Master Lanto via Fran Zepeda – Shine Your Radiance – 4-23-15

Picture of me 5 (2)Master Lanto  via  Fran Zepeda

Greetings, I AM Master Lanto, greeting you from afar, yet right next to you in your field of Light if you allow me.

I wish to speak to you about Radiance. Radiance is comprised of many things. Exalt within your own Radiance, for it is the spark that drives your Soul. It is YOU in your essential form. It is All-That-Is.

You are awash in your own Radiance when you bow to yourself and accept all that is YOU in its purest form: LOVE. Loving yourself and accepting yourself is key, as you well know. But do you live it day in and day out — Moment by Moment….In the NOW?

Every flaw, every obstacle, every struggle, every seeming impediment of your Happiness, is indeed only LOVE attempting to take hold on a deeper level of YOU.

And this brings us to your core, your essence. Do you think that it is devoid of Radiance just because you encounter unhappy times, or struggles? No…it is Radiance waiting to be revealed and embraced and accepted by you. Dear ones, I cannot stress enough to you that YOU ARE RADIANCE in full glory when you allow yourselves to be so. It is as simple as that, and as complex as that.

And while that may appear to be a paradox, consider this: Have you noticed that just looking at something with a certain attitude will color it with that attitude? You all know this. So why not color everything with your Joy, with your Peace, with your Love, with your exaltedness, your bubbling effervescent spark — Your Radiance — lying under the surface of all that judgment and skewing of the fact that you are all essentially Pure and Radiant, for you are a child of God, of Creator, All-That-Is, however you wish to term it.

Take that concept now and envelop and embrace it within you now. Look at your feelings about yourself right now. Look at your environment right now. What do you feel/see? Be honest. Now consider what that seeming reality would be if you accepted that you are the Divine and that all around you is a projection of the Divine. What would it look/feel like now? It is different, is it not?

You see, when you accept that you are as much of the Divine that Creator is, as much of the Divine as Yeshua, as Jesus, when he walked the Earth, or any of the Ascended Masters are, you begin to fan the flame of your divinity even more, so that it takes over your reality as you see it now. This shift is called Enlightenment and you can have it now…you DO have it now by accepting and basking in the Radiance that is You….the spark of your divine essence become manifest.

What douses your Divine Flame is your judgment, is your doubt, and is your fear that you could be as Radiant as all the Ascended Masters and Archangels are, as Creator is. You ARE, dear ones.

So Shine, dear ones, Shine your Radiance in everything you do and think and say, and I will be with you in counterpart as you lift from the struggles of everyday life, only a sign post to the destination of becoming fully engorged in Radiance.

I leave you with a Prayer to help you in this endeavor:

‘Divine Self, I AM Presence, grant me the pleasure of knowing you in full. Grant me the pleasure of being my guiding light in everything I do, in everything I see, in everything I experience.

‘For thou is the glory that resides within me. It is in no other place. I AM the Divine. I AM the Radiance. Allow it to emerge more fully with each breath I take, with each step I take, with each struggle I encounter, and with each endeavor I attempt.

‘And let it be known that all shall be colored with this Divine Radiance that I AM, forever and always.

And so it is.’

So beloveds, Remember I hold you in the highest esteem. Your Radiance draws me to you and allows me to share my Love and Radiance, allowing your days to be filled with all the Light that you can hold.


I AM Master Lanto in Fullness of Radiance, as are YOU.

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Lord Lanto via Aurelia Louise Jones – The Seven Sacred Flames – 1-20-15

The Seven Sacred Flame

Transmission from the Heart of the Beloved Lord Lanto (Excerpt)

 channelled by Aurelia Louise Jones


Foreword: Georgi Stankov

I decided to publish this excerpt because it discusses one more time the seven sacred flames (rays) that correspond to the seven human chakras as presented by Carla and the Elohim. There are many more flames that are associated with higher chakras. Upon our ascension we shall immediately acquire all these chakras and the corresponding flames that will enable us to become Masters of Creation.

Therefore, it is not necessary to deal with the additional five flames belonging to the upper 8th to 12th chakras, which all light warriors of the first and the last hour and new Logos Gods have already fully opened. As long as we dwell in physical vessels, the seven foundational flames are absolutely sufficient for our immediate creation and we should use them on a daily basis.

The message below explains also why the access to these flames was interrupted in the past by the higher spiritual hierarchies – they were misused in Lemuria and Atlantis for the wrong goals and these inappropriate creations led to profound disharmony with All-That-Is and the destruction of both civilizations. Now the misuse of these flames is blocked in the DNA-code of the new human template of Gaia 5, we created this year, so that only creations for the highest good of All-That-Is will be allowed to materialize.

This would say that you may not experience immediately the results of your creationary work if it is contaminated by still unprocessed tendencies of the ego-mind and the human psyche. But this is a learning process and the absence of immediate results should only tell us that we need to refine our thoughts and emotions much more as to become formidable Masters of Creation. Now!



From the great Hall of Illumination of the Royal Teton Retreat in the Rocky Mountain Range of Wyoming, I greet you with the Love of my heart and the Wisdom Flame that I AM.

Throughout the ages, I have indeed served that wondrous Golden Ray for so very long that I have embodied it fully and become it. When you think of the Sacred Flames, beloved ones, perceive their wonders with a sense of equality. There is not one that is better or lesser than the other; although each one holds a different attribute of the qualities of God, they are all equally wondrous and effective. Some of their qualities overlap, creating an energy field of Oneness. The seven flames are also part of the Earth curriculum about which you need to gain mastery and balance in order to qualify for your Ascension. Everyone who has ever ascended was required to master the attributes of the seven flames.

In our teachings to humanity, we emphasize the seven flames, but in reality, there are many others. When you fulfill your Ascension, the twelve Sacred Flames and their corresponding chakras will be fully restored within you and you will be able to use them constructively with all of their numerous gifts in wondrous ways.

In the ascended state, as you continue to evolve your consciousness in the various levels of the fifth dimension, and later on, in the consciousness of still higher dimensions, you will discover many more flames and many more chakras will be added to your lifestream. In fact, it will never end; evolution continues on forever unto eternity. How many chakras do you think your Creator or Lord Melchizedek have?

Shortly before the destruction of the two major continents, Lemuria and Atlantis, most of the Sacred Flames were removed from the surface of the planet and taken inside the planet or to the etheric Temples of Light. With the removal of the flames, also came the deactivation of part of your DNA, the minimizing of the Threefold Flame of Life in the sacred chamber of your heart, and the temporary shutting down of the five Secret Rays with their corresponding chakras.

Because of the severe misuse of these rays and their chakras in the two continents mentioned above, it was decided by the universal and galactic Councils of Light that restrictions had to be imposed on humanity. From that time on, only seven chakras with their corresponding flames were left activated for the continuation of mankind’s evolution.

Many of you heard of the five Secret Rays and wonder what they are. Not too much has been mentioned about these rays by us because, although they are important and their energy is gradually being restored on the surface. The mastery of the God attributes they represent is not fully required until you get very close to the day of your Ascension. We do not want to confuse you with too many flames because the mastery of the first seven flames represents a big endeavor.

Once you have mastered the first seven flames, it becomes much easier to master the other five. Though they are unique in their own color, vibration and attributes, they are derivatives of the first seven. The stipulations were that until humanity wakes-up again to embrace their divine potential and the principles of Christ-hood, and when the level of consciousness has reached enough spiritual maturity for mankind to be trusted once more with this sacred energy, the knowledge for the right use of these flames will be reintroduced to Earth again. With the Ascension of your Earth Mother, those who have reached the level of spiritual maturity to become candidates for Ascension will benefit, in their own timing, from the return of their gifts.

That is the mastery you will need to attain as you walk through the initiations of the seven inner temples (see chapter 4—pages 97-101). Once you gain the momentum of Love, Wisdom and Power on all the flames and have fulfilled all the other requirements, you will be invited to take your place among the immortals with all the glory and attributes of a fully ascended master.

That day, beloved ones, will be the most wondrous day of your entire existence. For eons of times, you have incarnated here facing many challenges in most of your incarnations, always keeping the dream and goal to make it someday to the Ascension doorway. Now this opportunity is offered to each of you in this very incarnation! You never have to die again for most of you, unless you choose it. The time you have waited for, is now presenting itself to you! This is an invitation from us, the Chohans of the Rays and also an invitation from your Creator. We love you all so very dearly!

Master Lanto via Fran Zepeda – September Equinox Energies – You Are The Power of the Universe – 9-20-14

Channeled by Fran Zepeda September 20, 2014 Greetings. The purity of the energies are entering your beings at an increasing rate. Lifting you in gigantic waves of ascension. And in this Lifting, you have a chance and a duty to yourself to rise above the diminishing lower energies that are still clinging to you.I come to support you in this Lifting, in this refinement of your energies. The purity of the energies are matching the purity of your soul and while sometimes it is difficult to differentiate this purity from the lingering leaving energies of the past, it is well worth your while to intend to rise above this difference.I take you now on a journey of your pure soul, of allowing yourself to mingle with all your higher aspects now. The energies of Now are in complete support of this. This upliftment, this revealing of the purity and radiance of your soul and your connection with Creator is now leading the way in your journey of ascension.There is no turning back. Allow yourselves to lift higher, allow yourselves to focus on the purity of your soul, on the pure connection with Creator. Welcome your soul family. Welcome your higher self and higher aspects on this journey. That is what is real in you. All the nagging whispers of “doom and gloom” and unloving thoughts are just in your consciousness now to be recognized and let go as a thing of the past.

via Master Lanto on the September Equinox Energies: You Are The Power of the Universe.


Dissolving the Drama of Ascension by Master Lanto
17 August 2012
Channeler: Natalie Sian Glasson

Dissolving the Drama of Ascension by Master Lanto Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 17/08/12

With light expression I bless you with the Christ Consciousness of the Creator, with truth, peace and an eternal love; I emanate the vibration of the Christ into your entire being so you may recognise the same within yourself, expansively and eternally. I am Master Lanto, my energies are gentle but radiant and I have worked closely with many aspects of the Christ including Master Jesus. It is my purpose to activate the devotional energies to the Creator around and within your being, as well as enhancing your luminosity. Devotion to truth, radiance, loving determination and the Christ vibration are of great importance at this stage of ascension, it is essential to allow these qualities to activate in harmonious balance from within your being. You may also find that within your recognition of these sacred qualities that there is in areas an imbalance, this can be adjusted easily. Allow yourself to practice the below affirmations,

I am devotion in divine balance, I am radiance in divine balance, I am determination in divine balance, I am the Christ vibration in divine balance.

Allow yourself to inhale as you state the first affirmation in your mind, as you exhale allow the divine balance to be formed, created and to flow from your being. Inhaling once more, repeat the second affirmation, exhale allowing the divine balance to form and flow. Continue in this manner stating all four affirmations and then beginning one more. Call me forward to assist in the creation and manifestation of divine balance within and around your being.

Balance is an energy each soul seeks; it is almost a security for the soul allowing for greater alignment with the Creator. Balance cannot be grasped or even adopted but must manifest from within your being, the essence of truth or your creator presence that you hold. Balance can be determined as steadiness or stability. When I think of balance I do not imagine it as an energy I will become or a quality I can acquire in my reality but an understanding of alignment with the Creator. When you connect with the Creator or universal energies, whether within or around you, then balance is a reality that unfolds, not due to your focus upon balance but due to your surrendering to become the vibration of the Creator. When balance is evident within your reality you can be sure that the vibration of the Creator is present and divinely integrated. If unbalance is present then you can identify that a greater connection or acceptance of the Creator within and around you is needed. In areas of unbalance a connection with the Creator can be formed by allowing the light of the Creator to emanate from your being during certain circumstance. Asking for the Creator to bless and align certain energies or situations to the divine essence of the Creator will also be of assistance, or by simply expressing the abundant love from your being while knowing you are at one with the energy and divine wisdom of the Creator. In this state you open yourself up to the divine magic of the Creator allowing for truth and blissful energies to unfold.

The presence of balance can also be seen as a deep and devoted trust in the vibration of the Creator. I, Master Lanto, believe trust in the Creator is of great importance at this time of ascension. There is also a need for you to place trust in yourself as a powerful, wise being that can make a difference to your own vibration, reality and awareness.

With the upcoming magnification of the Creator and energetic shifts in December 2012, the Creator is providing each person with an opportunity to love themselves unconditionally, to place greater trust and faith in their own power and radiant light as well as reaffirming their trust in the Creator. In many ways this is to create a greater balance or attunement to the Creator. I am aware of the numerous ideas held within the general consciousness of humanity concerning what will occur in December 2012, it is my wish to share some simple information that will assist you in achieving the most blissful experience.

I ask first that you dissolve all expectations concerning this time that we speak of, making a peace within your being that you are happy and content in not knowing what will occur during this time. By relaxing your expectations and feeling content even when uncertainty is before you then you will awaken and open your energies allowing for greater grace and divine intervention to be experienced. I would encourage you to talk to yourself during meditation or quiet time, explaining that you are perfectly at ease with everything that is occurring and you are happy to place your trust in the Creator watching the glorious enfoldments. It is important to dissolve all judgments you may make about the magnification process, allowing for love, trust, balance and determination to radiate from your being and mind.

I ask secondly that you are observant of the dramas you create in your reality and to eradicate these as much as possible. To create a drama in your reality is to enhance an energy, emotion, thought or situation. As a soul constantly searching for a deeper connection with the Creator you may feel as if you are constantly enhancing or increasing your own energy but in truth you are allowing your energy to unfold. When you enhance energy you make it larger than it actually is, when you allow energy to unfold it becomes larger but also becomes more whole, you are linking into the flow of the Creator’s light. Drama is often seen in negative situations, especially emotional experiences and is often created to attract greater attention or even love onto the individual. Drama can also be experienced in spiritual practices, for example, if you are meditating sensing the love in your heart, you may become focused upon the love wanting it to grow, saying to yourself how blissful the love is and how you wish to experience it more fully. In many ways even this is creating a drama as you are trying to enhance the love rather than allowing it to unfold from within your being. When you simply observe the love within your being and open yourself to experience a greater flow your entire being rejoices and there is no need to enhance the love experienced, it simply grows without boundaries.

It is my wish that you begin to observe the drama that you create in your reality or the energies, emotions, thoughts, experiences that you try to enhance in your reality. The important realisation is that there is no need to enhance the energies but to allow yourself to have a more open and free experience of the energies. If you can begin to observe this within your being and reality you will free yourself of expectations and many ideas which may not have formed from truth, you will also gain a greater balance or attunement to the Creator. When you then perceive or experience the magnification of December 2012 you will understand there is no need to create any drama within or around you but to allow the energies to flow from your being and the Creator. In truth to simply be open to experience the eternal flow that is the Creator.

We may see many people creating drama in love or fear at this time as they try to find security, balance and a greater understanding, but if you are able to gain a greater mastery in your own reality you will be able to recognise the same in others. Allow your energy and intentions to assist them in experiencing the truth and love of the Creator. Let us dissolve from the consciousness of humanity the need to create drama and enhance energies, let us simply experience the magnitude of the Creator’s light within and around each other.

My name is Master Lanto, I reassure you that I am here to assist you in any way that I can, simply call upon my energies and presence and I will be at your service.

In love and devotion always, Master Lanto

Master Lanto – Channeler Fran Zepeda – You Are Full and Conscious Divine Beings – 19 September 2013

Master Lanto


Master Lanto:

Hello dear ones, It is I again, Master Lanto, bringing you wonderful news on your progress in your ascension process.

As it stands right now, your illumination and the development of your crystalline bodies has increased tenfold, even a thousandfold from just a little bit of time ago.You are growing and expanding in leaps and bounds and your radiance is astounding and magnificent. You are all looking like beautiful stars to us here in the Celestial and Galactic Realm.

And my dear ones, you are just becoming brighter day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, and second by second, as is translated into your linear concept of time. In the Now, you can be considered expanded to full capacity, in that you are BECOMING that very thing as you develop further in each Now moment.

And the coming days are opportunities for even more divine balance and radiance. For you keep building upon yourself to make the perfect illumination in this Now moment. It takes time in your perception to fully realize it, but consider yourselves the perfect illumination and radiance in this Now Moment for YOU. And in doing so, you make room for further expansion as you return to Oneness and Source.

And this may seem a little mind-boggling, dear ones, but as you expand your consciousness and perception of Reality, you will be more comfortable with this idea and know it is the Truth.

And consider yourselves now within a beautiful waterfall of glistening rainbow colors. Allow the droplets to absorb into you, imparting all colors of the rainbow, and consider the colors building upon themselves to include colors and rays not ever seen with your naked eye. Consider the possibility of colors of even deeper hue and radiance, and of a transcendent and translucent quality, that you can imagine. And allow them to enter your Light Body. See a kaleidoscope of colors within and without your body and immerse yourselves, dear ones.

Yes, you are becoming radiant stars of colors, form, geometry and shapes unique to your own energy signature, unique to your own emerging crystalline body, the potential of which is already manifested in full, and the “lag time” is only in your perception. For consider yourselves complete and whole in your divinity, and your physical perception will catch up to that Reality as you grow in consciousness. And these coming days of expansion, and energy and light influx will just prove to be “icing on the cake”.

You are magnificent and stellar in your divinity and radiance and purity. Your perception of this will just catch up as you “let in” this Reality. You are full of majestic wonderment, building upon yourself with each stretch of your consciousness to allow your understanding of your true nature.

And so be it, dear ones, so be it So be it that you are full and conscious Divine Beings just waiting for you to realize it, for you to accept it, and to honor it. For now is the time to fully step into this Reality.

I AM Master Lanto, and with this I bring you further understanding of your true radiant Divine Selves. Take it in and ponder it, dear ones, for you are in for such a beautiful yet quiet revelation of your true nature.

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