Mike Quincey – Message from Higher Self – 2-14-16


12th February 2016.


Much is happening that is, as far as possible, kept secret by those involved. Strong rumors will abound that a major event will soon cause some bank closures, due to major changes that are in the offing. They seem to be inevitable and unavoidable as they must be brought into line with them so as to avoid a complete failure. It would be easy to tell you not to worry, but such happenings have occurred before and ultimately proved beneficial to your future. This should not surprise you as changes are always taking place, but not perhaps at the level that is now expected. All around you changes are in progress as the old ways and systems are “updated” to align with the New Age that has now commenced. Ultimately you will be overjoyed by them as they will give continuity and sufficient income to live a comfortable life.

You have been told by St. Germain for a very long time that these changes would take place when the time was right; and it has arrived and you will experience a whole stream of them over the next year or so. It will involve major changes and these will lift up the quality of life quite considerably. So when you find yourselves involved in them, please bear in mind that they are “cleansing” the old systems that no longer serve your needs. There will be times when it is important to work together, as in the long run all of you will be included and more than satisfied at the outcome. Be assured that those who would deny you such progress, will be in no position to interfere with the God given promises of release from your Prison Planet. Yes, it has been called that on a number of occasions and many have denied it, but it is true and soon you will fully understand how that occurred.

You will find many messages informing you of the changes, and they should give you the assurance that many seek. After years of promises, suddenly all the work that has been put in is coming to fruition. You have never been alone in your fight against the dark Ones, and, at this important time, you have the added support of Beings that have followed your progress from afar. They patiently await the right time to fully reveal themselves. They are peaceful and loving entities that come from much higher levels, and are assisting Mother Earth and her Civilization to safely negotiate this time of chaos. Your future is assured,  regardless of any hardships it may bring about. The future is Golden and an Age of great progress that will lift you up out of the lower vibrations… and promises much joy and happiness.

Some ask what all the changes are about and why now, and the simple answer is that “it is time.” Ever since this cycle commenced you were destined to reach this point in time, and the outcome has been due to the efforts of those of the Light who have kept their promises to spread it far and wide. In time it will also embrace the dark Ones as gradually they will respond to it, so it is expected that you of the Light will treat them with compassion. They are not beyond being awakened once more, and they can be lifted up into the Light with your love and assistance. No soul is beyond redemption and perhaps you may see them as souls that require much love to awaken them to the Light.

Every day of your life, most of you mix with many souls at all different levels of evolution. You may sense whether some are Beings of the Light, but you cannot be certain. So treat all alike including those who seem to be without knowledge of their true potential. Often a few kind words will awaken them and lift them up, and begin a stream of thought that leads them to a greater understanding. As soon as a soul responds, their Guides will gladly help them along and onto greater things. Help is always there and never ending. It is a wonderful truth that those who have found the Light within are eager to share it with others. They often become your healers and teachers, and so the Light is ever growing and becomes a powerful energy for the good of all. You have been so successful that you have grounded the Light in so many places that there now exists a powerful network around the Earth. It is lifting up and as it does so Mother Earth is becoming more and more active bringing in yet more Light. Victory over the dark Ones is therefore assured and they are retreating, having been unable to command with the authority they previously achieved.

The fight is by no means over as the dark Ones have their minions all over the Earth, but their power to do as they wish has diminished. As time passes more of them will realize they are in a weakened position and give up the fight. Unlike your prisons on Earth, souls are given every help and love to guide them back to the Light. It will not be “punishment” such as you understand the word. When they return to the Light they will be welcomed, but will nevertheless have to make retributions for past actions. Each of you have experienced it as “karma” and that means working through your mistakes so as to prevent a recurrence.

Largely unbeknownst to you, there are many, many Beings watching over you to ensure that you are not distracted or misled, and that your feet are firmly on the ground. Certainly those of you who have followed your life plan are well on the way to Ascension. Oh what joy and celebrations will follow your success because the pathway through your dimension has been difficult and very testing; yet you have successfully dealt with all challenges. Although it may not have been expected, you were, nevertheless, given a free choice as to which path you took.

Many of you have advanced sufficiently to know that you have raised your vibrations sufficiently to be able to ascend. You will be called upon to assist others that are also working towards Ascension, and there are none better than those who have already been successful. The spirit of co-operation becomes more powerful as you progress through the dimensions, and souls of a like kind gradually come together. It already happens upon Earth where you are drawn to each other because of your similar vibrations. Life, as you know it and have experienced it, is far removed from reality, and your first experience of it is in the Summerland, where all souls usually go after their transition. Life is quite different to what you have been used to on Earth.

Life on Earth has taught you how to evolve largely through your own determination, and you are to be congratulated upon such an achievement. Yet,  when you focus on a particular path, assistance is always available should you need it. You stand at a point where you have all but completed your journey through the material realms. You can now stand back and relax and help others who are still trying to find out the truth of their being. There may not be another opportunity like it for some time, as like all things, it comes round with the cycles of experience.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your path and days to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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Mike Quinsey – A Message from My Higher Self – 1-22-16

Mike Quinsey


You are learning how quickly matters can change, and in but a short time suddenly the future does not look as encouraging as it was recently. Fear has entered some people’s minds as big business falters and is losing confidence in monetary values.

Behind the scenes much is being directed by those in positions of power, with the aim of pulling away from the American Dollar. In such times there is little stability and you are at the mercy of those who control the world markets. Inevitably it will get worse before matters are sorted out and the money markets calm down.

Much can happen so quickly and there is little that can be done to change the outcome. Be assured however that greater powers than those on Earth, are playing their part to ensure that it is eventually to your liking.

Many pathways are leading to a satisfactory conclusion for many changes that are gradually taking shape. The dark Ones may still have influence but their power to dictate your future is rapidly diminishing.

Many countries are coming together to present a solid front and disclosure and the revaluation of your most important currencies is becoming more likely. All is planned far in advance and it will come to be for the betterment of the people of your world. Opposition to it is weakening and nothing will prevent the eventual desired changes from coming about.

It is the first steps that seem to take so long to be achieved, but revaluation and the distribution of funds around the world are going ahead. In fact it has already commenced although it has not been acknowledged so far.

The rape of the Earth’s resources has now slowed down, and it is most important that a stop is put to it. Certainly it will eventually cease and become unnecessary, as you enjoy the benefits of new technologies. However, it takes time to complete the change-over but with the resources that are available and the help of your friends from outer space, matters will soon take off.

Be patient and know that the cleansing still has to take place, but it will be speedily completed. When those who stand in your way are removed, peace will be quickly established and you can be given direct help.

If you could know the truth of what is happening on your planet, you would be reassured as to the progress that is being made. Many groups all over the world are contributing to the necessary changes, and their power is formidable as they are helped by the Forces of Light that surround your Earth.

At the right time they will be able to fully reveal themselves, and until then work with you even if you are unaware of their presence. You have always been helped by those of the Light, but they have rarely made their presence known. They have ensured that you are protected and that the Plan for Humanity is allowed to manifest as the Hierarchy have planned. You are in reality speeding towards completion of the old cycle.

Although you are experiencing all types of extremes in matters such as weather changes, it will eventually settle down into a pattern of moderate changes. It will ensure that you do not have the extremes being experienced now.

You are heading for peaceful times when people will come together and work together as one. A peaceful existence will develop between all countries, and those groups who have caused disruption will have been removed. In such circumstances harmony and co-operation will come naturally and the produce of the Earth will be shared equally. As time passes the shortages or problems that you now experience will completely disappear – largely due to new and advanced technologies being introduced.

Already those of the Light are preparing to introduce beneficial changes, so that at the first opportunity they can go ahead. For too long you have been denied those changes that would have vastly improved your quality of life. This also applies to types of treatment that have involved drugs and surgery that will also become unnecessary.

New methods are waiting in the wings to be introduced that will totally change the way the body is treated to deal with ailments and illnesses. Even these will eventually become unnecessary, as the ongoing rise in your vibrations will lift you beyond the point where illness or disease will exist. These changes are not that far away from manifesting, so you have a great deal to look forward to.

As you think, so you will experience – and that is the Law of Attraction which brings you that which you focus upon. So even now you are beginning to create your future around you. However, it is as well to remember that if you tend to focus upon the negativity around you, you are likely to attract more of the same. By doing so you give it energy, but that does not mean you cannot observe negativity around you.

It is therefore advisable to keep your thoughts and actions as far as possible concentrated on the Light. Never be fearful – as that is the energy that will attract the very thing that is causing you problems. Providing you are normally a very positive person, then you are unlikely to be troubled by other events happening around you.

The Light continues to grow quite quickly, so much so that the dark Ones cannot regain lost ground. You may therefore go about your day with full confidence that your future is safe and secure. However, there are spots where negative energy has built up and these need clearing.

It will be inevitable that discomfort and inconvenience will be experienced as those changes occur, but where possible any souls that are in danger will be warned in advance. However, sometimes karma is involved and some souls will fully experience the changes taking place. Be assured that all will work out as it should and people will find themselves where they are meant to be.

The Galactic Forces are not yet ready to completely come into the open, and will not risk open warfare with your dark Ones. They threaten all “intruders” that may enter your Earth’s atmosphere, so you may assume that virtually all craft you see are from the secret fleet that they have.

The Galactic Forces are peaceful and will only use self-defence if they are threatened, and certainly would not initiate an attack on you. They use technologies that are far in advance of your civilisation and can well look after themselves if forced into such a situation. Certainly no craft of theirs will come so near to Earth to invite trouble.

Keep sending out the Light and you will be doing the best you can to hasten the end of the activities of the dark Ones. Their time is nearly over and you can rest assured that you are safe from their threats, and that the Galactic Forces and even higher entities are carefully watching your progress.

This message comes through my Higher Self. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.

Mike Quinsey.

A Message from my Higher Self. Channelled by Mike Quinsey. January 22, 2016.

Phil LightBody – Message From Sirian Mothership – 5-26-15


By Phil LightBody

Sirian Mothership 26 May 2015.
The elite are so intertwined with the common man as to become one in daily life, so are encouraged to work for benefit of collective human good. However they take our attempts at dialogue to resolve problems of social inequality as a sign of weakness. The current leadership has no intention to change their despotic ways, so they will be replaced with rulers who have self-discipline to see through the heavy lifting of clearing out all corruption. As time condenses into your experience it further processes your metamorphosis into a Fully Conscious Being of Light. You will find protection and cover in the light, when your kundalini is unlocked you will be plugged into reality to such an extent that you can outlive anything that may come your way. When faced with the unknown you may tend to let yourselves freeze, nevertheless state clearly and with energy your intent to move into the light and it will be so. From our Mothership we see many in the populace look like stars lit up as their inner light shines on. With great awareness you have found ways to keep rolling forward. If you look up you can see our large ships as bright nimbus clouds. We see your troubles and hear your cries and we send you the tools to dissolve your chains of limitation and break free. These tools will help guide and protect whether in the world of dreams or in waking life from attacks of the dark, which twist and contort things to trick you. However you have the energy within to work through this.

The Divine Feminine is being recovered and with that comes spiritual insight and inner strength, yet with kindness and wise judgment. This will propagate out leaving many unprepared. Engulfed by apathy and indolence will be those following the masculine ‘power over’ principle. Rather support will be given to those that direct their lives from the words of their Sacred Heart, however make bare trying to do everything or please everyone, and shelve any grandstanding. White Buffalo Calf Woman takes form and her return will bring balance and harmony on Mother Earth.

You are all at differing shades of spiritual evolution, however you all have the wherewithal to overcome all the obstacles placed on your path to higher light, although you may play down this reality. Realize dear ones the earth plane is yours to command. Yet faithlessness is on the increase, which is understandable as you are now very malleable.

Limited consciousness is stressful, yet you may see the lighter side even in quite challenging times. Be assured that what you love and care for can not be lost and always returns new and better than before. All exist in perfect balance yet this may seem confusing and vague for some. Look with the eyes of the creator to see the harmony and balance in all. Your logical mind may be enticed to look for hard evidence for this and to test it to its limits. Duality and separation is well defended by the logical mind. However if you step outside of your perceptual habits you can find convincing and compelling evidence and learn new things and then shine with new understanding.

The dark have got their hooks into your vital interests. However we will intervene to defend the population at time appointed by heaven. Listen to your intuition to empower yourselves in the meantime. They have overestimated their power. However no soul is unredeemable as all are of the Divine. All souls at times alternate between light and dark. Ask yourselves are you greater or less-than your failings or successes? Loving all makes you free.

You are not seasoned enough yet to stand on your own. We know that many of you are very driven and want all the positive changes to happen at once. Rest assured there will be a redistribution of wealth to extent of the storehouses being emptied to feed the poor and hungry. Everyone will have all that they need and you will cast off subsistence and wage slavery. You will be pleasantly surprised by the splendour that is in store. The spell of poverty will be stymied. We can not yet intervene; however we send you our vibrations of love and light.

Spiritual immaturity underlies violence and cynicism. Yet many feel uneasy by the thought of telling people lost to concerns of daily life about light and love, however as lightworkers it is your path to inform people in an efficient and well-defined way. Their upliftment is in the interest of the public good, and general welfare of all in a deep-rooted way.

You have had to undergo extortionate money-lending practices perennially, and this was compulsory if you wanted access to money. So ubiquitous it is that it is easy to escape this realization. However all forms of media now exclaim the banking misconduct and it engenders a straightening out of the disorder, and the changes when made will be effective with everyone receiving their fair share.

For too long now your wealth and living standard has fluctuated up and down, with people flocking into the big cities looking for a better life. With the coming changes will be an acute return to living in tune with the spirit of nature. You may be quick to dismiss the need to live naturally but this is a fallacy. Just one example; each and everyone of you has a Merkaba that when activated can by itself save your life by producing all the heat and energy needed to stay warm in cold conditions. Dear Ones you already have all you need within, and once you have achieved a high enough state of consciousness you may give light to all that you could ever wish for.

The thing many of you most long for is to sow the seeds of love in communion with friends and loved ones, key to that aim is to humble yourselves and take another look at situations or things which at first glance look hopeless and find the hidden value. Go about your daily lives with prudence and calm, not letting situations or events bug you. Your guides and angels are helping your enterprise into light, and we believe that you can overcome your circumstances.

We of the Sirian Mothership send you our hearty and warm greetings and you have our deepest respect. Duality is like a treadmill however this balance of opposites is about to change. You will be carried forward and impelled on to meet the light and divide you from the dark. When we return it will be a time of merrymaking and with us woven together as one. Fiery spirits will turn up toward the light and in the course of time all will just ‘get it’. You have turned a corner and are in a good place to move forward and selfishness will take flight and be blown to the wind.

Thank you Sirian Mothership.

Phil LightBody.

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I’ve been in Florida for the past 4 days,

My Dad went to Heaven one week ago.

My closest friend was honored and loved in beautiful ceremonies.

Our Family United in Love.

He had many friends.

His laughter will be greatly missed.

So full of Life at 94.

So many friends and memories.

A new life begins!


I’m back home and eager To be a blogger again.

Thank You, my friends, For staying with me.

Time to renew my Spiritual  Quest.


Heavenletter #5238 – A Rose about to Blossom – 3-29-15

God said:


Beloveds, you are a rose about to blossom, more than to blossom. Why more? You are opening up to your full blooming, bounteousness, and beauty.
How happy a rose is to bloom. A rose blooms and blossoms to her fullness, and yet stays rooted in the soil where she has always been. From the muck and mire, a rose grows tall. A rose doesn’t see the muck and mire distasteful as you do. The rose does not consider for a moment that dirt takes anything away from her beauty.
If some of the wet soil splatters on a rose’s leaves, the rose welcomes the spatters as she welcomes the brightening Sun. The rose thanks the nurturing soil and the warming Sun that shines Itself on the rose to let her know her own light and how much the Sun loves her. When the Sun is hidden behind clouds, the rose doesn’t mind. The rose knows that the Sun is beaming on her.
And when rain comes, the rose does not mind. The rose doesn’t gasp and say: “Oh, I’m getting wet.” In fact, the rose laps up and soaks in the rain. The rose feels enamored in nature and knows she has her purpose and place in the Universe and certainly belongs where she happens to be. The rose has confidence that she is taken care of.
The rose doesn’t have the vocabulary to name Nature as her beneficent Source. The rose doesn’t know to say God or Krishna or Allah or any of the names of the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. The rose knows she is growing and rising toward the Sun. The rose is a rose even as she doesn’t incorporate the names given to her in all the languages of the world. The rose knows its own nature without instruction, yet, even so, when her name is spoken, she reverberates to it.
The rose does not ask for anything. The rose is complete unto herself. She lacks nothing. She grows to the Sun. The rose doesn’t think what a passerby thinks of her or what anyone might think of her. She doesn’t plead for attention. The rose is secure in her own Rose-ness. The rose is content growing with a thousand other roses just as beautiful as she is. She doesn’t think about the colored raiment other roses wear. She is happy to grow with a thousand other roses in a garden or by herself, the only rose in sight. The rose is satisfied that she grows and grows toward the Sun. What more could a rose ask for?
The rose does not have to be admired or adored. The rose doesn’t have to be picked. She’s fine with being picked to go into a vase in someone’s home, and she’s fine being left where she is. Whether someone near is in attendance or she is loved from afar, the rose is secure in being loved and glories in being a rose. The rose knows Oneness without knowing the word Oneness.
When the rose unveils her full beauty, surrounded by admirers, she hears hearts exclaim, “Ahh.” When a rose unveils her full beauty, she isn’t being modest or immodest. No rose thinks this way. No rose hides her beauty. No rose hides herself before she blooms to her full beauty either. A rose is a rose, and what could deter her from being as she was born to be?
And when the rose passes her prime and her beauty fades, she doesn’t regret, and she doesn’t mourn. She knows she was to pass this way for a while and be all a rose can be. Now she returns to the soil where she began. Now she nourishes the soil that nourished her, or she bobs on the water of the sea. It doesn’t matter to her. Wherever her petals may lie, the rose knows her destiny. She is returning to the Sun from where she came

Message from Master Kuthumi – 11-10-14

Matt Muckleroy

Message from Ascended Master Kuthumi
channeled by Cindy McGonagle
November 10- December 20th, 2014

“Greetings, this is a very important time for learning the art of self mastery and practicing supreme patience with what is happening in the physical world around you.

Take some time to quietly reflect and dream into existence the life you are currently living into one that you are consciously creating.
The sky, the clouds, the colors of nature wherever you live greatly effect your perspective of how you feel physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually.
Take the time to appreciate your own beauty and power to create the life you want to live each day instead of letting each day pass you by.

Collectively gather your thoughts, visions, Divine Guidance you receive from your inner knowing that place inside your heart and soul that gives you a spark of creativity, desire and motivation to move forward. Like a seed plant it and watch it grow into a forest of good in your life, full of love and beauty that shines not only on your vision of the world but empowers others’ lives around you.

This is a place where the magic of your life really begins to grow. The artist in you steps forward and brings talent out into the world and helps connect others to their own talents and it spreads like wild fire.
Making a difference in someone else’s life through inspiration, creativity and shared joy is truly living a magical and Divinely led life. It is time to connect your hands with your heartfelt dreams and share it with others and together dream into existence the new Earth consciousness.”

Message from Ascended Master Kuthumi

Channeled by Cindy McGonagle

© 2014 Cindy McGonagle Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

Montague Keen Message – 10-26-14

My dear Veronica,  it is our dearest wish to guide and support humanity through the many changes that must happen before the New Age begins. I am very aware that many in your world do not want to prepare. They are in fear. They still cling to their 3D beliefs and way of life. It is necessary to understand that when the Cabal is removed, then all the infrastructure it controls goes with it. It cannot be otherwise. This is a fact that all must come to terms with. Forewarned is forearmed.

Whenever you embark on a journey, you first prepare. This is the greatest journey that mankind has ever faced, so you must prepare for all eventualities. You need to eat, drink, and breathe to survive. This is why I encourage you to get involved in the Centres of Learning which we are setting up, where information on how to create all the necessities of life will be available to all. We are bringing all those who have done the research, together, to teach humanity how to cope in the New Age of Enlightenment that is about to begin.

The Cabal does not want humanity to survive and will sabotage much before they retreat from your planet. They despise humanity. They see you as useless eaters, who are but slaves. This slavery is coming to an end. You are now seeing the final attempts of the Cabal to try to hold on to power. The rush to create police states has begun; their use of false flag events to bring them about, have become obvious to those who are awake. This is not the time to sit back and do nothing, as this gives the Cabal permission to continue its final attempt to create its dream of a New World Order.

Those within the Cabal want to live life on Earth without restrictions. They want their way of life brought out into the open, without the need to hide what they do, in order to survive on planet Earth. Their need for human blood has always been kept hidden from you. Now, evidence is emerging that they feel the need to come out into the open about it. They feel that it is time that you, humanity, understands them. Their need for constant war is becoming very obvious. The brainwashing of young men to fight their wars is deplorable. Armies wear all the insignias of blood sacrifice without ever questioning what they mean. They are told that they must be proud to become a blood sacrifice. They are injected with viruses and so spread them far and wide. They are instrumental in killing off their own species, yet they are blinded to this fact. Those who believe in the propaganda regarding vaccination and are administering them, are also instrumental in killing off their own species.

Those who rule your world, use you in different guises, to kill your fellow man. You cannot continue to close your eyes to all this, as time is running out. You need to wake up. Refuse to be conned by those who are firmly locked into 3D lives, who are like the proverbial mouse on the treadmill, always running but never getting anywhere. This is how they look, from this side of life, when we observe life on Earth.

Every day, more obstacles are being put in your path, requiring you to put more effort into everything, that never gets you anywhere. The Cabal is wearing you down, so you may agree with its demands more easily, being too exhausted to struggle. Survival becomes more difficult every day. You must win this battle of light and dark, for it is in your power to create on Earth a way of life that is everything you could possibly wish for. This is why you are on the Earth at this time. You have returned. You are coming together in order to ensure that life on Earth continues in peace and harmony.

The people of Atlantis were conned, and so it fell, but the memory of that fall was never erased from the consciousness of Man. Those souls have returned to Earth to ensure that it will not fall into the same trap. You need to learn the lessons of the past and refuse to make the same mistakes. It will be tough. I never said it would be easy, but you will succeed.

Some suggest that I expect too much of Veronica. She has lived many lives, even before planet Earth was created. She chose this path before returning to Earth. This is the reason that she is attacked on many levels. Some are being used to falsify facts in order to distract from her work.

[ I, Veronica, ask you to go to our web site. Find MESSAGES on the homepage. Read the report of a séance dated 19 June 2011. It has been on my website all this time. It refutes Kelly’s version of events.]

Let us come together, with both sides of life working together to shine a light on all that is corrupt. Learn to see others as fellow human beings without labels, all working towards a brighter future for all humanity. Try to see the light in everyone, then connect with it, for your future depends on it. Prepare for the future. We plan to have twenty Centres all over the world. The first one has to be in Ireland. The reason for this will become clear when we disclose the truth about Ireland and reveal its importance. “Ireland is the key that will unlock everything.”

Important connections were made, last week, that will bear fruit. All will come together when the timing is right.

Always, your adoring, Monty

Montague’s Message – 9-28-14






Montague’s Message for Sunday 28 September 2014
Veronica & Montague Keen
Veronica & Montague Keen

Channeled by Veronica Keen


There is a great need for humanity to wake up. You are being sucked into another war by the LIES that are being told to you by the politicians. They just alter the wording each time. Are you so feeble-minded that you do not ask, “Why go back to kill those that you pretended to “rescue” last time.”

You are your brother’s keeper. The killing is being done in your name. All it will achieve is to buy the Cabal a little more time. Please do not turn a blind eye to the plight of those who are being slaughtered in your name, with bombs which are paid for by your taxes. Where is the LOVE in your lives? Have you forgotten that you should love one another?

Start with loving yourself, your family, your extended family, and your fellow man. Show that you care, by refusing to approve the invasion and killing of innocent people. It is hard to watch from this side of life, as we can only help you by exposing the truth, in the hope that you will take the time to investigate the facts for yourselves. How many times in your lives have the same excuses been presented to you? How many times have you had to face the terrible fact that you were LIED TO ? As the Cabal runs out of time, its LIES become more URGENT.

You are on the Earth for such a short time. You will have to live with the decisions you made whilst on Earth when you return to spirit. Your soul is forever; it supports you through many lifetimes. Your body, however, is of no consequence; it houses your soul whilst on Earth. Many souls have returned to the Earth to rescue it. They were in Atlantis when it fell. They do not want to see the same outcome for Planet Earth again. They are connecting from all over the world and they recognise each other and work together to protect humanity. Please be mindful of the fact that some have been fooled by beings who pretend they bring information from spirit. There is no hierarchy in the world of spirit, so those who give themselves elevated titles are suspect. There is no substance in there channellings.

Humanity is in a dire situation. It must not be lulled into a false sense of security, no matter how convincing it sounds. I lived on Earth many times, and I might say, many times with Veronica. She knows me and I know her. We trust each other. Our aim is to rescue humanity and the planet. We have plans that you are not aware of, as yet. This is why there have been three attempts on Veronica’s life in the last four weeks.

The planned visit to Ireland was sabotaged. The Cabal FEARS it: what does that tell you?

She is trying to find a way to get there but she needs protection. First, she needs to recover, but she is no spring chicken. Her spirit is willing, but her flesh is weak and needs to recover. She will set up the Centre in Ireland with your help, and this will help humanity to cope when the Transition occurs. There will be Centres all over the world. You have our word on that. The lies put about by the Cabal and those who serve it, about Veronica, have been vicious and totally untrue. Beware of those who spread such lies. They do not have your best interests at heart. Through the Centres, humanity will be helped to construct a new way of life, with respect for all living creatures being paramount. Together we will do it.

Veronica was impressed by the MICHAEL TSARION exposé on the manipulation of humanity. I implore you to take the time to watch it and see how you are manipulated. This is Tsarion at his best. His work is of great importance.

The Age of Manipulation (Michael Tsarion)

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

This is the control system that binds and controls you, exposed and explained. Please take note of it. Your very existence is at stake. The solutions are in your own hands. We in Spirit, can guide you, but you need to take action yourselves. Closing your eyes to it will not make it go away.

You have the opportunity to create a better world. A world without corruption and without war. A world where love is valued and respected, where all live in peace. We can do it !

It has been a very difficult time for you, my dear. Your spirit is strong. You know we will succeed. The month of October will bring many changes. Be on guard at all times. The light is spreading, and soon the dark will be overtaken by the light.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.

Please understand that because of the attacks on my life, it has not been possible to reply to emails. The battle has been brought to my doorstep. It is relentless.

However, I shall not give up. Together, we will succeed.



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Aliyah Marr – The Within and the Without – Message for First Wave Ascension Crew – Time To Show The Light Being Within

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How to maintain equilibrium and establish healthy boundaries in this time of extreme change.

Copyright Aliyah Marr

Creative direction for social visionaries. Products for creative development.


Manifesto, Nahko Bear – Medicine for the People

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Music by Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) – Great Manifesto.

Nahko “Bear” Parayno

Oregon native Nahkohe Parayno is a sixth generation Apache/Mohawk. This medicinal troubadour (his Cheyenne name given to him by his grandmother) didn’t grow up on his native land, with his Puerto Rican/Indian mother, or Filipino father.

Born, raised, and blessed in the suburbs by his adopted family, Nahko found roots in music and throughout his teens taught piano lessons and directed musical productions for local high schools. His talent on the keys eventually got him signed to a seasonal production in Denali, Alaska and there, he praises, in the grandeur and majesty of the wilderness is where he began to discover his truth.

Activating his audience with stories of a humbled walk upon this precious earth, Nahko’s ability to criss-cross generational wisdom and inspire in the struggle of classism, racism, Indigenous rights in Native America and abroad, environmental justice — sparking a fire of ambition to live the change and shift with the Aina for a more sacred walk with Spirit.

Currently on a medicine music tour (for the rest of his life), Nahko calls the Big Island of Hawaii home. There he works and lives on his brother’s off the grid farm up the Hamakua coast. Cleverly weaving old traditions with modern day paradigm conditions — Medicine for the People focuses on ‘real talk’ lyrically based music — dubbed as “spirited thump-hop storytelling” — promoting sustainability, green energy, and healthy living through music.

Alex Collier – Last Bold Statement to Humanity – Composite Video

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Published on Jun 28, 2013

“You can travel millions of Kilometers into space but do not know what is happening just a few miles beneath you as well as prefer to look to the outside of yourself instead of looking scrutinize shepherds.”

-Maurizio Cavallo

“An uninformed populace is a populace devoted to slavery.”

-George Washington

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

-Albert Einstein

Alex Collier in:

Last Bold Statement to humanity.