LuminanceRiver – The Magical Gateway that is the Equinox – 3-15-14


I am seeing that the Equinox is a magical gateway, and I saw that as a doorway like one made of stones in Machu Picchu that I once saw. It was somewhat different than the photo shown here as it is a doorway and freestanding. It delineates sacred temple space like passing from the ordinary consciousness into sacred space, if you were in an ancient ritual. We are stepping into a more sacred consciousness all the time and especially this Equinox. See yesterday’s message about the Equinox, with toning, tuning and “at one ment.” Today’s message below has even more goodies for us to anticipate on and after March 20th.

What Potentials do the Equinox Energies have for us?

Each person is opening up like lotus flowers, at a different way; and we experience the energies at any given time in different ways. However there are potentials and possibilities for us, and that is what I looked into in meditation.

“Remember to follow the bliss inside yourself as this is aligned with your true self. Then feel yourself connected that all that is from the place of balance and centeredness.”

“Yes, equinox means balance, and it is a balance between what is within and what you walk in the world. Inner creates outer. As above, so below.”

What are the potentials at this time? You can feel the excitement! It is spring, shooting forward with high and fast energy with the delight of creation. See an image of a seed pod busting open. Finally, that which you have attuned within is coming to fruition. You are linked up vibrationally with the universe and now I see you tuning into one another. I see you having the experiences and connections that make your soul sing and your hearts sing in delight with it all.

I see dreams coming true and what was possible in imagination is now potentially manifesting. The dreams manifesting are coagulation of people coming together for a higher purpose and the love and joy of it. I see mass remembrance of why they are here and a working together to create heaven on earth, finally. I see momentum moving forward in a big way. These are the potentials. The seeds of possibility lie within you so water them with your expanding consciousness.

There is an image of dark days before the 20th, the Equinox day and light days after it. It is indeed a Gateway from introversion, working on the self, to the light. The light part after the 20th is a coming together and playing with others. It is also your heart’s desires coming to fruition.

Next is an image of ripe and juicy fruits… ones that have seeds and shown to me in a flash, the cycle of life, how this spring is seeds bursting open, life beginning, and lying within these ripe fruits, are the seeds. We are arriving at a place in which time is non-linear and non-sequential. We don’t see and measure whether the seedling has come up or whether it is bearing fruit. We enter a state of grace with the prayer that we are, by being the ripe fruits of our dreams. We feel the ripening and tasting and enjoyment of what we dream of already. Juice is pouring down our chins with a smile on our face at how sweet it is to be in this place. We get there by feeling. There is great satisfaction. We did it…

And no, it is not that all of a sudden on the date of the 20th that suddenly we manifest our dreams completely. I am seeing that the potentials are there and we are taken out of the linear progression that looks like 3D of hard work, goal seeking, watching the progress from sprouting to fruiting to harvesting.

We are now in a new time and place than before. The time is out-of-time. The place is the position of our earth in the solar system and in the galaxy. It is a a place that we have never ever been before. It is a place in which old rules do not matter. It is calling for a new way of seeing that is optimistic, that feels itself into existence. It is a vibrational place of well being within, and that will create the outer world.

In short, mastery. We step into mastery if we are ready for that. The energy potentials support us in doing so.

It is like the threshold or doorway in Macchu Picchu that I saw, delineating sacred space. We are invited to step into the sacred space of ourselves in this time.

We are invited to step from aloneness to “all oneness.” Aloneness has served us so well and has been the preparation of our soul. We are invited to step into connection with earth and all life, co-creating with all of it.

Heart open, feeling healed in the memory of wounds, out of linear time, in a new positive space of tremendous well-being is what I am seeing. How wonderful this is!

I am seeing how we are passing through the eye of the needle and asked to put down our burdens before we cross this threshold. We are asked to release self-doubt and the idea that we are not loved. We are asked trust and step forward.

We are asked to see evidence of the new earth through our eyes, in our lives, and to create evidence and also to celebrate it with like-minded others who also see as we do. The earth is getting more technicolor. We need those with the eyes to see this, and feel it in their hearts, and to start noticing.

Indeed, all the energies of earth are shifting this Equinox to a postive place.

How can we prepare? Go within, meditate and vision. Then after your inner attunement, prepare to walk thorugh the eye of the needle, with nothing but your pure positive energy and your trust. No expectations of how it will look. It will look different for everyone. Your heart’s energy and your inspired action and your co-creation with others is creating the new reality. Align with your heart and you know the way through to yourself.

I see people stepping into their expanded selves.

I hear that our spiritual maturity is here.

It is like you are taking off one identity or suit and putting on another collectively; which is the expanded energy field connected to all, and in love with all life, respecting it too, along with Mother Earth Gaia.

Just remember that you are love wearing a costume….

Guidance always comes from the heart which will get us out of the old paradigm and into the new.

Let this date of March 20th be a reason to line up with who you really are!

Let it be an offering… offering of your attunement to the oneness. Let it be a doorway to clustering together as crystals do in resonance and harmony, with those who feel like home. I am seeing how this is an ongoing, not static process, that is ever flowing and growing.

We are never fully done or finished. Creation continues ever on and inner vision is showing me different stages for a plant’s growth, mixed up, out-of-sequence. It doesn’t make sense in to the mind, yet to the heart it is the next logical step. Creation is much easier. Just be in your heart. And the heart is a magnet that attracts like hearts. Smile and enjoy the sunshine. Give thanks and raise our arms in gratitude for all that you have and all that you are.

Do not go out and measure the progress of the seedlings. Instead feel the sweet juice drip down our chins and celebrate. This is the end, and this is the beginning as you walk through that gateway. Welcome to the new paradigm. Have some fruit. How sweet it is.

Luminance River Akashic Intuitive