Lisa Gawlas – The Ego – The Master of Matter!



Lisa Gawlas   –   The Ego – The Master of Matter!


Ahhh duality, the under appreciated, undervalued gift of life.  We have two minds that absolutely MUST work together, in harmony with each other.  The soul mind and the ego mind.  The Master of energy and the Master of matter.  Both brilliant task masters.  Each very different from the other.  When the ego is hard at work, it is working in the base emotions, concentrated, diligent and purposeful. The soul mind, swings from the tree tops in deLight.  The soul mind is bringing all the particles of light together and funneling it to the ego, for use.

In the infancy of our new lives, the use is always a collective thing.  All-ways.  We have much to learn, to discern and disengage from, for it to be readily available to any one person, any one community.

I think yesterday was one of the greatest lessons to date, in understanding and truly valuing the duality within me, within us.

The field was down yesterday, or as God says, int burst into purposeful chaos, orgasmic bliss of itself.  I was even showed a repeated visual of the sun bursting its magnetic fields on spaceweather.

Orgasms are like that, they burst the concentrated energy that was built up prior to that moment and releases it outwards.

So imagine my surprise, when the cosmic orgasm produced a phone call to me in the afternoon from the loan company, who just the day prior, approved my home equity loan, to say their may be a complication.  I genuinely thought I owned the dirt beneath the trailer, turns out, nope, not really.  I own 1/226th of a share in stonehenge.  There are 226 mobile homes set up here and we all own a share in the entire community, as a whole.  As the lady I talked to in the office said, I own my neighbors palm tree and they own mine.  Well just shit!  Without owning the land, there is no real equity.  Especially given that this is a 1981 model.  Like our cars, mobile homes depreciate no matter how much you have upgraded them.

The loan officer, feeling the tears in my voice, said he is going to talk to the funder to see if they can work around this, but chances are, they won’t.

When I am filled over the top with emotion, I do what I do best… put a blurb on facebook to just release it outwards and then can get to processing the rest.  My heart in that moment, was truly shattered.  Instead of getting a much needed hug… I got obscurities… something better coming, and stuff like that.  Unless you are sending me a check for the balance of my teeth… no it’s not. And I realized, this is where most of us lose our steam.  We actually do everything we can to stay out of our base emotions, to stay out of the master of matter territory, ego and we swing from the treetops professing something better is coming.

And why would we think for a single moment, having a broken heart, feeling deflated over something that was just a moment ago, hopeful, means we have moved out of our heart center.  Unless we do not fully appreciate the tears of our own heart.  Of our own desire changing and sometimes, that even means falling apart.  If a plan, no matter how divine it is, does not catch wind, it will get grounded.  Even this is sooo crucially important in our evolution of understanding our WHOLE self.

Let’s take a different look at this working model that is crucial.  Imagine you have someone you love in a hospital bed, hanging on for dear life.  Those that love that person gather around the hospital bed, hearts broken, heavy and praying like there is no tomorrow, and for that person in bed, there may very well be no tomorrow.  That emotion is the greatest creator of all time.  That heaviness is FULL of life’ Love at the base level of Life itself. It will facilitate more miracles than a 1000 people all around the world singing songs of hope.  The heaviness of love and desire is not something to push away, but to be used!!

But man oh man, we don’t really like to get down and dirty.  To ache for a better outcome.  I do.  I spent all night aching.  It is simply the master of matter in my heart saying, ok… plan two.  We will work on a plan two, or in this case, I think it’s like plan 5!! lol  And trust me, I do not give up, but I know when to give in.


This morning, more separated from the disappointment of not actually owning the land beneath my trailer, I realized this working model here at Stonehedge, is actually a perfect working model for an enlightened community.  Go figure.  No one owns anything and everyone owns it All.  (In this save, minus the trailers set up on the dirt.)  Even what I pay in “maintenance fees” each month, we all chip in for the lawn care, the pest care, the cable, water and sewage and so on.  There is a wisdom to the working model.  Just not with the people within it.  (The folks here do do the best they can with where they are at, collectively.)

Now, to set up a true working model, our job is not to stay outside of the harmonic of the person hurting, but to join in there, with love, with knowing, with partnership of all working bits and peaces.  To add lightness.  My son did just that.  Ohhh what needed comic relief we both needed.  He is having a very difficult financial time in his world.  Not for the lack of turning every stone and even building his stones only to be taken away for the moment.  And so he called me to find out what was happening within my world… and we vented and then changed the subject to something that happened to him recently and it just turned into such gut hurting laughter for an easy 10 minutes.  And thru that laughter, it did produce something he has been looking for for days and wham there it was, which was also the brunt of this laughter escapade too.

Yesterday, in my looking towards what’s left that I can do to get this done, my last and only option is selling this house.  Yet, nothing about that felt right.  Especially this morning, it is not time to unhouse myself.  There is too much change happening everywhere and no place to feel like moving towards.

So lets bring all this together with the information released the last several days.  We really do have a gift called the ego mind.  So many people want to kill it, stop it, squash it and yet it is the very reason we are here in this amazing landscape of duality.  We have this amazing gift, this very powerful tool that exists no where else in all of creation… that alone should reveal how special we are, but instead, because it really is so foreign, we are throwing the baby out with the bath water and calling ourselves complete.

Now the untempered ego.. that’s a bit of a bully.  It has grown untempered thru lifetimes, but when integrated and fully partnered with the ALL of Life, it is an amazing task master!  What good is a car if all you have is the gas and the oil and all the other fluids.  It is our mind so familiar with matter that knows how to construct an engine, a fuel line, tires and even, the human to drive wherever they desire to go.  Even if they want to avoid going anywhere…. that would be felt as… unsafe.  Go there anyway!!!  We are needed there the most!!

Have an amazing day my beautiful co-creators.  Let’s get a little dirty today, the eclipse is counting on us, since we released it as such!! 😉

(((((HUGZ))))) of power and bliss to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


Julie Henderson – We Can Change The World – Mind Is The Matrix Of Matter – 2-1-14

Max Plank

The late and great metaphysician, Stuart Wilde, said that if and when your energy is moving faster than the world around you, you have a kind of destiny, or a calling, something that pulls your mind and emotions and etheric into another place beyond this dimension that we inhabit in the name of growth and evolution. If you’re not busy being bogged down or stressed out by certain things that most people are, if you aren’t in any dodgy situations, and if your focus is primarily on learning, discovery, renewal, healing, serving others, resolving conflict, keeping the peace, or being creative… then somehow you begin to serve a separate (but not better or worse) purpose. At that point, when you’ve reached a new “plateau of self-discovery,” and things become comfortable, you are supposed to begin a new search for the next destination encapsulated by more advanced learning, rich experiences and discoveries. By enhancing your life and your journey, you automatically raise the energy of those who are pulled to you.
Sometimes “rock bottom,” whether it be in relationships, home life, or career, can be transformed into a new plateau of learning, self-discovery, healing, or crux of renewal. Often the personal triumphs accumulated in the process influence or open the door for another person to become more, or simply become part of “the Whole” again, which exists within their eternal selves. If we can guide at least one more soul back to the God and the Divine living with them by way of our individual transformation, then somehow our presence here becomes a force of Grace instead of a force that works against Gaia and the natural evolutionary flow. We’re called to serve in whatever way we can with whatever means we have at our disposal, and of course with whatever talents or skills we can bring to the table. We’re not all great scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, or movers and shakers wielding great powers of influence. Instead, we’re just average people who’ve woken up to a new truth, a new potential for our shared and co-created realities, or at the very least a means of evolving beyond the constraints and restrictions of prescribed reality as we see and experience it day to day.
Whether or not we are prepared, we are called to pick up the proverbial torch and shed light on the path for another. The Underground Railroad comes to mind, as does every subversive movement on behalf of gaining independence, freedom, knowledge, strength, empowerment and liberation for the awakened soul and opened heart. At some point, we have all discovered a loophole, a gap, a secret passageway, a wormhole, or an offramp that led us to a new perception, a greater understanding and awareness of ourselves and each other, or an acceptance of our responsibility in looking after Creation, this planet, the animals, other human beings and the God-force within our own being. We become reverent, humble, grateful for the least significant but most valuable things we have going for us in our lives. Whatever blessings are already in place, whatever nourishment provides a foundation for higher learning and the continued pursuit of our soul’s salvation and transformation, is something to be thankful for every single day. It allows us to discover the underground without the added burden of mechanical survival tactics in a competitive, Capitalistic society devoid of virtue and Dharma.
matrixIt’s not clear where or when or how the transition and great shift will come about collectively, or if it will all at once. It has been happening gradually in stages so as not to shatter the world by rocketing the planet’s collective vibration all at once. If it’s happening more frequently at the individual level, then it will inevitably take shape at the global and macrocosmic levels of consciousness. The best of what we are and all that we are capable of achieving as evolving spiritual beings is yet to come. There is a path, a secret passageway, a hidden tunnel, a loophole and a gap that each of us maintains within our own awakened being. We shed a light on that path for ourselves, not realizing that perhaps one or two others, as a result, might have a chance of following a more fortuitous song line back home to the Heartland, to the Divine, or to the sacred places in this world and the infinite parallel worlds of which we are all a part. We are all hazy-wave-potentials which become observable particles by way of a perceivable matrix, but as the perceptions and consciousness that create the matrix naturally change, we become instead Eternal Dancers: swirling, vibrating, illuminating gusts of atoms and sacred dust that compose us as infinite, multidimensional sources of energy. At that point, we enter the Sacred Void with humbled reverence, proper gratitude, and acceptance of the fact that we, once again, know nothing. With no particular knowledge, no authority over anything or anyone, and no need to defend a Truth that needs no defense, we just ride, float, dream, or dance…
“There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” –Max Planck, Quantum Theorist
All this may take on our part is for us to shed a little light on the unbeaten path for a brave soul like ourselves, and beyond that, a shared celebration of a journey that delivers us into realms of freedom, bliss, liberation, joy, happiness, resolution, forgiveness, understanding and magnanimous compassion beyond our wildest dreams and imaginations in this realm or any other. Those worlds are inches from us at any given moment, and they are sustained by our focused thought, sharpened instincts, heartened intent and determination to deliver ourselves safely into those Heartlands and their unending celebrations of life’s sacred nature. With each day that passes, more and more individuals are waking up without any care or need for conflict, without any desire to combat corrupt, tyrannical systems that are bound to collapse in on themselves, and without any concern as to the world’s condition. We know and trust that She will renew herself. We trust that God, Creator, Maitreya, Kuan Yin, Jesus Christ, Krishna, and all other avatars of God-source Energy are sovereigns of this renewed Earth, both before, during, and after Her great transformation.
If each and every one of us suddenly decided to believe in and support a different matrix when we woke up tomorrow, the world would change overnight. If we chose freedom instead of fear, courage instead of cowardice, strength instead of weakness, love and compassion instead of anger and misunderstandings, or forgiveness and mercy instead of holding grudges, then we’d be gracefully gliding through some kind of utopia instantaneously. There would be nothing to sustain the previous matrix grid of collective shame, fear, anger, deceit, betrayal, lies and illusions. The energy and vibration of our collective souls would suddenly cast off all lower-vibrating tendencies and dark masses to exchange them for warmth, tenderness, love, generosity, humor, hospitality, compassion, respect, dignity, honor, cleanliness, purity, graciousness, honesty, integrity, virtue, truth and all things Godly and righteous. We’d be living in a kind of Heaven on Earth.
“And what we’ve discovered at the core basis of the universe, the foundation of the universe, is a single unified field of intelligence; a field that unites gravity with electromagnetism, light with radioactivity, with the nuclear force. So that all the forces of nature and all the so-called particles of nature – quarks, leptons, protons, neutrons – are now understood to be one. They’re all just different ripples on a single ocean of existence that is the unified field… And that field is a non-material field. It is ultimately a field of consciousness and everything in the universe is nothing but that. Planets, trees, people, animals – we’re all just waves of vibration of this underlying, unified, superstring field…” –John Hagelin, Particle Physicist
The seed of those heavens and celestial realms where that bliss exists lies in waiting to sprout and be cultivated in every awakened mind. It’s not difficult to imagine a world where these gifts and that measure of Grace can be achieved and sustained; the only difficulty is in trusting that we can collectively produce that shift en masses, all at once. It is possible, but it’s challenged every day by those who fear change, those who fear love and want to hold onto their anger, or those who simply don’t understand what it means to be free, to be liberated, and to be Divine. The Hopi adequately described the catastrophic destruction that such beings would encounter by trying to rigidly hold on during this time of transformation. Naturally, anything asymmetrical, impure, inorganic and not “of God,” would be eradicated or fall away in the case of a Great Cleanse. And nature would be restored to its most simple, pure and rare state. A matrix of peace, an era of chivalry, and an age of enlightenment would disintegrate the old matrix and meticulously weave a new grid of liberation and creativity in its place. It’s possible. That shift is nigh in every awakened mind and heart, and our mind is the matrix of matter.
Suggested: Stuart Wilde
Julie Henderson is a native to the San Francisco Bay Area whose journey and writing has appeared in the anthology, Hitched! Wedding Stories from San Francisco’s City Hall, ed. Cheryl Dumesnil. She has also been featured in a controversial interview in Curve Magazine, and her writing has been published in various women’s journals and literary magazines. In addition to writing, she is a 3-D installation artist, photographer, singer/songwriter, metalsmith, and urban Taoist.

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