Heavenletter #4741 – The Human Condition – 11-17-13


God said:

How can you not be compassionate for everyone else who walks on Earth unsure of where to go and what to do? Which human being on Earth knows what is going to befall? From an Earth point of view, there are land mines everywhere of one kind or another. Once My beloved children on Earth stepped out of their door, cautious of wild animals. Now there are buses to watch out for and cars and any number of footfalls.

There is no armor to wear. Even steel does not work. Hard hats do not always work. Each day all on Earth wake up to a world that may wound them in one way or another, and hearts are tender.

From a human point of view, everyone is brave to wake up in the morning, unknowing of what may befall to themselves and those closest to them and also to so-called strangers.

I ask again: How can your heart not be tender to everyone who lives on Earth, in your same house or in a land far away?

Everyone wakes from sleep, and everyone has to meet the day whatever it may hold or may not hold.

This is what is called the human condition.

How can everyone’s heart not support every other? The least everyone can do who walks the Earth is to care about one another.

It is true you are all in this life together. Oneness means One with Me, and Oneness means One with everyone and everything.

In Truth, beloveds, there are not too many decisions you have to make. You think you have a myriad of decisions to make. Not so. You are to make the world as comfortable a place as you can for all the hearts and souls on Earth. You are not over-solicitous, yet you have in mind that you serve Me, and you serve the Children of God. You serve all the creatures and all the vegetation. You serve the mountains and the planes. You serve as one who serves water. It is not really such a big thing to serve. It is a natural thing.

If you open a coconut, you share the coconut and the coconut milk. If you milk a cow or a goat, you share the milk. You do not have to bear a heavy yoke. Not at all. There will be lightness in your step.

You merely give back to the Universe all that I have given you. When you have, you give.

It is not that you give to the poor. Let there be no poor. Who are you to separate human beings and name them poor?

Which man, woman, or child, or animal of the Earth or bird of the sky is to go hungry?

Giving takes nothing away from you. It nourishes you.

It is better that there is no reason for begging. Benevolence does not mean you are higher than anyone else. Perhaps more fortunate, yes. Higher? No. Make a world where there are no beggars, where there is no such concept as begging. No one is to be a burden who makes others look away.

Do those who are sure they have greater merit – do they create beggarliness? Certainly beggars cannot create themselves all alone. Does the world create the more fortunate in order to create the less fortunate?

Let everyone wake up in the morning with good will in his heart for all.

In the morning, you brush your teeth. Now also cleanse your heart. If everyone left his door with good will in his heart, what would the world be?

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