Georgi Stankov – The Elohim Confirm Massive ID Shift on March 30, 2016 – 4-1-16

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Georgi Stankov   –   The Elohim Confirm Massive ID Shift on March 30, 2016   –   4-1-16


Foreword:  Georgi Stankov

In the last days and weeks many of us have had nightmares associated with experiences in lower catastrophic timelines and have felt strongly the collective fears of humanity. The reason for that is that we have expanded so much our fields since we became Logos Gods of Gaia and the new Golden Galaxy two years ago that we are now inextricably linked with all timelines of this ascending planet. This includes lower timelines where there is a lot of havoc, destruction and terrible living conditions. We all know that. As we are now very actively transmuting these lower timelines, and at the same time our inner consciousness is hugely expanding in the dream state, we have very vivid memories of these dreadful worlds that affect also our daily consciousness in form of nightmares.

For this reason the Elohim came yesterday to us with a very valuable recommendation to begin shrinking our fields in a conscious, mental manner as to retrieve them from all these lower timelines of still persistent darkness and destruction. They give us two very simple invocations /procedures which you can read below. Now is the optimal time to begin distancing ourselves from our creations in lower timelines of Gaia and to fully move into 5D.

Creation occurs through expansion. But any true creator must also know when to detach from his creation and leave it to evolve on its own. We have now reached this point when we can no longer help lower timelines that are destined to end up in destruction which is the dialectical counterpart of the constant ascension of this uppermost mother planet to 5D. Therefore me must begin consciously to retract and seal our fields from such worlds of darkness. In this way we shall also eliminate the nightmares that have been haunting many of us in the last days and weeks as also reported on this website. That is why this message of the Elohim is of such great practical relevance.

Carla also received the information that not all the light warriors were involved in the latest massive cleansing during the ID shift on March 30. Therefore it is quite normal that some PAT members have not had the same painful and negative experiences as published in the latest report.

Our PAT member Adelina from Bulgaria has just sent me a message which she has received from her HS. While she confirms this selective approach of the light warriors to the latest ID shift, she was also told that those light warriors who do not participate actively in the debilitating cleansing process are now specialized in keeping the connection to 6D intact as part of this complex ascension process. Obviously we must now consciously shift our attention from the lower timelines of destruction and attune with more focused intent to the higher realms of the Light.

According to the Elohim, we have reached a critical threshold where the final ID shift is very near from an energetic point of view. Especially after the last massive ID shift on March 30 when most closed to the source energies (violet flame) human entities and their soul fragments were retrieved from this timeline. Obviously there is some more work to be done in this respect. That is why we must use in a very conscious manner the violet flame through our heart chakra to transmute any human entity that still harbours dark energies. Sometimes direct encounters are needed as Katy has just reported to me in anticipation of the Elohim message:

“Hi George,

Just wanted to tell you about an interesting coincidence that just happened – I had a craving for a cheeseburger from a local campus grill which I haven’t been to in some time, so I walked over there, turned the corner and there’s a small crowd blocking the entrance to the restaurant with Hillary Clinton standing in the middle.  I immediately just said, oh shit, now I can’t get my burger and had to walk around the crowd, past the secret service cars all around blocking traffic and head to another place for lunch.  I started feeling really bad, like the negativity was just thru the roof, and was even worse as I came back out and made my way round back to work.  I felt fine once I got back to my office.  All I was thinking is that she’s standing right where I have walked many times and I’m close enough now that I’m just beaming light at her darkness, that’s all I can do and then get the hell away from her.   I’m just envisioning her as Lisa Gawlas had mentioned, that the light from my imprint will break her up into shards like stepping on a frozen pond that’s cracking …..”

And this is precisely what we should do these days using the violet flame – perform precise surgical transmutations of all dark human entities that still lurk on this uppermost mother planet as to accomplish the final total cleansing of it and prepare it for the ultimate shift.


The Elohim Message

Greetings Beloved Ones, greetings!

It is with great joy that we embrace All of you now as each of you joining us here have made tremendous advancement in your understanding of the reality before you, a reality of form, yes, but also a reality built on unseen energetic forces.

This is a complex reality and what we affirm to be one of the most complex realities within our creation.  It is a reality founded in active creationary Light, Light which has active properties for immediate creation. But not only does this Light create of its own power, according to the power and the Will of God-Source, it also is purposefully altered by your human thought, your human will, empowered by your emotional body.  This reality is a co-creation of yours, working together with the God-Source. Do not underestimate the beauty of your magical presence and its powerful resourcefulness to engage its enchantment!

What has happened in recent days, some of you wish to know? Based upon this discussion above you now know that some of you are energetically interfacing with parallel Earths and parallel timelines that are co-created from the thoughts of others, as well as from the will of God-Source.

Those individual expressions who find themselves still attached to the great third dimensional reality also carry the perfectly matched energies to this reality, the most powerful being the human emotion of fear. We know that you are aware of the compelling power of this emotion, for you have all experienced it personally, and directly, with every incarnation.

Fear seeks to control you and does so by limiting your connection to the Source of Creation itself – this is its role in this reality! Fear drives the experience of each and every one of you, whether you realize this or not, it has great power in that it formulates the energies of the reality that you most need to experience in order to expand your consciousness – the ultimate objective in order to achieve your enlightenment, your expansion and return to wholeness within the God-Source itself.

Yes! Those of you with expanded awareness and opened fields are aware of others’ creations on parallel timelines.

Yes! This culmination of fear in recent days has created much chaos and inevitable destruction of parallel timelines.  The human being is capable of a great range of sacred creation – both destructive and that based in great love, and everything in between.

It matters not what has occurred or felt as One must now completely detach from the energies of fear, of hatred, of annihilation (This is in reference to the nuclear event on a parallel timeline, felt by so many yesterday, note Carla).  It is now, more than ever, the moment to focus on bringing the fifth dimension or rather the ascended reality, ever closer to here, your immediate expression!

This means to detach from all thought of finding fault with others’ creations. It is a fact that as long as you exist here and now within this third dimensional matrix, even if only with a small portion of your multi-dimensional self, you are still a co-creator of this immediate reality before you, as long as you are in physical form.

It is to be remembered that these events in parallel realities are also part of the ascension and serve to move those of you reading this upwards toward new enlightened realities based on unity consciousness.  This message is also imbued with expansionary energies and they are flooding you in this very moment.  It will serve you well to embrace these energies, and these experiences, in a respectful manner knowing that they provide the fuel to ever greater expansion!  Rejoice in their power to do so, as it is a reflection of the great perfection of the ascended reality to which you subscribe!

We will speak now to the issue of your physical-energetic interaction with parallel realities, and how this interaction affects your experience.  We are aware of the physical demands that challenge you when your fields are exposed to an untoward event on a parallel timeline.  We suggest now that those of you who are impacted in a challenging way by these intersecting energetics, must move to retract and seal your fields to these transdimensional experiences.  With energetic retraction of your field, your exposure is reduced substantially, and with energetic sealing of your fields your physical, emotional and mental bodies are buffered from exposure to most of these greater experiences.

As a new daily practice, we suggest you begin to retract your auric field to a smaller size.   For instance, if you feel your aura encompasses a good portion of the earth, it is time to retract it to the country in which you reside, or perhaps to the city in which you dwell, or even to within the apartment in which you live.  What is important is that it is contracted to a size that is comfortable for you and you will know it once this size is obtained.  You may wish to re-visit this practice once more to assess it for optimal size.

Once it has been retracted to the size that feels comfortable, you shall seal it with Golden Light.  To do this you might imagine the great golden flame flooding in to your fields and filling them up to the outer edge, so that you are surrounded in a golden ball of light. You may wish to go outside into the sunshine where there is greater ease of transmission. This golden light comes from the great Central Sun, with the assistance of our beloved Helios and Vesta, imbuing you with the illumination of universal wisdom and Peace.  Hold within your mind and your heart that your fields are now and forevermore protected from all creations of others upon parallel timelines and Earths.  And as a final seal, surround this golden ball of light with a seal of Violet Flame fire to transmute any and all energies into the purest form of love, peace and perfection, to be returned as such to the infinite presence of the God-Source.

This seal of Golden Light with Violet Flame protection is best performed upon rising and before retiring.  Once it has been integrated into your Being you may then follow guidance from your soul as to when it needs to be reinforced.

We offer one more suggestion to you in this moment. Many of you are becoming skilled bearers of the Violet Flame and to this issue we suggest another practice in light of the rapidly expanding, and contracting realities in this moment:  It becomes important to integrate this flame into your Being now through your heart centre.  As you bring in this flame and build it into your heart chakra, it becomes available to each of you to radiate it out into the reality in which you reside.  With this radiation to all those around you, you shall seed this flame into the hearts of those around you, to those you encounter.  This may be your family, or your friends, or those you meet in daily life.  Intend for this activity to take place and it will be so. This activity is important now as this recent interdimensional shift has removed most individuals who were closed to the acceptance of this flame, and has opened the remaining individuals heart chakras to receive this gift.

Beloved Ones: We, the Elohim, love you all for the perfection of All of your creations, for the perfection of all of your roles within this complex creation called the Third Dimension!  This creation is likely the most complex of all creations as created by us as Elohim. We deeply honour each and every one of you for your whole-hearted commitment to the understanding of this magnificent expression of the Third Dimension.  The beauty of the depth of your engagement is striking and we bow to All in great love, peace and reverence.

GEORGI STANKOV – Message from the Elohim, Saint Germain – Massive ID Shift, MPRs: January 23/24 – Leading to Physical Death of Billions of Transliminal Soul Fragments – 1-26-16



Carla Thompson, January 26, 2016


Foreword:  Georgi Stankov

The Elohim and St. Germain came to us today, January 24th and fully confirmed the massive ID shift during the Full Wolf Moon Portal and the death of billions of transliminal soul fragments on lower catastrophic timelines that were separated from this uppermost mother planet during the shift. These souls arrived here with the opening of the Christmas portal and already raised significantly the light quotient. The immediate financial crash that began with the New Year was the manifestation of the powerful collective presence of these high vibrating transliminal souls that have never had an incarnation on this planet and enjoy an open contact to the source and their soul monad. We all felt strongly their beneficial and harmonious soul essence on this uppermost timeline.

What escaped our wildest imagination was that they came here to sacrifice themselves for the ascension process of Gaia and us. This may seem rather inhuman retrospectively from the limited point of view of the human ego, but from a higher perspective this is the only possible way how this planetary ascension can be accomplished. The massive physical death of so many, otherwise immortal transliminal soul fragments, no matter how tragic, was decided unanimously by the PAT and the HR on December 20th, 2015 at the crucial high council meeting of the PAT, of which Carla was informed in the dream state

Follow-Up of the Christmas Full Moon Portal of the Now

and then confirmed by other PAT members:

Energy Report of the PAT – December 29, 2015

The True Nature of the Eternal Light Warrior

The explanation of this massive shift and collective death of numerous human beings with a transliminal soul fragment during the ID shift on the Full Wolf Moon Portal on January 23/24 lies in the proper understanding of how homeopathy functions. The founder of homeopathy the German Hahnemann discovered that undiluted doses caused reactions, sometimes dangerous ones, so specified that preparations be given at the lowest possible dose. He found that this reduced potency as well as side-effects, but formed the view that vigorous shaking and striking on an elastic surface – a process he termed Schütteln, translated as succussion – nullified this.

The process of dilution and succussion is termed “dynamisation” or “potentisation” by homeopaths. Three main logarithmic potency scales are in regular use in homeopathy. Hahnemann created the “centesimal” or “C scale”, diluting a substance by a factor of 100 at each stage. The centesimal scale was favored by Hahnemann for most of his life. A 2C dilution requires a substance to be diluted to one part in 100, and then some of that diluted solution diluted by a further factor of 100. This works out to one part of the original substance in 10,000 parts of the solution. In homeopathy, a solution that is more dilute is described as having a higher “potency”, and more dilute substances are considered by homeopaths to be stronger and deeper-acting.

“Homeopathic dilution” can be used as an allegory to understand how the ascension process of cleansing and healing through dilution of the contaminated soul fragments and their physical bodies by MPR “Schütteln” (“succussion” or “shaking”) leads to higher frequency potencies on this uppermost mother planet and raises its light quotient.

The death of a dark human vessel containing a transliminal soul as a walk-in in an apocalyptic event such as the MPR leads to a total catharsis and purification of the physical body and its old personality structure with the help of the violet flame (and most probably through the new light of creation from the source). This purified empty shell is immediately replicated holographically on this uppermost mother planet and continues seamlessly its linear 3D existence as a soulless empty shell. That is why we felt so strongly this morning (Jan 24th) that the collective soul essence of the new transliminal souls has suddenly departed from this earth and that this ascending uppermost mother planet was so empty, notwithstanding its higher frequencies and the lightness of the new refined energies. It really appeared to us as an empty holographic image, a kind of synthetic world.

The difference to the dilution process in homeopathy is that these same transliminal souls will re-enter the same bodies after their purification and the new soul fragments will carry an indelible memory of this tragic event that will prevent them from resorting to new crimes on humanity especially in cabal bodies that have key positions in the centres of power.  The dilution thus applies to the dark soul essence and its imprints on the human personality structure and not on the density of the transliminal soul essence in total.

As St. Germain told us through Julia on December 25th when we opened the Christmas portal, the number of these souls will go up and down like waves before it reaches the threshold of approximately 85% when the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law will be possible. As this can only happen in the new 4D worlds, we can use this number as a measure when the final ID shift will occur.

From this knowledge and personal experience, we must conclude that each one of us has lost a soul fragment and this body at least once on a lower timeline during a MPR or a nuclear war. Some of us may have had this dreadful experience several times and this holds true to an even greater extent for all dark entities. I personally can verify that a soul fragment of my soul died on June 8th, 2013 during the first MPR of the lowest of the seven new 4D earths we created on May 27th the same year, which was a very similar event to the one I personally experienced in the last 48 hours.

With each physical death, the newly replicated body on this uppermost mother planet appears more purified and higher vibrating. This is how healing and cleansing happens in this ascension process for all human beings step by step, from one ID shift to another, from one MPR to the next one.

The linear perspective to which all other light workers have succumbed these days does not explain anything at all and we can observe their total confusion. The PAT website is the only gnostic source that explains the current energetic events and individual experiences in a coherent manner, based on a seamless reported chronology of the events:

Ascension Highlights in 2015 – Annual Overview

It is a disgrace that the other light workers do not take any notice of our website and do not want to learn anything. That is why the HR had to resort to such drastic measures as the collective death of billions of transliminal soul fragments as to purify these zombies. Ascension is a brutally earnest affair and the “light and love illusion” of the New Age has no place in it.

What will come next? Here is my educated guess. As in homeopathy, we will most probably need three such dilutions of soul fragments and dark physical bodies. The first one happened exactly one month after we opened the Christmas portal on December 25th and observed the arrival of roughly 22% transliminal souls with respect to the total human population. Now most of them have been retrieved to Celestria and wait for their second incarnation.

Since the end of September we have had at least one major ID shift or significant event, sometimes two, each month – in the middle and at the end of the month. In this case if we assume that humanity and this uppermost mother planet need two more dilutions of soul and body essence, then we can expect another similar major ID shift with massive physical death of soul fragments end of February and then end of March, after the Spring equinox portal, which promises to be very big and most probably the final ID shift for us. We shall wait and see.

And now enjoy the message from St. Germain and the Elohim. They came immediately to us to give Carla this message after we cleared our ideas on this ID shift as discussed by myself in this foreword. One cannot expect any qualitative and truthful message from the higher realms before one has achieved clarity at the human mind level. This simple truth has not been understood by all channelers of the New Age movement and that is why they only channel the crap of their confused subconscious and not even their HS which is still not a reliable source of information in most cases.


The Message

The massive shift that we experienced over the past few days and that spit us up into a new lighter reality this morning was a definite inter-dimensional shift preceded by many shocking events resulting in the extreme emotional grief that I felt this morning so strongly.  I was paralyzed by all of this intense emotion!  Here is a message from both the Elohim and Saint Germain.


St. Germain:  “There is an undulating wave to which I made reference recently consisting first of the action of the incarnation of transliminal souls followed by their release and purification from the ever-rising upper timeline through the extreme experience of the magnetic pole reversals (MPRs), geological-tectonic plate movement and tsunami waves leading to physical death and inter-dimensional splits (ID splits).

Q: To the Elohim: Why are the transliminal souls exposed to this extreme reality?

The Elohim: “The transliminal soul accepts all experience in gratitude and knows it is never separated from the source of All-That-Is.  These souls are not touched in any way by these experiences.  These specific events target the dark fragments steeped in fear-based energies including greed, intolerance and hatred, impatience, complacency, aggression, callousness, disenchantment and distrust, to name only a few.

The miracle of this event is the gift of transmutation through the divinely guided rise in the Violet Fire of transmutation through and through to ensure the perfect alchemical cleansing of mis-qualified human intention with the final outcome being a consistent dilution of these lower-frequency expressions embedded within the minds and bodies in which the transliminal souls had resided.

The inter-dimensional split separates out these fragments and frees the transliminal souls to reincarnate, if this is their wish.  They re-enter the reality once again on the highest, uppermost timeline and whereby the light quotient is built upon anew.  We, the Elohim, know this is an extremely difficult time for all of you and send you our unending love and presence, as always.”

It is no wonder that this last week billions of angels surrounded us and tried to console us, knowing how difficult this ID shift will be for us from an emotional and physical point of view.

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