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Michael Roads


Excellence Reporter: Michael, what is the meaning of life?

Michael Roads: In the most simple terms possible, the meaning of life for humanity is the meaning of you. Truly, that’s it . . . in a nutshell


Of course, being a complicated species this statement is far too simple, we need to make it more difficult to understand. If we struggle to understand, it will surely be closer to the truth! It’s a pity that we find it so hard to accept that the greatest Truth’s are the most simple; that simple is powerful, that simple takes us directly into the essence of life. 

The meaning of life, the reason for life as we know it — even though we experience less than one percent of the electromagnetic and acoustic range of all the life that is around us — is the evolution of consciousness. Nature is the natural evolution of consciousness: while humanity is the creative evolution of consciousness. Consciousness draws to itself physical form through which to express, thus the true expression is actually consciousness. This is the reason that life as we know it exists.   

Naturally enough, humanity is completely engaged in the physical aspects of life, looking at questions such as the meaning of life mostly on a physical level. For the deeper meaning we are required to look at a deeper level. When we look in a mirror we see only a physical body, we do not see the greater metaphysical body of a far higher frequency. 

Through our eyes and ears we see and hear only that which has a frequency slower than the speed of light — the one percent. From my perspective, it is rather difficult to describe the meaning of life from so small a spectrum of experience. I consider that the people who live their lives on a purely mental, emotional and physical level probably do not experience more than ten to fifteen percent of life, at best. 

I repeat, the body we do not see in the mirror has a much higher frequency. This is the metaphysical body. I have spent over five decades of my life developing the ability to experience life from the metaphysical. The metaphysical body is far more complex and refined than the dense physical body, thus offering a far greater integration with that other ninety-nine percent of life. Most people are unable to consciously experience any of this.

The meaning of life is the meaning of you. Consider then the huge difference between experiencing the one percent of life, compared to experiencing some of the remaining ninety-nine percent. On the former level there is no real growth in consciousness, while on the latter level you are inner growth in continuous development. 

We might believe that our huge intellectual development is surely growth in consciousness, but clearly, this is not so. We have become a species mainly expressing through our subconscious intellect, rather than expressing through our conscious intelligence. This is the way we were designed: to consciously express and grow. It is not possible to subconsciously grow in consciousness. Obviously, it is only by being conscious and aware that we grow in consciousness.  

We are destroying our own world environment. Would conscious human intelligence do this? I think not. However, intellectually we can come up with reasons and excuses for as long as is required, while continuing to destroy our home planet. It is each one of us in our developing individuality — it has a way to go! — who make choices that are either a global solution in consciousness, or are more of the same unaware, detrimental, non-conscious actions. These vital choices are an aspect of the evolution of human consciousness. 

If I live a loving, thoughtful, responsible, non-reactive, aware, conscious and meaningful life, I am contributing to the meaning of life. In this way I am contributing to the creative evolution of consciousness. The key here is loving and conscious. This makes my life meaningful. If I live a negative, reactive, blaming, aggressive, unaware, subconscious and meaningless life, then I have lived in a way that gives my life very little meaning. I will have contributed almost nothing to the evolution of consciousness.

The very fact that we are metaphysical, multidimensional, eternal Beings works very much in our favour. No matter how we live, the pure thrust of linear time will work its eventual alchemy. Physically we live in linear time, while metaphysically we live in what I call spherical time, meaning all time occupies the same moment. 

To summarise this brief treatise, I repeat that the meaning of life is the meaning of each one of us. We each collectively connect with and create the vast overall evolution of consciousness on this planet. 


~Michael Roads was born a farmer’s son in Cambridgeshire, England, in 1937. From an early age he discovered that he had a natural ability to communicate with the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, and travel beyond linear time and space and has actively continued to develop these abilities over the last 60 years. Since his spiritual enlightenment at age 49, Michael, a best selling author, has written 23 books on his experiences and explorations of alternate realities and dimensions. 2019 marks his 30th year of traveling over five continents presenting inspirational and life-changing 5-Day Intensives on emotional balance, unconditional Love and the meaning of Life. He speaks in a clear, compelling, humorous and no-nonsense format, enabling many participants to experience profound shifts in consciousness. He also writes and speaks on the metaphysical world of Nature and communicating with Nature.


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SIERRA BENDER – What is the Meaning of Life? – by Excellence Reporter – 4-3-18

Sierra Bender  .jpg


As a child I would ask that simple yet complex question to myself all the time. I would look into the mirror at my golden brown cat eyes, my athletic tall Goddess Warrior™ body and see the depth of my soul. I would ask myself why am I here, who am I? What is my purpose here? Why did you give me all this if those around me do not understand and fear it? I felt lost but always knew my connection to Spirit was my source and savior.

These questions where answered for me after dying from bleeding to death and coming back to life, to find what I already knew inside of me, what Spirit has given all of us. The power of choice, the power to dig deep into our souls and pull forth what is already inside of us waiting to unleash: to possess the possible and work to our true potential.

And although some of us have harder paths then others, our soul’s work is to understand the power of choice and how each choice we can be either victorious and courageous or victimized and compromised. It is the power and intelligence of Self-Love.



Nicolas David Ngan – The Meaning of Life and the Soul Contract – By Nicolae Tanase – 5-6-16

Nicolas-0769 Facebook 160915Nicolae Tanase: Nicolas, what is the meaning of life?


Nicolas David Ngan: We are an experiment in consciousness. Human life is created by a blueprint within us called the Soul Contract. This spiritual map of life creates each moment of our experience on Earth which is optimal for our soul’s growth. It describes the reason we are alive, and the answer to the biggest question which is “What is the meaning of my life?” Connecting and aligning with this meaning is the key to manifesting a higher state of consciousness and a more blissful life.



Eve Hogan – Meaning of Life, Unconditional Love – 7-13-15

011_Eve_Dec2011__4304Nicolae Tanase: Eve, what is the meaning of life?


Eve Hogan: When I was thirty I went to India to see a holy man that I had known when I was a child but hadn’t seen in nearly 25 years. In a private meeting, I sat across his desk and for quite a while he didn’t say anything, neither did I. However, in the silence I knew he was intuitively summing me up. Suddenly my entire life flashed before me much like they say it does when you die. On some level, I knew that he knew very passionate moment, every indiscriminate moment, every beautiful moment, every lie, every truth—every encounter I had ever had. It all seemed to play out before both of us like a silent movie spilling the secrets of my life.

Remarkably, all I felt from him was love, true unconditional love. I knew that he knew every thing there was to know about me, and he loved me—anyhow.

Now one might think that is a beautiful feeling, and indeed it would be, if I had felt like I deserved it. Unfortunately, however, I squirmed in my shame and embarrassment, uncomfortable with having my life’s choices revealed.

In that moment I realized that we got the concept of “Judgment day” backwards. The “judgment” doesn’t come from God, it comes from ourselves in the face of absolute unconditional love as we have to come to grips with whether we feel deserving of such a blessing.

Hence, as far as I can tell, the meaning of life is to live a life that allows you to know you deserve the love. This requires being mindful in every moment of your words, thoughts and actions and aligning them with your Soul-Essence (rather than your ego-mind). In so doing, we align our actions with the highest good for all involved, such that when basking in unconditional love, all we feel is delight.

The great news is that we don’t have to wait until we die for this blessing, as soon as we know we deserve it, we are able to feel the love— all the time.

~Eve Eschner Hogan, transformational Educator, Author of several books, Blogger for Spirituality and Health Magazine, Labyrinth Facilitator, and Retreat leader of SacredMauiRetreats.com

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Alana Fairchild – The Meaning of Life and Feeling Drunk in Love – ExcellenceReporter.com – 4-20-15

Alana Fairchild 2014 Lg

Alana Fairchild


The Meaning of Life is what you choose it to be. Life is generous and willing. It listens unconditionally and responds to your every intention, thought and action without judgement. It’s a sort of mirror combined with a personal trainer for your soul.

At some point we are curious about experiencing life more directly, without trying to understand it or give everything that happens a meaning. That can seem frightening to the mind, to drop philosophies and interpretations and just be with what is, incomprehensible as it often seems to be. Yet its profoundly freeing. Living like that invites joy without reason to bubble up from within. You’ll feel drunk in love with Life and you can’t explain it, and you don’t have any need to try and do so. Those are the moments where you and Life have nothing between you, no ideas, no meaning, no words, and all you can do is feel beyond what you can understand. It’s the good kind of crazy, the kind of crazy that frees your mind and soul from fear and empowers you to simply be a presence of love on this planet.

~Alana Fairchild, the singing, dancing spiritual teacher from Australia

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Brad Austen – What Is The Meaning of Life? – 1-24-15

Credit: Jerryrushing.net

Written by Brad Austen, Mindful Meditations

Many great men and women over the centuries have questioned the meaning of life. This article will explore this theme and also encourage you to think about the meaning of your own life.

I believe the meaning of life is slightly different for everyone, because we all have different goals and aspirations we wish to achieve. But in a nutshell, we are here for our growth and evolution of our soul.

Human life is quite short and there are many temptations and distractions to veer us off our path. For example we require money to buy food, clothing and have a roof over our heads in most cases. We usually have to work for money in order to provide for and enjoy our lives. We are fairly lucky in the first world that we don’t usually have to fight for our survival; usually our basic needs are met.

But we usually have to work a number of hours each week so that our needs are met. Money is simply energy and we have free will what we spend it on. Our ego is never satisfied and always wants bigger and better things. Part of our challenge is to learn to silence and balance our ego with the nudging of spirit. Materialism can be a big distraction to keep us off our path towards spiritual growth.

I have come to the realisation that the meaning of life is to obtain spiritual growth through certain lessons we choose before we are born on a soul level. While we are living we are gifted with free will so we wont always follow the plan or master our lessons.

That being said, the earth school is a great place for accelerated learning and while awareness is key; we can still learn lessons unconsciously, however at a much slower pace. Reincarnation also plays a role in allowing us to ‘reset’, choose again, and pick up where we left off. While at the moment we have mortal bodies, our soul is immortal and lives forever.

Because we have a bit of a collective amnesia about the true origins of our soul and past lives, it allows us to be present and focus on our earth journey. Having some insight about our past lives can give us greater insight about the nature of our soul and certain patterns we need to work on and master.

This spiritual growth is also known as ascension, which is a never-ending journey of experiencing and expansion. When you master one area of your life, another layer is brought into your conscious awareness to work on next.

Another way to look at our collective evolution is moving away from fear and towards love. Many of the masters spoke about this during their time on earth; releasing fear and embracing love. If you are learning to love yourself and others unconditionally you are well on you way to mastering your lessons and discovering the meaning of life.

By Brad Austen © 2015.

Brad Austen is a writer and channeller exploring spiritual growth and ascension themes. He also is passionate about producing guided meditations to aid relaxation, healing and self-discovery. For more information, you can visit his website: http://www.mindful-meditations.com or listen to his meditations on iTunes: http://www.itunes.com/bradausten


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