Lucas – Humanity Changing – 9-21-14

Logo Lucas_square_wordsThe harder the push, the harder the pull. It seems the old controlling systems are getting fully blown out at the moment. The demise of all is only met with warmongering for a new world war, spreading fabricated disease, false flags and diversions. Even keeping people in check by propaganda and lies told via the mainstream media is changing. The mainstream even gets not all news anymore fed by the controllers.

The FED financial fiat (fractional banking) currency system is falling apart. The ones still keeping it alive are pulling all stops to keep the lie of recovery, growth and business as usual going. The only ones gaining from the fools still believing are just a few. IPO’s and other big diversions will show how fast your dollar/euro will be flushed… The old can not be surviving.

The focus is upon Russia and the Brics. The FED in the USA is now outvoted by the Congress to be audited. Whatever way it goes, people will see through the lies. A gold backed new financial system is it going to be Yuan/Renminbi or Ruble? We should see it is just a derivative of the old system again if the doors to manipulation are still open and there is no transparency and equality for all humanity in it.

Fears and scares are spread. It is the sign of the old screaming I can not keep going. Just see the news even alternative news as data. One ear in and one ear out. It is just a matter of knowing not of getting into it or even get emotionally involved. The big changes are made within us. It is not about seeing things in a different way on the outside of you but also seeing change within is made to become the humans we always were meant to be.

We are here to make the change on the levels we can as humans need to find there paths themselves.

On that road we all will remember that we all are just coming from one source. We will remember to be humans that are individual beings expressing themselves in their unique way but also knowing to be part of that one humanity that needs our help and support. We need to care and share for all of us and the planet we live upon.

There is always more than enough for all of us if we go disperse and distribute all equally or make local resourced and grown foods to be accessible for all of that local community including access to fresh and non-polluted water, access to sustainable free energy for all, access to home and shelter, access to health for all. It all seems Utopia but it isn’t, it is clearly just a matter of doing and stopping to ask something in exchange for things that are just naturally free.

The ones that have made a system to keep you into slavery are now confronted with an more awakened and cautious humanity. The little tricks, scenario’s are not working any more. The lies are exposed and even in-fights in the system make sure things are becoming more and more transparent.

We only can find our way in a world that is based on transparency. If things are hidden for others there is no way in the world anymore that this will survive.

Change is happening within sight it takes only a new way of looking to see it. It will become clear eventually for all. There is only us, humanity that can make this change work and develop it into a really new paradigm. It does not matter if it is in a small or large way. We will learn that diversity as long as it sprouts from one free individual humanity in mind will make things happen. There are so many ways and not one or a scripted, dogmatic or taught one.

Be your change. It is being the example. If still other worlds and beings are your way can not change. You are stuck. Stuck within a story that continuous by keeping the story alive. Change comes from within. Not from someone, something or whatever it is you would like to see you help to make the change. It is only YOU that can make it happen. As long as you will be a follower, a believer you will for sure not be able to make the change.

It is not about changing a story but stepping out of the stories told. It is about being you in it fullest expression of source. It is you that creates reality and that is what you should remember. This notion is all that you need to know ever. There is nothing that can keep you from your inner power. Only you can give it away or purposely keep it from yourself by choice.

Humanity is unique and divers. Humanity will come to see that. A lot of us are still drawn into the duality cycles. It is your choice to step out of it. Stop fighting, seeing conflict and find that middle space where all just is. All that is just part of One. The balance will be seen in that eye of the storm where there is no hurricane winds surging the lands but showing its peace.

We are peaceful beings from nature if we get to manage the conflict within.

Great changes are in the flow of things to come. Change means it is not set. It is evolving always. So securities are not found, but always new opportunities and new possibilities.

You will find your stability and renewal in this new way of ongoing change. New realities created in an ongoing fashion. Great to see it always new.

Much love and peace,


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Lucas – The Intent And Events To Come – lucas2012infos – 2-24-14

Observations from my view from the skies show me again a lot is on the move and changing. Certain things grab my attention in observing that now a lot of people are finding out how difficult it is to have a real intent or not.  The ones not having the real intent are still showing it by giving priority to personal interest over all human beings and the planet. Intent can be initially  shown to be for humanity as a whole but still somewhere along the road the old structures, patterns, use to do stuff is still creeping in. It makes it so hard for people to be living really their pure intent or be living a lie and keep hiding what still will get revealed in the end.

You can always change your positions or intent as it is a personal choice as well as having another perception is also your own doing not someone elses. It is thus up to you and not somebody or some outside force to make changes.  It is about you being accountable for all you do and be. Being also your genuine being, your authentic self.  It does not mean you need to be like others or some prevalent way of being, of thinking, of feeling, or doing or believing. We all are our personal creator beings going through our own process.

Working together just requires you to be you and some other(s) that in some sort of way resonate around a certain process, project, idea that can be together manifested into being. It still is about  input of all of your individual creations together.  We can do this only if we move away from self-interest, profit, gain, value, cumulation of wealth and or things that are done foremost for the I and Me parts of the ones creating.  It is not about that anymore.  It is about YOU ALL, the We and US.

The more we see that creating for all will be beneficial to all and thus also yourself in the end than you will get maybe the feeling of where this goes. The more we all create for all of us without the intentions of the self, or just a little group or groups that benefit or prosper from it, the more we will see equality, abundance and happiness for all coming about.

We have to step away also from the labeling all in ism’s and other stuff. It is not about labelling just seeing what we as our self-governing creating beings can create together from a conflictless and cooperative state of being. I see that becoming free from the old fears and survival mode is for sure not easy as well is it not easy to set aside old habits and also the conditioning of your brain to think and do things in a certain way. It is about really unconditionally going for what your heart says is for all the best or humanity and the planet to do.

Lots of projects are struggling as well as people are struggling finding the balance where all is just neutral and  can be created and done for all effortless.  Allow yourself to be and know there are no mistakes or bad choices only different choices or new choices . There is always a way and sometimes that way is just doing the unexpected. Sometimes it is just letting things find their natural flow again.  The brain wants to understand,  want to analyse, and want to get things. Chaos is not a state the brain can handle well.  It always will look towards bringing order and structure back and that is where your brings leaves a signature.

It makes it difficult if things are more and more about sensing and letting things flow without knowing what will be or even where it started from. The only important thing is to see things in the now  and initiate that what you want to create. It will bring forth from chaos new opportunities, people and options to make your manifestation become. It is not, it becomes, it forms from sequential happenings. We are going to do things different for sure. What it will be we will create and the sequential process initiated will slowly or quickly bring about what it is as it will manifest somewhere along that line.

A lot of people still though talk about an event that will bring with a flick of the switch us into an other state of being or some instrumental help will do it for us or a saviour will come in to do things for us. It is though disregarding the fact we are going to make all that change ourselves happen. That implies the event is us. We are still the ones we have been waiting for… We forgot to see it is us.

We the ones that slowly change and shift and elevate step by step towards the point we all are ready to jump together as one happy individual bunch into the new.  How you call this it is not relevant. There is already enough semantics and language (written or spoken) that has been corrupted and it even serves no purpose in some ways as it can not explain things in full anymore.

Let us all find back to genuine intent to do all from our heart for all humanity and see those that are trying to be that already. We all are for each other in some way mirrors or example in being genuine.  You all can learn to make new choices that match your real intent resonating with your heart-source. It will give you much joy to do things for other than self-interest and profit reasons because it expresses more the doing and being  from your core self. This maybe a good reason to change position or your perception.

Maybe try to see what your own intent is, see things can be perceived different by changing perception or your view on things or at least be open for those new perceptions and views.   The choice is as always yours. Choose wisely!

Love and Light,


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Lucas – 2014, Making The Change Happen – 1-11-14

Written by Lucas, Lucas2012infos,

The 2014 year will be a year of changes in all sorts of ways for all, the planet and  humanity  in its alleged chains from the controllers and systems and belief structures are breaking apart. It is though for you all important to keep focussed on your own heart-source connection and your own process of change as well see the bigger picture behind all the bad news and the good news. See how things emerge from the rubble of the disintegrating old paradigm structures, beliefs and control.

It is that what needs to be shown in this reality as it is in the now, the good the bad and its function in seeking the balance of unity. See the new sprouting like flowers and so-called weeds between the rubble. New groups and communities , new exchange mechanisms, new energy inventions, new ways in producing foods or reviving old knowledge, new building technics, natural healthcare and healing the self, but foremost humans that take a different approach to things to make the world a better place for all by starting themselves with making a change. Humanity’s awakening is an unstoppable process.

In all of this you have your place to be your own shining star that takes up also a bit of the new and builds with all those already started to make a new paradigm of cooperation, peace, equality and abundance for all work. Step by step we are getting away from that what was and see how to do things in a new way. It is by most perceived as not easy as it comes with feelings of suffering, pains and lack connected to the old structures that are slowing fading away.

It will get easier to disconnect from that and free your inner-space to make room for the flow of your natural creators energy that is and was always within you. You will find more and more things in that flow happening for you. Humans connecting or coming upon your path, opportunities and manifestations will be on your path if you have connected in a more continuous form with your inner power. We will have to provide in between our jump with all humans together into the new for all our fellow travellers. We need to make sure that all are ok, during their personal processes.

So remember you are personally growing in an awesome pace, expanding so to say. Even if you do not perceive it yet, you will soon. For every negative push there will be a positive to balance it out as it is the way this works. Till the balance is found, we will see this happening on multiple levels. The change is not coming it is already full in action only it is overshadowed by the negative news, the images and pictures that are brought to you by mainstream media, alleged government policies for the better and safety of you, etc!

Turn of the tv and stop reading the mainstream news. The big companies are now buying into so-called new alternative media schemes to sell you still the old stories to be able to manipulate, condition and lie to you about all. Be clear that voting on things that already are cooked up as ready-meals before you had a say in it is not valid. You will only vote to be marginally dumb or fully dumb in their books as you do exactly what they want you to do. Why voting on something that restricts your freedom you always have had in the first place, you might ask yourself! We can self-govern ourselves and will do eventually as we need no one to do it for us.

Democracy is not a system you can rely upon to be free as that is a fiction. Whatever name you give it does not matter as all are just systems to control and rule. The natural law and common law principles are more nearing a real freedom of all of you individuals but see that you are never bound to anything and nobody and nothing can be saying you are not free in the first place. God made you in his image as an individual expression of uniqueness to be free not to be bound to anything that would be coming in between you and God, source or whatever you call it.

The freedom is an inherent part of you as a human being.  No titles or other words of definition are needed to make that clear. Sovereignty and other words are just again restrictions to the fact that you are being free always. We need to see in this new paradigm developing that our core value of duality as a conflict and control issue has seized to exist. Duality is now just a word of two polarities that work in harmony and balance with each other to establish unity for all and in all.

It is still the going into extremes and finding opposites and seeing limitations that makes that the balance is not right yet. It is though shifting rapidly as I said the change is already happening everywhere. Be caring and sharing meanwhile.  Compassion, help and understanding is needed for those still on their paths and for those helping and way showing. You decide always where your path leads. It is the process we all have gone or going through so there is no judgement in this or thinking of being better, more or higher or making fun of not grasping it. It is a process for all and everybody in his own way and sequential time.

The developments in the past year already stipulated that groups and alliances would form to keep crumbling empires and power structures go on.  You even see that new power bases are established as others have been decapitated.  It is just all part of the leveling and balancing act. World controlling  structures will be tried to establish even if that will though not be a structure that can control a free humanity as that is not working anymore.

We only can choose individually to cooperate in those structures for the best of all humans and the universe.  If not it can not be sustained in the new. It is that what makes it difficult as still a lot out there is based upon hidden agendas, power, control and personal gain. The pillars of the new can only by new. And that means as never before and as never imagined before. So in my views we will see the unexpected coming to be.

Enjoy your 2014 first quarter and see that we will gradually make a shift into the real NEW paradigm.  Follow your heart as your guide and feel and sense what is the path you need to take. Not think or let your minds thoughts be you compass. The new is only to be sensed in a new way. You a capable to make all happen for you.  There is enough help along the way but in all it will be your decisions and choices of free will that will make your compass needle turn or stabilize.

Have a great year of wondrous new experiences in the now. All is available in the now on all levels in its multidimensional energetics. It is just you who can perceived it or not.  We can establish a new paradigm by  going within and therefore establish change on the outside also.  Have magical transformative year!

Love and Light,


Written by Lucas, Lucas2012infos,

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Lucas – Knowing The Power Within – Being Oneness and Unity Within – 15 September 2013

File:Type 1c Gamma Ray Burst 01.jpg


Knowing your power is within makes it easier  and easier to see through the bones that are still thrown to you and you would otherwise reluctantly accept with a big thank you….  It is about knowing and not believing! It is not about going to think you are  free if you close the doors for the other polarity you still keep fearing without cause… If you know to be free and found your power within your heart-source center will need nothing else.

The enclosure is now jumping into my focus as I observe the multiple ways that people and others with hidden intentions are still going for.  Enclosures are still enclosures… even if you make them look like heaven. If you have to obey still the rules that keep you not in power and bound you are not free. The mere thought to be just not free does not make you free. Something you need build a barrier for or a fence around to keep you from hurting or being interfered with is showing you are not in the centered and in the neutral zone,  but in polarity and in the mind.

The mind I talk about is  that what lives in your skull not that of your heart of course.  You are still thinking your way out of YOU, and not  seeing and feeling it is inside.  Easy does it, if you go back to search for those that can help you to be free outside the self empowered you. Are you looking for those that can give you that wall that does not make your privacy go away. Are you asking for help to get your demons neutralized. Are your still going to think you need to contract with some entity to talk or be you and be free. Do you still think you need to be unbound from negative forces, etc. It is you creating the illusion and it will be as real as you want it to be.

If you know to be free and also know to be the empowered you that has no fear,as it is no more, you are free.  No need to think about being free anymore.  Every bit of thought that goes into excluding, making barricades, seeing the others that you perceived only as evil is  getting back into full polarity modus and therefore duality.  Duality comes still in different shapes and on lots of levels on and off planet.  I ask of you to keep your door open and not go into fear, hate, anger, or even the love that is conditional. Yes the love that has conditions attached to it not the unconditional love of being heart-source connected that love that is in the neutral zone.

Are you willing to get rid of your old beliefs, dogmas and even new created beliefs or dogmas.  Are you willing not go into saviour modus  that leads you away from your inner-power in giving it away again.  There is no-one or something or some event that can save you! The one you can save is only you… You can’t  be saved by anyone else. When you realize to be in that neutral space of your heart-source connection you will see there is no need for saving. You will see also that there is no polarity anymore that gets you going into extremes, into arguments, battles, conflict. It is no more. All is neutral and in balance.

You will see that this space in you does also not allow others to be having power over you. You can make your stand from that place just by being empowered and stating the factual truth.  Keep every time as a conflicting thought, or a conflict comes up that wants to take you out of that zone into polarity, neutral. Whatever disguise you are presented with that wants you to lure back into the old same old duality be aware. The snake  in the garden of Eden will not get its way. The forbidden fruit is that of duality. If you keep out of it you will see the true garden of Eden within.  Not an illusion or a new matrix.

No more polarities are needed as things unite within … that is the real unity and oneness.  It is within not  on the outside of you. The consequence of being within united and one makes you project that also on the outside. Stay open(minded) and centered. Stay out of refusing others to come and talk or be and do not  shunt or shut out. If you see these things happening, you know it is not unity or being neutral. Whatever choices you are gonna make and even if you go in between on a detour on your journey towards the inevitable transformation called ascension or whatever name you wanna give it,  know to be You and the creator being You are.  The multiverse is waiting for us to c0-create our new reality together and we will.

Love you all,


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Lucas – Hierarchy Closed Down – The Trapdoor – Being You

Posted on September 11, 2013
by lucas2012

Once again I am observing from my galactic observation post how things are unfolding. Changes have taken place  in absolute form. The will of the people and the power of their human awakened parts has been an off the meter experience. If that experience was induced or not does not matter anymore. The ones you call the PTW or ‘powers that were’ have been really shown their time is up and the show is over. You have to know that all is played on several levels like a multidimensional chess game. The top has been notified that the game is over and the hierarchical structure is no more, period.  The expressed anger and disappointment and disillusion of the role that is not anymore is what now is shown. It is so to say not easy to play if there is no play anymore. It is now about coming to grips with that outcome. That will lead to concluding unity talks to get the best for all solution (without duality) happening.

The recognizing of the  facts not being in power are now trickling through the layers. With a bit of the last level earthly chess it can be called now check mate.  The importance for us human beings is now to keep seeing we are still the ones that with our inner-power and intent make clear that we wanna be responsible creator beings that know to co-create a world that is not build on the old duality disintegrating structures, but in a really new way. We are individuals that are separate from each other and each of us is  a creator being.  But we are also  knowing to be still individuals that live in and want to live in a  multidimensional reality with all. So the collective of all that is.  This is not a beehive or drone like idea that still is spread and induced upon you by so many in several different forms.

Be aware not to fall in the same traps again. You can create your own religion or belief system again even after being awakened just by falling in the trap. If you choose to be  staying individuals that connect with others  but keep independent and do not let yourself be sucked into group mind thinking and not let yourself be manipulated to get back into belief structures in any way will find the trapdoor closed. It is all about being responsible for the self empowered you. It is about being you and still keeping the openness and harmony to keep interacting from your heart center with all. Again, that does not mean you become a drone or a worshipper, follower or believer in a certain expected or told to be expected outcome.

There is only you that can see the full truth within. Every time you are going to be crossing that  line of being part off in a way of being  confined to or bound to a space, or a  group or a certain way of doing things you will lose your individual true empowered self. You are given your power away again.  People create new systems and beliefs over and over by just not seeing the trap.  You are a bunch of individual creators that can work together but you are not collective drone minds or beings that act as one.  Oneness is not about giving up your individuality as a creator being.  It is about being One with all but still having your  individual identity. Just being YOU without limits  in the collective.

The  moment you get a group feeling or group manifesting going that will not allow you to be the true self-empowered you as an individual, you will create a belief, church, sect  or drone like structure. Those forces that want to get you into that state of collective drone mind behaviour are having hidden agendas. For those that self induce the drone like behaviour freely should realize  that they willingly fell into the trap again.  Be aware.

Also I am observing the vibrational energy raising  having profound effects on people. Like being  jumpy or impatient or volatile or having mood swings. The biggest and grandest things happening now are being aware of your god like abilities, seeing and being in multidimensional space or bi-location. Also being able to have telepathic conversations or having profound visions and knowing who you are and were are just a few examples. Also physically you will have some experiences as that is with every influx of the vibrational frequency and your upgrade a part of the story.

It is  NOW you are remembered again to get those last bits of duality out of your system. Integrating that what was and  also transmute that what is not beneficial anymore is needed to balance out all again.  You are remembered, like also above explained, to be YOUR OWN creator self that finds the power and knowledge within the heart-source connection. That being you are, is remembered to be you and not that what others expect you to be or you belief you should or could be or are directed or taught to be the right way for you to be.  You have as said all the answers within. You only know you.

Do not let you be guided by anything else than that what is really coming from your heart-source connection and higher self as the truth for you to be.  If it ain’t you it is not for you.  If you can not resonate with it than please do not force yourself to resonate.  The lessons learned from the past are not to be acting as sheeple.  You can take in a lot from others discern it and feel if it is you or resonates with your higher self.   You need not “belief” or do anything to know what you know is inside of you.  That also means get out of a saviour modus.

Nobody is coming to save you but yourself.  It is YOU that does saves you.  You, that being who has a free will and had forgotten about it.  You got raised, educated and trained to comply with the false financial and belief system. You forgot the true origins of you and your power within which you had unwillingly or willingly given away to others and the system. You came here to wake up at a certain time to know again what you are here for.  You will know what part you played and  what role you have.  You will acknowledge in the end you are truly a free will creator being with enormous power from your source within that is connected to all that is . You will see you have capabilities beyond imagination to be and create and manifest in the multidimensional layout we are gonna create as our new reality.

Keep in mind to be you as that should be enough to handle. Others need to be themselves and go find their selves within.  It is not a job for you to take upon that what others need be doing. You can support, help,  advice and give your view but they have to go through their own process.  Keep your head cool, know there is no wrong or right and know there is only the perception of time reality not time itself.  Have a wondrous day as I see the lights already radiating of those that now even in a perceived time feeling go faster through their processes to be fully consciousness aware of what and who they are. We all are soon ready to take upon us the new role of wayshowers and leading our universe into a new  collective dimensional reality creation.

Love you all.


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Lucas – Moving Towards A New Energetic Vibrational Frequency Reality – 3 August 2013

Drum_vibration_mode03(Picture Oleg Alexandrov) 

From my observation post I express my view of all just being a level  of vibrational energy frequency. This makes the universe, multiverse and our reality in the present perceived at the level of your own energetic vibrational frequency as well as at that level of the collective energetic vibrational frequency.  There are many (I like the term not invented by me) : partners in contrast, that try to distort still reality on the levels they can.  But the success factor is losing out as the vibrational frequency energies to level up humanity’s and earth’s vibrational frequency are coming in in waves to make things shift in the inner space of you faster.  It is difficult to make things explained if we still are using words and language that is already in many ways a distorted and divisional tool. Therefore it is just the best for now I can do.

What is happening is all sorts of groups forming, connecting as well as disconnecting on the level of insight and vibrational frequency awareness.  The driving force behind all is though change coming from within or under chosen influence from outside forces. The old has still to be flushed from the memory and transferred to our collective awareness. The new YOU will start eventually after being transformed in that higher liquid crystal creator being that can exist in its body and go beyond dimensional reality issues now proclaimed to be a problem for humanity to grow beyond.  Our being is already has and will have more capacity than all that is in existence in the now. You have been fooled to belief you were lesser than those saying to be divine or more advanced in any way.  The truth is when we all are finishing our transformation we are going to be the new leaders of the new reality that will be. Not in the controlling or hierarchical sense but in the sense as loving teachers and way showers and of course creators and c0-creators.

What we as humanity in the now are doing is sources wish to bring the duality experience and all that kept  it still energetically running against the expressed wish of source to an end. We will though be able  to use the lessons of  our experience  and bring that what is already integrated in balance with us.  As new beings of the supreme source you will be. For a lot of humans the vibrational frequency level is though still perceived to be as you still call it in 3D/4D as in fact all realities are available and existing in the same space as well as in the same time (perception) in the now. We are in the wished for dimension already but have to bring our process to an end and have to bring our  perception  in total awareness of it.  It is  your transitioning process that goes on and on.  In that growth you will experience the different (multi)dimensions.  All is real and nothing is fake nor is it wrong or right. All exists in source and in us and all as part of that source equally. The expression though of you as your energetic vibrational frequency identity is that what  makes it is you and how you perceive things to be.

Coming back to our current earth those not being able to let go of their ended role try to keep going on the running out vibrational frequency energy that they need to exist and or use to control, manipulate or force things to be. The coming together of opposites to make things in a vibrational frequency energy sense work for all is what is now played out behind the scenes.  The bargaining chip though is still to keep holding on to (a piece of) the old  and that needs to get of the table to find a solution that will bring things back into the wished balance and good for all. The only way to tackle this is staying in the neutral space of unity within that knows no conflict nor prefers or has polarity issues.

The new reality is becoming clear soon as more and more people find their unification within as also with others. The co-creations of those groups that really go for a solution that has no polarity conflicts and are not based on old reality behaviour, thinking or form will survive and make a conceptual basis for new communal ways to live. The new concepts will evolve as our creational force will be growing and our real new abilities become clear. We though have to wait for all to manifest till we all and our earth will transition.

The worries of old systems becoming reality again need to be set aside as things move beyond that. As of now all that is played out is only the play within. It means the ones still playing the play will come to see their role and also will be making peace with it as well as with their surroundings and “perceived” opposites.  Playing on on an empty stage is not drawing a big audience and roles to play can become obsolete in the events and changes happening. It is this what will happen and we will see. You see it all played out now on the inside and on the outside.

The solutions are thus coming from within and those now sitting at the table of peace and reconciliation (behind the scenes)  and those still fearing to give up their own old role will have to choose between the  co-creation and good for all or move in a space were  no harm can be done anymore to all that is.  I do not speak of belief anymore as it is a word used that is linked to the not knowing all is totally as it is all at the moment of now.  I know things are coming to the center and will be unifying. I know that what is perceived as not being present even when it is all surrounding you in abundance will be an ending perception. Things now perceived in being transitional tools might become obsolete also. Our growth as humanity in vibrational frequency energy levels  is of an exponential growth acceleration.

See who you are really and know your are the power that runs your own reality  totally, even if you chose to give your power away.  You always can choose differently.  You are that being that has direct connection to source. Nothing and nobody that is or isn’t  can come between you and source. If you know that there is no need to go back and forth between all sorts of commitments or contracts you have been fully aware or unaware consenting to  as source and you  know what has ended already. So know all promises you made have ended also and know you have only a commitment to be you and the best human  you can be yourself and to be the best human to all that is. So know all is unbound in the moment of you knowing to be not bound.  It is the illusion of fear that makes you think you are believing still in being bound and not free. Freedom has been and is and will be always yours. The perception to belief otherwise is your choice.

Wonderful beings, I ask you all to be coming to the middle. Be searching within for the answers that let you know what is.  Find that balance point and have the courage to stop playing your old roles of division and extreme polarity and in controlling others.  Time that was created to control is no more. Illusionary creation is fading away into oblivion and only that what is will be seen as it is presented in full truth to all.

Love and Light in all its perfection and shades to you all,


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Lucas – Searching For The Way – The Unity Paradox – Arcturian Insights – 19 June 2013

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Several shifts have taken place and it is that what I hear and read people have experienced as well as I have done so.   The shifts in feeling a second body, let us call it for now “spiritual body” being moving  around in your physical one. Experiencing a sort of bi-location in being in two places or levels of experience in one moment of the now.  Feeling shifts in consciousness. Expressing new capabilities as Telepathy, etc.  Seeing manifesting capabilities really work in just moments.  The evidence things are changing and realities are shifting are growing day by day.

People are searching in the now for their way to be. That can be starting new occupations, relationships, business or finding people who you can work with on projects. The finding your new ways is often based on synchronistic events or even the total resonance amongst certain people .  The one calls its finding your soul group others just say it is  finding your way with those that resonate with you and you’re doing.  It is all based on the levels of consciousness that people are in.

It is just a fact that still is misunderstood. If people are on a path together some travel faster than others for multiple reasons and some make a detour or even stop for a while going at all. It just all right as it is just  being on that point where you are. This does not mean your lesser than or superior as your fellow travelers on that road. Maybe you are going in a faster pace and  go through your processes towards the shift faster and some master things earlier so what! It still does not make anybody right or  wrong for saying to be further on their path. Just get that!

In the  for some perceived as  a unity paradox experience, people are still thinking and joining different groups.  For some that are soul groups, for others it just are groups that have a certain way of thinking or perception on reality, for others it are groups of same level consciousness or just groups that work together on a project . So in this group forming also still plays the opposite polarity a great role. We still need to see there is no unity in not including the opposites also in the story. We only can close a book when the whole story is told not just one-side of the story.  So division is not only in polarities but also levels in all sorts of ways shown.

For me the arcturians have a great way of doing things. They are relating more to  geometrics and its energetic vibrational message and knowledge that can be used in several ways without going in dis-unity.  The sacred geometrics are in itself already harmonious forms that represent, even in being different, unity as a form, structure of figure.  If we see that, we can maybe understand that a paradox in unity and seemingly division does not exist.  If we can perceive things in a different way we will see that difference is no more.  Just uniqueness of expression of the buidling blocks that make up all that is manifestation.

So my acturian friends show their wisdom as they are masters of sacred geometry and analytical stuff. The advanced way of the arcturians expresses  itself in their technology. If we only could see  1 and 1 are still one and also it is at the same time 2 it makes maybe something clear to you. Being on different paths or levels does not mean being different or being in division. It is just an expression of your path in the moment of now. Also that what is called dark for example has its functionality. It seems to be total the opposite  from light but it is not. It is just part of the whole experience and perception of being aware of the shades of darkness or light intensities  that not could have been experienced without both light and darkness that are just needed both.

The uniting both is what we are going to see. This means also our experience of this extreme polarities or duality is no more. It makes that newly soft tone emotional expressions or feelings you never had before are beginning to express itself through you. The fields are merging slowly into unity.  For everybody that process will be in his or her time of the now.  So do not hit each time some one for being his of her unique self on his or her path in his our her time of the now.  We all go that way but still are one also.

Love and Light,  Lucas

Reoblogged from:  Lucas 2012 Infos