MONTAGUE KEEN – A Sense of Excitement – 9-27-17



Montague Keen  via Veronica

There is a sense of excitement that many of you have become aware of and are excited by. Victory is within reach and you are sensing it. You know and you feel in your souls that coming together to meditate and to pray, is producing results. Keep it up, this is your weapon against the dark forces of control. The Cabal can no longer rule from the shadows. They have been exposed. Their puppets in governments now find themselves exposed as TRAITORS to the human race. You ask, who should you trust? Can you not see that together you are more powerful than the Cabal? You prevented the carnage of America that the Cabal had planned. You have the power and the ability to prevent the take over of the Earth. The 1% cannot overpower you. They do not stand a chance against an awakened humanity. All the seats of evil now find themselves exposed and vulnerable. They are no longer in control.

The Vatican, with all its secret cults, such as Opus Dei, will answer to God/Source and the human race. Their evil deeds will be exposed. The Vatican supports pedophilia and they want humanity to accept it too. But humanity will never tolerate such a crime against its innocent children. Death is something that has to be faced by all. Then you are on your own to face the consequences of your actions during your lifetime. Obeying the Vatican will be no excuse for your actions against children. Your actions and your actions alone, not the excuse that is heard over and over again, that you were obeying orders, is never accepted.

Remember, every act of kindness is noted. As you emerge from the darkness of the evil control of religions and governments, go with your conscience. Know who you are and why you are on the Earth at this time of great change. It is a new beginning. Truth and justice are paramount and must be made available to all. Every day we observe that humanity becomes stronger as people wake up to the reality in which they find

The lies of history must be exposed. The lies of religions must be exposed. Truth, and only truth, will will be accepted now. You must look with eyes wide open at those who were held up as great thinkers and great scientists who fed you false teachings. They were part of the Cabal and they were paid to feed you false information that agreed with the lies of the Cabal. Look again at what you were told about the Russian Revolution. It is similar to what you see happening in your world today: the same people and the same desire to take control, although now they operate under different names.

The same people created what you were told was a famine in Ireland. IT WAS A HOLOCAUST, instigated and overseen by the JESUITS. The evidence is there for all who seek the truth. Stop believing their lies. You owe it to yourself to explore the truth because you are surrounded by a sea of lies.

To move forward into the light you must first explore the truth and live by it. Everything you were taught by your parents, school, and university, was based on lies to ensure Cabal control. My wife grew up in Ireland, so she knows only too well how the Irish people are mind controlled by the Vatican. Its evil regime of control of the hearts and minds of the Irish people is criminal. The Vatican has done this to many other parts of the world also. However, its evil control is fast coming to an end, and not a moment too soon. The full extent of their criminal activities will be laid bare for all to see.

Both sides of life wish to thank you for your support of Dave McCann. Justice will prevail. This is your opportunity to show the Cabal that you will not allow them to hold him in jail. Remember: there, but for the grace of God, go all of you.

Justice for Dave McCann, Irish man framed in California | Legal Expenses Fundraising with GoGetFunding

The more you come together with strength and conviction, the more the Cabal control will fall. You do not need to fight, but only to expose the truth and you will see them run for shelter. They have no wish to face the truth of their actions. They believed they were much too clever for you mere mortals to ever suspect them. They saw themselves as so superior to you. But their game is up, exposed, and revealed, so there is no doubt that they alone are responsible for all that is evil and corrupt on the Earth.

The task ahead for you is great and the reward is enormous: the removal of all corruption. The restoration of all that humanity needs to survive: water, food, air, the basics of life; these must take priority. Find leaders who can be trusted, who are not affiliated to religion or politics. The old order, rule by political parties, cannot be considered, for there is too much baggage involved. Things were put in place many hundreds of years ago to ensure that this transition would go smoothly. The great seers of the past, such as Nostradamus, wrote that this was so. You will succeed and you will remove all obstacles on your path. It was written that this will be so. Embrace the future and make it all that you would wish the future to be.

My dear, you are on the right track. All will happen when the timing is right. You were remembering our wedding [anniversary] yesterday when we celebrated our love. So pure, so great, that even death cannot diminish it. Our love goes on.

Together forever, your adoring, Monty.

Comment from Veronica
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ERA OF LIGHT – Montague Keen – Your Positive Actions – 9-22-17



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Veronica, Montague Keen

Humanity took positive action through meditation and prevented the extensive damage to America that the Cabal had planned.This is proof positive that together you do have the power to prevent the destruction of the Earth. I can tell you that this was a severe blow to the Cabal. Many of them now realise that they can no longer do as they wish with the human race. They have never had to deal with an awakened humanity before. They realise that their plans to take over the Earth will be prevented. Many of them are making plans to leave the Earth through the stargates that still operate. Others hope to find ways to persuade humanity to allow them to remain on Earth. But a leopard cannot change its spots. It must therefore always be seen as such. You may choose, in time, to forgive them for what they have done, but you must never forget. You must always be on guard in case they try again to take control. All your governments are part of this Cabal. All those in power are not working for the good of the human race. Massive changes must be made for a whole new way of life, where openness and honesty prevail with justice for all.

Everything that the Cabal designed to destroy human life on Earth must be eliminated. No more chemtrails, no more water laced with drugs. No more vaccinations or drug-based medicine. The Earth must be cleansed of all chemicals so that it can provide food which is suitable for humanity. Hydroponics is an immediate answer to producing good food quickly. The cleansing of the soil is crucial to ensure that it is suitable for the growing of crops. It must be made safe again.

Be prepared, as this will happen sooner than you think. The Cabal knows that they have not got much time left. They do not handle failure well. Do not waste your energy being angry with them, for that would only serve to harm you. They are parasites who live off the energy of your suffering, so just send them on their way.

Your task is to plan the future. First, try to restore and replace all that was destroyed. This is a huge task, but with all hands on deck, working together, it will be a joyous endeavour. The future is yours, so live in the now. Do whatever is necessary so that the future will be as you dreamed it would be. It matters not in which part of the world you reside, as all of humanity, without distinction, will survive and thrive. The parasites will leave as they cannot survive in the light. It was the parasites who created religion in order to control you. They have lived off of your suffering and this will be exposed. You will see them for who and what they are. It will shock many of you who were fooled by their fine words and promises. It is by their actions you will come to see them.

In ancient times, man was connected with all that is. He did not need a religion to connect with God. He did not need a middleman. He was at one with God, or Source, as many of you refer to God. It was normal for man to commune with God. Then, along came the parasites, who wanted control of the people. They invented a story about people who never existed and places they invented. They convinced the people the story was true. They first produced the story at the Council of Nicea in 325AD. To their surprise, people accepted it as true, and the parasites have lived off it ever since. These stories still control the lives of many people, even to the present day. At that council, it was decided to destroy both Ireland and Egypt. They were great seats of learning and knowledge and their DNA is of great importance. The one thing which terrifies the Cabal is IRISH DNA. This is why Ireland has suffered at the hands of the Cabal for generations. They created the North South divide in Ireland in order to cause a by-polar condition in the people. This has caused constant tension in that little piece of heaven called Ireland. This, my friends, is why I say “Ireland is the key that will unlock everything”. It also explains why the Vatican and the Crown have such a stranglehold on Ireland and its people. In 1152AD, POPE ADRIAN GAVE IRELAND AND HER PEOPLE AS SLAVES TO THE BRITISH CROWN, ON CONDITION THAT THE IRISH NEVER FIND OUT WHO THEY ARE.

The moment the Irish have the courage to explore who they are, then the Cabal is finished.

We are deeply grateful to you for stepping forward with financial help for Dave McCann, in order to get proper legal representation for him in California. In time, you will understand the importance of this request. For now, please take my word for it.

Justice for Dave McCann. Irishman framed in California | Legal Expenses Fundraising with GoGetFunding
Dave has asked me to thank you for reaching out to him. He truly appreciates your help.
It is important for him to know that he has not been abandoned. He will complete his mission.

My dear, we thank your friend for coming to your rescue. You were sinking fast and needed assistance. That both you and Dave are able to survive what you are experiencing, is a miracle. The determination of the Irish to survive has stood them in good stead throughout history.

Forever at your side, your adoring, Monty.

Comment from Veronica

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Montague Keen: Conection – by Era Of Light – 6-16-17

monaguekeenThe magnitude of the help available to humanity to ensure that the Shift happens has been demonstrated to you over the last ten days. Your connection to the Andromedans was strengthened. The Palladians introduced themselves and worked with you also. We noted your surprise when the Blue Avians joined you to offer help and support. The portals are working as they should with great success. You are now aware of the energy change and the light that accompanies their arrival on our property. They each have different roles to play in establishing the light on Earth.

It is good that this is now established. It is all part of the plan. Help from the light always brings attacks from the dark side. What they put you through on Friday was despicable. It is your strength of mind that gets you through these attacks.

You know that the power of the Cabal is diminishing at a rate of knots. They cannot survive in the light. You are making progress. When you and your friends release the energy from the portals that was hidden from everyone, it makes one huge stride forward for humanity. Time and vibration influence each other, and the body has to be able to maintain that vibration. We are making great strides forward towards our goal. We cannot be stopped. Change is occurring in your 3D world; recognise it and welcome it. We send information out in many forms. We cannot allow the massacre of human beings to continue. Control of the Earth must return to the safe hands of humanity. You were conned into relinquishing power and control to the interlopers who believe, to this day, that they can kill you and take the Earth for themselves. This, my dear, is why help is coming from other dimensions to assist you all to survive and keep the Earth. Their secret societies are finding themselves under scrutiny. This is new to them, as they have hoodwinked people for generations into believing they were there to help us cope with the hardships created through their banking and war machines.

Now you know that you are not alone, help is coming from many directions. We have the ability to make the changes necessary to remove all that is corrupt.

As you know, the Cabal either imprisons or kills anyone whom they deem to be a threat. Not all deaths are due to natural causes. This is an everyday occurrence. A list is made of all those whom they wish to dispose of. They go to great lengths to lock up people of the light who may cause them to be exposed. As yet, we have not found a lawyer who has not been compromised by them. Surely there is someone in California who is honest and has humanity’s best interests at heart. This case is huge and will eventually be made into a film. Books will be written about it. It is so amazing, it defies imagination. It is so extraordinary, only the Cabal could have thought of it.

Please help us to free this innocent young man whose only role in life is to assist humanity. Everything he owned has been sold by the Cabal. He is in jail, without money or friends in California. He needs the energy of your prayers to help set him free. This is but one example of what the Cabal does to hold on to its illicit power.

When each one of you learns to stand in your own power, and know who you are and your purpose on Earth, then everything will change. It is, I can assure you, a matter of taking back the power that you gave to the Cabal. Reconnect with the powerful Being of Light you once were, and can be again, the moment you make the decision to do so. This decision is yours and yours alone. You are now living the moment you have all been waiting for, so make the most of it. Do not wait for TV and newspapers to tell you the truth. Their owners would never allow that. They want you to remain obedient zombies who obey your Cabal Masters at all times. How many more years are you prepared to wait before you say enough is enough. You will find that there is more to life than obeying the Cabal’s every wish to destroy humanity.

Watch the power of the Vatican fade, as each day, more and more corruption and debauchery are exposed, and more eyes are opened to the truth. The veils are being lifted and all that was hidden is laid bare. It is not a pretty sight. It is like a horror film, except that real people suffer and die. This will continue until the scales fall from your eyes and you see the reality of the situation. You must find the strength to take action to make the necessary changes. How many times do I need to remind you that nothing is as it seems.

The Cabal was created in order to sublimate man. Total control they required and total control they got. Humanity walked blindly into their very clever plans. You were taught to revere them, and many of you still do, as you have not yet removed the blinkers from your eyes because you fear the consequences.

To live in peace in a world of plenty is surely every man’s dream. This is what awaits you if you take that one step forward. All war would cease and all countries would flourish. With a little help and assistance from the more advanced countries, the poorer countries would flourish. There would be no need for war. Those who do not belong on Earth must consider their position. They must decide whether they leave the Earth in the same way that they unlawfully entered, or continue to live here as guests, within the laws established by humanity. In this time of change, you must consider everything and everyone, as no man is an island. Everything must be done for the benefit of all. Humanity, as a whole, will benefit.

My dear wife is exhausted. She has worked long hours with a friend from Holland and a friend from Ireland, for the last five days. Quite a lot has been achieved and much was put in place.

I would like to thank her friends for working with her as a team. They saw an attack on her and they are aware of what she has to endure. It was particularly bad when visiting a sacred place. It shocked them. Only the will to succeed gives her the strength of mind to complete her work.

My dear, please get some rest, give your poor body a chance to recover. Your friends from other planets are all on board now. They have shown you their support. I have given them permission to use my bell to draw your attention to their presence.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Message from Montague Keen – July 10, 2016

Message from Montague Keen – July 10, 2016


Your world today is on the brink of change, a change bigger than any one of you can imagine. The brave people of England who voted for Brexit, took the first step to expose all that is wrong in the Cabal’s plans for Europe. Brexit has HALTED THE EXTINCTION OF THE WHITE MAN that the Cabal was rushing ahead with, in the hope that you would never notice their real motive for flooding Europe with so-called refugees, paid for by the Cabal. There is an evil force on Earth whose tentacles cover the whole world, and they control the masses through FEAR. They ensure that only those who take orders from them are allowed in government. They rely on false flag events to infuse fear and control, and they control your governments, your armies, and your police. Like the CANCER that it is, it spreads everywhere.

They had hoped that they would have completed their takeover before the masses awakened. Now they find that the light of truth is exposing them and their plans. They are now at the mercy of humanity and this is something they never expected could happen. It happened because there was a huge effort, both on your side of life, and in the afterlife, to rescue humanity. Future generations will learn how you took on the dark and removed it. All it took was for good people to speak out and refuse to go along with the Cabal’s plans to wipe you out.

The USA is going through a turmoil greater than it has ever experienced in its history. The Cabal wants to take over the USA for itself. The American people are so deliberately dumbed down, so ignorant of the world around them, that they became easy prey for the Cabal. The Cabal has always ensured that only THEIR PEOPLE were in government. Kennedy was the last man to serve the people. Look at what they did to him! The American people need to open their eyes and their minds and look at what is being done to them. Their army is but a mindless killing machine with no conscience at all. How sad is that? Wake up before it’s too late.

Mr Putin is the ONLY leader who is telling you the truth. He forcibly removed the Cabal from Russia, which leaves him free to speak the truth. This is why the USA is pushing for World War III to destroy Russia, because Russia will not play their dirty game of wiping out humanity. The Cabal wants the Earth as its own private domain with a few humans there only to serve them. Understand that those who voted NO to the United States of Europe, did you all a favor. Veronica knows only too well, just to what lengths the Cabal will go to take over the Earth. She has experienced their ruthlessness. They show no mercy. They are not like you. They do not have souls, and so have no empathy. They take what they want, whatever the consequences. The people of England have placed the FIRST NAIL IN THE COFFIN of the Cabal. Who will be next to follow England’s lead? This is your opportunity to rescue humanity. Do you have what it takes to say NO? Become the army of the light. Expose the corruption that has destroyed so many lives as well as countries.

Connect directly with your Creator, the source of all creation, who awaits your request to rescue humanity and restore peace in your world. Do not support in any way the religions which want to harvest your souls and remove you from Source. Once you open up to Source, you will never go back to the dark control of all religions. Free yourselves, my friends, learn what it is to live in love and peace.

Open your lives, see that everything around you is designed to kill you off. The Cabal, through your governments, poisons your water with fluoride and other chemicals. The Cabal ensures that the air you breathe is full of dangerous chemicals by using chemtrails. The GM food that you eat is not safe for humans. The medication and vaccination program is also designed to kill you. This is a blatant attack on humanity and yet you meekly accept it. Why do you do so? Are you so controlled that you dare not speak out? Very soon, you will have no choice. You will have to choose whether you stand with humanity or serve the Cabal.

The pantomime which the Americans call an election is presently playing out on television. It is so corrupt and yet the American people accept it. How could either of these people improve the lives of the American people. Look at the number of Americans who are homeless and reduced to sleeping in the parks and begging for food. Yet America has endless money for WAR. It cannot get enough of war, yet it cares not for its people who beg for food.

Mark my words, my friends, 2016 will bring many changes. You will see the Cabal’s banks begin to lose power. They will have to face humanity and ask for mercy. Prepare to rescue what can be rescued for the good of humanity. Learn to work together, as you will have to face enormous changes.

There is someone on the Earth who is going through the most terrible ordeal, who needs your love and support. Please send love, light and strength.

My dear, so much is being done to try to prevent the completion of our work. Life is tough. Know that we work alongside you. You are never alone.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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Message From Montague Keen – 7-1-16

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Message from Montague Keen – June 26, 2016

Congratulations, England. BREXIT, the first step, has been taken. How many of you expected that the first card to be pulled in that House of Cards which you call the EU would be pulled by the people of England? It took your world by surprise. It took the Cabal by surprise.

Understand that this is but the first step. You will have to be strong to hold on to your VICTORY. Your oppressors are busy now, trying to overturn this remarkable victory. I say do not fall for their lies. DO NOT AGREE TO ANOTHER REFERENDUM. Think back at how they overturned IRELAND’S VOTE TO WITHDRAW FROM THE EU. Ireland was cheated out of its wish to withdraw. Think about why you are always asked to vote with the use of a pencil mark which can be so easily erased. Ensure that you use an indelible pen in future.

Your oppressors will leave no stone unturned in their efforts to take over your world. They believed that their strongholds throughout England would win the day but it was the real English people who achieved this extraordinary result. The whole world owes them a debt of gratitude, for they have shown great courage. This is the first defeat the Illuminati have suffered. I say the first, advisably, as they have many more to face. Their downfall is assured. This was just the first step. The Illuminati’s Great Plan to unify the world and make it into one unit that they alone would control, has taken a blow. A blow which it did not expect. From this side of life, it was exciting to see the shock waves and the dismay. They do not like to make mistakes. THIS IS A BIG ONE. The light is emerging and opening people’s eyes as never before.

All those who strived to hold you in the EU are suspect, not to be trusted. You cannot ever lower your guard. The world-ruling elite is exposed as greedy psychopaths who still try to fool you into believing that they have a right to rule you. Now you have the opportunity to choose those who truly have your best interests at heart, rather than those whom you are told have your interests at heart. Stop being victims, for now you have the opportunity to choose who you want in government. Forget party politics, as that is what got you into this mess in the first place. You have seen the light, you took back control. Now it is time to carefully consider your future.

The forces of light are with you and will obtain victory for you. The tide has turned, you can now choose your future. This is your transition. It began in England. You must now ensure that good people come forward to help lead the way. You cannot expect to go forward with the same people who held you in bondage. They must go as they cannot be trusted. Demand an election that will bring in new blood and give you a new direction. The world is watching you, England. Be proud of yourselves. You are leading the way for humanity to take back control.

Other countries in the EU will now take heart and demand their freedom from the tyranny of the EU. Did you ever benefit from being in it? Higher debt, unlimited immigration, endless regulations, political correctness, etc. It was dehumanizing people. You must now dismantle every last shred of it. Reclaim your sovereign power as that is your divine right.

Scrutinize everyone who puts themselves forward to stand for election. Do not judge anyone by name alone, as so many of these undesirable people have changed their names to Irish names. Remember, should a horse be accidentally born in a pig sty, that does not make it a pig. Check the background of every last one. Where does their true allegiance lie? You must not be conned into the same old control system, no matter what new name they call it. The slate must be wiped clean. Start with new thinking and a new understanding of life as it should be lived, outside of the corrupt control system which has controlled every moment of your lives.

I ask that you watch this short video interview: CrossTalk BREXIT: GOAL ! (see below)

Veronica was impressed with the information contained in it.

My dear wife has been ill. Her lungs are again causing concern. She was unable to concentrate last week, though she is not much better now. But she struggles on.

BREXIT has brought her much joy and hope. Go forward, my friends. You have taken the first step.

My dear, take care of yourself. You have work to do.

Forever at your side, your adoring, Monty.

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Message from Montague Keen – June 12, 2016

Message from Montague Keen – June 12, 2016

Progress is being made, my friends. You see this reflected in the faces of your politicians, who try unsuccessfully to hold you in the lower vibrations. They fight for their own existence. They do not care one jot about you. Drawing you into their arguments is the only way left for them to have control over you. Step back and let them get on with the charade. You have more important things to do with your lives.

Remove all the old belief systems that no longer serve you and welcome the light into your lives. Remove every last vestige of negativity from your life. Your new life is beckoning you forward. Let go of everything that held you in domination and control. Your higher self is emerging. It is time to shed all the old codes that held you hostage to the corrupt regimes. Share your experiences as you emerge out of the darkness into the light of full consciousness. You must ignore the past and all that held you trapped in a FALSE REALITY. Religion cannot serve the awakened being of light. All the old problems: religion, politics, and everything that held you captive, must be removed. You must no longer buy into their mind games.

You will feel yourself opening up, expanding to who you truly are. There is NOTHING that those in control of your world can do to hold you back. They do know that this is a fact but it will not stop them trying. Life was all an illusion created by the Cabal to hold you in captivity. Rise above their evil games. You have chosen to go forward into the light. Remove the FEAR that the Cabal used to hold you hostage. Reconnect with your Creator. Do not do as religion has taught you, to look outside of yourself. You will find that the Creator/Source is within each and every one of you. Open up to it. It is a question of opening up to who and what you are, and removing all false doctrines that were imposed on you by Church and State. Connect directly to Source and remove all the middle men of religion, who have seduced you into believing their false doctrines.

At the moment, the Cabal is trying to buy itself a little more time, though they know that they have lost the battle. They will still try to cling on. Do not lower yourselves by wanting to take revenge on them. This would bring your own vibration down, so this must be avoided. You will quickly rebuild your world with justice and peace for all. The energy of the Sun will dilute the negative energy. You will experience many changes in the next few months. Welcome them, for these are signs which will show you that progress is being made. You are emerging from the chrysalis to become all that you are and ever can be. You have waited centuries for this moment. Savor every second of it, for it is indeed a joyous experience.

Your negative TV and newspapers are doing everything they can to hold you in darkness. Laugh at their pitiful attempt to hold you in fear and remember where their LIES come from. Your efforts have paid off. The more you open to the light, the more ground the Cabal loses. Now they cannot hold on any longer. GAME OVER !

Be excited, for your future looks good. Apart from some teething problems, it should be plain sailing. Everything will slot into place without too many problems. Trust that what is happening is what is intended to happen. Do not waste your valuable energy arguing about what the Cabal is doing to the Earth and humanity, for this holds you within it. Remove it from your minds and they will no longer have the energy to produce the chemtrails, etcetera. By using your precious energy to talk and argue about such things, you are giving them energy. All you must do now is to IGNORE what the Cabal is doing to you, and you will see that it loses the energy to do it. YOU are in control. So ignore them. Concentrate on higher things, such as moving forward to create a world where PEACE is the norm. Ignore the Cabal and it will go away.

Visit the sacred places in your world and experience the sacred energy as it increases on all levels. Take an active part in this great change; this shift, and all that it will bring forth for mankind. This is HISTORY in the making. ENJOY !

Veronica, my dear, you show courage and strength in your determination to stand up for those who find themselves trapped in a dark plan that will not succeed. TRUTH will triumph.

Take care, my dear. Your adoring, Monty.

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Message from Montague Keen – 4-12-16

Message from Montague Keen – Sunday 10 April 2016

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What you and M uncovered over the last two weeks is of the greatest importance to the release of humanity from the domination that has made life on Earth such a struggle from birth to death. They even tried to create FEAR of dying by INVENTING the notion of HELL, PURGATORY and LIMBO, all a FIGMENT OF THE DARK IMAGINATION of the VATICAN.

What V R C and M did yesterday will go a long way to releasing the grip of the Cabal. My dear, your 17-hour day, yesterday, is already paying dividends. You see people on the streets demanding the TRUTH. They are refusing to be fobbed off with the usual rhetoric one moment longer. Such times demand great courage and determination to free humanity from the corrupt hierarchy, no matter what cloak they wear.

You can see for yourselves how the SCHUMAN RESONANCE measures the success of your endeavors. Seeing your determination yesterday to climb to the top of that steep hill to THE PENSHAW MONUMENT, SO THAT YOU COULD PERFORM ANDREW BARTZIS REVOCATIONS ON BEHALF OF HUMANITY ON THAT DARK MONUMENT TO FREEMASONRY, should be an inspiration to others to do likewise, as it is most effective. When you all come together to do this, I can tell you that you will be amazed at how powerful you are and what you can achieve.

I loved the ceremony you did to release Ireland from domination and control. This will release, in turn, every country in your world. I implore the Irish people to take back control of your country. You must remove all the EVIL CONTROL of the VATICAN that has made scared, penniless slaves of you, to keep you so busy trying to survive, that you did not have a moment to look at what the Vatican took from you, and to see how CRUEL they were to you.

Veronica still has nightmares when she remembers seeing the CRUELTY of the Vatican to poor helpless orphans. She used to see those poor little boys being marched in line from the ORPHANAGE in TRALEE to MASS. In the wind and rain, those poor innocent children were marched BAREFOOT to mass. The “CHRISTIAN BROTHER” used his LEATHER STRAP to hit those thin bare legs. This was the face of the Vatican in Ireland when my wife was young. The HORROR of what was done to those children has lived with her all of her life. That was the TRUE FACE OF THE VATICAN IN IRELAND. VERONICA COULD NEVER RESPECT THE VATICAN. SHE ALWAYS SAW THEM FOR WHAT THEY WERE.

Every day, as the power of the Cabal diminishes, you will see them exposed in their true colors. This has to happen. Truth must be exposed and faced. You have to see what this corruption has done to your world and how people have suffered as a result of it. Now you must come together, to create a world where all human beings are respected and war will cease. When you awaken to how you have been used to serve the Cabal to fight wars to keep them on Earth and in control, you will refuse to be part of their plan.

Veronica’s legs are aching as a result of all the climbing and walking she did on your behalf yesterday. She will share with you what she and her friends did, in an attempt to free humanity. I thank R C and M for taking part in this unique exercise. They will learn in time how successful it was. The human resonance was raised enormously because of it.

My dear, we on this side of life are so proud of you. We now ask that you get some rest. The last few days have taken their toll.

We send you much love. Always, your adoring, Monty.

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The Penshaw Monument, Houghton-le-Spring

Penshaw Monument Pgotographs


Message from Montague Keen – March 27, 2016


Message from Montague Keen – March 27, 2016


My dear, I have completed my investigations on this side of life. I am now preparing to materialize on Earth, this time in a more public way. I have important information that I need to share. Your planets are out of sync. Humanity is in danger of crashing. This cannot be allowed. Love will heal your world. I told you some years ago that I was preparing to materialize publicly on Earth with profound messages for mankind. You trusted me, my dear. Your belief and trust in me is exemplary. You never faltered, even when others openly attacked and vilified you. You knew without doubt that I am a man of my word. We will complete our mission. The delays were unavoidable as the Cabal has relentlessly fought to prevent us completing our task. The attacks on your life were withstood with the help of friends.

The ENERGY in Ireland this Easter weekend is wonderful to observe. You have been shown how ancient knowledge, sacred symbols, and geometry, are still being used to hold humanity in darkness, submission and control. You were shown the straight connection which Mecca has to TARA HILL; it continues to WASHINGTON DC. This Irish Energy is used to make the US powerful. CERN and AREA 51 are also extracting energy from Tara. The VATICAN also steals Irish Energy from Tara. Sacred symbols are openly used to control and destroy humanity. Every building owned by the Cabal openly displays these symbols. The ancient knowledge and history of these symbols was kept secret from humanity and every day in every way, they are used against you. You have only to look at the Vatican to see this evil, openly on view. The Vatican foolishly believes that because it has instilled such FEAR in humanity with their blatant LIES about death and hell etc, man would never dare question them. Well, their time is up. The Vatican is exposed for the evil that it is; its central system is in tatters.

When you looked at the Control System on the map, you were shocked to see that though the Cabal tells you that there is conflict, you see only cooperation and control. You now see that they are all connected. They work together, as one, to control mankind. Temple Mount, Corona, Washington, United Kingdom, Jerusalem, Mecca, Vatican, Cern, Area 51: ARE ALL EXTRACTING ENERGY FROM TARA.


It is a wonder that the Irish people manage to survive at all. It is the Irish people’s connection to SOURCE that has helped them to survive, despite everything lined up against them. Once Ireland breaks free from the central grid, THE WHOLE WORLD WILL BE FREE.

You have come this far in the unveiling of the corruption. You are almost there. Humanity had FREE WILL but it chose the wrong path. The Vatican used FORCE to draw you into its control. You have since paid a very high price for that mistake. Come together, believe in yourselves, and go forward with absolute confidence that you will free yourselves and the Earth.

Ireland now needs total freedom from the VULTURES which STEAL her ENERGY and use every means at their disposal to ensure the Irish people do not wake up to WHO they are and what the island of Ireland is. In 1916 the Irish rose up and demanded freedom. Now, in 2016, THIS TASK MUST BE COMPLETED. YOU WANT TOTAL FREEDOM. Every country will follow you through the door to freedom. This door must be opened. Do this and the evil control system of the Vatican and its accomplices will become a thing of the past, quickly forgotten.

Go forward with confidence, knowing that you are on the right path. Believe me, my friends, this EVIL CONTROL SYSTEM must first be removed from Ireland, AS THIS IS WHERE IT GETS ITS ENERGY AND POWER. Ireland will create the door which all other countries will walk through. The energy stolen from Ireland is used to fuel wars and destruction and control of all sorts. This must be prevented. Much is being revealed that may shock and upset you, but it is time to be brave and move forward into a new way of living life on Earth, where peace, harmony, and love, rule. The timing is right. The timing is NOW.

Celebrate the Easter Rising of 1916. Use it as encouragement for humanity to rise up against the tyranny of its oppressors. Move forward with love in your hearts.

My dear, enjoy the time with your family today. You are working hard to find ways to take humanity forward. Thank you for moving my ashes. The old location caused problems, as the sunlight on the urn on my desk was too hot. I could feel it. I will let you know if it needs moving again.

Let’s move forward with love in our hearts.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.

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Message from Montague Keen – 2-14-16


Message from Montague Keen   –   2-14-16









Message from Montague Keen – December 13, 2015


Message from Montague Keen – December 13, 2015

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Message from Montague Keen – 11-29-15

Message from Montague Keen – November 29, 2015

How much longer will you just sit back and watch the needless slaughter of your fellow humans. You can no longer hide from the evidence. It is all around you and yet you do nothing. You listen to the blatant LIES being relayed, over and over again, by those who want rid of you, “the useless eaters”. What must they do to spur you into action? Your taxes supply the money for this killing machine to continue.

There is ONE SOURCE behind all the wars and the oppression. They become more obvious to you every day, and yet you allow them to continue. They have a foothold in every country. They plan well, for they have had years of practice. It is time you saw through their camouflage and recognized them for who and what they are, before they do any more damage to humanity and the Earth.

Reality must be faced and dealt with. It is when I returned to spirit that I saw clearly what was taking place. I have tried to open your eyes to it ever since. Time is running out. You must act. Do not sit passively by, and feel helpless. This is just what they want. When the 99% say “I will not comply”, then they are rendered useless. They cannot take over without your assistance. In fact, they are in fear of you waking up to their evil plans.




Message from Montague Keen – 11-2-15

Message from Montague Keen   –   11-2-15


See the Earth as precious to life. Visit all those ancient sacred places and experience their energy.


Are you prepared to create a better world for future generations, or do you want to condemn them to live as helpless slaves like you? You have been given all you need to know, to enable you to make the necessary changes. Self respect and confidence is all you need now. See the Earth with love in your hearts, just as ancient man did. Open your hearts and minds to the truth. You can make the changes that will restore love and light to the Earth.

Message from Montague Keen – 10-4-15

Message from Montague Keen – October 4, 2015

The tide is turning. The Cabal is no longer confident of success. They are now having to hide their plans from you, in the hope that you will never suspect what they are up to. Instead of the confident proposals they had planned to put to you, during the Pope’s visit to the United States, they have had to keep it low-key, and make their changes surreptitiously, in the hope that you will not notice. The important message to you: do not trust or accept the results of those meetings that will railroad you into a New World Order. Everything they suggest would trap you, no matter how they dress up their proposals and their promises. Do not allow yourselves to be taken in. You believed and accepted them in the past. Look at the result: WAR after WAR. The killing of humanity through the AIR, WATER, FOOD and MEDICATION.


Message from Montague Keen – August 30, 2015

Message from Montague Keen – August 30, 2015

There is a wonderful awakening happening in your world. It has caused consternation among your controllers. They have rushed their plans forward, but I can assure you, no matter what they try, they will not succeed. Their takeover of the Earth will NOT HAPPEN. They will try everything in their MAGIC BOOK OF TRICKS to fool you into accepting them and their plans. I have always told you that they will not accept defeat easily. When 99% refuse to accept them, fight for them, kill for them, and serve them and their evil plans, they will be left with no other choice but to leave the Earth.

September will bring many problems that you will have to give serious thought to. The Cabal will make a major push forward with their takeover plans. Be on guard in September, and do not take anything at face value. Make preparations so that you are prepared for all eventualities. FEAR has always been their greatest weapon. They will use it to scare you into submission. Your future does not include serving them. Your future is discovering who you are, and your role in the Transition, working together to create a world where peace and love is the driving force that brings the whole of humanity together to live in harmony. No one people will ever be allowed to rule over humanity again. All humanity will live in peace.

The EVIL that almost succeeded in creating their ONE WORLD ORDER will disappear without trace. They have no place in the future. Now that you can see them clearly for the PARASITES that they are, you can see how they have used humanity as FOOD and ENERGY to enable them to survive on Earth. Take off the rose-colored spectacles, forget all you were taught that made slaves of you, as you were never meant to be slaves.

It has been hard work for us in spirit to help you to open up and SEE who your slave masters are, and how they enforce their so-called LAWS on you. You do not need them, you never did. See all religions for what they are; they control you through FEAR and there is no truth in them at all. Take back control of your own lives. Refuse genetically modified food. Refuse to be drugged by the water you drink and the air you breath. Ask why your government is doing this to you and making you pay for it !

Even though it may seem that everything is stacked against you, there are good people such as Harald Kautz-Vella, who has stepped forward to share his knowledge with you. The pharmaceutical industry was designed to make you dependent on their drugs, the very same drugs that create huge problems in your lives. You do not need them. It was all designed to shorten human life and to destroy the human being. They want obedient slave robots, always at their service.

You should refuse to play their games one moment longer. You have stepped out of the prison box that you existed in, and you now see it for what it is. Everything on Earth was stacked against you, and it was all created by the Cabal, to ensure its existence on Earth, and to ensure your service as slaves to them. Everything they have, they took from you, and they showed no mercy as they took it. Do not feel guilty as you say, enough is enough, I take back what is rightfully mine.

Your number one priority should be an immediate cease fire in all wars. Peace must be restored, so people need not flee in desperation. This was planned to happen, as the Cabal wants to bring down Europe. They do not care what suffering their plans bring about. The bottom line always is WHAT SUITS THEIR PLANS TO BRING ABOUT THE NEW WORLD ORDER. They enjoy wiping out a few thousand of what they call the USELESS EATERS. It all becomes clear when you step outside the box. Then you realize, that actually, you are in control of your future. Good people have done their homework and learned the best ways to provide good wholesome food and energy, etc. All this they will share with you.

We will create our Centers. Unfortunately, the Cabal was successful in postponing the establishment of our first one in Ireland. When enough money is available, we will go ahead with this. The Cabal has the ability to get to people who are still in 3D, to attack what they do not want. Such people unknowingly act as agents of the Cabal. Discarding the 3D thinking is difficult for many of you; you are frightened to see it for what it is. We will, without doubt, succeed. Hard work and patience is needed.

My dear, you have survived so much. I have not forgotten that this day, last year, your life was almost snuffed out by those you went to Ireland with. We were not ready to receive you in the world of spirit, so we had to prevent their dark deeds from succeeding. You have work to do, my dear, and you will do it.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Regarding the ley line work in Ireland, I encourage you to watch the videos of Harald Kautz-Vella, in order to understand the great importance of these ley lines. This sacred energy must be taken back by the people for the people. A man in Ireland has offered to lead groups of you to do this work. The whole Earth will benefit. Humanity is crying out for help.

Thank you.

Harald Kautz-Vella and Veronica Keen (Part 1)
Filmed in London, England during August 2015. This is the first part of a two part interview.

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Montague Keen – Message to Humanity – 8-9-15

Message from Montague Keen – August 9, 2015

Message from Veronica

Monty persuaded me to go to the BASES CONFERENCE (Miles Johnston) in Wiltshire, last weekend. Monty insisted that I had to connect with HARALD KAUTZ-VELLA. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to Miles Johnston for bringing this young man to our attention. Harald is everything we could wish for in a guide, as humanity steps forward into the future. He has covered everything. Harald is a physicist, and he has also studied geology. He knows the problems we will have to face when the chaos begins, and more importantly, HE HAS THE ANSWERS. I see him as our Guardian Angel, guiding us through it. I spent four days with him. We filmed a little chat using his computer. Although the sound is not good, with ear phones you can hear what he has to say. Harald and I will work together. To my amazement, he and I were researching something that is important to both of us. It was an honor and a privilege to meet him. He is a beautiful soul with a brilliant mind. I am so happy to call him my friend.

Message from Montague

We are observing the many changes that are planned for humanity by the Cabal. This is why it was necessary for me to insist that Veronica had to meet with Harald Kautz-Vella, in order to prepare humanity for the future. Veronica and Harald worked together in ancient times; they will do so again. It was good to see my dear wife energized and enjoying the many interesting people at the conference.

The End Times are upon you. You must ensure that you have all that you may need during the transition that is now taking place. Water is essential, and you need food that can be stored. Prepare mentally as well as physically. You will witness all that is corrupt and evil disappear. They will lose all their power and control over you.

You, on the other hand, will step into your power, and will see clearly how you had been conned into giving your power to Lucifer, through religion and politics. Without realizing it, you had become Lucifer’s slaves.

Please put time and effort into the ley line project. As Harald explained to Veronica, FRACKING is being done to DESTROY your LEY LINES. It is as though they are cutting all the VEINS in your BODY: your blood would flow out and you would die. Just like the Earth’s Black Goo, the life force in the ley lines will flow out of the Earth. This must not be allowed to happen. This is so serious. For humanity to survive on Earth, he must protect it.

Listen only to those who speak truth, not your elected dictators who are mere puppets. Waking up has proved a difficult operation for many people, who are still in a hypnotic haze, obediently obeying the “laws” that your oppressors have forced upon you. I do understand that it is difficult for you to face the unpleasant truth about religion and politics. The Cabal has made your existence on Earth extremely difficult. They ensured that you did not have the time or the energy to see what they were doing. You will cope with the changes that are unavoidable. Know that there are many, such as Harald, who have taken the necessary steps to prepare the way for you. All that is in place to cause you hardship and pain will be removed. Be very careful about what you accept as fact, as so much is loaded against you. Many will tell you that everything will just fall into place, but those messages are NOT coming from the light; consequently, many people are being fooled into a false sense of security. Take all necessary steps to ensure that you are prepared for all eventualities.

The banks will fall and this will bring the inevitable chaos. For this, you are looking at weeks, not months. We in Spirit have managed to thwart many of their evil plans, such as World War III, but unfortunately, many others get under the radar. Those who rule your world are NOT OF YOUR WORLD, they just appear to look like you. Know that they are clever, and they plan meticulously. They want all that you have, and they hope to get it by forcing you out. They thrive on causing you as much pain and discomfort as possible, and they rape and murder your children. All this will stop when you wake up to it. Then, human life will be valued and respected once more. The right people are coming together to ensure that everything will go as smoothly as possible.

The Cabal is racing ahead with its plans, as they FEAR that many more of you are waking up. Think about it: they fear you! When enough of you wake up, you can step out of the pyramid, and the Cabal will fall. It is just a house of cards. Take away your support and you will see them disappear without trace, to return from whence they came. The real power is in your hands.

I will not detain you. Listen to Harald’s wise words, as he speaks the truth.

My dear, there was no other way that we could have brought you and Harald together. I know that you understand. You will work together. I am grateful to Colin for taking good care of you in my absence.

Always at your side, your adoring, Monty.

NOTE: The video of the conversation between Veronica and Harald will be added to the homepage in the next few days.

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Montague, Veronica Keen Message – 6-28-15


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Message From Montague , Veronica Keen   –   6-28-15


Once you open the door to truth, you will find all the answers that had eluded you until now. Look at the seats of power and see all the symbols of BLACK MAGIC that are displayed all around them. It is all there, in plain sight. Until now, you were asleep to them.

Message from Montague Keen – 6-7-15

Message from Montague Keen – June 7, 2015

Veronica, my dear, it was a joy to see you with like-minded people who understand what we are about. The information that was shared was meant to be shared. You needed such support as there is an evil plan in action to isolate you. Yes, my dear, I can confirm that you are an Earth Keeper; one of 12 on Earth, as I am one of 12 on this side of life. This is why you face such opposition to what you do. We did not come together by chance. You and I, and the one who will remain nameless for now, have worked together in many lifetimes. Nothing happens by chance. Your struggle to survive is hard to cope with, but you will not fail to carry out all you came on Earth to do. Good people have come forward to help. They understand the energy in our home and garden. You were wise, my dear, not to allow that woman to force her way into our home. Her intention was to harm you.

Your world is teetering from one attempt to start World War III to another. People are suffering as a result. The arch enemies of humanity are being exposed. They can no longer hide their evil plans. We, on this side of life, shine a light on their exploits. They will not succeed but will cause many deaths and much suffering, as they try to push forward with their plans. They do not belong on Earth. Never forget that. Many of them are preparing to leave in case it has to be done in a hurry. They demand World War III as it is their only salvation. Never lose sight of the fact that all those who demand war are connected to those who perpetrated World Wars I and II. They brought death and destruction to your world. They cannot survive without the FEAR and suffering of humanity, especially of the innocent. They are actively involved in satanic abuse. It is the oxygen of life to them. Protect the vulnerable from such people. It goes on all around you, every day. You just do not want to have to face it. Many are killed and you turn a blind eye to it. None of you is safe from these predators. One day, they may come for you.

Where will you find the truth? Certainly not on television or in the newspapers, as those are used to keep you blind to their actions. They promise everything, but deliver nothing except more debt, as they increase the hardship on families. You work harder and are worse off, because governments constantly increase the cost of living. It is all part of the plan to destroy humanity. While man is striving to survive, he will not notice what the cabal is actually doing. Accept that it is when you are all working together as one that you have the real power to make the changes necessary for the survival of mankind.

Money was created to trap Man forever on the treadmill of life. It is corruption at its worst. The majority suffer at the hands of the corrupt bankers. I promise you that all this will end when Man wakes up to his own power to say NO. Do not pander to those bankers who look on you with contempt. They survive on your suffering.

The tide is turning for them. They are now having to contemplate the possibility of FAILURE; and that, my dear friends, is something they never, for one moment, thought possible. As Man opens his eyes and sees clearly what is being done by the few to humanity, they know that their only hope of survival is World War III. So I ask, who has the real power? When you refuse to accept war, they are FINISHED; exposed for all to see. Your soul is worth more than all of them put together. Do not surrender it for their survival.

Before the takeover of humanity, mankind understood how the universe operated. He understood nature and natural law. His mind was powerful and he knew how to use it for the betterment of humanity. All this was usurped by those who entered the Earth and decided to take it over for themselves. They created religions and separation to create FEAR and mistrust, to TRAP man into serving them. This worked satisfactorily until Man began to ask questions and wonder why so few controlled all. It did not make sense.

My own family tried to force a belief system on me that I could never accept. I refused to be part of it. Everyone has a duty to decide for himself. Become your own man. Do your own research and make your own decisions regarding life on Earth. Never be responsible for harming another human being, whether by thought, word, or action. Help each other to survive the onslaught of the Dark Cabal and you will survive. All the help you need will be made available to you when the time comes. You do not have long to wait.

I ask that you send love and light to ROME and its ley lines and obelisks in order to prevent them taking control of humanity. They do not have your best interests at heart. Their fine words are just that. Their intentions are very dark indeed. Veronica had the good fortune to be able to talk first hand with good souls who understand what is going on. They work on your behalf. It was very enlightening for her. A war was fought and many died because one country wanted to hold on to a very important ley line crossing, so that the good energy would not be released to humanity. They now dump all sorts of chemical waste and rubbish on it. Does this paint the real picture clearly enough for you, about the importance of ley lines. Take back your ley lines. They belong to you; not to the cabal.

Yes, my dear, you were in danger when that woman tried to enter our home last week. She did come to harm you, but we alerted you to the imminent danger and you refused her entry. You need to be on alert for such occurrences. You need to fulfill your mission with those who were selected to work alongside you. You need the prayers of humanity to protect them from the dark side. The Golden Age needs humanity’s cooperation to commence.

My dear Veronica, take good care of yourself. Be kind to yourself and be ready when we call on you to act immediately.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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Montague Keen – May 31, 2015

George Orwell

Those who rule, whilst remaining in the shadows, are causing chaos in Europe. Be assured that this was always their PLAN. They care not for the suffering of the unfortunate people who perish on the high seas; they are not wanted by any country. Study what was done by the powers that be to cause this chaos in those countries in the first place. WHO INSTIGATED THE CHAOS that followed the invasion of these countries. Everything was PLANNED, down to the smallest detail.

They do not want the English, Irish, French, German, or Italian people to survive. They want them to lose their racial identity. “The Plan” is to kill off all forms of national identity; to kill off as many humans as possible, so that only the strongest can survive the chaos which the European countries have been deliberately plunged into. This is the most serious situation you have had to face; and you will have to face it, sooner than you think. Those who plan to pit human against human, sit back and enjoy the chaos, hoping that many lives will be cut short. They are not of your world, but THEY USE YOU to carry out their wishes. They speak such ‘kind’ and ‘understanding’ words to you in your plight, while all the time, they glory at how easy it is to manipulate you.

I ask you to remove all labels and see things as they actually are; not as the propaganda tells you it is. Your world is being destroyed all around you. Trust your own research. Step back from the propaganda, for it is total lies. Are you going to do anything while your heritage is being destroyed all around you?

They destroy all evidence of YOUR TRUE HISTORY when their armies invade a country. They are COMMANDED to first destroy all ancient artifacts and buildings, every bit of evidence that a civilised people once lived there in times past; before the invasion by those who want to take everything from you. Mind control was their weapon of choice and you have fallen for all their tactics. Religion has been their most successful weapon.

On the 24 September, the head of Religious Mind Control will meet the head of the United States at the United Nations, to sign over your future. Have you agreed to this? Do you have any backbone at all? Do not fall into the TRAP of thinking to yourself, what can I do? Trust me, you can do a lot. NO is a simple two-letter word, which is not used enough by you. You cannot just watch the takeover of your world and not lift a finger.

They also plan to remove money, so that only a chip will decide whether you buy food or not. THIS IS TOTAL CONTROL OF HUMANITY. THEY WILL PAINT A WONDERFUL PICTURE OF THIS, TO REASSURE THE MINIONS THAT IT WILL BE FUN NOT TO HAVE TO HANDLE MONEY AGAIN. But nothing they put forward for you will help you in any way. Only they can smile sweetly at you, as they plunge the knife in your heart. They do not see you as equal . . . and this is the bottom line.

You are now fighting for your very survival, so there is no time to waste. Look with pity at those who struggle on the seas today. It is them, today; tomorrow, quite possibly you. The destruction of your world is happening all around you. What are you doing about it? If only you could see their evil plans, as we can from this side of life, you would not be complacent. You are in a dire situation. You are all Palestinians, and you will suffer the same fate as them, if things carry on as they are now.

People around the world risk their lives to bring you the truth, in order to show you the way forward. What are you prepared to do? You can win this battle. Make your mind up, to never assist in any way, the takeover of your world. They cannot do it without you. Connect with the Supreme Being, the Source. Cut out the middle man; that was a ploy to control you. You are powerful beings of light, whose light has been dimmed by religion. It is time to release that light, as it will expose the evil dark forces that oppress you.

You live in a world of plenty but you have allowed the greed of your oppressors to take it from you. You are many, they are few. Never forget that. I have always told you that they would have to return from whence they came, and that only the most evil will remain until the end. Their time is running out. They have infiltrated every country, and every power structure on Earth. They either control, or are advisors to, their puppets. Their tentacles are visible everywhere. It’s very clever, but it is THE DARKEST EVIL.

The spirit side of life, as well as your friends from other planets, will be at your side to guide you through this. All the technology you will need to repair and recover, will be made available to you. You will then be in a position to create a world of plenty for all. When you pass to spirit, all becomes clear. It is shocking to see the evil corruption while humans are left floundering to survive amidst the chaos.

Visualise a peaceful world and make it happen. Every thought has an energy of its own.

My dear, you are up against it in every way. We are working with you to ensure that things happen as they should.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.
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Message from Montague Keen – 2015, the Year of Revelations – You live on a Prison Planet – 5-24-15

Message from Montague Keen – May 24, 2015

2015, the year of revelations. You will have to face many facts, this year, that will cause great distress to some, who feel that they should have been aware of what was actually going on. I have pointed out to you many times that you live on a PRISON PLANET. You were not ready to hear it then. Now, more of you are beginning to see this for yourselves. You are alarmed at what you now discover to be the truth.

When the decision was made to make the human race SLAVES to those who had ENTERED the Earth, many changes were put in place. All contact with other planets was CLOSED DOWN, and the Earth went into LOCK DOWN. You have been isolated and alone ever since. Religion was created and used to control you. Though the CHRIST they preach about, NEVER EXISTED, it was based on the Christ who was on Earth many hundreds of years before. The Vatican set about changing the names of places in the EAST to fit in with the story they had invented. The evidence for this is available. Great planning went into the takeover that they now want to complete. Many of you have assisted them in the destruction and annihilation of your race. You bought into their propaganda. It was meticulously planned.

There are enough of you awake to this now, to help others to see what you can see so clearly. You were conned by the MASTERS OF MANIPULATION, who drink your blood and eat your flesh in order to survive on Earth. Can you honestly turn a blind eye to all those who disappear every year. It is time you protected the vulnerable. Those who are “taken into care” by the State, are at the mercy of the satanic cults. They need your help to survive. You must face the facts of what is going on all around you. One day the knock will come on your door. Who will speak up for you? You are all Palestinians !

Only those who seek truth can clearly see what was done to humanity to render people obedient slaves to their unseen masters. Mind control plays a huge part in your slavery. Hellfire, damnation, punishment; all cleverly installed in your minds to hold you in check. They serve Lucifer; not the GOD of LOVE who created mankind.

We, in the world of spirit, are ready to help you rescue humanity and the Earth, so that all future generations can live in peace. Are you ready to work with us to achieve this? Together, we can do it. This is your big opportunity to free yourselves. Are you up to the challenge? What have you got to lose. The cabal will destroy you the moment they can no longer use you. Their plans are being exposed every day, as they cannot hide them from you anymore. They are bringing in new laws to buy themselves time. Humanity is sufficiently awake now, to see the full picture, so people can no longer be lulled into a false sense of security. Will the cabal come clean in September, when the head of the destruction of humanity greets his cohorts at the United Nations on 24 September.

Take time to learn the truth. Forget the false history and religions that have held you prisoner. Support your fellow human beings who are being bombed out of existence. For it is them today; perhaps you, tomorrow. This is the plan. Connect your hearts with the God of Love. With love in your hearts, you cannot hurt your fellow man. Who taught you to hate and fear? Who began the wars and the killings? Who forced their will on humanity? Who created all the religions in order to cause division and strife? All roads lead to Rome.

Time is running out. Use it to expose corruption, and save humanity from extinction. Yes, people will at first think you are crazy, but then the penny will drop, and they too, will clearly see the truth of what is being done all around them, every day, without them realizing it. Once you open your eyes, you can never close them again. Suddenly the corruption becomes so obvious that you wonder how you could possibly have been blind to it for so long. Become one of the many who are on Earth to liberate it and help humanity. Move forward into the light. Do not dwell on the atrocities perpetrated in order to control and destroy you. Concentrate only on creating a better future for the Earth.

This is a difficult time for all who serve truth. The attacks intensify but we will not be deterred. Please help us to move humanity forward into a peaceful world for all.

My dear, we know what we must do. We will not be stopped as the timing is right. With all of us working together, we cannot fail.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Message from Veronica
In order to prevent cancer: use hot water, lemon juice to taste, and 1/4 teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda, every morning.

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Message from Montague Keen – 5-10-15

Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.
   – J F Kennedy

My friends, the real reason for war is always kept hidden from you. The cabal understands fully the structure of the Earth, the Underground Tunnel System that connects and is of great importance to them. To the cabal, what is underground is more important than what you are aware of overground. The fact that this knowledge is hidden from you is what keeps them in power. They cannot hold this control without your assistance. Look at the emphasis that is put on armies. In actual fact, they are hired assassins who are prepared to destroy humanity for money.

Why do you think the cabal kept all evidence of the past, the sacred sites, ancient scrolls and tablets, hidden from you? They fear the man in the street ever finding the truth of his origins and his true history. You are fed propaganda of the glories of war; how brave the armies were, when all the time it is a game to ensure that man destroys his fellow man.

All wars are instigated and financed by the same people. It does not matter who wins, the cabal always wins. The cabal becomes stronger through the FEAR, suffering and death of human beings. You recently saw how war was glorified by the laying of red poppy wreaths to “Commemorate the Dead” of the last world war. All human life should be valued and respected. The destruction of humanity must stop, so that you can create a better life for all.

Go deep into your ancient past so that you may understand better what you are having to cope with today. Research when the takeover of humanity began, who were involved, and you will find that those same people are in power today. They do not die as you humans do. Once you understand this fact, all becomes clear. You carry within your souls the memories of all the lives you have lived. Each one of you is an important being of light who is on Earth at this time to bring about the changes necessary for humanity to survive.

We have plans for the future but we need your help to implement them. Once a certain chain of events happens then we will be openly among you again, with information and advice to help carry you forward into a better future for all. There are beings in every corner of the Earth who are prepared to move as one when the timing is right. Race or language will not be a problem. You will know in your souls when the time is right to move forward.

Please continue to send love and light to London, Rome and Washington. Your work on the ley lines has done much to prevent war and destruction. One day, you will understand how important this work is. The ley lines were created for the benefit of humanity; certainly not to imprison humanity and reduce the quality of life on Earth. The ley lines are yours. Take back control of them. This is your world.

Waking up is never easy. You have to accept that those you believed had your best interests at heart, were in fact, destroying you. This, they do through the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat. Surely these facts alone should wake everyone up. You pay them to kill you. Does this make sense?

We had hoped to have achieved more by now. Massive obstacles were put in our way. We have been delayed but we will not be stopped. My dear wife has suffered greatly in recent times. She has had to be strong to continue. She knows what is expected of her, and she will not be found wanting.

The Vatican does not want you to look at Ireland. They have too much to hide. So they make life very difficult for those who expose what they are guilty of. They control by FEAR, but the fear they create is BASED ON LIES.

There is NO HELL, no PURGATORY, or the like. Understand this and all their control evaporates into the ether. They have cheated humanity for far too long. It is time for the Vatican to hand back all the wealth to the poor people they stole it from. “You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

My dear, try to take it easy. Your body needs to recover. We are trying to put everything in place. There are many who wish to stop us but we will not be deterred.

Together always, your adoring, Monty.

Message from Montague Keen – 4-12-15

Message from Montague Keen – April 12, 2015

My friends, the time has come when action is needed on your part. I have guided you forward. I have shown you what is required of you. We do our best on this side of life. We now need you to act together on your side of life. We show you the way and open your eyes to what was done to you, to enable the Cabal to create the prison planet you have become accustomed to living in.

Freedom is within your grasp. Open your hearts and minds and embrace the light which becomes more apparent every day. Many of you are aware of the energy changes. You feel a sense of excitement, and so you should; the control systems are crumbling. It is their time to relinquish all control. The light is exposing all that is evil and you can now see the power structures exposed. All their evil plans are laid bare before you. When they are removed (and they will be), help will come to humanity. There will be no distinctions, no third world; there will be equality. The Cabal has done all in its power to destroy and remove humanity so that they alone could claim Planet Earth for themselves. This will not be allowed.

To understand how you can reclaim the Earth for humanity, you need to know how it is controlled and how you are kept in ignorance and darkness.


This is fact. Area 51 has tried to harness the ENERGY of Ireland. CERN was built to try to capture and utilise the energy of Ireland. When the Irish people wake up to what was done to them and their country, they will remove everything relating to the Vatican from their land forever.

I ask you to go to the interviews that Veronica did with the Galactic Historian, ANDREW BARTZIS. Go especially to No 3, where you will learn the truth. Veronica asked Andrew, “What is Ireland?” Andrew replied, “Ireland represents the most important part of the Earth system of original foundation before domination and control took effect.

“The technology underneath Ireland is like a hive. The ant hive of getting into tunnels that lead into other sets of tunnels, which get you into 12 dimensional fortification systems. That is the first KEY to understand what Ireland is. Ireland is the KEY to the vault.”

“All of the energetic tunnels that connect to the Earth birthing system, lead to Ireland. There are master control chambers under the Irish continents that are in there, deep underground.”


Veronica, “What can the man in the street do now?”

Andrew replied, “Walk your feet over the lands. Bring your prayers, your intentions, bring your concept of what a ceremony is. Begin practicing spiritual cleanliness. Begin understanding that the world you lived in, particularly London, really is a haunted place. That it takes the people and their intentions and their heart-space to begin to free this trapped energy there, that has been trapped there by ancestors who created a sacred geometry system, knowing full-well that future ancestors would have a toxic spiritual environment to inherit.”

“Ireland represents a group of independent time travellers who can stick the thorn in the side of the church at many different timelines and all four paradoxes. If Rome does not do whatever it can do, to make sure that the proper Irish soul families don’t live on all four timelines, but are separated on all four timelines, and are refugees all over the world, and are considered the lame ducks of society; then they are doing their job to make sure that those ancient time travellers couldn’t manifest in our world again, unless they manifested through the Catholic Church that existed there in Ireland.”

“Irish history is connected to the Egyptian history, the pharaohs. Egyptian mummies have been found all throughout the Irish isles.”


“The Egyptians who believed that you go to the different phases of their underworld, through a boat to Ireland.”

“What might happen if a very powerful metaphysical teacher of the Egyptian spirituality decided that they wanted to GO TO THE GREATEST INTERSECTION OF THE PORTALS THROUGH THEIR DEATH ?”

Veronica Keen, “Did you know that Tutankhamun’s DNA is 98% Irish?”

Andrew, “Yes, I did”.

“Ireland has been under so many massive timeline attacks that almost caused additional paradoxes. It was a massive, massive, battleground, like World War I trench warfare, but on a timeline scale.”

“The biggest thing that is going to be hard to physically prove, would be the creation of the Titanic, that was 1913 to 1917. They built a number of ships, because that’s when all the big time-travellers would be manifesting in Dublin, would be manifesting all throughout the Irish isles so that the metal skilled workers were there, because the Titanicwas a massive, massive, massive need in the timelines. The metal that came to Ireland was enchanted with the Irish isles ENERGY, and when it sailed the ocean, it was doing very positive good. And that is why it was sunk with all those bankers that were on it. It was a massive set-up of timelines that would even crush the Irish energy resistance that was trying to reconnect to sacred geometry grids with a massive vessel that was built by Irish hands.”

“Those ships were taking the energy of Ireland across the oceans and connecting it to different sacred geometry systems and they were actually trying to counter hijack the sacred geometry system with a massive metal resonating boat. I know it’s huge. Those guys at the timeline projects are going to be pissed off with me, but it’s time to tell the truth.”

“Ireland was the place that MI6 did all its occult stuff. There were so many secret rituals done in Irish ceremonial places, all throughout the Irish isles during World War II, that it will make the Nazi expression that we’ve known about occult, look like kid’s play.”

There is so much more information that Veronica and Andrew Bartzis brought to your attention that you need to research. The filmed interviews are on our website and on YouTube.

Now, perhaps you will understand why it is necessary to have our first Centre in Ireland. Sadly, many of you listened to the trolls who set out to prevent it happening last year. Many of the donations were returned as requested. It is for humanity that this work must be done, and I ask you once again to consider giving, so that our plans for a Centre can go ahead as soon as possible, so we are all prepared when the Cabal ceases to control humanity.

My love, one day your hard work will be understood. We have not got long to wait now.

I will be at your side. Your adoring, Monty.

Message from Veronica

The accountant will visit me on Tuesday, after which an amended financial figure for the Centre will be displayed on the homepage.

I have been dealing with severe attacks. There is a massive attempt to stop my work. Please send me healing. I am under attack now. It must stop.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Montague Keen – 3-15-15

monty_montague_keen_snip1Montague Keen

I have pleaded with you many times to investigate this fact for yourselves. This information would release you from the stranglehold of your oppressors. I have guided Veronica to read, once again, the books that explain the truth of how certain factions took control of not just Planet Earth, but humanity also.



by Conor Mac Dari

It is safe to say the light is advancing and that truth is progressing regardless of this reactionary force, which is now exposed for the first time in a manner which reveals the plot. It cannot help but open the eyes of mankind to the great fraud, and more especially awaken the IRISH people who have been so foully betrayed and sold into the hands of their oppressors.


It all goes to prove that even the cleverest forgers and falsifiers are not safe from exposure and discovery. So it is the case of the Roman and British forgers. Although the imposition of the Savior Jesus and the substitution of him for IESA, brought great riches to the Roman Church, it required a great and tremendous effort to succeed in making it appear to the world that he had an actual historical existence.

These are the people who stole the ancient Irish Bible and palmed it off to the world as a JEWISH book, produced by a people over in Syria. It is an invention and an imposture on the world.

It almost passes belief that a FRAUD SO STUPENDOUS COULD ESCAPE SO LONG WITHOUT DISCOVERY. But when we consider the thoroughness and extent to which the plot was carried out, and the magnitude of the forces which were employed in the work, it is not so much to be wondered at, forces such as the Roman Empire, with its world power, then the Roman Catholic Church and the British Kingdom, with propaganda systematically spread abroad in order to create a false impression of everything pertaining to the past history of Ireland and her people. There are the forces who have perpetrated and profited by this great fraud. The DECEPTION is still continued and the secret jealously guarded by both the Roman Church and the British from the world at large, but more particularly from the Irish people, who have suffered so much from those two adverse forces.”

Look also at:

by Conor Mac Dari.

“The Irish brought religion and civilisation to EGYPT and that religion was Sun Worship. The word “Jew” is derived from an idiomatic Irish word Iudh (Yudh), meaning of the light. It alludes to the Priests of the Sun, the followers of the Light, those who had wisdom. The word Iudh is camouflaged when it is converted into English by using the letter J instead of I to begin the word, there being no J in the Irish alphabet. So, by leaving out the letters from the original Irish spelling, the “Doctors” have formulated the word “Jew”. This deception being unsuspected, it has served the TRICKSTERS until now. There are other idiomatic names in the Irish language for “Jew” and “Hebrew” which give unmistakable proof that they are solely and truly of Irish Origin. One of the names for “Jew” is Iuil (pronounced Yul). It expresses the attributes of the Sun when at His highest power and dignity, and is the name of the month Iuil (July). It is from this idea, which originated with and was developed by the Irish priests of IESA, that was afterwards copied by the Roman church priests when they wrote their FALSE HISTORY of Rome and bestowed the names of the months of the year, when the Sun is at its greatest power, upon two of their “historic” characters, Julius and Agustus Caesar. Iuil signifies, in Irish, learning, knowledge. The Irish attributed these qualities to the Sun, so, in accordance with this idea, the Roman priests, in their fictitious history, have Julius Ceasar write a book. Thus we have a history of “Ceasars Campaigns” a priestly composition. These attributes were ascribed to the Sun by THE IRISH CULT OF IESA and those who embraced the religious life were Jews, and not our “poor” brothers who own the City of New York. The Irish were HEBREWS. I have found that statement was the real truth as regarding the ancient Irish. So it goes without saying that the hierarchy at Rome knew that the Irish Church of IESA CHRIOST (Jesus Christ) had established CHRISTIANITY or Sun Worship, on the Western Continent. This knowledge must have been confirmed by the Irish priests who were brought into the Roman Church organisation at the time of the SUPPRESSION of the Irish Church.”

Until the Irish people and humanity wake up to this fraud and expose it, the planet is held to ransom. Veronica and I have tried to open your minds to the truth. Changes are happening so fast that it is now urgent that you take responsibility and free yourselves. You do have a choice, you have free will. The truth will set you free. The moment you stand together and state as one, I DO NOT CONSENT, your oppressors lose control of humanity.

[As I write this, I am being attacked. My head, and especially my eyes, are burning and flowing, as is my nose. The pain is terrible. Your inaction gives permission for humanity to be attacked whether through banking, wars, etc. Think on that.]

You are only just waking up to the control system that has destroyed so much of your world. They want to destroy life on Earth. They push for WAR. They will invent whatever excuses are necessary to convince the masses that they are in danger and that war is necessary. Look at all the countries they have invaded and destroyed recently, one after another. Those are your fellow humans. They need your support.

The ley line work is freeing you. Please put as much effort into it as possible. Release all the trapped energy for humanity. Pay special attention to London and everywhere else that the control is concentrated. There are ISLANDS that you are told are uninhabited. These are fully equipped with HAARP technology that can create whatever your oppressors require, including mind control of the masses. What are you doing while all such places are being set up to destroy you? DO NOT GIVE YOUR CONSENT TO THIS. Because they are SECRET LOCATIONS, they get away with it. The HAARP SIGNALS give away these locations, such as Antarctica. You want all human and animal life to flourish. No more wars or the glorification of wars. This mind control you are all subject to, must stop. Once you are aware of it, and refuse to consent to it, it will have to stop.

Concentrate on the grid. Release all ley line energy to humanity. Cover the whole world, especially remote places that are out of sight and used for criminal activities which suppress and eliminate humanity. You are up against an evil so great, it will take all of you to remove it. Say NO, I DO NOT CONSENT.

My dear, your path is proving more difficult every day. The attacks are quite vicious. It saddens you that enough people are not making the effort to awaken. They will, in time. They will have a light bulb moment and all will become obvious. We know it is written. Humanity will survive. The Earth will be reclaimed.

Always at your side, my dear. Your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Veronica Keen Makes Urgent Plea – 12-16-14

Veronica Keen Makes Urgent Plea

Message From Montague Keen – On the 10th of December Ireland will Rise – 12-7-14


Montague Keen

You are getting closer to your goal each day, as the corrupt and their corrupt practices are revealed. You can be in no doubt now about those who have held humankind in slavery. They are doing their utmost to hoodwink you so that you continue to serve them. The power they possess is what they have taken from you.

You are at the crossroads. You have to make a choice: slavery or freedom? They see you as “Useless Eaters” [Henry Kissinger]. They despise you; as to them, you are there only to serve them. Everything they have, they have taken from you, and you allowed them to do so.

The awakened Irish are taking to the streets on the 10 December. Listen to their call, it’s straight from the heart . . .

On the 10th of December Ireland will Rise

Every country in your world will follow the Irish lead. Everyone who is awake should be with the Irish in spirit as they march to lead humanity out of oppression. On the 10 December, humanity should WALK AS ONE to demand the removal of all that is corrupt. This is the first step that you have been waiting for. Ireland will lead the way.

It would have been good if we had the Irish Centre available, but due to false accusations and deliberate obstruction, sufficient money was not available. So we’ll try to find another suitable building. Please bear with us, as we will succeed; this is too important to abandon.

The genetic grid is calling all those on Earth who are without souls, to prepare to gather together, in order to take their leave. They face extinction if they remain. They cannot take all that they have acquired on Earth with them; so their riches will be left behind. You almost allowed them to take over the Earth completely, and they used every conceivable method to prevent your awakening. People have been cruelly used to give false information that all is well. Some even said that a spaceship would come to collect you, to take you to the light. But NO: THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Remember, your oppressors have technology that is unknown to you. They can enter the minds of those they feel they can use. They want to get rid of you, as they want only the soulless to inhabit the Earth. The tax you pay to them is used to pay for the poison in your water, the poison in your food, and the poison in the air you breathe. Then, they KILL you with vaccines and medication when you become ill from all their poisons. You must wake up and realise this. You pay them to destroy humanity so that they can take over your planet.

The battle for Planet Earth has reached a critical stage. You must make a stand. The Prime Creator will become involved for the first time in the history of humanity. There are those on Earth who need your support. Forget race or creed, it is humanity as a whole that needs to survive. We cannot give you all the details, as that would leave Veronica and those who help her, vulnerable to attack. She has suffered too many attacks as it is.

Their removal was planned. It needed the right people to return to Earth, with minds that are open to the destruction and takeover of Planet Earth. There are those on Earth at this time, who have not shown themselves as yet. When they do, they will leave you in no doubt as to who they are. Everything will happen when the timing is right. We, in the world of Spirit, will do our utmost to help you overcome your oppressors. We will then help you to create a world without conflict. A world where thought will become the norm, as it is here. You have a lot to learn. When you come out of the control system and realise that your are beings of light, you’ll see that you are capable of so much more than you can imagine right now. It will be so exciting for you to learn who you are.

Look to the future. You will quickly forget this present life with all its doom, gloom, and control. When the control grid is lifted, the Earth will return to being the beautiful planet that it was before it was taken over.

Humans are beginning to recognise those who are not human; those who just appear to be human, those who are without a soul or empathy of any sort, and those who can kill thousands of people without a second thought. You witness this over and over again. The FEAR that this creates is the oxygen which they NEED, since they thrive on the spilling of human blood. Humanity facilitates this need without understanding that it is killing its own kind. Think carefully before you agree to wear a uniform. Look honestly at what will be required of you. You will be asked to oppress or eliminate your fellow man. Do you want to do the dirty work of the Cabal ? They NEVER go to war, since you do it for them !

Those in power are there, only because you, the people, put them there. YOU are responsible for putting them in power. You are fooled by party loyalty, etc. You must learn to think of yourselves as human beings; your loyalty should be to humanity, not to race or creed. You entered the world without labels and YOU ARE FREE TO MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS. Labels are foisted upon you, and foolishly, you accept them. But you are always able to free yourselves, and to think for yourselves, and to decide how you wish to live your experience of life on Earth.

This is a time of great change. Take a positive part in this change. Your future depends on the decisions you make at this time. Let the love of humanity guide you.

Send love and light to the Irish, as on the 10 December, they peacefully endeavour to take control of their country. Use WORDS, not bullets. It can be done. The time has come for action.

Ireland is the key that will unlock everything.

This is a difficult time for you, my love. I am always at your side.

Your adoring, Monty.


Montague Keen Message – 10-26-14

My dear Veronica,  it is our dearest wish to guide and support humanity through the many changes that must happen before the New Age begins. I am very aware that many in your world do not want to prepare. They are in fear. They still cling to their 3D beliefs and way of life. It is necessary to understand that when the Cabal is removed, then all the infrastructure it controls goes with it. It cannot be otherwise. This is a fact that all must come to terms with. Forewarned is forearmed.

Whenever you embark on a journey, you first prepare. This is the greatest journey that mankind has ever faced, so you must prepare for all eventualities. You need to eat, drink, and breathe to survive. This is why I encourage you to get involved in the Centres of Learning which we are setting up, where information on how to create all the necessities of life will be available to all. We are bringing all those who have done the research, together, to teach humanity how to cope in the New Age of Enlightenment that is about to begin.

The Cabal does not want humanity to survive and will sabotage much before they retreat from your planet. They despise humanity. They see you as useless eaters, who are but slaves. This slavery is coming to an end. You are now seeing the final attempts of the Cabal to try to hold on to power. The rush to create police states has begun; their use of false flag events to bring them about, have become obvious to those who are awake. This is not the time to sit back and do nothing, as this gives the Cabal permission to continue its final attempt to create its dream of a New World Order.

Those within the Cabal want to live life on Earth without restrictions. They want their way of life brought out into the open, without the need to hide what they do, in order to survive on planet Earth. Their need for human blood has always been kept hidden from you. Now, evidence is emerging that they feel the need to come out into the open about it. They feel that it is time that you, humanity, understands them. Their need for constant war is becoming very obvious. The brainwashing of young men to fight their wars is deplorable. Armies wear all the insignias of blood sacrifice without ever questioning what they mean. They are told that they must be proud to become a blood sacrifice. They are injected with viruses and so spread them far and wide. They are instrumental in killing off their own species, yet they are blinded to this fact. Those who believe in the propaganda regarding vaccination and are administering them, are also instrumental in killing off their own species.

Those who rule your world, use you in different guises, to kill your fellow man. You cannot continue to close your eyes to all this, as time is running out. You need to wake up. Refuse to be conned by those who are firmly locked into 3D lives, who are like the proverbial mouse on the treadmill, always running but never getting anywhere. This is how they look, from this side of life, when we observe life on Earth.

Every day, more obstacles are being put in your path, requiring you to put more effort into everything, that never gets you anywhere. The Cabal is wearing you down, so you may agree with its demands more easily, being too exhausted to struggle. Survival becomes more difficult every day. You must win this battle of light and dark, for it is in your power to create on Earth a way of life that is everything you could possibly wish for. This is why you are on the Earth at this time. You have returned. You are coming together in order to ensure that life on Earth continues in peace and harmony.

The people of Atlantis were conned, and so it fell, but the memory of that fall was never erased from the consciousness of Man. Those souls have returned to Earth to ensure that it will not fall into the same trap. You need to learn the lessons of the past and refuse to make the same mistakes. It will be tough. I never said it would be easy, but you will succeed.

Some suggest that I expect too much of Veronica. She has lived many lives, even before planet Earth was created. She chose this path before returning to Earth. This is the reason that she is attacked on many levels. Some are being used to falsify facts in order to distract from her work.

[ I, Veronica, ask you to go to our web site. Find MESSAGES on the homepage. Read the report of a séance dated 19 June 2011. It has been on my website all this time. It refutes Kelly’s version of events.]

Let us come together, with both sides of life working together to shine a light on all that is corrupt. Learn to see others as fellow human beings without labels, all working towards a brighter future for all humanity. Try to see the light in everyone, then connect with it, for your future depends on it. Prepare for the future. We plan to have twenty Centres all over the world. The first one has to be in Ireland. The reason for this will become clear when we disclose the truth about Ireland and reveal its importance. “Ireland is the key that will unlock everything.”

Important connections were made, last week, that will bear fruit. All will come together when the timing is right.

Always, your adoring, Monty

Montague Keen Message – 10-12-14

montague_keen_veronica13Montague Keen – October 12, 2014


You will have cause to remember these words as you proceed towards 2015.

Be aware and informed so that your decisions are arrived atonly after all options are studied.

Scare tactics are being used to influence all decisionsthat affect your very existence.

The unseen battle is raging allaround you.

Propaganda is at an all time high.

Everything possible is beingused to keep control of your world.

They have the technology and are using itagainst you:health, banking, laws;

it is all being used to destroy the conscious human being.

Those of you who are awake and aware must reach out to those who need a helping hand to wake up.

There has never beena greater need for humanity to come together than now.

Put aside all differences, whether religion, politics, or race.

You must stand together as one against the destruction of your planet and life as you know it.

Together,you can achieve great things.

It is important that you are aware of all the ways that you are being attacked sothat you can protect yourselves.

You must also be prepared for the collapse of the cabal and what that entails.

It will be necessary for you to learn a new way of living life on Earth.

Look at what the cabal controls:

theproduction of food and supply of water, banking,

just about everything that is necessary for life on Earth asyou have lived it up to now. Veronica and I have communicated on this subject for many years now.

She willfollow my instructions regarding the laboratories that will produce natural medications

that will be neededwhen all drug-based medicine is no longer being produced.

Your whole way of life will change.

It will be necessary to ensure that there is clean air to breathe, pure water, and food without chemicals.

All the illness is caused by the chemicals which your bodies have not been able to tolerate.

Hard work and planning will have to go into life in the new age of peace and love.

Once everything is in place it will be as paradise on Earth.

You are the chosen ones as you chose to prepare your planet for its bright new future.

When all that is corrupt is removed, you will be left with a clean sheet.

You will be guided by your friends from other planets, and of course, the spirit side of life.

Knowledge will be shared by all countries and humanity will become ONE;

with all contributing in friendship, love and peace.

This is the future you are working towards.

Our Centres will provide information, advice and guidance.

Humanity cannot be left floundering, unsure of what to do.

Our grateful thanks go out to all who have donated to the purchase of our first Centre.

Know that your contributions will be used to create a better life for all.

It is important that you are fully aware that many are being taken over

by a virus which invades the brain. This virus is not of the medical type.

It is being used to work for the cabal, especially to attack those who work towards peace and harmony.

People are unaware of this virus which attacks the brain.

They become unwilling victims, to be pitied rather than blamed.

Humanity is being attacked on many levels that you are not yet aware of.

All this is balanced by the many beautiful souls who have awakened and

come together for the good of humanity and your planet.

They have put aside all contrived differences and they look to

a better future for all in a world without war or strife of any sort.

A world where TRUTH will prevail.

You will learn your true history and you will come to

understand life on Earth in all its complexity.

All that was hidden will be open to you, for it is necessary to know the TRUTH.

Those who surreptitiously took control of your world for their own evil ends

will have to face the consequences of their actions.

They have killed with impunity and they have showed no respect for human life.

All this will change, and each one of you will have a hand in bringing about this change.

Deal with the present, look to the future,and know that you will make it happen.

Rebuff all attempts to hold you in the dark control.

It is time to release yourselves from bondage.

Taste freedom and enjoy all that freedom – real freedom – will bring.

You have taken the first steps towards your goal.You will succeed.

You now see through all the LIES, false alarms, emergencies, and the rest.

These no longer have the desired impact.

The ley line work must continue.

You are doing sterling work on the ley lines.

The new ley lines need to be welcomed and embraced.

You are becoming familiar with how your planet works and

are happy to assist it through these difficult times.

It will not be long, my dear. We are almost there. Truth will triumph.

Always, your adoring, Monty.


Message from Veronica

The only reason I shared information on my attacks is to

make you aware of the signals coming from your body when it is under attack.

I was not aware of these signals, otherwise I could have removed myself from danger.

People from other countries have contacted me about their attacks.

It is important to share such information.

It was by no means a display of fear.

If I had allowed fear to take hold,

I would have gone in the ambulance to the hospital in Dublin.

I KNEW that I must not agree to that, so I trusted my instinct.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone for your kind wishes.

With love, Veronica. Website: The Montague Keen Foundation