ABC Documentary – Worm Hole Technology – Michiu Kaku

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Have ancient aliens landed on earth to shape human civilization? Archaeologists have found ancient ruins and depictions of aliens as gods. Pictures of saucers and stars as well as aliens are drawn on cave walls all around the world. Is this proof that have aliens have visited earth? Many proponents of the alien theory point to physical evidence such as the pyramids, stone drawings, stone sculptures and religious text as proof that we have been visited in the past.

The Sanskrit epics, which were written in India more than two millennia ago, make reference to mythical flying machines. There are lines etched in high plateaus in the Peruvian desert that have baffled archaeologists for decades. Giant carved blocks with such precise workmanship that even with today’s modern tools would be nearly impossible to replicate. How could people of early civilizations manage these things without help?

Thousands of people around the world make reports about UFO sightings. There have been hundreds of photos of UFO’s and even videos to prove that aliens really exist and are visiting us

How do aliens travel?

In physics they are called wormholes. It is a theory that could explain how aliens travel quickly to our planet. In theory, a wormhole is like a tunnel with two ends at separate points in spacetime. It’s similar to two connecting black holes that bridge together two universes. A wormhole connects two points in spacetime and would allow aliens to travel in time as well as space. Aliens could travel faster than the speed of light using wormholes. In the theory of the wormhole, a wormhole vortexes existing on earth is a shortcut through spacetime. But do wormholes really exist?

Many people believe there are certain places here on earth where wormhole or portals have been used by aliens to visit us here on earth. There are twelve portals here on earth, the most famous of these is the Bermuda Triangle. The portals make two lines around the globe, with two others at the north and south poles. These portals or wormholes connect planets, solar systems, galaxies, and universes.

Strange Ariel drawings known as “Ley Lines” direct UFO’s to these portals. Some of these drawings are 600 feet across and it is difficult to fathom how such drawing could have been made. Who made these strange drawings and for what purpose? What other explanation could there be for such Ariel drawings except as a guide for alien space ships?

Michiu Kaku – Quantum Physics – Free Will

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Well, i didn’t expect that my video would get that much attention, so i think i have to clarify my point of view:

i don’t know if free will exists and frankly, i don’t care.
what i know is, that newtonian determinism is bullshit (hence the video) and, that anyone who claims that free will doesn’t exist is a fraud.
at this point we simply don’t know, the science isn’t in yet.
we have pretty good descriptions of the inner workings of 4% of the universe, and even those (QM and relativity) don’t get along very well. (cheap shot, i know…). we don’t know how consciousness works either. we can measure where things happen in the brain, but how and why we don’t know.

and then we have many-worlds theorists, solipsists, holographic universists, time-is-an-illusionists and so on. very nice concepts with little to no evidence.

so please don’t tell me that you know, because you don’t. period, end of story 😉

here is a question for the “no-free-will atheists”:
does evolution even make sense in a deterministic universe?
wouldn’t you have to conclude, that, since everything is determined right from the big bang, that there is a plan (kind of) that lead to your existence?
how does that differ from a “divine plan?”

i’m an atheist, and i think, atheists should own the free-will argument. it’s the religious people who will tell you, that god has an awesome plan for your life, who have prophecies and revelations. bad news for free will. we have quantum physics.

Michiu Kaku – 3 types of civilization… We have not Yet reached reached type 1.

Currently we, human are on 0.72 and on the transition period of becoming type 1 civilization. This transition from zero to one is the most dangerous part.

And the big question now is… CAN WE MAKE IT OR NOT?

We might end up wiping out the whole human race because of global warming caused by pollutions, weapons of mass destruction like nuclear holocaust and germ weapons. Another threat are those people who still live the old ways and doesn’t want this transition, we refer to them as terrorists.