It’s a great joy to connect with you. When we are in this kind of conscious communion, we know more of our wholeness, so we thank you for that.
Today we wish to speak with you about the leading edge of your experience. We offer reflections of your emerging experience to help you to identify with who you are becoming. It’s beneficial for you to learn to see the qualities of your life that are taking on form, for the essence of you, in your embodiment, is always ahead of this and leading you into an increasingly elevated state of blended being.
The most important and significant quality that is emerging more fully now is your sense of knowing. Each of you has within you the capacity to be fully informed in any given situation or moment, about anything. To be fully informed doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get lots of information, rather you will know what matters for you, now. You will have access to how you might best choose and think and relate and experience your life. One of the things that’s challenging about living from this deeper current within you is that you’re “seeing” from an awareness that is beyond time and space. In this current of infinite intelligence, which you feel as the core of your being, that still point, within, you are tapping into the eternal. There is no rush there. No sense of hesitation either. Simply being and knowing. So in this space you will not find what isn’t yet important for you. Sometimes you will know things that are emerging or receive vision and insight in ways that are very beneficial to your future, but this inner conduit to knowing is not predictive. It’s informing. It’s giving you resonant insights and always with the wisdom to optimize your alignment. You can access this knowing quite easily — you can feel your way into what’s best for you, now. If you were to live from this deeper current, you would experience more peace and life would unfold with greater synchronicity. You would feel your life becoming more fulfilling and beautiful.
Another important quality that is emerging within the leading edge of human potential, is courage. More and more you are discovering how to relate to your emotions in a more expansive way. You realize your feeling-states are manifestations. They arise from your perspectives, they arise from your body chemistry, they have a source in your frequency, and they are temporary. Malleable. This is a huge insight.
Multidimensional Identity.
The even more empowered knowing that relates to this quality, and is growing in reliability for you, is the realization that you are not your feelings. You are having an experience of your thoughts or your energy-state, but you, are far more vast. You are increasingly aware of your multidimensional identity. Expansive. Larger than any given moment of experience. This capacity to relate to life as an experience unfolding, rather than an identity is another giant leap for humankind.
Peers with the ascending current.
Most human beings who are conscious of the planetary energy shifts are also becoming better and better at riding the waves of high-frequency light. You realize that you are not at the whim of energy but rather; your own Divine Self is facilitating your ascension. You are, in fact, peers with the ascending currents! Summoning and creating the light streams that you need when you need them. You are losing that sense of looking up to some benevolent being as creating your experience and knowing yourself more directly and accurately as the sovereign, eternal being you are.
Playful and confident.
As you realize your real relationship to ascension, you feel free. You become more playful and confident. You relax more.
Fulfillment expands.
We encourage any of you not yet connecting intentionally with all that you are, to begin to do so daily. You can simply close your eyes, focus inwardly and call forth a connection with all that you are. Invite your Divine Self to be with you throughout the day and to assist you in being in a state of openness and alignment. Invite your essence energy to flow into you in an expanded way and welcome that flow. Become familiar with the feel of yourself, full of your expanded energy. Feel it come into your body and call forth the connection until you manifest/feel a sensation. If you do this, you will know what it means to be grounded! To be grounded is to be fully in your body, with your awareness! Your experiences will naturally unfold to reflect the increase in energetic and physical fulfilled you create.
Feeling like you.
Physically, being fulfilled with your essence energy feels like tingling, and some people notice a temperature change when they increase this flow. The energy enters your body through your crown chakra, so invite it to expand by focusing there and calling forth to your Divine Self, for more. Learn to increase the flow of this current and get comfortable with more of you. You’ll like it and what it creates in your life.
Remember that your Divine Self is you, in the most expanded, clear expression. You can feel more and more like the very best version of you, in this blended awareness, and calling forth this connection, expands it. When you connect more often with the fullness of your being, you will quite naturally become more self-aware. You will feel more like yourself and grow in your ability to love yourself. Call upon your Divine Self often, and life will work more easily for you.
You can see that there is a theme here, can’t you? Life at the leading edge is getting easier. Why?
You’re starting to know life beyond ideas separation = fear.
As you learn how to love yourself, you make better choices for yourself. You naturally want to take care of yourself, so you develop positive routines and ways of living that have long-term impact. As you are less often afraid, you make less short-term choices that feel good for a moment, but undermine your spirit and what you want to create. You stop undermining yourself. Instead, you choose what nourishes your heart and spirit and what helps you become the person you wish to be through this life expression. You make more uplifted choices of perspective and action, and with this, you begin to stay in alignment more easily.
Healing your lineages.
Many of you lived a lot of your lives in tremendous pain and fear and learned to do this from those you grew up with, from those you love. As you start to feel better and experience your life, beyond fear, you heal not just yourself, but your lineage. Your increasing unity ripples across time and space, revising the past and altering your future trajectory.
Openness and new opportunities.
You are living with more joy and more love, regardless of circumstances or situations. You are more fulfilled and thus, more generous and present. This is the most wonderful development taking place at this time.
Although the recent Eclipse Cycle is continuing to clear out emotional patterns and thought-forms reflecting paradigms of separation, the upgrades are integrating, and the downloads are starting to open up new potentials. As you grow in alignment and your ability to love yourself, the sense of possibility opens up, and new opportunities come into view. When you start to notice this, breathe deeply and soak it up. This shift can be a most wonderful wave of renewal, refreshing you on this long and challenging journey into a new land. You are creating this new world and discovering it, almost simultaneously. It can feel exhausting at times, and the pace is not letting up.
Learning to let life be easier is a blessing that is always available to you. You begin to experience this way of life when you create more positive and uplifted states of energy. You can do this by feeling your way into better and better alignment with your own Divine Self.
Peace on Earth is taking form.
As you create more alignment with all that you are, you generate more unity of spirit. Harmony. Expansion. Joy. These are all so interconnected that we share them as one reflection. Anything challenging to you is pointing out inner discord and inviting you to experience more unity within all that you are. It matters not where, in particular, the conflict lies. The pathway of ascended wholeness is a journey of continually expanding to open more fully to all that you are and to the world; creating peace and harmony as you go. The only way you can do this is to create peace and harmony within YOU.
The situations in your life and the inner conflicts you feel are inviting you to bring yourself into an expanded state of unity. You are so well versed in the thinking paradigms of separation, that this has obstructed your ability to see the pathways that liberate the best interests of all. You often think you have to choose between thing instead of looking more deeply at conflict and finding the way to include all perspectives. The answers you seek in your world, are no different than the answers you seek in your personal life. Integrating the fragmented aspects of your being in love and harmony, shifts your energy in powerful ways. Your refined energy reshapes collective consciousness and manifest experience. Don’t underestimate what you can do by making peace, within.
All that’s good for you is good for all that is. For all is One. Once you get this, you might forget to apply it. Don’t! Look at your life through this lens and see what arises when you choose this level of perspective. Often you will realize ways to creating more harmony and unity by being true to you and setting everyone and everything else, free! As you do this, know this action is creating an entirely uplifted expression. Peace on Earth is coming into form.
You are entering the holiday season, and that can be emotional in ways that are challenging and also ways that are beautiful. Consciously choose to create this time for yourself with generosity and a willingness to discover life reflecting more and more the qualities you care about and want to know as your experience. You are more powerful than you’ve yet discovered.
Use today and this moment and all that follows to continue to explore your creation; this life! And to cultivate your expanding wholeness. You are known and appreciated and deeply loved. Thank you for being here, as you.
We are the Arcturians

Meredith Murphy – Unlimited Potentials – September Eclipses, Equinox – Expect Wonderful – 9-5-15

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SANAT KUMARA via Meredith Murphy – THE SOLSTICE – Celebrate the Return to Love – Expect Wonderful – 6-21-15

Meredith Murphy
Greetings Beloved Souls,
I am Sanat Kumara and I am here with you in this communication, to share with you about this time in your world. About the upcoming Sosltice alignment. About your lives – what is emerging, what is possible, what is important and what might be the most significant aspect available to you, in your experience now. The experience of the return of love.
Love is returning to Earth in wave upon wave of higher frequencies energies being grounded here. Of course all things are made of divine light energy which is love, but the higher frequencies of love the quality of love that you experience as the emotional experience of love, that is what we speak of when we say, love is returning. Love is returning to Earth as you increasingly are embodying the higher frequency aspects of your being.
This is no small thing. It is making life very sweet that all this is happening.
You are living in an amazing configuration. A sphere of experience in which the arrangements are changing. The correspondence is changing. The ways of translating vibration are changing. The relationship to consciousness is changing. All of this is changing in your experience, in this way, and as it does, love is becoming more available to you and in this experience of knowing more love, you are feeling more alive. More hope is available on the Earth, for the sense of potential within human life is opening up.
This is an extension, a mirroring of the way in which the energetic field of the planet Earth has also opened up. The whole way in which Earth is present in the galaxy energetically, has been transformed and is continuing to change. It is becoming a more uplifted sphere of experience.
Why is this?
For one thing, for some time now there has been a momentum in your worl about positive thought. About the value and benefit of positive thinking. This idea, although it has it’s flaws, is fundamentally positive! It is fundamentally beneficial to think positively about life and because you are learning this as a species, you are more aware of the tone of your thoughts. The mood you are in and the way your thoughts might relate to this and how all of this is also affecting your body. The mind-body connection is clearly recognized. This is transfomring what it means to be human and what is possible for humanity.
It is important for you to realize that you are living in a time of great change and that your very life is the fulcrum — the pivot point on which this change is being created and experienced. You are the humans with links to the past building bridges into the future. You are setting forth new examples of what it means to be human. There are still on your Earth those who think money and material things are at odds with the spiritual life. There are still those on your Earth who have not awoken to their inner connection and are completely captivated by the sensory experiences. Then there are those of you who are blending and bridging into something very new and expanded. Those of you who are working more unconditionally with the qualities of experience here and letting yourself learn how to be more free.
You are revising your family history, your genetic and soul family lineage as you in embodied form become more free. We have said many of this things to you before and you may be familiar with all of them and yet because you are living in a time of immense transformation and transition, we continue to remind you of these amazing changes you are creating and the context of your experience so as to help you stay focused on the clarity of the experience. We want you to see clearly how much you are revising and how much you are changing. We want you to claim this and to use it to become even more loving and unconditional in relating to yourselves, which you know is such a huge key to the empowerment you are opening up. Self-love is making it all possible.
We greet you too, today, knowing the energies on your planet have been very high pitched lately and the Solstice is this week. It is a time of wonderful possibilities and for you, to use these energies by coming together to feel your connection with the land, with the sky, with the sun, with one another and with all that you are. To live out your blendedness with one another. To open up to the magical experience of conscious multidimensionality, together and to celebrate the shifts and turns of your lives. The Sosltice might symbolize for you too, how much light you are letting in. How sometimes it truly ebbs away and other times it’s at such a pitch you cannot imagine holding any more energy. Yet all of it is part of your movement through space. A movement which you are using quite intentionally to temper your energetic capacity and grow your embodiment.
It is amazing and inspiring to behold and we relish each opportunity we have to share with you and celebrate your success.
As we come into this commincation we have one further thing we wish to share at this time and this is perhaps the most important gift we could give you: dear ones, have fun. Let yourselves have fun. Play more. Do what you want, more often. Let yourselves be free. Let yourselves choose to be free and see how it changes your life. See how much more is possible then you grew up believing. Let yourselves make the choices you want whenever you feel ready. Do not consider yourself late to the game, for it is that kind of game you’re in — one which is ripening and changing and you meant for it to be so. That you would continually open up new ways of being and some of that will be reclaiming things you put down long ago, for now you are more whole and can take them up again, with innocence and freshness and without any concerns about anything you might have called aging, or older-ness or whatever.
The ideas that there is a time for things is true and then again, it’s not true at all. It’s poetic to say, “it’s the perfect time.” It’s a wonderful way of being in accord with life. Of being fully present. It is also wonderful to be surprised by the timing of things. To have things return that you thought were gone. To like something you thought you hated. To feel open to something you thought was over. To notice you’re interested in something you never thought “at your age” you would consider. All of this is fresh and alive and for those reasons alone, worth celebrating and enjoying.
Let yourselves have more fun. And all that might mean to you. Fun is important and it is more of a key to living fully than you typically acknowledge and operate from. So why not do that at this Solstice? Declare your intention to be more sunny. More happy. More whole and to get there by having more fun. It’s a valid pathway you know? To all that you are and to all that is. Fun. The effortless way of connection. How is that for an idea?
We love you very much and we celebrate with you, your ongoing return to the fullness of your being, while here — in this most beautiful and abundant world, of so much beauty and such great and continually expanding potential.
I am Sanat Kumara

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Ashira via Meredith Murphy – Choosing Our Level of Conscousness – 3-29-15

Notes from the Ideafrontier | Choosing Our Level of Consciousness.

The Eclipse Cycle started last Friday, on March 20 with an extremely uplifting Solar Eclipse. This day also brought abundant harmonizing energies to our realm for it was also the Equinox alignment.

With these alignments, an arc was initiated that will carry us through the June Solstice and into early July.

I encourage you to consciously use your focus to set an intention for this passage way. To choose how you want to feel and what you want to experience and create with this energy streaming in and empowering such deep transformation.

Last week, I shared with you that my sense of the Eclipse Cycle potentials were to support authentic presence and expression.

“The focus,” I wrote, “that I keep seeing, is on really getting out thoughts and alignment into shape, so we can get our lives working, in a BIG and totally authentic way.”

Today while walking Lily my Border Collie, I said out loud to the fullness of my being, “I choose to know the bigger meaning of all I’m discovering and exploring.”

Within an instant I saw a much bigger picture to my work, my life and my recent thoughts and ideas. I saw how there are ways of thinking and speaking, that mark the frequency of Oneness. Ways of self-talk and communication, language, that indicates Unity Consciousness.

I realized that IS the Ideafrontier, I’ve long felt connected to and knew, the importance of. I’ve been very choosy about words for as long as I can remember, knowing how powerful they were. But today I saw the bigger truth: that there is a way of thinking and speaking that is pure. Pure, meaning, unadulterated. In our case, more specifically, this means unadulterated by the illusions and distortions of the separation age.

For a long time now, it’s been a scientifically proven fact that life is interconnected. We arise from a singular unified Oneness. Yet our world, our ways of creating and expressing, connecting and aspiring, mostly have come to be from a distorted, inaccurate understanding — one based in the idea that what we see and notice as distinct, is not only distinct but entirely separate.

My friends, the way into living the truth of our being, the frontier for us, is upgrading our language and thus our thinking, to align with our eternal true nature. To reflect the qualities of the unified field, of the Oneness we are.

That’s the leading edge of being human.

Upgrades in language, thought, behavior and focus, can bring you into alignment with the frequency of Oneness. 

What I also glimpsed today is how this is connected to individual purity; our distinct uniqueness, our essence. We each have unique harmonics and thus ways of perceiving and relating that accurately and clearly express us purely.

The words we use define where we are in consciousness and they either speak of us as clear reflections of the unified field, the Oneness we are — inherently capable — or to one degree or another, they don’t.

For a while in the Soar Fests we’ve been talking about bridging into the new reality. We’re bridge builders, divine ones. That’s what we do — we bridge earth and the non-physical through our blended being.

I imagine us creating through this Eclipse Cycle, greater resonance with our hearts and that this connection within us, will help us tune to our true being.

To support us more fully, I want to share an Activating Transmission from Ashira, that connects us to the Pure Land; a field of love and coherence that can further support us in our aspirations for pure presence and increasing mastery in our human focus.

New Message from Ashira

This message was initially given during the Self-Trust Soar Fest. You will receive the activation upon reading this transmission if you indicate your wish to receive it. I’ve written a brief introduction which explains this, and you can find the message using the link below:

Introduction from Meredith

Hi everyone. Welcome.

Today we are to receive a transmission. Let me just tune in. I feel like I am to give you a little guidance before we do the transmission so let me just understand.

I’m being told that what I want to explain to you is that you will move into a state of greater knowing as a result of the transmission that will be given today. It’s a transmission of templates of perception that will give you the capacity to relate to life more directly and more clearly. As a result of this you will experience expanded capacities to know things. Your sense of innate knowledge will open up more.

We’re talking about this before it’s given because as it begins to open up within you, you may experience this new way of perceiving which gives you access to expanded knowing and you may have a tendency to doubt this. Ashira, who is the transmitter of the energy that we will be receiving today wants it to be clear that you’ll experience an expansion of awareness and an increase in clarity. Because that is a different way of perceiving, you may doubt it simply because it’s new and enlarged. Don’t interpret the self-doubt which may arise from this experience as meaning you are not accomplishing a tremendous amount in learning to trust yourself. Realize that you have actually created an expansion and that the expansion can trigger self-doubt simply because of the newness.

I hope that makes sense. I’m a little altered already. We’ll open to connect with Ashira, the Council of the Golden Dawn Temple and Archangel Michael so that we can welcome this transmission.

(For those of you reading this transmission via transcript, if you wish to receive this transmission, intend to connect directly with Ashira and state that as your intention. Then open to receive. You can receive this activating transmission regardless of when you read this or invite that transmission.)

Activating Transmission from Ashira

Hello beautiful souls,

It’s such a privilege to be with you in this way. I commend you and I thank you for your openness and the way in which you endeavor to upgrade your life expression. It’s very inspiring.

The life within you is one that we share, all of us. We all arise from this very same most loving, most creative energy. We are blessed this way in that we all have an incredible knowing at the core of our being of this most incredible and reliable love, this most incredible and reliable awareness.

What you call love is the emotional experience of awareness. It is awareness which in pure expression unconditionally welcomes all, appreciates all, sees all, amplifies all. We all have at the core of our being this pure, reliable most incredible awareness.

As you endeavor to change your life experience in this particular program by increasing your self-love, I want to remind you that you can draw upon this wellspring of awareness. This wellspring of infinite awareness can consistently, reliably, reconnect you to your inherent place in creation and your innate value. Feeling your place and your value while in an embodied human experience is extremely empowering.

Within all that is, there is great awareness and gratitude for your presence here and now. Your presence is informing the fullness of all that we are in ways that expand the energy of all that is. As we are aware of your presence, as your presence becomes increasingly, clearly expressed in the material, what occurs is a profound increase in order and coherence is generated.

As any of us elaborate into new realms of focus and turn ourselves toward a clear expression we contribute to the expansion of the energy of all that we are, of creation. The expansion occurs because as awareness grows through the embodied or otherwise elaborated expressions, and as these elaborated expressions are increasingly effective and clear in elaborated focus, awareness itself expands.

We know it is a mystery to human beings — those of us who have chosen to embody in human focus – we know that it is a mystery in that mode of perception and translation that anything at all could simply continually expand without setback, without “the other shoe dropping,” as you say on earth. It is a mystery. It is hard to even fathom that there could simply be pure awareness and then, even more pure awareness yet it is so. Life is endlessly expanding through awareness which is infinite in possibilities and potential.

It is this infinite capacity to expand that is within each and every one of us and every point in which we are focused. It drives, inspires us to experience. It compels us to create. It is our inherent nature as sparks of creation to be this way. To stunt this in anyway takes you out of alignment with the deepest truth of your being. You and I were each made to create and expand in awareness.

The teachings we are sharing with you in this Soar Fest are beyond bold and incredibly powerful. If you truly dare to live by your own self defined meaning, should you learn through devotion and commitment to yourself to step beyond outer definitions and criteria of success or value, you will begin to tap into your inherent resonance and move into a connection with the Pure Land. The Pure Land is an energy field which is resplendent with joy and radiant with light. It is a field of awareness or love, vibrating with pure potential and pure expression. It is a space in which you and I and all who consciously connect to this field, dwell in immense, continuous flow and connection, experience clarity and decisive knowing, expansion and expression. It is the natural domain of your presence as consciousness.

We together, the Council of the Golden Dawn Temple, express to you today from this Pure Land transmitting to you as one and creating with you a grounded, earth based field expanding this connection to this elevated sphere of existence on your planet.

This sphere exists in many different ways and can be perceived and tapped into from many realms of focus. It is a multifaceted field of brilliant reflection and impervious clarity. It is pure directness, timeless, a place in which inspiration and manifestation occur simultaneously. When you are connected to this space you will thus feel confident and powerful. Although the domain in which you dwell is not yet one of simultaneous manifestation, the directness of this field can facilitate accelerated manifestation.

Learning to tap into the Pure Land energies which are accessed as your frequencies of self-love and unity of spirit begin to move into greater harmony and elevated frequency is the next step in your evolution in human form.

We from the Galactic Center anticipate with great joy you beginning to collaborate with us and all of creation in this new and most ascended revolutionary way.

I am Ashira, a Guardian of Light and Keeper of the Golden Dawn.
Please know you’re also most welcome to join the Eclipse + Equinox Event, which is a wonderful way to consciously participate in the energies of this time and beyond.

Equinox & Eclipse Cycle Programs & Events
The Opening Event, is now available as an immediate audio download. The Closing Event — Spring Yourself into More Joy, is live with the Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4.

For details about these guided channeled experiences, visit here.

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Lastly, there will be a new Soar Fest in April. Registration will open soon. I hope you’ll join us.


Meredith Murphy – Breaking Free – Learning To Perceive The New Reality – 3-15-14

Message from My Inner Knowing as Ashira
Cosmic Telepathy, March 14, 2014
The Emergence of New Emotions in Humanity, and Learning to Perceive the New Reality
Living within this moment is re-orchestrating Creation. The Earth-realm is realizing news dimensions of focus for intelligent life, and this is re-orchestrating Creation. What is meant by this is that love is opening up new facets of the material. This opening to the newness is unprecedented and mysterious. As it unfolds, it is revealed. It is not possible any longer to predict what is happening and those that do so limit their experience of Creation at this time. The impossibility that is occurring is the expansive range of diversity of experience within a realm. Those who continue to believe that one thing will happen, is happening, are of course simply stating their perspective. This again is a choice of focus that creates parameters of perception. The more expanded landscape defies perception. One can, however, experience it. It may not be fully absorbed consciously yet it can be experienced energetically. This is the dawning of a new age.

The remembering that has altered the gene field expression of those now living life on the leading edge has brought forth a capacity to relate to expanded experience within the material, and so, this is making profound sensations possible and exquisite inspiration and experience possible. The interesting thing about all this is the capacity for emotional states to diversify. This is the unexplored territory of Earth.
As Earth continues to ascend and the inherent freedom of this realm gives rise to more and more experiences of expanded sensation the emotional states, and thus the states of creative potential, are being opened up, unfolded, in new ways. This is the dramatic shift that is taking place that has and continues to be so magnificent.
At this time, the most powerful way to relate to life on Earth is through a Unity of Spirit. As one experiences themselves as a body-field and also as a vast, Unity of Spirit, one is capable of reorganizing their experience of sensation in ways that allow for new patterns of interpretation to occur. As these new interpretations of energy and the patterning of it are perceived. Realize of course that this patterning is a way of speaking to the order of creation now available as multidimensional presence on Earth. As these expanded forms and non-forms of Creation are now perceptually and experientially available to sentient life on Earth. The emotional state of human life is evolving dramatically. This is the keenest aspect of this unfolding and where you can understand, so to speak, more about what is occurring within you.
For some, there will be the accompanying translation of this sensation and new states of feeling, into more typically anticipated dominant sensory experience — sight, sound – and yet the least limited avenues of experience are whole-body sensation and undefined emotion.
These are the realms in which the most expansive newness is most directly known.
To live in contact with these fields as one’s fundamental chosen mode of presence and relating to life, is the what is current. We are most interested in what these new emotional states, which arise from this expansive sensory experience as a vast Unity of Spirit focused in a form, will give rise to, creatively.
We have no way of knowing what imagination will create as this interplay with spirit and material sentient form, expands spherically and holographically. For the mind is changing too, of course,
We know that putting words to all of, or any of this, is a risk, at this time, yet you have asked and so we are softly working with you, to share what we can, and we do appreciate your willingness to clearly translate in a way that can conjure this comprehension up within humanity. Knowing each of you will perceive and understand a uniqueness of what is shared.
To encourage you to relate to life as new is not enough. You all know, as you awaken that the experience of the material is a function of perception. This perception is created by the capacity of your human form and the capacity of your consciousness. It is not simply that we wish to encourage you to practice functioning as consciousness without story, although in truth if one were to be entirely capable of this, the rest would occur immediately. Completely emptying your consciousness and being fully present is a practice of increasing capacity, therefore, we would suggest too, that you learn to feel your body field expand and to relate to life as a energetic sea, or soup. To realize that you are the sea, or soup and are also moving within it, inseparable from it. Imagine this sea/soup almost as a fluid with some drag as you move through it for you are not separate from it, it is a Unity of Spirit that is you, and within which there is a distinctness active that you are primarily conscious of. We do not speak of drag in the sense of holding you back, we speak of the idea of there being some drag, so you stay connected to the realization that you are both sea/soup and distinctness within it — so that you identify as this mystery of being.
Now that you’ve considered this way of being within it all. Lighten it up. Raise the vibration. Imagine it as less dense, more luminous and fine. That’s it. That’s the subtle energy layer in which this new realm of sensation and emotion is most current and continually, evolving and a speed beyond words.
See if you can orient to life differently than you have before. Let markers fall away. Release the patterns that hems you in. Mix up the schedule and the flow. Do anything to interrupt the seemingly solid layer of experience which you experience  habitually, familiarily, as your life. Remember, your experience of life is simply a practiced mode of perception.
As you interrupt this pattern of familiarity, you can more easily experience life directly. Perception will arise and be present to you without distortion. You may then withdraw your attention from the function of sustaining perception as if it was the source of your life.
Life is not stable. It is however, reliable, perpetual and you are eternal. Trust in this and let yourself open more to what might be known and created from these new sensations and perceptions and feeling states — the new emotions. This will inspire new expressions in our Oneness. You are loved and love. We are One.