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By Mercedes Kirkel

Question: Throughout my life I’ve had wondrous experiences that lasted from a few seconds to three-and-a-half days. I call them my “real life” experiences. Since you talk about dimensions, maybe I have to look at it as if I lived in those moments in another dimension.

Mary Magdalene: Yes.

Questioner: How I explain it is that I saw the building blocks of the universe in everything and it was pure oneness, pure love, pure God. I also ask, “So what? What do I do with that?”

Mary Magdalene: It does sound like you were experiencing higher dimensions. Those kinds of experiences can be gifts. They can be given as a window, a taste, to support what you might call inspiration for further growth. If they do not last it is a sign that there is more foundational work to do for those to become your ground of being, what you might call your default home. At some point that will be your ongoing reality, just as what most people call the third dimension is the ongoing reality of most beings on the Earth at this time. 

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But there are very clear foundational and progressive steps that are necessary for that to become an ongoing reality. It is why I talk about emotions so much, because for many people that is one of the steps that they have not fulfilled. Many people may not even have barely begun. There are other foundational steps, as well.

In your world, healing shame is a big one. Many people who are quite developed in the spiritual process have not yet dealt with what is arising as shame in their experience. Most often it is shame relative to their physical body or shame relative to sexuality. This may seem quite humble. It may even seem to some people as unspiritual. But as I said before, every experience you are having is your ongoing creation. The next step for most human beings is to realize that you are always creating your reality, and the one you are currently creating is the one that is perfect for your next steps of growth.

So while some people would prefer to have more blissful experiences as the focus of their spiritual life, in fact that is not what is really required for their growth. What is required for your growth—for each of you—is exactly what is manifesting in your life, because that is what you are creating. And I say that with great love and respect. I do not say that as trying to make you feel lesser or somehow put down. It is simply the way this reality works. Coming to that can seem difficult or painful or somehow disheartening, if people are in resistance to it.

The idea that this world is not a spiritual place is a suppression of the Feminine. The Feminine is all of manifestation, which very much includes this world. The Feminine is just as divine as the Masculine. So your divinity is not somewhere else. Actually, it is both somewhere else and also completely here. That understanding and realization is the uniting of the Masculine and Feminine, which many people are moving toward. An essential step of it is the complete embrace of your experience and yourself as absolutely God, even in your current state. Even coming to that idea can be a great step of growth.

This world and your current experience is not exclusively God, but the subtle or the transcendent is not exclusively God either. It is the embrace of the entire possibility that is All God. I hope that is helpful.

Questioner: Thank you. Yes.

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MARY and YESHUA – Hold the Light – 4-14-18 – This is a day of Graduation – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame


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Greetings, My Beloveds, yes, it is I, Christ. My beloved Mary is here as well. Today, we wish to speak about the ascension that is taking place on so many levels. First and foremost, we ask you to begin to relax and to begin to embody the beautiful frequency of the ascension flame, calling in this frequency, calling in the light, calling in the love, calling in the peace, calling in the energy of the ascension flame as you allow your heart to open and to awaken to the energy of All That Is. And so today, Dearest Ones, I ask you to hold your energy and your essence so purely, and so strongly, as you now begin to ascend into this new frequency that is now upon our planet. It is time, Dearest Ones, that each of you let go of the past and move forward and ascend into the new level of consciousness in which you are now operating from. This is of grave importance, for I ask you to begin to let go of the past and to embrace the light of All That Is, let go of the past, and begin to embrace the light of All That Is. And as you hold this light into your heart, of the ascension flame, may the energy of the three-fold flame, and the violet flame of transmutation now begin to bring healing onto your soul.

And so, Dearest Ones, we shall begin, if you allow yourself to receive this frequency, you will now begin to operate more fully from the new frequencyof what we call the new paradigm that is now operating upon your Earth. It is simply the energy of the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth levels of dimensional frequency that are now overlaid upon your Earth, as if it is a New Earth, an etheric energy that you are now able to tap into more freely. As the energy has shifted, from the time of your Easter, as the resurrection flame has brought forth this new frequency upon this Earth, many are able to literally bring their consciousness into the form of true ascension. We ask you, Dearest Children, to bring yourself to this point as you may understand that ascension does not require the doing, but it is about becoming,embracing, and remembering to live your lives as the Gods and Goddesses that you are. It simply means fully embracing the Divinity that already exists within you through the expansion of your consciousness, as beings of love and living from the wisdom of the heart. It is that simple, Dear Ones.

Understand that each dimensional frequency represents a certain vibration, and these dimensions become accessible to you when and only when you obtain that level of frequency within your consciousness and have the ability to maintain it at all times. Therefore, we say, Dearest Ones, live from the heart, talking and acting like a master. Ask yourself the questions, what would a master do or say, and then go within and find the answer. What would the master say and do, and then find the answer. We ask you to let go of the third dimensional consciousness of separation, duality, polarity, and drama in all forms, and now begin to believe in the power that you hold, as you now are living in these higher dimensional frequencies, in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth dimensional frequencies. And stop giving your power away to that which no longer serves you. I would ask you to establish a conscious union with your I AM presence, and the fulfillment of your Divine plan, the ascension, we say, Dearest Ones, is truly the reunification and the merging into the Divine union with your magnificent I AM presence. In order to embody this glorious aspect of yourself, it is truly time to let go and to let God.

And so, today, we ask you to release all the programs, the mental programs that have been running through your life, and all negativity that has been stored in your consciousness, subconscious, and conscious minds, and we ask you to let go and to release, and to begin to breathe in this frequency of love. Letting go and letting God. Letting go and letting God. Letting go and letting God. And so, Dearest Ones, in the name of the beloved God presence I AM, I ask you to receive this initiation, needed for your ascension, and we ask that you call forth the energy of the Cosmic, pure flame, to remove from your thought forms and all subtle light bodies any vibration of human creation that is impure in substance, and is less than the divine perfection of God. May the purity transmute all negative energies and all disharmonic frequencies, and allow the energy of the ascension flame begin to awaken the memories of your Divine blueprint, so that you may become free from all discordant energies that you have ever created, and now begin to live in the essence of the purity of who you truly are. And so I ask you, Dear Ones, to begin to breathe in this frequency of Divine love and Divine peace. It is of grave importance that all lightworkers move forward into the ascension flame, in the three-fold flame, and call forth the violet flame of transmutation, to begin to heal and to move forward as you live in the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth level frequencies at this time in your incarnation.

You may say, how do I access these frequencies? And we say, simply ask that you hold your intention, that you allow yourself to ascend and to receive, and to become like a master, to be a master, for you are all masters. You all are master teachers, you all are ascended beings of light. And it is time, Dearest Ones, that you begin to embody and embrace this consciousness and understanding of that which you are holding upon this planet, that you are holding the frequency of peace, love, and Cosmic Grace upon your soul. And so I ask you to take a deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in the light and the love and the peace and the tranquility, as you begin to relax into this vibration, holding the light, holding the love, holding the peace for this planet. You see, Dearest Ones, Mother Earth is ascending and each soul is simply needed to ascend into their own mastery. It may be difficult to understand despite all that you see, sense, or hear in your worldly news, media, and in your daily life upon this Earth. But we say, Dearest Ones, there is so much that is happening behind the scenes that is shifting the vibration of so many souls. So many souls are awakening, one by one by one, the ascension is occurring rather rapidly. And you, Dear One, are also moving rather rapidly in your ascension. It is why I am bringing this to your attention again, because it is happening very quickly here, in your year of 2018, so much is shifting.

Do not be afraid to change your life. Do not be afraid to allow the flow and the energy of your Higher Self and your higher dimensional frequencies to begin to guide your life. If you are feeling called to leave your old life in any way, shape or form, be it physically moving, letting go of a relationship, changing old habits, old beliefs, whatever it is that you are needing to do that no longer serves you, we ask that you now surrender and begin to ascend into this frequency of living in your true mastery state. This is of grave importance, and I know that so many might become frightened of allowing their lives to change, but we say, Dearest Ones, this is the agreement that you have made at this time, to stand in the light and to be at peace, and in alignment with All That Is. For you have come at this time, at this appointed hour, as you may recall, at the day of the Great Conclave, when I, Lord Sananda, spoke and asked each of you if you would forget your Oneness, and now come forward to assist Mother Gaia. And each of you eagerly chose to serve, and you’ve eagerly chosen to continue to serve, living in the Living Light of All That Is.

And so today, I am asking you once again, for today, it is simply another Conclave that is being brought forth, and I, Lord Sananda, make the clarion call to each of you. Will you choose to ascend, will you choose to move forward in your conscious state, and live as a beautiful being of light, andopening your heart to this level of freedom. We invite you at this time to call forth the elixir that will charge you, called the Golden Liquid Light. Call this energy in as you bring your energy into the Golden Liquid Light. It is a form or a force, or a frequency, shall we say, that will now begin to ignite you, that will allow you to now bring forth all of the blessings that are bestowed upon you, that are your birthright. As you call in this beautiful, Golden, Liquid Light, this elixir, you are now raising your consciousness into this frequency and this beautiful essence of living in the pure, exalted state as an Ascended Being, an Ascended Master, shall now be brought forth into your consciousness with ease. Yes, Dearest Ones, it is as if you are taking a drink from an elixir, a Golden, Liquid Light that will now begin to shift yourconsciousness, your mental, emotional bodies so that you may begin to feel this energy and be free of the limiting beliefs, thought forms and energies that have held you to the third dimensional frequency.

And so, Dear One, we ask you to hold the light, the love, and the peace in your heart so fully, so richly and so effervescently that no one or nothing can ever change this beautiful frequency that you are now holding. As if you are now suspended into pure Cosmic Love and Cosmic Grace. And you’ll begin to walk through your life with grace and ease, without any discomfort, pain, suffering or disharmonic energies. And so allow yourself to simply go into the depths of the recesses of your own mind and begin to clear away the cobwebs, as they say, and allow yourself to be set free. And so, Dearest Ones, drink from the Golden Liquid Light, the elixir that will reactivate you to the remembrance of why you came to this planet, and on that day of the Great Conclave, when I, Lord Sananda, asked you shall you serve, today I ask you once again to remake that vow to serve, for this is an important time in the evolution of this planet. It is an important time in the evolution of humanity, it is an important time in the consciousness and the evolution of all souls. And so each of you are needed to step forward and say yes. Breathe in your light, breathe in the Golden Liquid Light, into your consciousness. And you will begin to feel the shift of consciousness, you will begin to feel this sense of relaxation, you will begin to feel a sense of peace and tranquility upon your soul, knowing that all is in order and all is as it should be. For you truly are set free.

And so imagine that the anchors that have been tying you to the third dimensional frequency are now being released. As if there are anchors or hooks that have kept you suspended into the third dimensional frequency, with the limitations of the human consciousness, of the mortal mind. And so simply send these binds or bonds or limitations, it is like a binding, which has bound you to the Earth plane. And so free yourself from these limitations. And now feel yourself ascending in consciousness, as you are merging your beautiful energy into All That Is. It is a beautiful, beautiful time for each of you to step into this frequency, as you are truly ascending into a band of consciousness that is anchored in pure non-duality. This frequency of non-duality is called the Mother of All Things, and is the underlying fabric of all of existence. And so, Dearest Ones, call in this frequency of non-duality, the Mother of All Things. This is the underlying fabric of all existence. And so we say to you, Dearest One, you will find the path of least resistance, as you allow yourself to emit the frequency of these powerful vibrations into your being.

Allow yourself to feel the vibration and to call forth the harmonic frequency of the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dimensional frequencies that are now being exuded upon this planet at this time. Do not worry, you are all anchored into the energy of Mother Earth, safe and protected from any harm. We ask that you ascend in consciousness and allow yourself to begin to receive. And so, Dear Sons and Daughters, this is a day of graduation. You see, after my resurrection and my own ascension process, this has been honored on your Easter Sunday. I am here to help you to ascend and to resurrect your own consciousness. And to bring this frequency forward. This is a powerful day, Dearest One, to let go of the limitations that no longer serve you. This is simply what ascension and resurrection mean, resurrecting your mortal self into higher consciousness, into the energy of the Christ Consciousness and beyond. Merging yourself into the energy of the energy of non-duality, of the Mother of All Things. The energy that underlies the fabric of all of existence, all Oneness.

And so today, Dearest ones, call in this light, call in this peace, call in this joy as you center your heart on this powerful light, the Golden Liquid Light, the elixir of life that will allow you to open yourself to receive. And allow your heart chakra now to begin to open, so as you fill your heart with the love of God, as you open your heart to the energy of Cosmic Freedom, and as you renew yourself in the embrace of the eternal flame of love, opening your heart chakra to this beautiful flame, and magnifying the love of the Divine and the human self, now merging the two as one, calling forth in your divinity, into your human self, calling forth the flame of love, and calling forth this powerful frequency so all will receive, and to feel the love that is now merging through your soul. This powerful flame of love is one of the seven flames of God, acting upon the planet for humanity at this time. And so, Dearest Ones, begin to receive and to feel the flame of love as you begin to open your heart, to begin to heal yourself. For love is the ultimate healer and regenerator. It is time now that the beautiful flame become ignited, not only within your own heart, and magnifying the energy upon the planet.

It is truly a time where there is what we call a parallel frequency of the New Earth that you are truly living in. You are living in the world but not of it, this is what we have meant. You are living in the world but not of it. You have now stepped forward into the Earth, the etheric frequency of the New Earth, where all is possible and all is created, and there, Dearest Ones, you may go to any of the temples that exist in this frequency. The Temple of Healing, the Temple of Love, the Temple of Resurrection, the Temple of Rejuvenation. The Temple of Prosperity and Abundance, the Temple of the Light. There are many mansions, as they say, and so we say to you, Dearest Ones, place your attention on that in which you need healing upon this day. Begin to resurrect and call forth the Temple that will allow you to move forward, so that you may now live and embody the frequency as the beautiful Ascended Being that you are.

And we ask you to take time to honor yourself, to begin to move forward in this ascension process, so that you may actively create and pursue all that you are to receive now in this new vibrational frequency. And so we say, Dearest Children, honor the God within you, the honor the God within you, honor the God within you. And honor the light that you hold as you are powerful children of the light. And once again call in the Golden Liquid Light, the elixir into your being. And let all energies that you have held within you now begin to fall away, that are not in alignment and concordance with your true ascension process. Do not be surprised by what will shift and change within your life. Expect the unexpected, and call forth in Cosmic Love and Cosmic Grace.

Know at this time, Dearest One, it is time for you to begin to speak, and to speak the truth, and to honor the divinity of that which you hold, holding the light, holding the love, holding the peace, holding the tranquility of all that you are. And so, Dearest Ones, as you stand in this frequency, and you are now living in this higher dimensional frequency, there is a responsibility to yourself and to others, and onto the world. And so, Dearest Ones, we ask you to hold the peace so strongly and so effervescently within your being, that you will be able to shift the consciousness of the frequencies around you, and you will begin to see miraculous change that is occurring within your own individual lives. You are the change you wish to see. You are the miracle you’ve been waiting for. And so we say to you, Dearest Children, that it is time, it is time, it is time to let your beautiful light shine as you now emerge into this powerful frequency, as you merge into the beautiful essence of the ascension flame. And so, Dearest Children, we ask you to hold this light and begin to transmute all that no longer serves you, because today, each of you are receiving a healing and a blessing from the Supreme Creator. You have called forth your own ascension and you are now ready, the planet is ready, and all who stand in the Living Light of God’s energy shall move forward with the power of love within their heart.

There are many, as they say, old souls that are here as the pioneers, and many new souls who are stepping forward who will now step in to these levels of frequencies. And you have assisted these beautiful loving souls who are pure, angelic beings, who are entering upon the planet at this time, incarnating on the planet. You’ll begin to see these new souls making the changes that you see for the old souls have held the template and the frequency for them to make the changes that are needed upon this planet. You’ve all come together in Divine timing and Divine purpose, Divine alignment, and this is of indeed great truth. We ask you to hold the light and the love and the peace within your heart so that you may receive the essence of God’s love, and prepare yourself to be the change and the template for this New Earth. We are all walking forward now with you, one by one by one, we are all walking forward with you, because you see the Earth is now going to shift and change rapidly, your own consciousness will shift rapidly, and your own individual lives will shift rapidly if you so allow to be in alignment with the new frequencies that are now merging forward upon this planet.

And may the flame of purity transmute all energies, and may the love of the ascension flame, and the power of the ascension flame resurrect within you the memories of your Divine blueprint so that you may be free once again to create Heaven on Earth. As you affirm, I AM purity, I AM love, I AM light, as you allow yourself to call in this frequency of the I AM presence within you,may all those who come into your presence now begin to feel the kingdom of the New Earth, as you bring this frequency into the vibrational essence. And so, Dear Ones, be the change you wish to see, and know at this time that you have made such a difference upon this Earth. The power of change is here, go now, my children, and allow your heart to open to this essence and resonance of peace, and this ascension that is taking place now upon this beautiful day of April 9, 2018, the day the beautiful ascension is occurring globally, individually, intergalactically, for all to receive. Go now, my children, and be at peace.



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Mary Magdalene via Lea Chapin – 12-4-17 – Vibration of Peace



Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. My beloved Yeshua is here as well. We wish to say to you, Dear Ones, that the vibration of peace is being emitted upon your Earth plane at such magnificent force that we are asking each of you to open up your sacred hearts and to begin to feel this vibration within your physicality and within your mental and emotional bodies. And so, please allow my beloved Yeshua to bring his words of wisdom forward as the vibration of peace is now being infused into your sacred heart.

Dear One, yes, it is I, Yeshua. I come to you at this time to express my love for each of you and my devotion onto each of your souls. It is of great importance, Dear Children, that you begin to open up your sacred heart, your compassionate heart, and your loving heart. Opening the pathway for peace to prevail in your own lives, and bringing peace into your heart so that all that no longer serves you of any discordant energy begins to heal that which troubles you. And so, today, as I come forward as the prince of peace, I ask each of you to open your vessel to the vibration and the healing that is so needed not only on this planet but in all aspects of this universe, and this galaxy, and this solar system. So much energy is being infused upon your planet, and you may begin to feel it, feel it in your heart, feel it within your soul, feel it within the essence of your being. And so, please take a deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in the vibration of peace that is now being emitted into the ethers, through the atmosphere, as if it is like particles of fairy dust that are now floating through the air. May peace embody your essence at all levels, may peace embody your essence at all levels, may peace embody your essence. And allow yourself to feel this powerful frequency of joy within your heart, that you have come to yourself once again, that you have come home to yourself once again.

Breathe in the essence of love, and breathe in the essence of peace, and breathe in the essence of tranquility. Breathing in the light and the love and the joy. And so, Dearest Ones, understand at this time that you have agreed to come to this planet to be peacemakers and way showers of light, and it is of extreme importance that you hold as much peace, as you hold the vibration in your vessel. Holding this frequency so that you may shine the light and draw to you all energies that are of the highest good for your own soul. Can you now begin to feel this vibration of peace emanating into every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being? And like a magnetic frequency, you are now ricocheting and bringing this energy back out from your vessel, through your auric field, out into the universe. Can you begin to feel yourself as a shining star, so bright and brilliant that your peaceful essence is seen and felt and recognized by all who come into your presence, and make contact with you? Know, at this time, that this vibration, the vibration of peace, holds a powerful frequency. And so, we ask you to embody this, and if you so shall, begin to read or listen to my lesson of peace in the 12 Mastery Teachings of Christ that I have brought forth for all of you to receive. And so, please take a deep, inhaling breath and begin to embody this frequency not only at this time of your holidays, and this season of celebrating my birth, but hold it in your physicality, it will keep you strong physically, mentally, and energetically. Breathe this in, breathe this in, breathe this in, it will keep you strong, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Breathe this in, breathe this in, breathe this in.

Hold the vibration into your very essence as you radiate the frequency of the beautiful, diamond, sparkling light particles that are now being infused into your system. Again, Dearest Children, peace is your birthright, please open up your sacred heart, your compassionate heart, and bring the peace and these diamond sparkling particles into your heart. Allow everything that does not serve you to begin to fall away. Allow everything that does not serve you to fall away. Allow any anger or loneliness or sadness or fear to begin to fall away. Begin to allow any energy that is not of the highest vibration to simply fall away. Imagine that the particles and the diamond light frequencies are the vibration of peace, begin to meld all frequencies that are disharmonic within you, and so begin to feel the energy of peace beginning to meld all energies that are not of love, that are not of peace, that are not of harmony, that are not of joy. Begin to release these frequencies in your system, release them, release them, release them. Know, at this time, Dearest Children of the light, that you are beautiful children, and that you are to stand in your beauty, to stand in your brilliance, to stand in your magnificence, and to feel the essence of the truth of who you are. You are a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful child of God, and you are to sparkle and you are to shine, and it is time to simply believe and to trust that you are a Divine spirit, a Divine child of the God essence. Can you feel the diamond light particles of peace emanating and healing and illuminating as you glow, as you begin to sparkle as the beautiful diamond that you are, bringing in the essence of love, bringing in the essence of peace, breathing in the essence of tranquility, and breathing in the essence of joy? Breathe, my children, breathe. Breathing in the essence of peace, breathing in the essence of love, breathing in the essence of light. And so, Dear Ones, allow yourself to open up the chamber within your heart that we call your sacred heart. There is indeed what we call a secret chamber within your heart, a place within your own heart chakra that holds the key to happiness. Perhaps you’ve never heard of this before, but there is a secret chamber within your heart chakra that holds the key to happiness.

Allow this to unlock, allow us to open the door, allow us to help you to unlock the heart chakra that has been closed out of fear, out of loss, out of loneliness, out of despair. And so, I ask you now, Dearest Ones, to breathe this in, breathe in the opening and the passageway to your divine birthright of peace. Can you feel your heart chakra opening and unlocking the heart chakra that has been closed? Closed, perhaps, from all of your emotional pain from this lifetime and all other lifetimes and dimensions and frequencies. Can you allow your heart to open to peace, and to feel the sacred heart of mercy opening, so that you are a vessel, you are a creator god, holding the essence and presence of peace, again, Dearest Ones, you are like a shining star, and your light and your frequency is ricocheting onto the world. This is so needed during your troubled times upon this Earth. We do not wish to get into all the troubles, but as you know them, there are many who are not at peace, and the world is not at peace, and Mother Earth is crying out for your help, and so please allow yourself to open up your heart chakra, to open up that secret, sacred chamber that now holds the key for your happiness, for you to be at peace, for you to be at balance, for you to be at harmony with yourself, to be comfortable within your own skin. And so, allow this energy, feel this energy and this presence, of the Living Light of God inside of your being. Allow yourself to feel this energy and presence of the Living Light of God within your being. And so, Dear Ones, take a deep, inhaling breath and breathe. Breathe in the vibration of peace. I will step aside and allow my mother to speak at this time, and then I shall return.

Dear One, it is I, Mother Mary. I come to you at this time as I stand before you, opening up your Sacred Heart, your compassionate heart, your merciful heart with compassion. Please allow my son to help you, to open up the chamber so that you may feel at peace, and hold compassion for yourself. We know that this lifetime and all lifetimes from the inception of your soul journey have not always been easy. But we say to you, Dearest Ones, how important it is to honor yourself, to hold compassion for yourself, to give thanks to yourself. Be grateful for your life, be grateful for all the experiences and do not allow your heart to ever close off again. As my son has come to show you and to open up the sacred passageway of the sacred heart that lives inside of you. Please do not allow yourself to be closed off again, it is a new beginning, it is a new day, it is a new opportunity for all of you. It is today to live from an open and loving heart, loving all souls including yourself, holding compassion for yourself and all of life, holding compassion for Mother Earth, holding compassion for all those who are not in balance. And who are confused and are not living from their beautiful sacred merciful heart. Please pray that they open up their own heart chakras, just as you are being gifted this gift today, the secret passageway of your heart chakra, the chamber of your sacred heart is being opened. Living from heart warmth, living from compassion, living from the understanding that you are truly a divine child of God, serving and being served in the living light, and being free. And so, know, at this time, how important it is to live your life in the sacred energy of Divine, holy grace. Living your life in Divine, sacred energy, of Divine Holy Grace. And so, breathe in this essence and this frequency, of what we call renewal. You are renewing the essence of the truth of your being. Renewing your beautiful spirit, renewing your soul, renewing the aspects that live inside of you, and yes, we call them aspects, for there are many aspects to you, your essence selves. And so, today, we come to bring you this healing of your aspects, of the essence of you, meaning the totality of all that you’ve ever been, and all that you will be. You see, Dearest One, you have had many lifetimes and many aspects that have not been balanced and been in harmony. I do not wish to confuse you, but what I’m trying to say, is that all that you’ve ever been, though all lifetimes, and all dimensional time and space, hold aspects and essence energy, and what I am saying you today is that we are integrating these aspects, these essence selves, into balance, into harmony, into the sacred heart.

As if everything you’ve ever been is now being balanced and harmonized, you are coming into balance with yourself, you can now live fully from the heart, what a beautiful gift that you are receiving today. Everything that you’ve ever been is now being integrated into the sacred heart of mercy and compassion. The sacred chamber of your heart is welcoming you back home again, welcoming your essence, and all your aspects. You are coming home to yourself, you are coming home to yourself, you are coming home to yourself. And so, Dear Ones, can you feel it, can you feel it, can you sense this energy? Opening up the chambers within your heart, opening up the chambers within your heart. Integrating this energy into your heart chakra. And now, as my son infuses the energy of peace into you, into your sacred heart, there is no longer any discordant energy that is affecting you or causing you any pain or discomfort, as if all the lifetimes you’ve ever lived are now returning back to synchronicity, the synchronicity of being in harmony, being in balance, being in union, being reconciled into your pure, perfected state of your beautiful spirit. And so, Dear Ones, allow yourself to hold this energy and this awakening.

We ask you to begin to consider and ponder very seriously what it looks like to be in your perfected state. To be balanced and harmonic, and to be at peace. We are gifting you with this energy today, it is now up to you to stand in the vibration, what does it look like to you? How do you behave? How do you act? How do you carry yourself in the world? What does this mean for you from this moment forth? How will you change your habits and your thought forms? And so, Dearest Ones, know that on this day you’ve been given this beautiful, beautiful gift of healing. The powerful vibration of peace that is now being emitted onto the Earth can now be received inside of you. My son has gifted you this beautiful gift, and all of the galactic brothers and sisters and the Great Creator are flooding this planet and all souls with peace. And all those who read this or hear this, or experience this healing in this moment have a choice to live in peace for the rest of their incarnation and throughout eternity. And so, Dearest Children, hold your light so brightly that there is never a question that you are a child of peace. Yes, Dearest Children, as my son is called the Prince of Peace, you are all his children. You are all the peace makers and the messengers of hope and renewal. So now, as you accept this within your heart, allow it to come forward into your essence, through your behavior, through your energy field, through your aura, drawing to you everything in your life that is of peace, harmonic relationships and harmonic frequencies that are of the highest vibration of peace and love. And so, Dear One, can you feel your sacred heart opening, and your merciful heart opening, the chambers of your sacred heart opening?

Today, the vibration of the eleven, of your month of November vibrates to the frequency of peace. And you see, Dearest Ones, we will come together again on another 11, December 11, another powerful portal and opening of peace. And so, Dearest Children, realize at this time, that as you’re opening your heart to this connection, you are holding the vibration of Divine Union within yourself. You are a portal of peace, you are a portal of peace, you are a portal of peace. Today, Dearest Children, we ask you to hold this frequency so closely, in the essence of your being, that you feel it palpitating from your heart. Can you feel the peace and the love now opening and vibrating from your Sacred Heart? Holding compassion for yourself, peace for yourself. Everything that you do, every decision that you make is to be about peace. You are holding the frequency of peace so strongly within your essence that nothing or no one can shift this vibration from you. This is a strong statement, but no one or nothing can shift this vibration of peace from you. Take the time, Dearest Ones, to consider the power that this statement holds. Do you choose to claim it and to embody it and to not allow yourself to be affected by another’s behavior? Can you choose to hold peace within your system, that regardless of what happens around you, you choose peace and love over anger and violence and negativity?

And so, Dear Ones, know, at this time, that you hold the answers inside of the secret chamber of your heart. You have the answers to all that troubles you. The answers are simple, Dearest One, choose peace, choose peace, choose peace. And you see, your beautiful heart is open. And we see that you are receiving it. And we are grateful, and we are thankful. I will allow my son to speak, and I thank you for your time, and I thank you for your attention. I thank you for allowing me to assist you in opening your compassionate and sacred heart, so that you may live in the truth of who you truly are as a Divine Child of God living in your pure divinity and beautiful essence of God’s love.

Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Christ. Yeshua, Jesus, Lord Sananda. I am known by many names, but I come to you today as the Prince of Peace. And I come to you with my open and compassionate and merciful heart, and I stand before each of you, and I infuse my energy into your heart. I’m sending you this powerful vibration of peace so that your mind will be at peace, your body will be at peace, all aspects of your beings will be at peace. That you may be peace with yourself, and so, Dearest One, it is my gift to you, it is my gift to each of you in this day of celebration, as Lea celebrates her birthday, we give her this gift and so we gift it all to you as well. You all are receiving this powerful gift of peace and healing and how important it is to truly welcome this into your vibration, and as you walk this Earth plane, you will never feel alone and you will feel the presence of the Living God inside of you, because you will feel this connection to Oneness, and to Divine Love and Divine Grace that is your birthright, and is your connection to the Great Creator. My Mother and I have opened up the sacred chamber of your sacred heart, and when you see those pictures of us with our sacred hearts, please remember the gift that we gave you today. Again, it is the choice to live from peace. No more struggle, no more strife, no more disharmonic energies. Hold these frequencies as closely and as dearly to you as you possibly can, and remember we love you, and we celebrate with you during this time of the holiday season, and through all of the time throughout the year and beyond, not only in this holiday season, but we continue to surround you and support you with the vibration of peace. Again, Dearest Children, it is flooding your planet at a very rapid rate. So much energy is being infused upon this planet, and you, Dearest Ones, are opening up the floodgates for others to witness and to feel and to sense and to be drawn to your vibration.

This is an extremely important time, and you may not understand fully all that is being gifted to the Earth plane, but know that we are assisting this planet for it is in dire need. And you will begin to see so many people change and open their hearts to each other in the beautiful state of Grace, as Divine children of God, as they’ve opened up the portal of peace, into the sacred heart, the merciful heart, deep within the chamber of their own heart chakra. And so, Dearest Ones, accept our gift today, our mother and I, we will come again. As always, we thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for your willingness to serve, and for holding the Living Light of God in the essence of your being.

And so, now know, my children, that my Mother and I stand with you, and my Mary stands with you as well, and we are walking with you and opening up the chamber of your heart until you are able to feel this fully within your being. But we ask you to consider this and to understand that it has been done and all you have to do is receive. Go forward now with our gift, and the celebration of the energy of peace that is now being gifted to you and to this planet and to all souls. Go forward as the Living Light of God and allow your spirit to shine and be the change you wish to see, the beautiful light that shines so brightly upon this Earth plane, for you are the star and the stars that shine so brightly to guide others. And you are opening up the way so that they may follow and feel the energy of peace in their own lives and allowing themselves to rest in the arms of God, being comforted by their own souls. We thank you, and we know, at this time, that each of you have opened your heart and we are so grateful. Go in peace.









Mary Magdelene – Sacred Nature of Sex – Transcript of Heavenly Blessings – Channeler Linda Dillon – Host Suzanne Maresca – 10-29-14



Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today marks for me the fruitful beginning of a conversation that I feel is vital to the evolution of human consciousness. Mary Magdalene will be joining us to bring a greater understanding of Sacred Partnership and the role of the physical human body in connection with our divine nature.

This is far from a new topic but we’ve reached a place in the expansion of our awareness that will hopefully allow for a discussion of the sacred nature of human sexuality to become a normal and relaxed one. For too long physical pleasure and intimacy has been made into a source of guilt and shame, while in truth our bodies are innately gifted with the ability to be directly connected to Source through ecstasy.

I’m delighted to be embarking on this journey here and now and if I had any doubts about taking the discussion to our show the Divine Mother put that to rest at the conference in Tahoe earlier this month. So, thank you Linda for all your work around that gathering, it was truly wonderful to meet so many listeners and to share our hearts and experience with one another. And it’s great to be back on the air. Good morning!

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi and good morning everybody and yes, it was incredible to meet so many listeners and followers of both the Council of Love and the Golden Age of Gaia, and really just to be with our soul family. We did work and it was really important but it’s just the fact that we get to be together as well, that was really phenomenal.

And I’d Love to make a little announcement if I could…Everybody who came to the Gathering was told, and I’m here to reassure you, that you would be getting the link so that you could watch the Gathering and do the meditations and continue with the work because that’s really important. It’s not just about 3 days and now I’m done, it’s so that you could watch the video and continue on.

facepalmNow, there’s been a delay in terms of the video company, Pashley, getting it to us. There was a mix-up in the mail, but we’ve been reassured that we will have that video by Wednesday afternoon. We plan to have it up and available to all the conference attendees by the weekend. It will also be available to purchase for those who didn’t register for the live-stream, who want to watch it and receive all those blessings because it’s already encoded in the video. So, don’t think that we forgot. It’s just been a little screwy in terms of the delay.

SM: It has been and I would like to invite conference attendees to write to me through the Contact Us on the Golden Age of Gaia blog site. I was so caught up in being in the moment that I really didn’t exchange contact information with very many people.

LD: Who was it that used to say “keep those cards and letters coming in”? (Laughter) So, that’s what we’re inviting you to do is write to us and tell us, too, what your burning issues are, what your core issues are and what you’d like to see us talking about and listening to.

This isn’t just me sitting in a room and meditating and receiving messages from Mother Mary or Sanat Kumara about what they want to talk about. It’s also not just Suzi and I coming up with a theme du jour, it’s building community. We really want to hear from you.

SM: Yes, beautiful. Alright, are we going to jump in here with a meditation?

LD: You know, it sounds like a plan.

SM: Fabulous.

LD: Away we go…so, welcome back everybody, welcome back Linda and Suzi.

fuschia roseLet’s begin by taking a nice deep breathe of that deep rose color, not a red rose but a deep pink, almost fuchsia, and breathe it in through your nose and breathe it out through your mouth as you sink into the chair, the floor, your bed, your car seat, wherever you are and let go. Let go the day, of your to-do list, of what lies ahead, what lies behind, and just be.

Relax your shoulders, relax your jaw, relax your hands…put them on your lap…and feel yourself sinking in to wherever you’re sitting so that you feel like you weigh 2000 pounds, that you couldn’t move if you wanted to. And breathe that pink, that deep, rich pink; the sweetheart rose, the color of sunrise, the flush of a baby’s cheek.

And with each breath feel yourself going deeper and dropping into your heart. Now feel your heart, that beautiful place of emerald green, this morning turning into that pink rose, and feel it unfurl and blossom.

Open it wide. Breathe in that fragrance that is the blend of Mother Mary, the Magdalena and Gaia, and your beloved pink, your pink flame. Open it wide, wider, and feel that stem of the rose. Go down into your heart, your solar plexus, your Halion bridge, down into your umbilical, your pubic, and your root and feel each of these areas opening and blossoming and awake. And continue and feel that stem of your rose go down into the heart of Gaia, or as the case may be, up into the heart of Gaia, and feel that deep anchoring, not only to the Divine, not only to the Archangel Gaia, but to that earthy Mother, to that sense of being in your incredible body.

Take a moment and love your body, love this physical form that you have chosen, that you have designed in concert with your guides, with the Mother, with the Council of Love, with the Company of Heaven. Love yourself, not just your soul but your physical form.

Now, come back up to your heart and feel that blossom expand even further and allow that Love to be spread out, to be beamed out to every living person, every flower, every animal, every being upon the planet, no exceptions, because Love never judges. So beam and as you beam open and receive.

The continual and final message of Universal Mother Mary while we were together in Lake Tahoe was to prepare to receive. So, open your heart and receive.

Sacred UnionGreetings, I am the Magdalena, I am Mary, but I like and I choose to be called the Magdalena as well, for it is how I am known throughout, above and below. And I welcome you, my beloveds, this day and I embrace you, I enfold you, I reach out to you, I receive you and yes, I come this day to continue our conversations on the very nature and essence of Sacred Union, of Sacred Partnership, with yourself, with your beloved other, with the Divine, with your family.

These are inseparable, it is not merely a continuum; these are the pieces of a whole. You do not have one aspect of sacred union, of partnership, without having it all. Oh, have you thought and limited yourself in this manner? Yes.

Now, let us begin. Why do I deliberately choose to use this word? As you know, the Council has been redefining words and the understanding of many words in your languages, plural, because there has been grave misunderstanding.

I use this word ‘sacred’ because so often there is an actual or subtle belief in your psyche, in your emotional body, your mental body and certainly in your physical body, that ‘sacred’ somehow means ‘holy’ and that ‘holy’ somehow means ‘chaste’ and that ‘chaste’ means somehow not to engage in the physical realm.

My beloved family, why, why on Earth or Arcturus or Electra or Cee Cee Cee or Venus, why would anyone assume a physical form, particularly for the purposes of Ascension in this time, in this place, and then wish to divorce themselves from the physical reality of being in a body?

The physical vessel is a sacred creation; it is a co-creation with you, with the Mother, with your guides, with many. But the purpose is to know joy and to know Love, in all its forms, in form. There has been too much, and I speak of this from a very personal perspective, too much denial of, what we would say, organized religion, perhaps with the purest of intent…we do not judge, we simply discuss…but there as been too much denial of the physical reality.

There has been this, misconstrued is the nicest way to put it, misconstrued belief that the purpose of the body is to overcome the temptations of the body. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many throughout history…well brief history – 2000 years…have tried to portray me as a whore, as a wanton woman who was saved through the chastity of my beloved husband, Yeshua. Why was this so?

Well, one of the reasons, and there were many, but one of the reasons, in my training as an adept, as what you may think of as a priestess…that is not a term I would use…I was taught and I came to Gaia with the full knowledge and understanding of the joy of being in form, of the blessings of being in form.

Jesus & The MagdelenaThe Universal Mother has spoken to you about her grand passion for her beloved husband, Joseph. I will tell you the very first time I saw my beloved Yeshua, yes, my heart began to race and I felt that sense of desire, of passion for this man.

I did not merely love Yeshi because he was the son of God, because he was a savior, because he was a king, because he was chosen, in fact, in many ways that was part of the challenge of our relationship. Yes, we had and have a very deep soul contract but we also had a very sacred soul union.

But I did not long for this man, this human being, because of his position or the fact that the path that he walked and that I would walk and had already been walking. It was not merely about our sacred work as you would term it.

Our relationship, our sacred marriage was about the fullness of being on Earth, in loving one another in every sense of the word, of loving and honoring our sacred selves, of having a family, of sharing the joy and the sorrow, the laughter and the tears, the physical and the spiritual, the tangible and the intangible, the ordinary and the sublime. It was not limited, otherwise it would not have been a sacred partnership.

One of the areas that was, in many ways, overlooked with the marriage between Yeshua and myself was the patterning, the laying down, the example of what sacred union would look like, what it would feel like. It was not meant, and it did not, exclude sexuality or our physical form. How could it?

That would be like saying ‘yes, they lived upon the planet but they did not eat, they did not drink, they did not break bread or drink wine together.’ That was part of the joy, not only amongst us but with our friends, our family; it would have made no sense at all.

Part of being in form is knowing your divine connection and knowing your divine connection is not merely or restricted to spiritual practice, it is also in the physical reality, it is in the emotional body, it is in the mental body, and yes dear hearts, it is in the physical form.

To ignore your body and what that means in terms of physical intimacy in relationship; that is critical. You cannot separate, you can try, and therefore you are absenting yourself from one of the greatest joys.

So yes, we come to talk more and more, not exclusively but more and more, to bring your attention to your physical form because this Ascension is about being in physical form. And if you are not fully inhabiting your body, if you are constantly trying to get out and deny your body, then what is happening is you are only half-way present and you cannot be fully inter-dimensional, multi-dimensional, doing your physical work, your spiritual work, your family work if you are not present.

Let us start there. Yes Suzi, you may begin my dearest friend.

SM: Aha, you know, I have so many questions! I’m just wondering how gently we need to step into this dialogue because so many of us have deep conditioning around sex and intimacy. But conversations that I had with folks at the conference told me we we’re more than ready to launch into this. It’s time, and if people have discomfort around this, we can look at that as a road map for healing our sexual wounding.

friendsEarlier you asked why we would look at our bodies in such a way but it’s been a mission, it seems, of religions to make us feel that our sexual nature is a lower form of expression. It just seems to me that it would be a really great way to perpetuate the illusion of separation.

In my personal experience our physical bodies are a perfect conduit for connecting to the Divine through orgasm and ecstasy. So, what I would really like to know is if you have any suggestions as to how people can undo their conditioning because there’s so much shame and guilt around it?

MM: But understand and that is one of the reasons why we can have this conversation. Guilt, blame, shame, fault, all of these were constructs of your old 3rd dimension. Now, do you really wish to carry them into the renewed 3rd of physicality, into the 4th, the 5th, the 6th, the 7th? Of course not.

Now, what this sense of orgasm, which is very brief when you think of a day, orgasm is usually about 27 seconds. It is not that long is it? So why such a fuss? Well, I will tell you why, and it is the same conversation that we have had for thousands of years.

Now let us begin with singular orgasm, so yes, we will use the word masturbation. If you are having to pleasure yourself and you have that moment of ecstasy, everything falls away and you feel that connection, not only to the Divine, you become that spark of light once again so you remember. And what that does, dear heart, is it disempowers those who say, “I am your conduit to the Divine.”

So, of course they have to suggest that this, in fact, is not a legitimate way to connect. So, the way that that has been done is to say, “No, I speak directly to God and he tells me that such an act of bliss, of orgasm, is, in fact, dirty and a sin so you’d better stop doing that and go through me.”

Now this is the patriarchal that was then also passed along to the feminine, to women, to say, “Now, don’t you think of doing this either.” So, of course, since they did not want women to be empowered, and that was their greatest difficulty with me, I knew the sense of connection, spiritually, mentally, physically, every way.

And I also knew, as do you, that when you conjoin with your partner, with your sacred partner, because there is nothing casual about sex and intercourse, it is such a blending of energy.

twin-flamesMany of you spend time meditation, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for hours, sometimes for years, going into the cave to seek that merger with the divine, and yet when you engage in sexual intercourse what you are doing is you are merging with the energies of your partner and in that moment of bliss you are also merging with your twin flames and you are returning to that spark of light and merging with All.

So, it is a reinforcement, it is a signal to you that, in fact, there is no separation and that being in your body and taking joy, not only in sex but in brushing your hair, brushing your teeth, feeding your body, loving your body, loving each other’s bodies, that there is a joy of connection to the divine, not a disconnection.

So, to answer your question about how does one rid themselves of this guilt and shame or a fear. You did not mention thus but I will…in allowing oneself the ecstasy or bliss there is also that moment of surrender. There is that relinquishing of control and this is a point of great fear for many.

So, how do you let go of it? Give it away; it is that simple. Give it to the Mother, give it to me, give it to Gaia, give it to your guides. Look at it. Do not simply say, “Okay, now I am giving it away” because that does not work. So, look at what the function of that guilt or fear or that shame really is in your life and the role that it plays is to deny you joy, connection, Love and bliss. So it is a form of self-punishment.

SM: Exactly. May I ask you about your training? You said you came in to this life as an adept, so you were fully trained already?

MM: I was aware, the veil between my, shall we say, my oversoul and my being was fully open and yes, I was trained in many ways and in many traditions. I have said before and I do not think that many have fully heard me, is that when Yeshua and I came together it was a pact, a soul agreement, but I was already a full and open channel and I was already, what you would think of, as the specialist in ritual.

So, it was a perfect complement to our union. Not that it overrode the human aspect of being in relationship and family, but because I had had, from a very early age, about 4, had that open conversation directly with the Mother. I had the insight, I was very clear in my path. Some of my training was more to make me culturally appropriate for the times and for what lay ahead, but it was not training that brought me to be in the place of being in open communication with home.

Then the sacred rituals, which are so important, yes, many say now I do not need rituals, but certainly in that lifetime, the culture, and particularly Judaism, was very deep in ritual. So there was a strong belief system that things were done in a certain order; and this was true of many of the sects as well.

So yes, I was trained in various schools, what you would think of as mystery schools, to know the rituals and also…and that would include the ritual of physical body as well.

SM: May I ask you if there are many in form on the planet who might have trained in those schools with you, that maybe carry the responsibility of bringing the Divine Feminine back and the nature of our Divine sexuality?

MM: Yes there are. I was not a loner and yes there are many in the circle, can I say, of my sisters in particular.

But, of course, many incarnate now as men and yes, most are upon the planet.

SM: Wow. Will there be a time when we become activated and ready to spread the word? I mean, it feels a little awkward at this point but I really feel this is a vital message for people to get and understand.

MM: It is a beginning, dear heart. This is the beginning. Do you not think that the Mother, in her announcement or discussion has not opened that door? And it is time. You see, there has been so much beautiful work, strict adherence to reaching that sense of reaching, of yearning, of trying to connect and to ascend and many, to this day still think of Ascension as leaving your old body behind.

divine humanThe Mother has been very clear and I will be very clear, it is about bringing it all into your body. And you say, “Well, I do not know if I can carry all that.” Dear heart, you are constructed to carry all that and when you think of the term of orgasm, of that sense of bliss, yes you return to the spark of light but it is also a precursor, a sample if you would, of what it feels like to live and to be in physical divine union at all times.

SM: Right. Alright I have a question and this is somewhat personal, I’m just wondering if the rituals have changed? Because before I started reading about any of this I’ve been feeling it and practicing it with the Sun in my back yard in my hammock. It’s been a wonderful time and there’s so much information it seems like a wonderful manifesting tool. You talk about the importance of ritual but I feel like I’ve been doing this without even knowing what the rituals are. So, has that changed? Are we in a more direct access place at this point?

MM: One of the things that I taught, in addition to ritual, because I would prepare, for example, when we would have a gathering, whether it was in the middle of a field or in a sacred home setting, one of the things I would always teach is to develop your own sacred ritual.

What is ritual other than doing something in a sacred manner, of suggesting and connecting and the universe with all that is divine and holy and saying, “Now I join with you”? Do not think sweet angel that your hammock occupation is not a ritual because it is.

So, the key is not to follow what somebody else, whether it is me or the church or anybody tells you it is a sacred ritual, the way to do something. That is one pathway, but the point of ritual is for you to find what works for you.

Now, let us be practical because we are talking this day about physical intimacy. We are beginning to speak about physical intimacy and I am sure all of you have noted this: Sometimes a ritual for one couple will be to hold hands and to look into each other’s eyes ~ and perhaps it is always the prelude of a sweet dinner together or a glass of wine. For another it is jumping on one another as soon as you walk through the door. For another it is a lengthy prelude of a weekend together building up to the crescendo of intimacy.

It is a ritual, it is a mating ritual and is different for each person. So, why would sacred ritual not be different for each individual? It is the same for families; for some it is a ritual…Sunday dinner…there is an entire ritual in the laying of the table, the family coming together, what foods you cook, how you eat.

For others the ritual is Friday night spaghetti. For others it is we go as a family to the movies or we have a conversation every Saturday morning around the kitchen table. Each family has their ritual in how to come together. And these are sacred rituals and are borne out of what works for you.

SM: Right. Perfect. Thank you for that. I have a kind of a difficult question here and it’s about sexually transmitted diseases. It feels like there’s a lot of fear, that people don’t want to engage with one another for fear of sexually transmitted diseases. They’re all over the place and you can have it without even knowing it and pass it around and…are these things created specifically to keep us from this sacred knowledge?

MM: This is a difficult question as you have put it. Now, there are many aspects to this. Now, I begin by saying as you know when I suggest to you that sacred sexual intimacy is so much more than what people have thought of as sex, that it is a blending and a coming together of your entire field with another.

Kundalini_paintingIt is a merger that does not really have any other point of comparison in physical form. And that doesn’t matter whether it is heterosexual, woman to woman, male to male, it is still a sacred union because it is a heart union. So, sex without the heart is meaningless and in fact it can be risky, not sexually transmitted risky, but risky in terms of you are involving your field with another without truly considering what that means.

So, am I suggesting that casual sex is something that is encouraged? No I am not because it is sacred. Now, better to have sacred sex by yourself. Now, let us talk about the issue of transmitted diseases; yes, of course, there are pathogens, et cetera, but what are these? Oh, if you were a scientist you will tell me all the suggested ways, but truly they are ideation, they are beliefs that have morphed into form and it is a, what you can think of as a two headed hydra.

On the one hand, it prevents you from engaging in sexual activity that is not beneficial to you. On the other hand it is punishing you for what you want to do, which is absurd, And actually there is a third head to this hydra and that is to give you the fear factor, that in fact I truly want to engage but I don’t dare. So, you are held hostage by the fear.

Now, you are almost, and when I say you I mean the human collective, the vibration at which disease can flourish is actually quite low. So, if your vibration is low, and I do not say this, do not judge yourself, the vibration at which sexually transmitted diseases and many diseases can exist is an extremely low vibration. Now, because I say it is a low vibration it is also voracious.

When you are at a very high vibration, appetites, for example, are not veracious. When you are at a lower vibration, and I am talking energetically now, when you are at a lower vibration the appetite is veracious and it sinks its claws into your physical body. And so what happens is it feeds into your guilt, your fear, your shame, it holds you in the old 3rd dimension.

Now, is this some kind of plot on the part of those who wish to control? Not necessarily. Is there great money to be made by the various pharmaceutical companies? Yes. So, there is not a true human desire on the part of humanity to cure and eliminate these diseases whether it is AIDS or herpes, which by the way is probably the most virulent, voracious infection to cure. And so, it holds you in a lower place.

The solution, until such time as you have learned as a collective, not to simply know what drugs to use but to simply not allow the existence…and you are almost there…of such disease…dis-ease…is to practice safe sex but to not allow things like guilt and shame to bar you from your joy.

That would be like saying, “I do not like my body, it is slightly overweight, therefore, I will starve myself to death.” That makes no sense; the key to that is to eat more green, to connect more deeply with Gaia.

SM: Right, Ah, beautiful. I so appreciate you coming here to talk about this topic, it’s really important and I was wondering if you have any closing comments?

sister friendsMM: Dear heart, this is probably a surprise and I hope not a shock to many of you; I do not hold myself in a place of ascended master or saint. I speak to you as sister and for some of you as mother. I want you to know and embrace the joy of being in form; it is such a magnificent gift.

You are the carriers of Nova Earth, of the future, not merely of this planet but far beyond. How would you ever do that if you are not in joy of being in your body and that means all of your bodies, the physicality included?

So, I reach out to you as sister and I encourage you to not practice denial ~ practice fulfillment. Let go and truly embrace sacred intimacy because it is a gift. We have spoken of the issue of merging but what we have not really touched upon is the enormous gift that your partner gives you in that merging as well.

It is not merely you giving, it is the infinite ebb and flow of give and receive, it is that perfect balance. It is you saying, “My heart is open enough, vulnerable enough, and strong enough to truly engage in becoming One.”

And in that union is the creation, not merely of new life, of the continuation of the species, you are creating new life in each one of you and in-between you, you are creating beyond your imagination such an expansion of energy that it touches every heart upon the planet. That’s what Yeshua and I were doing.

SM: Beautiful. Would you be willing to come back to discuss in more detail…maybe things that we can do on the topic?

MM: I would be glad to for this is a conversation and it is my time to step forward and have it with thee.

SM: You’re most welcome, most, most welcome.

MM: Go with my Love sweet angels. And if you wish help with this issue, turn to me. If you wish to know what your sacred ritual is, turn to me, I will help. Go with my Love.

SM: I Love you.

MM: And I Love you, I Love all of you. Farewell.

SM: Farewell.

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Channeled by Linda Dillon 10-21-14
© 2014 Council of Love