Abraham Hicks – Love yourself into alignment

Leo Buscaglia – Love Yourself – The Magic Inside You is Released

Jeffrey Ferris

http://www.LastingHappiness.com … Dr. Leo Buscaglia explains that the secret to happiness is found when you “become the best YOU” and discover your human potential. This is often a challenging goal to achieve, considering that our lives are often filled with a great many responsibilities. In our classes, we show you exactly how to manifest your fullest potential while joyously taking care of typically mundane or routine tasks. We show you that “boredom” is a choice you don’t have to make. One of Leo’s most devoted students currently teaches Leo’s wisdom in the context of 21st century Buddhism (free Seattle classes). See http://www.LastingHappiness.com

David Wilcock – Love Yourself – End the New World Order

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David explains how the metaphysical has a role in the evolution and revolution that is underway. The time has come to end the reign of power by those who wish to rule us by keeping us from knowing and loving our true selves, and keeping is from knowing our true power…

Anne Geddes – Baby Pictures Slideshow

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Music from “The Songs of Distant Earth” album by Mike Oldfield : “Tubular World” and “The Shining Ones”

Wayne Dyer: The 8 Faces Of Intention – His Humility and Passion Will Power Your Determination

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Truly inspirational lecture by Wayne Dyers on his masterpiece the ‘Power of Intention’ in which he details what the ego is and how it effects us on a daily basis as well as its negative role in understanding the power of attraction.

If you are interested in knowing more about your day to day reality visit http://www.greaterawareness.tv For a deeper understanding of who we are and our purpose for being please visit http://www.higherconsciousness.tv

Create A Magic Journal

Consider creating your own spiritual journal.  Possibilities? 

Pen your thoughts and visions. Visualize your new higher density life. Feel the joy!  Make it real. Then meditate and give each thought your heart energy and loving intention.  

eHow  –  Spiritual Journey Ideas

Kimberly Snow: The Path To Creativity: Writing