Jesus – You are About to Blow Your Minds and Find Yourselves ONE with GOD – Channeler John Smallman – 7-12-14

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Today I would like to address humanity’s fears and worries, as it appears that all over the world violence and conflict is escalating uncontrollably.

Humanity is awakening!  The many conflicts erupting, between individuals in difficult relationships or within nations apparently preparing to or already tearing themselves apart at the seams, appears to indicate the reverse.  This is not the case.  For eons there has been forceful and psychological oppression, suppression, and denial in every race, culture, and religion on Earth, with each one claiming the right to enforce their views on those born into them.  However, these conflicts are but an enormous indication of the awakening of vast numbers of humans who are no longer willing to surrender their power to those who would usurp it and use it against them.


These conflicts are the last vestiges of the enforcers attempts to maintain control of humanity, but humanity has made the collective decision not be controlled.  Large numbers of you are realizing that you are all sovereign beings who have the absolute right to the freedom to live your lives in ways that suit each one of you personally, and in which interaction with one another is harmonious, cordial, peaceful, and compassionate.


Those who have held the apparent reins of power and used them to reign over you are doing their utmost to maintain control by passing ever more laws to supposedly “protect you from the terrorists” who they claim constantly threaten your lives and security.  The real terrorists, of course – although truly there are none, there is just a small minority of severely damaged individuals living in terror, and therefore constantly maintaining within themselves a state of readiness to take up arms – are those who would retain their positions of power and authority over you, and who are desperately trying to maintain that power and authority through the unconscionable use of the various legal jurisdictions, military, security, and intelligence arms of their governments.


The end of those times is fast approaching because humanity has decided no longer to be cowed, suppressed, or controlled.  Major governmental changes are secretly underway all over the planet, changes that are essential for the harmonious living conditions that are soon to break out across the world.  You have had enough conflict, you can see clearly that it only induces more conflict, you are ready to release yourselves from it, and because it is your collective will and the divine Will you will be utterly successful.


As you are always being reminded by those in the spiritual realms through numerous channels “Love is the only answer to any issue or problem with which you have to deal.”  And deep within yourselves, each of you, every human being, knows this.  The illusion was built as a means to experience separation from God and therefore from one another and it has been extremely successful in convincing you that you are each separate, tiny, and insignificant parts of an unimaginably vast and threatening whole.


However, as you have been told before, the illusion is like a dark cloak enveloping you all, and hiding from you the reality of God’s eternal and brilliant day in which all that He creates has its permanent and non ending existence.  You all have within you the divine Spark of Love from which you were created that is inextinguishable, but which has been hidden from your sight by the cloak of darkness that contains and maintains the illusion.


The Tsunami of Love now embracing the illusion is intensifying because so many of you have made the choice to to choose Love instead of fear.  Fear has not yet totally dissolved, it takes hold of you in moments of doubt and anxiety, but your intent to be loving disarms it, and so it is dissolving, along with the whole illusory nightmare in which it seems you have been enfolded against your will for eons.


Your absolutely crucial daily period of prayer, relaxation, contemplation, or meditation – what you call it is immaterial – when you intend to be aware of God’s Love for you, and when you commune with your favorite angels, guides, or mentors in the spiritual realms provides you with the mightiness of intent to bring you to the moment of awakening.


The time for pain, suffering, betrayal, conflict, and war is coming to an end.  There is no one on Earth who is unaware of the insanity of your modern technological methods of warfare, and the numbers of those who would engage in it are steadily dwindling.  Those who are still engaged with supporting and advancing the military/industrial labyrinth, or who are just earning their livings by working in it, are increasingly aware of what an ungainly and uncontrollable monster it has become.  There are very few who are not questioning the way it has absorbed them into its dark and forbidding corridors as they look for ways to escape from it or disable it.


The Love that you embrace, share, and extend to all is sweeping away the last remnants of the foundations on which the illusion was built.  An illusion dissolves when it is seen for what it is, and that is what is occurring now as the final wars and conflicts enter into a phase of self-destructive collapse or melt-down from which they will not recover.


Love embraces you, Love enfolds you, Love is your nature, and in Its Presence anything that is not aligned with it disintegrates because there is nothing apart from It.  The Love within each one of you is determined to shine forth, and there is nothing that can prevent that from happening.  You are about to blow your minds and find yourselves One with God.


Your loving brother, Jesus.


Jesus Through John Smallman – Wherever you find yourselves is exactly and precisely where God wills you to be


July 7, 2013 by John Smallman

Here in the spiritual realms all is ready for humanity’s awakening.  All the necessary preparations have been completed and we, like you, await this divine moment’s arrival most enthusiastically.  You, humanity, are receiving unprecedented assistance as this exciting and greatly looked-forward-to event approaches.  Your desire and intent to bring it about has intensified enormously over the last two or three decades, and it is that strength of intent that has determined the moment for its accomplishment.  Because it is so close you all have a sense of it, as well as feelings of impatience because it seems that you have been waiting a very long time for this promised period in your ongoing spiritual evolution to come to fruition.  Your impatience does add intensity and increased effectiveness to your intent to awaken, so make sure to renew your intent at least once every day – three or four times daily, just for a brief moment, would be excellent.

The power of your intent is very powerful, far more powerful than you are aware of, and therefore it is very important that you renew your intent for yourselves and for humanity to awaken – because your intent will bring it about.  Most of you who read channelings and other forms of spiritual guidance made the intent, before you incarnated, to awaken during this earthly lifetime, and so you will.  Nevertheless, you came here to assist others in their awakening process through your own demonstrations of love and faith, and if you can positively renew that intent daily it strengthens and intensifies it, which was one of your reasons for incarnating at this point in humanity’s spiritual evolution.  You are on Earth as guides, Light-bearers, and wayshowers, so renewing your intent to awaken and reminding yourselves that you are the beloved children of God are essential characteristics or facets of your daily lives.

Even if it seems that you know no one personally who is on a spiritual path, and therefore feel that you are alone, plodding endlessly along an untrodden way, somewhere in the wilderness where it seems almost meaningless, know that this is not so.  You chose, with divine guidance, to assist humanity in this wondrous process, and therefore wherever you find yourselves is exactly and precisely where God wills you to be – for the most effective use of your individual skills and competences.  Hold firmly to your faith that you are a divine Being, intending to surrender to God’s Will in the absolute knowledge that you cannot fail to do just that.

Whatever happens to you during your life, whatever you experience, whatever situations you may find yourselves in are due to informed choices that you freely made – because it was God’s Will for you!  And if it is God’s Will, then of course it is also yours.  Within the illusion this is often very difficult for you to understand and accept, but at the center of your being – at the holy still-point where the divine flame of Love burns eternally – you do know this.  And you also know that you are dearly loved and supported in every moment by your loving Father and all in the spiritual realms.  You cannot fail in the task you have undertaken because you made it your will to succeed before you incarnated, and that will, that intent is far too strong to be broken or overcome by something as weak and ineffectual as the enticements, distractions, or threats that you experience in the illusion.

Whenever doubts or anxieties of any kind arise, just remind yourselves of your origins as perfect divine creations, and remind yourselves that you knew that you would be unable to remember those origins while you were experiencing life in the illusion.  You happily accepted that fact because you knew that with the spiritual support you would receive, failure was impossible, and that in any event, failure was impossible because you were doing your Father’s Will – which is always achieved.  Be comforted by remembering that forgetfulness was an aspect of the task you undertook, forgetfulness of the magnificence of who you truly are, a magnificence that is soon to be revealed as you awaken once more into Reality.

If you will make a point of reminding yourselves of this divine truth every time you feel down or overwhelmed, and if you also make a point of demanding assistance from those in the spiritual realms when your spirits are low, you will find your spirits lifting.  To demand assistance is good because it makes you feel powerful – which you are! – whereas asking can seem a little like a supplicant begging for something they feel they do not deserve.  And none of you are unworthy supplicants: you are the beloved children of God who deserve the best of everything.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Message From Jesus – Channeler John Smallman – Fully Conscious Living


Fully conscious living is your destiny and it cannot be avoided

June 30, 2013 by John Smallman

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday June 30th

Humanity cannot avoid waking because eternal sleep is impossible!  You can only dream when you are asleep, and the illusion is humanity’s collective dream from which you are in the process of awakening.  In fact, as must be apparent to you, sleeping is also an aspect of the illusion.  In Reality there is absolutely no need and no desire to sleep because in Reality you are constantly vital, fully alive, and fully immersed in the wonder of God and His creation.  Sleep is an aspect of the illusion that you added to it to enable you to experience periods when you experience nothing, and if you do not dream then you have no memories when you wake up.  It really is a very strange concept – an imaginary death if you like.

However, death is not your destiny; fully conscious living is your destiny and it cannot be avoided.  The death you appear to experience in the illusion, bodily death, is of course also illusory.  Yes, in that case you do lay down your bodies for good, but that is most definitely not an end; it is a partial or full awakening, depending on whether you decide to have a further human incarnation or not. This decision, whichever one you make, is made with the help of your higher Self and your guides who best know what your needs and requirements are, and it is always a most joyful decision, made with enormous enthusiasm!

To choose life as a human, however many times you do it, is always a choice for Love, a choice to learn, to teach, and to assist others who have also chosen a human life experience.  And you always learn and grow spiritually from the experience no matter what kind of life you choose to lead.  Remember, life in the illusion is unreal, a game, but you learn from games.  Humans learn best by playing games, and your psychological studies have proved this by studies with children.  Forced learning – as is often attempted in schools of every culture – is far less effective than learning through playing, and awareness of this is growing, leading to a more play-oriented curriculum in schools as this knowledge spreads. The military learnt it a long time ago, hence war games!  And do not forget that whatever your life environment, it is one that you chose for the lessons you wished to learn.  No one is ever dumped unwillingly into an unfair or undeserved human life situation; everything you experience is as a result of a freewill choice that you have made, even if it seems impossible that you would, in your right mind, have ever made such a choice.

While you are experiencing life in the illusion the most satisfying and beneficial way to go about it, the best path to follow, for everyone concerned, is to respond lovingly, always, without exception, no matter how counter-intuitive it may appear to be at the time.  That is the main lesson for humanity, and many of you are teaching it by demonstrating it in your daily lives; and for that you are eternally honored.  Attack and defense result in the meeting of counterparts, leading to waves of conflict, whereas Love is as oil on troubled waters, calming and soothing.  Eventually everyone will learn this.

As you progress determinedly and purposefully homewards the support and assistance that you are receiving is increasing because you are remembering to ask for it, again and again and again.  You have to keep asking because if you do not the limitations in which the illusion has enveloped you swamp you in forgetfulness and draw you into the petty arguments and disagreements going on around you – physically, or just in your minds – and distract you from your purpose.  You know when you have been distracted because you find yourselves feeling that being loving is pointless when you are immersed, as it seems to you that you are, in a sea of unloving behaviors.  You need help to hold to your faith and to take up the path of Love once more, and so you ask, and you receive it, and your spirits are raised.  And being loving once more, you discover that you are not alone, that there are others around who are also being loving.  Love is never alone!

You are constantly enveloped in the divine field of Love because it is the infinite field in which God and all of His creation exist eternally.  It is impossible to be alone because all are one in divine and harmonious wholeness.  However, the illusory environment in which humans experience life is an imaginary state of separation from God, which was constructed purely to attempt to experience that unreal state.  You have succeeded very well in convincing yourselves that the illusion is real and that you are all separate individuals competing with one another for the essential but limited resources that will ensure your well-being.  And because you choose to see yourselves as separated from God, and therefore from each other, you do feel alone, even abandoned and at constant risk of annihilation.  It is a frightening nightmare that you have chosen to experience, but it will not last and your awakening is divinely ensured.

Whenever you feel down, alone, distressed, without hope, take time out alone and ask for help from those in the spiritual realms whose one aim is to help you to feel the Love that envelops you.  Then think, say or do something loving for yourself or for another … nothing conditional … just open your heart and intend to be Love, which you are, and to share it without judgment or restriction.  Doing that is incredibly freeing.  And while doing it, intend to offer complete and utter forgiveness to anyone you believe has ever hurt or offended you, and this includes yourself.  Many of you judge yourselves quite harshly and then look for someone whom you can judge as worse than you, to enable you to feel less bad about yourself!  That is insane!  You are perfect, divine beings lost in a nightmare that is coming to an end, and you are to uncover the truth and beauty of the perfection in which you were created for your eternal joy.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Message From Jesus – Channeller John Smallman – Children of God Entitled to Deserve only the Best


June 23, 2013 by John Smallman

Humanity’s journey homeward to God has been long and fraught with confusion as you attempted to discern wisely between conflicting opinions about the best strategy to follow to ensure your arrival at your planned destination.  But you really had very little understanding of what the journey entailed or what the true destination was because of the severe limitations you had imposed on yourselves when you chose to separate from your Father and enter the illusion that you had constructed.  Clear thought, wisdom, and knowledge are not available to you within the illusion because it is but an unreal dreamlike world, a place in which you have hidden from Reality and the infinite abundance of wisdom and knowledge that that offers you.  And of course your return to Reality is guaranteed by God.  You have only to make the collective intent to return, and you will.

Many of you are holding that intent and as a result the divine field of Love is embracing you and drawing you forwards, while the drag on your progress from those who choose not to participate in the journey is diminishing as rapidly as are their numbers.  Love is your natural state – to define or demonstrate all the characteristics that Love employs and exercises constantly is quite impossible – and the choice to enter the illusion, while attempting to leave Love behind, was unnatural.  Nevertheless, you did choose to play a game of separation, powerlessness, and ignorance, thinking that it would demonstrate and provide creative possibilities that were unavailable in Reality.  And you were right. . . and wrong!  Right, because it does seem to have provided you with an unimaginably vast and varied environment in which to play and explore, and wrong, because it is unreal and does not exist even though its apparent reality is very convincing for you.  And while you believe in it your collective energy fields support and maintain it, confirming for you that you are missing something, that you are separated from God, and that you need to return to His Presence to achieve everlasting happiness.

However, as you know, you have never departed from the Presence of God – there is nowhere but His Presence – but the imaginary environment that you conjured up in which to play and experience separation from Him seems very real and has caused you much pain and suffering.  Slowly, over the eons (although in Reality less than a moment has passed!) you have grown tired of the struggle for survival and the accompanying suffering that is inseparable from it.  You have prayed and prayed and prayed beseechingly to God, and finally you are listening to His reply!  And that is the turning point.  Listening to Him – He speaks through your guides, your angels, and your human companions – instead of beseeching and imploring Him is the most effective way to uncover the way Home.  And that is what you are at last doing.

By listening to Him, in whatever form He shows Himself to you, you open your hearts to the Love with which He has surrounded you and become channels through which It flows to wherever He chooses to direct It.  And when you allow Him to direct His Love through you the most marvelous results occur.  Over the last few decades of illusory time, more and more of you have chosen to listen to Him, and all across the world evidence of this is growing exponentially.

You, all of humanity, are the beloved children of God, and your choice to listen to Him has filled Him with joy.  He loves you, He cares for you, and He wants only your eternal happiness, and you have been refusing it, blocking it out, like teenagers who know everything – until they discover that they do not!  You have come to realize that Love works, that It is the only thing that works because It is the only thing.  All that you have to do is to allow It, and as you do, humanity’s intent to awaken intensifies.  That intent is now very intense!  It will not be overridden by any contrary intents that some – trying to hold on to the illusion and the seeming power that it gives them – are still holding.

You cannot avoid waking up into the Presence of your Father, because to be awake is to be in His Presence.  And even in the illusion you are aware that you cannot stay asleep indefinitely – even in drug- or alcohol-induced sleep! Eventually you wake up and have to experience life.  Once you begin to really experience the illusion that you constructed, as you have started to do, it becomes impossible for you to ignore, disregard, or deny its utter inadequacy as a home for the children of God.

The only Home for the children of God is to be in His loving Presence.  First of all there is nowhere else, and secondly, even if it were possible for there to be an alternative home of any kind it could not be in any way near good enough for the children of God, who are entitled to and deserve only the best.  And only God can offer the best of everything!  He is offering you the best of everything in every moment – you do really know that – and so it is inevitable that you awaken into the eternal joy of his loving Presence.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

John Smallman – Message From Jesus – Enormous Evolutionary Change Of A Most Essential Nature

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Here in the spiritual realms we, in every moment, are pouring out our love and our assistance to help you in your awakening process.  To many of you it seems that your progress has stalled, but we can assure you with the utmost confidence that this is most definitely not the case.  Your progress is proceeding, as perfectly and divinely intended, and will continue ceaselessly until you awaken.  And we are your spiritual guides and mentors who contracted to be with you at all times throughout this period of intense spiritual evolution that you chose to undergo.

What you are doing is of great benefit to all sentient life forms.  You are bringing in enormous evolutionary change of a most essential nature, while for the most part remaining unaware of the immense task that you have so willingly undertaken.  And you are succeeding quite brilliantly.  It is a sweeping away of the dark, of the unreal physical limitations that appear so real.  Once, you believed that the earth was flat, that instant communication over great distances was beyond belief, and that rapid and convenient travel across the world and into space was impossible.  Those were all limited belief concepts that have been permanently proved erroneous.  What other beliefs do you have that will be proven false?  Countless numbers!

The unawareness that you experience of your essential divine nature – the joy of oneness with God and with all sentient life – is a choice that you made.  Within the illusory environment of confusion, pain, and suffering you are in the process of learning about and releasing the many restrictive, inflexible and very frightening beliefs you invented which are not in alignment with, and do not and can never resonate with, your true nature – Love .  While you hold on to them you close yourselves off or hide from your true and divine nature because Love is terrifying to anyone who is fearful.

Love is all-encompassing, all-welcoming; fear shuts out, excludes, disparages. When you release yourselves from the cloak of fear under which you are hiding, when you remove and discard it, you will see clearly and realize that your fear was just fear of the dark – as imagined by a small child – a darkness which does not exist, unless you could establish it by shutting out the Light, and that is impossible, except temporarily, under that imaginary cloak of the illusion.  The thought of removing that cloak frightens you because it seems to be a protective shield that is essential to your ongoing well-being.  To be without it would make you vulnerable, open to experiencing horrendous pain and suffering, the kind that you observe all over the world as people behave without love, defending themselves or attacking others.

However, the truth is that when you remove that seemingly protective cloak you become invulnerable, because you will have removed the barrier you erected to keep out Love – a barrier that to you has seemed almost impenetrable, because Love was hardly ever seen except when offered conditionally and in exchange for benefits or payments – truly love with a small “l,” another unreal aspect of the illusion.  Love is the most powerful field of energy that exists.  It is the only energy field that exists.  Any other energy that you can conceive of or experience is of the illusion, and is an enormously diluted and weakened form of Love, which allowed you to think that you had power without the Presence of your Father. Love is the life force; you cannot live without It.  You are, every one of you, essential parts or aspects of It.  However, when you constructed the illusion you attempted to exclude It, by apparently separating yourselves, shutting yourselves off from God.  That is not possible, but you were and are free to pretend that it is, and that is what causes you so much pain and suffering.

Your awakening process is in fact a process of uncloaking yourselves, of releasing all that is not in perfect and harmonious alignment with Love – your natural and eternal state – and which effectively hides from your conscious awareness the fact that you are, always have been, and always will be beings of infinite Love as created by your Father.  The time for games from which you have attempted to exclude Love is over.

You are now very much aware of the pain and suffering worldwide which need to be brought to an end – pain and suffering in which many delighted and gloated as they watched others mistreated, abused, and tortured.  The insanity of that attitude has now become apparent.  Daily, more and more on Earth are becoming aware that they themselves did actually embrace it while at the same time denying it and convincing themselves that they were only making “fair judgments” of the unconscionable behavior of others, as was their god-given duty and responsibility.  This awareness has shocked them, and now they are making the firmest of resolutions to release that unloving attitude and replace it with compassion, forgiveness (of selves and others), and the intent to offer only love from here on in.  In the spiritual realms that change of heart, which is occurring throughout humanity, has led to the greatest rejoicing.

Relax into your quiet inner space at least once daily, talk to your guides, ask for their help, and open your hearts so that you can recognize the great changes that are taking place worldwide, as Love dissolves the fear that has driven and guided so many of your thoughts, words, and actions for eons.  Remember, anything other than Love is illusory, and intend to be constantly loving, as you make your way homewards.

Your loving brother, Jesus. / link to original article

Message Fom Jesus – Channeled By John Smallman – Blame And Guilt Are Illusory Concepts

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The New Age has arrived, and signs of it are apparent everywhere as the field of divine Love continues to flow across the planet, embracing all in Its path; and there are very few who are not in Its path.  A major and very determined effort is required of anyone who might choose not to be influenced by Love’s ever intensifying and entrancing energy field.  It is God’s Will that humanity throw off the mantle of pain and suffering in which it has chosen to envelop itself for so long, and humanity has now chosen to align its collective will with God’s – that is what the New Age is all about, aligning your will with God’s – and is doing so by throwing off the ephemeral veil of fear and separation in which you had wrapped yourselves, temporarily.

Many of you are making new and delighted connections with strangers as Love enters into every heart that has not made an exceedingly determined effort to remain closed.  You are flowing along on the current of Love towards your inevitable awakening, so be glad, relax, give thanks, and know that all is divinely taken care of, as it always has been.  Expect to make new friends and acquaintances as your hearts open into the field of Love embracing you, and bask in the warmth of that shared Love.

There is no such thing as “predestination.”  That is a concept, based on fear, which was invented to try to explain suffering as something inflicted by God upon those who displeased Him, and were therefore effectively damned as opposed to those who were “righteous in His sight” and would be saved.  The idea was that you were predestined for salvation and heaven, or for damnation and hell, and that you could do nothing to alter that state of affairs.  Obviously that is nonsense.  All sentient life is dear to God’s Heart, and all will come to experience the infinite wonder of His eternal Love for them, regardless of any “crimes” or “evil actions” that they appear to have committed.

Only Love is real, and it is therefore eternal.  Anything unloving, no matter how much pain and suffering it may appear to cause, is unreal and will fade away with the illusion once you release yourselves from any apparent need that you have to hold on to it.  And that is what you are presently in the process of doing: shaking the dust of the illusion from your feet as you leave it behind, and moving forwards as you make the constant intent to be loving in every moment.

Once you make that intent, and ask for help from your guides and mentors in the spiritual realms to maintain it, then you are on your way Home and nothing can prevent your arrival.  It is still possible for you to deviate from your path if you become intentionally unloving in a situation, but very quickly awareness of this deviation will break into your consciousness, allowing you to release the unloving intent and forgive yourself and anyone you may have unwisely judged or blamed. Love is your nature.  And the distractions of the illusion are becoming less and less appealing for you, which is why you have made the irreversible decision to awaken.  Any deviations from your loving intent to align yourselves with the holy Will of God will be brief, because the flame of Love within your hearts is burning ever more brightly as each day passes, and to remain unaware, unconscious, insensitive to Its constant presence within you is impossible.

The flame of Love within each one of you — the guiding Light leading you Home — is intense, powerful, and there is no way that you can keep it permanently hidden, denied, or ignored.  It will shine forth, and even if you have spent lifetimes denying or ignoring It, It has never left you even for a moment, but has waited patiently and lovingly for the first and smallest change in your attitude or belief that demonstrates that you are becoming ready to acknowledge It once more. That moment is now, and it is becoming ever harder for anyone to bear a grudge or a resentment.  Whereas before, many on Earth enjoyed holding on to grudges with a sense of bitter satisfaction as they planned vengeance or restitution against the one who had hurt or offended them; now that sense of satisfaction is hollow or lacking, and they are puzzled.

That is an early sign of awakening.  If it happens to you, welcome it and rejoice. Your times for bitterness are at an end!  Maybe you were even unaware of clinging to rancor or a need to punish, but now that the sense of closure it brought is fading, you are becoming aware of it.  That can be shocking because you maybe saw yourself as kind and accepting, and your satisfaction came partly from your self-image as a person who did not hold a grudge, whereas in truth — as has now become apparent — you did.

Forgive yourself!  There is no advantage or redemption in self-blame or guilt.  You made an error; you have seen it and corrected it, and by doing so, you have released another unloving aspect of self, making more space available within you for Love to dwell.  In truth, you are blameless and guiltless.

Blame and guilt are illusory concepts which tie you to the illusion by making you feel unworthy of knowing God, much less of basking in the warmth of His eternal embrace.  But that is where you belong!  That is where you have your eternal existence.  You just forgot that momentarily, as you played in the illusion.  Now that unreal playtime is ending as you prepare to return to enjoy eternal, totally absorbing and creative play in Reality — your only Home.

Your loving brother, Jesus. / link to original article

Message From Jesus – The New Age Has Arrived



The New Age has arrived and the evidence of that is becoming apparent to all who choose to see it   –   May 26, 2013 by John Smallman

In the spiritual realms we are very well aware of the strain that waiting for awakening to occur is placing on you, the Light-bearers and wayshowers.  Many of you are perceiving the state of the world as steadily deteriorating as bad news follows bad news in so many areas.  And indeed there is a great shake-up in progress as the New Age makes its presence felt, and awareness grows of the enormous changes that must be made in your attitudes and behaviors if humanity is to avoid destroying itself, either by making the planet virtually uninhabitable through the continuing damage being wrought by rapacious harvesting of its natural resources, or by self-annihilation through conflict and war.

Neither of these depressing scenarios will occur!  The divine field of Love is making inroads into the collective heart of humanity and the shake-up resulting from it is a wake-up call that is being heard and responded to by ever larger numbers of Earth’s population.  You are not alone.  Assistance is pouring in from the spiritual and galactic realms in response to your prayers for help, and those who would suppress the world populace for their own selfish agendas are no longer able to maintain either the authority they unlawfully gathered unto themselves or the support of the enforcement agencies they built to suppress those they would control.

The incredibly damaging activities which have been going on for decades all across the planet are to end.  The materials supposedly essential for running your economies via excavation, mining, and drilling are not needed because far more user-friendly materials are readily available to replace them – knowledge of which has been concealed in order to create a belief in scarcity and to maintain the power of the self-serving and self-appointed elite.  The knowledge and technology necessary to release and develop this abundance of ecologically sustainable materials is soon to be unveiled, and this will enable the total eradication of world poverty while providing abundantly for all your physical needs.  The New Age has arrived and the evidence of that is becoming apparent to all who choose to see it.

Be uplifted!  Be inspired!  Then share your energy and your love with enthusiasm wherever you are and in whatever you are doing, and be aware of it being returned to you intensified and with boundless gratitude.  You are beings of Love, and although that Love has lain seemingly hidden and unrecognized within you as you searched for It outside yourselves, It has always been there awaiting your choice, your decision to recognize and engage with It.  Now that you have made that choice, immerse yourselves in It with enthusiasm because that increases your energy levels, and the light of optimism that arises within you will dispel the darkness of habitual patterns of pessimism, enabling you to deal with all your issues and problems far more easily – until you find yourselves saying “That was easy!”

Your abilities, your competences, and your talents are far more powerful and effective than you have been led to believe, because all human cultures have for eons worked on convincing the young that they were inadequate and should therefore follow the example of their “elders and betters” who would teach them the skills they needed to live fruitful lives.  And indeed there has always been much that the young can learn from the older and more experienced people in their lives.  Unfortunately the elders often used their positions, their authority to subdue and repress the bubbling and creative enthusiasm that the young have in abundance, then taught them to distrust those of whom the reigning hierarchy disapproved, and finally sent them off to fight wars against them in their stead. And it became a pattern that seemed irreversible as war followed war.

This will no longer occur because the pattern has been broken.  The wisdom of the elder ones amongst you will be freely propagated, as it should be, while the inflexible, rigid, and ingrained beliefs that have turned you one against another in your multitudes will be abandoned, as the damage they have caused bursts into the awareness of the collective and its insanity is acknowledged.  You all chose to be here at this time to help humanity (which naturally includes all of you) change course.  And that is what is happening as Love blossoms and entrances those with whom It connects, enticing them to engage with It and release all within them that is not in harmony or alignment with It.

And that is what you are doing – aligning, harmonizing, and engaging with your true nature.  And nothing could be more natural, more appropriate, or more satisfying.  At first you are a little nervous because it feels unfamiliar, strange, even unwise after eons of distrust and betrayal, but as you find others doing likewise and experience the shared joy of trust and cooperation, your confidence in the rightness of the path you are following grows.

There will still be instances where you experience attitudes that are unloving, even hurtful, but because you are now choosing to accept the incontrovertible fact that you are beings of Light, permanently in communion with the divine field of Love which embraces you, you will recognize these instances as calls for Love to which you will find the strength and confidence to respond lovingly.  Already many of you are doing this, and as others observe you, they too are finding the courage to recognize attacks as calls for love and to respond accordingly.  Your path to awakening has been firmly established and recognized, and more people are turning to follow it daily, and your arrival there remains divinely assured.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Message From Jesus – Channeler John Smallman – Question Your Deeply Held Beliefs

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The ongoing awakening process that humanity is undergoing is progressing very nicely indeed.  Look for signs of it on the alternate news sites which are making a point of focusing on the good news around the world – there is an enormous amount of it – and do not be disheartened by the bad news reported in the mainstream media.

When you pray or meditate just hold the intent to send love, compassion, healing, and forgiveness to those situations of which you are aware where people or the planet are in distress – because it is very effective.  And, of course, as more and more people become aware of the power of their loving intentions and make it one of their daily tasks to open to, interact with, and share the wonderful benefits of their connection to the divine field of Love, then the awakening process accelerates.  Never think that your loving intentions, from which you mostly receive very little feedback, are of little use, meaningless, or inadequate, because I can assure you that they are always extremely powerful and effective, they are changing the world.

Many are looking for and hoping for astounding changes in the world – the world which they perceive – and are experiencing disappointment.  This is because they have not changed their perceptions.  Within the illusion, you are born into and then normally grow up in a cultural environment to which you become accustomed, and your acceptance of its rightness, its reasonableness is constantly affirmed and strengthened by the very fact of your being immersed in it.  The beliefs that you hold – what guides your assessment of what is right or wrong, acceptable, tolerable, or unacceptable – are so deeply ingrained within you that you never question them because you are unaware of them.  When you interact with people from different cultural backgrounds, however, you become quickly and vividly aware of the strange concepts that they believe are normal. Basically, for eons, most humans grew up with an unquestioned attitude that “my culture is normal whereas the cultures that are different from mine are strange, lacking in core values, or even threatening,” and are unaware that it is only a belief – a belief that they can change should they choose to do so.  It is so deeply ingrained that the idea that they could question it has rarely arisen – until now.

What is happening now is that more and more people across the world are experiencing cultures other than their own, and instead of making instant judgments about them are engaging with them, learning about them, and discovering that while these lifestyles may be very different from their own, their basic needs and desires are very similar.  Humanity’s basic needs (not necessarily in order of importance because these needs are all interdependent) are: to be fed, clothed, safely sheltered, and loved.  Without an adequate and satisfactory provision of these basics, survival is problematic, and the opportunity to thrive and develop the fullness of the human potential is severely restricted.

This new, ongoing interaction between, and acceptance of, other cultures is leading to huge changes in perception.  Across the world organizations have sprung up at the grass-roots level which intend to bring to the collective an awareness of humanity’s interdependence; an awareness of the need for loving cooperation to address and resolve the issues which continue to divide you and encourage conflict; and an awareness that unless harmonious cooperation can be achieved that will bring violent conflict to a halt, humanity may well destroy itself – or rather, the insane choices and decisions made by various inflexible, arrogant, and self-serving elitist groups may do so.

The mainstream news media appears to be unaware of and uninterested in these grass-roots movements, possibly because their paymasters have made that choice for them.  And so looking there for the changes you want to see occurring will not be fruitful. However, if you search for the subject “spiritual evolution” and other similarly inspirational subjects on the World Wide Web you will find an enormous number of offerings, attesting to the proliferation of these people-oriented organizations and clearly demonstrating that profound changes in perception are occurring on a massive scale.  It is these changes that you need to become aware of and share with friends and family.

Your views – of the world, of people, of issues, of religious or political beliefs – are choices that you have made and that you can change.  Mostly they are judgments!  When you realize that you have made a judgment, stand back from it.  Reassess it.  Is it prejudice? habit? animosity? discomfort?  For whatever it may be, it sets you up for conflict, and expecting conflict tends to attract conflict.

Instead of perceiving situations or events as calls to judgment, make the decision to perceive them as calls for love.  When you do that, you can let go of the involuntary stress or tension that results as soon as you became aware of the situation or event, and you can center yourself, observe what is happening, and make a loving decision, a loving choice about how to respond.

Seeing a call for love instead of a call to judgment is the basic change in perception that is necessary, that is essential, and that is now leading you collectively towards your awakening.  And because so many Light-bearers and wayshowers have made this change in perception, the energy of it, the energy of positive, loving change is growing and spreading like the incoming tide, washing over all in its path.

Add your intent to be loving in every situation in which you find yourself to the collective intent to do so, and watch as miracles occur!

Your loving brother, Jesus. / link to original article

Message From Jesus – April-21-2013

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Spring is in the air, and so is change of a most magnificent kind
April 21, 2013 by John Smallman…

The Oneness that is God has all of creation enfolded within It; It is the infinite field of divine Love where all Wisdom, all Knowledge, all Consciousness has its eternal existence. It is a state of utter joy, peace, and contentment, where no one is, or can ever be in any way, bereft. It is Reality, where all are free to create abundantly with the skills and abilities that God has bestowed upon them, and delight in the results.

It is into this sublime state that humanity is to awaken. Your present state of sleep, constantly interrupted by dreams and nightmares that you experience as real and substantive, no longer serves you, and so you have chosen to wake up into the refreshing, stimulating, and exhilarating state of wonder from which you chose to briefly hide yourselves but a moment ago. It seems to you that you have been experiencing this imaginary reality for a very long time — and in “time” you have — but it has been only momentary, as you will discover when you wake up. And then your joy and amazement will be boundless and unceasing. Reality is always amazing because it places you in the Presence of the infinite, all-loving Source, which created you solely to experience eternal joy, amazement, and wonder — and so you will.

Many of you are feeling out of sorts, bored with the lives you are presently experiencing, and wondering if there is any way to improve them, to make them satisfying and uplifting, while you see all around you people, loved ones, strangers, even yourselves, struggling with anxiety and suffering which, it seems, continues interminably, and for which there appears to be no relief. In fact, you have come to see the illusion for what it is: a place in which those states are endemic. You want to wake up, you intend to wake up, and daily more and more are making the choice to do so and thereby changing the collective will of humanity. As the collective will changes, your dissatisfaction intensifies, because your awareness of the unacceptability of the present living conditions of so many on Earth becomes far clearer. To allow such painful life experiences for so much of humanity to continue unresolved has become unacceptable to you.

It is that intent, that desire that is intensifying and thereby ensuring that the collective intent of humanity changes, and it is that collective intent that creates the space, the environment in which you find yourselves. Spring is in the air, and so is change of a most magnificent kind. The power of your collective intent is immense, and whereas until recently it had been scattered, divided, angry, and fearful, it is now coming into alignment with a loving intent to establish peace, health, and abundance for all on the planet through harmonious cooperation and understanding. Since December last year an enormous shift in intent has occurred all across the world, and the effects of that are beginning to show.

It has become impossible for those who would control the world to accommodate their own self-centered agendas by keeping them hidden or under wraps any longer. The truth is coming out, and for those who would hide and suppress it, that is alarming; in fact, it is terrifying. But there is no going back; the veil of corporate secrecy has been lifted and is now being removed altogether. Corporate secrecy has been a major but largely unacknowledged aspect of all your worldly organizations since time immemorial, and it is now in the process of being dissolved. Enormous worldly power centers are crumbling, and their collapse is imminent. That power has always been illusory, but because people generally believed in it and accepted it, it appeared to have substance.

As the information and the technology, which will make it possible to overcome disease permanently and provide abundantly for all on Earth while repairing the enormous planetary damage that has occurred over the last few hundred years, is made known and shared widely and freely, the ability to control large numbers of people through fear and the threat of confiscation of their assets will be removed. Each one of you is a sovereign being, created by God to enjoy to the full the fruits of life through the intelligence of consciousness, creativity, and harmonious cooperation, and you are now in the process of rediscovering and reclaiming for yourselves the respect and dignity of that inalienable state in which you were created.