Mike Quinsey Message, October 13, 2017

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13th October 2017. Mike Quinsey.

Foreword by Mike Quinsey.

Of late I have been reading Kryon’s messages that are undoubtedly the most informative of the present time, covering the immediate years ahead. They often focus on the changes that have been taking place since the end of the last Age – 2012, and the many more changes that are to come including the path to Ascension. The messages are clear that we must literally forget what we have been taught prior to 2012, as a new paradigm has commenced, revealing many truths that have not hitherto been made known to us. It seems quite clear to me that we have what you may call a “one off” opportunity to move off the old path onto the new one, if we wish to move into the higher dimensions and leave behind the lower vibrations, and the need for re-incarnation. With that in mind I am putting together extracts from Kryon’s recent messages that relate to the “Innate” which is probably new to many of you. It is important that you try to adapt your thinking to what is required to follow the new path to the higher levels of vibration. 


Extracts from the messages of Kryon relating to the Innate are mainly from:

“KRYON 2017. Teaches exactly how to instruct your cells to heal.

Innate – your second brain in quantum synchronicity.

Innate is programmed for spiritual survival. Innate comes from inside each of us. Every single thing comes from the God within. Spontaneous Remission is by Innate, but it will not work where there is a negative response. Innate wants what is good for you and makes you comfortable. Innate is connected to your Higher Self and Akashic Record of the Human Being. Your brain keeps you alive.

Say the following affirmations out loud “Today I will release things that do not work, or keep me from moving forward” Say also “Release anything that defines what I am that is not majestic to my body” or tell Innate out loud, “I release all things in my Akash that keep me from seeing my magnificence, today”. Science finds that cells “listen” and the chemistry is created by consciousness. You have free choice and Innate knows it, and awaits instructions. Innate knows all about your past lives, and it will do what you tell it but you must speak out loud.

Innate is not a brain function and is not centralised, it is as one “Smart Body Innate” Innate is a field and body wise anywhere that DNA exists, and is tuned into it and keeps you alive. It is the governor of what you need. Innate is connected to the Higher Self. The Corporeal Body (of a material nature – physical) is the one the brain controls and is beginning to create a bridge to the Innate through intuition) and there will eventually become a time where you will be your own medical insurers, you will know not only what is going on in your body, but also your Akash. Innate is programmed for spiritual survival, and is intelligent and knows what you need. Prime Directive of Innate is to do everything it can for you to allow an awakening to take place. The Prime Directive is spiritual survival and everything is designed around it to push you forward in any way possible to allow an awakening, and for Humanity to go across the bridge and move into an ascended planet status. It is spiritual awareness and that is what Innate is for, and in the process Innate crosses the bridge with Corporeal chemistry, and in very, very different ways Innate is responsible for spontaneous remission.

How can you have a disease disappear overnight, how is it possible that the Corporeal Body can react and cleanse itself overnight of something so unbalanced. How can tissue grow at an accelerated rate to appear overnight? I have just given you things the hospital can check over and over, and that they have x-rayed. You would say it is a miracle – No! it is Innate that is the power you have. When the Innate starts to build a bridge to the Corporeal Self the Human Being as you know it disappears, and the one that takes its place will have a long life and even repair itself – even grow limbs back. That was the very way it was designed and Dear Ones, it should make sense to you. Innate is your second brain and responds to acupuncture, and everything starts to change but the Great Central Sun. You get attributes of your past lives through the Innate. It can go in and pull out the things and place them on to your cellular structure. Innate knows you, so build a bridge between your human consciousness and Innate. You can become your own medical intuitive. Everything will start to change and you will know you are not from Earth, but the Great Central Sun. Innate creates emotion and can change every cell in your body. Karma is pulled forward through the veil, it is an energy of unfinished business. You will have to re-program Innate now that the old paradigm has finished, so ask it to drop your karma.

Homeopathy – Innate awareness.

Homeopathy, is not scientific, it requires a small remedy that is designed for each individual and what ails you, and your biology is designed to “listen” to what you are saying. A Homeopathy remedy is designed especially for you and your body follows the instructions, it is a system that works and millions use it. Innate sees your intent and with “Innate Awareness” it happens. It is part of the new Humans, and in every single Human Being there is a beautiful system of it that acts upon what you give it. It is chemistry at its best and your body is standing by to help. It is in the DNA and is tied up with the Innate, your Akash and your Higher Self. Innate wants what is good for you. It is a beautiful system of awareness. Slowly over time you will start feeling the Shift, and you will know it works.

Reset your body and tell it to “Release everything inappropriate for the beauty of whom I am” also “Today I will lose all inappropriate things”. and “I release all that keeps me from moving forward” also “I release anything that defines who I am” and “I release information that is not magnetic to my body” and “I release any or all things in my Akashic records that would keep me from feeling my magnificence today” Experiments in science show that all cells listen to your consciousness.

Thanks to Kryon through Lee Carroll for this enlightening information.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.





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MIKE QUINSEY – Message from Higher Self – 9-14-17 – Era Of Light


Mike Quinsey

As you are beginning to realise you are on the verge of something big, because some events can no longer be held back and you can expect some action very shortly. Fortunately you have been very patient, and it has made the process of change so much easier. Whilst you are currently experiencing much unrest due to the many changes, the old energies are clinging to the past but it will be to no avail as the new must replace the old, and it shall be done. It should make sense as the New Age is well under way even if you have not yet knowingly experienced it. Nothing can stop what has already been set in motion, and the commencement of the changes will soon occur in a way that you will become aware of. There is always a degree of uncertainty particularly where a big change is concerned, as it involves so many beings that need to play their part to assure success.


Against all of the predictions concerning your present world weather conditions that suggest the temperatures are increasing all of the time, there comes the first suggestion that it is actually beginning to get colder. There are areas normally associated with extremely low temperatures where the resultant icy conditions have proved to be increasing. It has been attributed to climatic change by researchers from Canada. It could be looked upon as the commencement of a new Ice Age that has already been predicted. It clearly seems improbable yet the facts are beyond questioning and it has already led to the prophecy of a mini Ice Age that will start in most of your lifetimes. It is therefore possible to take precautions well before it causes any major events that are harmful to you. As time passes it will clearly become more evident as to where your weather conditions are going. So there is certainly no need to be concerned as long as due notice is taken of the outcome as things develop.eraoflight.com

There are progressive steps being taken as a result of your increasing levels of consciousness. Pressure is being applied on orthodox methods of education that are being found unsuitable for many advanced students. Again it is signs of the changes that are being felt by many of you. Certainly something will have to change very soon otherwise the opportunity to give young people what they need will be lost, and mean that the abilities of a whole generation will have been affectively wasted. The young people of today are far more advanced and intelligent than their predecessors, and if Humanity is to benefit from their abilities they must be given the right opportunities to fully express themselves, and that will eventually be to every ones benefit.

Re-valuation of the currencies is still high on most people’s lists and situations now exist that mean it must take place before the end of this month, if you are to avoid a another period of delay. Certainly everything seems to ready now so those who have influence must work hard for a speedy conclusion. The stage is set and all is ready to go forward at short notice. It appears that some attempts have already been made to carry out an exchange of currencies, and it will almost certainly start off in a small way. All events that are intended to lift you into the New Age are at the ready and few people know the exact dates for their commencement. Nevertheless, all is going well and more people are becoming involved in the activity that should lead to action very soon.

There are signs everywhere that the people are getting restless, and look for leadership that will be able to handle today’s problems with the emphasis on a peaceful solution. The old ways of confrontation that still continue are being rejected, but to be effective it requires new people to take control who have peaceful intentions. People are also tired of those who rule by force and turn to war to settle their differences. It is time for new people to step forward who have peace in their hearts and souls. They would get immense support, and like a breath of fresh air they would blow away the old energies to make way for the new. If the old ways are not changed there are always certain elements amongst you that will resort to violent demonstrations to achieve them. The signs are looking favourable for the new Republic to be announced, and this alone will generate great hope for the future. Yes, there are many changes waiting for the right time for them to be known, and circumstances are changing for the better.

The people of the world need a new leader more than ever, but one who can bring countries together in a common pursuit for world peace. That person exists and will undoubtedly take on the challenge and be successful. You are no longer in the “last chance saloon” but have your feet on the ladder that reaches up to your goal that will bring about a great outpouring of love and blessings. Your future is now assured but it does still need your love and support to ensure a smooth passage. Such energies will galvanise the people into action and ensure that peace descends upon Earth. It must seem unlikely to you in the face of the present unrest and tough conditions that exist, but the new energy is already beginning to have an effect and there is a movement now towards creating a peaceful world. Regardless of what happens on the path to peace it will bring permanent peace as promised. Go about your business with an upbeat outlook and spread harmony and goodwill at every opportunity.

Never doubt the outcome to events taking place on Earth, as God has spoken and decreed that love and peace shall reign. Every soul will have an equal opportunity to rise up and take the path to Ascension, but in a freewill situation they can take a different path that is one that will nevertheless bring the opportunity to ascend around again. Some souls are clearly not ready to ascend, and still have unfinished business to clear upon Earth. It is therefore in their interests to first clear old karma, and start to walk on the path of Light leaving the old ways behind, and accepting the new energies.

This year will clearly end as one that brought about a great change to the way that Humanity sees all others, and at last is recognising the Oneness of All that exists. Separatism is now a fading energy that will gradually be rejected, as people realise that for centuries they have been falsely led to believe that all are different to each other. Religion and Politics have divided the people and battles have raged to assert authority over others. The people are awakening to the truth, and now demand peace on Earth and an end to all wars.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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MIKE QUINSEY – Message from Higher Self – 9-8-17 – by Era Of Light



Mike Quinsey

Dear Ones do not be influenced by the outer signs of turmoil and ongoing problems that seem to be endless and show no signs of coming to a conclusion. As you will see one day soon when you look back, the New Age commenced as predicted but it took time to establish the new ways of life. The old energies are gradually disappearing but there are those who will not let go until they feel forced to do so. Like any of you they are creating their own destiny and time line that will enable them to continue in their chosen way. However, the negative forces will no longer be able to force their ways upon those of you who seek a peaceful life free from the abomination of war. Threats of war grow but at the same time many sources continue to work towards permanent peace on Earth. Be assured however serious the threats are and posturing becomes, there is absolutely no way a nuclear war will be allowed. Whilst your freewill is acknowledged, the higher powers have made it quite clear that no nuclear devices will be allowed to be used. Any attempt to do so will result in total failure and that is the Will of God.


Fear of what the future holds will only aid the dark Ones who use it against you. Try to set yourself apart from the negative energies by not giving them you power. Focus on world peace that is coming as part of the New Age changes, that are already helping to raise the vibrations upon Earth. It is you the people that have steered your Earth away from the old ways of confrontation and you may only be in the minority, but you have created sufficient power to shift your time line on to one that brings permanent peace to Earth. Having done so it also enables those souls who oversee your progress to help you, as it will not infringe your freewill. At present much is waiting to proceed and no time has been lost by having prepared for this period well in advance. Go about your work without fear for the future as it has already been written that you will experience all that comes with a peaceful existence. You have completed your time in the lower vibrations and can focus on all the benefits that are connected with the New Age, that are to soon commence manifesting.

If you are ready to ascend then you will have taken the first steps towards becoming a Galactic Being. It is a natural level of which you are familiar, and left behind to experience the lower dimensions. It is all part of your spiritual growth and responsibilities to be mentors to those who follow in your footsteps. In the higher dimensions it is normal to put others before self and in this way evolution progresses in an orderly and acceptable way. For example bear in mind that many, many civilisations such as your mentors the Pleiadians have progressed far ahead of yours, yet they are overseeing your ascension because they have a personal interest in your evolution. Life in the lower dimensions can at times seem very lonely, yet in reality you are never alone and your progress is followed by higher Beings at all times. They keep you to your life plan, help when needed often without you knowing where it came from, when you are likely to put it down to luck or coincidence. Speak to your Guides as you would a friend as they will be pleased to hear from you.

The life to come will bear little comparison to what you presently experience, so bear with all the problems you have and know that all experience is of value adding to your growth and evolution. Many civilisations take an interest in your progress and admire your resolve and dedication. It is realised that you have taken on a really tough challenge and were chosen as ones best suited to the tasks. For you the gain is invaluable experience that will benefit you in the long run. Personal growth is enhanced by your attitude and approach to your challenges and nothing is a waste of time, as every experience has something to personally offer you. With each incarnation there is growth and you will steadily make progress, because you will have undertaken a life plan specifically to suit your needs.

Your Guides play a major part in assisting your evolution, by ensuring you fulfil your life plan as far as possible without them infringing your freewill. Realise that with each life you are given tasks that will help your evolution, and to clear karma. However, if you fail to progress the same tasks will present themselves again and again until you do so. In the circumstances you cannot fail to make progress unless you refuse all help, and that adds to your karma when you should be clearing it.

Knowing that your life is planned in detail do not ignore what you may well consider to be negative experiences. Sometimes you will play a part in another souls needs so take as much care as you would for yourself. There can be situations where you can help another soul and it may be a way of acknowledging help given to you previously. Obviously it can also work the other way round and in your favour. The simple answer is to do your best in all circumstances and you will not go far wrong. Be helpful when carried out without the expectation of reward, it can nevertheless result in gain for you at a later time in a way you not expect. A good maxim is one that says “do unto others as you would have done to yourself” and it is good advice.

Life is already becoming a little easier as the influence of the dark Ones is being weakened. Their sudden loss of power had been planned for quite some time and they will be unable to regain lost ground. Naturally their minions will carry on regardless but even so their activities will be curtailed as their funds begin to dry up. There is also a concerted attempt by those of the Light, to turn their attention to giving up their negative actions and surrender to them.

Be assured that much is happening that is positive and has been prepared ready for announcement at a minutes notice. Once things commence much will happen in a short space of time for that reason. It is all to lift you up so that the New Age can really get started. It has been planned for quite a long time and adjusted to take into account the latest changes. Nothing absolutely nothing, will be allowed to interfere with them and they are safe in the hands of those who guard your interests. The good people of the Earth are known to those who oversee the changes and each one is being given full support.

The truth about your time in the lower vibrations has to be told before you ascend. It is now time you begin to learn how your experiences were planned to give you the maximum opportunity to evolve. It has been difficult but because of freewill, meaning that the dark Ones have also been given every opportunity to oppose your evolution, but you have overcome their attempts and are now firmly on the path to Ascension. Everything is in place to go ahead once the right opportunity arises. Care has been taken and it will continue in this way to ensure everything proceeds as planned.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 1 September 2017 – Earth will Transform Into Paradise!


There is no doubt that time continues to speed up, as you make progress towards the time of great changes that will transform your world. You are venturing further into the higher vibrations that come with the photon belt, and they will transform your Earth into what will eventually seem a paradise compared to your present life experiences. They are changes that have been planned for a very long time and are now gradually manifesting, and nothing can prevent them from fully appearing. Much hinges around the announcement being made of the new Republic that is now ready to replace the present one. The dark Ones will do all they can to delay the announcement and are becoming desperate as their power continues to rapidly diminish.

Courtesy of   https://rainbowwaveoflight.wordpress.com/2017/09/01/mike-quinsey-channeling-his-higher-self-1-september-2017/

The dark Ones attempts to cause delays are clearly a major factor in the developments that are soon going to take place, but nothing will stop progress in the right direction. The outcome is governed by rules that ensure that the only souls that can advance to Ascension are those whose vibrations have been lifted up. It would not be in the interests of those whose vibrations have not been lifted to try and find a place in Ascension as even if they could somehow do so, it would be a very uncomfortable experience. Their timeline will continue to progress in a new cycle in another direction that will eventually offer them a further opportunity to achieve Ascension. A souls evolution is ongoing and planned to eventually ensure success.

As souls develop new information is given to them at a level consistent with their own. It is done this way so that no soul is overloaded or given information that is too advanced to understand. However, you who are on the path to Ascension will need to receive more at a faster pace, so that you are sufficiently aware to handle the new aspects of life that are being revealed. For example many of you know that you have a Higher Self but not all realise that it is yourself, meaning that when you incarnated on Earth you only carried forward limited aspects of yourself. It was to ensure that you so to say, started with a clean sheet and could focus on life in the lower vibrations without being distracted. How you responded and handled the problems gives you invaluable experience which you will in the future put to good use.

There is much about the human body you are unaware of, but there are positive signs of developments in the right direction. So much of your medical understanding is primitive by comparison with where you will be in the very near future. You do very well with your ability to think things out, and with the more highly evolved young souls that are ready to show what they can do, you will go forward in leaps and bounds. The surgeon’s knife will eventually be unnecessary and problems treated without opening the body. In any event as souls rise up they will have full control over their bodies that will need little or no healing as they will remain completely healthy. Bear in mind that such times are when you can continually live in a young body that does not age. Much will be achieved through the power of thought, even as far as manifesting what you desire to satisfy your needs.

Much information is being released because you need to have a more expansive view of life that will become quite different to what you are presently used to now. So many changes that are for the good of all are waiting to be introduced and as you have been told many times before, the circumstances have to be such that they cannot be interfered with or delayed. For example the car will be replaced with one that does not burn fuel to run it, but instead uses free energy that is non-polluting. Ideas of where technology is heading are already being developed, and there will be little delay in getting them introduced. The future is exciting but it is for peace loving souls who care about each other and happily share the bounties of Earth with everyone. You are One Human Race and once you commence to work together for the good of all, progress will be rapid and uplifting.

Let me re-iterate that from 2012 onwards you entered a time without specific predictions apart from Ascension, and you have much to experience in the period leading up to it. You are making a path open up by your thoughts, desires and actions and it is already of a higher vibration than previously experienced. The energy you are receiving is also helping you evolve, and you are moving into a new area of space that will be more beneficial. All of the old vibrations are rapidly receding as there is no longer a place for them.

In the midst of such changes you could be forgiven for thinking that chaos would be never ending, as it is a difficult period that you are going through. However, it cannot last much longer as the new energies take hold. The greatest changes to come lay with you who are due to experience the most welcome ones, while the old energies fall away as they become less effective because they can no longer be sustained. Your joy will not be short lived as the period following Ascension will last at least a thousand years. In that same period because of uplifted vibrations you will not age and will be able to stay at whatever level suits you. Similarly things cannot decay or rot, and there is still so much more to come you will hardly be able to keep up with it.

Your future has now been settled so whatever effort you put in now, it will be well worth it. The fact that eventually you will no longer have to suffer illness, and will stay in complete good health is again down to the high vibrations. In the ultimate everything is energy and your future developments will be focussed on it for all of your needs. It will be your power of thought that will provide much for your needs, so you can see that life will be totally different to what you know it as now. What is waiting for you should give you the strength to overcome any present difficulties or problems, as they will be short – lived.

Meantime many souls are not just turning to the Light, but now have the desire to help their fellow travellers and will seek ways of being of service. These are steps that help to raise the vibrations and further weaken the power of the dark Ones. Every little helps and collectively the Lightworkers have more power than they would suspect. It is so heart-warming for us to see the way in which the Light is spreading so rapidly, yet it was expected after you raised the vibrations to pass the year 2012 mark. We say “Well done” to all souls who have contributed to the success you are now rightly experiencing and enjoying.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.
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Mike Quinsey – Message from Higher Self – 8-25-17 – Notes on: RV, New Republic, Prosperity, Peace

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25th August 2017. Mike Quinsey.

The most important events that are waiting to go ahead are dependent on the first move to introduce a re-valuation of the currencies. It is the key to many important changes that have been prepared in advance, that will see elections quickly arranged to enable a new Republic to be established and a new President installed. Meantime Paul Ryan who has already been sworn in will be the President Elect until new elections are held to find a new Leader. The ultimate aim is to ensure prosperity for everyone. It will take time but delays will be kept to a minimum because all of the groundwork has already been carried out. NESARA and GESARA are most important parts of the changes that will totally alter the future so that a Golden Age can commence. Once the present chaos and troubles are overcome the changes will all come into being much quicker than you can imagine. The preparations have long been ready, and those appointed to take charge are well aware of the tasks that lay ahead.


The waiting game will have to go on a little longer but do not despair as you will be assured of benefiting from all that has been promised. For many it will be full of pleasant surprises , well beyond anything you may have imagined. Many of the old ways will have to be changed to reflect a society that has moved on where their level of consciousness is concerned. Peace will become your reality allowing people to come together in a common pursuit for growth, and love that will come from the recognition that regardless of Race or colour you are all One. You will see all Countries start working together for the betterment of all, and settle their differences in a peaceful manner. Re-valuation of the currencies is soon to become a reality and that alone will result in great changes for the benefit of all concerned. The future is planned to give you many pleasant surprises, and it will be just reward for your amazing achievement in advancing into the Light so that Ascension is assured.

If you find the changes too much to understand, please accept that they will result in permanent peace and a great coming together of the people. Clearly many are in high places that are not of the Light and will have to step aside to allow progress to be made, and opposition to them will be to no avail. There are many souls of Light awaiting a chance to help Humanity to experience a smooth move into the New Age, and that includes Beings from civilisations that have been associated with Earth for a very long time. The Pleiadians who are your Forefathers are prominent amongst them and will come out into the open when circumstances permit. With that Humanity will make further progress at an even faster pace than previously experienced. After years of preparing yourselves for the changes, everything you imagined that would come to you is ready and you will experience a wonderful time as you benefit from the changes.

There is great joy in the Heavens that Humanity has at last come of age, and that the trials and tribulations have almost run their course. You have gradually been prepared to take your place in the Cosmos as ascended Beings, and great celebration lies ahead, as such an achievement only occasionally happens. It has required a great effort from those involved to overcome the negativity encountered, as it had the potential to pull you down for eons of time. Yet, you have come through many, many incarnations, and have still been able to increase your vibrations to an acceptable level that has ensured Ascension. You are those who have lifted their vibrations and fully deserve all of the plaudits they will be getting. The harder the challenge the more you have been determined to be victorious, and have gained by overcoming the obstacles placed in your way. It is your strength and determination that has pulled you through and you will never have to walk this path again.

Time as you know it is an illusion but it serves its purpose as a means of evolving slowly, but in a certain way that does not pressurize any soul. Also since time is infinite there is no one rushing you to gain success, and at all stages there is always help if you should need it. In fact your needs are often realized before you do, and those who travel your path with you are there to help. Each soul is highly respected and loved and has little realisation as to how important their achievements are regarded. Souls often feel isolated and alone with their problems, but they may be assured that there are always Beings of Light by their side giving help and encouragement.

Sometimes you take your problems to bed with you, and when you go out of the body into the higher realms you discuss matters with those who are able to give you good and helpful advice. You may also meet with those souls who are related to you and they can be either incarnate or discarnate. For good reason you do not normally remember such meetings, and it is not unusual for answers to your problems to come to mind soon after you awake from your sleep. It is also possible for your Guides to arrange a meeting with someone who can assist you in clearing your problems, that you might feel is coincidence. Be certain however that “chance” meetings are carefully arranged so that there are no mistakes that could lead to failure, yet the conditions can be set up again if necessary. Upon retiring to bed most people think over the day’s events and unsolved problems, and that is useful so that you have a clear picture of your needs.

As you evolve perhaps your path changes as you focus on new ventures, so might your Guides change accordingly. So whatever challenges you accept you will get the best help available. When you feel prompted to go in a certain direction, it is just as likely that your Guides are responsible for it, having a better overview of what lies ahead for you. Sometimes things happen that are beneficial to you and you call it “luck” when it is really set up for you. So much help is given you that you have no awareness of at all, so you can be assured that no problem is yours to solve alone. Simply be aware that if you get ideas or prompting to do something specific it will be for your own good. After all the main function of your helpers is to keep you to your life plan and ensure that you meet your karmic responsibilities.

This month has all the makings of being a special one and could herald some surprising events. Certainly things are coming to a head and politically they are very volatile and literally anything can happen. As has been suggested previously, it will only need one major event to occur to get things rolling. So hold on tight as a roller coaster ride may well be about to commence. It is all building up and more than one possibility is likely, however whatever the outcome it will augur well for all of you in the long run.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.



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MIKE QUINSEY – Message from Higher Self – 8-11-17 – You are well into the New Age!

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11th August 2017. Mike Quinsey.

You are well into the New Age and the necessary changes are progressing and beginning to take place. They cannot be stopped and are necessary to commence the establishment of the new version of the Earth. The old Earth is to be cleansed and all that is of the lower vibrations will disappear. For the Human Race that means a life without drudgery or the incessant need to cope with the lack of things that would have given you a peaceful and rewarding life. The negative influences will gradually lessen until they are completely removed. At the same time great changes will ensure that your life becomes more rewarding, and it will be a wonderful experience to be present on the new Earth, and most importantly you will create more free time for yourselves.


Those souls who have been successful in raising their vibrations will rightly be those that ascend, and find a level of happiness relatively unknown in your present time. Life will be joyful and in unity with all others, and love experienced that is beyond your present comprehension. The Golden Age will truly have commenced and the eager co-operation of all souls will carry it forward to levels you have not yet experienced. It is just reward for all of the hard work and dedication put in by you. There will eventually be the one Human Race with all souls equally sharing in the bounties of the Earth that will be in abundance. Everything you have ever desired will be possible and the power of thought will be universal. Individuals will be able to have whatever their needs, and no one will take more than they require as the energies of greed and self-service will have been long gone.

Understand that when the old cycle ended because you had raised your vibrations sufficiently, you avoided an end to the Age that could have easily brought about the near destruction of Earth. It was seen as a certain possibility as the principle nations faced each other in readiness for nuclear war. Having avoided such a world catastrophe all old prophesies have now become defunct and a new era has opened up, and you have been gradually moving into the changes you have brought about by raising your vibrations. War is no longer an option and in time all things of war will no longer be carried forward. Peace is settling upon Earth and soon restoration will commence in the many war torn countries, allowing the people all the time they need to recover. It will also hasten the introduction of new innovations, that have been held back waiting for peace to settle upon Earth, giving the right opportunities enabling them to be released.

There are two main timelines, so at times there may be some confusion as to where events are leading, but be assured that for those of you who have lifted your vibrations are heading for a bright, beautiful and peaceful future. Once it commences mankind will quickly take a great leap forward into the New Age, and there will be no doubts in your mind that the past is being left behind for good. Of course you will have memories of the good times but these will soon be eclipsed by the happy times that are to come. Freedom will really mean that you are free to travel the world in safety, and as new methods of transport come into being you will not spend so much of your time travelling as you did previously.

By focusing on a bright and peaceful future you help it manifest and will feel safe in that energy, and untouched by what goes on around you. Understandably you may feel sad that some friends or family do not seem to be on your wavelength, but bear in mind that they may be following a different path that will also have the opportunity to ascend. Please do not pre-judge anyone as in truth you cannot know their life plan that can be totally different to yours. All souls on Earth are going to gain through their experiences and nothing is wasted even if they do not ascend this time round. Not every soul will have expected to ascend this lifetime, but will have wanted to gain experience to speed up their evolution. To be on Earth at this time is a privilege, as many wanted to come but were not chosen. So those of you here at present have been specially chosen, so make the most of the opportunity given to you.

The future is exciting and you can breathe a sigh of relief, as you are well on the path to the completion of your long journey through the lower vibrations. It has been tough and very trying, yet you have found your true selves, and now stand ready to move up into the higher vibrations. Much has already been prepared to make your lives easier and more pleasurable. The Human Race is only just coming of age and will become as One with all others, and go forward to achieve even greater progress. You have so much ahead of you, and at the same time will have earnt your freedom to travel the Galaxy in your continuing quest for knowledge and experience.

Even by your method of explaining time in linear terms you are relatively new in the Universe, and will have the help of the Pleiadians who seeded you in the first instance. In fact they have been following your evolution for a considerable time, and now recognise your progress as indicating you are ready for a great step forward. As and when a suitable time is reached they will make contact with you, and with the benefit of their experience and help you will speedily move on. At the higher level all Beings consider themselves as One and help each other to make progress. However, freewill is still in place and you will make your own decisions where your future is concerned, although guidance is always available should you desire it.

The cleansing of the Earth is nowhere near completion, and the old clings on not realizing that its time is up and it must make way for the birthing of that which is to replace it. Cycles come and go all of the time but in the end time it is essential that the new is allowed to come in, and there will be strong resistance but it will be to no avail. Already plans are well advanced for the introduction of new ways of doing things that will be labour and time saving. Progress must be a continual process if you are to benefit from new discoveries that are being held back, that will make life for everyone much easier and more acceptable. The New Age beckons and for some time it has been known that new technologies have already been developed, that will overcome many of the problems that you now experience.

Humans are noted for being impatient for help or change when things become burdensome, so be assured that those Beings that oversee your progress are busy trying to bring important changes into being. You have been told quite often there has to be a right time to go ahead with them, to ensure all goes well and that the negative forces cannot interfere or impede them. It is better to wait for a while knowing that when things do go ahead it will be the right time.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.



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MIKE QUINSEY – Message from Higher Self – 7-14-17 – by Kauilapele



Mike Quinsey

These are the times when many revelations are soon to be made to bring your awareness up to a level where the truth becomes known. For too long you have been kept in ignorance of important issues that have had a great bearing on your life. Eventually you will reach a level where only the truth can exist, and must start preparing for such an occasion. For example your true history as a Human Race has been kept from you by those who have controlled your progress for their own benefit. By keeping you in ignorance of the truth they have been able to exercise control over you, and until very recent it had almost become total. The Illuminati have been the controlling force with those who also believe in using the masses for their own benefit, and have led you to believe that you were not the masters of your own destiny.


An open mind is more essential than ever before, particularly as for a long time the truth has been distorted by false claims. It is important that you are prepared to give up long held beliefs when the greater truths are revealed, as these will be given to ensure you are well informed as you approach Ascension. Remember that it is an event that will release you from the beliefs that have kept you imprisoned for a great deal of time. Also release from the lower vibrations and distortions of duality, when at times it has been difficult to identify the truth within them. However, there have always been those who have presented the truth to you so that matters could be considered in a fair manner. The truth has a “feel” about it that rings true for many people and enables them to make progress.

Each Age has ended quite dramatically and in such a way as to enable a New Age to commence. The old has to be cleared away whilst a new Age is brought into being, as it has no place in the higher vibrations. Clearly the old vibrations have to be released or raised to a higher level if they are to remain. As detailed in a recent message it also applies to the Human Race, and even if you do ascend this time, you will gradually reach that point where you are ready to do so. In reality there is no urgency to ascend but you are encouraged at all stages to make progress, and given every help without denying you your freewill choices.

With the ending of each life time you have a review of it with your Guide, so as to identify which aspects of it need to be further experienced. Together you will decide such issues as to which Country offers the best situations for your advancement. Then there will come a time when circumstances are favorable for your next life, and the finer details are sorted out. At issue will be what goals have you set yourself and how best to achieve them. You will have a hand in choosing your next parents who will bring you up according to your needed experiences. Whether you are male or female depends to some extent on the type of life you will choose, and be assured that much thought and discussion goes into planning that life, and it fully covers the karmic issues that need your attention.

Obviously another important factor is whether you are to have brothers and sisters, and how these will affect your earlier years. Sometimes very close bonds are created in loving relationships that last beyond your childhood. In fact you are likely to reincarnate with those souls that you have had previous lives with. Your relationships may be different and are determined by your needs for certain types of experiences if you are to continue to evolve. Poor or rich, it depends on your life plan but be assured you will find yourself in the exact circumstances that will give you every opportunity that you need. All through your life you still have freewill, but a soul that is planning to take every opportunity to evolve will follow it through as agreed.

Without having a purpose in life it would be opportunities wasted, as Humanity as a whole benefits from the collective input aimed at progressing with each life. As you will undoubtedly realise, there are often many players in each karmic situation who take the opportunity to experience together. It will for example cover both sides where there is a dispute or opposition, so that all involved gain useful experience. It is worth noting that as you are in the end times, some of you may have undertaken a demanding and busy life that means it can be quite hectic. However, as has been stated many times, you do not take on more than you can cope with.

As many of you will undoubtedly know, each of you have an aura of many colours that can change according to what mood you are in, inasmuch that when you are evolving spiritually and are in good health they are bright and clear. However, when you are lacking spiritual growth and are involved in negative activities, colours will be murky and dark. It is perhaps as well that very few of you can see them, and it is best to accept people from their outer appearance. The energies emitted can be felt by others and they can attract like souls, explaining why some people come together in a mutual liking for each other.

Your Internet has proved invaluable in giving seekers every opportunity to find information on practically every subject. It has many good links to those who share their spiritual knowledge with others. However, there are also those who deliberately set out to create confusion and send out false information. However, those souls who work through the Internet having acquired a good degree of true knowledge, willingly share it with others and do immense good in helping them find the truth and continue to evolve. Naturally there are also excellent books available and the authors are already well known. They can be found through your libraries and the Internet.

The Forces of Light are hard at work dealing with ones who support the Dark forces to disarm them and take away their ability to cause problems, that are delaying the coming of major events that will release you from their hold and control. A lot of their activities are controlled from underground bases that have been located, and where the inhabitants refuse to surrender are destroyed. It is a challenge that can be met as the Forces of Light now outnumber them. So slowly but surely yet with a sense of urgency firm progress is being made. It is still impossible to accurately state when the time will arrive that allows for open contact with the Beings of Light, but it is getting much nearer.

Your help is extremely important at this time, because as one of the Lightworkers you can help shine your Light wherever you go. Gradually it is spreading far and wide whilst transmuting the lower energies. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and you are loved beyond measure.

This message comes through my Higher Self and carries the energies of Light and Love.

Mike Quinsey.


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