Published on Apr 18, 2016

Could an Elysium-Style, 5th Element-Style, Stargate-Style Regenerating Medical Bed already exist? Being used successfully this very moment… and for decades gone past? An ET/ Human technology so advanced, it makes all other modern-day medical procedures, dark-ages obsolete? Judge for yourself, as Captain Randy Cramer (USMC SS), describes, how he’s injured body parts, were regular repaired.. within hours… so he could ‘GET BACK OUT THERE’… to do battle with regressive ETs in defense of Mother Earth and her people, our Moon Bases, our Human Colonies on Mars and our bases and embassies through-out our Solar System/ Galaxy & Beyond… as a REAL…TRUE-TO-LIFE, HALO-TYPE SUPER-SOLDIER. While researching / editing this video, I couldn’t stop… literally day and night, watching every single interview / lecture on You Tube, containing Captain Randy Cramer. BLEW MY F#*%ING HEAD OFF… in a good way. If people want DISCLOSURE… well, this United States Marine Corp Special Sections Captain (HALO-TYPE SUPER SOLDIER HERO) equals = DISCLOSURE. HIGHLY RECOMMEND VIEWING ALL OF HIS ORIGINAL VIDEOS. OUTSTANDING. AMAZING. AWESOME. LIFE-CHANGING. To all the NEXT G CHILDREN & TEENAGERS ON THIS PLANET… you want to see a real HALO HERO… CHECK THIS GUY OUT. Special thanks to The Triad Theater Organizers, for organizing this lecture. Well done. MAY THE SOURCE, CREATOR, ISNESS PROTECT US, FOR HELPING TO EXPOSE, THIS EXTREMELY VITAL INFORMATION. A RAINBOW WARRIOR SHOUT-OUT to all INSPIRING SOULS EVERYWHERE. TO ALL LIGHT WORKERS, LIGHT WARRIORS, LIGHTBEINGS, STARSEEDS, CONTACTEES, ABDUCTEES, EXPERIENCERS, INCARNATES… if you feel that, the information contained within this video is REALLY TRUE… PLEASE x 3… HELP THIS VIDEO GO VIRAL. I watched my DAD, my ITALIAN PAPPA, deteriorate and die of prostate/bone cancer 5 years ago. A GIANT OF A MAN… HE WAS. Loved by many. Even though, he and I didn’t get along… doesn’t mean… this F#@%ING ARCHAIC MEDICAL SYSTEM CAN MURDER MY FAMILY MEMBER, IN FRONT OF MY VERY EYES WITH THIS BLOODY CHEMOTHERAPY AND RADIOTHERAPY. I WAS THERE IN THE HOSPITAL… WITH MY MUMMA AND MY SISTER… SITTING, SEMI-SLEEPING… IN A CIRCLE AROUND HIM… EARLY IN THE MORNING… WHEN WE HEARD AND FELT MY PAPPA TAKE HIS LAST 3 BREATHS. BROKE MY F#*%ING HEART. ABSOLUTELY F#*%ING BROKE IT… KNOWING… EVEN BACK THEN… THAT THERE WAS AND IS A CURE FOR EVERY CANCER. Sorry… am crying my eyes out as I’m typing this.. re-living it like it just happened a second-ago. OK… AM BACK…NOW… MILLIONS OF BEINGS ARE SUFFERING AND DYING, EACH AND EVERY DAY BECAUSE THIS KIND OF BRILLIANT/ ADVANCED ET/ HUMAN TECHNOLOGY IS BEING SUPPRESSED/ REPRESSED (ie. this HOLOGRAPHIC REGENERATING MEDICAL BED). So, I humbly request, before you or your family, experience this kind of HEART-ACHE / HEART-BREAK… PLEASE x 3… HELP MAKE THIS INFO/ VIDEO GO VIRAL. IT’S MY ONLY REVENGE AGAINST THESE MURDEROUS BASTARDS. THIS INFORMATION WILL LITEREALLY CHANGE THE WORLD, AS WE KNOW IT. Feewwwwwww……..I feel better now. That one has been stuck deep in my chest for a while now. Thankyou for listening. Thankyou Captain Randy Cramer and Alex Collier for having the THE COURAGE, to release this MONUMENTAL INFORMATION, TO US, THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET. GOOD LUCK IN 2016 & BEYOND Viva La LIBERTA!