Master Serapis Bey via Natalie Glasson – Finding Your Way upon the Earth with Your Soul – 8-8-15


Master Serapis Bey via Natalie Glasson   –   Finding Your Way upon the Earth with Your Soul   –   8-8-15

Many of you are accustomed to radiating and focusing upon projecting your soul light into your entire body, aura, and surrounding area.

This is a basic practice, which not only increases your spiritual awareness and evolution, it creates a momentum of receiving fulfilment from within and to be experienced outside of you.

To radiate your soul light is to connect deep within your being with the essence and core of your energy.

This energy is beyond your physical body and even auric field. It is an energy which is with you and expresses you whether you are on the Earth or the inner planes.

Your soul is a part of the greater whole of the Creator. Therefore, it is composed of such rich and fulfilling wisdom, light, love and consciousness. In truth everything is available to you through radiating and expressing your soul.

It is my wish that you come to realise, not only within your mind, within your belief systems and outlook upon yourself and reality, that everything is available to you through the expression of your soul. With this knowledge, trusted and embedded within all aspects of your being, you can begin to truly work in harmony with your soul as if you are connecting into its advanced capabilities.

When you radiate your soul, do you truly know what you are emanating and bringing into your physical reality? This is a wonderful question to contemplate. You may have many answers or you may be unsure of the energies, qualities, and wisdom being emanated and how these influences your experiences on the Earth.

In my communication with you today, I wish to support you in finding your way in co-creating, as well as understanding, your soul’s expression and purpose within your reality.

When you emanate and imagine your soul light flowing in all directions from your heart chakra, or in truth any other chakra, you are emanating a vibration of your soul which is drawn forth to support and assist you in that moment.

All qualities, light, and consciousness are perfect for each present moment, so in truth there is no need to achieve any more, as everything appropriate is shared, anchored, and delivered into your being and reality.

This is a powerful knowingness which supports your greater co-creation and experience of your soul. However, there are qualities and aspects of your soul you can connect with, creating a focused energy download into your being, which supports you in creating with your soul experiences, energies, and circumstances which propel you forth in spiritual evolution, happiness, and fulfilment. I will explain this further.

First, I wish for you to connect into your soul. Take the attention of your third eye into your heart chakra, allowing the light of your soul to emanate in all directions abundantly. Then invite and ask your soul’s energy to merge with your mind/ thoughts, emotions/feelings, and the divine plan for your soul in your current lifetime. Simply know and allow this to take place observing any shifts or alterations occurring.

You are now more fully connected to the Divine Creator as you invite yourself to contemplate or be inspired as to important events, experiences, people or even material objects that require to be manifested within your reality,  and accepted and experienced to aid your spiritual evolution, happiness, and fulfilment on all levels of your being.

In many ways, you are asking what do you as your soul wish to experience and achieve in your current embodiment. This is a very special moment, even if you do not understand, connect with, or gain any inspiration. Simply allow this part of the practice to be achieved often until the inspiration dawns. It may be the same as your current passions and desires in your physical reality. Ideally, you may be able to write down numerous inspired ideas which through their manifestation will support your spiritual evolution, happiness, and fulfilment in your reality.

When you radiate your soul light, you will naturally be emanating qualities, energies, and consciousness which move you into alignment or aid creation of experiences which support you in numerous ways. However, you can co-create with your soul to allow your soul to create a greater impact within your being and reality.

In many ways, this process is about letting go of boundaries that you may have created yourself for yourself to hinder and limit your soul.

If there are areas of unhappiness or lack within your reality then this signifies you are limiting your soul’s presence in these areas. This is usually because of a belief you have created which acts as a boundary and interference to your soul.

With your inspired ideas, which are born from your soul, you will allow yourself, in more ways than you could possible imagine, to move through boundaries, limitations, and fears, to be more connected to your soul and all that is the Creator. Thus, you create fulfilment through offering freedom to your soul within your physical reality.

The next part of the practice is to imagine your inspired ideas, dreams and aspirations, as you focus upon yourself existing surrounded by your soul. Feel as if you are in a cocoon of your soul light, safe and supported, while you allow yourself to visualise or imagine your inspired ideas, especially imagining the feelings you may experience. Achieve this for a few minutes until you feel a connection with the energy, presence and manifestation they hold.

I now invite you to ask your soul to bring forth from its abundant energy the qualities, energy vibrations, or consciousness which is required to create and manifest your soul’s aspirations.

‘My beloved soul and self, I call your beautiful energies to flow abundantly through and from my being as I invite you to bring forth the qualities, energy vibrations, or consciousness which are aligned to my inspired ideas and are required to support the manifestation of my spiritual evolution, happiness, and fulfilment.

‘Please at this time make me aware of the energies anchoring from my soul. Support me in being able to connect with them, experience, and even describe their energies and qualities, so I may know the energies and qualities I am to become and embody. Thank you.’

You may become aware of only one quality of energy, such as peace, love, enthusiasm, activation, healing, and so forth, or you may become aware of many. It is important to keep it simple and so we ask collectively and on your behalf that you are made aware of no more than eight qualities.

You may wish to write them down. These will become constant and empowered downloads into your being to aid your experience of that which you/[your] soul desires. The energies will synthesis to create a very beautiful and abundant energy which is empowering, satisfying, and supportive when you connect with it.

Take some time asking to connect with the synthesised energy, which is a combination of the qualities of your soul you have been made aware of. Invite your soul to download the synthesised energy into your being as you breathe deeply.

Feel it circulating your entire being. Enjoy and become accustomed to the sensation, so you can recognise when it is pouring into your being from your soul.

Know that this energy flowing from your soul will support your spiritual evolution, happiness, and fulfilment in your current reality. Know that each time you express your soul light, you will also be embodying this concentrated energy of your soul.

Take time in your daily reality to focus upon the synthesised energy merging with your being and reality. This is a beautiful experience as you are not only connecting with the abundant and expansive energies of your soul, you are inviting your soul to create a concentrated energy as well, which is supporting your divine plan upon the Earth and further connection with your soul.

You may discover that as your inspired ideas and aspirations manifest, you will need to move through the entire process once more to create from your soul new aspirations and concentrated energies, thus embodying your soul free from limitations and boundaries, offering your soul freedom within your being and reality.

The process I have communicated to you is to support you in co-creating further with your soul, thus knowing, sensing, and experiencing your soul more fully. It is a process which will allow much progression.

“Master Serapis Bey: Finding Your Way upon the Earth with Your Soul” channeled by Natalie Glasson, August 7, 2015 at

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Master Serapis Bey via Natalie Glasson – Journey of Separation to Unity – 6-12-14

serapis bey

Master Serapis Bey: The Journey of Separation to Unity, channelled through Natalie Glasson, June 11, 2014,

It is with the presence of love, clarity, and peace that I come forth to greet and share my consciousness with you at this powerful time of transition on the Earth.

Do you feel yourself to be moving on a journey of separation to unity? Are you at this time recognising areas, ideas, and perspectives of separation which seem to rise before you so clearly?

Are you fearful of acknowledging separation of any form, especially a separation between yourself and the Creator? Do you feel yourself recognizing separation, and yet striving to acknowledge an understanding and existence of unity with all that is the Creator?

Maybe many of your current challenges would dissolve if you accepted your unity with the Creator? Or maybe it is your acceptance of your unity with the Creator that will assist your healing on all levels of your being?

Some of these questions you may recognise within your own thought process and reality, or you may feel inspired by my questions to realize the vibrations of separation and unity within your being.

At this time upon the Earth, when love continues to anchor through so many aspects and sources of the Creator, the vibration of love is building upon the Earth creating many shifts which have not been experienced upon the Earth, either for a long time or never.

With the presence of love, everything is drawn to the surface even from the depths of the Earth and your being. This means that energies, reactions, thought processes you had long forgotten, or never truly realized, will sweep to the front of your attention, or even becoming embodied within your being to allow a process of release.

In this Era of Love, you can hold complete and absolute faith and confidence that everything within you will be healed, because love will not leave any stone unturned. Love will allow everything to arise, be observed, healed, and released.

I ask that you do not become involved with the drama of your process of releasing and healing every aspect of your being. With so many energies dawning within you, let go of the drama, as with drama you will find yourself entangled and involved in the rising energies, emotions, and even fears that are no longer needed.

It is important not to identify yourself with the energies rising to be healed, because many of you now are also releasing on behalf of humanity and the Earth. So some of what you may experience and need to heal may not have been created or experienced by you, but you have allowed yourself to be a healing vessel to aid in the quicker rise in the ascension vibration upon the Earth.

With the powerful wave of love entering through your being and into the Earth, so your understanding and experience of duality is challenged and can be shifted with tremendous ease. The Creator’s vibration of love brings forth an awareness and greater experience of unity.

Unity within all people and experiences naturally arises when love is present. Are you discovering that the perspective of your mind is altering so much that it feels it has moved from one way of thinking to a complete opposite way of thinking?

Love is breaking down the perspective of duality, asking you to realize there are no opposites; no separation, no division, only unity, with the truth and experience of unity.

The presence of unity within your being, and within the consciousness of humanity, will manifest a greater embodiment of love, but also a deeper embodiment of the Creator in all manifestation. It will feel as if you are seeing, sensing, and recognizing the Creator with every moment of your reality.

Powerful visions will manifest of truth and unity in your daily reality, as that which you experience within you, and in meditation, will be transferred into your physical realities.

Archangel Metatron brought forth a powerful vibration of unity during the time of 2012. Now Archangel Metatron begins another wave of unity which he will anchor into the Earth and humanity over the coming year.

The wave of unity consciousness is brought forth from the Creator, through the Council of Twelve into the Angelic Kingdom, where the Angelic Kingdom and Archangel Metatron are acting as channels for this new unity consciousness.

The purpose of the unity consciousness wave is to encourage the soul of each being upon the Earth to activate their purest vibration of unity bringing forth this powerful energy, as the soul of each person anchors with greater strength and achieves a deeper embodiment within their physical bodies.

All the preparation and anchoring of love are to support your soul in embodying your physical being more fully. Your soul is your gateway to the Creator. When the soul is more fully anchored, it can awaken its energies allowing for vibrations and consciousness of light to flow such as unity.

At a soul level there is a powerful bond of unity experienced with all souls. Separation between souls and people is inconceivable, your soul can allow you to see, sense, and acknowledge how you are externally connected with all souls.

The moment your soul embodies your being more fully and shares its consciousness – which has in some way been held like a sacred secret – you will see how everything in the universe is one. This may activate a powerful shift which is life-changing.

You may wish to call upon Archangel Metatron to work with you:

‘Archangel Metatron, I call upon your energy, love, and consciousness to be as one with my being. Please support me and assist me in moving from a consciousness of separation to an understanding and experience of unity.

‘As you exist with me now, I ask that you channel into my entire being your new wave of unity consciousness focused on the soul’s expression and embodiment of unity.

‘I now allow myself to receive your light with openness, surrender, and the focus of connecting and experiencing my soul on a deeper level.

‘Archangel Metatron, please channel your new wave of unity consciousness deep into my being to touch my heart and soul, instigating an awakening and blossoming of the truth of unity.

‘I am ready to recognize and dissolve all aspects of separation, in order to discover within me and experience the unity of my soul and the Creator; allowing unity to unfold as blissful experiences within my reality.

‘Archangel Metatron, please support me now, thank you.’

Simply sit and allow Archangel Metatron to stand behind you, as he places his energetic hands at your Soul Star Chakra above your head.

Archangel Metatron sends the new wave of unity consciousness into your Soul Star Chakra, where it merges with many aspects of your soul waiting to be embodied within your being. The synthesized light then flows into your being and chakras, connecting into your Earth Star Chakra below your feet to aid grounding and embodying of this new wave of unity consciousness.

There is a powerful journey, as you move from the belief and recognition of separation to the acceptance of unity, and [to the understanding] that there is no form of separation within the Creator. You also realize that everything and everyone is the Creator.  So, separation is only an illusion and a creation not born from truth or love.

You may wonder why, we, as Ascended Masters, come forth and speak with you as separated aspects of the Creator. This is because when each soul recognizes their connection and unity with the Creator, they melt into the Creator, becoming expansive, experiencing bliss, understanding everything, and yet holding a vibration of nothingness.

If the Creator came forth to you in the purest state, you might find the Creator completely indescribable, unacceptable, and incomprehensible.

Separation has its space and place in the spiritual journey, because when you recognize separation it opens the door way for you to accept a deeper consciousness of unity and truth.

We come forth to you as Ascended Masters, holding an aspect of separation from the Creator, because we, as Ascended Masters. have existed upon the Earth. We have a memory, a familiarity of the challenges and growth processes of the Earth, and so we are able to interpret the Creator to you [in order] to aid your own personal recognition in a way that is comprehensible to you at this state of your current ascension process.

It is important to realize that you may come up against ideas and perspectives of separation within and around you, but do not recognize these as negative, they are simply gateways to the Creator, and are often needed.

With each moment of inspiration and self (Creator) recognition, you are allowing many levels of separation to fall away. Your perspective will change and evolve, but do not despair or belittle the times when you connect with and believe in separation, as these are times that lead you to powerful awakening processes.

The journey from separation to unity is a beautiful, valuable, and necessary process which feeds your soul empowerment to aid embodiment. It is important not to connect with, or identify yourself with, ideas of separation, but to realize that in order for unity to be recognized and experienced, separation may also need to be evident to illustrate and demonstrate to you unity consciousness and existence.

‘I now love myself unconditionally. I am grateful for all experiences, thought processes, and consciousness of separation I may have adopted in the past and may hold now.

‘I realize that acknowledging and observing my belief in my separation with the Creator, however small or large, offers to me beautiful gateways of inspiration and acceptance of unity.

‘I value each and every step of my ascension process, and know I am guided eternally by my soul and the Creator. Thank you.’

In unity and oneness, Master Serapis Bey