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Artificial Intelligence Among Us – Background, Shadow, and Filler People

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Published on Jul 26, 2019

In this video, Beverly shares a channeling with Source Energy about artificial intelligence. Source answers questions Beverly has received about A.I. To learn more about Beverly and her team visit:


Find a High-Frequency Energy Location Near You!

In this video, Beverly shows the importance of finding a high-frequency energy location to experience the benefits of wellness, healing, and increased psychic abilities. Through a process her team created, an Energy Location Report can be generated for any location in the world. The research is based on 11.5 million air, satellite, and ship readings taken by scores of government and scientific agencies worldwide. High magnetism results in high-frequency energy. You do not need to travel to Sedona Arizona or Mt. Shasta California to experience pockets of high-frequency energy. They are everywhere. You can order an Energy Location Report for your location which will show you the frequency of the energy where you live, work, or travel to. Any address, city, or region can be researched and scored for the report. Expansive areas such as whole states and countries are problematic because details disappear when zooming out too far. Reports are $9 per location. You receive two map views with additional information. The report is 6 pages. Discounts are available for multiple locations. To receive a discount code, email To order an Energy Location Report go to…


Talking with Sev Tok About Physical Encounters with Multidimensional Beings

In this video Beverly talks with Sev Tok about physical encounters with multidimensional beings. Sev Tok is an author, speaker, spiritual coach, and experiencer who has been encountering beings in other dimensions since childhood. This interview covers the topics of the hybridization program that Sev experienced and the biological enhancement program. You can learn more about Sev by visiting her website: You can learn more about Beverly and her team by visiting:



Scientist Invents Technology to See Multidimensional Beings – via Rumor Mill News


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Contrary to the beliefs of the transhumanists, the idea that we are not just physical beings living in a physical universe but multi-dimensional beings living in a multi-dimensional universe dates back to the earliest civilizations.

Many ancient spiritual and metaphysical philosophies, like Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Kabbalism and others teach that there were multiple realms of existence and that the universe is somehow divided into planes; each consisting of its own reality; populated and inhabited by multitudes of entities, beings, creatures and objects. The hidden dimensions are described as making up a much larger proportion of the universe than the physical parts that can be seen.

Ancient Hindu traditions describe seven planes of existence, each teeming with life. The lower planes are said to express more of the material aspect and the higher planes express more of the energy aspect. These seven planes interpenetrate each other and occupy the same space. Different levels of consciousness are required to perceive these different planes or dimensions.

The ancients lacked a science to explain how this was possible. This video by Universe Inside You says this is no longer the case and that there’s nothing at all mystical about it; that all can be explained with physics.

Quantum physics sheds light on the truth about our world, showing us how our physical material world is really not physical or material, at all. As Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Niels Bohr said, “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” Atoms are made out of invisible energy, not tangible matter. As Richard Conn Henry, a professor of physics and astronomy stated, “Get over it and accept the inarguable conclusion: The universe is immaterial, mental and spiritual.”

We’re then introduced to the work of Colombian inventor, Daniel Nemes, who claims to have created a technology called “Energy Vision” that can photograph other-dimensional beings.


Cosmic Citizens – Multidimensional Beings – Keys of Enoch – J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D

Powerful Primates

I thought this might raise your level of awareness and trip you out today. J.J. Hurtak breaks down the amazing power humanity possesses and what the future may hold as travelers of the cosmos, embryo gods, multidimensional space beings that currently inhabit planet earth.

J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D., is author of the best-seller, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®, translated into fifteen languages.

The vision of the futures as described by J.J. Hurtak, as a new ‘space kind’ sounds pretty rad to me.

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