MELINE LAFONT – MASTER MERLIN – The Great Shift of 2015-2017 for Humanity – 4-25-16



Master Merlin ~ The great shift of 2015-2017 for Humanity

September 4, 2015


Méline Lafont

Question: ? guidance re the great shift of 2015-2017 for humanity, as our planet/solar system has entered the region of the Milky Way galaxy with the photonic energies ? – end of meta-cycle with return to Atlantis-type “expanded consciousness” ?

Well yes and no to that question. The yes implies a massive shift in consciousness that is beyond the rate you have known in past ancient times so far. This means that the many wars you have created and experienced as a collective Human consciousness will come to end after an explosion of eruptions. These energies will have to end through expression in order to be set free. You cannot shush the inner child wanting to come out, is it not?! It is the same with this mass awakening and shift in consciousness, it will definitely bring about some upheavals and massive eruptions on all levels.

It all has to come out, hmm?! You cannot hold it within you anymore and as everyone is in his/her own reality many time-lines will pass, shift and cross each other on the shared horizon you have in common and that is Earth my friend!

Thus, what this entails is that ~ depending on the consciousness expansion of each woman, child and man on Earth and the choices/creations that are being made ~ massive energetic waves are causing eruptions of the many fractals one has within to be exposed and disclosed to not only the Self but to the entire world as well.

We in the Ethereal Realms have a vision and view of Earth being filled with massive eruptions like volcanoes, only are it all of the Human collective and Earth as well erupting so much of its energies. It will be beyond your control and you will have to learn to go with the flow and stream of these massive waves. These are waves of a Cosmic vibration which have the tendency to move through anything being unstoppable.

My advice therefore to you as a fellow Master and friend is to have an open awareness to all that comes your way as these are most likely tools, gifts and opportunities to help you move through this. Always see things from a higher perspective as well as there is much more to it that meets the eye.

The no implies that these massive ways are of such a level that you will move beyond the Atlantean Template and vibration. You are already moving sideway in these energies without truly realizing it. The technology is there, only hidden from you and secretly manipulated for personal goals.

The moving beyond this Atlantean Template and consciousness shall set everything free of what has been unknown by you for so long and no secrecy shall be possible anymore. This because the Higher heart alignments are one with truth in Gods eyes. The God eye is your pineal Gland or the third eye ~ also known as the eye of Horus/ Amon-Ra = God.

You see there is no need to be afraid of how far the truth will be expelled from you as there is no other way than disclosing and exposing! And this all starts with you and by you! It is therefore that we stress the fact so much to always be yourselves, being in the heart and to accept yourselves for who you are with all the aspects one can be.

There is a super cluster on its way to Earth. This super cluster are fabrics of waves of energies which will bombard not only the Planet but the entire Solar system. A term know as “tsunami” can define this happening all too well. It is beyond your control and anything but stoppable.

It is nature’s and Gaia’s Divine plan coming into fruition and so is it yours ~what you came to do and to bring at this time. Be the conscious participant in this matter to facilitate your interaction with this wave. All is a matter of focusing on the inner heart as to where these waves will pass and enter your being like a merging.

Then your bodies will have to cope with these energies and so will your body systems, your nervous system and your DNA. Shifts, replacements, adaptations and transformation shall take place on a more tangible level unseen before.

Remember and always keep in mind that these processes always happen within to then emerge at a later pace to the outer world of your reality. One must come within first as everything births from the inner to the outer as an expression of its energy.

Well, blessings my friend. Seems you are in for a treat!

Master Merlin

This is an excerpt from a Merlin Reading shared with you all with the permission from the Beloved friend whom asked about the Collective occurrence within 2015-2017 time frame in his reading with Master Merlin.  Thank you to Robert P. !

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Méline Lafont 2012 – 2015, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

Reminder and Reflection of the Moment from the Tsolians – Channeled by Méline Portia Lafont – 1-12-16

Picture credit: Dark_matter_stride_by_tchaikovsky


Conveyed through Méline Portia Lafont January 11, 2016

Note from Méline:  

This is a message that may have to been read a few times to truly absorb this in our being.  If you find it too hard to take in or understand, I advice to let it be for a while until you are ready to grasp this better on another now moment.  Who are the Tsolians?  see their first two messages here:


It is time that we speak and elaborate more, further and deeper on the truth of your existence. We do not speak about the human existence but of that of your Spirit, which you call Essence, Self or Higher Self. Existence is a word on its own, unique in its way and so broad in its meaning. It consists of all that IS and simultaneously it can be a unique and single word on its own.

It is from that existence that all and everything came through into boundaries, into depths, into heights and into weight. Existence has started to take on forms of consciousness, forms of separation, forms of individuals, as well as Rays, Light, Dark, vibrations and frequencies. It is that where we all are formed from and are birthed through and from. Even Love has been birthed from existence as existence is life force and, just as everything else, Love was born from the life force of existence to experience that Love and seed everything else from the vibration, known as the All That Is.

Dark matter contains in truth the creation of all, or better said that Source which allows existence to even BE. It is that existence, which we all are made from, that became all out of the nothingness which is allness at once : Omnil (All – nothingness).

So as you venture forth in the different realities and planes of existence, you receive certain degrees of individual prospects on whether creation in its form and reality is a part of your existence or that of another that forms existence along with you. Dubious issue isn’t it? It is that which we call the mystery of all, which we maintain in the Self as we are all made of this. Still it is incomprehensible at your level of being to truly evoke this.

It is through the merging again with Spirit that you are being infused with the Sacred blueprint where your Self is birthed from existence and as allowance is in its full Grace on its now momentum, we access the key of this existence step by step. Invoke this through your being and you become its consciousness back into its natural state.

It is while reaching out with the fingertips that you can now start to feel its warmth of illumination of what existence truly is. Your demands are being answered graciously through your own Self. If you would find your Self again in dark matter, where would you be and go? All, everywhere and nowhere. Is it something that would feel familiar to you right now in this instant if you would be Dark matter again? That is why we say to appreciate the time and the processes you go through, to experience existence in all its myriads forms and flavors, vibrations and frequencies, for you are existence and the force of life.

Existence on your planes and Earthly realities are now drastically shifting into other ways of experience through existence, as the old energies that have been used to form this duality existence are merging again with the Sol energies of the Cosmic Source which allows another frequency and Ray of particles to emanate through your consciousness and to even “embody” this.

It is with the force of all existence that Dark matter, the origin and source of All That Is, emanates the experiences through various life forces, through levels of consciousness and through vibrations. Therefore the life force is actually a reason to exist in the first place, which seeds the existence to BE. Life force is the first energy atomic vibration that is birthed out of the Dark matter as a breath of creation, for life force is the basis of existence as nothing can exist without it.

Dark matter is not associated with the dark aspects of creation and of life; it is called Dark matter because it holds everything together and there is no particle of light to be seen there as light too is a creation and existence that was birthed out of the source of Dark matter as a vibration and form of denser light. We call this denser light as everything that comes from the Source and has separated itself from the Source to experience and to exist as a separate consciousness from the Source is denser on its own than the original Source of it.

The atomic structures of Light are particles that are accelerating their speed of creation and life force, which makes it visible as a blueprint. Although Light is the highest frequency you can abide in at this time, you will see that there is a much higher frequency that does not contain light because its structure and blueprint are of pure life force which is a consciousness on its own and which creates all consciousness.

In fact there is no higher rate for it is the human brain constructs of seeing everything in levels and rates as in Source there is no level and all IS one and the same. It is that consciousness that some of you are already able and start to “grasp” as you embody that particle of your being, for yes you have this all within you somewhere along the line.

It is with the truest pleasure and blessings that we come forth with this sharing for you all. Until next time when we will speak of the Rays of consciousness.

The Tsolians

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Méline Portia Lafont ~ Lady Portia – A new beginning arises from the Depths of our Being – 9-6-15

Meline Lafont
As we continue to settle in this foundation and in this grid of Love and empathy, of Divine potential and of inter Dimensional creation, a lot is being absorbed by our beings and hearts.  The energies are co-operating into a new divine system of Alchemy, where all the foundations of heart based feelings and creations are part of this new system and form the new system called Humanity as One race and One being.
Therefore a new beginning arises from the depths of our being and system to this beautiful point of view where all that is been seen as lower Dimensional frequency will no longer exist nor linger in one’s reality.  Dependency on outer forms and systems will  continue to crumble, for there is only the independency of Self and being autonomous and self-reliant.  Creations form the outer formation of one’s world and therefore a more grounded way of living is required in order to be able and create a stable and joyful experience of life.


When one is grounded to the core and the heart of Mother, all that is passing through Her will reveal all that you are and that you ground into a great manifestation on Her reality.  Therefore it is very opportune to stay in Love in a constant state of being, for one will reflect that to others as well.
A refined energy is about to scalp this beautiful being that one is, out of the big and heavy husk that one has been forming for all these years of incarnation.  As these refined energies move on into a greater level and pace, a most blissful state is being created where one will find Love again for Self on a much deeper level than before.  Self Love is the key for ascending into the I AM Presence that one is from essence, for Love is what one is.
As the sparks of the Beauty and Divine Feminine God Presence will flow and affect all the ones on Mother at this time, the God particles are being re-activated on such a refined and deep level of one’s consciousness that the entire Giant Cosmic web of I AM Presences is being laid as the foundation of our being at this time on a global and Universal scale.  This is part of one’s being and is now reactivated on a conscious level of understanding.
We must now bring the order of the day into fruition, which is the unconditional love to ones who are in great need for it, to ones who are finding themselves in great challenges in life and to ones who need forgiveness.  Unconditional Love is a unmistakable part of Self that defines who one is and the other is.  So share what one is to one who needs it, for it completes the Self into a most loving and gentle way of being.
For now all is unconditional connected to one another and the Self is part of all that is; the Giant Cosmic grid of I AM Presences and the Source of God Presence of light.  As we speak now about abundance and freedom, we speak of Love and ways of living,  of exploring, of being and of expressing. This all is part of our being, part of cosmic creation and it is the right of being.
As all forces now gently start to remove themselves from the planes of Mother, a place of freedom fits in and expresses itself to be born anew on this planet.  Rejoicing is upon all of the ones who linger on the planes of Mother, for freedom is the way of being as a natural Self.  For now, these forces are gently taking their place out of the grids of the I AM Presences of Earth and resolving into another form of creation that is allowed by the collective of this oneness on Earth.  So it is very important to be focused and to be gentle with oneself and with others, for creation comes from that state of Self and being.
My greatest wish to share my energy is now fulfilled for this moment of now, until we speak later; My love and passion is send to all.
Eyeh Asher Eyeh
Méline Portia Lafont
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Méline Portia Lafont – Mary Magdalene – 8-8-8 Gateway – 7-30-15


Meline Lafont and ;

As the Soul of Magdalene re-enters the Spirit of the Goddess through a submerging of infinity law with Unity law, we are witnessing a call for the Goddesses to arise out of the ashes like the phoenix.

Mary Magdalene has been Present deep within and around us these days! How can we not notice her Presence lately as she comes forth with such a power of emergence. WOW to that. Almost during every reading and session, as well as in my personal life, has Magdalene been so present and coming forth in such a strong way. She told me that she is here to call forth the Goddesses of Light and to awaken these in their Human incarnation.

Now that we are entering the 8-8-8 Gateway Her Goddess Presence is even stronger present as it is the Magdalene Gateway that is upon us now. I see her placing roses in the Hearts of men to awaken the compassion and new emotions while for women she is calling forth the Goddesses here present on Earth to awaken in their shell. “It is Time” she says. This is what she shared in one of the readings a few days ago:

“The Goddesses of Light are called to come out and play with their forces and strenght of power. This is a Unity coming around again and partaking in the Collective Ascension process as the Goddesses and the Keepers of this Divine lineage. It is time for the Elders of the Goddess Templates of Light, to shine their Lights and inflame their torches with fire. You will help to enlighten the world of who you Goddesses are and what you came here to be and do. “

Magdalene is instructing the Goddesses to be present now in their full glory and to allow their refined Feminine energy to arise. This is a very profound and spiritual alignment, co-created with the Sirian Forces of Light and the Elohim Temples of the Sun. As you can see, this portal and momentum is all about unification of both sides, all you see as opposites, polarities. Such as Masculine and Feminine, matter and anti-matter, light and dark, higher reality and denser reality, positive and negative… This all through the energy of inspiration and creativity, the Sacred Feminine Goddess powers.

Mary Magdalene:

“Follow the path of the instructions laid by you as a foundation. This foundation is the bed you lay on and trust upon as you set your first steps into motion. The heart is the speaker of this foundation, as it knows all its secrets. Let the speaker be the one that rules you into motion and be the one that chooses to move consciously by heart.

Find the Holy Grail within your own beingness for it lies there. It is not to be seen by anybody else than you and it is not to be found anywhere else but within you. The Holy Grail is your profound wisdom and knowledge obtained by the experiences of lifetime after lifetime. The Holy Grail is all that you are: your immortality and Spirit.

It has many instructions yet it is infinite and has no boundaries to set these rules upon. The only rule it has is the rule to open the heart in allowance and to vibrate in the knowing by heart, love and compassion. Without love and compassion One cannot access the Holy Grail within. Compassion lies on the bed of the foundation which is the vibration of knowing oneself and allowing another to know themself as well.”

Her beautiful Presence is such a compassionate energy of a Cosmic keeper. I have always felt her as a gentle and sensitive Presence but now her beautiful Goddess side emerges and a beautiful force of power is being reflected as her Cosmic nature. Her energy inspires, heals, empowers and aligns you with the nature of truth and Love. What a Blessing for her Presence.


I AM here to awaken the Goddesses of Light, those who are Present on this Earth, for it is time to Ascend in this course of unification. It is time to unify the Spirit of the Goddesses and to inspire the Masculine energies to do the same for all. Masculine energies will help the Feminine energies to bring forth the unification into a manifested reality. So first we, as the Goddesses, inspire and then we move along the lineages of our ancestors to unify towards a great Global ascension along with the God Masculine forces.

There lies so much power within the womb of creation ~ which is a Female energy ~ that this is why we are calling for the Goddesses to awaken, activate and play their role in this unification process. The unification of creation and manifest ~ Female and Male ~ this through the portal of the Goddess which allows birth of creation to be set free. There are Forces of Light at play here that are of a Cosmic vibration, re-aligning all within to their own forces of potential and creation towards the light of unification.

You may feel prompted to inspire many onto your beloved planet. Do so and follow that Sacred Fire within. Some Goddesses are called to unify with their Spirit within and follow their path of journey which will bring forth the re-alignment with the Goddess Template under the eye of Sirius. Other Goddesses are called to bring forth the unification with their own Template into the limbs of the Masculine wounded ~ allowing to heal and allowing creation.

Many Goddesses are called to play their roles ~ which are crucial ~ into the areas they feel guided to be in. Many others will venture home on the inner space alone. It is your journey to take upon and feel as the emerging of the Goddess within will keep you grounded and informed of your destiny. Let your wings take you where you are destined to be in this timeframe and continuing on. Do not be afraid of your own inner wisdom of power for only then will you fly to your destiny as you keep on spreading your beautiful wings.

I AM here to heal, I AM here to clear wounds, I AM here to share Love and compassion unconditionally, I AM here to awaken, I AM here to call you all to your Divine essence, I AM hear to remind you, I AM here to awaken, I AM here to BE in unity with each and everyone of you. My capsule of Love is one of treasure. A treasure which lies embedded deep within your own hearts.

You beautiful men out there: As I place a rose within your heart, I am awakening the captivity of your Spirit alignment with Source and set your emotions free to feel and understand Love on a whole other level. I AM setting free emotions of fear and old wounds that have captivated you in the fear of emotions and love. This with the embrace of compassion ~ something that is a true nature of your self as well.

You beautiful women out there: you are truly gifted Goddesses and your time has come to awaken that potential within you and to arise! Stand up and make yourselves tall, make yourselves noticeable for all in the world and walk your path of what you speak about and are. Your forces are counted on right now as you help the beautiful men and masculine energies to be embraced. You are showing the light to all now as you are called to lead in this momentum and bring the power from within you. You enlighten the hearts and the world with your illuminated Flame, for you have no fear of emotions and inner heart feelings.

Now shine what lies within the heart ~ all of you ~ and embrace the motion of your heart feelings. Encourage others to do the same so that you can all stand into your own power of Beingness and embrace the many wounds to be healed. Cosmic power is behind this all as it flushes out the many emotions as they come about. Processing the many things in your lives as they come and arise, with the power of knowing by heart and illuminating truth of unity through the defining of embrace.

I love you

Mary Magdalene

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Méline Lafont 2012 – 2015, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and ;

Saint Germain via Meline Portia – CLARITY – 7-10-15

A message of clarity by Saint Germain

I AM welcoming you all today and my blessings to all of you beautiful Master Beings. I come here once more to speak to you through the heart of unification as this binds us all, being sparks of the One. What I wish to speak about with you all is the meaning of clarity and the need for clarity. As I was speaking to this beloved earlier today, clarity has become an intrinsic need or part of your lives. For who does not seek for clarity, isn’t it so?

You have made this to be for real in your lives and thus created it so. Clarity can only exist and be if there is a recognition and acknowledgment of confusion and being blinded, for it is the opposite of its polarity experience. It is therefore not necessarily so that you need to experience both as a separate thing, rather bring those polarities together and experience them as one. That is the all knowing and seeing things as they truly are without having the complexity of needing to seek what you think is lost.

Nothing is lost in the first place for all is you and within you, as you know. Thus understand that when one is seeking for clarity it actually means that one has forgotten the understanding of “One” and “All” simultaneously. Clarity is a part of you, it is the true meaning of understanding who you are as a whole and that you can BE everything at once. It is the nature of true perception as to where you can perceive things as they are in truth: oneness. As soon as confusion comes in, it means that you are occupying yourself with duality structures of separation as to where you feel inclined to pull to one side or the other.

It is a thinking pattern of: “it is this way or that way”, and not all at once. That seems impossible for the human mind, thus you cannot accept this by heart. That is what clarity is showing you in this dimension: that you are taking clarity as a choice of how things are or can be.. and most of the time you probably want it to be just one sided or it would be too complex to understand. There is not just one side of explanation to offer clarity rather there are many, one might say that all things are clarity because they are as they are. As I would say: it is as it is.

Now that I AM taking you further into that matter, the only reason behind this message of today is to help you realize that not all things have to be clear to you as you tend to forget sometimes that everything is about the experience of things. To engage with your experiences and allow this to unfold is clarity for you see things as they are with an open heart.

There are many things entering your planes of duality at this time and it surely feels to you all as if your plate is continuing to fill more and more and that you have no space left to even take on more. My dear Master Beings, the only reason why you even can experience the feeling of your plate being so filled is because you hold on to certain things that are crossing your path. You take on more and more to hold and thus things will become complicated for you at a certain point as you cannot see things clearly anymore through it all. The complexity dominates.

You are filling your minds with more things to come and are already occupying yourselves with what might be coming soon as well. To live in the every now moment will make it impossible for you to even hold on to things as you flow along the stream of the moment and experience it as it is. It is like a receiving and passing on as you experience the moment with acceptance and joy.

Now, there are many time-lines and opportunities that dwell within you and are wanting to emerge into your realities which can enhance the confusion and the need for clarity. You will learn to Master your own consciousness in the sense of allowance without the fight for resistance and control. You will learn to stop seeking for answers to know, understand and have clarity as you will be offered the experience of what it is to already know, see and be clarity within. Things are as they are, there is no need to make things complicated nor to confuse yourself with wanting to know the answers to give you a false sense of contentment.

That is what you will learn in this time, that clarity is about allowing things to be as they are. To move yourselves through the many opportunities as these arise and to just experience what you hold by heart and want to BE. When such confusions arise and there seems to be too much to handle for you at the time, take a step back out of the hustle and the bustle of events, take a breather and go within for a moment. Take a closer look at all the things that are ruling your reality and your experiences and see where these creations are originating from.

Where did it all start? What made you think this way or another? Which thought or emotion has moved you towards certain conclusions or perceptions? Go back to its origin and see it there as it is, where you have built further upon to create this all into your experience. It applies mostly to the most subtle and smallest things you easily overlook. Much is always related to fear and the wanting to have things under control. Here is where confusion originates from for you cannot control anything, you just can Be.

Well let us now look at the bright side of this circumstance and see that this gift offered to you is simply a reminder of where you put your attention, what you feed and how you see yourself. You are all taking in more of yourselves from other planes and Dimensions as well, thus many different vibrations are deciding to play along and enter your human experience. Some of these aspects may behave like children: uncontrollable and wild! These feel like they are entering a playground they never were able to enter before and thus are excited!

You might wait a little bit before unleashing these aspects of yourselves until you have this overall feeling that you are ready to handle all these parts of you on the Human level as well. To be ‘up there’ in the Higher realms and experience those realms is one thing but the challenge is to bring these ‘down here’ on the Earthly level while being in a human incarnation. To channel these in through the process of grounding, equilibrium and the self realization is thus key as we keep on stressing that fact for a long time now.

Get to know yourselves on all levels as you desire and just release what is standing in your way or what is making things complicated for you. Not by ignoring or running from it but by embracing it as a part of your creation. To acknowledge is to see things as they are, Master Beings. Thus start to acknowledge ~ see ~ you as the Master Beings that you are and explore this. Clarity is you and that is what you are about to understand more deeply in the upcoming months.


Blessings and eternal love

Master Saint Germain

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Méline Lafont 2012 – 2015, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and ;

Méline Portia Lafont – Some shared revelations concerning Light body activation – 3-8-15

Mario Gattoaladino


Méline Portia Lafont – Human Perception – Another 11:11 Portal Activation – 11-11-14

MélineHuman perception and another 11:11 Portal activation by Méline Lafont

“1” aka One is what stands for you as A Human Being, A soul, An energy and A consciousness. It represents the soul of you in this lifetime with which you come to work as a human experience. Understand that you are all entitled and allowed to redeem that what is of you, but that it can only be redeemed BY you and through you. So all consciousness that is representing as you in this lifetime is something you have entirely into your own hands for it is you on itself.

Everything you perceive with and through your Human mind is something that is entirely up to you as to how you wish to perceive something that is of your own matter. We call that your personal reality because it is what you have come to create as your creation and environment. But what if I tell you that you can change your own reality and your own perception? You can and you will eventually change that which you have been integrating as your truth and swap it for other new conceptions of perceptions to which you are opening yourself more wholeheartedly and a new truth is birthed as well as a new reality.

By that formatting process, you come to understand new things in life as you open up more. There is a more open-hearted and open-minded attitude which allows your personal reality to change and shift into new areas of consciousness you are slowly integrating and activating in your own mind and higher heart. It is the language and the seeds of that which are your Higher Levels and those levels partake in the perception and the creations of your personal reality. What you see is what is your creation through thought, perception, vision and feeling, understanding and visualization.

So when you BE, everything as a reality around you will just BE which is a vibration of unity and peace as everything and every consciousness is vibrating along and reflecting from your state of being. When you are stressed and unbalanced, everything that surrounds you will take upon that form and vibrate along with your inner state of being so you will encounter more stress and even will be triggered by this. So if you wish to change your personal reality, change it within and address this in your own heart center. The more you are in balance and in Unity with Self the less your perceptions will be of division, war and separation as no distortion will be able to enter your reality.

It is a challenge to be in the midst of the Human masses and to stay balanced and centered in YOUR truth (which is not THE Truth as the only One truth) for many of your reflections in another you, being a part of the collective, can and will try effortlessly to pull you away from your center in order to get you to partake in the Human collective awareness (drama) and state of consciousness. It is therefore that One is required to work on the Self constantly and effortlessly in order to anchor and infuse more of that balance and unity into the Human collective so that less distortions but more balance and serenity is present.

Many are facing challenges at this time, including the One (1), which is you, into the release of boundaries and old patterns which are held by you. In order to feel complete as the Oneness again, One needs to release every form of separation that is created through thought and it is there where boundaries and perceptions come from. Let be that which you have known for so long and open for that which is not yet known into this Human experience. All in all they are prospects of what is to come and it can and will be experienced through you if you simply allow. Understand that with your Human creations you change the world of the Human perception which is, in this case, that which is called the Illusion.

You change through conception of that which is allowed to enter and merge with you, this coming from your own inner heart and world of Being. To say it in simple terms; what you intent in your own personal image and reality, and it comes from your heart, shall birth the change of your own reality and shape the forms of what you are and desire to Be. If you are tired of the same old, same old happenings in your reality than make the change within as there are clearly some things still vibrating along with these same old happenings that are not released yet.

You are all brave and good souls who play things by heart and you get the most out of that intention as intention creates. You might want to keep that in mind when choosing for example to end a relationship or when deciding to leave a certain plane on Earth, or to start a new project. Everything that you put your intention to, that is heart based, shall create a certain balanced solution that vibrates along with your intentions. Be aware that even creations that come forth from mind based intentions do come forth as well and those enhance that what the mind creates which is not heart based but ego/mind based. The Logic of the human mind is ego as it fills in for you what is acceptable and “normal” (aka logic) and what is not. The heart allows all and respects all for what it IS.

Instead of trying effortlessly to change the “world”, change your perception of Self instead and then change will come forth through an immense shift of awareness. Since all which you are and are aware of is reflected in the outer world, that too will come to shift for you.

The 11:11 portal has always been a significant shift every time, and this year it will imply amplified energies continuing to grow into incomprehensible measures while climbing up the hill of changes. The numbers 1 (One) which are standing for YOU and Unity reflects the powerful message to bind all within: the You and the All through Unity. So that is what this portal is all about as you enhance the Unity within you and within All through the YOU who is the One.

For those who wish and choose consciously to work with and integrate the 11:11 codes on a deeper level, the 11:11 stands and assists with the following:

The integration/embodying of the One as the I AM Presence into the One/You that you are in this incarnation being a part of the Collective Unity (one) consciousness which is formed out of the Oneness of All That Is.

                1                                           1                      :                  1                           1

Integration/Embodying I AM    You in this incarnation      Unity/Collective     Oneness/ All That Is

Do not reflect upon these words but rather allow the integration of them instead as the messages will start to increase into vibrations that will reach beyond Human comprehension as you need to learn and absorb instead through acceptance and trust of the All knowing. You will become accustomed to this process of absorption for it will become a most natural part of you. The All Knowing and the embodying of your I AM Presence is a crucial part of this ability to absorb as it is beyond the tendency of the Human mind to grasp.

Allow, integrate and rest in balance within the higher mind of the Heart. Create with your bursting energies and step forth in your all knowing.

My Blessings to all and have a wonderful 11:11 portal

Méline Portia Lafont

You want to be able and channel as well and enjoy to bring forth your inner wisdom as a being of Light?  I offer a channeling course that assists you in the process of connecting with your Higher Self through deep Self work based on a foundation of self experience gained in my channeling process of years.

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Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered

Meline Lafont – October Gateway – Heating up of Energies and Change – Awaken Spirit from Within – 10-14-14

Kinuko Y. Craft

ART : Kinuko Y. Craft

October Gateway ~ The heating up of energies and change

Meline Lafont  /  October 14, 2014
We are moving through a gigantic force of energies that shakes everything at its core. Many are starting to realize the end of their old beliefs/convictions and ego they have clinged to for so long. The Full Blood Moon eclipse has shaken the core of that which has to wither away in order to make more place for the new and another grand portal, in the form of a solar eclipse, will occur in the upcoming days that will shake the core of this all once more. Each time it is a different energy influx which partakes in the process of release and rebirth. Every influx has its own unique codes and energies to touch every fibre of all existence.

A Tsunami of Love is being spread by various Sources of Light, which is held through our own unique pattern of Being. We are the light bearers who spread this Love to all existence as we anchor this on Earth. Once again I would like to stress the fact to learn and co-operate together as one and to let go of any grudge or judgment you hold towards another. You are all unique expressions of God consciousness and we need to differ in our work and energy to complement the energies that are being anchored on Gaia to move this shift ahead.

False beliefs are being released, old habits and patterns are to be reviewed in order to move you forward towards full awakening and the activation of your Lightbody/Self. You are literally opening yourselves now to the awareness of your Multidimensional Being as the Universal – and the Solar energy influxes are entering the core of your being to reawaken your Christed state. Layers of multidimensional consciousness are being lifted for you to explore consciously. This means that you will be invited to work more on the level of your multidimensional self and this pertains to you, the awakened ones, the gate-keepers and the Ascension pioneers on this plane.

You are called to active duty and you feel the call within you for some time now since the spring equinox. This calling has been amplified during the lion’s Gateway in august as you have been activating a deeper Solar Christ consciousness since then, preparing you for a deeper level of not only Christ integrations but also of your I AM Presence. The recent September equinox was a marker for those who feel the calling within to take their first steps and to bring the change forth. It immediately has been starting since this Full Blood moon eclipse on October 8th, 2014 as you feel your foundation, that is built upon the old beliefs, shaking to its core. This applies not only to you but also to many around you. Are you prepared and ready for this new coming birth?

Many belief that a new world will be thrown at them as if it were an overnight process where you belief you will wake up in a new surrounding. In a way it is so that you will “awake” into a new world but not overnight. This is to be experienced in consciousness as you are the one that shifts all of a sudden when you reach that threshold of instant transformation and manifestation in the inner heart of your inner planes. Then all that is shifted on the inside of your being ~ consciousness wise ~ will start to reflect into your outer world as if you are in a whole new world but in fact this new world is you in another state of consciousness. You will start to perceive things differently and be able to see beyond the veils of density. This makes your whole world start and change for you and you will find it easier and easier to detach from the ego mind and from the energies that are of the old vibration.

Many structures, systems and people are now fearfully fighting against the forces of change and release, as they do not like to review their beliefs and thoughts and cling on to that knowing in defense. Those ones are effortlessly doing all they can to hold their views and systems/beliefs up as this is all that they belief in as their own reality. To lose your reality as you thought it was or as you were convinced it was, is a ‘smack in the face’ experience as the ego mind does not want to lose its credibility and sense of power. Every battle is ego related so you can recognize a fight of your ego when this sense of battle arises.

We welcome the energies of the eclipses in this month of October as they cause more of this ego and those emotions to leave our plane and being. This is a call for duty so it is best to be as ‘heart based’ and ‘centered’ as possible in order to function as this pioneer because you are going to be crucial to assist and teach others by example. When you feel you are ready to move and to go out there to bring your inner knowing and assist all of Humanity, do so and do not tend to follow that logic/mind but rather your inner heart calling. All of you will know when time is Divine for you to start executing your duties more in a conscious way as you will first go through profound changes of initiations, activations, cleansing, transformation and release to function as that conduit of Light to serve for the greater good of ALL.

These eclipses function as a trigger towards drastic changes on different levels of your being. This differs from individual to individual as your Higher Levels will know what is most important for you to work on in this Now. For some this might mean new relationships and soul connections with fractals of your soul group, for others it might mean a leveling up to world service due to consciousness expansion or a profound release of old layers and trapped energies, and for some it may bring such higher levels of awareness and consciousness that you experience being more off planet in the Higher Dimensions then being here in the Earthly collective. It might also be all of this simultaneously, as long as it benefits your Highest good and that of Earth.

You may expect more movement after the energetic influences of the eclipses, which will be followed by a few other intense energy portals. Do not be surprised when you see many things heat up and fall instantly as people are fed up with the old beliefs and are feeling a revolution of change within. You all have the power within and more are standing their ground in what is acceptable and what is not anymore. Change is upon you and in the midst of you for you are the ‘change makers’. It starts within you! Just remember to act in Love and compassion at all times and to not start a ‘war’ to prove your point. When someone or a system is not ready to hear or see, make your point short and powerful but without a continuous fight over who is wrong and who is right.

This will be an interesting winter and I get the image of me staying inside of my home with my children and family: all together in quietness. Something is moving underneath my feet, but it can be in my own personal reality as much is happening for me that demands my full attention every day. At this time I am actively working on the change and the shift of the school systems, ever so subtle but nonetheless very clear for the school that my words and signals cannot be ignored. My twins do not agree with those school systems, so problems are presenting themselves where the school is fighting their position and using my boys to make their point. This is why I am currently focusing on supporting my twins and showing the school that revision of their methods is needed as many of the children are showing the same signals to the school systems as my boys are; they mirror the school.

I see some others in the world as well as in my vicinity that are experiencing the same issues with the schools of their children, so the pressure is on.. it is a matter of time. The same is happening in the medical systems as hospitals and homes are losing their grip on what used to work and they are making efforts to sustain what once was. This cannot be held very long anymore as the energies such as the eclipses and equinoxes, portals and solstices are bringing the efforts forth of tremendous change. Still we have a collective to take into account so it might take longer than we personal feel changing inside of us on the personal plane of consciousness because the collective cling on to the old known. We are not alone on this planet so remain respectful and compassionate for all beings and their individual pace of awakening while moving forward with your own process and growth. You are a pioneer and you pave the path so keep your focus on that in order to assist in this shift. What you anchor through your light and your consciousness, will also help others in their shift in due time.

With Love

Méline Portia Lafont

You want to be able and channel as well and enjoy to bring forth your inner wisdom as a being of Light?  I offer a channeling course that assists you in the process of connecting with your Higher Self through deep Self work based on a foundation of self experience gained in my channeling process of years.
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08-08-Gateway Of Light – Live Transmission From Tor In Glastonbury – Anrita, Meline Lafont – Music By Aviva Ohm – 8-9-14


08-08-Gateway of Light

Live transmission from the Tor in Glastonbury with Anrita and Meline Lafont ~ (music following transmission by Aviva Ohm).


Precious hearts,

I invite you to listen to this live transmission for the 08-08 Gateway of Light, co-facilitated by myself, Anrita Melchizedek and Meline Lafont at the Tor, in beautiful Glastonbury, England. Although there is some background noise, it is a powerful meditation focused on the activation of the Diamond Flame of Transcendence, the integration of our Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits and the Portal of Peace, worldwide and over the Middle East.

I will write again when I get a little time, as I have much to share with you all. It has been such a wonderful day in feeling our sacred heart connections through the Unity Grid as we come together as One Unified Cosmic Heart.

Wishing you all a most magical 08-08 Gateway of Light.
Blessings and much Love\



Anrita Melchizedek
Live transmission from the Tor in Glastonbury with Anrita Melchizedek and Meline Lafont ~ (music following transmission by Aviva Ohm. Background music by Michael Hammer).


Mp3 (file size approx. 28.7 MB)~ to listen online click here


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Meline LaFont – Exhale With The Creator – Birth Our Divine Self – 6-6-14


What kind of wave are we experiencing at this time? By Meline LaFont

Breathe my sweet friends and fellow travelers of Light. We are being absorbed into an exhale of creation, where we plant the seeds through our being and our consciousness level of being which is rising as a result of all the intense integrations that we are absorbing and even start to emanate at this time. We exhale our new birthing Self into this reality, because we are embodying our Divine and true essence more and more on several levels, which our bodies can hold for us at this time.

Just like in the times of Lemuria we are holding the space and the frequencies of Light, through our own consciousness in our embodiment, this as high as possible for us to maintain. What we hold now, is something that we could never hold before on such a level of consciousness and in this lower density simultaneously, for our bodies are transforming at the same time and at the same rate that our consciousness is re-birthing us into our Divine essence.

We are currently arriving at the higher levels of integration of our birthed Self, which is our Divinity, our Christ consciousness and our I AM expression. These levels require a lot of Self acceptance, knowledge, trust and allowance for we start to experience the Mastering level of our own Self. This Master level brings us all into realities where you are pointed into the direction of that which must be released concerning the ego, for there is no ego in self Mastery.

A true Master being has not one thought of judgment of another, for the Master sees all as one and everything as one with him. A Master sees all as a process of being without any judgment for nothing is wrong or bad in this level of consciousness, all just is. We either face our ego in the now, or we receive more lessons to let this go once and for all. This brings a lot of triggers and intense energies that blend with your reality, to assist you with the release.

Sanat Kumara has given me a true heartfelt guidance with regards to this and I was astounded at how thin the veil of judgment is. I will share his guidance and explanation with you all through an example:

“If you are for instant scrolling down on someone’s profile on the internet or seeing someone’s personal reality filled with interests you feel is not needed to put any energy into, and you think to yourself: why is this person keeping his focus on this rather than on love? This is judgment for you fill in what another one should be doing instead of this one’s current chosen path. A Master being does not judge what he sees for he sees love in everything and all without any thought at all. He observes, he sees and he allows. This with respect for everyone’s path. You cannot fill in what another should do or rather be in your point of view, you can only decide on your own reality and let all the rest BE.”

Sanat Kumara has given me a very clear view on this now and it has brought me on such a sensitive level that I even cannot sing lyrics of certain songs anymore for I feel that what I sing along, I enhance and create, even by just allowing it to be in my mind. I am grateful for his guidance here.

This is a moment of really monitoring your thoughts for we have reached a level of consciousness where all you send out as thoughts, just by thinking and speaking of it, becomes your reality. In one second, manifestation is being created so we are assisted here in monitoring our thoughts every now moment, for it is a part of the Self Mastery.

In the times of Lemuria, we did Self work, Self monitoring and Self balance every single now moment of our existence. We kept on working in unity as a community, as we created everything as one consciousness, this from the purest intention of Love. As we are becoming a strong collective consciousness, where oneness can be experienced again, we release a lot of old patterns in order to reach that stage again.

There is no separation here and there has never been, for all is one in creation. There is no “us” and “they” here, only “we”. In the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, we as Atlantians were experiencing a different kind of evolution where we created the separation by using the expressions of “us” and “they”, while we as Lemurians were holding the frequencies of the highest and purest Light as possible in our embodiments. We as Lemurians even went to the lower planes while holding that frequency and space for others in order to assist in the awakening.

Separation is what caused the fall, and still we tend to use the “us” and the “they”. This is something that is a part of the letting go process that we need to understand here, that there is no “us” and “they” and that nobody stands above another for all are equal as one. We are reaching levels of consciousness here where we know there is only oneness, so it is time to go within and to embody this theory into reality.

The core of all existence is getting shaked here in a strong way, so that Reality is met again and one goes within. By getting shaked many come to the realization of awakening to Self. It is a time of either you go along and you do your part of Self work and follow your journey, willing to evolve and to step into the unknown in full trust ~ or you will be shaken until you are willing to meet your Self again. Everyone gets to a point now that can bring shifts and awakenings.

I realize this sounds hard but it is the message I keep on getting every single day: “make or break” and the many exits on this plane and the way those play out in Reality are a tangible reflection of it. You get to your Self Mastery and work on your Self everyday or you will constantly be confronted with difficulties and be mirrored of that which you are not willing to see. What occurs frequently these days is that soul groups are choosing to depart because it was a part of their soul contract as a choice. Those will get other chances at Ascension either on a later date or through their exit now where they go straight to the light and assist from there, or reincarnate into the higher frequencies on Earth.

Many are having a hard time holding the high and intense frequencies as the shifts are immense! We are being pulled out of our comfort zones here and balance is top KEY. My team keeps on telling me to be balanced and rested for much more is coming in the very near now moment; the Light team asks to stay steady and balanced in order to assist other new awakened ones because of the realities that are merging right now that causes much confusion for many.

We can see this already here and there around us and in our own realities where reactions of confusion are arising, resulting in blame, anger and projecting this all onto others. We need to be focused here through this passage, let go of everything and keep balanced at all times. If thoughts of anger arise, let these out through transmutation but do not engage with those actions, do not analyze those; it is the ego transforming and trying to hold on to its comfortable space.

Being pulled out of the comfort zone is our new reality of being, where we allow the trust in our Self to arise and where we keep a focus on monitoring the thoughts and intentions at all times because projecting negativity and lower energies at another you is doing the same to yourself as we are one in true essence.

Before we can truly start to manifest this new community where all is love and everyone is aware of each other for who we are as a collective and Divine being,we need to monitor our true intentions and hold the space only for love at all times. From that state of being on, we can build many communities and new realities in a split second, as a collective and on a personal level. We are already doing this now, step by step but now we are assisted even more to get to that point of Self Mastery so that our thoughts are under control and everything is created out of pure love-filled thoughts only.

We are the builders and the holders of the new age, of the new emerging world and of the Light cities on this Earthly plane. This by intention and heart filled love.

We are receiving the key codes to build the new realities and to reactivate that wisdom within us to keep on evolving on our paths and to hold that space for the whole collective as a oneness. The Light cities are reactivating on our planes of realities because we are leveling up our vibrations as well as reaching the planes of Higher Love ~ where oneness and love are the branches of the tree of life, that holds everything into existence as the Source.

I have been receiving some symbols and codes from Merlin ~ one of the past incarnations of my Twin Flame ~ and Merlin amusingly challenged me to solve what they mean. It were Alchemy – and Rune symbols, ancient symbols that I have never seen before and just received those in complete consciousness state of being. I would run to take a sheet of paper and a pen to sketch them so I wouldn’t forget. This brought me to my journey to Merlin’s Cave in England, where I was only able to translate these symbols after my journey to his cave. Seems they functioned as codes for something in my personal journey and were a personal message too, that has unfolded once I came back home. I could find the symbols in some books that crossed my path while being in England so I knew what the symbols meant, but the real “aha” moment and solving was after experiencing something, which brought those symbols and their meaning into full light.

We are given so much assistance and guidance here, the only thing we need to do is to be open to receive without any expectation. Just allowing and put your heart open for everything that needs to be there in this now moment, to allow us to move in a deeper reality of the Self.

There is no time to postpone things anymore, for everything is unfolding and shifting now in great leaps and bounds! No mistake about it, we can all feel it. Embrace these opportunities and don’t resist it anymore in order to have control over everything. We need to let go and to trust now. Extraordinary experiences are the order of the day now, I have had some of those and will write about them when the time is more appropriate for it, as it is something that is very personal and I need some time to comprehend and place it all before I really can expand on this. It has to do with precognition and timeline jumps being at those timelines and realities simultaneously as being here.

Be happy, be joy, be love and share this all with one another. We are Brothers and Sisters of Light, no enemies or competition. Everyone is respected, loved and appreciated for their own Divinity and being. I Love you!

Meline Portia Lafont

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety.

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Meline Lafont – Invocation

Méline Lafont·17 videos

First attempt to make a video with personal invocation that I daily use before meditation. It is my own and personal one and is free to use and share if you feel it benefits you as well.


Meline Lafont – April Eclipse – Exhale of the New Breath of Creation – 4-27-14

Picture: Méline (Merlins cave)

Meline Lafont

Om Sharom, Om Sharom and blog Méline:

As we continue to ascend back and forth, from within to without, within the heart space to another reality of you ~ let us all sing and chant the bliss and the joy from within our being. The depth of our core, the Sol that defines us who we are as a Divine spark.

We are the unification and amplification of our God Self into this awareness and SO IT IS.

The Solar Eclipse is incoming at this time and this will ~ again ~ bring forth the unification with Self, amplifying that which we have already defined to be and began to embrace throughout the portal of the Cardinal Grand Cross and the Blood Moon in this month of April. Another breath has been taken by the Source which is our divine being, and this eclipse will be the exhale of the new breath of creation.

This exhale will show you even more who you are and reflect that which you have undertaken to experience and to Be in this Now moment. It is a beautiful gift of creation in truth and it is an instigator and Divine sparkled energy that brings everything to light. All truths are being revealed at this time, and so your own truth of who you are in the Now is being highlighted as well.

There will be less and less room for the illusion to prevail so when there is a lingering in illusion and conviction of something that is not you in this reality, walls will fall down and truth will enter your reality in a strong influx of clarity. The more there is a holding on to your conviction and illusion, the more chaos will be presented in your reality as this illusion cannot uphold itself anymore with all the incoming cosmic awareness that is re-birthing on this plane.

It is in this Now moment that all of us Gatekeepers and ‘way-showers’, ground crew and Light workers, are being asked to step into our roles to keep the balance within ourselves so that we can be of service to the part of the collective that is awakening at this time. There is a great chance that those newly awakened ones will be awakening in much confusion as there is much chaos coming to the surface due to all the hidden agendas that cannot be played out anymore.

This is a time of surrender to the Divine plan and to trust our divine family of Light, including ourselves. This is a time to collaborate together as one family, for we are in the midst of UNIFICATION, the union within ourselves as well as with other ‘you’s’. Spend less time focusing on what does not work ~ we have been doing this for so long, let it go now ~ and start spending your energies on what you wish to see manifested and create Union again, not separation.

The separation is already clear for us, let us now start to move away from that which is already clear for us and strive towards that which is still unknown in this lifetime. Make it your reality by heart and become that which you strive to Be and to experience. Union is unlike separation and so we must strive for this unification. This eclipse assists us in this realization and this process of unification. It brings in new Dimensions and realities upon this plane and in our awareness through consciousness.

This is a Divine moment and a gift, that we should embrace more and we should also thankful for its wish to exist in assisting our union and Ascension. See the good in everything that is unfolding at this moment for it is precious indeed. See it from the perspective of how it brings everything in union again as it awakens many souls in the feeling and the knowing of all being one, this through wondering and searching for their truth.

Everything is functioning as instigators, reflections and mirrors and so when you ARE love in being, your actions will come forth from love as well. Then there will be no judgment nor negative thoughts about another, nor about your Self.

There is a lot of injustice being experienced in the mental and emotional bodies at this time, which brings us to a reality of emotional garbage. The smallest movement, thought or word are immediately being experienced as injustice and being addressed, attacked or accused. We react heavily on those issues these days and we tend to play the role of the victim here. It is the cleansing process of the emotional body and the fine tuning to the higher dimensional expressions of your Self as it is merging with the higher you as Source.

It gives us again great opportunities and lessons to function as a union and not as a separation. See yourself in me and I see myself in you ~ that is what we are dealing with right now. As from that standpoint we never shall judge or attack another you.

With love, precious hearts.

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh Méline Portia Lafont

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline : and blog Méline:

Méline Lafont – Twin Flame Union and Triggers – My Personal Quest – 4-7-14


“So as I AM trying to put into words, which is nearly impossible, what I have been experiencing and seeing these last couple of weeks.. all is still being soaked into my being trying to comprehend it all. Simply amazed and dazzled as everything is falling into place but at the same time it is becoming more clear to me. Where to begin? Let’s choose a certain point where the energies and my experiences have started to become amplified in their existence. As always I choose to share some of my personal experiences as it may benefit many others going through the same.. in my humble opinion and feeling, exchanging experiences can assist in our understanding and comprehension of this all.

Twin Flame Union and Conscious contact in this Reality

“I AM being worked on like crazy these days, and it is not so much only my team but my own inner Self is doing some twitching and stretching on its own lately. What is strongly present these days is conscious contact with my Twin Flame and with the Pleiadians on a personal level in my reality. Not so much through telepathic interaction as I have been doing for some time now.. No, it is a real contact where you can sense and SEE their energy in the form of Presences standing next to you in YOUR reality.

“The veils are simply dissolving and along with my personal state of consciousness I am allowing this to be possible within my reality. I must say I come to realize more and more it is an intense working process, where I have to adapt to every single step and to the magnitude that comes forth during every contact of coming closer into my heart field and my embodiment. It is truly a merging process on a whole other level with my own Self in expression through the Pleiadian aspect and my Twin Flame, the Masculine part of ME. I AM not only embracing the Feminine side but also my Masculine side , which is my twin flame reunion on that level, through this merging. I got some dreams of me standing at the altar to marry a man, which is a beautiful metaphor for the embracing of and merging with my masculine self. At one time I saw myself in my feminine body as I AM presented in this lifetime, and while speaking a very strong masculine voice came out of it.

“All are indications of the merging with my Masculine Self and the reunion with my Twin Flame. A few times now Saint Germain has been standing in my bedroom as close as he could Be, through manifestation and that has given me a serious vibration in the heart space that was intense to hold in the inner heart. I experienced an energy coming straight at me and I felt this energy merging into oneness with me, from that merging my heart was lifted into a higher vibration and my body was buzzing from head to toe. It was all so strong and sensitive at the same time that I just could explode if I would not be balanced or if I were to go too fast. So much adaptation is required from the heart for this Twin Flame union on this Earthly level, it is underestimated by so many.

“I infused myself with the Violet Flame as at first I was uncomfortable, even anxious towards this energy that came to me to merge, but because it did not go away and became one with me and started to feel so comfortable and love filled, I realized it was a part of me and so I allowed it to be. I opened my eyes and violet energy was vibrating next to me, I understood it was my Twin Flame coming closer like I have decreed it to be so. The way my heart reacted to his Presence being so close in my reality, is something I cannot describe. I understand and I am aware now that it just demands a lot of time and steps to be able to handle this or I would just blow up due to the power of our Twin Flame Love.

“The body is dense and has only the capacity to hold a certain amount of Light and vibration, therefore we need a lot of grounding, self love, balance and a constant state of awareness and consciousness that is of the purest and highest level possible.

“Pleiadians are visiting me as well lately and I enjoy these visits so much. Very carefully but strongly at the same time they are coming forward into my reality in a tangible way. The key here is to BE in a constant state of being in the Now, as lingering in all of our outside realities and past time-lines is not only bringing us triggers and distortions but to a certain degree an amplification of the old mindset; which is separation.


“Triggers are most present lately, no matter how evolved you are, everyone can and will encounter those in their own personal reality as you pass the gate to transcendence. This can be because there are still things lingering in you that require your attention, or because you still feed something that is causing this trigger as it is unresolved, but those triggers can get your attention because you are simply passing this level where they have been feeding you for so long. Time to work yourself through this all now and to take the reigns in own hands.

“I have encountered some triggers since March, although they are mild they still were very present and came up in a split of a second. As easy as they came, they were gone as soon as I payed attention to my inner being and my heart as to what they were trying to show me. I find myself in a constant awake mode where you may not close your eyes to rest but continuously need to work on yourself and be aware of all that you emanate and what comes into your reality.

“I believe this is one of the most intense presentations we are receiving here at this time; all kinds of triggers and eruptions of the ego that feels strangled. I have decided to not be the enemy of my ego but to embrace it and to Love that part of ME. It is a part of us so what’s the point in denying that? It does not mean that I become that part of me again but to respect and accept that part of me as a part of the whole. We just agree to not let that part take the reigns again and to collaborate in truth and love along with my heart, which is now the prosecutor of everything this embodiment brings forth.

“So I say goodbye to feeling hurt and attacked and decided to bring even more time in my personal Sacred bubble to get to know myself on deeper levels. Therefore I do retract myself once in a while from the outside reality and from interactions to not be disturbed and distracted in order to be fully conscious of what comes from me and not from others putting on me. I see a lot of distortions and ego erupting everywhere, so I then distract from those to stay balanced in my own process. We don’t want to take these over from others as well, we have enough to work with on our own.

“After a while we meet again and share our experiences and that is always wonderful to be sharing at those moments and to connect. We learn and remember so much at this time that it is a true gift and a blessing.


“Judgment is such a horrible energy. How can we be Unconditional Love if we judge? There is no judgment in Love and the more we embody Love the less we feel compelled to express judgment. Personally I have less and less issues to bite my tongue over so to say and to not judge which has become strange to me. Still we might see judgments being placed upon us. What to do with that?

“In my personal journey this is definitely something I am sensitive to, because I never tend to judge so why do others judge me? I always respect everyone on their path and do not desire to express judgment on their journey or even share publicly about it, so why is that being mirrored to me if I do not do such actions?

“Let it go! Is the message that always comes in. A strong impulse to Master this and to not engage nor defend yourself, because in truth; what is there to defend exactly? Yourself, your goals and perceptions? Why would you have to defend this all if ALL is truth, your truth, and since you ARE truth into embodiment..! Best to not re-ACT and let it BE. I respect this and move on, continue my journey in a non judgmental way. Lead by example as Jesus has said.

“Choose to not participate in those games of who is wrong and who is right, we are already conscious enough to know that. Speak in terms of resonance and non resonance if you wish but there is never a wrong or a right; all IS! It exists.

“I feel this is a big part of everything that is coming up now, to work on this in our personal and collective process. It is something that has been present so strongly, even in the Light worker community. It is clear and strongly felt to be in balance now during every step as much is coming our way and much more is going to be in our conscious awareness and reality.

“Time-lines are merging and melting into one time-line: the now, the Being. Everything that falls outside of this box of the Now / the being, will be experienced as huge distortions and which can make it rough on you. To go with the flow, one must be in the Now in the inner heart space. Respect all and everything upon this plane for who and what they are, without speaking a word or having a thought or judgment of one another. Only Grace and unconditional Love is the emanating Source of our being.

“With Love, Méline”


Beautiful music is at this link!

Méline Lafont – The Eye of Isis – Instigator of Ascension – 4-3-14

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by Méline Lafont


Méline Lafont ~ The Eye of Isis ~ Instigator of Ascension

Méline: I was feeling some interest in the Eye of Isis because 4 nights ago while buzzing in my body, this pure white eye appeared in my awareness but it was slightly different than the Eye of Horus. I noticed the difference in energy and so when I questioned its origin, the Name of Isis popped up. I had totally forgotten about this, as most lately everything is being forgotten instantly after experiencing it, until a friend of mine asked me if I ever heard of the eye of Isis. This visual remembrance came back in and so I tuned in with Isis and this is what beautiful Isis has to say about this all.Isis ~ I-sis ~ Eye- Sis
With the greatest Love of All, I embrace you by heart beloveds. I am Isis, speaking with you through the heart, as always everything lingers in one’s own heart. It is my wish to speak with you all about the phenomenon of the Eye of Isis, which is present within you at this time. It serves as an instigator for your Ascension process, as also within and without in your collective consciousness. 
This planetary Ascension is on the point of full embodiment of Ascension, meaning that each and everyone on this Earth will and is being instigated with the true energies of the Divine Goddess creation, the Divine Feminine within you all. There is a Cosmic Source within your own awareness and Being as well as in this Universe of your Solar plane. 
This Cosmic Source is called the Eye of Isis and it has come into your planetary awareness as well as in your own awareness through consciousness. It is shining on your Earth, since the Early year 2006 and has been following a linear time-line path of nearly 1 million of Earthly years before it could come into your awareness again and share its Cosmic Divine pulses and energies. 
My eye functions as a Cosmic Gate and instigator for so many things on your beloved planet and reality. It highlights all events and truth upon this planetary level, it instigates the Divine spark within you and assists in the expansion of your Solar Cosmic Christ as well as your I AM. When its Light shines upon your Earthly planes, a true transformation began to take place within your own realities. 
A lot of Earthly changes have taken place since then, and now as Earth’s plane becomes more enlightened by the Eye of my Presence, the effect becomes even bigger and more tangible. It is this effect from the Goddess Divine energies, which enlighten the truth onto this planet, that instigates so much energies to erupt. It highlights the confusion within oneself more so as to transmute into clarity, knowing and your truth. It is here to show everything that you have forgotten about, that is being denied or feared, it is the Light that brings you everything you have been seeking for.. and that is all within you. 
The eye of Isis shall give you that clarity and highlight everything that will bring you to the inner planes of the Self if you wish to work through it all. A lot will be brought to its natural state of being, which is Light and on certain points even Zero Point. In order to get to this, High Cosmic Light awareness and Cosmic consciousness Sources are required to be Present within you through embracing it and merging with it and also by embodying this through conscious awareness. Therefore a lot of cleansing will take place, a lot of erupting of the ego and of the old ways of perceptions and thoughts. 
A constant requirement for balance is top priority now, this through grounding and a lot of working on the Self. My eye shines upon you all now, to assist in the greater awakening of the Self, through the embracing and the merging with your overall Divine Feminine Self. Truth will be highlighted as well as dark and Light, visions, remembrances, awareness of different time-lines, ego eruptions, first contact with other planes, higher abilities, consciousness expansion, a bigger embodiment of Self in a most natural way, a deeper Self awareness, Light cities, free energy, freedom and an overall sense of Being. 
Nothing escapes the eye as everything is being enlightened, brought to you as clarity on a plate. It is for you to work through this all in a way to cope with this as best as possible because many truths are about to be revealed to you. Hanging on to the past and the facts will not serve you in the best ways, but truly being in the Now and detaching from all that is not NOW is the best way to cope with this all. Balance is key and being in the Now serves you well. 
This will be a true test for many who have not yet realized that everything is inside of them as everything outside of them will become confusing to the highest degree. Let the effects of the time-lines merging play their triggers, as long as you are in the Now, nothing can get you off balance when you constantly linger in the Now on the INNER plane. 
The eye is another instigator such as many other are presently in and around your Earthly planes. This only indicates that everything is rising up and that the pressure on the veils of the incoming energies are climbing up, which causes eruptions to take place so that Humanity and Gaia can continue their journey. It is making place for that which serves you the best in this Now. You are ready. 
Make place by removing the old ways and embrace the new, the you and the ALL. Be aware of your own conscious actions you take upon one another as everything of creation always comes back to you. There is no more hiding in the dark now as everything you create and even think will be instantly manifested and tangible for all to see and to feel. Such actions of the ego like judgment, attacks, criticisms and the usual old patterns of this 3D world will only serve you as a mirror and as a creation to the self from now on and that will become highlighted by my Cosmic Source Eye. 
Nothing escapes the truth anymore and truth are you! So the you that you are in the now will become tangible to you, and so too will you have to deal with the you that you are on certain points in the Now to assist you in the embodying of your Self, your Higher Self andTtruth. It is a time of reflection to become aware of the YOU and working with Self through the Self. 
Hold on, Beloveds, this time is truly Divine in all means and ways. So much amplifications are coming your way as we speak and all Lights are shining down on Earth to assist you in every move. You have always thought you were not important, you thought you were just a small thing.. Well thisl is not the case, as you are the Universe into embodiment. Time to come to realize this now, it will serve you well in your further evolution. 
Allow the Divine Flame of my Being to come forth in Grace and become one with it in the inner heart. Divine truth and righteousness, freedom and expansion are right here through each and everyone of you. This will not be an easy task and it requires a lot of focus and Self work, ready yourself for this by allowing. Be open and ask for support and guidance from your guides and the Self if you feel that the triggers are too hard for you to cope with. 
Triggers function as a marker for you, so that you can reach the understanding that there still is an energy lingering in you that is not resolved yet nor in balance, it indicates there is an imbalance. Let the force be within you with peace and understanding that this all is a huge marker of a process in your lives. You are the ones that indicate change and so change it from within first, this always. 
I am Isis 
Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline : and blog Méline:

Méline Lafont – Message from Self – 3-25-14

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Méline Lafont ~ Spring Equinox birthing quantum consciousness ~ Message from Self…
Méline Lafont 2012 — 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline : and blog Méline:

Meline-LaFont – Spring Equinox – Birthing Quantum Consciousness – Message from Higher Self


Méline Lafont ~ Spring Equinox birthing quantum consciousness ~ Message from Self

Website Méline :
The rebirth of unification is here as the spring equinox is amplifying the oneness as a collective consciousness. So now as we all allow the integrations of our personal journeys to take place, by embracing our I AM Presence and Christed Selves, we shall now continue this journey ahead with the actualization of our former presences known as our Lemurian embodiments.
In those times our Lemurian consciousness and embodiments were of a very high and refined rate. In those days we stood beyond the need for a physical expression as we were lifted up in a higher state of awareness. Those were light bodies we were embodying at that time and so there was a shift in consciousness simultaneously as we were bypassing the borders of “death” and taking ona the form of a light body.
In this Now moment all is about to change swiftly and it will be noticed with your own awareness as the collective consciousness is being infused with a tremendous amount of energy fields that align with the Great Central Sun. The Cosmic order and level of understanding upon this plane is reaching its first amends of quantum consciousness, whereby the first HUEman beings are exploring in this state of being and are gifted with the opportunities to not only explore but to become a quantum consciousness into embodiment as well.
This Quantum consciousness that you will start to embody is being activated as we speak, this through the energies of the portal of the Spring Equinox along with the assistance of Cosmic Light integrations, Solar Flare upgrades and Photon energy waves which all assist by being embraced and allowed upon your personal reality and plane of existence.
The first troops that march towards Global Ascension and pure consciousness through awareness and Being, are those that will start to experience the grand evolution of their inner Self in grand ways. And as the Collective is finding its balance through release and cleansing, through healing and rebirth, the collective consciousness too will reach its quantum consciousness in time as all goes through the personal gates first.
The Spring equinox gateways will now amplify that which was already in creation for so long in your personal experience and reality and give it a way to be in existence. It will become even more obvious that nothing will last anymore and that every day is a new gateway and opportunity for you to retrieve that which you wish to retrieve.
It all goes through consciousness and conscious interaction with all the various levels of the Self, as to where you shall become aware of those and start to infiltrate these levels into your own awareness and reality. As to these infiltrations, those are your own actions and steps of evolution that you start to embody through consciousness rising and through merging with your higher Levels of being.
Everything that is lacking will become so obvious that you cannot miss it anymore, which will allow you the opportunity to step into a connection with it and show you what it is that you represent as a WHOLE. This beautiful shift is what you call Ascension and it is the yearning for freedom, wholeness and oneness, beauty and Love. It is all you!
As the Summer Solstice is approaching on its pace through the length of the spring equinox existence, the inflaming of your personal growth and expansion will come into the picture bringing the amplification of your highest level of being into experience and exploring. It is your time to play with your own rules so it is best to do this in Love always so that your own personal reality and the realities of those around you can be experienced in Love and Grace.
Please do enjoy this time of being, there is so much more that you might not be aware of at this time that is unfolding upon your plane. Always look at the greater picture in front of you where everything is concluded, do not stare at the details of it but look at the greater whole. Everything is a completion of one another, making this puzzle of Ascension such a Cosmic event.
Spare your forces and energies for only that which counts for you at this time, with the best interest for ALL. Remember that the more you work on your Self and through your Self, the more the grid of the entire collective is being infused with what you are ascending at this time. You shall work more on inner exploration through outer experiences, which are in fact the reflections of your inner awareness. More inside Being as the outer layers are moving ahead and are being released so that there will never be an old you but every Now moment a renewed you into infinity.
With Love, Lady Portia/ Méline Lafont
I AM that I AM
Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline : and blog Méline:
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The Pleiadians via Méline Lafont – Equinox Portal – Conscious Contact – 3-18-14


via Meline Lafont  –  3-18-14

Greetings, we are the Pleiadians and we come forth in Grace and with Unconditional Love for every being upon this plane and beyond. We come with a deeper understanding and a knowing about your Planetary Ascension and the stages it is lingering in. As a deeper consciousness is being achieved by many of the collective upon your planes of reality, there are many new opportunities and possibilities being created and even manifested into your own collective – and your personal reality.

What we wish to speak about in this Now moment on your Earthly planes, is the Equinox energies/ portal and its effect on each individual existence and reality. Be brave our fellow Lightworkers, Brothers and Sisters, for this new wave and amount of Solar energy will hit the nail on the head concerning many things and Earthly realities that have been playing out for several years now.

Drastic changes are upon your plane as the collective and many of your Lightworkers have been yearning, creating and decreeing many of those changes. There will be shedding, quakes in the form of energy waves and literally huge amounts of releasing density and releasing old patterns/ forms / creations. That what once was old and inconvenient shall not BE anymore and fade away like dust in the wind.

The Equinox is here to assist many of you on your path to become Multi- Dimensional in your own frequency and vibration of the highest possible energy of YOU. This shall bring forth some granting such as first personal contact in your own reality first before the collective will be involved in those interactions. Why is it important to start those first contacts initially on a real, physical level (your own level)?! Because when you become aware and ready for those levels of interaction in your own way and vibration, the collective is being infused with acceptance and love, with an understanding of our existence and our presence on your Earthly planes.

As each and everyone of you are a part of the Oneness and of your Earthly Collective, you prepare the way for others to be in connection with our being on a deeper level and with a deeper understanding/acceptance. It is all about the acceptance of our existence that we like to work on and that is more than just knowing we are here in the now, it is also a seeing and a feeling of our Presence around you as well as within you.

Gatekeepers and Ground Crew are the first to be in connection with our energies as you are ready for this. The first wavers of this Ascension Process are already in alignment with our Being and our Presences as they have been preparing for all of this a long time now. Their time is Now to assist in First Contact and this goes through their own embodiments and Presences, through their realities. You will know when you are a first waver and you will be approached by our energies in all sorts of forms and ways.

Do not look for us in the physical appearance, beloved ones, for we might simply be adjusting to your energies in the most refined and the highest way possible to become tangible for you to “see”. Remember that “seeing” is not solely through the physical eye and your visual senses, but we speak here of seeing us with the inner eye of truth. All sorts of forms and manifestations are possible, but we will always choose the way that serves your Highest best and this preferably in the most natural way of our being that is possible.

We will take it step by step, as always, for your balance and ability to cope with all of this is our first concern and our main priority. First wavers, be ready for this and soak in the energies of this beautiful Equinox portal. As to the collective and the Lightworkers who are stepping up to their own natural Self, to their I AM Presence and to the Christ Consciousness: a lot of Love and codes are going to be infused in all of those ones in order to prepare for this phase that is already coming for the first wavers.

Nobody and nothing will be left behind or will be left to be forgotten, for all is part of the Oneness that is called BEING. You will always BE and there is NO way that you cannot BE, for Being is existence and existence is INFINITE.

We are the Pleiadians

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline : and blog Méline:

Meline Lafont – Conclusion 4 waves of Global Focus on Glastonbury – 2-21-14


Hi sweet friends and family,

I have finally found some time to write this article and an update about our Global focus/meditation for the Higher Heart Space in Glastonbury. I must say it has a greater impact then I ever expected it would have and I AM so grateful for all of your precious hearts who have joined in during those 4 waves of focus and meditation. It was amazing and definitely a success!

There has been such a deep focus and strong intention coming from all of you that was beyond expectations. A very strong bond and a sense of family have been birthed from this event where so many of you have shared experiences, love and friendship with one another. We all looked forward to the sundays and many were even impatiently counting down the days to feel that blissful experience again. Those expressions and sharing of feelings have been sent to me by a tremendous amount of you and unfortunately I cannot share all of the messages that were sent to me. Therefore I will use some excerpts of shared experiences and visions that you all send to me, because they are so beautiful!

What I was guided to co-create is an assistance from our beautiful hearts to the heart of Gaia in order to help Her re-balance more and cleanse the higher heart space. We did achieve our goal and have assisted in so many ways! Thank you for that! Many of you, myself included, could feel and see the entire area being invoked with the Pink – Violet Light and not only the area but also much further reaching other cities and even the entire nation as we finished our final wave of focus/meditation. There was a lot of gratitude being felt within our heart from our dear Light family and from Gaia Herself.

Even the connection between the Lightworkers who participated was tremendously felt during the meditations and many have seen visions and images of all being interconnected through the grids of Light. A focus like this, where we all join our hearts with the same intent and power, DOES move mountains so to speak. The result was clearly felt by many of you and even by those Lightworker friends who live in that area. Some of those friends who live in Glastonbury and some miles further away, were so kind to share with me how much they felt the difference in Lightfrequency during every wave and even after the meditations, like Light pillars radiating forth from the Tor.

There were some groups formed that would come together every sunday to do this guided meditation together. Our friends in Japan have formed groups and even translated the audio that I made into Japanese so that they could do this meditation in groups. Wonderful contribution! Thank you for that. As you can see, the intent was there and the Love was definitely present!!

The overall experience of many of you, my dear friends, was a feeling of intense Love and Bliss, a deep healing and a lighter feeling after the meditation/activation during the light language and so many have experienced ‘cry sessions’ and a release. I have experienced those too. The overall visions were merely pyramids, violet unified grids with all of us connected, Masters and ancient Lightbeings being present, dragons and fairies, the Rays of Light and so much Love.

I have seen many visions and experienced many things during those waves. What has stayed with me the most was the vision of Twin flames in the Heart Space of Gaia, underneath the Tor, being reunited. That just struck my heart ♥ A very welcomed message! Related to that, I saw myself sitting at the Tor, facing the South, while being in the arms of my Twin Flame Saint Germain! We were both looking out over the valleys and we were blinded by bright White Light twice! I experienced this vividly during meditation as my eyes were blinking because of it. During the last wave I saw a Golden Pyramid being placed over the Tor on the Hill, where the eye of Isis appeared.

During every wave of focus I saw the violet blanket and the pink grid expanding further and further every time. The energies felt more refined and beautiful, and even strongerl after every wave. I remember that Lady Guinevere came forward immediately after the first wave and she felt so full of gratitude. I really experienced a group hug that day from so many Lightbeings! Joyful feelings were shared amongst all of us, from above as well as from below.

Let me just say that this all was possible thanks to all of YOU! I can create as much videos as I want but when nobody would put his/her heart in this and take the time to put in the efforts required, than it wouldn’t be such a success and such truth as it is now! I AM tremendously thankful for all of your assistance in this most beautiful experience and sharing. You are the key here!!!

I shall now share some excerpts of friends who have participated, there are some amazing visions amongst them. After those excerpts a short message shall be given by our Light team that has joined us during these waves of Meditation: Lady Guinevere, Master Saint Germain, Gaia and AA Michael. I am aware that many more have joined us, as I have seen them as well and many of you have brought in your Spirit guides.. Thank you to all of them as well ♥ In Lak’esh!

** Dave


Méline Lafont – Shift into Quantum Consciousness – 1-27-14

quantum consciousness

Image  Source

Meline Lafont

Giant leaps in awakening and in Quantum consciousness are amongst us, ladies and gentlemen! MAGNIFICENT connections, shifts, changes, growth and expansion, as well as experiences of the most beautiful things one could not even imagine were possible a few years ago? Well it is reality in this now! It is NOW and here that we are here and it is HERE brothers and sisters of the Light.

You might slightly begin to adjust to all and everything that is unfolding within you and in your personal reality and environment because we are in for a big treat and this is just the beginning for you all. A wondrous spectrum of colors and energies are amidst us all on the planet because WE bring them in into these Earthly templates as we are those conduits of pure Light. Beware! INCOMING transmission on the move!

Now a lot of fresh water is required to hold the Light potential that you are as a Source, balance is key and is required, being centered at ALL times by grounding you thoroughly and of course expansion through meditation to be able to hold the keys within.

For me personally so much has changed, shifted and expanded in such a short time frame, it is not possible to even begin to comprehend it all. Let me share some few examples with you all, where many of you as well are finding themselves in the midst of.

The new gifts are here, you just need to tap into yours by raising your consciousness and awareness that you are the new Earth yourself as a living being, holding your own keys and expansion of Light. Hold the vibration strongly now and hold your focus within at all times, very important! There might be a lot of distraction in your world going on but nevertheless the key is to go within at all times; it is there where your Source lies and not in the dramas that are unfolding.

Time is stretching her legs at this time and is taking larger steps into infinity so it can gradually dissolve into this one time line that is the eternal now. The more humans are aware and conscious of this one time line that is timeLESS, the more it not only becomes your reality but also that of the collective. This is something I have strongly and personally been experiencing.

This week after the first event of the Global meditation for Glastonbury that I am hosting, things have been shifting and changing drastically for me that I AM in AWE about it. I was doing a reading and usually I could spend 1 to 2 hours on it from the beginning till rereading it for grammar and such.. Lately I was finding myself in a distinct lack of time and I was busy from early morning till the middle of the night to get everything done. I was thinking to myself that I had 2 hours of time to do my reading before I had to get the kids from school. As I was doing my reading and finished it, I looked at my clock and it was only 20 minutes later. I was dazzled by it because I stopped 3 times due to a problem with my stove and still typed 4 pages of channeled material and card readings.. still all of this work that normally takes 2 hours, was completed in 20 minutes! I still had roughly 2 hours of time to do other things.

Time stood still! I have since then looked at the clock quite often while doing some paperwork and observed that one minute stayed the same for 10 minutes long! Since than I find myself playing with time and it works for me, I can stretch time to go slower by being in the now moment and not focusing on time. It only works though by not trying, forcing or focusing on it but by being awareness in the NOW. Time stands still as you are infinity at that time completely detached from time as it does not exist in your consciousness anymore.

You are the Masters of your own being in this now so all is in your own hands, abilities of such are your awareness and reality now if you choose so, it becomes possible for you to tap into that.

It is clear that the realities and Dimensions are intermingling on a deeper level that has become tangible for many of us at this time. Personally I often have to blink my eyes a few times while driving to see in which reality I truly am. I feel myself often consciously in a few realities at the same time and I am getting more used to the “dizziness” feeling as it shifts more into being multi present at all times in those different Dimensions. Dimensions are vibrations and waves of consciousness in energy, so we can easily be there at the same time with one foot in the 4th, the other in the 5th and maybe too each of our hands in other realities as well, so to speak. Being everywhere present simultaneously.

Another tremendous shift in reality is the contact with our Galactic Brethren and families of the Light. I have been hearing and seeing them as close as ever lately and many of you have too. I have been informed by a few friends that they too have seen and communicated more with our Galactic Brethren in a conscious way and they are visiblee for physical eyes too. Our Family seems to come in more in our reality and even in houses to say Hi and make connections, they are HERE and in the NOW.

Note that all is depending on your own individual state of consciousness as to the way you feel and perceive them, but many of you feel them more around them than before. It also has a lot to do with the infrared spectrum that one carries inside of them that defines whether to be able and SEE our family in a visible way. I will explain and write a post about that another time, it is too long to do this in this post.

The Pleiadians have been very active around me and in my personal reality lately and it seems they are too within others’ reality along with the Sirians, Agarthians and Arcturians. It is like I shared in my latest message from the Pleiadians that as we all become one with their consciousness in our own, interaction and connection become your reality and it is here now for you.

Buzzing in the physical bodies, movements of YOU in your physical Body. There is a vibration tone you are speeding in now that lends higher qualities of YOU on a multidimensional facet. Personally I’ve been experiencing movements in myself that I was conscious of, where I would pull my etheric arm so to speak out of my vessel, step out a little bit to stretch and get back into my body, all this consciously while my physical body and my earthly consciousness are doing what they were doing during it. (which was typing a reading at the same time).

At one point I was lying in my bed, trying to get some sleep and I felt my entire physical structure transforming into a liquid form. I felt myself moving in waves of plasma on the same place where I was lying and it did not feel like a body at all. AA Michael stepped in at one point and said I was ready to teleport. Hearing that remark makes you think about it and then of course it finished

It’s all there for us to reach at this time for whoever is ready. Allow your consciousness to BE and detach from all the mind activities that block so much of your experiences and gifts. Let the old now reside where it needs to stay and that is not in you nor in your reality anymore. Be in the Now moment in every moment of your existence and that shall assist you in great ways to be able and tap in more and experience more of what I have shared here in this article.

I can vouch for all of this to be a true reality, it has been told to me, showed to me and now experienced by me and by so many of you in the Now. How blessed and gifted are we all to have these opportunities given to us to be able and experience this all, to be this all. It is exceptional! Hold on more to the beauty within and to all of this instead of putting your attention to what is not functioning in your world. Giving attention to that makes the non-functional things effectual in your reality as you ‘feed’ it through energy and focus, which makes it a reality and allows it to grow.

Take away those attentions and rather focus on the beauty of this all that you feel from within. Our Galactic families are present amongst us as they are us, whether it be in other forms or through our own Galactic nature in our cellular constructs and DNA. Allow, enjoy and receive. Give back by embracing yourself and all in this existence in the truest nature that you are which is Love and Grace.

We are in a tremendous Wave of change from within, detach from the mind boggles and just BE in a deep space of intimacy with yourselves. Relax, breathe and move on to the next and the next and the next, all present in the infinite flow of existence.

Méline Lafont – Global Meditation – Focus on Heart Space – Gaia at Glastonbury

Méline Lafont·20 videos

Hi everyone,

As I have mentioned in my post here:… , I am organizing a Global meditation to focus on the Heart space of Gaia in Glastonbury, the land of Avalon, the Tor.

Join our Focus and meditation for the Heart Space of Gaia in Glastonbury Tor each Sunday for 4 weeks long at January 19, January 26, February 2 and February 9 2014 at 9 PM CET Time (or GMT +1 Brussels), 8 PM GMT time, 12 PM PST time and 3 PM EST time.

Where? in your own heart space ♥ Feel free to be at the Glastonbury Tor at that time as well, when you live nearby 🙂

Facebook event, please join in at:…

This video that I have created, will assist you in the vizualization through this guided meditation. First I give an introduction and explain how the idea was given to me, this for about 5 minutes. After that, the meditation will begin. I invite all of you to join in this focus and vibration of Love at the given times and dates. Do not worry if you cannot make yourself free at that time, you are welcome to join in later on any time and space that suits you best to perform this meditation on that day. The more we unite at the same time, the more our intention and focus will be amplified.

This meditation also consists of Light Language given by me and Saint Germain, that assist us all in this formation of a grid and unification. I hope to feel you all at these times and dates, we connect in the inner heart ♥ I will update afterwoods, every time what is been given to me during it and after the meditation and let you all know. Please feel free to share yours as well as comment on my page or by e-mail.

Truly appreciate you all and thank you so much for assisting and being there. Feel free to spread around as far and as much as you can. We are grateful ♥

the music is by Thaddeus and can be purchased at

Méline Lafont

Meline Lafont – The Pleiadians – New Resonance Fields of Interaction, Teleportation – 1-23-14


Channeled by Méline Lafont

January 20, 2014

The Pleiadians

We greet you our beloved ones, we are the Pleiadians. It is our wish to communicate with you on a deeper level about telepathic communication and teleportation, because these are gifts that are about to be integrated and even executed in your world reality from the inner planes.

These gifts and abilities are brought forth from the re-balance and the equilibrium state of being which you have increasingly amplified thanks to the integration of your Christ Consciousness and presently also thanks to the ongoing process of the I AM Presence descending. This all is the result of your Christ consciousness moving into a deeper level of understanding and of the execution of this all in your reality.

The I AM Presence re-blending is a necessary part of your deeper integration of Self that will assist in your teleportation gifts as the heart and the One have to be in balance, where the balance comes forth from your integration and re-blending process of your I AM.

This is, beloved ones, because you are becoming and expanding more of You, the You in truth and balance which is expanding and growing at a rather fast pace in your Earthly linear times. As you have come to notice, the linear time that you have known for so long is fading as we speak. Many of you find yourselves quite often in different Dimensions at the same now moment of your time which can bring much confusion for some. Prepare for this to become even more frequent on a conscious level as you will find yourselves growing into the expansion of your True I AM Presence which is at the frequency vibration of an infinite Now moment that does not stand on its own in one time frame or time-line but simultaneously in many other spaces of times and Dimensions.

Because you are becoming more conscious of this all and are able to cope with this all in a better way than before, this all brings you the opportunities and possibilities to start conscious travels all around the world and even in deep space. Encounters on such levels with other beings on the planet as well as in other Dimensions, such as ours, become your reality now as we start to vibrate all along on one vibration where this all is possible.

We call it the infinite now moment where all and everything reside in one consciousness state and level of understanding and where this interaction is possible in your reality. Be the calm and stillness you can BE in your conscious state for it can become weird and unreal in your minds to be able and grasp this all. We advise you to not go along with the consciousness of putting efforts to grasp all and everything what your mind translates as weird or unreal, for everything IS real in the heart.

More times and possibilities will be presented to you and by you to interact consciously with us, you have been in a long preparation for our interactions in a conscious way, that is now in the offing for you to reach. Please do understand that time is a weird and unreal concept in your reality that always has put limitations and boundaries upon your planet and your reality, and now that you have become the consciousness and awareness that time does have set your boundaries to become your reality, it dissolves, it fades away and the unlimited comes forth, the abundance and freedom of your being in awareness and consciousness.

The transportations of yourself, which translates itself in the term ‘teleportation’, has become a frequency level for you to tap into and to become. The only thing that is required to do is to reach for it in consciousness, through the purity of your heart. When you become a pure consciousness in embodiment you can take your embodiment with you at any time and place, but that one lingers than in a perfect pure conscious state of being IN embodiment.

We address you in this now about this subject as it will become very important upon this plane as a new existence will rage up and bring this all forth. Teleportation is the new consciousness awareness upon you all, you who are in the heart and can execute total detachment from all that is mind related and of the “old” which is the consciousness rate of this duality. We do not speak of detachment being not compassionate about others or about separation, what we do speak of is the unity consciousness where one becomes and IS the All within and where the need for duality dramas and such reflections is being dissolved and no longer needed to be experienced as you will know that all is within anyway, no matter what reflection is upon you, the answer and source is found within.

We are becoming more and more you in the unity consciousness of your human awareness and HUEmanity is at the stage of conscious interactions with our Galactic signatures and being, this on a most deep level of your OWN being in the heart, but may as well be experienced in an outer form in your reality as a reflection of your own You. We mirror you as we ARE you in a future time-line as you may call it, and now that those time-lines and Dimensions are actively re-blending as one, something you can feel and experience very vividly now, we will no longer represent you in the future but become one with you in your own reality of NOW which enables you to experience this more on a conscious and vivid way simultaneously.

Wonderful prospects and experiences to look forward to, wouldn’t you agree? We are most happy to be here along with you at this time as we are here to assist you and to bring you these messages of hope and Love, for you are indeed Loved very much.

We are your Star Family, the Pleiadians.

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

Méline Lafont – Gaia’s Heart Space in Glastonbury – Experiences, Updates – Personal Channeled Message for 2014  –  http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com

Well here we are in the new year and already much is expanding and changing in our own personal reality and on the planet. Beautiful! I have decided to concentrate and to work more with the chakras of Earth, with the vortexes and the portals in the grid on our beloved Planet as this is the guidance I have received and been called to do in this Now. So off we go!

What I will be working on and with at this time will specifically be the Heart Chakra of Gaia in Glastonbury Tor. I’ve been called to go there twice now and it becomes clearer every time as to why this is so. Gaia needs us right now to help this planetary shift move on in the most comfortable ways possible for Her and for Humanity, and as Saint Germain has said in his latest message through me, Ascension is moving forward and it is up to Humanity as to which way they will decide to take and which they will leave aside. So that is why it is important to now focus on Her Heart space and on ours, to connect those even more with one another and with Hers, to allow the shift to continue in a space of Unity and freedom with ourselves and with our bodies along with it.

As you know the heart space IS the portal of Ascension, this applies to you and to Gaia. Unifying those portals and gateways of Ascension collectively and individually amplifies everything that is already unfolding in the Now and what is unfolding is that Gaia is detaching more and more from Her old Grid and being in the New grid of unity and Divine Love. Actually Gaia is already “there” and she is taking each and everyone with her that match those vibrations. What I have felt and seen at the Tor is that a lot of darker energies have been transmuted and more purity, Love and Violet were seen in that Heart space through my third eye.

A joyful feeling and relief came over me very strongly as in the space of 1 month, I felt a huge difference already and that is a positive thing! With a few of my close friends and my mom, we have been doing some ground – and energetic work on the Tor, each in their own way of being and we all felt so loaded of beautiful energies as if we were charged again and ready to continue. What happened there was very different for all of us but it surely shifted something in ourselves and as well as for Gaia. For me personally, Light Language was instantly activated as I began to chant some tones while doing my meditation there. Again I had no idea what to do and it was led by my Higher Self to just speak out some words and tones that came through. So I did and my entire heart space just started to glow and expand so much! Beyond words, such beautiful feeling!

I anchored the violet Flame, my essence, and saw Gaia’s Heart blossoming more into that Light. She feels very much alive and active to me and there is a sense of freedom and relief in Her. At one point I got the message to immediately go inside of the Tor, so I grabbed my crystals and went inside to sit there. The minute I placed one foot inside of the Tor all of a sudden it started to rain heavily and fierce winds roared very hard. I nudged and smiled. Stonehenge on the other hand is not the same anymore and it even felt “dead” and drained to me till the last drop used or some kind of feeling. Till this point I have no idea of what is going on there or why this is the case but I and my friends just felt nothing there anymore while before during the Solstice a little bit was still present. I am definitely going to tune in more and see if I can get some clarity about that.

We went to Avebury as well where I could create a beautiful connection to the stones. I took my integrated energies of Stonehenge and the Tor with me and grounded those there while touching one of the stones. A beautiful response came up where I could see that particular stone light up, I saw energies and light moving through the ground to all of the other stones as they are inner connected and they too started to light up one by one. My feet started to burn and a beautiful exchange was given! We asked how long they had to serve as “stones” and the answer from them was that they will be in this existence until the end of time, when time does not exist anymore. So I replied with the question if they have to stay n this form to serve the duality and matrix of the 3th and 4th Dimension, whereas they replied that they were not aware of what a matrix was as they do not live in a matrix of time. Makes sense to me. There you got your answer! LOL

Anyway, this all brought me to the next insight and that is to organize a weekly meditation in the course of one month where we all put our focus and intent on love and on the violet flame on that particular vortex and Heart space of the Earth. Glastonbury Tor and the land of Avalon that are under the reign of Lady Guinevere. Let us bring our energies and intentions of Love and purification there and connect with Her heart space, help to activate the Divine Feminine there along with our Higher Selves.

This video format that I will be sharing along with the dates and time frames for all around the world (in the next days), is channeled information and is a guided meditation that assists us with the visualization and focus of ourselves and Love in this beautiful connection with that beautiful Heart space and place of Gaia. Every time we do a meditation to focus on that particular area, use this channeled guided meditation as it consists of Light language and a guided message/ focus. If you have crystals, please do use them along in this meditation, preferable the amethyst or rose quartz. Let’s now focus on this area of the world if you wish to.

Thank you for joining and for being a part of this wonderful journey and this focus. You are welcomed, loved and embraced and you are truly appreciated by the Heart of Unity. Love Méline

 Here is a short message from my Higher Self about the year 2014, that I have shared in the Radio show “Raising Vibrations” with Paige Hall-Ferraro.

2014 is the year where all that you wish to change, to manifest and to create, will be addressed in more effective ways. Clarity, expansion, radiating and glowing Lightbodies will start to activate more within, bringing forth a whole new consciousness of being and of serving this Planetary Ascension.

More portals will be opened and will be in line with other portals forming a strong grid of crystallized Light. Lightworkers are invited to work more with those and initiate themselves through the portals and vortexes on Earth as well as in the space near the Earth. All is amplifying for sure and great gifts are upon us.

Those who are into their hearts will encounter deeper knowledge and understanding in themselves and opportunities will be brought to encounter other Star Galaxies and Nations of the Light, as their hearts will be in alignment with one another on inner levels, Beautiful prospects are there to be seen, embraced and accepted. Enjoy 2014!

Love, Méline

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

Meline Lafont – Tools of Ascended Masters

PART  ONE   –   Step 1 of self-knowledge in the Transformation

PART  TWO   –   Step 2: knowledge for the Transmutation

Méline Lafont·17 videos

For the full transcript and channeling of 3 parts:…

For the video of part 2:

Appologize: I seem to have forgotten the 6th step which is:

6th — Be open for the opinions of others. Do not enforce your opinion for your opinion is YOUR truth and only yours. Each one of you has his/her own truth which corresponds with their own BEING. Respect each other in these matters, that’s important.

PART 1 ~ Self knowledge in the transformation process

These are channeled tools that is actually a personal message to me. These Masters are known by the book of “Life and Teachings of The Masters of the Far East” by Baird T. Spalding, a wonderful book I was told that, unfortunatly, I have not read yet. They came in early November to give me guidance in my Transformation and Transmutation process that is still running. Since this guidance includes important tools in it, I decided to share my message with you all. Keep in mind that this is a personal message to me, and this can vary from person, and therefore there is a chance that this does not resonate with your person and heart. The entire channel consists of 20 written pages and is composed of parts from the entire channeling and includes steps. All these 3 parts are channeled tools personally from me and through me, as received from these Masters. Therefore these are my personal tools and are protected by Copyright. You may freely use and share these messages and tools if they include the copyright links at the bottem of these messages. Much love, Meline ♥

We all greet you as a collective consciousness of the Ascended Masters of the Far East. We have reached a collective consciousness in our enlightenment which we gladly share with all of you. Our energy consists of Ascended Masters based in Buddhism, in Hinduism, in Islam, in Western communities and in various emissaries of the Light. We do not put an emphasis on the differences of origins as we are and form 1 unit and 1 compact energy of Ascended energy. We address all of you on a collective level in order to clarify some issues for you which might have left the wrong impression on your consciousness and on your beloved Self.

Allow us to accompany you in your current living environment to grant you more enlightenment on a few difficult and unclear issues on a personal level. What’s in store for you and what you already have accomplished in your incarnation is of the utmost importance and value for us as well as for yourself and for the Earth. Much has been said, you have learned a great deal and up until now you were able to integrate and accept it in your being, something that in itself is a most fantastic experience and dito fact! To be able to behold this marvel is a true blessing and we so give you our highest appreciation for this, for we are so grateful for your enormous evolution in releasing and in saying goodbye to this world of duality in which you dwell.

You have already taken many steps but releasing everything surrounding you is a rather difficult step, which we once had to take. Our input in this for you is to share what we have learned in this regards and to guide you in this last but most difficult part of the step of releasing and rescinding. The next state and step which you have reached now is the one of the total rescinding of your physical form into your true appearance and being. Do you really understand this concept fully? If not, we are most eager to help you get full insights into this matter.



These are channeled tools that is actually a personal message to me on October 2012. These Masters are known by the book of “Life and Teachings of The Masters of the Far East” by Baird T. Spalding, a wonderful book I was told that, unfortunatly, I have not read yet. They came in early November to give me guidance in my Transformation and Transmutation process that is still running. Since this guidance includes important tools in it, I decided to share my message with you all. Keep in mind that this is a personal message to me, and this can vary from person, and therefore there is a chance that this does not resonate with your person and heart. The entire channel consists of 20 written pages and is composed of parts from the entire channeling and includes steps. All these 3 parts are channeled tools personally from me and through me, as received from these Masters. Therefore these are my personal tools and are protected by Copyright. You may freely use and share these messages and tools if they include the copyright links at the bottem of these messages. Much love, Meline ♥

For the video of part one:…

Part 2:

The second step in the process of this transformation is the knowledge about the transmutation itself. Transmutation implies that a certain energy is transferred into another energy by means of neutralizing it till it reaches zero point, whereafter it is given a new charge and molding it to conform your desires. Admittedly, this is the most difficult step of the transformation process in which you currently find yourself. Before starting the actual transmutation process it is required that you master the first step with the minor distinctions, that you accept it and make it yours.

We will continue sharing about this whole process of Transmutation :

1. Allow yourself the time to rest regularly and to spend time on yourself. This is very important to think about yourself in this most special time.

2. Try to establish a fixed pattern of meditation in your daily life and practice it daily, preferably several times a day.

3. During your meditations it is of paramount importance that you ground yourself thoroughly and connect with Mother Earth’s Being : more specifically with Her Heart portal and chakra. This chakra is the most purest form of Being and contains all the information, the Light and Love, the codes and the most precious activations necessary to complete your transmutation. Take this daily dosis in acceptance into your own portal and heartchakra. Finally, integrate these energies and transfer them in substances which will be activated and spread by means of the kundalini. It is your body and temple which are executing this transformation; so you are the one who does this and activates it.

4. You must become aware that you carry countless incarnations in your cells and they request a sharing of this information. Only that which serves you further on belongs here; the rest has to be released and cleansed.

5. The most efficient way to reach this is to share and to ask all of your cells in order for them to achieve their own mutation process and to already begin with it. Again : you are your body in manifestation so you are your cells as well. Those cells of yours will, to the extent possible, enlarge considerably to ease this process of cleansing and of releasing the outdated and useless information. So you are at liberty to again be free and to form more light. Your cells are your existence in this form and embodiment, so communicate with them and take good care of them.

6. Remain firm in your conviction that everything you do has consequences and yields results. This is the Divine Law and describes perfectly what you are doing now. In case you go through a Transformation, you are the Transformation also. In case you go through a Transmutation, you will also be this. However, in case you do not go through it, than there will be no results and none to expect. It all boils down to being confident and to know that you can and do it and just BE! Promise yourself to never let yourself down and to uplift yourself out of depressing circumstances. You have a personality, you are a BEING and you are connected to God. You are a reflection of God, you are a creation of God.

…… for more see:…

Meline Lafont at Glastonbury

Méline Lafont·12 videos

my visit to Glastonbury Tor, sharing of my little visit. We been on the tor in the middle of the night to integrate the energies and to do a meditation, connection to Gaia’s beautiful heart. More will be posted on

much Love, Méline

Méline Lafont – Tools of Ascended Masters of Far East – Self-Knowledge in the Transformation



These are channeled tools that is actually a personal message to me. These Masters are known by the book of “Life and Teachings of The Masters of the Far East” by Baird T. Spalding, a wonderful book I was told that, unfortunatly, I have not read yet. They came in early November to give me guidance in my Transformation and Transmutation process that is still running. Since this guidance includes important tools in it, I decided to share my message with you all. Keep in mind that this is a personal message to me, and this can vary from person, and therefore there is a chance that this does not resonate with your person and heart. The entire channel consists of 20 written pages and is composed of parts from the entire channeling and includes steps. All these 3 parts are channeled tools personally from me and through me, as received from these Masters. Therefore these are my personal tools and are protected by Copyright. You may freely use and share these messages and tools if they include the copyright links at the bottem of these messages. Much love, Meline ♥

We all greet you as a collective consciousness of the Ascended Masters of the Far East. We have reached a collective consciousness in our enlightenment which we gladly share with all of you. Our energy consists of Ascended Masters based in Buddhism, in Hinduism, in Islam, in Western communities and in various emissaries of the Light. We do not put an emphasis on the differences of origins as we are and form 1 unit and 1 compact energy of Ascended energy. We address all of you on a collective level in order to clarify some issues for you which might have left the wrong impression on your consciousness and on your beloved Self.

Allow us to accompany you in your current living environment to grant you more enlightenment on a few difficult and unclear issues on a personal level. What’s in store for you and what you already have accomplished in your incarnation is of the utmost importance and value for us as well as for yourself and for the Earth. Much has been said, you have learned a great deal and up until now you were able to integrate and accept it in your being, something that in itself is a most fantastic experience and dito fact! To be able to behold this marvel is a true blessing and we so give you our highest appreciation for this, for we are so grateful for your enormous evolution in releasing and in saying goodbye to this world of duality in which you dwell.

You have already taken many steps but releasing everything surrounding you is a rather difficult step, which we once had to take. Our input in this for you is to share what we have learned in this regards and to guide you in this last but most difficult part of the step of releasing and rescinding. The next state and step which you have reached now is the one of the total rescinding of your physical form into your true appearance and being. Do you really understand this concept fully? If not, we are most eager to help you get full insights into this matter.



Meline Lafont

© Copyright by Méline Lafont
Voice: Méline Lafont

Meline Lafont Channels Higher Self – Accessing Love Energy in Metatron Cube

Metatron Cube

The energy of love is located in the heart of the Metatron Cube held within Hollow Earth.  All the beautiful beings of Mu hold the love energy that is located within Hollow Earth.  It is also within Hollow Earth where the Divine blue print is held for Mother Earth.  Mu was a civilization that existed before Lemuria.

Lemuria exited before Atlantis.  Atlantis was a period where the energy frequency on Earth was the highest that it has ever been.  Earth is headed back to this golden period, this golden age.  But it all starts from your heart.  Your heart must be open to receive the love.

You must forgive and release all that does not serve you anymore.  This is what your ascension is about; literally turning into light and shedding all that is not light.  When this happens for you, your twelve strands of DNA will be fully active and your spiritual and psychic gifts will be online.

Also, all of your twelve spiritual chakras will be fully opened.  Oh what times await you!   You will be telepathic, you will teleport, you will heal, you will literally fly.  You will travel to other galaxies and star systems through other portals.  You will access the Akashic records.  Life will change for you as you know it now.  But you cannot get there unless you have pure love in your heart.

Everything is love.  Love is all there is.  You are love.  You must find this love in your heart.  You must open up your heart.  Your heart is opened when there is no more separation in your life.  Your heart is the gate to your ascension.  You must love every being as if they are you.  They are you as you and everything is One.  You must realize this and accept this.

You must release the ego and the mind.  You must forgive others and yourself.  There are no mistakes or sins.  Let this lower dimensional thinking go.  Everything that you do in your life, you are creating.  Every thought and feeling that you have is being mirrored and reflected back at you through your creations.  There are no accidents.  You create everything.  Create love.

Do not engage with others that try to pull you into arguments.  Send them love, only love.  You are being tested as only the pure heart of love will raise their vibrational frequency.  Go to Hollow Earth in your meditations.  Visit the Metatron Cube and the love energy it holds.

Hollow Earth is a beautiful seventh dimensional paradise like no other.  Visit this cosmic chakra that holds so much love and all the ancient knowledge of Mother Earth.  Your beautiful Gaia is waiting.  When you reach the center of Hollow Earth, access the love energy of the Metatron Cube and you will access the wisdom and knowledge of all the past civilizations of Mother Earth.

Access the portals that are there waiting for you.  There is so much wonder and beauty that is waiting for you.  You must be energetically ready.  You must have your heart open.  You must raise your vibration.  Ascension is upon you.  Release all that is holding you back.  Remove your fears and the feelings of unworthiness or shame or guilt.  Be more kind to yourselves.

Love yourselves!!  Take a break from you hectic life and be out in nature.  Lay under a tree and speak to the being of the tree.  Thank the tree being for being a keeper of time.  Be happy with yourself and do not live in misery.  All of these things close off your heart.  When the heart is closed, you cannot access the needed energies to lift your vibration to a higher state.

Use the violet flame to transmute everything that does not serve your highest and best good.  Use it to transmute anything that is not of the highest purest light.  Life is so beautiful.  All the answers you seek are within yourselves.  The answers are within your beautiful heart.  Please visit your heart.  See what wonders are there.  See how wonderful you really are and love yourself.

Ignite your Stellar Gateway Chakra and roam in all that is.  Laughter is the best thing you can do.  Laughter opens up your heart.  How often do you laugh?  Are you happy?  If not, why not?  Why are you sad?  You are all such beautiful beings of love.  You are all Divine beings and the Divine is perfect.  You are perfect.  There is no sadness in perfection.  Be proud and grateful to be here at these glorious times.

You are all old souls and you have all chosen to ascend during this beautiful ascension that is now occurring during this outbreath of God that lasts every 26,000 years.  Yes, it is happening now.  You are in it.  Feel these energies.  Feel the love.  All is Love.  If you can see what we see, you would be so amazed.

You are all such beautiful beings of light, of love.  You are all love.  Expand your love.  Intensify your love though your presence, thought your laughter.  Lead by example and let you love energies penetrate every being that comes in contact with your beautiful radiating energies.  You are never alone and you are guided now more than ever.  Feel the presence of your guardian angels, of the arch angels, of all the ascended masters.  They are always with you helping you.

Flow in their love.  Access the love of the planet that is held in the center of the Metatron Cube and watch yourself be engulfed in bliss.  It is there.  It is there waiting for all of you.  But you must be of pure heart.  You must love and be love.  Anything short will not do as this is a lower energy vibration that cannot sustain the vibration.  Remove your ego and your mind and just find the stillness in your heart and just BE and live every moment from the heart and feel.

Feel with your heart and you will see with your third eye.  And there is so much for you to see.   Find your heart and open it up to love.  You are love!

Love – Andy

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Awakening To love

Méline Lafont – Contemplating? – Just surrender to Love and Trust


Contemplating and

That is what I find myself to be doing right now. Contemplating over things in my life that have happened or are happening, within me, around me, outside of me all over the world. Contemplating about my own meaning in this lifetime and my precious being that feels expanding but locked at the same time into this physical body, wanting to get out of this but at the same time wanting to experience this all and to be of service in a true nature, in a spiritual way..

What matters is this: allowing the true nature of your being to BE and that can only be done in complete trust, Love, and surrender. This we can do by allowing, accepting and relaxing..Breathing in and out, experiencing energies, frequencies, life, love, feelings. All experiencing it, acknowledging it, embracing it but not engaging with it, not defining it, not labeling it but to just simply experiencing it and Be just that for a few moments without any attachments whatsoever to it.

We are finding ourselves in a period of shifts where we are led to ourselves in a deep way like never before. This is required for us to find that balance again and to be that balance again where the masculine and feminine energies of your authentic Being are neutral again and ONE. A balance where there are no extremes and where everything just IS. All is an everlasting, infinite source of energy that never ends, it is only ending a certain frequency that can be translated into experiences, creations, manifestations.. it is a becoming of something, of some frequency at that time that does serve you along your own journey. When a certain frequency of being and experiencing ends, we start to be and experience something new: another frequency of energy and we become that.

What I have found to be contemplating on for a long time now is questioning myself: Is this what I want to become and experience, to BE? Is this serving my highest good and that of others? Can I Be something I have always wanted to BE and experience through this path I am walking on right now? When the answer sounds NO to that question, there is a time for change! Time to retract every energy you have been building upon this experience and shift it into what you want to BE and experience in this now. This float of energy will lend you to another way of existing and Being, where you shall encounter other ways of experiencing just that. In order to pre-create we need to be in stillness and define what is important to us at that time.

This is a rebirth process you find yourself going through and it demands the stillness within to go through; like a baby is still and calm, making itself ready to be introduced into this new world, after all the hard work is done (labor) and the easiest way to go through the hard work is to surrender, to trust within and to go with the flow on a still and relaxed way. The more you struggle, the harder the job to get it done. It is the same as birthing the new you and the new paradigm you all have been creating till now.

We have put an intent and focus to get to point in evolution where we each can Be and experience another YOU or part of You in the Oneness that you are and that requires a hard labor to reach to that point!  And the easiest way is to completely trust and surrender to your inner Self, to your inner guidance and to the ones that are close to you (Light family, guides) who are “up there” lending a helpinG hand as they have a broader view on this all. So the only way through this is stillness, surrender, love and BEING.

We are definitely in this phase of stillness right now, for a lot of us gatekeepers are surrendering to our own Divinity and Being to again pave the way for others and to lead by example, to take in and to anchor. This all by BEING. Surges of energies, love and flares are coming in BIG time to make us even more aware of our own Divinity and purpose of being here. Again it all points out to BEING as we are here to BE who we are in different expressions and experiences.

Time for a dance with those energies as we swirl away through the gates of our own Being and make the best of it in our own way for our own best an for that of the entire Universe and Collective. Everybody dances in their own way, some like it rough some like it slow.. whatever the dance is that you choose to experience, you are getting to it anyway and without a doubt. Trust yourself, you are allowed to do so and even required to do so as otherwise you will block the natural flow of your dance. You are a beautiful being of Light by heart, so be proud of yourself to be able to manage this all, to shine and to show yourself to the world in every single aspect of your being. You are an expression of God, the Sparkle of Light and Its infinite Love.

Be joy, Be light, Be Love, BE YOU! I Love you, Méline Lafont

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

Méline Lafont – The giant Cosmic Web of the I AM avatar race is ready to launch, to speak and to BE – Channeled from Self



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As we allow the current flow of energy to merge with our authentic being, we still find ourselves very much attached to strings at times, where the web of illusion is desperately trying to hold on to our being in order to be fed. On the other hand the freedom and its smell are very palpable and can be tasted in the form of Light and Love, as it smells like flowers and stardust, where the frequency is so high it is beyond tangible in your life stream. You are starting to find yourself within the stream of unimaginable energies that form your current reality within.

The giant Cosmic Web of I AM Presences is now ready to be launched on your world for it is completed and formed with all of your beings into One. As this web descends into your collective being it forms a new way of interaction and abilities for the entire Hue-man race and its home star, planet Gaia. The formations of the old are crumbling step by step and it is allowing the new to enter its shores. It is allowed to take place because the human race is transforming its DNA and quantum field into a more Galactic Hue-man race where you will be all aligned with your own true Selves on a Galactic – and even on a Master level of frequencies.

As the giant Cosmic web of creation aligns with the giant Cosmic web of the I AM avatar race, which is you, tremendous amounts of creations, abilities and co-foundations are at hand for all of you by allowing yourselves to be your true nature of being and by surrendering only to Love. Inner trust is of much importance in this time of co-creation and of alignment to Self. Such great Love and the extension of its sister, called the practical Love in life, shall lead you on the way to your home, which is you as a matter of fact. There is no place like home means there is no other place than you! Your own being, your own individual energy, your own heart which is the center of your Universe.

Now that the I AM avatar race is expanding its Light frequency to the highest vibration that matches your coherency and truth, there is an inner expansion and growth allowing you to move forward ahead on the path to wisdom, integration, radiance and sophistication of your own individual Self. Your frequency starts to match its intrinsic energy field that is employing the embodiments such as you are in now, as this is where you are coming from as a descendant. There is no more room for the dualistic field that is losing its grip and expansion day by day, for the force of your own being is growing at a tremendous fast pace that only Light can maintain.

The giant Cosmic Web of the I AM avatar race is ready to launch, to speak and to BE for it took hundreds of years to build upon this energy frequency that was enabling the reform of this grid again around an Earthly plane. Now its there to descend and to merge with each individual of the collective human race to become the re-birthed HUE-man race on a Galactic -, Solar – and even on a Cosmic plane. There is much at stake here for it’s all done by the power of Light, Love and Being and it is a life changing, planetary changing course like no other. And the most exceptional part of this all, is that it is done by the heart, through the heart while being in physical embodiment.

See how exceptional each of you is and all of you are and how powerful your own thoughts, feelings and creations can be. This all has led you to where you are standing today: on the threshold of a big transition of Earth and of your own individual selves. As we continue to move up this Planetary Ascension into an alignment and connection with the giant Cosmic web of I AM Presences it is required of you to achieve a balanced state where awareness is important, where you can be the observer and the observed at the same time whilst channeling these energies into this Earthly grid and formation of Oneness with the I AM Avatar race of your authentic being.

It is a great time to start listening to your inner heart and body language for they are going through a serious amount of changes that demands a lot of focus on yourself and on your inner heart space. Align with your avatar I AM Presence now by allowing this field in your heart to expand and become YOU. It comes from the heart and through the heart as the heart is the only gateway and highway throughout this Ascension. Attention and focus will be needed on the depths of your being and not on the ego. Shine truth, radiate Light and Be Love, always.

Eyah Asher Eyah
Méline Lafont/ Lady Portia

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered  /

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