Infinite Rays Of Higher Light – Meditational Mystical Journey – Christ Consciousness

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This is a Multidimensional, Mystical Healing, Awakening, and Creative Manifestation Meditational Video Presented as a Gift To The Human Family Especially To Those of Us On The Spiritual Path Of Reunification With Infinite Source.

It is a Highly Potent, Multidimensional Spiritual Tool Containing Healing and Activation Codes Geared Towards the Bioregenesis and Optimization of Individual and Group DNA (Genetic Soul Codes) for the Human Family.

It is Infused with both Cognitive and Non-cognitive Mystical Sound and Light Language Codes of the Purest Quality of the Loving Embrace of the Family of Seraphims from the Angelic Realms and the Patient Guidance and Shared Wisdom from The Ascended Mastery realms.

Meditation on the Images, Sounds, Words, and the overall Sacred Vibratory frequencies found on this video, especially when used in conjunction with other resonant Sacred Spiritual Tools, may powerfully assist in one’s Spiritual Evolution by facilitating the Opening of the Heart and The Higher Heart Centers, assisting in Balancing and Unifying the Chakras, thereby allowing for the optimal development of latent telepathic, psychic, perceptive and creative abilities.