St. Germaine on An Hour with an Angel – It’s time for the Next Step – Surrender to the Vibration of Love – Be the Truth of Who You Are – Golden Age Of Gaia – 7-14-16

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July 14, 2016 – Steve Beckow:
This week on An Hour with an Angel, St. Germaine led our discussion into the importance of surrender.

“It is time for the next step,” he said in the pre-recording, “this monumental undertaking of surrender.” Golden openings are available to us right now.

Ascension has never been easier, he explained. We’re being flooded not only by the violet flame, the I AM presence, the legions of light, the Company of Heaven, but we’re also being washed and cleansed and raised up to a frequency that we’ve never known. Our job is simply to allow this to happen.

In surrendering, he said, we’re being the beacon, the transmitter of love, completely outside of judgment. We’re both the observer and the participant at the same time in the building of a new realm based on the divine qualities.

We progress by surrender.  We’re here to surrender to the Love and our love and we do that by being vigilant as participant and observer of ourselves to start with. We’ll see and observe many situations that don’t look or appear like love. What do we do? We surrender to the Divine, ourself, and the truth of who we are. And we come back to the love.

Don’t get mixed up in the whirlwind, he asked us. Our participation is to send the energy into the situation but not to drag ourself down by putting ourselves into it.

We can only eradicate what is not of love with love.

You recall that, in a reading I had with him July 1, 2016, Archangel Michael asked me to surrender, let go. I said in an article that followed that I believed his message applied to all of us, not just to me.

And here St. Germaine confirms it.

Come join us for an hour with St. Germaine discussing how to navigate these trying times and create the best possible outcome for ourselves and those around us.

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The LOVE Zone- 528 Music and Healing is Introduced by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane

DrLenHorowitz·136 videos

This excellent introduction to the “528LOVERevolution” for musicians, healers, and you (if you seek enjoyable, uplifting, and the most freeing solutions to the problems than plague our planet, geopolitically, economically, and spiritually).

Tell every musician and vocalist you know to tune up to A=444Hz rather than A=440Hz “standard tuning.”

The “standard” was set for spiritual suppression of your heart’s “LOVE Vibration.”

By “tuning up” to A=444(C=528)Hz your music becomes MEDICINAL and your and others listening HEAL MIRACULOUSLY, AUTOMATICALLY by Holy Spiritual entrainment (“phase-locking” in physics) or “Atonement” in religious theologies).

A-TONE-MEANT or AT-ONE-MEANT is the happening of fulfilling humanity’s destiny to be in Divine righteousness that radiates LOVE as the UNIVERSAL HEALER and sustainer.

The HEART of the musical-mathematical matrix of universal construction is 528Hz frequency of sound, generating 528nm of light, that vibrates grass, chlorophyll, and the Breath of Life you breathe, and creates healing and sustaining through your crystalline Water matrix–your Living Temple’s liquid crystal super-conductor of Holy Spirit Power is the “salt water” within you.

Replenish it with LOVE/528, your heart opens, your ego fear resolves, and your fulfill your Divine destiny to reunite with the Creator’s heart in LOVE, thus celebrating optimal “Communion,” involving heart-felt communication and community development to end the impositions of wars, famine, dehydration, disease and pollution. Welcome to the “528LOVERevolution(” and “Healthy World Organization(,org), ” created to serve and prosper “The Great Hollywood Ending.”

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