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How To Let Your Spirit (Not Your Ego) Be Your Guide


Did you know you can connect with your spiritual guidance at will — any time you want?

In order to do this, you need to understand the concept of “frequency” — the level at which your energy vibrates. Our bodies vibrate at a low frequency so that we can actually see one another. If we vibrated at the rate of a hummingbird’s wings for instance, we would not be able to see each other through the naked eye.

And while our bodies vibrate at a low frequency, we actually have the ability to raise the frequency of our energy. This is what is necessary to connect with our spiritual guidance. The spirit vibrates at a very high frequency, which is why most of us are unable to see spiritual beings.

Imagine how it feels to be in a room full of closed off, angry, judgmental people. This is a low frequency. Now, imagine the feeling in a room full of open, loving, and joyful people. This is a higher frequency.

So how can we begin to connect with Spirit?

The Key To Raising Your Frequency

Your intent is the driving force behind raising your energetic frequency. Your frequency is low when your intention is to control others, control outcomes and control your own feelings. When your intent is to control, you might resort to behaviors that lower your frequency, such as anger, judgment, withdrawal, compliance and resistance.

When your intent is to learn to love yourself and share your love with others, your frequency is high. Your spiritual guidance is here to lead you toward what is in your highest good, so when your intent is to learn to love yourself and others and support the highest good of all, you raise your frequency high enough to connect with your guidance.

Our intent is the most powerful choice we have in life. Given that we have free will, we get to choose our intent, moment-by-moment. But when our intent is to control, we close off our heart and are cut us from Spirit. Our intent to learn and love opens our heart and thus, opens us to Spirit.

And once you’ve connected to Spirit, then other choices can help raise your frequency even higher. Practices like meditation and prayer, being in nature, playing with animals, listening to beautiful music, movement and dance, creative endeavors and so on, can all help to raise your vibration.

What Gets In The Way?

The “wounded ego” part of our mind fears losing control and therefore, this part of us also fears opening to Spirit. To connect with Spirit, we have to be in a place where it is more important to us to evolve in our ability to love, rather than avoid pain with various forms of control.

Food can also get in the way, as it also has frequency. Clean, organic fruits and vegetables have the highest frequency. Keeping my frequency high has been a huge motivation for me to eat really well!

Processed and packaged products, sugar, and GMO foods have a very low frequency. These low frequency food-like products are very hard on the body, and make it hard to raise your energy high enough to connect with Spirit. I call these products “ego foods,” since they lower our frequency and revert us back to our ego-wounded state of self.

Lack of sleep and a sedentary lifestyle can also make it hard to raise your frequency. So does stress.

Connecting with Spirit is simple, but not always easy. If you want at-will spiritual connection, then you need to stay open to learning about loving yourself and others, learn to lovingly manage your stress, get enough sleep and exercise, and eat clean non-processed organic foods.

It’s when we connect with Spirit that we are more freely capable of manifesting our dreams. Can you think of anything more important than being guided by your loving Source? All aspects of your life will improve — physically, emotionally, financially, relationally — when you allow Spirit to guide you, rather than your ego.

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