Georgi Stankov – Mandate for This World – Conversation with Sananda – End All Wars – Channeler Jahn J Kassl – 11-5-14


Conversation with Sananda  /   by Georgi Stankov     /    Channeller Jahn J Kassl   –   11-5-14
This latest message from Sananda confirms in a brilliant manner the relevance of all the topics related to the activation of the second wave of ascension candidates by the PAT last week that have been raised and discussed on this website. This kind of synchronicities are part of the incredibly precise coordination of the ascension process from the higher realms in this last stage and their immediate materialization in the Now. This is our common experience for a long time and we should no longer be surprised by such divine manifestations.

The key theme of our discussions, and now of Sananda, is to express our full power as creator gods without any false considerations and hindsight what other people would think or feel about us. This has always been my policy on this website and I am happy that the PAT has shown a remarkable unanimity in this respect. This is the most outstanding feature of a true ascended master compared to all other light workers, who are still flirting with the idea of ascension as a shy virgin with the idea of defloration.

At the end of this message you will find a link to the latest decree of Sananda to end all wars. I have followed this pro-active approach since the opening of this website and we have successfully averted many very dangerous conflicts in the past with our immense determination as Logos Gods and by sending light to all dark spots on this planet. The mitigation of the Syrian crisis last year was to a large extent our collective success when we spent a lot of effort averting this conflict.

The same holds true for the Ukrainian war, which the West started to weaken the”Russian soul”, as Sananda puts it in this message. I promised you from the very beginning of this crisis when the chances were rather slim that Russia will win this conflict and will successfully repudiate all insidious attempts of the dark Western cabal to establish the NWO by eliminating the Russian resistance.

This is now reality – the latest free elections in Southeast Ukraine have de facto splitted this part of  the country from Kiev and made them independent states much to the chagrin of the dark Obama and Co. And these dark entities know that they have absolutely no chance to influence the course of the events in  Ukraine. They know that they have lost and now back peddle with full force.

Only several days ago the EU agreed to pay the gas bill of Ukraine to Russia of more than 3 billion $ as it realised that otherwise Western Europe will be freezing this winter without Russian gas. There has never been a greater defeat of the Western cabal since WW2 than their disastrous policy of aggression against Russia in Ukraine that has now fully failed.

Hence I recommend all my readers to go to Jahn’s website and speak loudly this mandate for the world, so that all the wars and conflicts can stop very soon – not on this timeline, but on all new upper 4D worlds in the new Galaxy. This is our priority in these last days as creators of these new worlds.



JJK: Yesterday I have written down a possibly unique powerful mandate for this world. Now I am asking the question, if I should publish it. What if its effect is lacking or if it takes a long time to wait for it? It is a little bit like the timely announcement of an event, which then is delayed or does not occur – this always undermines the credibility of the message or the messenger.

SANANDA: I bless every human Being, who follows this conversation regarding the “mandate for this world”, and those, who with his whole heart dives into the grace of this conversation, in order to lift the treasure of this knowledge. Indeed, what are we dealing with in this time, and what is it about now? The claim of your power! This is the great topic in these days.

Claim your Power! 

Great times demand great impulses. Impulses are the energy carriers, which bring the new on its way.

This also then, when the new does not immediately manifest in this visible world. This in fact unique mandate of a Creator God, which you are, serves to powerfully breathe these new impulses into Life, to bring them into this world. Thereby it is not about that all armies in the world immediately put down all their weapons, instead it is about to set this impulse into the world, so that it – enriched by the repeated mandate of many light warriors and Creator Gods – may quickly become reality. An immediate putting down of all weapons is not to be expected, because through wars a lot of karma is redeemed and also new karma is built. This world still fully stands in the interaction of cosmic laws for this level of Creation. Yet your divine higher self has dictated this mandate quite consciously to you NOW, because the time is ripe for it now. 

Like a flame burning all slag, these words shall spread all over the globe and reach ever more human Beings; And foremost those, who see themselves as light warriors of the first and last hours or have the experience as a Creator God! Because the more high Light Beings give an ear to these words and give them a voice, the closer we get to the reality of a peaceful and free of wars world.

The Credibility 

What pertains to the “credibility” of a prediction or what pertains to the created attitudes in expectations in human Beings, I would like to emphasize to you and to all human Beings, who work on this level:

Never care about the acceptance from human Beings! Never care about how your messages are received! Because those, who understand the essence of this space-time, who almost understands the complexity of all universal connections, knows what kind of service you perform. Remain unswerving, continue to be courageous and a true tower of strength and a Light on the summit, because you are given knowledge from Heaven and awareness transmitted, so that you can pass this on to mankind, to those, who are ready for it, generously and authentically.

From a cosmic perspective it is totally insignificant, if a “date” or an “event” occurs in this space-time as announced, because the prediction always occurs, also if it does not always reach this level of awareness, whereupon it was announced (This applies to all my predictions of probable ascension test runs and dates in the past, note George). The holographic perception of all Life is very helpful in this regard. The only concern of the messenger from Heaven, the prophets of this time, the Creator Gods in human form, shall be furthermore to pass on to human Beings everything that you receive from Heaven and what flows to you from the Light.

Acceptance or rejection, the laughter of the ignorant ones or the recognition of the knowing ones shall never touch you, because the reward is appropriate for you and is truly not of this world, because: New Creations are handed over to you and new Creations shall be named after you. Those, who have attained greatness and thereby still serve a small-minded world, so that it can uplift itself, God will dedicate to those a special place in Creation. Only a Creator God can open the gates to freethinking for mankind, to open them for powerful action and healing creations – also in this world. And this all transforming “mandate for this world” is evidence for the claim of power, which emanates from a Creator God.

JJK: I do not know exactly what I write down, yet it sounds very plausible and my “doubts” wane to publish this.

SANANDA: Yes, some residual patterns of fears in you, which you have accumulated as a prophet in many times, will be released. This creates again some relief in you. And to all messengers from the Light, to the old and the new prophets of this time: Your credibility can only be undermined by a contrived and outside-determined life! This is never due to a “prophecy”, which occurs later or not even on this level.

Today advanced light warriors recognize how energy behaves. Today, for the great light warriors of this time, it only depends  on being “credible” by serving one’s own life as a light-filled example for all human Beings. Today’s messenger from Heaven will not only be measured by their messages, but foremost how high their individual degree of knowledge and how high their own vibration is.

Human Beings understand what is, distinguish light-filled from dark vibration and those, who do not understand are conceivably responsible for their own ignorance. 

Reward or rejection in this world? What do you care about in this time, wherein so many human Beings have as never before entered unto the path to universal knowledge?

JJK: Now I have in mind to make this mandate public at the next Light Reading?

SANANDA: Yes, this is a suitable occasion; all will still reveal itself to you until then.

JJK: Regarding the actual time quality of today I see at the example of my perception that many human Beings take incredible effort in order to hide their true character. Almost exclusively I meet human Beings veiled in a fine scarf, who behind the façade are totally polluted. I perceived this energetic pollution from behind the noble perfume, which brings forth an odious smell. Therefore I smell the energetic pollution, what I never experienced before. It seems as if in those, who want to continue to sleep, the ambition to maintain the old status increases again?

SANANDA: This observation is equal to the observation of a pendulum. It continually moves back and forth, once in one direction and then into the other, until it levels out in the middle.

Yes, human Beings, who do not want to wring the true content from this time, those, who pretend to be deaf and are blind, try to hide their true character with new cosmetics, to cover up their intentions, in order to be able to still exist in this world. It is the last and at the same time also desperate attempts to maintain the old life, the old securities, the old lies.

These are specifics of this time. While the ascending ones become lighter, more light-filled and more conscious in every respect, the remaining ones start to create new illusions, so that thereby they do not have to encounter the truth and never oneself.

JJK: On the political world stage, it is still always about to weaken Russia, and after the EBOLA-virus, the USA declared Russia “the greatest threat” for the earth. Incredible but true! I always have the image in my mind that the actual fight about Russia is a fight over “Russia’s great soul” – over the spiritual power of Russia – and even also, but not only, a fight for the geo-political ruler ship in this world.

Russia’s Soul 

Like in World War II when the Jews were supposed to be eliminated by the Nazis based on their spiritual power, the dark forces want to destroy Russia today, robbing Russia’s soul.

SANANDA: In this basic approach, this is correct, entirely correct! Russia is the spiritual heart of Europe, foremost into the area of Asia. The strength of Russia lies in a long tradition, which radiates religious power and spiritual reality. A great number of very old souls live in Russia, from great Saints to high initiates. Russia is therefore in the position to torpedo all “New World Order scenarios” of the dark elite – and this is exactly what happens now.

This knowledge is known in dark circles, which pursue the agenda to destroy Russia. Equally many decades ago in this space-time, it was the Jews, which stood in the way of the great Reich of the Nazis. The spiritual life energy was supposed to be destroyed, the life force of a population to be absorbed. And how does it happen any other way than to destroy human lives in unbelievable numbers and in a very diabolical manner.

The same thing is supposed to happen to Russia. Thereby the threat of nuclear weapons, which echo from the corners of the dark elite in the direction of Russia, fits perfectly into this picture; because the “New World Order” feels threatened by light-filled Russia, which explains their reflex to threaten Russia from their side. Thereby attacks under “false flag” are constantly carried out, until, according to plan, a case of reason is given for a truly radical intervention. Yes, in the case of Russia, it is about to  separate a Nation from its life energy and to extinguish it.

Thereby the dark ones justify any means. Based on the actual situation that the dark ones increasingly see their hopes dashed, these plans are brought into the light of day and are revealed to mankind. Failure is certain for the equally exact as well as brutal plan, because the dark ones can no longer hide their intentions from the increasingly awakening mankind.

JJK: What was supposed to be in the place of “spiritual people”?

SANANDA: The plan and also the implementation on low vibrating 4D or 3D worlds is to have the whole world agree to a single religion. A religion, which the system has created and lacks any kind of spiritual basis, because the awareness work of the individual is blinded out. Blind adoration and the acceptance of prefabricated truths shall satisfy the spiritual need of human Beings.

Some magic, false sorcery, and the new “State Religion” is done, which lacks any direct point of reference for individual God recognition and must lack it, because direct God recognition always is the end of slavery – and these worlds foremost need the slaves.

This will not happen on this level like that. For this reason, Russia has been fitted with wise and courageous heads of State, who take care that the robbery of the soul of a whole population can no longer occur.

In conclusion: Yes, in the global fight it is mostly about to destroy the spiritual power of Russia and  the human Beings of such a great country.

JJK: Here the initially discussed mandate can certainly contribute very much. I mean to contribute that these plans will quickly fail and are visible for the whole world.

SANANDA: The failure is already visible! This mandate will accelerate this failure and will give the Creator Gods in this time an experience, which they had to forego for a long time: The immediate experience of their unlimited creative power! What today is possible for an awakened one, can now be experienced and is now being experienced by you.

With these words regarding these great themes of these days in this time, I bless human Beings, because truly: 

My blessing hand is your roof and  my loving heart is your lodging.

In infinite Love


Put down the Weapons! Mandate for this World – JJK:

Put Down The Weapons – Mandate For This World – JJK Mandate as Creator God – 11-2-14

John J Kassl, Channeler


2. November 2014

Mandate as Creator God
Introduction to the Mandate from Jahn J Kassl:

To all Creator Gods of this time!

What can we do in order to give the events of
this time a totally new direction? Here is the tool!

The following Mandate, due to its
distribution, gains strength and becomes

Thereby I call on all human Beings, who see themselves
empowered for such a far-reaching mandate, to follow it by
pronouncing out loud these words and to feed the its power
into the energy field of the earth, in order to bring forth the
desired changes.

The more we, who were appointed to
new Creator Gods, and claim the strength
and power given to us, the sooner this world
will become a place of harmony and peace.

Today it is about to create a new reality, and it is time to
give expression, word and image to this reality, in order to
manifest it.

With this mandate it is complied with!
Make use of it, as you see yourself called for it!
Let us become aware of our abilities!

The time has come, in order to step out of any victim
attitude, because Heaven appointed us and we were
selected to give this world a new countenance.

We are powerful Beings and strong-willed Creator Gods.
Due to this mandate we let every human Being partake in
the grace of Heaven, which cares for each life to a sufficient

Wars need to be banned from this world!

I have demanded it! We have decided it!
Now we cut the naval cord to the evil in this world:
whereby we address it, stop it in its activity and ban
it from this world.

„Put down the weapons”, mandate this for this world!

In Love
Jahn J Kassl

Mandate as Creator God
Mandate in verbatim:

Put down the weapons!

I mandate hereby,
who I am Creator God of worlds,
who I am an awakened consciousness,
who I am Human among Humans,
who choose Life:

Put down the weapons!

I command,
That all weapons in this world be silent!

I command,
That all soldiers in the world
put down their weapons!

I command,
That all armies, which carry out wars of
aggression, will be stopped in their ambitions!

I mandate,
That this mandate must
now be complied with!

I mandate,
That human Beings will become aware
of their humanness as responsible consciousness,
to maintain life and not to destroy it, either as
a soldier or civilian, either as a slave or ruler.

I mandate,
That the heavenly forces level the path
for the new earth, and in the following
manner that all wars in this world will
be ended and that planetary peace prevails!

I mandate,
That every that is needed flows to
individual happiness, the freedom of
individual human Beings, to the benefit
of society of all human Beings.

I mandate,
That all heads of government, which oppose
the happiness of individuals, be now removed
from their office.

I mandate,
That this world receives new leaders!
Those, who stand up to the demands of
this time, who feel obligated to the property
of mankind and take on responsibility for
the wellbeing of the planet.

I, who I am a Creator God among Gods
mandate that this will now occur.

Today war and death end,
because due to my almighty
divine will I have mandated peace
and life for this world.

I am the way, the truth and life,

I am


Concluding mandates:

1.) Repeat this mandate at any for you possible time
and as it shows to you.
2.) Translate this mandate into all languages in the world.
3.) Pass these words on as a symbol of your self-determination,
until it finds a hearing in the farthest village in this world,
because nobody can affectively and permanently oppose the
collective energy, which is based on the loving mandate of a
Creator God. Evil will initially be weakened, until it dissolves
entirely. Mandate this as self-conscious awakened Creator Gods
in human form, who have overcome human imitations.

What can we do in order to give the events in
this time a totally new direction? Here is the tool!

Thereby we save the world, thereby we enter into Heaven,
as it is divined for us and we return to God.

In infinite Love

Jahn J Kassl

This mandate with conversation with Sananda, is immediately
available from the Lichtwelt portal for free download.
Translation from the German original by: Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb

Put down the Weapons! Mandate for this World:…