AARON WEISS – Sacred Blue Lily Of The Nile Or Blue Lotus


Are you having trouble activating, cultivating or opening your third eye?

In this day and age there’s more emphasis on work, school and all the millions of things to do. We as a society have dulled our innate ability to access or fully use our 3rd eye.

The Lotus Flower! That’s right, not only is the lotus flower a revered symbol in many cultures, its also a powerful herbal medicine!

Sacred Blue Lily Of The Nile Or Blue Lotus

According to many archaeologists the ancient Egyptians used the Egyptian Blue Lily of the Nile or Blue lotus as their #1 Entheogen (a chemical substance, typically of plant origin, that is ingested to produce a non-ordinary state of consciousness for religious or spiritual purposes.) Its Latin name is Nympheae caerulea. The flower was extracted in various forms (Including wine) and consumed during special ceremonies, in acts of debauchery, orgasmic behaviors and intricate spiritual rituals! (You can find dried blue lotus flowers here!)

Tibetan Buddhist Monks Meditating

To this day Tibetan Buddhist Monks use a secret recipe of a strong extract containing several different species of lotus blossoms called “Three Lotus Paste”. The recipe includes Sacred Pink Lotus, White Lotus and Blue Lotus. Though the way the lotus paste is extracted is a heavily guarded secret, the lotus paste comes in handy for these monks during very specific meditation practices.

This makes you wonder, if its such a holy symbol found throughout history and the whole plant has a diverse amount of uses, that this may be a very magical plant indeed! Whether from ancient times or modern society this herb has played an important role in the evolution of consciousness throughout time.

Tincture Bottle

Another way to use the flower is in tincture form. A tincture is an liquid extract of the flower usually containing alcohol and water. Tinctures are easy to use and can be taken almost anywhere. Just squeeze the dropper top and put it into your mouth, add to water or your favorite juice! (You can find a very special tincture here!)

It is widely known that soaking lotus flowers in wine can be used as a strong aphrodisiac for both men and women alike.

Also I’d Like to mention that using this herb isn’t a crutch for any whom wish to utilize it. This flower is but a catalyst for your awakening as an individual, its a guiding energy to help you along the way, while you understand how to reclaim the power of your beautiful trans-dimensional 3rd eye.

Whether your looking to have mystical experiences, an awakening, become enlightened, have more clairvoyant perception, increase your dreaming, creativity and reach higher states of consciousness Blue Lotus may just be what you need to reclaim the power you have within! 

If looking for a good source of Blue Lotus (Click Here!), the company also carries a popular product called Holy Lotus Trinity (Click Here!) which contains the same flowers the Tibetan Monks use in their special meditations!

Dream Well, Stay Awesome, Live Better!

Aaron M Weis CH

Aaron has been helping people reach their dream and health goals for over 8 years. As a Certified Herbalist from the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism and a passionate plant person he can point you in the right direction. Through helping hundreds of people with herbs and healthy living practices he’s found effective ways to get you to your goals.

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The continuous rise to faultless immaculate beauty from a miry muddy dark environment is one of the most common analogies comparing the lotus to the evolution of consciousness, from instinctive impulses, unconscious behaviors to spiritual liberation and freedom. From the acknowledgement of darkness comes true pure unadulterated spiritual energy.

The medicinal properties of the lotus flowers aforementioned include: Sedative (sedating), Hypnotic (Causes sleepiness), Relaxant (relaxation), Cardio-tonic (Strengthens and tonifies the heart), Nutritive (contains nutritious elements), Aphrodisiac (In larger amounts it increases sexual stimulation) and is mildly psychoactive.

What many people are increasingly finding is that this herb has the ability to sky rocket 3rd eye activity. Whether your a seasoned yoga practitioner, into meditating, developing your visionary skills or just simply learning something new this flower can help aid you in activating, opening, cultivating and enhancing your 3rd eye activity.

The question is now “How can I use this gorgeous plant medicine?”

There are several ways in which the plant can be used.

For third eye activity the flower is consumed as a tea, tincture or powdered extract.

Aaron M Weis CH

About the Author

Aaron Weis is a Certified Herbalist, Avid Blogger, Health Consultant, Rare Plant Collector and Business Owner @http://www.dreamcatcherbotanicals.com/

Aaron has been helping people reach their dream and health goals for over 8 years. As a Certified Herbalist from the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism and a passionate plant person he can point you in the right direction. Through helping hundreds of people with herbs and healthy living practices he’s found effective ways to get you to your goals.

Dream Catcher Botanicals is on Facebook |Twitter | Google+

Disclaimer: Make sure to always do your research and talk with your physician before adding any herbs to your diet. This posts information is not approved by the FDA to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any diseases. The information presented in this post is provided for informational purposes only!

Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters – The Gift of the Lotus Flower — victoriacochrane44

The lotus flower has been a spiritual symbol of love and peace for many centuries. It has many meanings in different religions but, all in all, the lotus represents purity of heart, mind and spirit. Many people associate the lotus flower with peace, and there is no doubt that the sight of a lotus flower […]

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Lisa Gawlas – Fibonacci Scale – Golden Mean – Lotus Flower – 12-13-13




One of the biggest things that has always humbled me about spirit, was the incredible orchestration that must take place to put people in the right place at the right time for greater events to happen.  I am feeling that way intensely these days, with my daily schedule of connections.  Each one aligning perfectly, personally, to tell a bigger story, while keeping the focus on their own evolving Self.  Every now and again, I have a gap big enough in my daily schedule, to include myself in this amazing story.  Yesterday was one of those days!  What really really humbles me is how much that inner time for myself was needed to tie my first and my last two connections into one larger understanding/realization!  My goodness, I just love this game of life!!  I love You so flipping much!!

My first precious lady on the field, I knew I was missing something in her story, in the fuller understanding of the way I was seeing her light energy.  I have put together a super simple image of the way I see the aspects of y/our light and the timelines into an image:

The energy field

The star represents a persons placement on the field.  I read over there in December energies.  The field that houses January thru March is actually way above the ground about even with the Mesa top, about a 1000 feet up.  Most people, depending on where they are at in tying up all the energies I call the end of 2013, have these three prongs of light that move upwards.  For most people, one prong of their energy is more visible, more active than the other two.  It has really taken me until this morning to fully understand the significance of each strange and what it means to each person.

The top area I consistently see as three arches of energy, each month representing a different energy package, yet all three must be used together to be fully effective in our evolution.  Altho, in my very humble paint program, all three arches are clear, they are not.  There are tons of molecules of various energy colors and vibrations, what one could say represents a chaos pattern.    Altho each month appears separate, there is an opening at the very bottom of the timeline that allows each to open and mix with each other.

The holy trinity: mind, body, soul and/or father (parent,) son (child,) holy ghost (pure spirit.)  Absolutely interchangeable and reliant.  First, we are completely freeing our minds of old constructs and limitations (in use, not simply as a concept any longer.)  The body housing the full light spectrum of our soul, charging all the new blueprints for our new life.  Soul, the pure energy system of it all.  Thru it all, we must fully realize and accept that we are as much the parent as we are the child held close and nurtured by the holy spirit (soul.)  All this, without bringing in any aspect of gender, of masculine or feminine, but to fully realize the wholeness of Self.

This first quarter is also the time period spirit has said is going to be our most intense orientation period ever.  I am starting to really understand why.

So my precious lady on the field, also known lovingly as the ‘real estate” lady from previous sharings, had her energies in three different alignments (as pictured above.)  However, the part of her that is aligned with what we will call March, was bouncing and dancing and moving like crazy.  Kinda fun and kinda peppy to witness.  But I knew, i was missing something.

Since I had close to 3 hours between her and my next two appointments, I decided to take a bath, maybe even see where I am at in this amazing process.

Holy Jorge’s batman!!  He made his decent to my bathtub in three striations of energy and yet, within the hologram effect, I could see him in each striation.  Talk about a Jorge sale, three for the price of one!!  (smile.)

As his energy connected to my biology, it started to form, a spiral of interconnected energy, mine and his.  It really looked like this tube that spiraled upwards filled with a liquid light and golden seeds laid within the liquid, constantly moving upwards.  But, we were entangled within it all.  The feeling was extraordinary.

Of course, the questioner that is me came to the fore.  What the heck???   What is really happening here?

The first audible word dropped into our spiral mixture of light was ” Fibonacci Scale.”  With those words, my eyes were trained on the golden seeds within the liquid spiral.  On top of that, came the words Golden Mean.  The only thing I know for sure, the “golden mean” was inlaid on top of the “Fibonacci scale.”  I had/have no real clue what each really means.  Me and the world of mathematics are seriously allergic to each other.

What I did understand, way beyond mathematical equations, was the encompassing of all the Light, the golden seeds of All.  WE, me and you (and all the Jorge’s of the multiverses) have hit a collaboration within each other.  Each seed is an aspect of YOU, of each of us that have cleared our minds to allow the full on breadth of oneness to facilitate all that we are and all that we shall be and do together.

And then I watched, almost separately, but not really, my lady’s dancing golden energy from march… encompassing the Fibonacci scale, the music of life itself, harnessed with all the people. all the experiences that she has already allowed from this moment thru the end of march, and it wrapped around us, was us, in a spiral of life-giving life.

As I watched her, no, as she was as one with me and Jorge as we were with her, I witnessed in amazing feeling, the upward ascent of our light, of our stem of life with the golden seeds of each us and we broke thru straight into the center of February and unfolded as a lotus flower.


Each petal representing the uniqueness of each of us, and yet, harnessed in the center, together, one body united in Light.  The entirety of the flower itself became the ground that is the first quarter of 2014.  The petals of our uniqueness assisting those who shall transverse their own selves to stand in the Light of One as One.

My precious lady, my real estate lady, made the choice to cell her un-lived in home in another state, contracted with a realtor and embarked on the grieving process.  Emotions pouring up and out that at first blush, seems to have stopped her process, but really, enhanced it all.   Allowing the mind to release what it once held, the body to release the old path and align with the new path, in its own intimate way and her soul, the full spectrum of all that she is, is already rocking to her new song of life.

My next two connections of the day would show us how we are going to use this fibonacci scale, golden mean, lotus flower energy that we have become, but, I am going to save that for my next sharing (later today.)  This needs to be processed first.

No wonder I love you so flipping much, you are the seeds of my life and I Am yours.

The dreamer and the creator are Now One!!

(((((((HUGZ))))))) of completion and incredible music to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html


Nam Myoho Renge Kyo – Daimoku – Gohonzon – Lotus Flower

cla quattrocento·172 videos

Wikipedia  –  Nam(u) Myoho Renge Kyo

am Myōhō Renge Kyō (南無妙法蓮華經, also Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō); (English: To Honour/devote oneself to the Wonderful Law of the Lotus Sutra)[1][2] or Glory to the Sutra of the Lotus of the Supreme Law[3]) is a mantra that is chanted as the central practice of all forms of Nichiren Buddhism. The mantra is referred to as daimoku (題目[3]?) or, in honorific form, o-daimoku (お題目) and was first revealed by the Japanese Buddhist teacher Nichiren on the 28th day of the fourth lunar month of 1253 CE at Seichō-ji (also called Kiyosumi-dera) near Kominato in current-day Chiba, Japan.[4] The practice of chanting the daimoku is called shōdai (唱題). The purpose of chanting daimoku is to attain perfect and complete awakening (enlightenment).



As Nichiren explained the mantra in his Ongi Kuden (御義口傳), a transcription of his lectures on the Lotus Sutra, Nam(u) (南無) is a transliteration into Japanese of the Sanskritnamas“, and Myōhō Renge Kyō is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese title of the Lotus Sutra, in the translation by Kumārajīva (hence, Daimoku, which is a Japanese word meaning ‘title’).

Nam(u) is used in Buddhism as a prefix expressing the taking of refuge in a Buddha or similar object of veneration. In Nam(u) Myōhō Renge Kyō, it represents devotion or conviction in the Mystic Law of Life as expounded in the Lotus Sutra, not merely as one of many scriptures, but as the ultimate teaching of Buddhism, particularly with regard to Nichiren’s interpretation.[citation needed] The use of Nam vs. Namu is, amongst traditional Nichiren schools, a linguistic but not necessarily a dogmatic issue,[5] since u is devoiced in many varieties of Japanese.[citation needed]

The Lotus Sutra is held by Nichiren Buddhists, as well as practitioners of the Chinese Tiantai (T’ien-t’ai) and corresponding Japanese Tendai sects, to be the culmination of Shakyamuni Buddha‘s 50 years of teaching. However, followers of Nichiren Buddhism consider Myōhō Renge Kyō to be the name of the ultimate law permeating the universe, and the human being is at one, fundamentally with this Law and can manifest realization, or Buddha Wisdom (attain Buddhahood), through Buddhist Practice.

Broken down, Nam(u) Myōhō Renge Kyō consists of:

  • Nam(u) (南無) from the Sanskrit namas meaning ‘devotion to’
  • Myō (妙) meaning ‘strange’, ‘mystery’, ‘miracle’, cleverness’
  • (法) meaning ‘law’, ‘principle’, ‘doctrine’
    • Myōhō (妙法) meaning ‘supreme (marvelous) law of Buddha’[3]
  • Ren (蓮) meaning ‘lotus’
  • Ge (華) meaning ‘flower’
  • Kyō (経) meaning ‘sutra’ or ‘teaching’

The seven characters na-mu-myō-hō-ren-ge-kyō are written down the centre of the Gohonzon, the mandala venerated by most Nichiren Buddhists. (The veneration towards the mandala should be understood as the veneration for what it represents: the Buddha Nature inherent to our life).

Precise interpretations of Nam(u)-Myōhō-Renge-Kyō, how it is pronounced, and its position in Buddhist practice differ slightly among the numerous schools and sub-sects of Nichiren Buddhism, but “I take refuge in (devote or submit myself to) the Wonderful Law of the Lotus Flower Sutra” might serve as a universal translation.

Soka Gakkai teaching

In Soka Gakkai, the (O)daimoku is the first of the Three Great Secret Dharmas (Laws) (三大秘法) (J. sandai-hihō) revealed by Nichiren. The other two being the Gohonzon, and the Kaidan (Precept Platform).[6]