DREAMWEAVER – Laying Foundations, Manifestation – Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 4-17-19




17th April 2019

Anastacia Kompos
New Light Paradigm Ascension Pioneer in both Spirit and Soul https://www.facebook.com/BlueBeyondGuide

Quite a Big acceleration for us last night & today.. i can feel the speed of energies still, in my cells. Clearing + Event Energy –Christie Dimensional

Dear Ascending Earth Masters

This is a follow on from previous updates most recently of vital and new information that has come through to/for HUmanity.


This is a Divine healing for oneself in reading and feeling into this for oneself, even if you do not fully resonate to all, take in what you do resonate with as this is ‘enough’ and a blessing and a contribution to humanities ascension when one does so

Shine on, stay strong, we are breaking through more with a New Light Paradigm with so much love and support as assistance HAS ARRIVED most recently for us/with us for these current new energies of a new birthing/resurrection – as we need to set very new boundaries for ourselves, we need to step-things-up for ourselves and always, always come from Divine LOVE – Namaste – Anastacia

New Light Paradigm Anastacia Blue Beyond Guide Energy Update – 17th April 2019


The last 24hrs was SO INTENSE of pushing through (for ourselves with our new birthing/resurrection) on a humanity level scale and also dealing with negative energies that also came through with New Paradigm Light assistance

This is now coming through more now, through others, through those souls who are in duality and coming from EGO and in a very big way, especially in the Spiritual community-this has stepped up more now

It is time to RE SET OUR PERSONAL BOUNDARIES – as we need to do this again and again as energies and ourselves shift and change as we honour ourselves and our sacred spaces more and more

Raise above and come from the LIGHT every time…do not engage with others ‘games’ of energy and ‘superiority’ that one can emit, through their lack of coming into themselves (yet) and their own empowerment, through not understanding we are ALL ONE and when we come from our own Zero Point from unconditional love, there is no room for negative ego or competition or as I call it energy ‘games’…

See through this for what it is, they are yet to come fully to the Divine Light for themselves and do not see others who are shining their light in total love and light – as this is only a mirror for where they are yet to grow into for themselves

Rise on and Shine on…as you/we are not alone…we are so lovingly helped, guided and supported by MANY benevolent beings that have arrived most recently to assist us/humanity more and are working with dealing with the recent influx of negative energies that also came through with the New Atlantis Command that has arrived

There is no room for fear as this is what they ‘feed’ off, our lack of faith and trust and belief in ourselves and in our Creator/Source that we are so lovingly guided and protected at all times…if only we believe in ourselves as we are from infinite Source energies and we are already triumphant!

THE LIGHT HAS ALREADY WON…and now in the human, we need to deal with those who are still struggling with their duality as we take a step or some steps back from others…into our own Sacred Spaces of Divine love for ourselves firstly as in ‘Me first in and unselfish way’ each and every time…

As we need to honour and love ourselves firstly and set new firm boundaries…

Enjoy this reading that came for us all at this time and Shine On!!


Wisdom-Gain greater insight
‘Through the shadows of the darkness and owl flies through the night, deep in the forest, comforted by the knowing of his surroundings. Owl brings through clarity, perception, wisdom, attunement, all knowing and protection. You need to go into the depth of the shadows to release all energetic imprints that no longer serve you. From the shadows into the light. Open your heart to receive and give with the purist of love and intention. Open your mind to knowledge and understandings you never thought possible.

Wisdom holds a deep connection to the feminine divine. It accesses the ancient knowledge of Mother Earth and the information she has passed on to those who choose to work with her energy.

Owl medicine helps work through our etheric layers, working as a vacuum by clearing and clearing old debris and filling each space with light. Picture a light bulb turning on and shining light and clarity into these NEW SPACES. By shifting your energy you will feel yourself connecting to source easier.


I AM the Divine Goddess

It’s time for some goddess empowerment. Birthing of ideas as well as physical birth. Whether you are a man or a woman, this suggests you are not balanced in the feminine aspects of yourself and over-compensating in the masculine area. It also represents drive and ambition.

As water is the feminine in aspect and deals with emotions, its essence can be used for empowerment, nurturing, self-loving, creativity and healing. It assists, nurtures and heals you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.


It’s time you created some firm boundaries in your life. But first you must surrender your fear of making mistakes. To create strong foundations and balance, which will help you on your path. By TAKING YOUR POWER BACK, you will regain a sense of balance and realise where you’ve been limiting yourself. It’s time to take charge of your life and manifest your dreams and desires.

Spider is the wonderful creator of his home and foundations. He is adaptable and changeable and builds his web over and over again.

By building a firm infrastructure, we ground ourselves to Gaia. As our foundations grow upward and outward we create perfect balance and harmony within our lives and connect to our soul purpose, generating a beautiful flow of energy.

We are master builders and we reap what we sow; we create what we perceive. As we create the balance needed in all aspects of our lives’ – Emily Kisvarda

As always I am right here with you

You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Double Master 11:11 – Multidimensional Emotional Healer of Divine Light 
New Light Paradigm Trailblazer/Ascension Pioneer-WaySeer Blue Ray Elder Ancient Future Scribe
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia Kompos is in service to Humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer. Her gift is having linked her Soul to her Spirit-Higher Self/Monad – in having two Souls – her Spiritual Soul/Higher Self in 12D and Human Soul in 7D Embodiment which is unique to her Souls Human awakening Journey of personal experience of 24yrs. Of having been in 5D-Zero Point for 13yrs with her mission/role – to assist-guide others to link their Soul to their Spirit/Higher Self through their EMOTIONS – to progressively merge their Spirit/Higher Self into the human into New Earth 5D energies as an Ascended Earth Master in the physical.
As a Multidimensional 5D Ascended Earth Master Anastacia does this in real-time experience – both as a template FOR humanity as a Rainbow Bridge of Spirit to Soul and WITH all of HUmanity

Read and feel to what resonates for you at this time and leave the rest – maybe for another time

These are very deep energy updates of the bigger picture of the whole of humanities ascension in both Soul and Spirit through myself personally

The these are ‘living words’ of Zero Point Unity-Divine Source energies that are being gifted/shared of mini chapters of an e-book here and now. For one to take-their-time as guided to go through these to really see and feel what we/one has been going through that is just so massive for us all = humanity

As each persons situation is unique, anything personally for oneself can be further be Divinely guided with a Divine 11:11 Double healing, in which when one is ‘ready’ all flows beautifully and is provided for.

This is for you to feel into the Divine Love and Light of a New Light Paradigm of energies for yourself in your situation, to continue to have faith and trust in ALL that is occurring right now and always as this comes from Pure Divine Unconditional Love

If you feel to choose and are Divinely Guided to give an offering of gratitude to all that is being shared and brought through you may do so via: paypal.me/AnastaciaKompos

We are Masters, We are Ascending and we Are Gathering

You are so loved and supported at ALL times!

Namaste – Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide


MANIFESTATION – Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure –



You are reminded that You have NOW entered as of a few days ago, A HIGH CREATION/MANIFESTATION MODE. You are strongly advised to be very meticulous with Your choice of words and thoughts.

Many Light Shows in store.

Unity and Gatherings strongly encouraged, there are NEW Gifts to be shared.

Now is the “time” to orient You Higher Service in conjunction with Your SURRENDER to Your Higher Purpose. Voice this aloud to God within You and God, You are ready. This “surrender” WILL activate the Higher Timelines for You and Guide You to the most open path. Recognize Your cues and do NOT hesitate. It IS Time to LEAP once again.

Confirmations of Your success abound.


Love and Light 
Rick Jewers


Massive Template Wipe!

We have gone in deep since about a day and a half ago. When i tuned in, i saw it is a big template wipe. This means our consciousness is getting rewired into new consciousness templates. In a very big way. When we ‘turn back on,’ our consciousness will be functioning in a new way. More elegance, more love, more joy ♡

Symptoms may be: confusion, disorientation, headaches, not knowing what to do, thoughts muddled, feels like we are dying inside but we can’t locate the source of the pain/ discomfort/ confusion. Bloating. Bloating that feels hard to the touch. Blurry vision. Muscle stiffness. Swollen face/ body. Feeling like you’re walking underwater, each step feels labored. Emotional pain/ discontent/ disconnect…

This is just part of our lightbodies (including the physical body) upgrading into more fullness. Not to worry, though it is quite uncomfortable at the moment. We will shift out of this at any moment now, and we will feel a flow in our realities again. Lots of highs and lows lately, bc we are taking big shifts very quickly.

Hone in on what you truly love and cherish, in your heart of hearts.. bc we are constantly being asked what we love most, so that we create our realities by this standard! ♡


Note: no matter how many posts we read that say our symptoms and pain are part of the awakening into light.. we can still forget and it can still bring up fear… this is bc it’s not yet common knowledge.. so we tend to feel like something us going wrong when it is actually the opposite 

imagine your aura, very big, and with each phase of clearing/ upgrading we go thru, your aura gets bigger and brighter.. like a light bulb that starts dim, but grows in intensity of light.. this IS what we are doing with each upgrade phase.. except our colors are a lot more varied and radiant than a lightbulb would be; it actually looks like a fountain of radiant light, overflowing ♡ this fountain of light keeps expanding (the light structures growing more intricate & beautiful; the colors growing more radiant), with each upgrade phase we go thru ♡♡♡~•°

Christie Dimensional

Phil Good – 3D Experience, 5D Experiment –

Phil Good

Premiered Feb 26, 2019

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Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman – 12-28-19 – Enhancing your Power to Manifest – via Sananda.website

Archangel Michael


he River of Light/Life, or sometimes, the Rainbow Bridge of Cosmic Consciousness, the vibrational patterns within and around you are in a constant state of change. This has resulted in an ever-increasing expansion of consciousness, whereby the filters through which you view your world of reality, as well as the belief-structures you have built around you, are gradually being replaced with higher, more empowering truths. The world you have created, and those you interact with, will always reflect back to you the beliefs and expectations you have accepted as your truth.

In a painful or debilitating situation, there are always distorted or imbalanced beliefs and attachments which keep you imprisoned in a false, illusional reality. The beliefs which control many of your actions and reactions on a daily basis are slowly dissolving, and are being replaced with self-empowering concepts you are gradually accepting as your new version – vision – of reality.

You are in the process of expanding your awareness of Self, and you are developing a more focused, in-depth awareness of those with whom you interact, and also of the realms beyond your present ability to see. You have often heard the saying that “all is an illusion.” This does not mean that everything that has been created in the physical realm of existence is not solid, does not have structure, or is not real. Nor does it mean that the higher realms are illusional with no tangible structure or definition. Every level of existence throughout this Universe seems as real to those who reside there as your earthly home does to you. The Creator and Its all-encompassing influence are most assuredly real, just as we are.

The illusion is your perception of the world, a reality you view through filters of your own making: beliefs, structures, taboos and limitations you have encoded within your subconscious mind, and that you have accepted as your truth. Everyone views the world and daily events through a veil of their own beliefs and a modified level of awareness. That is why many see everything through a filter of negativity, while en-Lighten-ed Souls experience life through a filter of love and non-judgment.

During these times of accelerated transformation, you are experiencing great changes both within and without. The membranes between the subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds are becoming thinner, thereby allowing you access to the subjective, self-limiting information you need to release, and the distorted concepts you need to heal in order to return to balance within as you strive to reclaim Self-mastery. The right and left hemispheres of your brain, as well as the matrix of your subconscious, conscious and superconscious are in the process of merging and returning to a unified state of super- or macro-consciousness. In many ways, the saying “as it was in the beginning, so it will be once more” applies to the transformational process humanity is now experiencing.

Every observation via the physical senses that makes an impression on you, as well as every action, interaction and reaction, is automatically transmitted and recorded within the memory cell Seed Atoms of the subconscious mind. Again, we stress, your subconscious mind is subjective. It takes every thought or experience literally, and is thereafter affected by your individual bias. The subconscious mind will continue to respond to and replay old thought patterns and conditions over and over again until the misconceptions are resolved and reprogrammed.

Your Third- and Fourth-Dimensional world is random and chaotic, while the time/space continuum of the higher-Fourth Dimension and beyond is more flexible and fluid. As you integrate the vibrational patterns of the higher dimensions, all that is not compatible will rise to the surface for resolution, which results in higher wisdom. For those who have developed their inner sight, they know that thoughts are tangible things. They are aware that the quality or frequency patterns of a thought determine its color, while the nature of an emotion determines the form it will take. The more focused and detailed a thought is, the clearer the outline will be.

Thoughts of a low frequency level are dark, muddy and distorted while the higher octaves of thought, those infused with love, are more delicate and luminous. You must accept the fact that your thoughts do have substance and that they do have an affect on you and the world around you.

You must be willing to examine the preconceived ideas about the complex traditions, structures and boundaries of your life, and you must release or transform the beliefs which are keeping you stuck in self-inflicted, structural limitations. Releasing attachments, outmoded habits and concepts is an ongoing process and requires constant vigilance and upgrading. We are aware that you have built comfort zones around you, which are difficult to move beyond, even if they are uncomfortable and constrictive. But that is exactly what you must do, beloveds, if you are to expand your awareness and become the masters of cocreation you were meant to be.

Letting go is liberating, and it gives you the power to expand your consciousness and your world. The higher your vibrational patterns become, the more fluid the restrictions around you become. Do not become attached to the structures of life you have built around you. You must realize that change is an integral part of growth. You make decisions and choices every day, and as a master-becoming, it is imperative that you always strive for the highest choices. The boundaries of your spectrum of duality will become narrower, and the pendulum of choice will swing in a much smaller range to the right and left of center. As a result, your perception and conscious awareness will expand and be raised exponentially. “A master always follows the narrow upward path” is an ancient truth that still applies. You must always seek your highest truth and then live it to the best of your ability.

It is important that you are aware that there is an orderly sequence to the Cosmic Cycles of Creation, which define and emphasize a great variety of GODLY EXPRESSION. Therefore, it is important that you learn to flow and adapt to the changes of the time, to discard the restrictive, limiting beliefs of your Third- and Fourth-Dimensional reality as you gain wisdom, seek higher truths and grow closer to your original “State of Divinity.”

We are in the midst of one of the greatest cycles of transformation that this Universe has ever experienced; however, it is important that you understand that there have been many minor cycles of change on Earth, and each of you has experienced these transformational times in one way or another.

The coming Seventh Root Race will be highly-evolved and spiritually-attuned, and will be influenced by the SEVENTH RAYof transformation, purification, freedom and redemption. Everyone and everything on Earth will be affected by the radiance of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Transmuting Flame. Many of the old, outmoded teachings are being discarded as you evolve in wisdom and raise your frequency patterns. The love-based and empowering religious beliefs will be retained, while the fear-based, controlling concepts are slowly being discarded. During the transition into the age of enlightenment, the religions that will survive are those which are willing to expand their philosophy to incorporate the revealed, higher Creator truths.

New cycles of “Being” are initiated through a willingness to change, and these upgrades have been designed so that you may gradually incorporate them with ease and grace. However, for those who are resistant, it will be through chaos and conflict. Much depends on your capacity to attract, respond and absorb (or reject), and then transmit the more refined energies known as“higher truth.” Your Soul and Higher Self remember the reason you chose to experience and express painful situations – not as a punishment, but for resolution.

It is vitally important that you strive to strengthen your self-determination and your desire for fulfillment. You must evolve from an ego self-serving mode to a Soul-serving state. Your Soul is the part of you which is connected to the Universal Whole. You gain compassion the hard way through pain and suffering (ego-driven), or the easy way through the process of reunion with your Higher Self and God Ray (Soul-inspired).

Nothing can escape the radiation and magnetic influence of the rarified Creator Light — called Adamantine Particles – now permeating this Universe, Sub-Universe, galaxy, solar system, the Earth and humanity. The chakras are like electromagnetic batteries within the body. The vibrations of electromagnetic frequencies communicate to many levels of consciousness. You must be harmonious with and attuned to the vibrational frequencies in order to integrate them. The higher frequencies of Light, thought, and sound vibrate through your blood, cells, organs, bones, muscles and tissues, enriching your sense of well-being. The lower frequencies of the Third- / Fourth-Dimensional environment restrict the flow of life-giving energy, and increase the density in your four lower-body systems. Your blood carries Memory Seed Atoms, genetic encodings of your earthly lineage, but more important, your cosmic lineage and your Divine heritage.

My beloved bearers of Light, we ask you to view each test and challenge as an opportunity to release outmoded thoughts and vibrational patterns which no longer serve your greater good. We implore you to view your life experiences through the filters of your Sacred Heart/Mind as you draw forth the Diamond Ray Particles of Life/Light, and infuse them with your love before radiating them out into the world and to humanity. We are all in this cosmic dance of evolution, and together, we shall prevail. I AM Archangel Michael.



Meditating regularly on the Sacred Heart, and consciously activating the incoming Adamantine Particles of Creator Light that you integrate, will result in a major transformation in your life as you become a cocreative Self-Master of the highest order.

In a relaxed state, begin the Breath of Infinity–(a figure 8). With each breath, imagine your consciousness expanding to incorporate all of the solar system………. then the galaxy…………… and then this Sub-universe. Envision, however you perceive, the magnificence of the planets, star systems, galaxies, and also feel within your Sacred Heart the power and majesty of the vastness of space…….the “Great Void” filled with the unmanifested potential of Love/Light (the Adamantine Particles of Creation, powered by Love).

Now envision yourself as the center, the focal point within this Sub-universe, as the “Flow of Divine Light” radiates forth from all directions toward you. See the prisms of Light refracting into Rainbow Colors, which contain all the virtues, qualities, attributes and potential of Creation. Breathe deeply as you ingest this gift of Love/Life, as you begin to feel the flow to you and from you…….the never-ending supply of Divine Light Substance.

Breathe in………..breathe out………… breathe in………..breathe out…………..as you see this magic elixir flow forth from your Sacred Heart center in an Infinity Sign, from both the front and back portals of your heart. Be aware that, with you as the receptacle and the conduit on the material plane, the Creator particles of pure Light substance will pour forth into you and from you in a never-ending supply. These particles will stream outward into the material world to be molded into an unlimited variety of physical manifestations via your visions, seed thoughts and pure intentions / will / actions!



Lastly, but of vast importance, always maintain an attitude of gratitude for all things, large and small. A constant state of thanksgiving generated from within the Sacred Heart will magnify and enhance your ability to cocreate in alignment with the Divine Plan for the greatest good of all.

How will you use this gift, which is a treasure beyond compare? What are your greatest desires? What will be your legacy to the world and humanity? Reach for the stars, beloved friends, for there is no limit to what you can manifest and share when your desires are in harmony with Spirit.



Take a deep breath, and center your consciousness in your Solar Power Center (the thymus, heart and solar plexus area), which we will now refer to as your SPC. Envision, however you perceive, your SPC being filled with the Divine Light Particles of Creation. As you breathe deeply, feel the energy begin to build and travel up your back along the spinal column. This energy permeates the medulla oblongata, where the spinal column and the lowest part of your brain are connected. It also contains nerve centers that control breathing and circulation, and it connects to the Ascension chakra. This Light energy moves through the Ascension chakra, and out the back of your head in an arch about six inches above the top of your head. It then sweeps down before your face and enters the SPC again. It continues its journey down the back spinal column, and it exits the body through the root chakra (the perineum) in an arch. The energy flows up the front of your body, as it returns once again to the SPC within the body, gaining more energy, Light and power with each breath.

Continue the process of deep rhythmical breathing as you visualize this INFINITY sign filled with Light arching farther and farther above your head and deeper down into the Earth, returning to your SPC with each rhythmic breath cycle. Continue the process as long as is comfortable, knowing that as you incorporate more of these precious Adamantine Particles, it will magically accelerate the process of cleansing and clearing your physical vessel of any discordant energies, and filling the vacancies with Creator Light substance.

You will also be accessing more and more of the refined thought forms of new Creation, anchoring them in your physical vessel, and deep within the Earth as well. Your beloved Earth will greatly benefit from the process as you share these wondrous gifts of Creation with her. In turn, she will strengthen and harmonize her connection with you, as together, you go about your Father/Mother’s business of creating peace, harmony and all good things on your home planet.

Forever love and angel blessings, Ronna

​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from: RonnaStar@earthlink.net

QUANTUM SOUL – Higher 5D One Mind – Vortex of Collective Unconscious Mind – Instant Manifestation


Published on Oct 22, 2018

Abraham talks about the release of the collective conscious mind, or rather, merging of the collective conscious with the higher collective unconscious mind to create a new higher “one mind” of New Earth, centered in love and oneness unity.
Collective conscious integration into collective unconscious releases lower vibration, frequency and energy as well as lower timelines. Merges timelines into one higher New Earth timeline.
Lemuria and Atlantis is discussed in relationship to the conscious and unconscious collective minds and how, during the fall of these ancient civilizations, Lemuria created the unconscious collective mind to hold their knowledge of love and oneness as well as knowledge of higher manifestation.
How gilded instant manifestation is linked to tapping into the collective unconscious vibrational “vortex”. LINKS: Inner Lost Knowledge Pt. 1 “Lemuria and Atlantis”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IBu2… Inner Lost Knowledge Pt. 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jARLr… Inner Lost Knowledge Pt. 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPgQ1… Random Acts of Kindness YT channel w/ Yara “Remote Viewing of Atlantis”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkSd-… RECOMMENDED WATCH: https://youtu.be/1eN6Fsbcz3c –
Atlantis Remote Viewing – definitely start at about 1:45:00 she talks about some sort of explosion not from outside force – starting from “science lab”…? She talks about colors…”chemicals blowing up? but there’s no fire.” A dark cloud that just gets bigger and bigger and bigger and blows…everything is gone. “It shook like an earthquake…across the whole Earth…did it crack the Earth?” VERY Interesting!!!  —
Any information that comes through this video is for you to use your own belief system and discernment within you. ASKING WHO/WHAT IS ABRAHAM? LEARN MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCI4w…
Support my work on: PayPal: http://bit.ly/2QOqcfW Website: quantumsoul.co QHHT/Hypnosis: http://www.quantumsoulhypnosis.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFuZ… Connect on Social Media: Instagram: @thequantumsoul Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/26981… — ♡ Oneness and love be with you.



POLONA AUREA DAWN – The New Body Template – How to Manifest in Divine Union – 10-17-18 – via Ascension Pioneers



Published on Oct 17, 2018

Dear Ascension Pioneers!*
We are still moving through quite intense times, riding the waves of New energy. This energetic change is the cause of many foundational changes that are taking place in our lives and occur deep in the body.
We are creating New body templates which is a lifelong process and any Being who commits to this path will undergo tremendous body changes in their embodiment, including the experience of constant death and rebirth.
When aspects of the old energy “make-up” or foundation die, so do our cellular memories. This means that our cells are undergoing an intense rebuilding process, which uses a lot of our vital Life force that usually goes into regular body maintenance processes. This causes the exhaustion experience which we will notice taking place in our bodies as a gradual process which occurs in waves.
In each wave, the cellular dynamics within our New bodies will undergo a new level of Soul alchemy and change profoundly from the Core level up and from inside out as if it’s blossoming.
Creating from the Core Light activation: http://serapina-light.blogspot.com/p/… PATERON Support: https://www.patreon.com/elvenascension Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn TANTRIKA, COSMIC DANCE & ORGASM COURSE: http://serapina-light.blogspot.com/p/… P.S. Check out all the available PACKAGES as well! AVATARS OF ILLUMINED UNION MP3: http://serapina-light.blogspot.com/p/… 13th synthesis course: MASTERY OF ILLUMINED CREATION & EMBODYING ELOHIM CONSCIOUSNESS: http://serapina-light.blogspot.com/p/… ASCENSION/UNION LIGHT GRIDS: http://serapina-light.blogspot.com/p/… SUPPORT my Spirit work via Donations: https://paypal.me/polonaaureadawn TANTRIKA & THE SACRED ORGASM AUDIO BOOK: http://serapina-light.blogspot.com/p/… COSMIC BELOVED COURSE & BELOVED MUSIC CD: http://serapina-light.blogspot.si/p/t… AUDIO BOOKS (Elohim series): http://serapina-light.blogspot.com/p/… CRYSTAL SHOP: http://serapina-light.blogspot.com/p/… PERSONAL SERVICES: http://serapina-light.blogspot.si/p/p… Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/polonaaurea…