Theresa Crabtree – Mayan Messages – Create Abundance – 2-12-16

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Limiting belief codes keep many of you at the level of poverty. This need not be so. Consider what good you could do in the world if you had more than you needed. At the least, you could free up a tremendous amount of time and energy that is currently expended on making ends meet or saving for a “rainy day.”

Your dreams and goals will be limited as long as you hold onto fears and limiting belief codes. Truly, the world is yours to co-create and to manifest whatever you wish to experience. There are legions of us on the “Other Side” who are more than willing to fulfill your desires.

As long as you feel yourselves unworthy of receiving an abundance of gifts, you will be blocked from having all you desire. Look back on your life and find those blocks that keep you from realizing the powerful and wonder filled person that you are. Dare to imagine how your life could change if you had all you needed and more. Where would you go? What would you do? What changes would you make?

Begin to make those choices today. Feel what it would be like to have a life of abundance. Dream big, for all is attainable. Know in your heart that all is possible. The more you believe, the faster you can manifest. It is our hope that you will choose to use the abundance we bring your way for the highest good for yourself and others. It is our wish for you and all inhabitants on earth to attain the highest possible vibration of love.

We know that it is difficult to focus on spiritual matters when your day is burdened with thoughts of survival for yourself and your loved ones. This is why we look forward to helping you attain all that you wish. Take time to look at what you sincerely wish to manifest and see yourself receiving the abundance that you deserve.

Break the blocks; key the locks.
Open the door and in it will pour!

Selamet, Lamat 8

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Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

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Mayan Messages – Power of Intention – 1-6-16

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Through the energy field of infinite possibilities, you have at your fingertips the ability to create whatever you wish to experience. The simple rule to this secret is to focus your attention on what you want, never letting your mind dwell on things you do not wish to experience.

As unwanted thoughts creep in, redirect them, changing them to things you desire.

Practice makes perfect, yet unbeknownst to you, you already are perfect, just a bit forgetful of this Truth. Find this Truth, be this Truth and merge with this Truth, for it is the Source from whence you came.

It is love, pure love, having many names and faces. Yet it is everywhere in every moment, for there is no way it can be separated from you.

However, it is your choice, whether conscious or unconscious, to be separated from Source that has allowed undesirable predicaments into your life. Plug back into Source and you will be energized with a clear conduit to make choices for your highest good. Clearing the conduit entails removing fear and limiting belief codes.

Can you not see how freeing this is? From this understanding, you can truly begin to see each other as One. The need to compete, to war against each other or to “get one up” on another will cease to be.

Dream this into being; you have the power. This is the basic freedom many of you who seek Heaven on Earth are striving for. It will come first in your imagination, then your reality. Choose wisely and focus on what you wish to experience, for it will be! Selamet!  Oc 9


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Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

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Theresa Crabtree – Mayan Messages – All Is One – 11-8-15

Mayan Messages   –   All Is One   –   11-8-15

Mayan Messages, November 7, 2015

You all come from the same Source and will return to the same Source at the appointed time. You are made from the same organic materials. You are all brothers and sisters choosing to experience life outside of pure Love. Many are currently waking up and feeling the urge to do something more. Others who are already awakened are feeling a push to get on with the work they came here to do.

Some are feeling cornered and are making their last stand efforts to gain dominance over others. Others are feeling like they must hold on to their loved ones, for they sense a separation coming. As a result, emotions are charged. People are feeling a need to make changes. Your goal is to work on yourself, learning how to remain balanced and at peace in all situations. Then you will be able to move forward and share what you have learned with others.

There is a need to unite and to understand your oneness with each other. You all came from the same Source. Although outwardly you may look different, inside you are the same. There was a purpose for these different designs. Yet now they are a hindrance as each of you judges another’s differences. Break down any barriers you have that keep you separate from others. Whenever a great change occurs, it takes teamwork. To have an effective team, there needs to be unity, where all are equal and major changes are made by consensus rather than dictation.

Formulate changes that moves you closer to being one with your brothers. Be brave and empower yourself with love. Be in gratitude for all that others bring to you. Your life on Earth would be difficult if those you take for granted were not in existence. Know you are One with all and embrace all, including your Self!   Selamet!  Oc

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Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

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Mayan messages – Day 152: Love Thy Self – Theresa Crabtree – 10-18-15


Mayan messages  –   Day 152: Love Thy Self  –   Theresa Crabtree  –   10-18-15

LOVE THY SELF   If you are ready to begin the process of experiencing unconditional love for yourself and all others, we have some pointers we would like to share with you.


1. Tell yourself often you are perfect and pure.

2. Stop any thoughts you have that condemn yourself. Choose instead to visualize how you will change your future behaviors and rectify past behaviors.

3. Step out of your box and dare to eat, speak, dress, walk, play, rest, dance and sing in manners that are fitting of the truth you wish to proclaim.

4. Be kind to yourself and all others.

5. Smile at everyone and everything. It is hard to hold onto negative thoughts when you have a smiling face and heart.

6. When you find yourself making a judgment about anything, change your thought immediately.

7. Be mindful of every action you take, that it comes from a sense of love and not obligation.

8. Choose carefully how you spend your time. Even watching a violent movie will take you into that space, creating the possibility of that scenario re-occurring on the Earth plane.

9. Talk with others with opposing views until you have the ability to accept their opinion. You need not believe what they say, but learn to allow them to believe what they choose without feeling a need to sway them to your side.

10. Look at various cultures and religious institutions and adopt those customs that are meaningful to you. that not two of you on Earth share exactly the same belief codes. We encourage you to take time to ponder these words and integrate those that feel right to you. Practice them until they are second nature and you will be well on your Path to loving unconditionally.   Selamet! Eb 9


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Mayan Messages, Day 120 – Ascend With Grace –


MAYAN  MESSAGE     –    DAY  120  –   Ahau  3    –   Ascend with Grace

I am Ahau 3, the last in the series of Day Keepers. Often, I am associated with ascension, thus today I wish to speak upon this topic. There are many forms of ascension, but that which I speak of today represents the moving forward from one density to another. Much like boiling water turns into vapor, you are beginning to change form. As an energetic vapor, you will have the ability to move about the Earth with less effort; you will be able to move in and out of physicality with more grace and ease. This is what it is like in the next Realm where many of you are heading.

Although you will still be in physical form, the molecules in your body will be altered; they will be looser with more space in between. Your genetic codes are being altered to let more light into these spaces. There are no words in your language to describe what is occurring within each of you. Many of you have consciously been working on this Path of enlightenment for years, thus you are more likely to make the transition with greater ease.

Even among the Lightworkers, there is much fear and confusion as to how this ascension will occur. Currently on Earth, there is much emphasis placed upon material wealth and needs. We assure you that as you draw nearer and become more aware of your abilities to manifest all things, you will no longer need the material objects that you currently hold dear. The most important thing you can do at this time is to stay in the moment and pay attention to what is happening around you. Choose to spend your time and energy on things that arouse your passion. Release feelings that keep you subjected, such as the need to save others and the world. Focus on yourself. Once you are fully balanced in each moment, then you can reach out to assist others who wish to experience the same.

Until then, all attempts to save others will be done from a sense of superiority or conditional love. Allow others to choose their Path, assisting those who are ready to receive your help. Anything else impinges upon their free will and has the ability to make them feel as though they are subordinate, which causes more separation. Do you understand what we are saying?

Your lesson today is to ponder this Message. Look at how you interact with others. Seek places where you feel you need to help others. How are you approaching them? Are you giving unsolicited advice or information they are not ready to perceive? Find ways you can communicate with others by talking about things you both have in common. If both of you are open-minded, then nurture discussions of your commonalities and the different viewpoints you have on spiritual topics.

Most conversations are extremely shallow and limited. A huge percentage of your words are best left unspoken. T.H.I.N.K. before you speak (see Day 80) and share with an open heart. When you approach another with the need to save or enlighten them, you automatically set off alarms within them that say, “Alert! Someone is trying to change me!” This puts the other person into a defense mode and closes doors to possible worthwhile conversations.

You may ask, “How can I reach others that I love so they will understand what I wish to tell them?” By your example. When others watch you remain calm in the face of adversity, having the Midas touch and always full of joy, you will gain their attention. When they ask you how you are able to live this way, then you have an open door.

Keep the door open by letting the other person know that they also have within them the ability to accomplish whatever they desire. This is how we approach you in the Mayan Messages. How would you respond to our words if we constantly told you what to do with an air of superiority? Allow yourself some time to think about these statements. Notice how you feel when someone supports you in contrast to others who tell you what to do. Treat others with the same respect and you will more likely keep the doors open for further discussions.

We leave you with these thoughts and hope that you consider them and take them into your heart. We are highly advanced with the ability to be in many places at one time. Just think of us and call our name and we will be by your side in an instant. You also have access to your Higher Self at any moment. Simply call for assistance and know that we are there. Be wary of mental and emotional blocks that stop you from freely conversing with us. Feel the sensations of love that come when we are near. Keep calling on us until you know in your heart that we are with you. As you release the pain and sorrow in your bodies and emotions, you will hear us more clearly. This is our promise.

Selamet!  Ahua 3

Mayan Messages – Day 100: Ascension Process – 8-27-15


ASCENSION PROCESS   The word “ascension” has many meanings, depending on your cultural beliefs. The term literally means, “to rise above.” What is it that you are rising above? It is the menial nature of humanity. All of you have the ability to rise above mundane living and live in a world you co-create with others, both on Earth and with those living in other Dimensions.

Time and space are illusions to allow this experience to feel real. There was no other way for you to have the experience of Not-Love when you were fully immersed in Love. Birthing into a Realm where you have forgotten your true roots allows you this experience. Many of you have been on Earth for scores of lifetimes and have now tired of the tedious nature of mundane living, having experienced all there is to offer here.

We suggest you no longer be concerned with the “what ifs” and spend your time making the changes necessary in order to fill today with joy and peace. What do you need to do in order for this to happen? It is imperative that you take time each day to monitor what you are feeling and then make changes in the areas that cause you unrest.

Have you noticed the feeling of quickening time, where things seem to be happening faster? Did you know that the heartbeat of the Earth is pounding faster than ever before? What does this have to do with you? You are essentially a child of the Earth; you are made from the same molecules that she is made from. She is your host; try to live without her! As the earth’s vibration raises, so must yours.

Your energy level is raised or lowered by your thoughts and emotions. Emotions such as anger, hurt and fear create lower frequencies. Those who are mastering love, kindness and gratitude are raising their individual frequencies to match those of the Earth. This is where the magic begins. Once you have cleared negative energies from your field, your intuition and ability to manifest your desires increases.

Use whatever tools you have to release negative energies within your auric field. Change habits and relationships that keep you locked into negative thinking. There is much work to do in order to overcome the human condition, yet it can be exciting and adventurous! Although there is much struggle along the Path, the outcome is bright. Go forth and create your day, for this moment is all you have. You cannot experience anything in the past or future, you can only experience in the present moment. If your desire is to ascend and be the best that you can be, NOW is the time to do it!   Selamet! Ahau 9

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Theresa Crabtree in Mayan Messages – Day 47: Gateway to Paradise, Manik 8 – 7-5-15

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GATEWAY TO PARADISE   It is a Universal Law that when you ask for Spirit Guidance, you will be supported. There are myriads of us on this side patiently and excitedly waiting for you to make the call. Once the call is made, immediately we set into motion events to support your intended desire.

Your job is to state your intention clearly and to be passionate about what you want. For added fuel, express love and gratitude toward the unseen Helpers who are putting your prayers into motion. To receive what you wish to create, stay aware and look for clues. Many times what you pray for doesn’t show up in the time frame or parameters you expect.

The steps to delivering what you intend can be very complicated. Some factors to consider are your ability to keep a clear vision of what you wish to experience, your expectations of the outcome (Your Higher Self has a bigger picture and may choose different options for you.), fears or blocks to receiving the gift fully, missing the clues along the way, choosing different options, the number of people involved in the process, etc.

The more conscious you are and the more conscious all the other players are, the easier it is for us to set up the scenarios for you to co-create the experience. Those who intend to create a higher vibration of love have the opportunity to enter the Gateway to Paradise. Once you enter the Gateway, you will notice there are many Paths. Each time you release fear, forgive others and move closer to unconditional love, you are able to walk a different Path. Walking the Path IS the reason for Paradise.

Enjoy the journey along the Way. Many want to “be there now” and do not realize you came to Earth to experience this Realm. Not one of you came to this Earth with a mission to be somewhere else. It is the Beauty Walk that is the purpose for your existence here. Each one of you came from Paradise and will return to Paradise.

You originally came from a place of love, energetic love, where nothing else existed. Each one of you chose to experience Not-Love or wanted to experience various facets of love: forgiveness, physicality, adventure, etc. We encourage you to enjoy the walk in the garden, smell the roses, greet the sun, meet the fairies and be kind to others. Enjoy the variety of emotions. Enjoy the taste of food. Enjoy physical sensations, for you will take back all these memories and share them with all others for eternity.

When you return to Paradise, you take with you all things you experienced on Earth. These memories are stored in the Akashic Records. Without your experiences on Earth and other Realms, there would be no Akashic Records. Know for certainty that whatever you experience during each moment of your life is being recorded. Know that when you have an experience, others can experience it through you. That is how important and significant each and every one of you are.

There is no judgment associated with these records. There is no hell, fire or damnation unless you choose it for yourself. These records are for the curious, the interested and for yourself. You will review these records once you leave the Earth plane and when that time comes, you will re-experience all your deeds. Know that you will feel what others felt as a result of your interaction with them.

The purpose of this reflection is to assist you in making decisions about what you wish to experience with the next segment of your Path, whether it be on Earth or elsewhere. We invite you to choose experiences of high integrity, those that bring you closer to unconditional love so you may join us for strolls in the Garden of Paradise.

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Theresa Crabtree – Mayan Messages – Beyond The Portals – 3-7-15


DAY 187,

Manik 5 

I am Manik 5. Thank you for taking time to join us today. It gives us great pleasure to meet with you. We look forward to the time when our communication will be clearer, beyond the limited use of words.

Today we would like to talk further on the topic of transportation. Let us begin by looking at the original roots of this word. “Trans” is a Latin prefix, meaning beyond or on the opposite side. “Portus” is a Latin noun, meaning door.

Thus, the original meaning of the word transportation means to go beyond the door (portus). Do you not think it is interesting that the contemporary use for moving from one place to another has its root in going beyond a door? Were they referring to the door in an automobile? Were they referring to getting from one location to another? Either way, the transportation that we would like to discuss today involves going beyond, through a door (portal).

We are talking about the portals going from one Dimension to another. Earlier this week we talked of several types of portals. Today we would like to talk a little about the various Dimensions. Not all have access to these Dimensions; only a few are open to those in your Realm. There are a variety of reasons for this.

Several of the higher Realms cannot be accessed by humans, simply because the energy frequencies do not harmonize. Again, it is like radio channels on different frequencies. When rotating the dial, as you draw close to a channel, you begin to hear chatter until you are able to get clear reception. Yet there comes a time when you lose the station completely as the frequency goes out of range. You, in your human form are vibrating at a very low density. You cannot tune into certain Dimensions because your frequencies are at a wide variance.

As you become a more conscious and loving Being, you may begin to tune into other channels as your frequency increases. At first there may be static, then you can begin to hear unintelligible chatter until finally you have clear reception.

When you merge once again with your Higher Self, you will be vibrating at a higher frequency. At that time, you will be able to tune into several of the Dimensions that are currently beyond your range. The Higher Selves of various individuals on your planet are at different stages of evolution. Each resonates at a frequency equal to the amount of love and compassion they currently embody. Thus, when you merge with your Higher Self, it is not necessarily true that you will immediately have remembrance of everything. There are still levels to attain before one remembers and understands the essence of initial Source.

When you go beyond the portal and merge with your Higher Self, you will resonate with some higher frequency channels, but not all. We, the Day Keepers, are at a frequency or Dimension just below the Archangels. We work with the White Brotherhood and several Councils that are overseeing the experiences on Earth. Thus, we have a much larger picture and access to knowledge on a conscious level than you currently do. This in no way implies that we are better than you or that the Archangels are better than us. It simply means that we each are on our chosen Path.

We wish to share this information so you have a better understanding regarding inter-dimensional traveling. There are many of you who seek to transport to Realms that are currently impossible for you to enter. Many feel frustrated and lose trust in their ability to reach higher Dimensions.

They feel they are doing something wrong and spend much time trying to find out how to get where they want to go. It is like spinning your wheels in the mud. You may want to get out of the mud and hope to get to dry land, but your wheels go around in the same circle, spinning out of control while sinking deeper into the mire.

If you wish to get advice or support from the highest Realm possible for you, call in the Archangels, Elohim and Seraphim. You cannot go much higher than that, because beyond them the vibrations are so high, you are incompatible with their frequencies.

The Archangels have access to some of the higher Realms because they are resonating at a much higher frequency than you are. Yet there is a point where they cannot access higher frequencies while at their level of evolution. Know that even though these Beings are wise, loving and patient, they are not gods. They are not better than you; they have simply mastered love and joy and chose to move beyond the physical Realm of Earth. Many Masters choose to stay in this Realm instead of moving to a higher vibrational level because they wish to continue interacting with you. If they move on, they will lose contact. Many of them were part of the original team that created Earth and wish to continue to be of help, especially during this time of transition.

When you enter your prayer and meditation time, call on the Ascended Masters to help you solve your problems. Because of their vast knowledge of this universe and how it was designed, they will be able to assist you in a myriad of situations. There are some of you who wish to experience a merging with Original Source during meditation. Although you may reach a point of nirvana, you will not have access to the sea of Oneness. Once you merge with the Oneness, you will cease to exist as an individual. In your meditations, you have access to the Tree of Life in the no-thing-ness. This is an ideal goal to reach in order to gain a clearer conception of your Self. Although this state of being is very loving, it is nowhere near the state of perfect love that exudes from the Creator.

No matter where you go in your meditations, always ask your Guides to protect you and to return you to Earth at an appointed time. There are many who have been led astray by Beings with less than honorable intentions while in meditation and found it difficult to return. This is because these doorways lead to various time periods and Dimensions. There are no sign posts on the Other Side leading back to the door through which you entered. Shamanic journeys with animals are a unique and inspiring way to visit the underworld Realms. These Realms generally consist of physical places within the world, although there are many paths that lead off world. Stay with your Animal Guide at all times, for there are many ornery souls who would love to ensnare you.

These portals are open to those who are resonating at higher frequencies. You may stumble upon one of these doorways while hiking, meditating or during your daily routine. You may come upon Beings unexpectedly who just popped in from the Other Side. All of the Spirits at this time who are going through these portals are of lighter frequencies. The portals are being closed to those with unkind intentions because their frequencies no longer match the frequencies of the Earth. When you encounter these Beings, accept them and welcome them with love. They are here to be a part of the great transition that is happening on Earth. For eons, they have waited for this moment and await their reunion with you with great anticipation. In the past, many attempted to reunite, but were met with aggression causing them to flee or to become enslaved or killed. This time has nearly ended, thus allowing more to transport safely and freely through the portals.

Be cautious when you approach a portal, for they are not all the same. They resonate at various frequencies. You may become ill if you spend any length of time on the Other Side if it is not compatible with your frequency. Each of these portals have Guards or Angels monitoring them to be sure only those of the proper frequencies and missions go through.

We have spoken enough on this subject for the moment. We wanted to enlighten those of you who are attempting to gain access to Realms beyond your current limits. Ponder these words and wisely choose where you wish to travel in your meditations and ask permission from your Higher Self before entering Realms unfamiliar to you. Seek true shamans, for they are Masters of these Realms and will also be good guides for you. Many tout the use of psychedelic drugs to gain access to these Realms, but they are not necessary and often harmful to those who do not know how to use them properly. Be wise, be clear and learn to be appreciative of the time you have on Earth.

Longing to be elsewhere is a sign that you have not reached enlightenment.

Selamet! Manik 5


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Theresa Crabtree – Mayan Messages – Mirror Images – 2-26-15



DAY 178,

Etznab 9 

Greetings, I am Etznab 9. Welcome to this time of sharing. Today we would like to talk about the topic of mirrors.

Every person you meet, every experience you have, every thought you think, every animal or plant you encounter has the ability to mirror a message to you.

Have you ever noticed how some people thrive in bad situations while others in similar situations crash? Why is that? It is due to the inner strength and wisdom of the person. Some may crash for a while and go into deep depression or lash out in anger. At some point, they realize they are making their life miserable and choose to make an attitude adjustment.

Each of you has the ability to change anything in your life, including your emotions, in the twinkling of an eye.

Just as no one can make you happy, only you can keep yourself from experiencing happiness each moment of your life. Everything is simply an attitude away.

How can you change your attitude and maintain a positive outlook in all situations? Through diligence, observation and choice. This is why the work of moving through fears and belief codes is of utmost importance.

Until you release the blocks that keep you locked into low-level energies and attitudes, you will miss myriads of joyous opportunities.

You will begin to see life in an uplifting new perspective once you release all judgments and impediments.
Take time today to formulate a plan of action. Write the steps you need to take in order to overcome every habit you wish to change.

Take the first step, there is no need to procrastinate, release the low-level energy involved in keeping old patterns intact that weigh heavily on your emotions and physical strength.

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to stay in the unnatural state of unhealthiness.

Free yourself from emotional blocks and energize yourself with thoughts of love while filling your body with healthy foods, and you will have more energy than you know what to do with!

Stop yourself when you find that you are retelling stories from past traumas, they only re-energize the scenario, sapping your energy.

Do you wish to drain your battery with low-level endeavors or to energize your battery with high-level feelings of love and gratitude? The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

Etznab 9

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Shine Your Light, Day 177, Caban 8 – Mayan Messages – 2-25-15

We understand that it is hard for you to exist in such a place. As your veils of amnesia lift, it becomes even harder to remain on the Earth. Yet we ask you to have patience, for there is much that you can do to assist with the changes that are currently taking place.

Many Lightworkers have come to the Earth at this time to assist in returning the Earth to her pristine state. Although the Earth was pristine at the time of her original creation, she and her inhabitants are now beginning to vibrate at a much higher frequency. This means that those who cling to lower frequency aspirations will not be able to maintain their goals of Not-Love experiences.

You, as a Lightworker, have the ability to pressure those in leadership positions to make the changes you wish to occur on Earth. There is power in numbers and as you unite with each other, with common goals, your voice will be heard. Many of your industries will crumble overnight if each of you simply says, “No more!” and stop feeding the monster. As you bond together and boycott the industries that are harmful, these corporations will either crumble or scramble to restructure.

With the advent of the personal computer and accessibility of the internet, the truth can be told across the world in a moment. As more people step forward with the truth, they have the ability to offset mass marketing and reach those people who are being misled. Part of the work of each Lightworker is to reach those in your network.

Perhaps you are the only one who can influence your parents, your siblings, your friends and acquaintances. Take your role seriously by educating yourself and others. Empower yourself with the knowledge that you are an important ambassador with the ability to help others create a world of peace and joy.  Selamet!  Caban 8,  Day 177

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Theresa Crabtree – Mayan Messages – Daily Cleansing – 2-10-15



DAY 172

Eb 3 Daily Cleansing

I am Eb 3. Thank you for joining us this grand day as we work together to build the New Earth. Many of you are awakening and using your talents and skills to help make this a reality. There are many who sense the “End Times” are near and are falling into fear of gloom and destruction. Know that this era is just another cycle, an inbreath. This time, you will be leaving behind the amnesia and creating Heaven on Earth.

There is much work to be done and many of you are floundering, not knowing where to place your time and energy. There is much unrest due to the restructuring of your infrastructures. Many changes are occurring rapidly on the physical, mental and emotional dimensions. Some are feeling uneasy and full of anxiety and despair. Much of this is due to unconscious chatter on the energy grids as well as nudgings by your Spirit Guides.

In order to clear yourself, you need to be mindful that you can easily be knocked off balance. Much of this is due to thoughtforms of fear that are pervasive on the Earth. These will pass in a short time as your transition becomes more stabilized. In the meantime, it is good every morning to clear yourself of adverse energies that you accumulate during your sleep time. Most of you are unaware of the effects that mass consciousness thoughtforms have on you. It is imperative that you understand these things are occurring in order for you to keep from continually being knocked off balance. Knowledge is power.

If you have understanding of the chakra system, choose a method of energetic cleansing, including stretching exercises such as yoga, on a daily basis. This is not a time to be slack in your discipline. Those of you who are unfamiliar with these methods would do well to research them and choose those you are drawn to. There is much information available online by doing word searches such as: energy healing, reiki, etc. Seek out local centers that offer these services.

The goal is to keep yourself centered in all situations. Negative thoughtforms that are pervasive on Earth at this time have the ability to attach themselves to any negative thoughtforms you hold within your auric field. Unresolved issues within yourself are now boiling to the surface, wanting to be healed and replaced with the energies of love and gratitude. This is part of the awakening process and it is happening at a soul level.

You may feel anxious or antsy without knowing why. What is happening is that your Higher Selves and Guides are nudging you along your Path, reminding you it is time to get busy and realize your full potential. The time is at hand to create the Garden of Eden you have dreamed of. It is now time for the dark energies to be left behind as those of you who choose to ascend begin to replace your thoughts with light energies.

We are here to assist you and find much joy when you communicate with us. We are here to help you move beyond the dense energies that pervade the Earth and bring the Earth back to her original glory. Those who choose to remain in the lower densities will still exist, yet on another level. There is no true separation. As you continue to ascend, you will understand this. Many of you will have the ability to communicate with loved ones who remain in the denser fields. All is well. We are all One. Remember always that you are a Spiritual Being who is temporarily choosing a physical existence.
Be well. Make this a day full of joy and wonder for yourself!

Eb 3


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Theresa Crabtree – Mayan Messages – Overcoming Obstacles – 12-6-14


VEIL OF SEPARATION   The veils of separation are rapidly dissolving. What does this mean to you and how will it affect you? Soon you will see that each of you are brethren. Not only do you all have the same blood running in your veins, but you also have the same spirit connection on the Other Side.

You truly are children of God; in fact, you ARE gods, each of you being one aspect of the whole. Many have already grasped this teaching; most of you are still grappling with it, not understanding how we can all be One. We suggest you take time each day to go within and find ways to make this connection with your fellow man and all of creation.

There are a few things that need to be addressed in order for you to prepare yourself for the removal of the veil. We will enumerate a few key points here:

Think only positive thoughts.

Build a feeling of love for all of creation.

Allow everyone to be who they are.

Face all fears.

Forgive yourself and all others for past wounds.

Focus your attention on what is happening in the moment.

Follow your intuition each step of your journey.

Many of you are feeling deep sorrow and isolation from loved ones, both those living on Earth and those who have crossed over. We encourage you to find joy in all things and to spend time creating in your mind what you would like the world to be like. Working together, you are creating a collective conscious group similar to a board meeting where all come together to reset company policy and revamp the system.

All you need resides within you. We are here to help you reconnect with the part of your Self that was temporarily shut off when you initially incarnated. We are also here to assist you in regaining full remembrance of your spiritual roots. We are grateful for all of you, for we too have much love for this planet and galaxy and wish to continue to have the opportunity to use this playing field for enjoyment and adventure.   Selamet! Cib 5

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Mayan Messages – Staying Centered

 STAYING CENTERED   All is available to you in moments that you remain centered, especially in those times that are full of stress. When you are able to keep your focus and remain “level-headed,” you are able to make better decisions. Clarity comes from remaining peaceful. We would like to suggest that you slow the pace of your life. Simplify.

It is up to you personally to regain control of your life. Quiet moments are a must to even begin the process of slowing down. Look at your routines and find ways where you can truly relax every muscle in your body. Return to nature for quiet walks or to sit next to a tree and simply be. You have become human do-ings instead of human be-ings. Your society as a whole is moving at lightning speed, with everyone trying to “improve” themselves at the expense of their mental, emotional and physical health.

As you work through fears and belief codes that keep you entrapped in old habits, you will find yourself refreshed and energized and will develop courage to make decisions that will make your life more fulfilling. It may take stepping “out of the box” to reach your goals.

You are the creator of your reality. Make the decision to find ways to remain centered by balancing every aspect of your life. You live in a world of polarity; there are an infinite number of possibilities available to you at all times. Look around, expand your horizons and make the conscious decision to create a better life for yourself. These come in the form of coincidences and synchronicities. Stay alert and have fun along the way! Caban 11

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