SAINT GERMAINE – Love, Converse With Your Body Daily – Golden Age Of Gaia – 3-14-17



SAINT GERMAINE   –   Love, Converse With Your Body Daily   –   Golden Age Of Gaia   –   3-14-17

[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription]


St. Germaine ~ Love & Converse With Your Body Daily!

You are emerging, you are transitioning into what you can think of as a more evolved species, and it is a species with expanded consciousness and expanded physical capacity. It is an evolutionary jump and so, of course, what you are feeding, how you are treating your body – and what your body is asking for and loving you and trying to assist you in – in this jump is essential information.

Heavenly Blessings, March 14, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 10:14 to 17:37] Link to show audio.

St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine.

Suzi: Welcome.

StG: And welcome to you, to each and every one of you upon this luxurious planet, this phenomenal planet called Gaia, Terra Gaia, Nova Earth, Nova Being.

And yes, I have asked and so I thank you for allowing me to come and to visit and to discuss, to play and to laugh about your relationship and your function with your physical form. And while there is often… and I am not meaning to dismiss or decry… while there is often a tension given to the troubles, the aches, the pains, the dis-ease, the un-ease, all of the maladies of the physical body, that is not really where the fun is. That is not really where the joy is!

Do you know that they have called me – and I say this with the greatest sense of humour – the Wonderman of Europe? [Chuckles] And I often would wonder what the heck they were talking about! But part of this was longevity. Oh yes, it was alchemy as well, and people would often attribute my longevity to alchemy.

And while there is certainly some truth in that, I also held the deepest regard and respect for the physical form that I had created and co-created in tandem with Source and friends. It was exactly the form I wanted. And so, having asked and having put everyone to the task, including myself to the task of creating this form, I wanted to treasure it. I wanted – and did – have the full experience of the divine perfection of this form.

Now you know – and you know because we have told you again and again, but you also innately know – that you are patterned on the essence of the Mother. And She has reinforced that again and again, even in your lifetime – first with the gift of Her Blue Diamond energy, and then by reminding you that the patterning of the in-breath and the out-breath is Her pattern; and that the essence of love and how it exhibits, whether it is of DNA, bones, tissues, organs matters not because it is all of love.

So often human beings, Gaians, they look around… and of course you can’t help but see the beauty of Gaia… but they look around and they say, “I want to see a living, breathing example, the message of love, the essence of love of Source/God/One, the many names that you have for Godhead. And what happens is rather than looking in the mirror and rather than simply looking down at oneself, there is a tendency to look externally.

Now, not that there is anything wrong with that, because if you look externally you will see another human being and then you will see the magnificence of the Mother’s creation and essence; or if you look at a blade of grass, you will see the essence and design of the Mother as well because yes, even grass breathes. But what often happens – too often – is that you don’t look or acknowledge or recognise your bodies.

And yes, it is true. Whether it is Mi-ka-el or Raphael or Gabrielle or an array of guides or even the Mother Herself, we have been reminding you of the necessity – yes, necessity, and there are very few necessities really when you think about it – but there is the necessity particularly for the fruition, the bringing to completion of this ascension process, of a sacred partnership, a union with your body.

And you say, “Well, St. Germaine, don’t be ridiculous. Of course I am in sacred union with my body!” And I would look at you directly in the eye and I’d say, “Oh, are you? Then what have you done lately for your beautiful body?

Are you in absolute wonder and awe with this form, of what it can do? That it walks and talks, digests, excretes; that you have this magnificent brain; that you are able to create children and bear them? Does the knowing of your body, of your skin, create such a deep sense of amazement that either you are slack-jawed or in a fit of giggles?” Because you should be, my friends!

And with the Mother’s gifts of clarity and purity, are you integrating and deepening that, not only in the functioning and maintenance of your body but in your association, your opinion, your relationship with your body? Are you reverent? Are you reverent of this sacred form that you have been given and that you chose?

In the physical realm of a human life, your body that houses much of your consciousness and yes, your ability to be in form, it is among the most sacred, profound gifts that you will ever receive in this lifetime. And you say, “Well, St. Germaine, I used to love my body but I am old or decrepit, or I am 20 and I have MS, or I am 30 and I have diabetes, or I am 40 and I have multiple sclerosis, or I am 50 and I have dementia.” I know the list!

And when these dis-eases have come to the forefront, have you first and foremost relinquished all blame and entered into a supreme state of loving and cherishing and forgiveness? Or have you been disappointed, angry, in despair with your body? Have you chastised it? Have you been angry that it doesn’t function exactly the way you want? Have you treated it like an errant child that does not obey an authoritarian parent?

These are questions that I pose, and if you are in the peak of health – and you should and will be, by the way – do you spend time with your body, loving it? Do you take time every day to listen to your body, to what it is asking of you?

And yes, I have listened to your conversation. What food does it want? What minerals, which are very important at this moment – what minerals does it require? Is there a need because of the pollution of your planet for certain supplements? Have you paid attention to your DNA activations? Have you stretched? Have you slept? Yes, have you done the work that your body has asked you to?

Have you given it a chance to connect with Gaia, because Gaia, the physical aspect of Gaia, is a touchstone for all of your bodies? The human body is substance and form, as is Gaia – the trees, the rocks, the flowers, the dirt. But your body has need to touch and be in association with Gaia – every day!

And you say, “Well, that is not possible,” for as you Suzanne, “I am in the middle of a blizzard. I don’t think I can really go out.” And this is why you have also by your Star friends been reminded of the earthing mats and products, because they carry the energy that is Star technology. It has been a gift; it has been a gift brought forth by Gaia herself.

And is the food clean? Now I know that there is much [chuckles] lively debate upon your planet – and might I say it is a luxury – about what to eat while many are starving. And that [sigh], that is an atrocity. The fact that any beings on this planet starve, let alone go hungry, is not right in any realm. And it does not matter what path of belief systems you follow or if you choose to write it off as karmic choice. That is a great excuse for human intolerance and not paying attention to the Gaian community, the global community.

But I am diverging. We may come back to that because it is an important area that needs to be discussed. Perhaps on our next show we will do so.

But let me go back to what I was saying. Let me also encourage each and every one of you to send my Violet Flame of the I AM Presence to every person who is in hunger. Yes, we will do it now.

So… there is great debate about what you should feed your bodies. And for some it is very rigorous, for some it is vegetarian, for some it is vegan, for some it is very restricted, for some it is carnivore. It is individually determined. No, [chuckles] not merely by blood type but by soul preference – and body preference – what it is you wish to consume.

There are many agreements in place and it is interesting – and somewhat peculiar – that there is a hierarchy of what many lightworkers decide to eat or not eat. But that is a political debate, [chuckles] and there are many political debates that I have been involved in during my stay upon the planet and this is not one I am interested in engaging in. What I am interested in engaging in is making sure that everybody has enough to eat.

My point about what you are consuming is to become cognizant and conscious of what your body is asking for. And if you are so removed from your association with your form, with your vessel, then ask your guardians. Listen to your heart, listen to your gut, and do not think of it so much as categories. Think of it also in terms of the rays. What do I need today? Do I need more violet? Well, you always need more violet, my friends! But perhaps you need more red because your life force is not as vibrant as you would like, your energy level.

You are integrating many energies, including the Porlana C at this time. Now, the level of frequencies that are flooding you, and particularly you who are lightworkers and loveholders, has never been this strong. Never! Not on this planet.

So think of it. You are emerging, you are transitioning into what you can think of as a more evolved species, and it is a species with expanded consciousness and expanded physical capacity. It is an evolutionary jump and so, of course, what you are feeding, how you are treating your body – and what your body is asking for and loving you and trying to assist you in – in this jump is essential information.

So, beloveds – if you are not in that conversation with your body, I am pleading, guiding, directing, begging you to begin.

There were many times when in form, I would attend very elaborate banquets and the food was often disgusting, filled with fat – what you might call empty calories! And be clear, I have no qualms about enjoying a sweet delight, a cup of wine or a loaf of bread. But the energy that is put into those things that your body may be asking for has to be made or programmed or filled, or all of the above, with love.

If it is created – whether it is picked from the ground or baked into bread – if it is done in a sense of oppression, if it is done in a sense of disdain or obligation, then it does not have the love. And if it does not have the love, it does not nourish you in the same way. Oh, you may get some compounds that your body needs, but what your body really needs is the love – is that sacred union.

Now think of this. You say, “Well, St. Germaine, that may have been true in your time because you could go to the fields or the local baker.” You can always, my beloved friends, instill the love. If you have gone to one of your public supermarkets… and they are rather sterile affairs, are they not?… if you have gone to a place where you are uncertain or unclear, and even if you are clear, a very good practice – a practice that I have always recommended – is to take a moment and instill your food, your drink, your water, your ingredients, your cupboards, your fridge with love.

I am not averse to the recommendation to put an amethyst or another stone of your choosing in your cupboards, in your fridge, in your larder, in your water – make sure the crystal is large enough that you don’t swallow it – but infuse it. Put your hands around your food and love it.

You may call it an intention, you may call it a prayer, but really it is simply the transmission of love. Because what you are saying to the entire universe is “I am taking this substance that comes directly from Source – from source Gaia and source Source – patterned on the Mother, and I am bringing it into this sacred vessel that is also patterned on the Mother, and so I want it to be of the highest frequency of love possible.”

So of course I would recommend the Violet Flame, but I know there are many of you who are very preferential to the Blue Flame or the Emerald [Flame]. Vary it, because, sweet ones, there are days when your body needs the ruby and others when it needs the gold. But create the prayer, send the energy, thank the food, and then thank your body that you are giving it fuel, love, sustenance. And then, what does your magnificent vessel do with it? It processes it, digests it and keeps you going.

All of your creations of machinery, anything that uses power, is designed… the inspiration has been the human form, the understanding that in order to bring forth energy, it needs fuel. Sometimes that fuel is simply air and water, but in most instances it is also substance.

Make a daily ritual, my friends, to hear and to love your body, to hear what it is saying to you, what it is offering to you. And if it saying to you, “Please don’t eat that; please take me for a walk; please let me sit on the ground and look at the sky – then honour it. Your body is your creation!

As you move into this level of love association with your body, it will transform. I know because I have done it.

Now, dearest Suzi, where do you wish to begin? I know I have gone on and on!

Suzi: Well, I always appreciate it and you are saying some really very wonderful and worthwhile things. A comment – we may see other people, professional dancers and athletes, and we experience joy in the celebration of the human body, that human body, and we disregard the fact that we’re made of the same stuff. At the same time, we are becoming archetypes is what’s occurring to me. We’ve become aligned with organising principles and it’s an interesting journey at this point in terms of what we can create, always for the highest good of all. So both things are true.

StG: You are absolutely correct. And this archetype is the divine perfected physical form. Remember that the Mother created your original form, which got lost along the way, to be a form for angelics to inhabit and play – beautiful! – and that is the circle that is closing. And it is good because, let me tell you, even as I have walked the planet I had great appreciation for others’ physical form, whether it was a dancer or a swordsman or a horseman or a beautiful woman. I enjoyed it.

Now yes, these are inspirations, whether it is a dancer or an athlete or simply someone walking down the street. You see that and you see the beauty of that form, but the reason that it inspires you – if you are not in a state of envy which I would never encourage! – is that you recognise it because that is also within you. So you say, “Oh no, St. Germaine, it is not within me. I have arthritis, I am 50lbs overweight and I can barely jitterbug let alone run a marathon.” That is within you! So you have these externals.

Now, I want to be prudent in what I say about this because it is not about ever punishing your body. It is a fine line; it is the balance the channel talked about. It is finding that balance for you. So it is not about training or contorting your body to an extent that in fact you have abused it. It is making it the most beautiful vessel, the strongest, most vibrant, attractive vessel that you love, that you are having a love affair [with]. Yes, the theme that you are in love with your body! And you, dearest Suzanne, you know because you are getting there.

Suzi: I am. And if by the grace of God and huge love and support I am able to do so, I am in incredible gratitude for that. I really pray all the time when I’m eating food and when I’m enjoying my supplements that cost money. I pray that everybody gets the help and support that they need to be healthy.

StG: Now we have talked about evolution… and yes, I know that you say that there is a transition, and there most certainly is. But where I am taking you, where your evolutionary jump is taking you, where Nova Earth is taking you, where your Star family is taking you, is to where supplements and adjustments are not necessary.

Suzi: Wow, that’s wonderful. How far away is that?

StG: Not far, not far at all. And as you are paying… and I’m not saying to quit your supplements. So all of you out there listening to me: do not stop your medications or your supplements – you are not quite there yet!

But in the association, the closer association with your body, you will also begin to… and a prayer over your food… you will begin to give your body more of what it needs. And it does change day to day to day, depending on whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing or whether you ran that marathon or you sit around. It depends on what you need.

But Gaia herself is regenerating. Much of your food has lost its full value in the depletion of the soil.

Suzi: It’s not interesting either… the food.

StG: Yes, the food is another topic that we should discuss. But you are getting there and it is, again, the sacred partnership. Gaia is restoring herself; your Star family is restoring much of your atmosphere, especially your air and water. But human – and Star technology – but human ingenuity is also part of that beautiful restoration and, at the same time, of that evolutionary jump. So you, again… we keep saying that we are in sacred partnership and this is one of the areas.

So many of you have been scratching your heads and thinking, “Now what would be a perfect project for me?” And you think, “Oh, I am going to save the world; I am going to adopt a town, I am going to adopt a village; I am going to create sacred sites.”

Many of you, my friends, are part of the vanguard of assisting in the restoration of balance in terms of soil, in terms of food, in terms of the cleanliness of food and water – and might I even say wine! Yes, no more sulphates… it is my preference! – and to make sure that in fact everybody is fed.

If people do not have sustenance… and I mean food that actually nourishes; I don’t mean those empty foods. Yes, as I said, I can enjoy a delight and I have at times. And if I return to Earth – which I intend to do now that Nova Earth is being born – I will enjoy a delight again. But I will not eat what is disgusting. I will grab the energy from the air and that will satisfy me. So know this.

Suzi: Yeah. So this is an invitation to do our best to get into alignment with our bodies and to be as strong and fluid as possible in order to make the most of all the energy and assistance we’re getting. And I guess that’s just like we do our best – we just do our best and do what’s possible.

StG: And… I would hate to even give the slightest impression that you are not doing your best. If you were not at a juncture where this was appropriate timing for you to do some adjustments in terms of your relationship with form, then we would not be having this [discussion].

The last thing I wish to say though is that it is vitally important not to be discouraged. So often, my beloved friends, my brothers and sisters, my fellow journeyers, you feel like your body has betrayed you, that you have been betrayed or abandoned or that we have forgotten you, that you are stuck in a form that is not really of your choice or decision or your making. You say, “That is all very well and good to talk about saying a prayer, but I can barely get to the stove.”

Beloveds, do not be discouraged if you have any description of malady, of illness or un-ease or dis-ease. I am pleading with you. Yes, there are many keys and help is on the way. But the first step: love your disease, love your unease, love your malady.

You say, “Well, why would I do that? I don’t want it to stay.” Love it so that it no longer has to get your attention and say, “Please pay attention to me.” Love it, love it, love it for everything it is showing you and then give it to me. We will torch it. We will send it into the Violet Flame and we will disintegrate it so that you will be like the phoenix rising from the ashes. But first – love it!

Suzi: Fabulous! Thank you so much for joining us today. As always, it’s been a pleasure.

StG: Let us go together, all of us. Let us go to the roadhouse and share a cup of wine and a loaf of bread. Let us fill it with love and then perhaps we will sing and dance again together.

Suzi: Yay! I’m in!

StG: You always have been!

Suzi: [Laughter] Thank you.

StG: Go with my love. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Love & Converse With Your Body Daily! – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

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Golden Age Of Gaia – Transcript ~ The Magdalena on Heavenly Blessings: Love Your Bodies! – 6-14-16

Love Your Body

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[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription.]

The Magdalena ~ Love Your Bodies!

Love your bodies! Love this gift that you, in conjunction with all, have brought forth for the delight of humanity and the fulfilment of the Mother’s dream.

Heavenly Blessings ~ June 7, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 9:55 to 14:00] Link to show audio

The Magdalena: Greetings, I am the Magdalena.

Suzi: Welcome.

The Magdalena: And welcome to you, beloved one, and welcome to all of you, my sisters and brothers of every ray, every hue, every purpose upon Gaia and far beyond. I welcome you, and I bring you the gift of the gentlest pink to the most vibrant fuchsia – I bring you the gift of my love.

I walk with you, I talk with you, for I remember very clearly what it is to be in form. All of you and each of you have brought to this planet the blend of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, and in this is the perfect balance of the truth of who you are.

It is a time upon sweet Gaia when there is a renewed anchoring – and in many ways even an initial anchoring – of the Divine Feminine, of energies that have not been present upon this planet since its inception.

Now I do not mean to infer – and let us start there – that the Divine Masculine has been in charge, because it has not. Have there been living, primary examples of both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine throughout the entirety of history of this planet? Of course. But even the reign of Divine Masculine is wisdom and protection and caretaking and attendance, and leadership in the best meaning of the word.

Divine Masculine has never meant control or ascendancy over; there is nothing Divine about that. But each of you carries that balance, and now the Divine Feminine comes forth in the beauty and the might, and yes, the wisdom. It is not a purview of either/or; it is gradations, slightly different interpretations.

The Divine Feminine comes forth strongly as this time, not only… of course, it is the Mother’s Plan, but not only because of that – there is a rationale behind this. And the rationale, Her will, Her thinking, Her heart, is that this is a time when humanity, when the collective, when all Gaians need to be coddled, treasured, nurtured, loved, and reminded of the truth of who they are.

That has need to be fully present in order to step forth into the birthing and the creation, the bringing to fruition of the Mother’s Plan. It can never be you or any being acting because they have been told to do it. No. It is an act and a choice of heart, of love, of will that makes sense to the brain and the ego.

And so, when we speak of allowing the blossoming of this balance of Masculine and Feminine Divinity to come to the forefront, it is that all will blossom: male and female, child and ancient. It is for all beings. The kingdoms know this completely and fully, and they breathe a sigh of relief that you, my beloved friends, are not only awakening but agreeing to this infusion from the Mother and all of Her legions.

I come to speak about the Divine Feminine, and the Divine Feminine in form. For far too long there has been a subtle and actual judgment – and might I even say, crucifixion – of women and sexuality. Look at the history as portrayed by those who did not wish to see me have any sense of position or power – which is ridiculous for we never sought power – but how they denigrated me by attacking sexuality. It is ridiculous.

Sexuality, physicality, but the gift within physicality of sexuality, is part of the joy of being alive. All beings have a yearning, a desire, a drive towards reconnection with the Mother/Father/One – but primarily the drive is the return to the Mother. In form this exhibits in many ways: certainly the yearning and the fulfilment of Sacred Partnership – and I do not mean casual romance or fling – I mean truly the yearning and drive towards conjoining with another.

Let me digress for a moment. For when I speak of flings or casual romance, what in your terminology is often called in your days “hookups”, this is not conjoining. This is entangling, and there is a very big difference.

When you join with another in sexual intimacy, you are merging and co-mingling your energies – think of all your fields, not merely your bodies, not merely your heart, but all your sacred field. You are saying to that person, “Come on in.” Consciously or not, that is what you are doing.

When it occurs, that it is done without consideration of what is truly happening, when the energies are discordant or merely distractive, what you are doing is entangling – think of a ball of twine that is filled with tangles, knots, tears. That does not add to your dream of fulfilment. It does not add to the fulfilment of the Mother’s dream. In fact, if anything it sidetracks you, it breaks your heart, and it makes you feel, often, less-than.

There in history has most certainly been a double standard. And there has been a certain emphasis placed on a woman being pure, virginal. That is not what I am talking about. I am not talking about the element of control that tries to promote abstinence.

What I am saying to you is that it is far more important, far more meaningful, far more pleasurable to simply pleasure yourself, rather than engaging in a sexual intimacy that simply diminishes your energy field and who you are. And that is true, my beloved friends, for males and females. There is not a double standard. That is of the old realm of the masculine control paradigm, and it is not Divine in any way, shape or form.

When you engage in sexual intimacy with yourself, what you are doing is attempting – and often succeeding! – in not only conjoining with your full field, with all of your aspects, with the Divine. In no other situation other than orgasm do you succeed in not only conjoining with all of your sacred selves – your Higher Self, your Universal Self and the Divine.

In no other situation are you so much out of your body – unless you are in the 13th Octave! – out of your body and in your body, because you dissolve into the One. And yet, at the same time, it is a physical experience that is akin – not the same but akin, related to bliss, ecstasy. And yes, it is a physical release of tension. It is a stress reducer!

But let us also talk about this mistaken, misstepped, misconstrued idea of being virginal, of being pure. Do not forget, my beloved friends, that our Mother in Her Tsunami of Love gave us the gift of purity and clarity and grace. She has not removed that. And she has reinforced the purity of heart, of mind, of will, of being, and of physicality in all of you.

Now, one of the ways that this is manifesting is the purity and the clarity of your physical vessel is being undertaken. It has penetrated through all of your fields, and now it is being anchored fully and completely in your bodies.

Now what does that mean in practical terms? It means that there is no room for anything that is not of purity, of clarity and of grace. Chaos, anger, fear, core issues, feeling less-than – none of this is of purity. And how those lacks and limitations have manifested in the body is through dis-ease, dis-harmony, im-balance.

So much of this for yourselves and – yes, as our beloveds [Linda & Suzi] have talked about – the collective is coming to the surface to be released, to be renewed, and to be brought forth into a new form of physicality that is not separate from the embodiment of your totality.

In your societies, sexuality has either been talked of as somewhat dirty or in clinical terms. The embrace of your sexuality, of your magnificent physicality, has been a choice. There are very, very few who embody that do not have any association with sexuality. And I do not mean those people who are what you term “asexual”, because that is also a choice and a manifestation of sexuality. So they cannot be separated. You would not want to separate them.

But this deep embrace of the joy of being alive and the gifts of your body – and we mean this now in the broadest sense: to be in a body, you have your senses, and those senses even in terms of, for example, seeing, hearing, smelling – all of these things are expanding. Your senses and sensations are expanding.

But you came to have the full experience as angels in form, of the delight of form. So whether it is smelling a flower, the fragrance of the breeze, hearing the howl of the wind or the coyote, looking at the moon or looking at the fairies dancing under the starlight, or having an orgasm or physical intimacy, or feeding yourself properly or drinking enough water – these cannot be segmented. They are part of who you are. They are part of the delight.

And, beloved ones, you are the pathfinders; you are the wayshowers. And when you say “no more fragmentation”, what you are doing is being the living embodiment of what our Mother taught us to enjoy form, to know love in form, to know love with one another but also with yourself.

How is that to start, dearest Suzanne?

Suzi: Oh, very wonderful, of course! There are so many things about what you said! One of the things was ‘returning to the Mother in form’. When you say that, are you speaking in terms of the physical process of ascension that we’re going through?

The Magdalena: I am talking about the physical process of ascension that you and humanity are going through right now. Now, we have said many times, many forms, that this has never been done before. Keeping your form and holding, living, enjoying the highest frequencies certainly has never been done before as a collective.

Yes, there have been cases of individuals, but by and large they ascended and left. So yes, I am talking to the ascension process – but what that means is embodying all of you, all of who you are, not merely what you have previously thought of as your Higher Self, your lighter self, your lightbody self, ignoring your body!

I loved being a woman, not because I came simply to marry or have children or be a mother. All of those were sacred gifts beyond any imagination. They fulfilled me. I did it not because it was my responsibility, but because it gave me joy. But let me tell you: before that, after that, during that – I loved being a woman! And that essence of female sexuality is so beautiful, yes, just as male sexuality, male physicality is beautiful.

Suzi: I agree. It’s a wonderful gift. I’m very happy to be a woman. In maybe the last 6 years or so, I’ve really gotten in touch with my sexuality and the power involved in orgasm. So the gift of orgasm will no doubt continue into our higher dimensional experience. Can you say anything about how that will be shifting and expanding on that journey?

For me, one thing we need to get rid of is all the shame that people have about sex and our bodies and that whole thing. But we’ll just blow that off for now and move on to when we’re past it.

The Magdalena: But part of getting past it is accepting it as a gift. There is no place in purity or in grace for shame or fault or blame. It is ridiculous. How can you be ashamed of something that allows you to feel transcendent, because that is the experience of true orgasm?

And the shame is connected to control, that you are not entitled to enjoy not just procreation – which is a whole other matter – but the actual act of intimacy, of conjoining with yourself or with another. This is beyond, beyond absurd.

Suzi: Well, it just feels like a very extremely targeted, as you said, control method, because what better way do we have to connect with our power and the Divine. There is no better way that I know of and, of course, to keep that from people would be the goal. Because then, of course, if we don’t have that connection to our soul, our divinity, and we actually see it as a shameful and dirty thing… well, that’s going to end anyway – not to rush you through it or anything! [Laughter]

The Magdalena: It will end but let me be clear. Love does not attempt to control, period. And it is not dependent upon masculine approval or feminine approval of the old realm to give you permission to enjoy sex.

And I have put that proviso about entanglement in there so that you are aware. As you progress… there has been a misconception and we have talked about this, but let us talk about it again.

The anchoring place in terms of what you think of as physicality: time, space, materiality, length, width, etcetera, is anchored in the 3rd dimension. You know that you have 12 dimensions, and within each of those there are 12 planes or levels. Because physicality rests in the renewed 3rd – let us be clear about that! – does not mean that you do not take physicality wherever you go. That is the gift and the miracle of this ascension process!

The same way… Think of it in this way. The 7th dimension is the dimension of love, of Christ Consciousness. That does not mean that you do not bring that Christ Consciousness, that love into the 2nd, the 3rd, the 12th, the 11th. It does not mean that you do not bring the qualities of beauty of the 10th into the other realms.

Physicality is carried forward – up and down as you would think of it; we tend to think of it as a circle. Now, as you move to greater heart consciousness, as you become your expanded self, then yes, the joy of physicality, the choices of physicality, also expand. You are Creators in form. It is the rebirth, the resurrection – because you’ve already been crucified! – of the Creator Race.

So yes, you carry the joy of physicality in all its meanings forward – and it grows!

Suzi: Okay. So not to really make this too personal, but I am going through this intestinal thing right now. I’ve been asking for years, saying that I really would love it best if I could eat if I felt like it and didn’t have to.

So the changes that are happening in my body right now – I get that they’re very purposeful and I feel very light, and I’m not very excited about eating food again to be honest. Is what’s going on with my body for the last few weeks part of the changes in my physicality so that I don’t have to eat food? Please say yes!

The Magdalena: Let us say this – and I say it to you and I say it to many. You are being recalibrated. You are also coming to realise, in partnership with us, what a powerful creator you are, because this is what you have requested; this is what you have brought forth.

Now, there is also a part of you that has found it very difficult to continue to digest the chaos, the misinformation, the lies, the hatred, the greed, etc. of the human collective. It has literally inflamed your digestive tract; for some of you, it has inflamed your joints; for others of you, it has inflamed your brain; for others of you, it has inflamed your heart, your lungs, your kidneys.

So it is this inability… because you know, dearest Suzi, that your desire for purity, your desire for choices as you make them – not as we make them, not as somebody external on Earth makes them, but as you make them – will manifest in physicality.

So there are two things: the recalibration and the inflammation of the situation. But you are reaching the point, which has truly been your heart’s desire, of not wanting to digest garbage – emotional, mental, physical garbage – and to be able to live on light.

Now, are you there that you can exist without food as yet? No. But that will return in a very different sense. Now, there are many of you who absolutely love food: the scent, the texture, the experience. We are not saying, “Now we declare no food!”

What are you declaring, my beloved ones, my friends? You are declaring the freedom of choice, the freedom of decisions, of your expression, of your divinity and purity in form.

Suzi: That’s wonderful; I’m so happy to hear that all. I can be patient. I know I need to eat food some more, and I’ll just do it exactly how I feel like doing it because that’s the way, that’s the answer.

You said something about physicality rests in the renewed 3rd and that it comes with us everywhere. So is this a perceptual thing, as we rise in consciousness and dwell in higher dimensions more often, we’ll have awareness of all this?

The Magdalena: And many of you already have awareness of this. What you are often looking for is a sense of a lightning bolt from the sky or a sign posted across the sky that says, “You have arrived.” It is not necessarily this.

You have flowed… think of the clouds as they float across the sky, the gentle stream that you have been following for years. You do not need to fall over Victoria Falls or Niagara Falls to arrive!

So what you are doing is drifting interdimensionally, sometimes experiencing what we have termed “interdimensional slippage”. So you are already flowing back and forth, very particularly through the 7th and 8th and the 3rd and 4th. No, we did not skip the 5th and 6th. We are saying that you are flowing.

And so, what you are thinking is that if you are experiencing physicality, say in the 7th, that it would feel very different. But we want you… it is intended that you will still have your skin, your teeth, your hair – and for those of you who are bald, look for your hair! – and have the form that you know is true to you.

Suzi: Oh, like fresh new teeth growing in… things like that?

The Magdalena: Like the form of your body, like your teeth, like your hair, like your skin, and also the ability with your eyes to see that in others.

Suzi: Oh yeah, for sure. I don’t remember when it was, very recently, a couple of week ago, I had a vision of the inside of my head, the inside of my skull like a geode – it was kind of cool! I liked it.

Mary Magdalene: It was very cool, was it not! And what you were seeing… particularly you have a very deep, profound connection with the elemental kingdom, with Gaia and with the mineral kingdom. And what you were seeing is your mineral form of who you are.

Now you are trained, beloved, as a shaman, and so you know that you can be the whale or the dolphin or the wolf, and you know the availability of shapeshifting. Now, many of you are just learning this and you say, “Well, my totem is such and such; I am a fox today,” but you don’t take the time – and this is interdimensional – to truly feel your features shapeshift or your being shift into the perceptiveness and the camouflage of being the fox.

So what you were seeing, beloved, was yourself as the mineral, as the geode. It is one of your forms. And so I would invite all of you, in the delight of who you are – play with this! What is your connection to the animal kingdom? What is your favourite form? What is your favourite mineral? What is your favourite flower, tree? Are you Niagara Falls or are you the pristine mountain lake?

Play with this and begin to explore, because knowing your sacred self as many expressions of your divinity and the Mother’s Divine Pattern within you is a delight. You have never been restricted to one form.

Think about it. Many of you have been fat and thin; you grew from being very short to quite tall. You are constantly morphing. And yet, you do not take this pattern, not only that is external and seasonal but true to who you are, and allow it to grow and experience and to morph, transmute, transform, shift into who you wish to be.

One of the things that many of my naysayers despised about me was that I would always maintain my beauty and my form, my luscious form! Because I loved it and it was what I wanted to bring to my Sacred Union with Yeshua. It was the form that I wanted to show to my sweet daughter, Sarah. It was what I wanted to show and to teach the initiates, the disciples, the community, what was possible. And why would I not embrace the form that I had been blessed with?

And so I say to you: male, female, child, ancient – embrace the beauty of who you are! Some of you say, “But Mary, I chose to come. I do not think of myself as beautiful.” And I say, “Do you look in the mirror?” If you chose to come as not extraordinarily handsome or beautiful, why is that? Because it was Divine Perfection of your choice.

This was not simply bestowed upon you by the Mother or your guardians or DNA. It was a choice of the form you would assume. So what part of beauty and magnificence were you trying to demonstrate? The beauty within and the beauty without.

All of you have had the experience where you began spending time with someone, and at the beginning of the meeting you thought, “Oh my, that person is plain.” And by the end of the visitation, you thought that man or woman or child was the most beautiful being you had ever seen!

So you allow and you ignite the transformation, not only in yourself but each other, and then you truly see with your physical eyes, with your 3rd and 4th and 5th eyes, what is really in front of you – and that is your interdimensional self!

Suzi: That’s beautiful. St. Germaine said a while aback that he had never made love to a man or a woman without first setting intention. I was wondering if we could put a little plug in before the end for the awesome power of manifestation available in orgasm?

The Magdalena: And it is through intention. Whether you are really, truly conjoining with yourself or with your beloved, what you are intending is the highest frequency, the highest vibration, the greatest expression in form of love.

And in that… You have all had the experience where you have made love with another and you have said, “Well, that was so so.” But where was your intention, dearest heart?

Intention in many ways equals – yes, with the prayer and the stillness – but it equals the manifestation. So if you skip over what you intend to accomplish in conjoining, then you have missed part of the result of the greatest joy. Why would you do that?

Suzi: Because you don’t know.

The Magdalena: But now you do! Thank you for that question!

Suzi: Yippee! So we are kind of at the end of our show. I am so grateful for you to have come, and it’s so wonderful to have these conversations and to bring this very important topic to the fore. Have you got anything in closing?

The Magdalena: Yes. Thank you for having me – and love your bodies! Love this gift that you, in conjunction with all, have brought forth for the delight of humanity and the fulfilment of the Mother’s dream.

Go with my love. Farewell.

Suzi: Wonderful, thank you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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