Morpheus via Robert Mesure – Nature – Transmutation – Ascension – 10-27-14

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Morpheus by Robert Mesure  /  October 27, 2014

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Morpheus by Robert Mesure
October 4, 2014





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Morpheus June 29, 2013
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~ Love Magnetism ~

Amplification of quantal spatial gravitation through extension of spirit soul communion transcends mind through augmentation of scalar accretion, elevating source magnetism as receptivity of energetic patterning reconstitute into light modulation. As mind forms a larger field; expanding through oscillated synthesis, streaming increases in velocity and vibratory frequency, enhancing the magnetic component of the system.

Magnetism is experienced as sexual energy in anatomical bio-structure. all comes from consciousness, the one consciousness that which is you, substantiated in the collective mind. sexual energy is the impulse of creative emission. It is responsible for your talent, charisma, creative abilities and much more. this is why it is important to use sexual force for creative use and manifestation, do not just throw it away. You are a cell, a collective projective, expressing from a biological subsystem intertwined in the progressive cycle of the superstructure, all is one. The collective sequencing of your being forms realities through energetic exchange simulations of interconnected flux emission. All this is your consciousness attracting its self. The sexual component of energetic streaming is generated through love, as love increases so does sexual energy. in essence it is the creative emanation of love, an internal composer of expressive collective circuitry. Ego consolidates your being into materialized substance through the gravitation of matter, whilst love and light are of spiritual quality and hold no density.

The attraction of your pulse will create due to the attention and intention contributed, mentally and emotionally. If you are being negative, you will create an outcome, if that outcome is what u desired to make you happy, it will have the make up of what you want, but with a negative charge, because that’s how it manifested. Positivity is the way, Love. Particularized substance is delegated through the collective flow of exerted accretion as the composite artefact of the reactive composer is the sentience of the correspondent. All flows from source. As vibratory frequency accelerates the collective flux increases and receptivity elevates.

You may be experiencing a manifold cognition of negative thought forms, this is a flux of the collective mind expressing through your magnetism, its about transforming the energies into positive love emissions as they come through and sending them back out amplified. The increase of your frequency gives you the ability to do this almost instantly. If you are in a constant state of pure intention and loving vibration you will be doing this automatically. If you find yourself overwhelmed with these thoughts, centre yourself and reconnect with your inner truth. An outcome of being in a egocentric state is lust, lust is lack of love as you are materializing the charge and feeling the need to discharge it physically, when you feel lust meditate and focus on transforming it into love. It is hard to love one who has no love for themselves, at times it might seem painful, the eviction of energy without a responsive communion; the dialect of the rendition seems futile but never forget the radical flow of intended grace is the fundamental impulse of perseverance.

Utilizing your sexual energy appropriately will balance the sex polarities of your androgynous nature. When the male and female counterparts of your being radiate in synchronisation the fundamental correspondent nucleus is in balance and forms a magnetic flux through ecstatic fusion. for this fusion to occur, love yourself. It is also through this magnetic flux current that your twin flame is attracted. When you are segregated into dual aspects of sexual emission you are not fully receptive to the entirety of streaming. Thus, creating barriers and blockages of energy conduct as the most prominent counterpart distinguishes inhibitions.

Through the tethering agent of love, sexual permeation magnetizes light, elevating the light quota. The anatomical structure of your biological vessels synthesises with the partons of stellar light coding, emitting resonant fusion of hyperelectric intelligence systems. When your vibrational frequency accelerates the light of your inner being and soul fuses with the higher light of the conjoint creator(spirit) this trinitization initiates ascension by expansion of interstellar light within every cell.