Our Forgotten History – Lemuria

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Disclaimer: This is based on pure speculation. This is my favorite subject of all, Lemuria. A lost continent that once lay in the Pacific Ocean. Regarding the “white” beings, NO I do not believe that there are ANY genetic descendants of their original existence alive today. So, when I mention the word “Caucasian” is not NOT refer to any living race of people. In technical terms, certain mtDNA samples have shown similarities (such as Haplogroup X) but is only found in small fragmented groups of specific racial communities that are alive today.

***I do NOT believe in ANY Conspiracy Theories especially those regarding ‘Reptilian Alien Races’, ‘New World Order’, ‘Superior Races’ or even the Illuminati.

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Lemuria / Mu

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Briefing about the lost continent of MU plus other related information. Different optical with out excluding Religion and Science.
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