MOTHER EARTH – Accessing Our Higher Power – 6-10-18


Published on Jun 10, 2018
Mother Earth, Accessing Our Higher Power June 4, 2018 via Marie Mohler
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THE DIVINE MOTHER – Earth Day – Mother Earth and Ascension – By Linda Li – by Love Has Won – 4-23-18


Divine Mother says, dear ones, I am your Divine Mother. Spring is here. I see you all are busy and enjoying the return of life, Even animals know that spring is the time of renewal. It is time for them to get out and enjoy the sun. Indeed, a beautiful season on earth. Mother Gaia’s beauty is on full display.

I love you dear children on earth, I am your Divine Mother. Besides enjoying the season, I want to remind each and everyone of you that Mother Gaia’s ascension is still on display. In other words, spring is beautiful. But without Gaia, spring wouldn’t be spring. Your life would be totally different. In other words, appreciate what you have on earth, appreciate what Gaia has to offer to you, and appreciate what Mother Earth has in store for all life. It is beautiful, bountiful indeed.

Humans tend to see and know what is in front of them, like Mother Earth, Humans can see Mother Earth, feel her living breath, smell her fragrances and taste her flowers and fruits. So, humans know by heart that Mother Earth loves them, provides for them and actually lives for them. But energetically, humanity is still in the deep sleep. Humanity doesn’t relate to Gaia as they relate to Mother Earth. They know Mother Earth is their mother who protects and provides for them. But, if you ask humans, who is Gaia? You maybe surprised that very few think of Gaia as Mother Earth, love Gaia as they love Mother Earth, and treat Gaia as their Mother. So, that is the message I want to bring to you today.

Today, souls celebrate Mother Earth and all that she can provide for humanity. But in doing so, humanity tends to forget that energetically it is Gaia that needs your help. She is the Mother Earth. She is the Mother Earth spirit, and she is the one who really needs your attention and love. Love her unconditionally, just like you love Mother Earth. Yes, Mother Earth is tangible and provides. But without Gaia, there wouldn’t be Mother Earth. Gaia is the spirit of Mother Earth and all that are on Mother Earth. Gaia is the higher being and Gaia is the incarnation of the Divine Mother, Mother of all creation. That relationship is quite potent, but seldom told to humanity. That is why I am here. I am here because Gaia needs me. I am here because Mother Earth is in trouble. I am here because humanity needs to wake up to its truth and ascend with Gaia. I am here because I am so anxious for Gaia and Mother Earth, and I want them to have a peaceful journey home. I am here indeed, with Gaia and Mother Earth. I am here with you all, my dear children on earth. Together, we are bringing Gaia home. She is the Divine Mother. She deserves your full attention and loving support so that her journey home can be smooth.

In the process of sending Gaia and angels here, to the planet, I had, few times, taken the opportunity to come to earth myself, make sure that Gaia will be ok here, her children will flourish here, and all her offsprings will remember me and the divinity within. That is the agreement I have with Gaia and Mother Earth. And that is why I have decided to send Gaia here, her children here, and have the full confidence that some day, they all will learn the wisdom and come home to me.

But, due to the density of 3 Dimensional reality, and in the process of learning to be a human, a majority of Gaia’s children on earth have lost touch with their Divine connection. Especially the inner connection with themselves, that is the most tragic part for me. Being the Divine Mother, Mother of all creation, I have come to a point where I hardly believe what has happened to Gaia and her children. I have such a hard time looking at her, and how much she has sustained in order just to stay alive. It is astonishing. Gaia has come to this point, and hardly recognizable. It is truly the tragedy that I have a hard time with.
On this Earth Day, my precious children on earth, I want to remind you that Gaia is your Divine Mother. Gaia deserves your full attention and love. Love her, help her and bring her home with your unconditional love. She needs all of your help and support. She is at the stage that sometimes she still barely makes it. She is indeed in great need of help and support.

I love you my precious children on earth, I am your Divine Mother. In the next few days and weeks, things will change for the better for Gaia because we will have more of the Divine help and energies come in. In that process, we will bring Gaia to a little higher place and hopefully she will see the results and have great hope for herself and her children. So, look forward to it dear ones. We are approaching a better time now, for Gaia and for you. Have faith, know your Divine Mother/Father God are with you, on earth, helping Gaia’s ascension and helping humanity. Together, we will bring Gaia home and bring Gaia’s children to a safe and sound place. Go in peace dear children on earth. I am your Divine Mother. Happy Earth Day.


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White Light and Ascension – Gaia Channeling – 4-13-18

Gaia of Mother Earth

White Light and Ascension
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Hello All!

Mother Gaia is feeling so happy and energized today.  I was extremely grateful for the beautiful sunny and 70 degree morning she gave me today!  I sat on the ground and embraced Gaia’s love during my meditation and she came through with a wonderful message for us all. Never forget to thank Gaia for all she has done, and be sure to do your part, no matter how tiny, to try and ease the footprint we are leaving on her at this time. Just as many of us are energetically healing and feeling the urge to cleanse our physical body, Mother Gaia needs our help to cleanse her. Even the smallest gesture will make a difference. Gaia is so full of love for us and is so thrilled that we care enough to share the love back with her.   I hope you enjoy!

Much Love,


The love and light of the world is shining bright- many efforts have brought forth healing at just the right time. Life is changing, as are the seasons, as are each of you.  Embrace these changes and understand how significant of a growing point we all are about to reach. Mother Earth is ascending with each of you. She is within and around you, sharing your energy. Keep your energy up and positive and full of love. Bring white light into your body at least twice daily. Ask ascended masters for a full spiritual and physical healing. Remember, we are all powerful beings with the ability to heal ourselves and others, including the earth around us. Raise your vibration so we may all carry the white light and disperse it around us wherever we go. We must shine the light into the Earth at all times so we may all ascend. The truth is that this earth will become New Earth. Those who will not ascend will leave and their souls will transfer elsewhere. We are one with Gaia and it is now up to us to shift the energy around us completely. Once we become walking beams of Lights, we will see the physical world around us shift spiritually. We will see it, but not realize it immediately until we look back over the years and realize how far we have progressed. Much disease will dissipate due to the multitudes living in significantly higher vibrations. The earth, wind, trees, and water will begin to cleanse themselves as they are able to take on the new vibration of mankind. The shift is happening, but we cannot sit idly by, it is only happening because we have begun to take action and realize what it is we must do. Listen to your soul and understand your part in all of this. Each soul is massively significant to this process. The reward will be magnified in your heart and evident in your life as you begin to finally take on your responsibilities in the shift. Thank you all for caring and doing your part to help with this ascension process!

Love and Light,

Mother Gaia

NATALIE GLASSON – MOTHER EARTH – Returning to Your Original Design of Co-Creation with Mother – 12-9-17 – by Era Of Light

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Divine blessings and gifts of light extend from the essence of my being to you. I am Mother Earth; I am the pure consciousness and source of the Earth. I come forth to communicate with you as we have a contract together of co-creationIn order for us to exist within this dimension known as the Earth, there is a need for our energies to be as one, listening and communicating with each other, as well as holding a similar focus for creation. When we have embedded into our entire being the same focus of creation, our frequencies unite, we empower each other, awaken truth and become a potent force of creation. Thus healing, remembrance and all that humanity and I, Mother Earth, desire can come to fruition. Our united focus and frequency is the key to aiding ascension for all beings, fulfilment and remembrance of the Creator.

Disharmony and Disconnection

Often humanity does not recognise their disharmony and disconnection with me, Mother Earth. However, it is apparent to me and can be recognised within your own reality. It is the purpose of humanity to be in harmony with my being and for me to be in harmony with humanity. To determine whether you and humanity are experiencing disconnection and disharmony with my energy you can ask yourself, in quiet time, a few questions:

Do I experience an energy exchange with Mother Earth? Do I often draw upon the energy of Mother Earth and give my own energy to Mother Earth? Do I think of Mother Earth and humanity lovingly during my day? When focusing up creation and fulfilment in my life do I contemplate Mother Earth and humanity’s role within my own existence? Do I seek guidance from Mother Earth as to how to support myself and others? Do I see Mother Earth as a part of me and extend my gratitude to her for my existence on the Earth? Do I recognise Mother Earth as a mirror of my own being, recognising energies that require to be healed and resolved? Do I recognise Mother Earth’s physical and energetic bodies as a sacred aspect of myself and the Creator?

I, Mother Earth, notice that many souls upon the Earth do not take time to engage with my energy, in fact, they do not realise that what occurs within my energetic and physical being directly influence their being, ascension and existence. They are disconnected from themselves, therefore from the Creator and my own energy. Thus they are not fully themselves or in their own power. Due to this disconnection, our energies become out of sync; it is almost as if we are repelling each other’s energies. I, Mother Earth, then must create from the space of my source without divine connection with humanity and without understanding the needs or divine plan of humanity as a collective, because I can no longer access it. Humanity becomes unfulfilled, destructive, chaotic in nature, powerless, and lacking in true focus and connection with the Creator.

Mother Earth and humanity were designed to exist in harmony, to co-create and empower each other. This is something that is important to retain in your conscious awareness.

Harmony and Co-Creation

When there is acceptance, love, peace, harmony, connection, energetic exchange and remembrance of truth between humanity and myself, Mother Earth, then all will be empowered. New understanding will dawn of the purpose of life upon this dimension, remembrance of how to create and access fulfilment, as well as activations of liberation. It is not that I have disregarded humanity nor is it that humanity is ignoring me. Over time we have become separated and disengaged from each other. I, Mother Earth remember how it was designed for us to connect and existence in harmony. Many souls upon the Earth still remember our oneness. However, the majority have been distracted and therefore disempowered. It is time for the collective of humanity to remember their alignment with me, our need for co-creation and our purpose of supporting each other through the ascension process. I wish to invite you to awaken your inner remembrance so together we may awaken the same for all.

When we are in harmony, I can support your healing, and you can aid mine.

Awakening Your Inner Remembrance

‘Mother Earth, I call forth your healing, activating energies and consciousness to be present with me now. It is my desire for my entire being and all energy systems to be cleansed and reactivated with the purpose of dissolving any separation experiences or energy I am holding onto connected to Mother Earth and the Creator. Redirect your energy into my being to remind my entire being of its purpose of being as one with you, Mother Earth. Reawaken my conscious awareness and the awareness of my cells to be aligned with your being as was originally intended. As your energy moves through my being let me discover my centre and true connection with you, Mother Earth.’

Take time to breathe and experience my work with you.

‘Mother Earth, I share and gift to you now my acceptance, love, peace and harmony. May I remember how we were designed to work as one, co-creating for self, humanity, Earth and all. May this remembrance inspire me to create necessary transformations within my perspective, actions, focus and service in my existence now. Enlighten me and share our deepest connection with me. Let me understand how I can be of service to you, Mother Earth and how I can successfully fulfil my purpose with you in this lifetime.’

Share your energy and love with me, Mother Earth, you will experience our exchange of light and consciousness. Allow me to inspire and enlighten you as to how we can harmonise and co-create. When our energy is one, and a powerful connection between us is established, then we will be able to harmonise our focus and begin to co-create fulfilment.

‘Mother Earth, I now invite you to imprint the healing, activations and enlightenment you have shared with and ignited within my being with all of humanity. May humanity now remember their purpose of harmony and co-creation with Mother Earth. Thank you.’

United Co-Creation

I, Mother Earth, wish to share some steps to focus the progression of our united co-creation.

  1. Focus on experiencing an exchange of energy with me, Mother Earth.
  2. Experience unity with me, as we connect our energy, we will create a space or sanctuary of light which we both exist within. Within this space you will notice your power reforming and activating, as will mine.
  3. After experiencing and accessing our sanctuary a few times, I, Mother Earth invite you to enter our sanctuary with the purpose of listening to me as I share with you my purpose, mission upon the Earth, how I can be of service and my needs. I, Mother Earth, then invite you during the same connection or a separate connection with our sanctuary to allow me to listen to you as you share any information you wish. You may share any insights on your purpose, mission upon the Earth, how you can be of service, your needs and desires for self and humanity. This will allow our frequency and focus to begin to harmonize.
  4. I, Mother Earth, then invite us to enter into our sanctuary with the intention of creating a united focus. Our united focus will dawn on you, inspiring your mind and being. You may receive a vision, feeling, idea, understanding or any form of communication that allows you to accept our united focus. An idea, action or energy that we can both focus upon and add energy This will be a creation of your soul energy and mine.
  5. You can return to our sanctuary with me, Mother Earth, whenever you wish to focus upon our co-creation, observing the anchoring of its fruition.

Through this process we will be relearning how to exist in harmony with each other, we will also co-create for yourself, myself, humanity and all beings.

Let us ignite our unity and co-create ascension with ease and perfection,

Mother Earth.


» Source – Channel: Natalie Glasson

SUZANNE LIE – A Promise to Mother Earth – 11-25-17


Through Suzanne Lie

Welcome to my Blog!


I know there is a way to be

Always Happy  – Always Free

Within that NOW, there is no time

There is no reason. There is no rhyme

At the edge of NOW

There is no “me”

Since ALL is ONE

There is only WE

What if before we entered Earth

We knew it was for our re-birth

We came from knowing we were ONE

To join the planet, third from the Sun


We knew that planet was known as Earth

Would be were we would find re-birth


But, we had to know that we must be

At ONE with all that we could see

We saw that Earth would need our love

From deep within, to high above

But when we came, we soon forgot

And began to look for what WE sought

We forgot that Gaia was our Mother

And above Her, we should place no other

Now Gaia cries for us to be

The healers of all, that we can see

But we forgot, the reason why

And damaged Earth, Air, Water and Sky

And then, one day, we looked above

To find that we could still give love

We began to love our Earthly Mother

For we remembered She is above all other


Our human needs began to be

Second to making dear Gaia Free

There were the ones who could not give

As it was for wealth, that they did live

But those who loved dear Mother Earth

Began to have a Great Re-birth

“Beloved Mother,” we did cry

We know you’re wounded, and we know why

We promise NOW to Love your being

And send our LOVE to ALL we’re seeing

We remember know, how we looked away

And thought we’d help some other day

But days and months and years passed by

And we forgot, to hear to your cry

Dear Mother Earth, we are awakening

And now, at last, we are remembering

Dear planet Earth, you are our Mother

And above you, we must place NO other


We came to Earth from far away

To prepare your body for today

But, is was our SELF, we did ignore

Till we could not know it, any more

But, slowly NOW, we do remember

WE are the taker, and the Sender

Do we want to take what belongs to you?

Is that really what we want to do?

“NO, NO,” we cry to Mother Earth

We know we came for YOUR re-birth

Hence, we send you our Heart and Mind

So that our Mission, we can find

If our heart is opened, and our mind is free

We will remember who we came to BE

We are ONE with you, Dear Earth

To send you love for YOUR rebirth

The journey here was not to be

To capture all that we could see

We came to give, and NOT to take

But, instead we made a big mistake

So NOW we send you service and love

From deep within and High above

We remember NOW, we are to be

The stewards of all that we can see

We ask you Gaia to forgive

The life that we once chose to live

We promise NOW to serve YOU, Mother

And, to put OUR planet above all other

We release our selfish human being

To remember it is YOU, we’re freeing

We see you NOW, as our dear Mother

The ONE who is above all Other

We put you first within our Heart

So YOUR ascension, can FINALLY start!

Through Suzanne Lie

MOTHER EARTH via Ann Dahlberg – 10-4-17 – by

Mother Earth



Mother Earth   –   Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Mother Earth. I am your Mother and you are all a part of the thousands of children that exist on Earth. I am the reason for all life that exists on Earth and all life is equally dear to me. Everything that is flowing though Earth gives me energy and nourishment and everything that is solid gives me the strength and the base that I stand on. Of course, everything changes as the years pass, just as your bodies change and look different after you have some years behind you.

A major cleansing process has started in my body as I now have chosen to cleanse myself with the help of the light. This cleansing process has also started in your own bodies as the light now is reaching everything on Earth. It is an intensive period with many old patterns that are dissolving. The cleansing takes place a bit here and there on Earth today, and also here and there in your bodies, which also depends on where you have put your negative patterns and habits.

It is now getting clearer and clearer in your eyes. There are many who have started to see through the veil. You have received much help and more is coming in order for you to understand and see where you and this ship is going. We are like a ship in space that now is joining the other motherships, which belong to the family that we once left.

It is with jubilation in my heart that I now return home again and it is with joy and love that I now take all my children with me that have chosen to follow me in their heart. The Earth that you now walk on will return to his former splendor and you have chosen to be my dear co-workers. My gratitude for the great courage and the great love you have shown, which makes me very humble and touched in mind.

It has been a long journey my dear children, but now you can finally see the light and the beautiful summer that awaits us. The year of Jubilation has started my dear children on Earth and I am so proud of you. I have followed your journeys – the easy and the hard ones. I have laughed and cried with you. I have felt your fear and your horror, but I have also felt your courage and love. Now is the time to choose love dear children and let it take over your heart. When the heart is full of love fear has no place anymore. Fill yourselves with the love that exists around you now. I am filled with love for you and everything that is and this love I now send up to you in the form of rays of light. Let it penetrate into your heart and feel that you are one with Earth, which is your home. Also, let the light from above embrace you and feel that you are one with all that is.

We are all one and I look forward to a light and beautiful world where love flows to each one of you, a warm, beautiful and unconditional love.

You are my beloved children and you exist forever in my heart.

Mother Earth

LORD SANANDA – Earth At The Threshold – 8-19-17 – Era Of Light



I am Sananda

and I have a few important matters to tell you today. We are at the threshold of a new era and Earth or Gaia and everything that lives on her is now in the process of being transformed to a higher vibration of energy and light. Everything that is not in unison with this vibration is now falling by the wayside and disappears. The higher vibration is now penetrating Earth and everything is impacted by it. Your bodies are adjusting to the higher vibrations and is discarding all the old dross in forms of thought patterns and blockages. The resistance is being crushed and the more resistance the more trouble you will have in your life. Be adoptable, try to understand and see what you should change and your life will immediately become better. The higher vibration has come to stay and everything is trying to adjust to it. Sit down and feel what it is that needs to be released in your life, so that your body can vibrate in harmony with the higher frequency that has reached Earth and is spreading with great speed. More and more people have picked up the higher frequency and have started to act in it with their new ideas and their recovered creativity. This is also true for the animal and plant kingdoms. Everything on Earth is today adapting to the frequency of the light. The loving light with its higher frequency finds its way everywhere and nobody can escape it.

It is time to get out of the cocoon and try your new wings – Your beautiful wings with all the colors of the rainbow that carry you wherever you wish to fly. The confinement will be replaced with openness, what is grey will be replaced by what is colorful. Joy and harmony is what is going to permeate your bodies. Everything that can make you laugh is good to practice now. Everything that gives you harmony and joy is preferable, since the body needs to feel that way so that the higher energies of light and joy can be absorbed into it. What do you like to doi? Do you like dancing, painting, go for walks, be out in nature, write, sing….yes there is an infinite amount of ways to find joy in one’s life. Make sure you get some joy today and during all days ahead. It will make it easier for your body to find its correct vibration at a higher energy frequency.

We are all going through different kinds of symptoms at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual kind. This is unavoidable since we are leaving a heavy density in favor of one that is lighter. You have managed well dear people on Earth. You are on your way and many of you are keeping up the pace with Mother Earth. Many more are slightly behind. So, there is a great transition that is on the way and Mother Earth will get a well-needed face-lift. Everything is open now for your successes. All that you have hoped for and waited for is now open and are only waiting for your gifts so that they can blossom into full bloom. It is time for the work to start – the work with yourselves and the work with your Earth.

Is the most wonderful of times in the Universe – and it is now. We are all over with you now and we rejoice and dance with you along the way. It is a beautiful path that we follow. It is a white path that is lit up by the sun of the Universe, and everything is just bright, light, beautiful and loving.

I am now leaving you with great love in my heart.



» Source – Channel: Ann Dahlberg – Translation from Swedish to English: Per Staffan