Serapis Bey via Julie Miller – Mindful Thought Management – 2-13-15



Serapis Bey

Received by Julie Miller

February 13, 2015

For many people, and possibly for you as well, your thoughts can easily be described as a mixed up jumbled collection of ideas, choices, observations and intentions that are mainly administrated by external influences and distractions. What this simply means is that your thoughts are derived many times on what is before you, what has stimulated your mental and emotional faculties. This is a normal occurrence and for the most part there is no need of concern unless your thoughts take on a more darker and malicious route. You can prevent your thoughts being negative by disciplining yourself more by focusing more intently on your thoughts and where they come from and what; what is their purpose, and what are they trying to teach.

Disciplining your thought forms is never an easy thing to do with consistency. It is easy to do once in a while, but many struggle focusing on their thoughts daily and with all situations, not just the sudden, challenging ones. One of the reasons why many dear souls ignore or turn away from becoming more focused on their thoughts and the process the mind goes through because they assume they must make some life-altering change. The truth is, yes becoming more mindful of your thoughts will produce changes to your life, but changes for the better that come forth gradually until becoming aware and mindful is automatic.

By becoming more mindful of your thoughts dear ones, one of the primary steps is to figure out what is most important to you and how you can improve this that would help make your own life better. Knowing what you want, helps to gain better control over the busyness of your thoughts. Remember, the majority of the information you are getting is mainly from what you are seeing, what you are hearing and sensing and many times you become distracted by all the unnecessary noise and temptations life is trying to draw you towards. The more you know what you want and you develop a course of action that will bring you to a successful outcome, the more practice you get at controlling your thoughts and staying on track.

You might be unable to shut out all the noise or make all the distractions go away, but you do have the power to not be drawn to it, to remain calm and in presence. The media has always had power in the ability to intrude on your thoughts through persuasive commercialism, dramatic television and exaggerated news. If permitted, they are able to infiltrate into your thoughts and you become drawn to their temptations, to their distractions and before you know it, your mind is spinning, wanting more and not getting enough, which eventually leads you to disappointment and upset.

It is then up to you dear ones to take a stand by bringing calm back into your life by inviting silence in. You do this simply by turning your televisions and radios off and limit yourself to an hour or two a day to television and/or Internet surfing. It takes discipline to reduce these things, but your mental and emotional faculties will be happier for the gift of silence you will be giving.

Habits can be difficult to break, so it is understandable that reducing your TV or Internet time can be difficult. Reducing your time a little each day is a healthy way to do this and not so shocking to your system. Believe it or not dear ones, you will manage nicely without long hours watching newscasts, dramas and from Internet surfing. You will find ways that will help pull you away from the unnecessary noise and distractions while still enjoying your time at home with your family and friends.

Becoming accustomed to silence takes time if you have trouble drowning out the noise in your own head. Listening to serene music and putting more time into meditation will help. Even if there is noise all around you, if your mind is quiet and at peace, the noise will not disrupt the silence you have given yourself. It is important to your own peace of mind dear ones, to make use of silence wisely. By using the silence you are giving yourself wisely you are able to teach yourself to refocus your thoughts on positive things instead of hanging on to the negatives you met during the day.

Just like anything, practice makes perfect and we are not looking for perfection but wholeness, where you are able to accept how things are, yet look for ways to make things better, more enjoyable, more peaceful, and more fulfilling. Focus and self-discipline are essential and will help you maximize the moments of solitude you give to yourself to think over all that has occurred during the day, what you want to improve on and what your goals are, and the plans you have devised that will have you accomplishing them.

No matter what it is that you want to improve, you must not just focus on the negative aspects because you have positives that will help you see that there is a brighter horizon. Learn to eject negative thinking, in favour of positive thinking and allow yourself to think about how things are right now, in this present time and how you can improve what is working alright into becoming fantastic. Only you can control the good and bad that flows through your life. You don’t have to dwell on your shortcomings or on any negativity that you have faced when you have just as much strengths and positives to work with.

If you are determines enough, you will apply the effort and focus needed to see any plan through because you understand the necessity of disciplining your thoughts compared to allowing them to run rampant. Practice is the key and when you regularly monitor your thought process, you will discover how much easier it becomes to let go of the negativities that can sneak in, giving yourself a comfortable and secure zone that is positive and bright.

We know many of you sigh, knowing in some areas you have slacked off, but if you have enough willpower and drive, you have the power and all the internal resources to make your life better on all levels. You will create momentum when you see how much influence you have over your life when you purposely choose positive thoughts over negative ones. You will want to keep going because of the good feeling you get from thinking positively and maintaining a peaceful mind. Over time dear ones, what you may recognize, if you are paying attention; that your perception to life, to yourself and to those around you has shifted. You start to see that life is also filled with beauty, and not the pretty, dainty beauty that is talked about in your fairy tales, but beauty of nature, beauty of the sun, beauty of the rain, beauty of seeing yourself in others, the beauty of seeing God in all things and so much more.

Life is truly beautiful and has so much to offer you. The more peace you bring to your thoughts, the more beauty you will be able to recognize and appreciate.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey… through Julie Miller

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