Mira of the Pleiadian High Council – via Valerie Donner – 4-8-16

pleiadians3-270x330Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council, serving full time on the Earth Council.

The truth be told is that we are astounded at the events currently occurring on your planet. To use your phraseology “It is like a three ringed circus.”

We assist with the Ascension process in numerous locations in creation but we have never seen anything quite like this. As Ground Crew you are sharpening up your skills and mastery as you are maneuvering through some of the darkest energies we have seen. You are earning not only your Badge of Courage but many extra awards for your diligence and expertise. Your big reward will be to inherit your Earth back.

Thank you for your loving service and willingness to participate in this divine experiment. The Creator is pleased with you too and so are the many members of the Light Alliance and the Galactic Alliance. Without your co-operation the evolution of this Solar System and many others would not be as feasible.

Little by little and layer by layer, the dark forces are being stripped from their grip upon you and the planet. We assure you that even though it might feel otherwise we see what is happening and want you to know they are pressed for continuing their agenda. They are behaving like wild tornados because they know their time is short. You might liken them to your big alligators thrashing about with their long tails. They are angry and hungry to maintain their control and greed.

Our message to them is this is the hour when they are losing their power. Certain motions have taken place that will assure their complete demise in the near future. Their horrific behavior fully results in this happening sooner than later. They are behaving badly towards the Earth and Humanity. This will no longer be tolerated. We have full and complete authority to use whatever means are necessary to take corrective action. To speak in language that you use to children who are misbehaving, “You have stepped over the line.”

The crisscrossing over and around the complicated systems is already in place. We continue to monitor everything that is going on in their minds and their actions. Every one of us has assignments just like you. When the time is right you will know more of what you will be doing. We think you will like your new assignments. In the meanwhile, keep taking in the Light, meditating, praying and directing helpful energies and resources where you see they are needed. Stay out of fear and abide in the reassuring energies of Love.

New patterns for a new Earth and new life on the Earth are already overlaid. They will be anchored in at the appropriate moment. We know you are deserving of a much better way of life. The struggles and suffering are nearly over and then the rebuilding will begin. You will begin to see the way out of the past into a glorious new future.

We are with you – guiding you and protecting you. We are also standing up for your rights to a much better life on beloved Earth. Please continue to be the beacons of Light and shining stars of the Earth. We love you and are astounded at who you are Ground Crew.

In loving service, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner – 11-4-15

pleiadians3-270x330Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council and currently working full time with the Earth Council.

At the present moment we are going toe to toe with the opposing forces. You can feel this energy being emitted from the current events. Some would like you to believe the lies and injustices are the result of various religions, but this is not the main issue. The biggest problem is hidden agendas by those in control. Because these events are becoming increasingly obvious and the dark forces’ creativity is being tapped, you will begin to see humanity awakening at a faster speed.

The upheaval is a part of the giant shift in consciousness. It means that progress is being made in the Ascension process. We are taking care to guard the Ground Crew and are closely watching over you. We know that some of you are challenged. Please do not give up. You are getting closer to your desired goals with every breath.

What matters the most is that you remain peaceful and calm. Stay on a level footing. Refuse to buy into the mass conditioning. Claim what is true for you. Join each other in prayer and meditation. Stay connected with each other. Find places of joy and happiness within and with each other. Laugh. Take note of what is happening and see how you can assist in clearing the energy.

The focus is on the inner realms and in connection with the higher Realms of Light. You are not tourists on the planet. You know your way around. Create Love and beauty. Claim your divine right to be the planetary guardians and helpers. Release the old ways of being and expecting life to be the way it used to be.

These are chaotic times. They will continue intensely for the next couple of years and then they will level out. The last few years of this decade will be easier and much more joyful. You have a lot of work to do. We are working with you and overseeing what needs to be fixed. Progress is being made.

We desire that we could fix your problems now; however it is not our job to rescue humanity. It is our role to be facilitators and wayshowers. We do this energetically in many different ways. Any attempts by those who oppose us are futile. We are on a sacred mission sanctioned by the Creator and the various alliances surrounding and a part of the Earth and Inner Earth.

Our style is different from what you are accustomed to on the Earth. It is peaceful and helpful. Alarm and fear are not a part of the Light/Galactic Alliance. We are the providers of tools to create peace. We are strong and powerful, perceptive and useful, clear and capable of reading through the issues of concern. We are a part of a fully functioning experienced team that specializes in the Ascension process.

As progress continues, the energies may become even stranger to some of you. These are a measure of your awakening. Keep gathering your courage and your strength to live in the Truth and the Light. We shine our Light and Love upon you. We are grateful for what you are doing for the Divine Plan.
I am Mira.

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner: December 4, 2015. http://www.thegroundcrew.com/channeled_messages.htm#message

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner – A Fly By In California – 11-9-15


On November 7 around 6:00PM a huge beam of blue and green light was seen in the skies from Santa Rosa California to Southern California.



Greetings, I am Mira.

Do we have the ground crew rounded up and paying attention to all that is happening right now on the Earth? Perk up your ears and watch your skies because there will be much more coming your way to show you that we are with you. We timed the flight (mentioned above) so that you would be made aware of our efforts to comfort you and excite you with our presence and our participation in the unfolding events.

Although we can’t do things to save you, we can encourage you and assist with technology where it is needed. This is the time of the greatest need for life and for the Earth. Much is at stake. We are taking responsibility on the Earth Council for where intervention is necessary. We want you to keep your morale up. Discouragement makes you take steps backward and we want you to move forward with ease and grace.

When we provide air shows we do it at a certain risk. Your government continues to deny it could be a fly over and dismissed this last one as “a naval missile.” You can decide for yourselves. The truth is flawless and you will know if it is so.

We are collaborating with many powers that be/are on the Earth. Our Council is active. We have issues to resolve together. We are making big steps towards resolution so that the next steps in progressive change can be taken. Ultimately you will have a new planet of beauty and Love like the Earth was in the beginning.

You will begin to see the end of the old ways. Each time there is a shift you will feel lighter and happier. Pleasant times are coming for pleasant people. The unspoken and newly accepted truths will be easier for you to integrate. The lies and perpetrations of the past are falling away.

Some are continuing to act out like spoiled children who are accustomed to getting their way. It is going to become increasing unpleasant for those who continue to pursue self-interest, greed, power, hatred and war. They will begin to feel misplaced, labeled, and revealed for who they are and what they have done to you and the planet. You will observe with wonder and awe at how they respond. It will be given to each according to his/her need.

In the end all will be revealed and your new work in the New Earth will become clear. The Earth Council is working at Light speed to implement and co-ordinate the rising needs and changing consciousness. It’s all coming together and working for you and for the Earth. Self-interest is on a downward sliding scale. The release of these energies will assist you to lighten up and catapult the Earth into the Light.

I am Mira with Love from the Pleiadian High Council working with the Earth Council.

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner: November 9, 2015. http://www.thegroundcrew.com/channeled_messages.htm#message

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council – via Valerie Donner – We will be teaching you about some new technologies that we think you will love – 9-7-15

pleiadians3-270x330Mira of the Pleiadian High Council   –   via Valerie Donner   –   9-7-15

Greetings, I am Mira.

I speak to you from the Earth Council which is my primary focus. We work with the Ascension energies and oversee the Earth.

We know that you have many questions about what is going on right now. We want to assure you that it is not the plight of the Earth to be destroyed. It is the Earth’s desire to ascend and this loving planet is deserving of her wish. We are a part of a massive effort to ensure that the Earth’s wishes are followed. We are at her command and we are dedicated to this cause.

We speak with the ground crew because you are as dedicated as we are to the focus at hand. We know your hearts like we know the Earth’s heart. They are beautiful. Like you we want only the best in this most complex set of chaotic energies.

The Earth has everything and every one of the powerful forces of Light to help. She is deeply loved and appreciated. In the days to come there will be uplifting energies everywhere. You will love the love and these energies will propel you on your pathways.

You will begin to realize that the demeanor of many humans has begun to change. Little by little you will recognize love and co-operation taking its place in the daily life on the planet. Before this shift some who are frustrated and weary will continue to act out and hopefully you will respond with compassion and understanding. These contrasts are still a part of your spiritual awakening.

We will be teaching you about some new technologies that we think you will love. We are working through and with gifted scientists and messengers to bring these forth. It’s time to get past some of the basics like the salt and pepper on your tables. We want to present you with the full gourmet feasts of all possibilities that will make your lives easier, healthier and more abundant.

The roll-out of some of these technologies is being planned. They will be introduced when the time is right. They are most needed and will improve life on the Earth in a myriad of ways. Some of them will be slipped into your lives cleverly. Your high tech companies won’t be able to take all of the credit. We are excited to help you in these ways.

Our journeys together are becoming more intertwined. We have an interdependent relationship. We need you and you need us and your Galactic family. It is important you realize you are not alone. Your long=standing work and desires for the Earth will be manifested in far greater ways than you can imagine.

I am Mira in loving service.

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council. Channelled by Valerie Donner. September 3, 2015. http://www.thegroundcrew.com/channeled_messages.htm#message

Found at:  http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/09/07/mira-of-the-pleiadian-high-council-via-valerie-donner-september-3-2015/

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner – 8-14-15

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council   via  Valerie Donner   –   8-14-15



Greetings, I am Mira.

I speak with you today with loving service from the Earth Council.

We are on a special mission. The future of the Earth is about to change. Preparations are underway. Big statements will be made through action and activity. Are you with us? Know that you are protected and the fortune of humanity is going to be improving. Any resistance is being dealt with in appropriate means.

There won’t be any dilly dallying as far as the Galactic forces are concerned. We are ready, prepared and eager to follow through with what we need to accomplish. You might hear some disinformation, as usual, as to what particular events might be occurring. We ask you to look to Love, Light and into your own hearts for discernment. Some would like you to have doubts or mislead you into thinking that they know more than they do or that they are in charge.

Please stay on a steady course of knowledge and good will. Hold only the best for all beings on the planet and for the Earth herself. The Earth is loved profoundly and so are you. Many have pieces of the plan but no one has the entire picture of what will happen because circumstances are always changing.

The Earth is the focal point of creation. Keep breathing and keep up with your meditations, prayers and circulation of love for life. You are making big steps forward in your journey home. It is a remarkable adventure with rewards that you will find amazing.

The best thing for you to do now is to stay grounded, centered, and open hearted. Being with other Lightworkers is excellent and especially doing meditations and prayers together. You are a formidable Ground Crew and when you are linked together you cannot be beat. That is why Unity is so important. Let only Unity be the key because that is how you will be living in the higher dimensions.

If you look around you will see how events are bringing humanity together for more cohesiveness. When this energy expands you will create miracle upon miracle. Your vision for the new Earth is at the top of importance. Hold this vision in the heart and in focus throughout your day. Do not let the petty distractions of the third dimension prevent you from your work as Ground Crew.

Please know that we stand with you as you create with us for the most beautiful ascensions process as it unfolds. We love you and support you.

I am Mira

Source:Mira of the Pleiadian High Council. Channelled by Valerie Donner. August 11, 2015.

Found at:  http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/mira-of-the-pleiadian-high-council-via-valerie-donner-5


Mira of the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner – 7-10-15

pleiadians3-270x330Mira of the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner


Greetings, I am Mira.

I am pleased to speak with you today.

We have been very busy monitoring the affairs of the planet and space. There’s too much that I cannot reveal because it would be unsafe and unwise. I will tell you that we continue to need the assistance of the Ground Crew. We need your constant vigilance and awareness. We need you to continue to play it straight and keep your vibrations rising.

Soon new revelations will be coming forth. Profound intervention from all parties involved with the well-being of the Earth is converging into their direct roles and action. This is a time of expansion of our duties. We are going to become what you call more hands-on.

The planet is in a precarious place. Her well-being is threatened from the damage and human destruction. She has given freely to life on the planet. Look at what is happening to your oceans, your food, health, weather, etc. These are responses to the state of imbalance, greedy ones and self-serving beings. We need to clean up the Earth.

Your Space Family is working behind the scenes to prevent disastrous harm with long term effects. There is much to be cleared and cleansed. We are constantly adding to our fleets. We are even creating new technologies for removing contaminants and pollutants such as we have not seen before.

These are active and trying times for those of you who inhabit the Earth. The chaos is necessary in order to bring balance. You are protected, loved and encouraged beyond measure. Each one of you is precious to the Creator and to us. We rely on your abilities and soon you will know this first hand.

We are experts in the Ascension process. You are the brightest of the bright. You were chosen to be here now, so we want you to stay motivated and not give up. We tap into how you are doing and we see that some of you have been thinking of throwing in the towel (I like some of your expressions.) If you can pick your selves up, dry yourselves off and keep on keeping on you won’t regret it.

Please understand that your consciousness and vibrations matter. What you are experiencing now is part of the Ascension process. What happened on your planet was carried too far for too long. The suffering of life on the Earth  is beyond description.

This is a big project and we are in the throes of it. Stay grounded. Elevate your thoughts. Release fear. Live in Love and Service. Know this will be fruitful. You will be living in the fifth dimension and higher before you know it.

I am Mira in loving service to the Earth and to you.

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council. Channelled by Valerie Donner. July 10, 2015. http://www.thegroundcrew.com/channeled_messages.htm

Mira, of Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner – When you Command that Certain Events Cease, they will have to Stop – 4-7-15

pleiadians3-270x330Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

I am serving full time on the Earth Council to assist with the Ascension process.

As I speak we are coursing through your skies. We are observers and helpers. We are fully engaged in this process in which you find yourselves. We live in a higher vibration. Our ships keep tabs on you. We relate to your experiences and your expressions.

We are as appalled as you are by many of the current events on your planet. It is your consciousness that will make the difference. When you command that certain events cease they will have to stop.

This is how powerful you are and should communicate to you why the dark forces are afraid of you. It is time you take your power back. Our Creator hears every word. You are the ones who are co-creating your new planet. We cannot do it for you but we can advise and assist you.

At this time your efforts are being strengthened by forces of Light that are beyond normal comprehension. We say this because you are in need of extra support. We know what to do and want you to understand that you are not alone.

We are pleased with what our Ground Crew is doing. You are working diligently. Some of you have been at this for a long time and are exhausted. When you find yourself feeling tired please breathe in our energy and feel the Light coming to you. In the Light Realms we are working for you and with you. You can count on us.

We have spoken to you about the polluted atmosphere and how there is an adverse reaction to the pollutants. We are working to clean this up. It requires many forces of Light to remedy the damage that is being done to life and to the Earth. Humanity must also participate in this clean up. The contributors must change their ways.

In addition to the polluted atmosphere we are concerned about the distribution of malware in terms of human thoughts, beliefs, words, actions and visions that are cast about the airwaves. Some of the negativities are from dark forces and others that know not what they do. Many are in the media, the internet, in various forms of mind control and other focused energies that are creating havoc.

We say that you are being given the utmost assistance on every level of existence. The sun, the planets, the stars, the Galactic brothers and sisters, the Masters, the Angelic realms, the Inner Earth Beings are all giving the utmost to the Earth and to you. You are loved beyond measure.

Please stand up for the Light. Never give up. Band together. Hold the vision for the New Earth. Let go of what you must. Live your Truth. Reach for the best. Give your best. Stand by for guidance and help. Live in Love not fear. Be bound as One for the entire Ascension process.

am Mira in loving service to you and the Earth.

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council. Channelled by Valerie Donner. April 7, 2015. http://www.thegroundcrew.com/channeled_messages.htm

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A Channeling with Mira from the Pleiadian High Council – Channeler Valerie Donner – 3-7-15





Channeled through Valerie Donner   –   March 7, 2015

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.


As you may know I am currently working full time with the Earth Council. Presently we are bombarded with numerous requests for counsel and guidance. There are many tricksters who are self-promoting or who are leading gullible ones down some paths that are not for their highest good. It is important for ground crew to remain discerning for these times can be somewhat tricky. This is part of the ascension process. It is one of ferreting out the truth from the false. “Beware of wolves in sheeps’ clothing.”

What we know as truth is that you are sincere in your desire to assist the earth’s ascension. We are in alignment with you. We are doing everything that we can to guide the process and to make it as simple as possible. A new system that is life sustaining cannot be built overnight. The foundation must be laid. The foundation needs to be strong and built upon the correct principles. We are incorporating universal laws and principles that work. It is exciting and exasperating too. We see that old programs with which you have been accustomed have to be demolished energetically prior to new structures being built. Step by step this is happening. Fortunately we do not have to go through your onerous systems to make change. Ours work systemically and are supported by the Light.

We are impressed with the progress that is being made on every level. We are grateful to you for the hard work that you are doing. Our Creator is pleased. The earth is grateful too. She is beginning to have more say in her own wellbeing. We need you to stand up for her and for life on the planet. This is a co-operative venture.

There are millions of ships in the sky surrounding the earth. Most are cloaked so they cannot be seen. They are learning from you, protecting you, and staying on call should they be needed in an emergency. They have various roles according to their specialties. Right now the earth needs help with balance. She is changing rapidly so with every action there is a reaction. We are also grateful to the inner earth beings that do their jobs in maintaining balance. More will be learned about them in the future.

Our scientists are constantly monitoring your atmosphere. There are many contaminants that are detrimental to life both on and off the planet that are sourced from the earth. It’s like what happens to the human body when many drugs are ingested and the interactions of the drugs become problematic. Let’s say these contaminants are not supportive to life and we get to determine how we can help clean them up. The earth is suffering and so is life. We find this tragic.

With our combined efforts our long desired plan for the earth’s ascension will occur. This is a multi-dimensional process. Trying to figure it out with the human brain is impossible. In our situation we are each given parts of what we need to know. We can only reveal information as we are allowed. Many of you would like to know the whole picture yet you must remember that the Creator is in charge. We are informed when we need to know.

We send our love and utmost respect for who you are and what you are accomplishing.

I am Mira.


Valerie Donner – A Message From Mira – The Pleiadian High Council – 1-11-15


Greetings, I am Mira. I am currently serving on the Earth Council to assist with the ascension of the planet.

We appreciate you for all of the work that you do. We constantly have your best interests in our hearts. Every choice that we make is for you and for Earth. Our Creator is dedicated to making your lives what has been promised. Little do you know of the beauty that lies awaiting you. The Creator’s word is law.

Due to the isolation of the earth and separation from the space family, some of you may have felt like second class citizens in the universe. This is the furthest from the truth. There is much for you to be told and plenty to learn. The time of action is approaching. This must be done with full consideration for the safety and wellbeing of everyone. It’s the Creator’s call.

We are participants in the process at hand. We have the information at our fingertips as well as the support from many members of the space family. There are millions of us working on this project.

We need you to be faithful, optimistic and strong. We suggest you keep connecting with the love that is being poured into you and the earth. This will serve your hearts and everyone else who is aligned with the Light.

In this new year of earthly time you can expect some miracles and some magic. You will have triumphs and let downs, however, it will be mostly the former. Things could get a little rocky at times yet they will get straightened out. Some will fall out of political favor globally. This could be a shaky year. Your financial systems are imploding upon themselves so you could see big changes.

You will find re-unions with long lost family and friends (like us) and be happy to be together again. As heightened energies come to the planet, cooperative ventures for this project will open up. Listen to your heart and follow it.

Vast areas of change will continue across the planet. Please know that the Divine Plan necessitates change. At some point humans will be happy to embrace change because they will be feeling better and a part of the oneness.

The days of separation are coming to a close. You are in the stage of becoming your powerful, unstoppable selves.

I am Mira sending you love from all of us working on this project.


Mira of the Pleiadian High Council – Archangel Michael – August 2013

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