Judith Satori – Morphogenetic Field Healing/Clearing

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Morphogenetic Field Healing/Clearing

The morphogenetic fields are the substrate patterns of sound and light that are the ‘pattern’ for the physical body. The morphogenetic fields are created by soul imprinting from all our previous lives. If you have experienced a deep physical soul trauma such as a beheading or mutilation it will leave an energy weakness and distortion in the morphogenetic fields that relate to that area of your physical body in this life. It is one of the major reasons for chronic pain/dis-ease in a particular part of the body where there has been no accident or illness in this lifetime.

Always work with the Morphogenetic fields first before other audio tracks when working with the physical body. If you have physical issues, listen to this track once a day for five consecutive days. Understand that the physical body and the emotional body are intertwined, so your physical issue may also be related to an emotional issue.


Tuning the Physical Instrument, is an excellent CD to use and follow as are the karmic clearing audios,

Healing the Pain and Weight Loss for Body and Mind.


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