Méline Portia Lafont – Inner Earth Beings – A message from Telos – 5-11-16


Méline Portia Lafont  –   Inner Earth Beings   –   A message from Telos   –     5-11-16



Beloved Love Tribe,

A quick note before our message of today from Telos Inner Earth. A couple of weeks ago I was notified by one of the Beings of Telos that he would come into my awareness and into my life. So I knew I could expect a message after this experience. Those who have been following my work from the beginning know I have channeled messages from The Agarthians (Magatha) in the year 2012 – 2013, but never from Telos. So this was new for me and I was blessed to experience one of those Beings into human form not so long ago.

It was so special and an intense experience I had that I rather want to keep it to myself but what I can share is that I experienced a full merging with this Being and with nature. I’ve felt mergings with nature before during my walks but this time it was till the point of stillness in the Now. I was truly one with nature as I gazed upon all of it for a long time. Time stood still and I was the zero point experience. I now feel differently about nature and I look differently at nature, such a deeper love thanks to that deep and full merging with it. I was absorbed into nature and could see/sense all of it’s beauty. A true flow of harmony and ecstasy.

I’ve learned much from this Telos Being. And so now a portal was opened within me which allows me to connect with them and bring forth this message like I was shown to do after experiencing it first.

Hope you enjoy it as I did

Much love



 Good day Earthlings

 The portals between our worlds are open, we now mingle amongst you all and we fully blend in your appearances. We have chosen to assist you all in this planetary shift as we are here for Gaia and her growth into the deepened levels of Light. Our love for this planet, Her Being and nature is our devotion and service.

The gates and portals between your world and ours have opened and this brings along another frequency to join the merging and bring forth co-operation. Our doors have always been open but were not accessible for all. Only those who were chosen or were sharing the same frequency alignment as our Being were able to perceive us at full sight. Now it is made available to you all to start processing our energies and come into a greater and deeper alignment with nature and with our Being so that you too can perceive our essence.


You will all have a different way of perceiving us and of addressing our energy for we are seen in many ways and forms. Coming from the heart of Gaia, residing in her inner Being, we are Stellar consciousness now as we have risen our frequencies, like you all, together with Gaia. We now are coming out of this inner resort which is our light world, to incarnate or take on forms that are a part of your outer reality. You shall see and recognize most of us as part of the nature kingdoms; others are chosen to serve in human forms. Those of us in human forms are passionate gardeners, conscious of Earth being a living Being, sharing a great Love for the environment and nature, having respect for all living beings, in love with everything that makes up this planet as beautiful as she is, devoted to cleanse this world and make a difference, sensitive to Earth changes, and a warrior when it comes to defend the beauty of this planet. We are the keepers of her beautiful kingdoms in a sense as soon as we come up to the surface.

For a long time we preferred hiding in our light cities as we awaited the frequencies to rise up to a higher level. Now we are needed and wanting to join you all in this occasion to elevate the consciousness of this entire planet. We serve Gaia with you and we are in Love with all that she represents.

Your world is merging with ours and so beauty will prevail and all that needs to be restored shall be restored in the process.  We bring 4 light torches with us that will be handed over to the elementals which are the keepers of your climate, your weather and the make up of this beautiful world. These light torches consist of new information for the planet and all of her consciousness on it to further unfold the regeneration process in order to restore her pristine beauty.


Each light torch has encodements and light language information that are planted as seeds within the human consciousness as well as within Gaia’s Soul, as you raise your vibration together. Each Light torch is being placed at their point of connection related to your four cardinal directions. One at the north pole, one at the south pole, one in the East and one in the West at their center point of your planet. Moreover we are interconnecting with the spirits of the Devas, the Fairies and the elementals to ensure that these light torches with information are being implemented as they should.

Your Earth’s beauty shall arise again and become pristine as once before, this is our intention and devotion to fulfill this together with you. It is therefore that the human consciousness is receiving those encodements as well so that the awareness of this planet’s Being can birth within those who have no sense of this yet.

Those of you who have already this awareness may even begin to feel called by nature and Gaia’s kingdoms, to participate more consciously and to assist where you can. Gaze upon your environment and nature and give it your love and attention. This way you nurture Gaia’s Heart as she will feel even more loved and appreciated. Colors shall come through at a rate you could not perceive before as you stare into the consciousness of a conscious living Being.

You will be welcomed by and absorbed into Her beauty and you will exist in a moment of timelessness. These super frequencies are arising on your Planet now and they will take you into journeys not experienced before. And we now join you on this ride with pleasure and delight while we nurture your hearts and Gaia with our great love for all life.


We help you to understand nature and to see her beauty within yourself and through your own eyes. We are with you now and we will come increasingly more and show you what we are all about. The inter dimensional journeys from your world and your realities to ours are open and available. Join us in this moment so that we can celebrate the beauty of this planet to return to the way she once was.

The connection lies here and it is open, you only need to make the step by intention and feed yourself with our essence of deep love and care for this planet. Our technologies are based on this love and care frequencies as we work with the resources of Gaia’s Presence. The natural elementals.

Find us within your own hearts and you will come to find us in others too. We appear and do our work in serenity and silence, yet we are strongly present and available as well. You will know who we are as you gaze into our eyes and see the world reflected into our Being.

See us in you as we see you in us.

Blessings from the Keepers of Gaia from Telos inner Earth.

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Méline Portia Lafont – 3D Collapse on the Physical Level – BIG Universal Waves entering ! – Lord Merlin, Tsolians Galactics – 1-24-16

Thanks to:  Pauline Battell


 Credit picture:Image Credit: Copyright: Science Photo Library

Méline Portia Lafont   –   3D Collapse on the Physical Level   –

BIG Universal Waves entering !   –   Lord Merlin and the Tsolians Galactics   –   1-24-16



Beloved Love Tribe,

3D and everything related to material things are collapsing in on themselves ! Something we have been aware of and that we start to witness with our own eyes. This to help us all to detach from relying on matter and to instead venture within. We have been preparing for this a long time, we have been speaking of this a long time and you have been hearing this for a long time… well here it is ! The first tangible effects are presenting themselves!

Beautiful concept but challenging when it becomes effectively so. In 2 weeks time during this Mercury retrograde I have experienced 5 devices completely stop functioning: my printer, 2 DVD players, my phone, my dryer and now my car broke down twice this week and this time it is most likely beyond repair and chances are I will have to buy a new one. So here I AM in this Now, placed in the stillness and vantage point of zero point frequency to look at it all and unable to do anything about it at present.

Simply observe.

Having no car anymore provokes such difficulties, I must say, when you are a single parent with 3 kids and when you have to drive them around. A blessing at the same time in the sense that I have the opportunity to dive within even more because there is nowhere I can go anyway, being stranded where I AM, this on all levels.. even on the physical plane. Just being in the moment and updating my current reality.

This Mercury retrograde has been HARD and INTENSE. I and many of you have been reporting this to be the roughest one so far. Everything that is being attempted to fix, replace or decide is shortly thereafter being wiped off the table bringing you back to where you started. Only this time it feels heavier. In my personal journey I was looking for a solution to get my kids to school every day without having a car now, so my brother offered to drive one of the kids to school. I was relieved to have already found a solution for one day and what happened? My brother left my home and got a car accident 10 minutes later. His car total loss. Fortunately he was alright ! Car number two broke down. Seriously?! I was stunned and at a loss for words! What is going on here?! This is definitely beyond our control.

Just to give you a glimpse of many things that have been going on here in my world, not to mention what has been going on in all of YOUR worlds.. This is surely felt on a COLLECTIVE level.

It feels more than just Mercury retrograde, this is not just the effect of Mercury going backwards but this is something BIGGER, something Universal! It feels like a gigantic Wave of certain energies that are bigger than we can understand but most definitely feel. It ingrains in our Being and into the core of all things ~ yep even in things and not only in Beings. So this brings us to the issue of Matter ! All that is part of the structure of matter is affected by it as well. The Tsolians from the Delta Quadrant explained this very well during an audio intel which you can listen to HERE. This was recorded a week ago.

They explained to me, aside of this audio message, that what is hitting our Solar system now is of such vibrations equivalent to Source Code, manifesting its way through the vessels and forms of ALL things and Beings straight to the Core. What happens then is that these vibrations of Source Code break down the atomic codes which are like our human DNA a sort of code DNA for matter (devices and material things). These atomic codes hold the information of how something is shaped and held into form. This even applies to a chair, a table, a car, a computer, a house, bricks, structures and so on….

This atomic code being broken and erased gives the opportunity to reshape itself into a whole other form/appearance if there is space for it. It all happens from the inside of the core, emanating to the outside of matter as to where it will shift in appearance or simply dissolve if there is no space for it to reform.

 Science 2

 Source picture

1. Ordinary matter consists of atoms bound together by electromagnetic force to form molecules. These molecules come together to form solids, liquids and gasses.

The crumbling down of things, worlds and structures is not to be taken litteraly, the Tsolians explain. The crumbling down symbolizes the fact of the Atomic codes breaking down which holds the information of the vast shape and form.

So what we are witnessing and experiencing now is the final fall of 3D in the lowest and last level of manifestation: the physical realm. Hence this all goes into levels and phases that go gradually step by step but strongly ~ we have our bodies, nervous systems, fields and so on to take into account. I am not claiming that what I share with you now is THE only truth and understanding of it, there are many and this is mine what is shared through my heart and vessel. If you take a closer look at it, you shall recognize this implying the workings of a potent Source of Power which is instigating the consciousness elevation on our Planet and SOLAR system now. Any chance that the discovery of a ninth planet in our solar system, the recent discovered super Nova or other revelations of disclosure is just a coincidence?! It is all interconnected to what is happening in the Cosmos, our Universe, Solar system and planet: ASCENSION.

We are being disclosed to truths, new revelations that are bigger and beyond anything so far. In order for these new revelations to be able and enter we need to remove all our old convictions, attachments and beliefs… which brings us back to the crumbling down of our systems and 3D experiences…it is all part of what we wanted and graduated from, now we bring the graduation to our planetary collective world vibration. I AM so grateful to be a part of it and to be able to witness this AND partake in it.

Master Merlin spoke of something like this happening (Waves and bursts):

Master Merlin:

“ There is a super cluster on its way to Earth. This super cluster are fabrics of waves of energies which will bombard not only the Planet but the entire Solar system. A term known as “tsunami” can define this event all too well. It is beyond your control and anything but stoppable.

It is nature’s and Gaia’s Divine plan coming into fruition and so is it yours ~what you came to do and to bring at this time. Be the conscious participant in this matter to facilitate your interaction with this wave. All is a matter of focusing on the inner heart as to where these waves will pass and enter your being like a merging.

Then your bodies will have to cope with these energies and so will your body systems, your nervous system and your DNA. Shifts, replacements, adaptations and transformation shall take place on a more tangible level unseen before. “

Excerpt from channeling Merlin ~ The Great shift of 2015-2017 for Humanity ~


The Tsolians as well speak of the same issues in the audio intel shared above. They name it the frequency of Gamma Waves and a power of more than 1,000 stars bursting… We do not speak of the Super Nova that occurred recently, this is another Magnetic field! Imagine the unimaginable!
But it is present and here. We can only go with it, as Merlin says, and experience what it does to us and what it brings about.

Master Merlin:

“ This is a massive shift in consciousness that is beyond the rate you have known in past ancient times so far. This means that the many wars you have created and experienced as a collective Human consciousness will come to end after an explosion of eruptions. These energies will have to end through expression in order to be set free. You cannot shush the inner child wanting to come out, is it not?! It is the same with this mass awakening and shift in consciousness, it will definitely bring about some upheavals and massive eruptions on all levels.

It all has to come out, hmm?! You cannot hold it within you anymore and as everyone is in his/her own reality, many time-lines will pass, shift and cross each other on the shared horizon you have in common and that is Earth my friend!

Thus, what this entails is that ~ depending on the consciousness expansion of each man, woman and child on Earth and the choices/creations that are being made ~ massive energetic waves are causing eruptions of the many fractals one has within to be exposed and disclosed to not only the Self but to the entire world as well.

( This means on the Universal level as well as you are the Universe reflection into embodiment !! )

We in the Ethereal Realms have a vision and view of Earth being filled with massive eruptions like volcanoes, however, they are connected to the Human collective and the Earth as well is erupting so much of her energies. It will be beyond your control and you will have to learn to go with the flow of these massive waves. These are waves of a Cosmic vibration which have the tendency to move through anything, being unstoppable. “

Excerpt from channeling Merlin ~ The Great shift of 2015-2017 for Humanity ~


In the meantime while writing up this article another discovery is disclosed to us about a giant “invisible” energy entering in our Solar system being 3000 light years away from Earth. It makes me wonder if this is what I felt being so big of energy and what the Tsolians and Master Merlin mean?! Go figure! 🙂  This “might” be connected to the latest reports of these loud undefined noises in the sky ~ Something is seriously hitting Earth’s and our Magnetic field !  That can bring forth these noises as well..


I so enjoy being here in these times, even if things may be hard and difficult right now. May you all have a great experience that serves your highest best at all times!

Bless you and thank you for your continuous support over the years, especially for your Love support the last few days in a most difficult financial situation for me right now.. Your virtual hugs and love received are helping me feel supported, not being on my own. How could we be as we are all connected and one, right?!

Bless you and much Love
Méline ❤

Universal created gift  2012-2016.  We co-create together and share with Love. All Rights to share, blog and use excerpts are permitted by Universal law provided the content is copied unaltered, is distributed freely, and the author + website is mentioned.  Méline Portia Lafont  www.melinelafont.com

Méline Portia Lafont – The Pleiadians – The Blood Moon Portal Transmission – 9-27-15

Conveyed through Méline Portia Lafont
Awaken Spirit from Within  www.melinelafont.com
The Blood Moon portal transmission
Audio Version free to download HERE
Voice and chanting by Méline Lafont
Music by Michael Hammer  ~ Ancient days ~ http://www.michaelhammer.net/
Created and facilitated by the Pleiadian constellation of Light and conveyed through the heart vehicle of Méline Portia Lafont
We are gathering here in this momentum to come forth in unity. Unity is what creates this portal to BE in the first place and so do we invite you all to partake in this beautiful co-creation. Beautiful ones, you are all an intrinsic part of the whole gathering forth in unity. As you apply the great Mastery within yourselves you are enlarging a great facilitation for all to convey the Cosmic energies of a super Galactic cluster with ineffable units and eons of Light power to come and be anchored through all of your vehicles of Light.
You lend yourselves to the great wisdom and the eternal light of your Source supreme which is the essential and primordial light and blueprint of your Divine SELF. One lending himself to convey all the powers from within to this collective reality creates a momentum of peace and serenity with the understanding of all creation being a nature of the whole. One on itself can change the whole world, for one represents the complete and whole SELF as in the Oneness of ALL within the Divine Blueprint of its human nature.

Therefore we now will gather in this momentum of God speed Light to unite all of our spheres and energy fields as a Divine Being in Human form. Gathering, we amplify what One can bring forth as change and as an awakening, breaking through the many fields of illusion and creating a web and external field of consciousness to deliver the truth of one’s own nature and Divine Self.
All of you, who are now reading and listening to this message are uniting yourselves as Higher selves in the spheres of Shambhala, for you open your heart gates at this time to receive the Cosmic nudges to connect your hearts together and unite your heart fields.
Now let us move through the spheres of illusion and connect your beautiful hearts in the spheres of Shambhala. Be present in the heart, beautiful ones, and breathe into this moment with all your heart, soul and Spirit. Your consciousness and your awareness are amplifying the strength within you as you all participate in this momentum consciously and willingly,
We want you to be open, relaxed and at ease with yourselves and go within your heart. We want you to be in silence to integrate all of the beautiful radiance that is now available to you all within this stillness. Be at peace with yourself and have this overall serene sensation of unity within. Smell your flavor of SELF-Expression, feel your inner vibration, sense the waves of integration, see your SELF in all colors and geometry. Be one in this moment and allow as it is.
You are now moving deeper into the Magical sphere within Shambhala. You unite with the Akasha of yourself which is a part of the librarian web of creation. A silver sphere of Light now moves through you as you connect with your Akasha. The librarian web of creation sends you pulsations of destined manifestations as possible creations and opportunities. You allow these to enter, merge within you as you experience the blending of this. Being in connection with your Akasha you can now allow these destined opportunities to come forth in this Now on your Earth, seeding a whole new reality by intent.
Being one within the moment with all, sets all free to Be as it Is. Beautiful ones, now you all unite with each others’ Akasha and increase the momentum of creation and unity. See all the Silver lines of Light within your Beings to now unite and blend together in the heart of Shambhala.
Heaven on Earth is created and seeded, so shall you strengthen this seeded creation in each and every one of you to come forth and re-blend in the material world of this Earth. Now others can opt for this experience as well as you unify yourselves in this momentum and wave of Cosmic Love and creation.
Be in yourself ~ in the heart space, beautiful ones. There is no other place to BE than where you are right now. You are where you are to BE and that is within you, being all of you. As you are at peace with this understanding, you now open the gateway within your crown and higher heart. A flood and stream of Cosmic energy enters your human vehicle and fills you with the experience of Cosmic tones. These High vibrational waves and tones are moving and restructuring all that is not in order or out of balance, restoring the Divine nature within you on the highest octave of your own vibration.
A Golden illuminating stream enters your reality of Being and illuminates all that is held within you. You are sentient beings who are aware and open. You will become super sentient beings who will be all knowing and will be creation itself. That is what this Cosmic wave brings about, in lapses of your time. But now is this Gateway and Final Blood Moon portal the beginning of that knowing, that understanding and particularly that essential Being.
It is the start of an even greater reality and momentum, not seen before. An open heart illuminates all to the light it is. The brighter your light the higher your understanding is of the Cosmic nature of Being as you move from understanding to Being itself. Your flow is essential in this all and so is your heart. Be in your hearts and allow the flow to stream through you, through all and through Earth, as it enters the Solar system and unifies all in this Cosmic vibration.
You are the Human gateway of Divine intent.
Shaty yonkalo emau srati
We are the Pleiadians
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The Venusians – Love Portal – Channeled by Méline Portia Lafont – 4-22-15

Thank you Karl M. for this picture


The Venusians

Blessings, we are the Venusians. We come in Spirit to you onto this world of Matter to provide assistance in this dance of radiance and subliminal perceptions. We are here because we love you all and because we perceive some changes in the attitudes and the thoughtforms of mankind. Mankind is becoming aware of their own natural perceptions and what they hold as a mirror of Truth to themselves. Mankind is therefore becoming stronger in their own beliefs and what they are inclined to see as their Truth and destiny.

This belief and a form of perception of Truth awaken some spiritual awareness in all, in the sense that humans become aware of the fact that there is more in a human being than the mind is led to believe. Therefore all structures and forms of beliefs are falling down, fading away or mankind is simply stepping away from that in order to step into the Heart of knowing.

Such knowing ignites the higher heart of understanding about where one comes to see and hold the vibration of truth within each resonance field of existence. As all exists as a vibrational wave of consciousness, one forms the other to be continued. It is fed by the eternal flame of one’s true heart and what it wishes to experience.

We impart that understanding of knowing that our vibrational consciousness is of pure Love and compassion. We lead you all forth into the wisdom of higher integrity, sophistication and Love of the eternal Mother and Father Flame of existence. We lead your understanding into the waves of Higher Octaves so that you can see your own true Flame mirrored through our beloved home called Venus.

As you gaze upon our beautiful Venus, you shall replenish your soul and destiny with what we call the Love vibration. It is an experience that goes beyond the gazing upon your own reality or Sun, as our reality is of a higher vibration and it is becoming yours as well on Terra Gaia. As you gaze upon our beautiful Venus, you shall inflame your hearts and that of Terra Gaia with Love as you anchor this through the bones and the fields of your human being.

It is therefore that our Venus is shining even more brightly in the upcoming days as we beam our complete Love and understanding onto you all. It is there for eyes to see and hearts to receive. We assist through our radiance of refinement as Love fills the gab of understanding. It is only the Love One shall allow to take in, in those areas where one cannot understand what is unfolding. Love shall come and make you see as you feel the experience of its effect upon you all.

We ask you humbly to receive our energies with the highest Divine intention as it is our own Highest Divine intention we pass on to you all. To receive with an open heart shall beam more to Terra Gaia and open Her own heart as well.

As you gaze upon our beautiful Venus ~ breathe in the Light we share with you and take in the flames of Love which spark from our Stellar nation onto you all. Feel the connection we now make with you all through your hearts and feel our calling to each and everyone of you that we are here to assist you and to pass on the Love we share and feel for you.

Venus will become brighter at certain days to come, as it already is. There are Stellar and Universal codes beamed upon you all, bathing each and every soul on this plane to elevate the world in a higher consciousness and bright awareness. Love shall seed this Earth into Higher Dimensions as your Earth is our dearest sister and we Love Her as we Love you all.

We walk amongst you, as we linger in each and everyone of you. Yet some of you are more strongly aligned with us during these moments as they can feel the inner flame beaming and calling them home. And so you make your homes here on Earth, it is what you came to build again. Truly all your homes lie where your consciousness shall vibrate in and this is on many more planes than only this one. So you are Home wherever you are and you are ALL because you are One.

You may recognize us in the sparks of many eyes as this is how we present ourselves to you: as the sparkles of Love that ignite through one’s own heart.

We are in the midst of many waves of Love that are being passed onto your hearts from all around the Globe through the many lightworkers as well as from other planes beyond the Earth. Terra Gaia is truly beamed with and bathed within LOVE. Open your hearts and receive this Love so that your Earth can replenish Her soul and feed it with the Light Flames of Love. You are the ones that Gaia has called to assist Her in Her process of unification and Ascension to enable Her freedom out of this Material density.

You are all appreciated for your Presence and for your eternal Love for Gaia as this is what has brought you here in the first place along with the experience of God’s own Divinity of Self into Human form.

Bless your dear hearts,

We are the Venusians

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Meline Lafont – As Clarity comes in on all Perspectives – Awaken Spirit from Within – 4-11-15

Georges Armand - Canadian Fashion painter - Tutt'Art@ (16) art

ART : Georges Armand - Canadian Fashion painter @ Tutt'Art

Méline Portia Lafont

The Lunar Eclipse Portal and Blood Moon has been intense so far. A real emotional roller coaster filled with happy, beautiful things as well as with sorrow. It started out for me personally, with some serious and profound tangible shifts in my physical vessel and all my energy fields being upgraded as to their speed of spinning. Which instigated a vibrational expansion in those areas. I wrote this brief explanation and personal sharing to my good friend and soul Brother Bill Ballard a few days ago:

“so much body changes and energy fields are spinning at a much faster pace. I love this shift! the only thing is that I AM SOOOO exhausted over nothing! But body is coping well, emotional body is being triggered for sure and old decisions which have been made previously are being affirmed and clear as to why they were made. There is no way of being in that old place anymore; it is just not possible as your body reacts to this very clearly. I love how I am starting to feel every cell of my body spinning and vibrating at times. Kind of a buzzing experience and having goosebumps all over. The ascension chakra is very open and pulsating big time. On we go!!!!”

And that is the thing which has become clear to me in the last days going up to a week: that for every personal reality and collective reality, things are becoming clear to each and everyone of us! Hence clarity is in the mix! On a personal level you are being showed in a very stern and clear way what does not work for you anymore, what still does and where you will have to draw the line as to how far you wish to go into some area and reality. Your bodies are responding intensively to the energies that are entering and leaving your plane, as well as to the energies of others. The past decisions which you may have made a while ago are being affirmed that indeed you made the necessary ones and if you still are inclined to not perceive this nor see that certain energies and thoughts are not serving you anymore and are part of the old world of being, it is being shown to you firmly and this as in RIGHT NOW. It even has become more than a sign in this case but something you may have to experience in all fibers of your being.

You may feel very grumpy lately, unable to cope with others’ energy, tired, fed up with things and especially short tempered. There is not much needed to leave you triggered, affected and touched. This is because you are releasing much of the old and the emotional body is being triggered at this time, especially since the Lunar Eclipse. It all boils down to unleashing old settled emotions which are leaving the bodily fields to enable a full expansion of the Higher Heart magnetic field that you can merge with and can settle within your emotional body. On the other hand because of this clarity that is being shown and therefore experienced by you, you will reset your values instantly to likely set up new ones so as to feel comfortable again, as this is what we tend to do to again feel familiar in a new comfort zone. In the end, we will be left with no set of values but only with the instant knowing of all ~ which is our Higher expansion and Higher expression of Being.

On the same note, we are seeing it also happening for the collective consciousness. When you look around it becomes clear as well. The clarity is showing us that the stability of this foundation we call society is not working anymore nor is it able to be implemented in our lives as a collective group. It is clear to all of us ~ even the ones who are still asleep ~ that this is not working anymore for human beings and that the foundation of its energy is unable to sustain itself as it used to. That is why you see so many being grumpy and having mood swings: all that was so comfortable to them is slipping away through their fingers and the instinct is to fight this and to hold on to it. There will be a critical point reached within no time where even this will not be possible anymore ~ to fight a fight that is not even real. There is nothing to fight against in the first place for you are just fighting yourself.

Change is underway indeed and it is happening now. Fighting for this and moving all your power into this form of society ~ thought forms ~ is just something we cannot do anymore. It is tiring and it is not working at all. Clarity comes in and all are feeling it, now it is to find the way ~ and that is different for each unique being ~ to go on from this point of clarity and to navigate yourself through this all. We know this, but how to move from here and bring the change in this all personally and collectively?

Clarity says: BE the change from within as there is no place else to BE than within your own heart.

Everywhere you look and cross paths you can see within yourself as within others that the same is happening: things are clear and being felt. Yet not all might surrender to this knowing nor show it to others but I can assure you that all are feeling it. There is therefore a long period underway that will be all about going inward in your own Temple of Being. The collective needs this and so do we, so we are being helped with this passage that may already have started as we speak. It will be about surrendering to the Self and trusting all that you are. Now is the part of the embodying and ability to Self Love coming in handy as without it there is no way you can trust nor surrender to your SELF. We and the Masters of the Light have not been repeating the same thing all over and over again (Self Love) for teasing or pleasure, as we always have felt compelled to stress this fact as strong as possible for the times to come. And now this time has been marked. You are underway in this notion.

So get used to and be comfortable in that state of knowing and being ~ with an inward focus ~ while sharing this moment with others who are doing the same and who are another part of you. You do a great deal for the Earth and the Collective that way as you feed the SELF which is the I AM and the I AM is the Oneness of ALL. It is thus all of us as the I AM is the I AM of ALL and not just One soul. There are many misperceptions of feeding your I AM or SELF to be only feeding you in an ego way. This is not the case as the I AM is the SELF of ALL. So you feed the SELF of ALL being ALL in Oneness.

All in all my personal sharing in this story of this Lunar Eclipse energy is that I AM experiencing extraordinary connections and Light body activations. I AM aware of so much more as a sort of melting with Multidimensional realities. Simultaneously as I am burning the bridges behind me and going on in the world I embark upon, old contracts are ending once more and new ones come in. On April 8, 2015 I had to say goodbye to my precious companion “Laika”. She was a Golden Retriever of almost 11 years old. This was very unexpected which made the impact even bigger on an emotional level. Because I have contact with her soul, it makes it easier for me to know what is going on and what has happened. It was a very special experience, which makes it so emotional for me. I’ve been crying non-stop, giving way to a paralyzed feeling of being numb for a bit. Even though I know she lives on and is not gone, the experience of a physical death transition has never been beautiful to me. I have seen and guided many and every time I see the body fighting and falling out which I personally experience as a harsh and ugly thing. I am aware this is my personal issue and something living inside me from past experiences. Again the emotional body is being experienced and worked through intensely. My children now know about reincarnation because of this transition as during such events, the soul is really open and innocent to receive. You can read that short story here.

Honor and appreciate ALL life, all consciousness, as ALL is such a unique and exceptional form of life. All life is an expression of the Divine I AM, and so are you! I invite you to enjoy life more and refrain from uttering harsh words and passing on judgment on all your companions, although this is so easily done to each other. Remember that what you think about and do to another, you ultimately think about and do to yourself.

I Love You

Méline Portia


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Méline Portia Lafont ~ My Solar Eclipse Experience – 3-21-15

Méline Portia LafontEarth_Eclipses_Sun-ap12-s80-37406
My Solar Eclipse Experience
The Solar eclipse was a Breathtaking event !! The energies that are accompanied with this beautiful moment is just amazing and profound.  It really enters your heart and it has touched so many souls!  I woke up with a huge headache the same morning, finding myself trying to come back into this body and reality.  I went to see outside and saw nothing but clouds.  The Eclipse would start at 9.30 AM my time (CET) and would be at the fullest around 10.35 AM.  Yet, no sun was there to see because of the clouds!
I got this strong message to not only meditate but too that it is extremely important to go outside and look at it!  I was told that the codes of this massive energetic event would then be integrated through the third eye to enter the pineal gland.  So I was guided to go outside and look at it. Since we could not see anything here due to the clouds, I picked up my friend and we drove until we could see the sun.  I asked Spirit to guide us to the right spot!  So after driving 30 minutes East we finally could see the Sun taking a peek behind that endless cloudy deck.  We drove off the Highway and placed ourselves at a parking space next to the highway between some trees.
What made this experience even more beautiful was that we saw a few people doing the same, and we were gathered there together with a small group of complete strangers to each other and sharing this precious moment heart by heart.  There was even a family with their children, as they have kept them home from school to see this event, whom had to drive a long end to be able and see this.  We were fortuned to see this Eclipse behind the clouds and we shared our joy all together.  The Eclipse glasses that I have bought for this event was not really needed as the clouds were breaking down the brightness of the sun so we could look at it with our physical eyes.  Yet at times the sun could break through and then we could use the eclipse glasses to see the magnitude of its power! Nobody had eclipse glasses as these were sold out in our country, so we passed on my eclipse glasses from individual to individual so all could take in this beautiful event.
To see this was AMAZING and I felt so much serenity and inner peace the whole time!  We in Belgium, could only see the eclipse going to its maximum of 83%, leaving the Sun with a smiley, nevertheless it was beautiful!  I tell you: the energy behind it was powerful!
We ended with sharing this precious moment with a bunch of “strangers” all standing next to each other and sharing this unique event.  What has touched me the most is how much it opened peoples heart and the fact that these were willing to take a moment out of their “busy” schedule to see this and connect with others.  That’s the Spirit! It melts my heart.  People are way too lost in their “busy” schedules.  I especially enjoyed the smiles and the bright eyes of the children as their eyes went even brighter looking at this event with AWE.  Precious moments indeed.


We ended up sharing a beautiful moment, connecting with new people and exchanging pictures with each other.  The pictures that I share in this post with you all, were taken by one of these people that was there with us and this man was so kind to ask my e-mail and send these to me.  He was taking these pictures to share with his grandchildren.  He too felt the beauty of this shared moment together as he send me a note to say: “Dear Méline, what a lovely experience this morning to share this Unique natural phenomenon with complete strangers, yet very enjoyable people”.  And so it was! I treasure such moments.
After the Eclipse was over, my headache was completely gone and I felt energized!  Soon after that my body became tired and I had to lay down after my meditation to absorb this all.  Still am absorbing it! I AM grateful !!

Méline Portia Lafont – Shake Up! Wake Up! Move into this Accelerated Spiral – 3-5-15

spiral creation

ll starts from within you! That is a fact known by many, yet not all realize this as their truth and prefer to continue with the old ways of being through accusing others and blaming outside sources as the cause of everything that happens in their life. Still clinging on to issues pertaining to old values that we have now passed, seen and transcended a long time ago. This behavior and conviction will be your downfall. Truth is, if you want it or not, it will be so because the old world as you have known it, as you have been raised in and programmed for, is not functioning anymore like it used to.


You are invited to now finally embrace the new that is arising in front of you because of its birth through you. As long as you do not embrace this, no new world will come at your shores and you will get stuck in a world that is completely chaotic and turbulent because that world of the old is falling down as we speak. All the violence is reflecting the fact that consciousness is shifting, because there are inner turbulences taking place in every conscious mind of every creation. It brings about that which enables the shift to take place, whether you like it or not.. It must take place, it is an intrinsic part of all creation that stirs Humanity to step forth.


It allows you to embrace yourself as who you are and to embrace all life and lifeforms, being the will of God. You are the walking Vehicles of God’s birthed Will to experience all of God’s vibrational consciousness through every form and being.


You are, again, receiving a great opportunity to have this final embrace of the Self on all levels that you ARE. You create all that you encounter in life yourself as that is how powerful your thoughts and creations are. Imagine how powerful your thoughts are when you know that you only use but a little percentage of your brain powers consciously while the rest is used unconsciously! Look at the world that surrounds you, which reflects YOUR thoughts and your creations through thoughts.. Look how “real” this all looks: this is how powerful thoughts are! How real thoughts are!


Most of these creations are created unconsciously through the mind and thoughts you hold within you on an unconscious level. So beware and monitor all of your thoughts and inner feelings at all times! Be alert and realize that all that you feel, are and think are your creations of truth. Shift therefore your intentions, your consciousness and your perceptions in order to have positive thoughts to create and birth the new around you. It starts from within you! Change comes forth from within you as you are the creator of it all.


Thus the games of blaming and believing that things are done to you by an outside Source are OVER and DONE WITH. This is old reality, this is the old programmed you and it is not YOU anymore in this NOW. Let this old programmed you GO now and embrace the NEW birthed you which is in Truth already born within you. Let this now be birthed on this Earthly plane and act upon that which you are as a new and higher vibration.


The Christ consciousness is about realizing that you are all that you think, that you are all what you feel and that each part of you is formed of Christed infinite consciousness. When truly being that and fully realizing that, there will be no more urge or clinging on to blaming others that are seen as outside Sources. Embodying Christed consciousness is realizing that all is one and there will be no sense of separation. To blame another is the same as to blame yourself. Realize this well!


Many Lightworkers still fall into the traps of pointing their arrow to the Cabal, or the Illuminati or whoever they can think of. Again: realize that to blame another is to blame yourself! These are all old programs and examples of not realizing that all is within yourself which is a part of the All That Is, such as all beings are. Light or dark, we all come from the Same Source and a sense of equality is the grandest glue that holds us together in the house of Love.


All that you see is YOU. It is as simple as that. Do you see lots of violence happening in your personal reality? Parts of you react upon this in anger and blame: then these parts of you still engage in the reality of separation. Where you put your focus on, you enhance and you feed! Keep this in mind when you find your attention going towards negativity. There is a difference to put a hold onto this or to engage it in way by feeding it.


To stop violence is to not feed the attention it wants. It is to start to change this within and through yourself first since it is a reflection of some parts of you, as it seems it triggers you. Once your mind and consciousness have traveled upon the realities of Higher Dimensions, they can not go back to old values or realities, simply because they have come to know more. Why would it want to go back to the old limited self when a taste of expansion through freedom is experienced?! It is the same for you as a lightworker who knows better than to fall for the traps of the ego and 3th dimensional old programming.


You are the Masters here: step into your Mastery and act upon your own teachings and energy that you stand for. This is another crucial portal and opportunity for us all to change into a higher vibrational dimension of our own Christed Level of consciousness. Holding that vibration and intention gets us through these portals with more ease than to struggle with old programs you cannot let go of. The New is birthing anyway, you are with it or you are simply not. The choice is always up to you if you wish to ride this wave elegantly or not.


The collective of the Lightworkers are tired and they wish to move forward. We are entering another acceleration, to enable this shift to go forward instead of pausing and waiting. The time for the splitting of worlds is at hand and it is already happening to some degree on the physical level. Now is a time to hold that positive intention, to hold the Christed vibration within and to anchor the inner peace. All that which is of old programming: let that go NOW! The easier you will come to ride the wave of the Equinox portal with grace.


Crucial times in 1 month of linear time. Intense waves and alignments that burst energy onto and within us. Do you want to see the world outside of you to shift? Then shift YOURSELF from within, work for this event to happen! We wanted to BE here, we have taken these responsibilities onto ourselves so we must not complain but rather go for it! Now is the time! Better NOW than tomorrow my friends!


ON we go, all together hand in hand on the wave of this SUPER equinox portal. We are assisted by so many generations of Light, by so many Galactic beings. They come in more stronger now, instantly when connecting with them. They bring now Cosmic energies, pure stellar codes. Invite these to partake in your meditations so that you can integrate these codes! Holding the Highest vibration of Love and Christed Light yourself shall only attract those who are of the same vibration. Decree your I AM Presence to download the Stellar codes that you need at this time and that are serving YOUR highest best!


And so it is my sweet friends! Ride YOUR wave ❤

Méline Portia Lafont


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Meline Portia Lafont – The Tsolians – The Integration of the Infred Spectrum Formation – 2-6-15



Conveyed through Méline Portia Lafont

February 6, 2015

Greetings to you,

Today we wish to speak with you about the integrations of the Infrared Spectrum. We have spoken of this before in one of our first messages and we will elaborate on this matter now a little bit more profoundly. The infrared spectrum is capable of providing you with a certain degree of illumination as it contains fractals and a diaphragmatic composition that such views of other vibrations may become your reality and senses. (“diaphragmatic meaning that it vibrates as a response to certain waves and brings out signals or to produce waves”)

It is a spectrum one integrates at this time to be able and perceive other worlds and parallel realities such as your own Dimensional homes and beings. It allows one to lift up the veils and to see/perceive beyond the gamma waves into a more profound vibrating frequency, which is the core of every Ray/wave and formation of Light. The invisible waves and frequencies are only able to be perceived when such Infrared spectrum is fully integrated and activated within one’s own mind and eyes along with the awakening of the Inner eye.

It is not so much to take in these waves, for one must know that the infrared Spectrum already is a part of you and always has been. Yet it has been unawakened and not able to fully function in your physical bodies and realities. Now that new vibrations and Rays are taking their role to function on this plane of Earth, there are new frequencies available and arising which bring in new codes to seed upon one’s mental plane, emotional plane, ethereal plane and physical plane: namely the cellular structure, the brain waves and the DNA.

These new seeded codes which come from ethereal planes and other Dimensions, are able to convey information through you and thus your bodies and energy consciousness are taking those in: absorbing and digesting this all. It is these codes, given to you, that are awakening and activating the Infrared spectrum which resides in all of you already.

This becomes possible for you now once again, for the energies on your Earth are able to bring this forth and are able to sustain this for all who linger in that part of the consciousness of Self realization and Self embodiment. The more one realizes the Self the more he/she shall come to see the Self and that surpasses the many waves you have come to know. This is what the infrared spectrum does: to filter through all of the Rays and to see the core and the essence of all reflected from the inner vision.

You, who are there already, shall start to see movements around you in such a detailed manner as if you see it with your physical eyes. Nevertheless it is not with the physical eyes you come to see, rather it is the inner eye which is reflecting its vision onto you. You come to proceed in those radical changes as to where you start to sense all with the inner Heart and perceive with the inner eye. It is an eye that sees all as it is without all of the layers that form the disguise; it sees only the true core underneath it.


This is because you are releasing all the layers you have formed around the Self and have taken for reality. You are awakening from Within and you are paying your attention to that instead of that which is without. You are realizing that all of your world and reality has been playing within you all along and that the Universe dwells within you. Expand from your inner to the outer and not from your outer to a further layer of your outer world. You will run into a border, a layer of consciousness that will reflect to you in the hard way that all is within. It will send you back to where you came from and tell you to find it there, to spend your energy and time there and to explore yourself.

The infrared Spectrum is a consciousness that can form into waves and frequencies, illuminating all that is unseen for the eyes. When the inner eye awakens and changes within, it fully activates through the dormant codes that are awakening at the same time. A radiant Fire of energy spins, it illuminates and it nurtures its seeds that are held within. These are the seeds of the Infrared spectrum that lie dormant within the center of your Third eye, your Heart, your DNA and your pineal gland. Those seeds are now brought to an opportunity to awaken fully through the codes that are given at this time.


It is achieved through a deeper awakening and a full realization of the Self, for minds who are still seeking all without, the Spectrum shall not fully awaken nor activate. For firstly one needs to awaken to the knowing that all lies within and realize this to awaken his/her power.

This lies all into your own hands, yet it is here available to work with. We come to assist you in this and to pass on the seeds of that form of illumination. One who activates his/her infrared spectrum within may have the experience of a full vibrating spine, as the spine is the mediator for all energy processes and integrations towards and from the heart, the brain and all other chakra’s/organs. The Heart may feel different to you and pulsating a bit more than usual, the brain may feel pitching at the Pineal gland area and the Pituitary gland, your eyes may perceive new things and have a more blurry view in your direct surrounding. Your Third eye will vibrate and pulsate more and have a strong magnetic wave as it awakens to its full potential.

We come to offer you the Keys to Universal wisdom and to awaken the keys of the infrared spectrum biological devices within you. Our light tones shall prove to be of assistance to you in this process, it is here for you if you wish to accept it as a gift.

The Tsolians

Audio: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ec1nfp12ikhbuyy/Tsolians%20light%20tones.mp3?dl=0

You want to be able and channel as well and enjoy to bring forth your inner wisdom as a being of Light? I offer a channeling course that assists you in the process of connecting with your Higher Self through deep Self work based on a foundation of self experience gained in my channeling process of years.

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Méline Portia Lafont – The Start of 2015 – Accelerated shifts – 1-10-15

Our new year 2015 has kicked off with a true “kick in the but” scenario for the collective and ourselves as an individual expression of BEing.  Up we go in an accelerated speed, ready or not as things must change and move in this Now.  Whether things are perceived supportive to you or not, you are being showed what is still present and lingering to be letting go of. This is especially so for the collective consciousness, as the first wavers have stepped into multidimensional experiences and Mastery.  For those of us: stay grounded and centered at all times! we lead by example now and need to hold the light and Love anchored and present.  Second Wavers are taking over that which the first wavers have completed as a task or service through growth and expansion.  For those of the second Wave: you are becoming the Masters now who will transmute for the world and learn to hold the vibration High in Oneself as well as for the Collective.  I feel this year is one of reunion with certain levels as well as communication, contact with certain of our Galactic and Master energies that are overlightening us as an individual experience and expression.  Levels of Self thus.  This brings the opportunity to experience a more expanded reality with new Earth templates and energies, as well as with the consciousness of Galactic vibrations and levels.  You will become more sensitive to all things that happen and shift energetically, as your consciousness and fields are expanding.  Wherever you are in this NOW, whatever is happening in your direct surrounding or this world, hold that space of inner peace, serenity and hold the thought that all is a reflection of the shift which the collective or your surrounding is experiencing in order to awaken to their own Divine consciousness and potential. When knowing all is one and inter connected on the inner planes of Being, you assist the collective and the world by focussing on the Self and your inner planes of Being ~ your heart.  When being in your inner planes ~ Heart ~ focus on Love and open the Gates to the Multiverse and the Galactic planes which you partake in as a Multidimensional consciousness.  This way you center yourself in the eternal being that you are and you allow your Multidimensional and Galactic consciousness to enter the collective consciousness as to where you are the conduit for these energies.


Focussing on the inner planes and Love assists the collective as you are one with it.  See yourselves all with roots underneath your body, as to where these roots are rooted in a grid of Light and consciousness that forms the collective of this Humanity as well as Gaia.  When you focus on the inner planes of Self you feed through your roots, the grid of the collective where you partake in.  You pass then on al the peace and the serenity you are and express.  This has an effect for all and if all are holding that same intention, thought and vibration through the Self, the more empowering this will work for the collective grid.  Do not allow fear to be integrated or to partake in your lives, but stand one with Love and inner peace. This will sooth blasting and heating energies of aggression and hatred.


I AM that I AM

Méline Portia Lafont ❤

In Love, service and unity



Méline Portia Lafont – Holiday Wishes – 12-25-14

MélineMy lovely friends and fellow travelers. It is Christmas and for me personally Christmas is a day like all others, as every Now moment is special to me and such a gift from the Divine to be able and simply exist.

I want to share my true feelings of honor and Love towards you all, as well as my best wishes during this important gateway! Thank you for being a part of my adventure and for allowing me to be a part of yours. Thank you for holding that space of Love and for anchoring the Light. This Christmas feels like a crumbling of the bridge scenario as I got the vision of the bridge between old and New world crumbling down at the side of the old world, so that there was no trespassing nor going back anymore. Also Light cities are being activated and actualized at this time!!

So what I wish for you all, this Christmas, is a Love filled gateway, and may the brightness of you shine and radiate throughout all so that you become visuable as this Pillar and Portal of Light. May you find the courage and strength to leave behind old values and bring forth new creations that are of your Higher Dimensional levels whose resonance is of New Earth. May you heal all there is left to be healed and removed, so that you enter the dawn of 2015 as a free Being without limitations. May you experience all the Love that you are and where you stand for and may you bridge yourselves to the extension of your Multidimensional Self in this Earthly experience.

Have a love filled Christ-Mas aka the Alignment Gateway with the Galactic Center. Let the Galactic energies of Multidimensionality enter and anchor for good.

Lots of Love

Méline Portia Lafont



Méline Portia Lafont – Solstice Transmission – Freedom and Heart Expansion – 12-21-14


Meline Portia Lafont

Greetngs to everyone,
Welcome to this momentum of the Solstice Portal December 2014.  We enter the New and the Gateways of New creations and possibilities.  These possibilities are to step into Mastery and delivery, as to where you deliver your heart desires and creations. You deliver THAT which you ARE.  As you step into a deeper level of profound communication with your MultiDimensional facets.  You will enter a journey of Multiple Timelines as to where it is your desire that will lead you to those timelines where you wish to be upon.  It is a deeper communication with your Galactic nature, with your Solar Template and your Galactic Template.  2015 will be the start of a deeper merging and experience of these Solar and Galactic Templates as to where you are able to deliver THAT which you ARE.
As potentials arise for you in the dawn of 2015, it is to actualize Light Body Templates and Light cities. It is to actualize the Christed Light into the Collective grid and it is the change into the New Dimensional way of BEing and the experience of MultiDimensional realities.
In this NOW moment during the Gateway of the winter Solstice of 2014, we amplify the energies of actualizations of that which is to come in 2015.  This Gateway functions as a start signal which ignites projects all over the Globe.  It ignites the changes in those whom are asleep, it ignites the awarness in those whom have just woken up and it ignites the abilities of those whom have been awake for so long.
… continue listening on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tAGL77XmXA
Music during channeled transmission: Michael Hammer
Second part:
Solstice energies ~ Freedom and expansion of the heart
Voice chanting: Méline Lafont
Music by: Tom François
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Méline Portia Lafont – The Pleiadians – Point In The Spiral Of Fundamental Change – Entering The Golden Stage – 11-3-14

Ok, time for another breather before we commence with the next flow of intensity. Of course every flow has its own uniqueness and openness to receive and integrate and this depends entirely on the individual course you take. Let us speak with the Pleiadians today, as it has been a while since their energies have spoken through me for the collective. In personal communications, we did keep in touch through mergings and conversations. Whenever there are integrations I am allowed to receive, the Pleiadians are with me to orchestrate this for the body.
My blessings and Love upon you all,
Méline Portia
(Received on October 31, 2014)
The Pleiadians:
Blessings and Greetings to you all, our dearest ones
We have been working on the process of integration for all of you and more specifically concerning the integrations of your Higher Galactic awareness and consciousness that is birthed within you all. It is a time of examining the Galactic consciousness within oneself as you start the engines of that confined Galactic consciousness within you.
Understand, our dearest ones, that all is within you and that it is you that will awaken your own Divine potential and abilities. We cannot stress this enough as it is clearly not yet fully understood by all of you. Nevertheless, you are coming to that great knowing and some are starting to excel gradually in this. That’s the reason why you need to gain the awareness of your own personal contribution during the path of Ascension. It is of the utmost importance that you gain your own personal consciousness as a High Christed Light into this body in order to bring this forth into your personal life. And then you bring forth the change you so desire: you, yourself and no one else!
These are indeed great times of change for all of Humanity surpassing even the previous changes and shifts humanity has come to experience. It is as it were a great cycle of profound release of the old for the collective and the Global planes. There comes a point in time where all of Humanity reaches this threshold that stands as a guarantee for the total Global rejuvenation. One that stands first and foremost for the entire Global shift that awakens Humanity to their full potential. That time has now come and is currently unfolding.
It is a center of a Source that you have come to reach, and this Source is in alignment with the Great Source of All That Is. You have reached that point in the spiral of evolution and infinity. This center is a consciousness and vibration that shifts all first within the Self and then without. It now enters your planes of existence to bring along the greater understanding of your own needs and desires for change and for your creations. Change comes forth from growth and insights that are being gained during your evolution as to where you arise from the planes of the old and enter into the new that is about to be created by yourselves.
It is a point in time where all the timelines are merging into one at a pace that is acceptable for all and in the best interest for this Planetary evolution. You come to see and feel that at times these timelines are already merging at cross points and as this spiral of timelines is getting smaller and thinner the timelines become one timeline of infinity. It is a gesture and blessing from your own Higher levels and from the expressions of your God and Christed Selves that have come to be experienced in this lifetime. This is a very important and crucial timeframe for all of Humanity, whether to fall in the make up of your own fears or to rise above the familiar of this Earthly material density and stretch the legs of the newborn you. Are you going to allow the new birthed you to step out or will you keep it within?
Every part of your being is now being tested and cleansed in profound ways to make the choice of whether to stay in your old form or whether to rise above the mundane. The choice is up to you in which form you will come to BE and the vibrations shall come along as who you are and choose to vibrate at this time. What you put your focus on, is now crucially important. You bring the new Earth through you as you birth it through yourself! Come to see it within you and you shall realise it is already here in the Now, for you are here in the Now and from within it shall rise to the surface of your being, emanating that world in your outer reality.
You help the world to change and it is your responsibility as a free will of all. What you carry, you are and you will emanate this at all times.
This point in the spiral is one of fundamental change, a chamber of accelerations and shifts that provide all the information and the codes to change this world and your human perceptions into a Golden stage. This Golden stage is one of Christed vibrations and it invites you to think, to act and to BE according to its vibrational frequency. You can only play along and enjoy the joy on this Golden stage if you fit in its vibration, like a perfect match. Therefore BE and bring in your own Christed consciousness within your heart for you all have a Christed consciousness level and expression that awaits to be fully integrated and embodied again.
Crucial times, crucial decisions, crucial choices await you all that will demand instant conscious answers in measurements of Christed consciousness. How to do that you ask? There is no how, dearest ones, there is only the knowing and the inner feeling that will lead you along this adventure and allow you to be able and stay balanced through this all when pressure is heating up.
We wish for you to be still, to keep yourself centered and balanced through every event on Earth as well as within, distractions are very palpable lately on your plane of existence. Learn to keep releasing the old patterns in order to learn and fly with the winds of change. There are too many influxes entering on your planes for you to hold on to just one. Taste the newly arrived Cosmic and Galactic energies of our planes and allow yourselves to enjoy this inner change and bodily shift. You are the Master beings on this Earth and you have come to make this all truly unfold within your own realities.
We are with you in loving support. Allow us to be with you and we will do so with peace and harmony.
The Pleiadians
You want to be able and channel as well and enjoy to bring forth your inner wisdom as a being of Light?  I offer a channeling course that assists you in the process of connecting with your Higher Self through deep Self work based on a foundation of self experience gained in my channeling process of years.
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Méline Portia Lafont – September Alignment Energies – What Is Important To Know As We Move Through This – 9-12-14

MélineWowza, another big amplifier just stirred our core and the core of Gaia.  Have you noticed how much has been stirring up and happening around you?  The collective drama is being amplified here and it is about being cautious to not be dragged into it.  Pay attention to not be caught up in those dramatical and chaotic unfoldment’s of others, while playing our roles of Ascension gate keepers and light worker ground crew.  Everyone is now responsible for his/her own process of integrating these new cosmic codes and light particles in the best way you can cope with.
Everyone holds his/her own natural consciousness and magnetic vibration that opens new gates when the right frequency is matching each other.  When the current level of your consciousness and that of the collective matches, gateways are opened for the collective. This is whereas you function as a gatekeeper and activator of portals for those that are now vibrating along with that surge of energy functioning as a portal and consciousness.  That is why you as a gatekeeper and light worker ground crew are constantly adapting to the higher energies and light codes that are infiltrating your own being and the planetary consciousness.When you, as an individual consciousness on its own, reach a new awareness and you hold a higher vibration of Light consciousness, you also open a gate for your individual experience. This experience is one where the energy resonance and the magnetic field of that energy resonance shall move you through a wormhole of Dimensions where you experience a whole new multifaceted state of the core of your being.  Multidimensional awareness comes into your state of perception and you start to act upon these multidimensional concepts where you renew and re-vow your connections with your own multifaceted layers of being.What I mean is that you may start to experience exceptional concepts of your own individual perception of the Self.  The Self is the all including energy particles and sparks of your Divine expression, the Core of your being.This gateway of September 3 to September 9 has been amplified with a huge climax of energies with the super full moon.  It has been an intense process of adaptations, release and even healing for some and it is not close to the ending of this all energy wise.  Be ready for more of these intense integrations and gateways as we are literally climbing up the spiral towards an everlasting flow of fluctuations, creations and energy ~ which does not differ from our pure essence: energy and consciousness.

Look at how much movement has been brought up lately in your own personal reality, let alone the collective reality.  Before, you might have been finding yourself to be present in the “higher” 5th, 6th and even 7th dimension, as to where once and a while you had to move back into this collective and 4th Dimensional reality and play your daily lives while integrating the new Earth Codes and the re-blending with some of your higher levels.  Whereas now you might start to experience a changeover and playing the role of the executer of everything you already have been integrating up until now, this on the 4th dimensional collective reality.

You might be amongst those that is finding yourself being sucked into the stream of this collective Earthly reality and being more present here on the 4th dimensional plane.  Much attention is being required of you coming from the collective planes as you are playing a major and important role to anchor that which you have found yourself been integrating on those higher planes.  If you find yourself being in that position: it is because all that you have been integrating and preparing on the higher levels and on your own individual reality, is now ready to be brought to the collective.. and it is necessary too if we want this collective shift to go smoothly.

You are thus being asked to be more present in “here” the 4th dimensional collective reality instead of running away from your tasks.  This is where Self Mastery comes along as you are ready to experience this on a profound level while bringing your higher consciousness into this body.  You are now the pioneers and these important pieces of the puzzle that are asked and shown to play your roles during these intense shifts because you are ready.  A collective changeover comes forth from this all as well as a Planetary release.  The intense influxes of gateways, portals and solar flares are assisting us in this Divine intention where the purpose is to bring everyone up in a higher consciousness.

So you may take that into account when you feel your attention is being asked here on the collective plane: you bring that which you have been integrating and preparing for during your time of being in the higher planes, this while the collective has been going through their level of intense releasing and healing.  You now bring that back down through anchoring and being more present “here”.

You might find yourself being positioned at other places around the world, being asked to take a leadership position or to make some drastic changes in your life.  Many soul contracts are now being “opened” and activated so that you can now step forth in full alignment with your higher levels.  Be aware when this happens, it has a deeper meaning to it.

In the meanwhile new discoveries are made and shared publicly, we have had 2 meteorites that “near missed” our beloved and current home planet.  We are now aware of this huge super-cluster where we as a tiny Milky Way Galaxy are a part of, called Laniakea which means ‘immeasurable heaven’ in Hawaiian.  New awareness means higher rate of consciousness, and this collectively.

The cracks of this illusion are going through a tremendous amount of pressure that is building up every time a huge leap of consciousness is being taken.  Stop running to try and hold on to things you better let go of.  There is no control and that will become clear by itself for all in everyone’s own time.  Better to make it as easy as possible for you and to allow the flow to Be.  The more you tend to control the bigger the Big bang will be and the more powerful, and this not in a pleasant way.
Ok, so another tiny space or breather might be important right now before the next wave hits our shores.  Allow yourself to absorb by grounding and anchoring and just be gentle and patient with yourself.  There is no use in wanting to go too fast at this already fast and intense pace.
More later and BE love at all times.
Much love and Blessings
Méline Portia Lafont
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Meline Portia Lafont – Creations to manifestation – The Parcours of Energy from Source to Planetary Level – 7-22-14

Méline Lafont

*NOTE: Apologies is spelled wrong! *

Whenever information is given to us from on High, what we receive, perceive and conceive is information that is tapped into the Now. THe Now is limitless and timeless, it is a space of creation in the space and time continuum, in the ever lasting now: the being, the Zero point where ALL IS and Nothing is at the same time. Omnil ~ Om = All-ness + Nil (0) = nothingness.

The parcours of that the energy needs to undertake goes from the Omniverse through the Universe, through the Intergalactic planes, through the Galactic planes, through the Interstellar planes, through the Solar plane to enter in our Planetary plane and reality.

An event, creation and manifestation cannot be translated into a date or time as all is birthed in the Now and emerges into our reality through the own heart space and when this will be, is resulted from the state of Self consciousness, awareness, level of consciousness and the own heart portal on your inner planes. Everyone’s path is unique and therefore not to be measured nor to be predicted in time. All is in the Now in the heart and created through the heart.

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Méline Portia Lafont – The Fairies And The Unicorns – The Lands Of Mystery – 7-12-14

I’ve been connecting with the Dolphin Collective to ask if our beautiful family wanted to share a message from their beautiful hearts, as it has been such a long time since I have received a message from them. The Dolphins replied to me that they are in the full process of keeping this Ascension Process for the highest good of all as they function as the keepers for the grids on Earth and are very busy with keeping these grids in balance during these intense shifts and this movement in consciousness as well as with the dissolving of the old. So instead the Fairies and the Unicorns were willing to come through today with a beautiful message from the heart.


The Fairies and the Unicorns ~ The lands of Mystery
Beautiful hearts, wondrous souls on adventure in the lands of Gaia. We speak to you with much gratitude and with a profound respect for all of you, for these wondrous times of shifts and ascension are of the utmost demanding type of soul work for you all dear hearts. Astounding glimmer and light cities are activating their existence upon your planes of awakening and being, and this thanks to all of your heart work, your diligence and your thrive to become the new Race of Human/God consciousness in One.
The so called lands of Mystery bear no longer such secrets for you, for those are here to unfold along with your Cosmic wisdom and inner center of essence. Your Light is reaching the shores of other dimensions and realities so that participation from the other realms are obviously and possible to occur in a more stable and conscious state of being. Allow our journey to begin now as a unity of One and let us elaborate more on that part, dear hearts.
We abound in the Now to open your Cosmic hearts of being, through the creation and the flame of Mother/Father God in these beautiful expressions of your human vehicle experience. As the doors of your Cosmic heart are being opened through the desire and the will of being One in Love and in Harmony, the entire universe and multiverse of Light consciousness is accelerating in her process of a deep transformation that involves all of Humanity, all of the Galactic nations and all of the nature – and the ethereal elementals to shift the entire planet Gaia for the greater good of all.
We invite you to keep in mind that we are all participating in this wondrous process that is unfolding at this time and that we, the Unicorns, function as the keepers of the Flames of Spirituality and enlightenment through the Cosmic heart of creation and illumination and that we, the fairies, function as the keepers of Joy, laughter, happiness and Love for those are the manna for transcendence.
Invite our Presences within your heart and that way we will be more and more present within your own reality of being ~ where the Magic takes place and becomes the order of your daily lives on Earth. Together we are building the bridge of creation towards the new world and you are even walking upon it at this time while simultaneous diligently building further on the bridge of creation.
The long seeded lands of mystery are now becoming visible and tangible for you all and some are already enjoying the fruits of this labor and this long forgotten land. We welcome you heartily and it is our heartfelt desire for you to feel at home here and at peace with one another, as well as with our heart of being.
The children of this Earth have never forgotten these lands of Mystery for our reality has always been a part of their lives and consciousness in the heart. An open connection is made with those magnificent souls as the new children are the ones that abound in purity and eternal wisdom with an open heart for all existence in life, on Earth and above.
Those children are the keepers of our lands that felt compelled to bring back this mystery and the knowledge of our lands upon the minds, the hearts and the lands of the Earthly levels of all existence. This would be the human heart, the human mind and the human concepts of being and understanding ~ its consciousness. The secret lies in allowing your inner child to emerge once more and to allow that part of you to bring forth the cosmic wisdom of the Divinity in All.
The Fairies: See us in butterflies, see us in dragonflies and in the beauty of flowers for we are always close to those existences of consciousness on Earth. We still reside in your Earthly spheres, although not too close to your boundaries of the Human vehicle consciousness. But one can see with their heart that reflects through the inner eye of your true being. We reside with you as long as you are in need of some companion in joy and happiness, for we are joy and happiness. We bring that inner child within you to the shores of your being in this reality and so we allow your magical abilities to be experienced in order to create and to manifest through joy.
The Unicorns: You can find us in the Earthly elemental kingdom that resides closely to our nephews the horses and the woods of your lands. We travel in the sands of time, where every grain of sand allows the time to dissolve in the eternal and so it is there where you can find us, see us and experience us through the heart of your being where you are one with time and the eternal flame. The Silver lining is our consciousness and Ray of Light that resides within every Feminine Divinity of all beings. We bring inspirations, illumination and spiritual knowledge by awakening your inner Divine Feminine for we are keepers of it in collaboration with the Angels.
Let us now bow for that beautiful process that is unfolding at this time within all of you and for all of humanity for it is wondrous to say the least and an everlasting growth in consciousness that must be celebrated in Love and peace, respect and joy!
We stand by you with Love
The Fairies and the Unicorns
Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline: http://melinelafont.com
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