not have any common ancestry with the reptilian races of the Earth. Our reptoids beings are highly evolved souls who have ascended.

I will speak about our ships at a later stage as our channel is becoming tired.

We send all our love from orbit and from Sirius

SaLuSa joins me in wishing you a joyful Sunday with high loving vibrations.

Channel: Multidimensional Ocean

SaLuSa via Multidimensional Ocean – Awake on Planet Earth – 3-22-15


SaLusa  via  Multidimensional Ocean

What a blessing it is to walk on mother Earth’s soil in a human body, with the knowledge of an ascended master. In truth this is only a few steps away for many of you. Throughout your day, you can come back to your senses; experience you being alive above the planet. Come back to your soul, come back to yourself.
You need small little pauses throughout your day, when you can just experience the life force within your own body. Just stop for a few moments or minutes, depending on your time. Experience your body being carried away at high speed in the arms of Gaia, enveloped by an aura of bliss and love. Feel the caress of your higher-self upon your Earthly body, feel your heart beat in your chest, sense the joy of having a vibrant and healthy body. Rejoice for you are alive, and every moment in live is a new beginning for you and your loved ones.
You are on Earth for many reasons, but the main one is to learn that you are part of a one and single being. That being is so big and powerful that it’ body is made up of many starts, and constellations. Planets are like electrons in a manner of speaking, and humans are part of that unique being. Humans have the unique possibility of growth into suns thanks to the love and consciousness that they can harbour within their consciousness.
As an awakened and conscious human being, your power is quasi-limitless. You are in contact with the forces above you at all times, and they are with you at all times. The only thing is that, as Earth humans, it takes a shock to wake you up to the fact that angels, archangels and other ascended masters from the entire universe are walking by your side.
You are connected with what is above your head to the infinite and to what is under your feet, dear ones. You are the most wonderful intermediary between the cosmos forces of universal love and light and Mother Earth. You are a flute, a wonderful musical instrument passing on vibrations and harmonics to Mother Earth, and to the Cosmos. You are constantly receiving and transmitting information in both directions.
Much knowledge is also communicated to you through your dreams from the higher spheres of existence. This is the reason why we are happy to see you take part in the Aurora dreamflight and other similar dreamflights experiences. Much is communicated to you during your sleep directly through your sub consciousness by us. In fact, many times, we are playing in your dreams information coming straight from the Akashic records, especially when it concerns your own lives and experiences.
Be aware of your dreams and of the messages that we are communicating to you, try to act on the messages that we pass on to you and not to forget them as soon as you awaken.
With all our love, know that we love you all very much.
Thank you, SaLuSa and Adrial

Channel: Laura Multidimensional Ocean

Contact with Interstellar Brothers and Sisters – SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocean – 1-4-15


It is possible to contact them, as follows. I would appreciate it if you could tell us about the meeting and the conversations if any.

Close your eyes, envelope yourself in a blanket of positive feelings and energy. Reach out to the stars, let your mind be guided to the stars of the sky, to space, to above the Earth.

You will meet the energy of the Sun light there, and the amazing halo of Mother Earth.

Not far, the moon will be coming, watch out for her!

She is quite huge and can appear out of nowhere almost.

Once there, ask (or demand) to connect with your star’s brothers and sisters,

and with the minds of those close to your heart.

Only allow light beings near you..

If you are in luck, they might even invite you on their shipsand chat with you. Ok.

I am asking for connection now:

SaLuSa is the one who is here for me and responds.

I can sense his strong presence and mind,

it is like a bright light shining,it cannot be missed.

I ask him what is going on here, what are we doing,

how are things evolving concerning disclosure.

He replies: “Our mission here is mainly to support our ground crew,

to give you courage to continue, and to provide assistance in many ways,

that many don’t even suspect.

We give protection and cover to many from orbit.

Concerning Disclosure, this matter resides in your own hands, as a human specie.

It cannot be rushed or forced, no good would come of it that way.

We wait for human collective consciousness to grow, develop and

accept the reality of life in the entire universe,

although certain truths on that matter are being actively hidden from you.

You, as part of a wide lightworker network,

are here to bring higher vibrations of love, creative imagination and peace

above the planet, among the collective mind, so to speak.

There is a world, an ocean of other life forms and beings in the universe.

All at various levels of knoweldge and consciousness.

Ultimately, all will be one with Creator, with the One,

so be at peace, knowing that the Creation love is all embracing and present.

The world of alien intrigues, policies, or even conflict of interest

need not preoccupy you for now, as this world will open up to you

once Disclosure has taken place.

It is also a very complex matter, and in a way,

perhaps some will miss the illusion of being all alone in the universe.

No need for concern, just recommending that you enjoy this state of ignorance

for as long as it lasts.

Once you will enter as a civilisation in the bigger universe of inhabitated planets,

life on Earth will never be the same.

So keep the eagerness for Disclosure at bay for now,

know that it will happen, but it will only be a stepping stone

into a much, much bigger universe of choices,

if you are not ready as a civilisation to take that step yet.

With Disclosure, needs to come Enlightment.

Disclosure without Enlightment would only lead to a bigger trap,

if the big picture is not sened by the many.

Until then, we open our hearts and minds to all of you

who wish to join us telepathically from time to time.

We are pleased to connect with as many humans

as wish to do so, for the good and love of the light.

Thank you. I am SaLuSa from Sirius.

Channel: Multidi Ocean

As Above, So Below – SaLuSa and Multidimensional Ocean – 5 Sept 2013


Share your love, wisdom, happiness and consciousness with all those around you dear friends. Your love and joy will reach the deepest depths of Mother Earth, the sadest person on the planet, the darkest soul in the universe.
The power of love and compassion is always the superior power, even if sometimes things may not look that way, for the sake of learning from experience.
Trust that in Good, in Love, in Abundance and in joy!
Forget not to come back to your own being, sense from time to time, which many mistake for service to self. However don’t forget the value of ‘Know thyself’, of as above, as below, and the fact that ‘man’ is a made in the image of God.
So when you focus on your own body, on your own self, when you know what goes on within yourself, you also know what is going on in the Universe and absolute consciousness and God at the same time.
Balance between inside world and outside world is key, and of course finding your path towards spiritual awakening.
Much love to all
SaLuSa and Laura Multidimensional Ocean


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SaLuSa – Sun Magnetic Pole Reversal – Shifting Solar Energies – 7 August 2013 – Multi Dimensional Ocean

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Laura: Carolina just pointed out to me that I posted the title under the wrong date, which I have just corrected to August :) ! ooppsy!!


SaLuSa on Shifting Solar Energies – 7 July 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

The Energies are affecting you in a very positive way at the moment. We are always enjoying your planet blooming with people’s increasing awareness and joy. The extra sunshine is a spectacular event for us to watch, as the Sun is undergoing its natural cycle of polarity reversal, which is nothing to be nervous about at all, as it is a very regular event.

Around this time, there are extra radiations being emitted from the Sun, preparing for its polarity reversal. This energy is being dispersed over the planet in an even manner, and envelops the planet in a gentle soft blanket of light. Many of you are feeling its effect, and are feeling the effect of the magnetism changing direction, which can happen in the next 2 to 3 months according to the current readings.

This can also lead to headaches for some of you, migraines, sinuses being over sensitive, and a general tension around your own head and brain activity. This will be increasing as we are approaching the moment of magnetic polarity reversal. The Sun will not physically move, only its polarity will be reversed. There is absolutely nothing to be nervous about, as this is a very regular event taking place every ten to twelve years ordinarily.

With the abundance of solar extra energy, those of you who are not able to process the extra energy may find themselves overly active and nervous. As a matter of fact, many of you can see the effects of such an activity on the warfare dynamic on your planet and the increase of tension.

The world scene is preoccupied with mundane affairs and your media is, as usual distracting you from any news information worthy of reporting. Such as the corruption infestation your banking world and the political arena. If you look deeper into these events, you will be able to understand a lot more about the cabal’s frame of mind and how they can pull the strings over entire populations and countries by keeping you misinformed, dis informed, and reporting petty news, which is of no real importance. We encourage you to use independent websites and blogs, and to recommend these on your own media system to friends.

The spiritual hierarchy and Jesus are focusing much light in the areas of war, and poverty. Those areas receive extra-help from the higher realms, and support on the emotional and spiritual level. We wish that our voices be heard and understood, when you can barely hear us in-between 2 thoughts, emotions, or activities. Do not dismiss that little voice in your head, which most of the time translates as intuition. Do take a few minutes throughout your day to gather your own thoughts and energy into your body and you will feel connected to the higher realms.

We also communicate with you when your subconscious travels to meet us in the stars so to speak, and onto our spaceships. You may wake up in the morning with fresh ideas, fresh news and feeling relieved about issues and worries that you had before going to sleep.

At this time of the year, we are allowed coming a lot closer to your planet and decloak, as with the solar magnetism reversal many of you also experience an inner opening, and welcome us truly with their heart. We welcome such opportunities and welcome feeling your interest in us, and respond by decloaking more often so that it becomes easier for you to see our ships.

The speed of events are also accelerating for you, time is literally speeding up, and there is little time left for you to do all the things you intended to do. Your life on Earth is a bright event, a shining experience of truth and bravery. We admire your work for the light and the collective consciousness.

As always we encourage your efforts for the light and spreading love all around you. The love that you feel, and that you spread is beaming up in the outer sphere of your planet. Every step that you take upon Mother Earth with consciousness and love, provokes a string of light around you, and attracts many ascended angels and beings in your path.

Make extra efforts at this time in treating those around you with extra love and care, this is a time where souls are extra-perceptive and sensitive. All that you feel think and do will impact them at a subconscious level more than in the ordinary.

We recommend that you pay particular attention to the way you perform your daily duties, and the way you deal with so called routine and with the instinctive and automatic actions of your body, such as walking, breathing, eating and doing what it is that you are doing moment by moment. Stay with your sensation, remain in the open awareness mode, don’t shut yourself to the world around you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am glad to remind you that although at times, you may feel cut off from the rest of the Universe, from other dimensions and from your loved ones by distance, in truth you are always connected and can visit them just by thought, which in turn will carry your astral body to that place and that person.

We love you very much, in love and light. SaLuSa from Sirius

Channel: Laura Multidimensional Ocean


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Energy Update – 25 May Eclipse – Multidimensional Ocean – and SaLuSa

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Relationships on Earth – Multidimensional Ocean 21 May 2013


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Relationships with lovers and past lovers are one of the most difficult issues to deal with in our 3D life. It is one of the topics that I am asked most to discuss, channel and do questions and answer sessions about. It is a topic always deep in our mind for both genders.

Some people seem to blame themselves for unsuccessful relationships, in particular with someone that may have been perceived as being the twin flame or an important soul mate. Others are feeling lonely, hopeless for never finding someone to go out with, while others again seem to hang on to a relationship not being certain whether it is the right decision to make or not.

I think that it is important at this point for many of us to take our own responsibilities and discuss matters with the partner, or to reveal your feelings to the person that you like if you are being sincere about it and if you feel that the other person can be trusted.

It is also very important to realize that one has to let go of expectations, of possessing the other person, whether this person is a soul mate, a spouse, or your twin flame.

Many people are under the dreamy illusion that when one meets the twin flame all will be just rosy and perfect. However, one has to bear in mind that many of us have unfinished business with another partner, or karma to settle with another being, or may be married and have a family.

It is important to allow the twin flame to live his or her life such as his or her life plan is meant to be. Let go of any selfish feelings, because if you decide to interfere in the twin flame life, before his or her karma is settled with someone else, you may end up creating a much more difficult situation for everybody.

Don’t spend your life hoping, dreaming, or waiting for the person that you think may be your twin flame to be free and come to you. This may never take place in this dimension, and most likely will not. When in 3D, twin flames come from totally opposite angles, so understanding of one another would be very challenging. There would be much resentment for being in a relationship with someone else also. It is likely that you will be faced with your own limitations when in presence of you twin. Your twin is here to challenge every aspect of your life, to help you question and discover who you are, and your true purpose for this life.

If people unite with the twin flame before their separate mission is done, the life mission and learning experiences may never be learnt, as many couples will just fall into the comfort of each other’s love and considering that they have achieved the most difficult goal for their life and will go on and end their search.

Those among us, knowing that someone is their twin flame, will have to behave with a huge amount of love, grace and generosity. Let go of all memories, desires, longings, hopes for now, don’t expect anything at all. The only thing you can do is to keep your love for that person in your heart, for your hearts are connected, and the other will eventually know.

Much love to everybody out there feeling this pressure now.

Hugs, Laura

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