Hilarion – Ecstasy is Your New Frequency – September 29 – October 5, 2013 – Marlene Swetlishoff


Beloved Ones,

Many of you are beginning to see and feel the light at the end of the tunnel now. All that you have been experiencing in your cleansing phase during the past several years is coming to completion. What is important now is to continue to maintain your higher vibrations on a daily basis, as this makes the way forward easier and more filled with grace and ease. You have been slowly finding that ecstasy is your new frequency and the moments of experiencing states of joy are becoming more and more frequent. This state is your natural state of being so welcome it into your lives.

You are also beginning to see that what you intend in your lives becomes manifest. It is a magical time when all that you have dreamt of is coming into your reality in ways that are wondrous and amazing. Be open to receive the good that has always been waiting for you. As you move forward, keep looking for and acknowledging all the good that is pouring into your lives on a daily basis as this action will continue to bring more of this into manifestation. Realize that all the good that you are deserving of is now coming in as the blockages that have held it back are quickly dissipating.

Continue to keep centered within your core and all will be well. You may be experiencing strange sensations within areas of your physical body that are continuing the changes and transformation of your physical body into your higher dimensional body template. When this happens, just breathe and relax and it will soon pass. It is important to also protect your own energy field from the increasingly fluctuating energies that surround you. Repeating the Tube of Light decree several times a day will help surround your energy field with the light of your higher essence. Each of you are well aware of this activity but sometimes as you get caught up in your daily activities, you forget this most important discipline.

The energies are being stepped up in frequency yet again so it is important that you stay in equilibrium as much as possible. Again, we advise more time spent outdoors surrounded by nature, as this is very soothing, healing and grounding to your physical, mental and emotional being. Staying connected with the Earth helps in the process you are all going through. There are many changes on the horizon and it helps to be ready to flow with them without resistance for it is the resistance that makes your life more difficult. Know that you are never alone and are always surrounded by your guides, angels and teachers. We are but a thought away and ready to be of service.

It behooves you all to watch and observe the signs of change around you. In this way you are always ready and prepared and won’t fall into trauma of any kind. Believe in the power of love within you and watch it grow and expand. All of life is changing and going through a metamorphosis and the end result is being heralded with great anticipation. This process naturally will take time to become manifest in everyday existence. Patience is the most helpful quality during these times.


Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.   www.therainbowscribe.com

Sandra Walter – Freedom, Guardians of the New Light – Creative Evolution – 28 Sep 2013


Freedom and Guardians of the New Light | Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution

Closure on a story now completed; Expansion into a story not yet told …

Last night I stood under the stars and felt completely free from EVERYTHING. Free from the past, the journey of Gaia, HUmanity, the Kingdoms, Elementals, the Galaxy, the Multiverse, all of it. This is unusual because I AM in service – my whole journey has been focused on the Shift, sharing Light Intel and assistance, guidance, more assistance.

Gatekeeping has been intense through the Equinox, and yesterday I felt cut off from being used as a conduit. Another Shift, another upgrade – but this one is different. I needed to be unplugged from the old way of service, and recalibrated for a new beingness. Something brand new is on the way – and no, I don’t feel it is related to the lightship ISON. Masks off, Kachina.

I have been saying for a while that nothing made sense any more – the way in which we were doing things, the old (last day, last minute, all of it) seemed nonapplicable. Now I AM being shown what that was all about; the freedom of a clean slate goes way beyond what we experienced on August 25. The Equinox energies which shook me (literally) from the core (note: that’s from the inside-out) haven’t settled in at all. I AM still drawn to silence, to integration, to pushing the collective away for a little while so I may become something brand new. Yesterday showed me how deep and profound that will be.

And yet, the challenges come up for Wayshowers during this turning point in the Shift. In the interest of sharing (please, no interpretation or advice is needed; delete that OP duality program), here are a few of my thoughts this morning:

– How do I communicate this and still honor my need for silence?
– Should I remain in the role of shift-reporter and guide? How long do we need this?
– When do we get the grounded councils together and co-create as a unified effort rather than a bazillion blogs and videos saying similar things?
– Will there be support for the Gatekeepers going through this stage, or are we still walking between the extraordinary (mastering the transcendence of parallel realities) and the mundane (can I find a place to keep warm this winter)?
– What do we do with the old conversations which haunt the collective, now that we cannot engage with those topics or issues any longer? Are there teachers who will hang back and guide the newly awakened?

Honestly, none of these questions matter in this new light. The key at this moment is surrendering to the new unknown, and letting the transfiguration take place. For my journey, I was taken out of the collective entanglement yesterday – all the way up the realms and back to Source.

Give yourself the opportunity to experience all that you are, and you’ll get a glimpse of pure freedom. The codes and frequencies coming through the Sun support this step right now. REmember what I said about the prism of the Sun changing, so the way we could project into this reality would change? It’s happening Now. We’re becoming the pure intention; the reigniting of true freedom and how it will change everyone. Decisions have been made to ignite the timelines of freedom right now, not in 2015. Expect the unexpected, beloveds.

Freedom and Guardians of the New Light | Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution.

Infinite Waters Interview With Teal Scott – Become Your Greatest Version

Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)·716 videos

You Are Worthy!
Infinite Waters – Diving Deep With Teal Scott (The Spirtual Catalyst)

Chris Bourne – Removing Energy Implants – Healing Humanity,

Open Hand Foundation

The healing of humanity  /   Submitted by Chris Bourne on 28 November, 2011
Increasingly people within awakening circles are becoming aware of and speaking out about “energetic implants” in our energy fields. Working with energy implants is indeed something we do during the Openhand course and one-on-one work. Implants are prevalent within most, if not all, awakening people. They’ve been used as a tool by Opposing Consciousness in the ‘dumbing-down’ of humanity. It’s a subject that needs to be elevated into the group consciousness more generally if we are to catalyse and accelerate our further evolution, that we can heal humanity. So what are energetic implants? how do they work? where did they come from? and most importantly of all, how do we remove them?…

Removing energy implants happens when we are ready

Up to now, we’ve tended not to talk about these implants because they can stretch tired and skeptical minds! But removing them is definitely more effective if people are aware of what’s going on, so I imagine in the years ahead, we’ll be much more transparent about the underlying catalytic healing work Openhand is doing.

During the courses we do, removing energy implants tends to happen naturally within the general underlying shifts of energy, but you can intensify the effect with greater direct focus. And once you become aware of them personally, essentially you already have the power to remove them yourself. So let’s take a closer look at their nature.

What are energy implants?

I think its important first to understand what they are, where they’ve come from and how they work. As we’re increasingly alluding to, there is a highly sophisticated life form operating in the field all around us. It is an ancient ET life force which is essentially controlling society and farming humanity for energy. At Openhand we’ve called it an Opposing Consciousness.

Having interfered with human DNA through genetic manipulation, Opposing Consciousness has intervened in the evolution of the Homo Sapiens species. It has done this to ‘dumb-down’ and to limit, so that people cannot so easily feel, intuit or know external distorting influences coming in through the field and affecting the choices people make.

One highly effective tool they’ve used to limit and dumb down, are energy implants. The best way to describe these are twisted eddy currents of energy that emit various frequencies which create something akin to ‘white noise’. People are internally distracted by the ‘noise’ which lowers their vibration and since it is so prevalent, then fades into the background of our experience.

Energy implants close to key chakras

Often an energy implant will be inserted close to a key centre such as the third eye. So when people try to meditate and open that centre, the (now) subtle vibration of the white noise means they can’t actually bring attention to the authentic centre itself. When I sit with people in groups, I can literally feel their implants as twisted knots of energy, often in the forehead just left or right of the centre. They are often the reason people get headaches or migraines when they try to meditate. At the very least, as you become more sensitive, you might feel them as a subtle vibration or hum.

These implants not only lower your vibration, but they cause people to drain energy. And they act a little like a cloak, often concealing entities that lodge in your field which cannot then be ‘seen’ or felt. They cause you to get internally tight and emit energy, which is why the entities are there in the first place. They drain the releasing energy for their own benefit – just like you or I would eat dinner!

Removing entities and implants

Firstly you need to raise your internal vibration as high as possible by following ones natural evolutionary path – the one we’ve outlined in Five Gateways. You must first process out attachments to the lower vibrational planes: especially the physical and emotional. Then you can get into the mental or lower mind plain through the solar plexus chakra. You must start to break down inner child and teenager conditioning by confronting conditioned behaviour patterns.

If you do this, then you’ll increasingly activate and unfold into your causal or energy body – the chakra and meridian energy field system. If an implant is present (which in most people they are), then you’ll start to feel this as unpleasant convolutions of energy – like distracting buzzing.

They often put people off meditating or doing any further energy work, but this is exactly the point to persist, because the paradox is, that once you can feel the implant, you already have the power to remove it yourself. Universal Life Energy is moved in the fourth dimension by heartfelt intentional will. It can begin as a physical/emotional experience which wells up from within and can then be directed through the field around us by focused intention.

The key is to feel the implant but then not retract from it. Instead you must go right into the centre of the feeling (no matter how uncomfortable) until it no longer defines you. If you can do this, you can begin to trace how it was inserted into your field in the first place. For example, people frequently feel them being inserted through the ear (please bear in mind, these are not physical plain implants, but since all bodily vehicles overlap and enfold one another, they also tend to be aligned with the physical vehicle channels/orifices).

So where this is the case, it becomes possible to direct ones energetic will to literally extract the implant through the channeling direction of the ear (the reverse in which it was inserted). A healer can help do this too (both Trinity and myself work in this way). However from personal experience, it is definitely more effective if the healer can energetically guide and talk people through what is actually going on. Especially since the implants do take different forms and dealing with each tends to have a different approach.

Once the implant has been removed, often there’s a huge infusion of higher self energy, powerful opening up of flows and a reconnection to previously lost aspects of beingness.

Imprints of energy Implants

It’s also important to note that once the implant has gone, there will still likely be an ‘imprint’ in ones field. Knotted energy will have formed around the implant which has characteristic feelings of the implant itself. These imprints will naturally unwind themselves in the hours and days following the implant removal. But it’s important to be aware of them, because doubt and disbelief (that the implant has gone) will make the healing work much less effective.

Removing entities and connection with the angelic realms

This is still not the end of the process though. Where an implant exists, often there will be one or more entities hiding behind the ‘cloak’. These must be removed too. Of course they will resist, it’s like being evicted from a cosy home! Again, once we can feel them, we already have the power to eject them. You simply have to intuit how to work with them. I have my own personal techniques which I’d rather not share in open forum – simply because I’d rather maintain the element of surprise (on the entities!).

What I can say is that connecting with the angelic realms helps greatly – they are assisting humanity in this vital area. Also, if you hold some kind of internal judgment about the Opposing Consciousness (most people understandably do), then removing the entities is either not going to work or be only partially successful (they’ll likely return at that energetic level). We must first evolve past such judgment – whatever has been done to us – in which case, our effectiveness in the field is going to be greatly enhanced.

Healing Humanity’s Karma

This is a vast area in the karmic healing work humanity needs to now embark upon and I have only really scratched the surface here in this article. Openhand’s multi level Course Program is purposefully designed to integrate much deeper awareness helping healers unfold these skills themselves.

Finally we’re really beginning to understand and get into these limiting veils that have shielded humanity from its divine birthright for so long. I feel a growing sense of excitement and anticipation as the work unfolds. In the years ahead, I see humanity shaking off the mantel of oppression and evolving into a new, more divine form – Homo Divinicus!


Open Hand Foundation

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Transmutation of Form – Message from the Arcturians via Suzanne Lie



Message from the Arcturians: Transmutation of Form. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. August 27, 2013. http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/

Suzanne: I started my day by reading a wonderful message from Dr. Bruce Lipton:

A Cosmic Joke that has the Scientists Rolling in the Aisle


As I often do, I asked the Arcturians to assist me to deeply understand this message in a manner in which I could integrate it into my daily life. Below is the message I received:

Transmutation of Form

Our Dear Ascending Ones,

Your bodies are transmuting at a cellular level to resonate to a higher frequency of reality. Hence, you are remembering to recognize a higher frequency energetic reality along with your physical reality. Whenever you perceive a higher frequency reality, your body adapts to the resonance of that reality for as long as you can perceive it. Hence, whenever you experience a higher energy field of reality, your body adapts to that frequency of perception.

You have been taught to believe that only the physical reality is REAL and that other version/frequencies of reality are “a figment of your imagination.” However, your body believes in you, not the ones who programed you. Therefore, once you begin to perceive these higher frequencies of reality, even if only for a few seconds, you perceptions send that information to your body. Your body then begins to adapt to that version of reality.

The New Normal

There is an inner threshold of “normal” that is based on your perceptions. For example, if you move from a very cold environment to a very warm environment, over time your body will realize that your external world has changed in temperature and inner workings of your body will begin to adapt to life in a warmer world.

Another example is your bodies’ adaptation to an increasingly polluted world. Once air pollution would create a great response in your body, but now you have largely – and unfortunately – adapted to poor air quality. In the same manner, you will adapt to a higher frequency of reality. Whereas now you may be able to maintain a higher frequency of consciousness only while in meditation or engaged in a creative activity, as you meditate more and fill your life with creativity, your body will adapt to a higher resonance of “primary state of consciousness.”

For example, you have been taught that the beta wave consciousness of total focus on the external (holographic matrix) world is your real world. However, as you consistently remember to begin your day with calibrating to your alpha wave consciousness through meditation, enjoyable exercise and/or creativity, your perceptual field begins to focus on a higher resonance of your environment.

As the baseline resonance of your consciousness raises, your expanded abilities of clairvoyance and clairaudience begin to habitually augment your physical senses of sight and hearing. Furthermore, your clairsentience naturally expands as you incorporate telepathy and empathy into your life. Additionally, your perceptions of smell and taste provide you greater information about the food your transmuting body requires.

Believe in Higher Perceptions

When you remember to “believe” what your higher perceptions and your bodily sensations communicate, you reinforce the changes that are occurring within your Earth vessel on a cellular and molecular level. In your third dimensional reality, you were trained to believe that your body was something over which you had little control. Yes, you could choose to look in a different direction, have different actions and behaviors, but your body was a mystery that was healthy or sick of its own accord.

As you continued to awaken you began to realize how much influence your thoughts and emotions had on the health and welfare of your physical vessel. You are aware how your body feels if you are depressed or anxious as opposed to how your body feels when you are happy and having fun.

Once you continually choose to keep your consciousness high you can perceive flashes from the fourth and fifth dimensions. These fleeting perceptions of higher worlds assist you to realize that the frequency of realty that you choose to perceive is the reality that you live. Furthermore, the calm recognition of these observations directs your body to accept the frequency on a cellular and molecular level.

At the same time, allow your belief system to fully embrace the fact that you are resonating to a higher frequency so your perceptions will seek out higher frequencies of reality. For example, your vision will also look for the aura of each person, plant, and animal. Once you include the fourth/fifth dimensional aura in your mundane perceptions, you further activate your higher perceptions.

However, you will only be able to perceive the higher frequencies when your consciousness is calibrated to alpha waves and beyond. You are still wearing a physical Earth vessel and are engaged in all the challenges of a third dimensional world. Therefore, there may be many times when you are “just physical.”

When this drop in consciousness occurs, love and forgive yourself unconditionally. You are in the midst of a transmutation of all life, without a rulebook or a map. Therefore, be good to yourself and accept that there are times when you must still function as a third dimensional human. Enjoy these times, as you will miss them more than you think.

Activating Your Higher Perceptions

As you continue to activate your higher perceptions, your experience of “realty” will expand into the multidimensional fields of the fifth dimension. Many are still calibrated only to their third dimensional perceptions, so they will begin their evolution by perceiving more of the fourth dimensional world of auras.

On the other hand, you Lightworkers have stabilized that expanded perception and are moving on to conscious, daily perception of the fifth dimensional resonance that is now perceivable via your daily consciousness. We say “daily consciousness” as most of you have a daily consciousness that is largely in alpha waves.

With the increased inner awareness of alpha wave consciousness you will quickly identify when negativity enters your heart or mind. When your consciousness, and hence your perceptions return to the third/fourth dimensions, you will easily identify the feeling of density. Please remember that you are still wearing your Earth vessels, no matter how altered they are. Hence, you need to pay bills, drive in traffic, and clean your house or whatever task lowers your resonance.

Monitor Your State of Consciousness

It is vital that you recognize when your consciousness has dropped, as your perceptual field will soon follow, as will your reactions to life. When your consciousness rises again and you re-calibrate to your new expanding reality, your feelings of joy, Love and hope will return. Then, you can more easily attend to the flickers of fifth dimensional reality as they pierce the waning veil of third dimensional illusion.

When you experience the perceptions and feelings of your new reality you can consciously choose to use your higher perceptions to give you greater information about your physical and higher frequency surroundings. As long as you are wearing your Earth vessel, you will be able also to perceive your physical reality unless you are resonating to higher theta or delta wave consciousness.

Remember that your brain must be calibrated to your mind and your mind calibrated to your cosmic mind. Otherwise, you will be responding to the outdated 3D computer of your brain. Also, remember to connect your physical heart to your High Heart so that you can integrate your expanded perceptions with the wisdom, power and Love of your Three Fold Flame.

When you unite your physical form with the heart and mind of your Lightbody, you can easily choose to focus on Love and release all concepts, thoughts and feelings of a fearful nature. You are no longer limited to your physical Earth vessel, but the illusions of the physical world can make you forget to connect with your Multidimensional Self.

Reshaping Your Life

You begin to reshape your life by training yourself to consistently modulate your state of consciousness to alpha wave and beyond. As your higher states of consciousness become normal, your expanded perceptions become normal, your emotions of calm, loving acceptance become normal and your Multidimensional thinking becomes normal.

When Multidimensional thinking is normal, you will perceive a temporary slip in consciousness into 3D thinking as a short journey into the physical, from which you can easily return. You will remember that your physical body and physical realty is your connection to Gaia, your Earth Mother with whom you have promised to enter into the partnership of Ascension.

With a firm sense of partnership with Gaia, the third dimension will no longer be the lower frequency, which causes you problems, but the reality that you volunteered to enter. With the reminder that you chose your present incarnation you can choose to live in the higher frequencies of reality but “go to work” in the physical world to fulfill your birth contract.

With the knowing that you chose your reality, and wrote – and are currently writing – your own script there is no room for being a victim. Please remember that you chose your lessons in order to learn what is necessary to fulfill your Earthly mission Therefore, you may have to unconditionally forgive your Self for choosing some of your challenges.

With the full awareness of your Multidimensional nature, the higher frequencies of reality are always a choice. You make that choice by calibrating your consciousness to the frequency of reality that you wish to experience. In other words, you are no longer trying to ascend.

Your Power of Choice

You can choose to live in the knowing that you are ascended and your primary state of consciousness is no longer restricted to the physical plane. However, because you are new to this Self-image, you will likely have many temporary excursions into the challenges of third dimensional Earth. However, remember to instantly readjust your consciousness back to alpha wave and beyond.

Be patient with your Self.

Be loving and forgiving of your Self.

You are a great Multidimensional Being who has volunteered to venture into the depths of illusion in order to assist all the beings on planet Earth. What you are doing is unique to your Universe, as you are ascending a planet and its inhabitants into the fifth dimension without physical destruction. Remember to be loving toward those who choose not to participate in the Ascension process.

They have taken this incarnation to learn about Ascension, but they desire further incarnations in the physical plane. Ascension is a choice and not all of Gaia’s humans will make that choice. However, they have grown immensely by taking an incarnation during Gaia’s time of transmutation. Therefore, release all judgment about what others should do.

Focus on your own choice and on the others who have chosen a similar experience. Furthermore, release the concept of time. Time is an illusion of the third/fourth dimension. If you focus on “when it will happen,” you lower your consciousness into the realms of time.

Live in the NOW

Live every moment in the NOW. If you don’t know how to do that, look to your pets, the plants, the sky, the earth, a pool of water. The fifth dimension and beyond is free of time. Hence, all experience occurs within the NOW of the ONE. We know that this concept cannot be understood by 3D thinking. Therefore, take a long walk in nature with no watch, ride your bike, do yoga, paint a picture, play a song, go to a concert etc. etc.

When you engage in creativity your sense of time becomes distorted and you move into the NOW. When you live in the NOW you resonate to the higher frequencies of reality. Fortunately, your creativity will greatly expand as you continue your journey back to your Self. In fact, you will be consciously creating your life with your every thought and emotion.

Therefore, remember to be the master of your thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts and emotions create and stem from your state of consciousness. It is one thing to perceive the fifth dimension and even to visit it. It is another thing to release ALL habits of third dimensional thoughts and emotions so that you can remain in that resonance.

When you were a baby and learned to walk, you did not become angry with yourself for falling down. You simply stood up and tried again. Eventually, your crawling was replaced with walking and even running. Go into your Divine Child to regain that patience with yourself and the childhood wonder of exploring an expanded version of reality.

We are with you NOW,

The Arcturians

The Aquarius Paradigm

Twin Merkabah Activation – July & August 2013

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For more information please visit: http://www.universallifetools.com/201…

In July & then in August 2013 we will experience within the celestial heavens a stargate ‘Merkabah’ portal… set to quantum leap our DNA.

Firstly…on the 29/30 July 2013, on the last quarter waning moon, our planets will align in a 6 pointed star formation within our skies commonly referred to as a Star of David formation. The synergy of this alignment will activate the Star of David forming an energetic counter-rotating Merkabah (refer to my article on the Merkabah to understand this formation in more depth http://www.universallifetools.com/201…).

Secondly… on the 25/26 August 2013, a second Star of David and energetic counter-rotating Merkabah will be formed by the planetary alignments.

These formations are helping us to transcend the divide between the personality and the Soul as they create a bridge to Spirit through our Hearts… ultimately helping us to anchor a Heaven here on Earth,

These Merkabah portal gateways are providing opportunities for humanity to move beyond fear, pain struggle… and expand our consciousness beyond the limitations imposed by cultural, familial and societal belief systems.

We have the opportunity at this time to consciously bathe every cell of our physical bodies in the liquid light sacred codes that are channelled by these planetary formations in order to attune (quantum leap) our DNA into a higher levels of resonance.

The effect of these formations will be to awaken our ‘Body of Light’ to higher potentials of awareness… such that we can think, be and live our lives beyond the dogma and fear seen on Earth today. From this place of awakened consciousness we can solve the problems on Earth today and embrace a compassionate and more joy global community of humans reverent of all life on Earth as the ancestors of future generations.

Let’sTransform Ourselves Into Angelic Crystalline Beings Of Golden White Light

Steve Hutchinson·35 videos

We now call to our I Am presence & to our Monad to merge with our 4-body system, & to lead & guide us in this meditation…. and we call now to the I Am Presence of every human being and allow our I Am Presence to merge with the I Am Presence of every human being as we affirm together now – I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child evolving on this planet. I AM One with my Father/Mother/God, I AM One with the Solar Logos from Suns beyond Suns beyond Suns, I AM One with the entire Company of Heaven, and I AM One with all of the Beings of Light associated with the Elemental Kingdom and the Angelic

I AM One with every electron of precious Life energy evolving on this
planet, and I AM One with every atomic and subatomic particle and wave
of energy comprising the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies
of Humanity and Mother Earth. I AM also One with all of the spaces in
between the atomic and subatomic particles and waves of energy on Earth.

Through the Divine Intervention of this collective Body of Light Beings, I
invoke the most intensified frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline
Solar Light from the very Core of Creation that Humanity and the Earth
are capable of receiving at this time. I ask that this Crystalline
Solar Light not only accelerates the Divine Alchemy that is transforming my
carbon-based bodies into Crystalline-based Solar Light Bodies of
infinite perfection, but that it also accelerates this process within the bodies
of every person on Earth. I accept that this will occur in alignment
with each person’s Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned.

Suzanne Lie – Pleiadian Ascension – Part 4 – Only If You Believe It – 3 August 2013





It appears we may not be leaving for Earth any time soon. Yet, isn’t time extinct in a fifth dimensional reality?
“Only if you can BELIEVE it?” responded the ever-present voice of my higher expression, the Arcturian.
I had finally come to terms with the fact that I actually do deserve my higher expression to be the Arcturian who has been my guide from the beginning of the journey. Why had I resisted that fact that I was the Arcturian?  What, no answer from the Arcturian voice? I guess my humanoid needs to take some credit too.
“We agree,” spoke the Arcturian.
Ah, the inner voice returns to confirm that I have figured it out for myself.
“The voice never leaves. How can I leave if I am you? Are you thinking third dimensionally again?” teased the Arcturian
Yes, of course. My higher expression can never leave. In fact now that we are fifth dimensional, leaving does not mean, “gone” instead, leaving means that some person, place or thing is moving away from our dominant state of consciousness. Whenever we wish to return to that experience of reality, all we need do is to simply focus our attention and intention on the light codes and matrix patterns of that reality.
In fact, creating our matrix for the Temple and our community are the manner in which our friends, the chosen Divine Complement couple from the future timeline of Pleiades are assisting us. When they are united into one, androgynous being they are called Shinarius, with Shinara being the female and Shinar being the male.
Shinarius has reminded me that the light codes represent our thoughts, whereas the matrix patterns are the feelings/emotions of that experience. The light codes and matrix patterns represent the coordinates for each experience we have ever “saved” to our multidimensional memory. Unlike our third dimensional memory where traumatic events come forward when we least expected it, multidimensional memory is free of all polarities. In fact, I will now quote what Mytria and I have been learning form Shinarius.
“Your multidimensional thinking and memory is accessed via your inner multidimensional biological computer, known as your mind. Just as old-fashioned computers had a virus protector, your multidimensional mind constantly sweeps through your thoughts and emotions for any fear-based thinking or emotions.
“On the other hand, where your third/fourth dimensional biological computer, known as your brain, was programed to archive fear-based emotions so that you would not become overwhelmed from all the fear around you. Thus, if ever you could move beyond your fear for survival, often known as depression and/or anxiety, you could pull up these files and erase them.
“Unfortunately, files at that frequency became very corrupted and they could not be fully released until they were re-coded. Thus, often it was better to leave many fear-based files deeply archived rather than to pull them up through the system where they may taint other files with the infectious element of fear.
“On the other hand, the multidimensional brain computer instantly reveals every trace of fear into your dominant state of consciousness so that you can instantly bask it with unconditional love and release it from your consciousness. This does not mean that a fifth dimensional being never has challenges. If you were to safely stay in your fifth dimensional home world, there would not be fear.
“However, most of us, such as ourselves from our advanced Pleiadian timeline, have volunteered to assist in lower frequency timelines who are ready to ascend into a higher frequency of their multidimensional spectrum. Also, many of us volunteer to assist with the stabilization of a threshold fifth-dimensional reality, such as your situation. Hence the Elohim Alycone, as well as the Arcturian, and our SELF are assisting you until your community becomes stabilized.”
“Yes,” I replied, “I remember when I first transmuted into a fifth dimensional form on the ship. I still had a lot to learn, but fortunately, I had the Arcturian to assist me. Little did I know that the Arcturian was a higher expression of my Multidimensional SELF? No wonder the Arcturian seemed to show up wherever and whenever I needed some guidance.
“I will need to find a way to send that message into the consciousness of the newly ascended ones in our community. Already, there are hints of fear and descent. If we do not quell them then the frequency of our reality will drop out of the fifth dimension.”
“Yes,” replied the androgynous being Shinarius. “In fact, the purpose of ascension onto a threshold fifth-dimensional version of reality is to fully integrate the multidimensional biological computer into the light network of the lightbody.
“Unfortunately, many of the members of a newly ascended community may not be aware that they are actually living on the threshold of the fifth dimension. This lack of awareness is true for about three fourths of the members of your community. If we do not change that percentage to 51% soon, your community will begin to sink back into the third/fourth dimension and into the hands the invading Draconians.”
“Speaking of Draconians,” I said, “Franquoix has created quite a stir in our camp. I fully understand that we cannot hide in this fifth dimensional world. We must address the issues from which we have been running and learn to love everyone unconditionally. The release of all fear is the purpose of a threshold fifth dimensional world such as ours, as well the New Earth we will also be assisting.
“I understand now why Mytria and I had to consciously participate in the ascension of our Pleiadian community before we could completely assist Gaia. Now Mytria and I are both aware that our mission here is to stabilize the threshold reality by assisting the members of this community to clear all experiences and memories of fear. This experience has taught us that it is one thing to ascend to the fifth dimension, but another thing altogether to stay there!
“Mytria and I are very grateful to have your assistance in stabilizing the fifth dimensional consciousness of the group. Already, the consciousness of some of our group is dropping and they are becoming disoriented and confused. Because their consciousness is lowered they are becoming out-of-phase with this threshold fifth dimensional world.”
Shinarius returned to two beings of light, as Shinar said, “Shinara will quietly move through your Violet Temple and assist there, while I will blend with your community and give assistance to those who need and can accept it. We have the ability to present ourselves to each person in a manner that they will instantly trust us. Then we can silently align them with their personal fifth dimensional matrix while we also answer their questions.”
At this point Shinara went to the Temple and Shinar began to intermingle with those in the temple grounds. Our entire community was here now to give comfort to each other and to create the necessary octave of unity consciousness so that we could maintain our fifth dimensional resonance. I could see that Shinar went first to the very people that I had seen were having the most difficulty to give them personal assistance. I knew that Shinara was doing the same inside of the Temple.
The members of our community who are having the most difficulty holding their fifth dimensional resonance are taken to the Violet Temple. There Elohim Alycone and Shinara are teaching Mytria and Alycia how to use the Violet Fire to transmute all third/fourth dimensional hidden fears into fifth dimensional unconditional love.
In the same manner, the Arcturian and Shinar are assisting Almon and I to guide those staying on the temple grounds. Since Almon’s death and rebirth during the raising of the Temple he has become a new person.  He no longer feels as though he is my dark-side because he has discovered and is using his own inner light.
Just as Alycia will take over Mytria’s position as the Keeper of the Violet Flame, Almon will take over my position of leadership of the community. Once that shift is completed, Mytria and I will return to the distant future to assist ascending Earth.
I was thinking that I would visit Franquoix as soon as the sun rose when I felt him standing behind me.
“Did you want to talk with me?” he asked.
I turned and invited him to sit or stand beside me.
“I will sit,” he replied.
“I am glad you telepathically determined that I wanted to talk with you. Have you always been this telepathic or is this a new skill since your ascension?” I asked.
“I have long communicated in this manner, and I do not understand what you mean by ascension.”
“By ascension I simply mean that you, too, have expanded your consciousness into the frequency in which you can experience this frequency of reality.”
“Yes, that is what I suspected,” was his only response.
I decided to jump into the core of the issue, since he likely already knew what I wanted to say, “As you are obviously aware, some of the members of our camp are having difficulty in releasing concepts of separation into friend vs. enemy.”
“I, too, am having that problem. However, you are different.”
“Yes, I come from a future in which Draconian and Pleiadian are united in what we call the Galactic Federation. In fact, I have served with and developed deep friendships with many Draconians. Therefore, I have no fear, and hence, no anger towards you.”
“I feel that,” replied Franquoix. “When I feel their fear towards me it makes me angry, but I am trying to resist that old response. I was unfamiliar with the title of ascension, but the concept has been long studied by our people. However, only those who have chosen to learn the ancient texts are aware of it in my modern world.”
“There are no mistakes or accidents in a fifth dimensional reality,” I said. “Therefore, your breaking through the dome at the exact instant of our ascension was for a higher purpose. I was hoping that you and I could discover together what that purpose may be.”
“I am willing to join you in that endeavor,” Franquoix replied.

I put out my hand to shake in agreement, and this time he took it.


Teal Scott and Inelia Benz interviewed by Lance White

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The first guest is Inelia Benz. She will assist in explaining the shift at the Global Ascension Center, Creating 5D, and share what source guides.
Teal Scott, a name many of you will certainly become more familiar with, has agreed to an in depth exploration and investigation into creating 5D, alien presence, emotional healing, ascension, near death experience, meditation, QiGong, energy work and healing, and well… you get the picture; everything that We find really interesting.
Our interviewer, and conduit for the collectives questions is the magnificently experienced and loved Lance White. Many know Lance as the creator and host of “A fireside chat with the Zany Mystic” on BBS radio.
The Host and Technical Conductor is our own Kevin Doheny — one of the founding members of Creating5D.org.
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Joshua Tongol – Healing Our Memories – Cellular Memory

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Is healing available to EVERYONE?

For several years Joshua Tongol has been empowering others to heal. He has taught on healing based on the Bible and has also demonstrated its reality through his seminars, conferences, and daily life.

But what does SCIENCE have to say about “spontaneous” healing? What is all this talk about QUANTUM PHYSICS? Aren’t “miracles” and “supernatural” healing a VIOLATION of the laws of nature?

Can science and healing be bridged? Josh gives a resounding “YES!”

Joshua shares some of the latest (and ancient) groundbreaking discoveries from some of this generation’s leading-edge voices. These include nuclear physicists, doctors, cell biologists, chiropractors, and pioneers in the field energy healing.

These new revelations in physics and biology will revolutionize our understanding of the link between mind and matter. But not only that, they will forever change the way we look at the world.

Listen as he shares information that reveals science’s re-discovery of God’s goodness to ALL of humanity.

It’s time to question, challenge and rethink much of what we thought we knew about healing.

This teaching will create a huge paradigm shift for many people who are open to this new science.

Please listen to the entire message (10 parts) in order to get the full context of what Joshua is saying.

Here are the things that will be covered in the message:

-Do Christians have a monopoly on healing?
-How we’ve misunderstood healing
-Miracles and techniques
-What about distant healing?
-The power of your thoughts
-The power of your words
-The power of real faith
-The power of visualization (imagination)
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The Ascended Collective 2013

The Ascended Collective: We Foresee Humanity Delightfully Taking the Reins
JAN 22
Posted by Wes Annac

Note from Wes: I will not be posting on the Aquarius Paradigm today (the 22nd) but I give this message with Love, and I will be back posting tomorrow. To anybody who reposts this message — you do not have to include this note.

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

You will all be working to repair your world, and you dear Lightworkers who have already begun anchoring the vibrations of your fifth dimensional Earth unto the collective energies and frames of perception may find yourselves pioneering the beginning of the restoration of your world, as you will begin helping people find the impetus and motivation to begin the hardest of tasks that are set out for the collective of Earth to perform.

There is much learning that needs to take place and while you will be given assistance from your Galactic brethren, the bulk of the work is indeed yours to be done and we could not encourage more, your beginning of this work in any facet you find yourselves beginning it.

You can help motivate the Earth public in beginning to understand the need to end war, separation and hatred of any kind and you can all begin to bring forth the concepts that will drive your unfolding New Earth; eradicating lack on a mass scale being one of them. You all have the motivations from spirit that will lead you onward to benefitting the entirety of humanity with the enlightened perspectives you are finding, and we know that you all have much Love, knowledge and insight to share with a collective who have been caught up in their own ways and have not realized the massive effects their actions have garnered for dearest Gaia.

The majority of souls on your world do not understand that Gaia is a Living, conscious being and that the actions of Man on Her surface affect Her very strongly, and the pollution that has been manifested and fed on your Earth has stopped Gaia from expressing the true beauty and radiance of Her surface in the ways that She had originally done so. Gaia has always been a brimming example of our Creator’s wonderful and beautiful design, and She has always reflected the natural Light of the Creator which resides within us all.

Oh, how happy we are and will be to introduce you dear souls to the very concepts driving your ascension. For the most part, you are beginning to introduce these concepts yourselves but we will be with you to bask in the wonderful glow of your fifth dimensional New Earth, and you will enjoy our presence knowing you had achieved so much without the assistance you had originally anticipated.

There are already so many strong and lightened Earth conduits delivering truth and for the most part, you have brought these truths and concepts forth and not only expressed them, but radiated them all throughout the collective consciousness of your dear Earth who will steadily absorb and adjust to these new energies bringing forth your fifth dimensional experiences and perspective.

Your perspectives will continue to be morphed into infinite, evolving higher dimensional perspectives and the dogmas and belief systems many have employed until this point will be seen in the Light for what they truly are.

Any incompletion or dissatisfaction concerning one’s experience in any way will be brought to the surface and you will all work through and realize aspects of yourselves that you had perhaps not expected to come up, but that are coming up with the rest of your entourage of hidden-away memories that have been waiting for their chance to be worked-through and transmuted by none other than you.