GREGG BRADEN – The Key to Manifestation – 3-11-18

Published on Aug 19, 2017

In this shortened video Gregg Braden explains what the Key to Manifestation is. He tells about mixing your thoughts and your emotions (feelings) in your Heart and transmit the vibration of the wishes already come through. I composed this video from a bigger interview with Gergg on The Bigger Question Show that can be found on YouTube. Hope you like this video and get some golden nuggets out of it..Check out



JENNIFER MOREAU @ In5D – Trinity Of Manifesting – 2-25-18



by Jennifer Moreau,   Guest writer,

What are you really creating in your life and what are you experiencing? Is it learning experiences, or are you consciously creating?

Abraham-hicks talks about holding a thought for 17 seconds begins the manifestation process and holding that thought for a total of 68 seconds will start the Law of Attraction. So, anything that you think about for 1 minute and 8 seconds will begin to draw that thought into your reality. And I am really starting to think that it doesn’t even have to be consecutive. Let that sink in!

The Law of Attraction states basically that like attracts like or what you put out is what you get back. The Law of Vibration also tells us that nothing rests, everything moves including thoughts, everything is energy.

Everything that you think begins the process of manifesting, then if you take it one step further, your speech also assists this, and finally what you are doing to either change or support these thoughts and words. This I would say is the reason mindfulness is taught heavily in the spiritual community. Moving from our head to our heart is a great step in the right direction. Our brain uses almost 80% of the energy we put into our body. If we allow it. Another thing that is heavily taught is affirmations, what you are saying. And then the support of these by what you are doing to assist with your aspirations and dreams.

I would like to say a bit about affirmations. I have never been huge into affirmations myself. But, think about it this way for a second. If a person says 100 positve affirmations in a day that sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? However, if that is all the work they do, and they continue their old patterns which contain 500 negative thoughts, and 500 negative statements coming out of their mouth, how would one expect to have a positive life. And, they will then tell you that affirmations don’t work and are useless. I agree. How does one combat 1000 negatives with 100 positives. It just doesn’t work.

In combination with mindfulness and a change of behavior to support those affirmations you then have a working system.

What you think, what you say, and what you do creates your reality….the trinity of manifestation.

What you think and what you say….now, what you do.

Are you working toward your goals, are you supporting them with actions or behaviors that help? Are you doing something every day that will bring you one step closer to what you would like or how you would like your life to be? Often we will need to work on our awareness skills to help break out of old patterns of self destructive or victim behavior, if we choose to be conscious creators of our life.

Indeed the universe is conspiring to help us reach our goals.

It is a little easier when we know how to work with them. Just a little tip….energy doesn’t lie.

Jennifer Moreau

About the authorI have been doing intuitive readings for a few years as well as one-on-one teaching and alternative perspective guidance. Studying Ascension and putting it into practice has given me a practical knowledge for others who choose to follow the path of higher growth. Energetic work has become a huge part of my journey since everything is energy. I use many different tools in my work from oracle cards to energy clearing and healing to soul activations and even the pendulum.

GOPHIA LOVE – FOR ARTHUR – Be The Change you want to be -2-11-18



Hey everyone. Friday afternoon is the worst time to post, everyone is on their way to the weekend and not paying much attention to social media.  Which I guess is a good thing, except for when there is something important that you miss because of it.  This feels important.  Really important.

A dear friend has unexpectedly transitioned. I just found out yesterday, but it happened late last week.  He lived in Canada.  His name is Arthur Koberinski.  He was one of those lights who quietly and consistently brightens your world. I only had a few live conversations with Arthur, (we interacted mostly via Skype messaging and group chats) yet like so many of us in this lightworker “work”, we were old friends.  We were spreading the same news, fighting similar battles and we knew the same people, on and off planet. He is a jewel and his light is not gone, but, I expect, will instead emanate more brilliantly from an expanded position.

The title of this post is his quote from Skype.  I guess, he wanted to experience something
else, before any of us were quite ready for him to exit.  What I can share about him is
that he loves ​music, “Wookiefoot” particularly. He loved to share “A card for now” with those
of us who were in communication with him.  I never knew where he got them, but they
were perfect every time. He knew a great deal about the financial corruption and debt
structure we are all dealing with. He loved nature. He had a gigantic heart.

Some lyrics he recently shared with me seem to fit this post and moment:

​I came here on a brave driving wheel
Now I’m wearing these heavy arms of steel
Don’t know what is light and what is shadow
I kind of thought I did but I guess I don’t know

I am writing now to say goodbye because I never got to.  Also to share his
latest project, which was to help our friend, Kathy Kelly, relocate to Canada. I’ve
mentioned this on this blog before.  Arthur’s passing has inserted a bit more urgency
into Kathy’s situation. She was heading to Arthur. She is right now, grieving this
unexpected loss and redefining her next steps. If you can offer any financial or
energetic help or suggestions on where she and her 3 pups could relocate,
please visit this page: (click here)

If anyone has some story or moment to share, please do so below.  Arthur was one of
my most immediate and loyal readers, so he’ll see it right away! I am including a song
below that was shared by my friend Todd.  It reminds me of who Arthur was to me and
to so many of us.  It reminds me of what he believed.  I think now that he is “up there”
shining his light, shit is going to get done, and it’s going to get done quickly!

I love you Arthur, but you know that.  I’ve been trying to reach you today, but you are
just too busy already to chat. That’s okay, I could sense you and it was comforting to
know that your light hasn’t dimmed, not one bit.  Shine on brother, shine on.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much gratitude,




STEVE BECKOW – You are THAT which You SEEK – 1-18-18 – Golden Age Of Gaia


STEVE BECKOW – You are That which You Seek – 1-18-18

“You are that which you seek,” says the Arcturian Group. (1) In how many ways is this true?

Everything I say here becomes merely intellectual knowledge the moment it’s spoken or written down. Nevertheless it’s a starting point.

But ultimately we have to know what is said here (realized knowledge).

(A) We are God.

If God is everything, then logic alone tells us: How can we possibly not be God? We are included in “everything.”

If we are light of that Light, a spark of the Divine fire, a firebrand plucked from the burning, then, when reality converges, how can we not be revealed to be God? Does an aberrant flame not reunite with the fire and disappear? Was the flame separate? (2)

Interimly, not ultimately.

Keep in mind that we are speaking about ultimate reality at this moment. In our interim reality, it seems very real that we’re separate from God.

And when our consciousness is anchored in the interim reality, one could say that we are. Certainly the Divine Plan was to have us experience this separation and then reunite with God.

God created the illusion of separateness to fashion the game of life, in which we seek and ultimately find our true identity. (3)

(B) We are love.

It only takes a heart opening to see immediately that all we are is love having taken form. In the flow of love that we then are, for as long as it lasts, (4) the tight grip of ego is released, with its desire to remain separate, and we see that all we are is love.

In that state, we experience that love is all there is and that, if we were capable of allowing realization to such a degree that love alone was, the separated spark that we are would return to the all-consuming Fire; the seemingly-separate drop would return to and immerse itself in the Ocean of love.

(C) We are consciousness.

“Consciousness,” the Arcturian Group says, is “the substance from which the outer scene is formed.” And the inner world.

If all is consciousness, then we are consciousness as well. If we seek full consciousness, we seek the fulness of the experience of ourselves. We are that which we seek.

By “seeking,” we engage the very thing we are seeking. Our gaze busies us and prevents us from realizing that which has always already been there and is occupied doing the seeking.

Apparently, seeking that which we are is productive in the early stages of spiritual practice but reaches a point where it becomes unproductive. Ramana Maharshi and Bernadette Roberts explain:

Ramana: “Your efforts can extend only thus far. Then the Beyond will take care of itself. You are helpless there. No effort can reach it.” (5)

Roberts: “At a certain point, when we have done all we can [to bring about an abiding union with the divine], the divine steps in and takes over.” (6)

Adyashanti discusses the process:

“The most difficult thing for spiritual seekers to do is to stop struggling, striving, seeking and searching. Why? Because in the absence of struggle you don’t know who you are: you lose your boundaries; you lose your separateness; you lose your specialness; you lose the dream you have lived all your life.

“Eventually you lose everything that your mind has created and awaken to who you truly are: the fullness of freedom, unbound by any identifications, identities, or boundaries. It is this locationless freedom of being that spiritual people are seeking, and at the same time are running away from because its faceless nature gives no fixed reference point for the personality to hold onto or to seek security in.

“As long as you remain identified with the personality, you will always be seeking security to the exclusion of the Truth, and will remain in a constant state of struggle. It is only when your love and desire for Truth outweighs the personality’s compulsive need for security, that you can begin to stop struggling and be swept up into the arms of an ever unfolding revelation of the Truth and Freedom of Being.” (7)

It’d be far better if we tried to feel who we are, rather than seekingit. The Arcturian Group say:

“An intellectual knowledge of truth is the first step out of this maze, but it must evolve deeper and become an attained state of consciousness.” (8)

Intellectual knowledge is the first step. Experiential knowledge, including feeling, is the second. And realized knowledge – “an attained state of consciousness,” they call it – is the third.

Being at the experiential level, we’re now positioned to realize the love that we are. Experiential knowledge is like a launching platform.

And given what the Divine Mother shared in An Hour with an Angel, Jan. 4, 2017, we’re all of us in the midst of a gradual heart opening anyways. We can not only test out what is said here, but also watch and experience the reality of love within our own fields of awareness.

I used to say that my life was a workshop, an experiment. We’re in a time when the lives of the whole world will soon become a workshop,  as we all watch in marvel as our hearts blossom and reveal the true source of love in us and our essential identity.


MASTER KUTHUMI via Natalie Glasson – How to Access the Support of the Universe – 1-19-18

Image result for natalie glasson

Natalie Glasson


Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  19th January 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We are entering into a time of tremendous change, in 2018 you have the ability to manifest your dreams and desires. In truth, anything and everything you have been waiting to experience and embody, whether of a spiritual or material nature, has the opportunity to manifest. 2018 is a transitionary year, your perspective and perceptions of yourself will shift dramatically as you create a vision for this year and the coming years of that which you wish to be. 2017 allow your perceptions and perspectives to be cleansed and realigned with the source of love within your being. This has created beautiful foundations for you to plant seeds of that which you wish to be and experience. Anything is possible, upon the wings of love you can create anything you wish with your focus and acceptance of yourself.

Everything that you wish for, wish to embody or manifest, whether spiritual or material is within your being. Imagine yourself as a television with hundreds of channels. You have the opportunity now to choose which channel you wish to watch. Maybe you have been watching the poverty or hardship channels; now you have the opportunity to watch the abundance or fulfilment channels. This means that everything you wish to experience and embody is within your being. Therefore, you simply need to align with it and project it into your reality.

Mind’s Alignment with Love

It can be challenging to shift from viewing your life as experiences of poverty or hardship; the way you are thinking now is ingrained in your being. This is why in 2017 and before that time, your perspectives and perceptions, therefore the way you think was aligned with the love of your soul and higher aspects. With your mind’s alignment to love now manifested, there is a need for your mind, mental body and in truth entire being to allow this new transition to flow. Your mind and thoughts are now naturally loving, they have always been. However, the loving vibrations of your thoughts have been magnified so you can recognise them beyond the habitual patterns already running within your mind. I, Master Kuthumi, and all light beings are inviting you to focus on the natural loving alignment of your mind, to allow it to open and engulf your entire being in the sweetest vibrations of love.

Take a moment to visualise your mind and mental body emanating love into your entire being, let it be akin to a powerful charge rejuvenating your entire being.

We are also inviting you to choose what you wish to be, embody and experience for the present stage of your life and the next few years. The new loving alignment of your mind combined with your focus on that which you wish to embody will create a beautiful new awakening within your being bringing forth your focus into your reality for you to experience. The more you focus your mind and thoughts to the love and expression of love within you, as well as, all you wish to experience you will allow the habitual patterns of the past which no longer serve you to be dissolved permanently. This requires trust and faith in yourself and your co-creation with the source of the Universe of the Creator which exists within your being.

You are the Universe of the Creator

When you feel as if the Universe of the Creator is supporting you, bringing to you all you require and creating a smooth pathway for you to walk upon then this will be your experience continually. When you feel that the Universe of the Creator is working against you and nothing works out for you easily, then this will be your constant experience. The key is to realise that the Universe of the Creator is within you, it is a source or well of energy, light and consciousness that you can draw upon from within your being. When you become familiar with the Universe of the Creator within you rather than out in space, you recognise it as a part of your being. Trust and faith in the Universe builds because you no longer see yourself as separate from the Universe of the Creator, you recognise yourself as a valued embodiment of the Universe of the Creator. No longer are you working with the Universe of the Creator, you become the Universe of the Creator. Take a moment to contemplate what this would feel like and how it would influence the way you feel about yourself and life?

The outcome you would manifest would be that whatever you focus upon would manifest in your reality, you would feel a deep-seated certainty, and you would witness your focus manifesting in beautiful and magical ways. You would realise that the energies, feelings, emotions, thought, perceptions and perspectives within your being are immensely important to you, enhancing or limiting the flow of the Universe of the Creator from the source within you.

When you fully comprehend within your entire being that you are an embodiment and an expression of the Universe of the Creator, so you feel completely supported because you are experiencing your purpose upon the Earth. Not only will your desires, dreams and all you focus on expand encapsulating not only what fulfils you, others as well. You will find yourself literally creating the divine plan upon the Earth. Everything you focus upon and bring into manifestation will have a greater meaning to you, others, in truth the entire Universe of the Creator. It is time to become your truth, to co-create in harmony with the wealth of Creator energy within your being. It is your purpose to gift all that is the Universe of the Creator to the Earth and humanity.

Accessing the Universe of the Creator

I wish to share with you an invocation to aid your remembrance of your unity with the Universe of the Creator:

‘I am ready to recognise my inner truth. I am ready for my soul to reveal to me the powerful source of the Universe of the Creator which exists within my being. I am ready to recognise myself as an embodiment and expression of the Universe of the Creator, therefore allowing the loving fulfilling energy of the Universe of the Creator to flow through my being. I am the divine plan of the Creator and express the divine plan of the Creator fully through my being. In doing so, I experience the complete and absolute support of the Creator. The more I become familiar with the source and expression of the Universe of the Creator which flows through me, the more I feel supported, loved and valued by the Universe of the Creator. I recognise that what I experience within my being now manifests within my reality, therefore I focus on the loving vibrations of my mind and that which I wish to manifest and embody. I am ready for the Universe of the Creator to be revealed from within my being now. I am oneness in manifestation.’

Take time to meditate and focus your attention inward. Repeat to yourself silently and at a relaxed pace, ‘I am aware of the Universe of the Creator within me now.’ Practice this process until you feel an awareness, connection or sensation within your being that represents the Universe of the Creator to you.

Allow the energy that you experience as the Universe of the Creator within you expand to fill your entire being.

Take time to recognise yourself, your truth in the energy or experience of the Universe of the Creator. The more this is achieved, the more familiar you will become with the Universe of the Creator.

You may also wish to take time to recognise that which you wish to focus upon and manifest.  Allow yourself to visualise what it would feel like to experience that which you desire. Then complete the energy, qualities and frequencies you need to awaken and activate within your being to embody all that you desire.

I am walking with you always,

Master Kuthumi

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Miraculous New Realities in the 5D Shift

Image result for Open Hand - New Realities

Open Hand

The Great 5D Shift is upon us. What does it mean from a consciousness perspective? And how do you manifest in 5D? Visit our website: Facebook:…


ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Where Your Abundance Truly Lies – via Ailia Mira 12-20-17 – by Rose Rambles dotorg –


By Ailia Mira

Beloved friends,

We greet you in love. We want to talk about establishing certain kinds of momentum in your life and how it serves you. And we want to talk about a super simple approach to achieving the experience of abundance that you feel like you want now, you want to come about, to be your experience.

We say to you, what if you started to think to yourself, “The time is here now for me to experience my life in a new way. It’s happening. It’s happening now.” That would be a beneficial seed to plant. You can make that real.

Then you can let that come about because you can make anything real and let anything come about that you activate and energize with your attention. We like the idea, and we often suggest to you that you create like a break, that you interrupt patterns, that you create what you could think of as an insertion point in which you start a new story. Deliberately. You choose and decide to take things in a new direction on purpose with how you use your thoughts.